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Lady Amieli Igniseri

Forever can be for real, if only for a little while.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Orphaned Noblewoman
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Igniseri
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 21
Birthday: 3/9
Religion: pantheon
Vocation: Scholar
Height: 5'2"
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: bright gray
Skintone: light tan

Description:     Her skin is a touch too dark for cream; her eyes a little too bright to be gray. Thick waves of warm brown spill well past her shoulders, typically tamed away from the roundness of her face. Large and expressive, the clean gray--silver--of her eyes is easily the woman's most striking feature, further accentuated by the healthy darkness of prominent limbal rings. Athletically toned and on the shorter side of five feet, from a certain angle, in a certain light, Amieli might be described as delicate, if delicate were the profile of a rapier blade. Hers is a silent, understated grace, a fluidity of movement and an awareness of it that suggests a marriage of shadowed silk and sharpened steel.

Personality:     Amieli devotes herself to things quickly and readily, fully anticipating their ending because she understands time and place are fickle confidants. Through time and trial she has learned to be cheerful and polite, in an impersonal, build bridges and expect to forget them kind of way. There is a clear distinction between the optimism and soft-spoken supportiveness she offers others and the effort invested into the capacity to provide them, but in her genuineness she is ruthless: Amieli will twist the truth, charm, manipulate like any proper Lycene, but always with a single-minded intensity; rarely if ever are her motives multilayered or complicated.

Background:     A noble of a lesser branch of the Igniseri family, Amieli is the only child begot from the tragic story of Lisa Igniseri, younger sister to Emilisia Igniseri by several minutes. As an adult, Lisa wanted nothing more than to raise a family. Infertility would have been tame--instead, after three consecutive miscarriages, it became clear something was very wrong. Most of the Lyceum simply sighed with relief Lisa was not ruling head and went about their lives. But the lady herself, grief stricken and determined, was nowhere near as content. She turned to midwives, physickers, even alchemists in search of help. Despite reassurances and postulated solutions, the results were far from satisfying. Amieli should have been the youngest of seven; she was the first of one. IN a final twist of pitch irony, Lisa's only successful birth was also the cause of her death. The fate of her father is even less certain.

    From childhood to young adulthood, Amieli lived an almost nomadic life in the Lyceum, her upbringing distributed across branches of the Igniseri family and close relatives or friends, sometimes even in other houses. She learned to own little, travel light, and learn everything she could while the opportunity was at hand. Connections were many but shallow, and her solace was in those fragments which became permanent: appreciation for proper etiquette; her study of the sword; and even the difference from one place to the next, finding a story here, a poem there, and piecing the world together as best she could.

    For the displaced lady, the turn to Arx was only natural; yet another patch in her patchwork of homes. Except this time, she could choose where to go--and what better place than the heart, jewel, and crossroads of the Compact?

Relationship Summary

  • Calypso - Mentor and master in the blade. A mother, her caring was as unyielding as iron.

  • Friend:
  • Ian - Yet another friend, mentor, and simply brilliant person to feel inadequate beside. But adventures with him truly are the best.
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