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Good Harvest Celebration!

As Summer fades into Fall, the Faith of the Pantheon invites all to come celebrate the Gods of Creation with the start of the Good Harvest. Come to the Sanctum of Nature to show your appreciation for the dawn of the new season and the bounty of the Gods through a healthy application of excessive feasting and especially excessive libation! There will be games to be had, festivities to enjoy -- and a grand celebration and competition of the wines of the Compact to determine which vintage is truly worthy of being considered the favored of Mangata!

So come enjoy the fun, enjoy the food, and enjoy the drink. It's time for the Hangover Holidays!

There's going to be a wine competition! Winner gets favor from the Faith! Rules here:

(Further details forthcoming and subject to change as I frantically fuss with them. Please look forward to it!)


Feb. 22, 2020, 6 p.m.

Hosted By

Bianca Roran


Brigida Lisebet Sebastian Porter Hamish Marena Thea Appolonia Alessia Nina Lucita Jourdain Merek Mirk Ailith Drake Dycard Dianna


Faith of the Pantheon


Arx - Ward of the Compact - Sanctum of Nature

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Comments and Log

"There are many reasons for celebration."

Good Harvest has officially begun, and the feast days of autumn have seen the Sanctum of Nature decorated in full to embrace the new shift of seasons. As people from all walks of life filter in, Bianca Wyrmguard, Ward of Creation, stands at a simple podium towards the northernmost pavilion of the festival grounds dressed in the full, eloquent regalia of her station; behind her, a display case containing various wines can be found. The ephemeral white of her robes flowing in the fall breeze, the Legate clasps hands in front of her; her bearing is stiff but poised, the faintest of subtle aloofness that suggests a person who has never been a natural public speaker; and yet the simple earnestness of the pale Mother's words, at least, help more than make up for that lack of natural flair.

"We celebrate our victories; we celebrate our accomplishments; we celebrate life, and we celebrate the memories of those who have passed us by. We celebrate, too, for the sake of a bright tomorrow." Gloved fingers lace together. Bianca's head is held high, a gracious smile on ruby red lips. "Today, we celebrate the change of seasons, as summer fades to fall, and the we begin our days of feasting, leading into the colder winter months. We celebrate so that Mangata might know how much we appreciate her bounty, so that Petrichor might know how much we value his soil -- that Lagoma might know how much we value the blessings of her seasons. But remember -- sometimes, it is good to celebrate simply for the sake of it. To forget out worries for even just a day, and indulge in life. So enjoy the food. Enjoy the drinks!"

Her smile splits into a brief grin as Bianca carefully clasps hands at her chest. "Enjoy the food, the festivities -- enjoy the competition to see who has delivered us the best wines Arx has to offer. But most of all... enjoy." The legate's arms spread wide, and inviting. "And so with that -- let us begin the Good Harvest!"

Ramona - A Guard in Ashford House Colours, Bigsby - A Thoughtful Looking Young Man in Nondescript Clothing, 2 Ashford Archer, 1 Ashford Scout arrive, following Lisebet.

1 Templar Knight guards, Sir Daniel the Beardless, a somewhat hapless Templar arrive, following Hamish.

Brigida bamgs her staff on the ground loudly in agreement with Bianca and the Archlector of Petrichor makes her way over to the food table, Oswald eagerly trotting along beside her.

Some time later than perhaps she should, Lisebet emerges from the shrine of Petrichor, and pauses, blinking, as she looks around.

Roran stands to the side in pristine silk and when Bianca opens the good harvest with her words and those wide open arms, Roran lifts his own hands and claps, the Archlector of Lagoma smiling wide before turning away to start mingling and welcoming people. "Duchess Consort Ashford!" He calls out. "How was your time in the shrine? Have you met Blessed Brigida?" He gestures wide to the eldest Archlector.

Dressed in silks with the addition of a cloak for the cooler autumn weather, Sebastian, accompanied by his cousin Marena, have arrived just in time to miss the speech -- because Sebastian is nothing if not late to any given thing. "Your timing is unfortunate, cousin. Winter in Arx is simply abominable, compared to Setarco. I'm planning to spend at least part of winter back in the Silken City this year since otherwise I just find myself curled up in a room with a fireplace and a good wine -- not that that's the worst outcome," he gives a low laugh, gaze sweeping through the crowd before lighting on the pavilion to the north. "Shall we check out the competition?"

Jane arrives, delivering a message to Porter before departing.

Porter Kennex arrives juuuust as the talks on the holiday are concluding, quietly accepting a messenger and remaining politely quiet until everything is concluded. When it's over, he scribbles a reply back and sends it off. He's dressed comfortably for the occasion and begins to move through the crowds, offering hellos to the few people he meets along the way. His destination is /definitely/ where the drinks and food are. But he's also keeping an eye out.

Hamish walks up from the direction of the Shrine of the Thirteenth, going from one religious event to the next. When he spies the pair of Archlectors conversing he offers genial nods to anyone who so much as glances toward him as he makes his way over to them, turning it into an official gathering of Archlectors. "Blessed Roran. Blessed Brigida. Is there any finer season than autumn? Were that I was home so I could enjoy the harvest." He turns to look over the crowd.

Dark blue eyes and unsmiling mouth, Marena limps slightly at Sebastian's side, watching the festivities take place with a keen, detached elegance. Her garb is simple leather, her ponytail severe, and the small tattoo of a talon on her cheek practically screams warrior, even if the limp to her left leg doesn't. "Note," the Pravus offers to her elegant cousin, voice a low, sanguine rumble, "that I cannot carry you home drunk anymore, hm? I'll have you dragged."

Thea enters quietly as she always does, dressed in--fall colors. She bows her head and smiles a bit to those she passes, already looking for a drink. That is instinct!

Lisebet smiles, drifting towards Roran. "Good day, Archlector," she greets him. "I shall be looking to chat with you at some time in the relatively near future. And yes, I have indeed met Blessed Brigida. She spent some time with me today, speaking of many things related to Petrichor." She bows her head politely to Brigida, though doesn't interrupt as it seems Brigida has food on her mind.

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"Heyah!" Appolonia says along with the upraising of a cup from where she had been listening to Bianca's benediction. She had been getting into the wine a smidge early, but that's what you do at a festival. She trails verdigris fabric as she walks forwards to briefly pass by Bianca and tell her - "Well spoken, oh, well spoken -" Before she sees Sebastian coming in, and raises her cup towards him. Which may not catch attention given the relative heights but that, too, is a festival for you.

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"Nothing stops you from a quick journey home so you can push up the sleeves and see to some bringing in of the fields Bless Hamish. Visit the local shrine to see how things are going. I find that the regional shrines flourish more when an Archlector pokes their head in now and then." Lisebet wishes to speak later and there's a bob of Rorans head. "Send word and I will make time." He promises. Speaking of bobbing. "Who is going to bob with apples with me?"

1 Saik Guard, Micana arrive, following Lucita.

Arriving in the sanctum just in time to hear the legate speak, Alessia listens attentively, pausing where she is. She applauds the woman once she bids them enjoy the festivities. "Well said, Mother." She says with a warm smile, before glancing about the place, and the pavilions dotted around.

"Oh, don't worry about that," Sebastian gives another of those easy laughs, "The guards can take care of that if need be. But such things," a flash of something brief in his gaze, "Are rarer these days." He leans to murmur something in an undertone. Appolonia's gesture catches his attention as he straightens, a ready smile lighting his features as he lifts fingers to greet her -- or maybe beckon her over? He slows abruptly, his gaze tracking a sort of familiarish figure heading towards the refreshments table. Something thoughtful creeps into his expression before he glances sidelong at Marena. "What is your preference these days, cousin? White? Red?"

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Stepping down from her podium at a comfortable, measured pace, the smile on Bianca's lips still lingers even as her introductions and benedictions are finished -- at least a small sign it comes from a place of sincerity. She takes a look behind her at the display case and the wines thus far assembled, before those silver eyes turn their curious attentions on the approaching form of Appolonia. As both she and Alessia offer those kind words, her head tilts, expression gentled. "My thanks," she says with warm tones and a gracious nod. "I find autumn rather refreshing. Something about the changing of the leaves. No matter what the implications of it, there's still quite a bit of beauty to be found." And here, she offers Appolonia a small smile and a, "Best of luck on the competition, my lady," as she turns to watch the throngs of people make their way through the festivities.

Nina gets Carved Wooden Lute from Instrument carrying case.

Brigida waves her hand at Roran, "Like she said we have been discussing Petrichor." She bobs her head to Hamish, "I enjoy all the seasons... maybe Winter not so much though." She beams at those she likes before she makes her way to the food tent, her staff sweeping and smacking shins of those in the way.

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Nina has arrived at the festival!

Actually, because it is a party, and an open outdoor party at that, you hear her long before you see her, because she arrives merrily, strumming her lute as she skip-walks beneath the turning trees. She arrives dressed in crimson, with strong boots to endure the weather and still wearing bells in her hair.

Lucita strolls into the area, prudently with her dogs left behind and makes her way toward food, glorious food and drinks. The dark haired Baroness-regent must be hungry, one hand settling over her waist as she casts smiles and waves or a curtsy where appropriate to others as she heads toward the area currently holding her interest.

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Jourdain Wyrmguard is never particularly far from the Legate's side, and today is certainly no exception. The Templar does not hover over his cousin so much as to crowd her or her necessary speaking duties, but he's certainly close on hand in the event of anything amiss, waiting on her arrival as she steps down from the podium at which she's been speaking. "Well spoken," are his quiet words for Bianca; Appolonia, too, does get a nod of recognition from him as she passes by.

Marena's eyes follow Sebastian's gaze before returning. "Red, these days. The color of blood on snow, if you can find it." It's a very specific taste in wine. The Pravus looks around once more, taking in the decor, the newest arrivals with a sense of restrained interest. "Will you introduce me around, Sebastian? I've had poor luck on my own today." She leans in to add something private, her dark hair mingling with his.

Lisebet nods to Roran, leaving the topic there for now. She tilts her head though, at the new one. "Bobbing for apples? I shall give it a try, certainly." She's willing to try most games, honestly. Well, often. She smiles at Bianca, though having missed her opening remarks, Lisebet doesn't comment on them. She offers a smile to Bianca though, and a nod. Her own steps have halted, as she looks to Roran for information about this applebobbing thing.

Noting familiar figures by the refreshment tent, Alessia makes her way over. "Blessed." She offers to Brigida with the warmest of smiles in passing, before lifting a hand to greet Sebastian too.

"Oh, I made time to stop in during the recent tour of the Oathlands. One of the few people with whom I spoke that I managed to avoid discussing a crusade." Hamish grimaces at the notion. To Brigida he says, "I like to think that Autumn is her favorite season. Though perhaps Spring is as well." Bianca gets a nod. "Even with the implication, Mother Bianca. There is beauty in an end. Especially one that is not truly an end."

"Thank you, mother," Appolonia answers Bianca with an appropriately apple-esque tartness and a slight wink of one eye. Jourdain gets a smile as she sails the social currents towards Sebastian, and by extension, Marena. "Your highness," she murmurs towards her, with a ripple of verdigris-hued fabric as she dips into a passing curtsey. "You know," she continues, "that's a very vivid image, blood on snow; it seems as if it would be hard to find wine to match it exactly. But it's a challenging kind of idea..."

"Thank you, Jourdain," comes Bianca's quiet reply for her bodyguard, her tone a more relaxed thing when addressing the white-haired man. "Would you care to join me under the trees, for a while? I must make sure to have the submissions properly recorded and distributed soon -- but it would be nice, to have some time to relax." It's Hamish's words that draws a warmer look of agreement from the Legate, however, bright eyes turning on him with the briefest bob of her head. "That is very true, Archlector. If anything, the leaves are a strong reminder of that fact. It took me some time, to come around to seeing things that way. Sometimes I still have difficulty." Her gaze turns towards the trees, considerate. "But the end of one story really is just the beginning of another, isn't it?"

Sebastian gives a brilliant bark of laughter, gleeful almost, at Marena's answer. "I'm sure we can manage that," he flickers a hand towards the refreshments, angling in that direction. "If there isn't a variety of every shade under the sun, I'll be exceptionally disappointed," he notes, sky-blue gaze passing by Alessia, lingering at her wave, earning a tip of head and a nod in return. Another soft laugh follows at her murmur, answering in quiet tones, before his gaze settles on Appolonia. "You should know, cousin, where there is a will, there will be a wine made of it. Let's see, shall we?" he resumes his easy amble towards the refreshments. "You've met, then?"

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"I don't know how to do it Duchess, but I am sure that we could all learn them." Roran looks to see if others want to join him at the apple bobbing. "Yes, I've heard that crusades are all the rage right now in the oathlands. I feel very sorry for the border lands of Oath and north." There is a sympathetic look on his face. "I suppose we shall have to do our best to help those who are conflicted, or worried. Apple bobbing?" He offers, gesturing towards the area set up for it

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"Of course." Normally a grim sort of individual, Jourdain seems to gentle around Bianca, though he is careful not to step outside the bounds of formalities despite their shared blood. Never in public. "The submissions can wait, Mother. And if you require assistance with them when the time comes, it would be my pleasure." Anything to keep you from overworking as usual, he might have said, but such things are not for public events. He does, however, look more pensive at the talk of endings and beginnings between Bianca and Hamish. "I find life to be no more, Legate, Archlector -- " with an inclination of his head towards both, " -- than a series of stories which open and close their chapters."

Marena limps along at Sebastian's side, head held high and proud, though it swivels to Appolonia. "If you can find it, I'll offer up my cousin as a prize." Not one to mince words, the Pravus lays Sebastian out on the line with aplomb, tilting her head to listen to his hushed words at the same time. Whatever he says almost wins a twitch of the lips from the impassive Princess. Almost.

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Appolonia lets out a properly scandalized gasp and puts her hand to her collarbone. "My dear Marena," she says. A pause and she adds, "Now that we've established the stakes... Your challenge, as I see it, will be to have the two components remain separate rather than blending into a light pink morass... a /delicious/ morass, I have no doubt, but a morass nonetheless."

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1 Crimson Blades Sergeant, Rurik, a prodigal assistant, Aegis, a large red Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Mirk.

"She will, too," Sebastian acknowledges Marena's offering of him with ease, "I know better than to try and argue with her. I recall a moment of drunken bluster from myself once when we were in Lucia's Gift -- she had me on my knees begging for mercy even before we'd finished settling the terms." It might be an exaggeration, it might not: the way the artist glances at Marena with a half-smile doesn't precisely make it clear. That he doesn't immediately move to obscure any such wine might be a hint, though: the prince remains rather at ease as he strolls along with the others, ducking into the tent and allowing the two to precede him, an easy chuckle given at Appolonia's gasp.

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Merek makes a way to the place in his red and black longcoat, adjusted about dark attire, looking to the place as a whole, moving to see about apples!

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Dame Marra, a limping fennec fox, Disciple Ismay, Disciple Fulgence, 3 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Ailith.

Mirk arrives late but not alone, Aegis padding along at his side. He offers the occasional nod of his head aside to the familiar faces (that is, most of them), and says to Lucita, "Lady Lucita. I hope I haven't missed everything?"

Lucita glances up on hearing a familiar voice. "Lord Mirk. No, not at all we are just sampling foods and some of the drinks here, come get a plate with us. You know everyone, yes, except maybe Princess Marena Pravus..." An elegant gesture of the fingers indicates the person mentioned. "Who is here with her cousin Prince Sebastian Pravus."

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Merek checked dexterity + smithing at difficulty 9, rolling 34 higher.

Ailith walks quietly from the Great Cathedral with a small gathering of disciples and godsworn. Smiles and laughter rise when they arrive, the group dispersing to enjoy the festivities abound. Dame Marra nuzzles at Ailith's ankles before lifting those beady black eyes and the Legate of Concepts crouches to give her friend a scritch along the muzzle. "I'm certain there's a night hunt for I can spot a few of your friends by the trees. See you in the late morning?" she wryly teases and the fennec fox bounds off, slipping into the bushes for nocturnal fun. Left to her own devices, Ailith strolls a while, past the many tents and making a point to greet and hug familiar faces, including the staff from the Palace and Rectory. The slosh of water and the scent of apple draw her attention and she slips over to the bobbers.

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Bianca puts A Lenosian Strawberry Wine In A Black Bottle in Good Harvest Wine Competition Display Case.

Drake arrives at this event fashionably late, but that's nothing new. He is mostly here seeking out his cousins, since he knows Bianca has been working on this particular event and wanted to give a show of support.

Before walking in her direction, he does rounds, first checking out the wine display case to see what sorts of wines people have brought in. He's no expert in wine creation, but he'd drink one or two, particularly if there was a clear winner.

Brigida hmmmphs as she casts an eye around the place before he she bobs her head in satisfaction. Oswald is summoned to her side as she makes her way out...

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Keski, a nervous disciple of Petrichor, Aletta, an even more nervous disciple of Petrichor, 1 Templar Knight guards, Oswald, the war pig, a lively Ostrian gelding leave, following Brigida.

Lisebet checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

Lisebet checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 16 higher.

Lisebet checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 7 higher.

Lisebet checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 3 higher.

Lisebet checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 1 lower.

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Ailith is overheard praising Lisebet.

Jane arrives, delivering a message to Porter before departing.

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Amid some cheering and splashing, Lisebet ends up with some apples, to the detriment of her finely coiled updo. Hair now plastered to her, somewhat drenched, she gets a towel, laughing with obvious joy and effervescence.

Appolonia is overheard praising Faith of the pantheon: May the gods always bless us in the guidance of the Mother Legate, and may we be day-drunk in their sight, through a thousand turnings of the wheel.

Appolonia is overheard praising Bianca: May the gods always bless us in the guidance of the Mother Legate, and may we be day-drunk in their sight, through a thousand turnings of the wheel.

Lisebet is overheard praising Faith of the pantheon.

Bianca is overheard praising Verity: 25

Bianca is overheard praising Verity.

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Trini Albricci, an attractive young Lycene woman, 2 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Dianna.

Bosun Orrick, a looming man in an ill-fitting retainer's uniform, Dianna arrive, following Dycard.

Thea looks as Porter declares he's going -dance-. Nope. She finishes her drink in one gulp and nods in agreement to Alessia.

Ailith stands over by Lisebet to assist with hair drying by towel and chuckling in delight. Talk around the apple barrel has the Legate of Concepts bowing her head to Archlector Roran -- conceding. And she now stands poised by the apple barrel, waiting for a signal.

Ailith checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Ailith checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Ailith checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 7 lower.

Ailith checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 5 lower.

Ailith checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

Thea lifts her eyebrow at Porter and drinks another refill. She subtly shakes her head at man. Nope.

Dycard walks into the Sanctum, Dianna on his right arm with a bouquet of flowers in her left. The Lord gazes around the festival area, taking in the sights, sounds, smells and so on, although he does find his eyes naturally drawn back to the woman on his arm repeatedly.

"This shows how woefully out of touch I've become," he remarks softly. "I wasn't even aware this was happening. What exactly is.. this?"

Drake is over watching the apple bobbing competition, perhaps waiting for a go in line, but looks over when he sees Dianna arrive with Dycard. He smiles over at both of them. But then his eyes wander back to the sight of the compeition, where currently Ailith is dipping in for a go.

With a warm smile for Dycard after surveying the area, Dianna purrs gently, "This is the Autumn Festival, hosted by the Faith. You've only just returned to the city; you're hardly to blame for not knowing." The priestess, swathed in opalescent feathers and wearing feathered high-heeled slippers displays the trailing skirts of her twilight gown as she holds nestled in her left arm a large bouquet of flowers. She smile warmly to Drake, catching the lord's eyes and smiles more at Ailith as she watches briefly the games at the barrels.

"Shall we find ourselves some drinks, my lord?" Dianna asks Dycard, nodding to the food and refreshment tent, where she spies several people she knows.

"It would be rude of me not to offer, and it's become something of a tradition by now, hasn't it?" Dycard smiles, leading Dianna to the refreshment tent at a leisurely pace. He does slow slightly to respond to something whispered to him.

Ailith wiggles and worms her way through the competition. 2 red apples plop on the stone floor, rolling about, as the Legate attempts for more but comes out smelling like a drowned rat -- and looking it. She laughs and moves in to nudge Roran to share the prize of water!

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Lisebet's assistant goes to get drinks, bringing a tray back to the apple bobbing area. Bigsby promptly offers the drinks around to those who are there. Meanwhile, Lisebet finds a towel to give to Mother Ailith, though she does pause to take her own coffee, sipping it contentedly.

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Drake grabs a bit of wine as it's being offered to apple bobbers, holding it one handed. He looks in good humor about it, watching Ailith come up for air.

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Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 2 Grayson House Guards, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

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Drake checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 50, rolling 5 lower.

Drake checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 50, rolling 19 higher. Drake rolled a critical!

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"Archlector," Dycard says to Hamish with a warm smile. "I do hope that's the correct term of address. You'll have to forgive me, I've not set foot in Arx for some time, many of the niceties of conversation are, to my mild horror, having to be re-learned."

Ailith is overheard praising Drake.

Ailith whistles loudly through her teeth in celebration of a gold apple retrieval by Drake.

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Dycard lets Dianna slip loose of his arm, glancing from Hamish to her. "Of course, on the condition that I can have the next dance, Dianna," he replies with a mild smile. "I'll have a drink waiting for you."

He then turns to Merna. "It would be my pleasure, your highness. I can't guarantee I can be of much help, but I can at least empathise on the overwhelming nature of being in the city."

With a thankful nod towards Dycard, Sebastian leads Dianna out towards the dance floor, setting her hand in the crook of his elbow as he bends to murmur something to her.

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Merek checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 12 lower.

Merek checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 64 higher. Merek rolled a critical!

Merek checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 4 lower.

Merek checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 4 lower.

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Drake steps back from the Apple Bobbing contest holding a single gold apple in one hand, and a cup of coffee in the other. Apparently, he was willing to stop at one as far as the competition was concerned. He seems to be looking to find his family members now, though he's obviously acting a little show-offy even though just getting an apple is not exactly a major feat in the world.

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Bosun Orrick, a looming man in an ill-fitting retainer's uniform have been dismissed.

Willingly lending her ear to Sebastian as he murmurs into her ear, Dianna's lips move in a whispered reply as they move to the dance floor. She moves with measured, easy step, seeming to nearly glide and takes his lead, moving to wherever his feet will pause.

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The sound of a ringing bell reaches out through the festival grounds -- a sign that the judgment time for wine is about to begin.

"We shall be making an announcement of the competition winner within the hour," Bianca begins smoothly, concisely, posture pristine as she addresses those who come to gather. "But first, I would like to share with you all those wines that have been contributed today -- each of them is unique and remarkable in their own way, and each deserves a time to shine and be recognized for their quality, regardless of who wins."

As she finishes this, the Legate turns to that display case; she opens the glass on it with a smooth motion, to take out one bottle at a time, passing each to a nearby assistant as she presents them.

"From the esteemed vintner Lady Zorianna House Blackshore, we have a bottle of New Hope 'Pink Harvest,' a full-bodied wine that carries with it the sweetly deceptive scent of cherries, rewarding those who try it with a rich, refined flavor that defies the senses.

"From Lady Appolonia of House Seraceni, a white wine known as Retsina, a wine with a history as storied as the process of its creation is unique, the use of pine resin in its conception making for a unique blend with its otherwise apple flavors. Lady Appolonia has sent this wine to us on behalf of Lord Pietro, the young surviving heir of House Tramino. We wish him the very best, going forward, and hope this unique creation of Tramino's endures.

"From Baroness-Regent Lucita of House Saik, we have a truly unique, orange wine -- a white wine with deeper, orange hues colors created through the fascinating process of skin fermentation -- a wine whose savory taste and undertones of honey make it a truly autumnal offering.

"From Lord Martino of House Malvici, a darker, Black Laurel Wine, straight from the heart of Southport. Through burying the distilled product, older wines of this vintage blend with the younger, like one generation teaching the next. A perfect dessert wine, the sugary sweet tastes of caramel and chocolate, combined with richer coffees and fruitier blends of plum, make for a truly unique cocktail.

"Next, we have, from Lady Catalana of House Kennex... Kennex-Brand Black Pepper Vodka, which I have been informed is considered by many to be just a fortified wine. While I would debate this, I do appreciate the effort, so I will let you know -- this is an extremely potent, fortified wine," she is very explicit with this terminology, but there is a smile on her lips as she explains, "with a spice that offers a different sort of burn to one's traditional, fortified wines, combining with notes of pepper cucumber, and a hint of fading sweetness. I can also say to a certainty, this is the kind of wine one would certainly want to mix. Fortified as it is.

"And from the newly elevated House Pravus, Prince Sebastian offers us a bottle of Setarco Buttercream. A fruity concoction with a taste of the tropics that blends perfectly with melting notes of cheese, it comes from one of the oldest vines of Setarco, and boasts a truly remarkable taste.

"And here, we have a bottle of Lenosian Strawberry Wine, delivered to us by the estimable Sir Merek Black; made from strawberries straight from the heart of Lenosia, the processing of this particular wine helps to temper its sweeter qualities -- a process that remains a mystery only to its maker, save for the sublime taste of the result."

And with that, Bianca continues on to introduce various other wines from other, various contributors that are certainly very important but not worth mentioning directly in dialogue for reasons that remain a deep and eternal mystery.

Marena limps her way along the edges of the festivities with her glass of wine in hand, using it as a balance. And when the Pravus settles once more, it's at a quiet place beneath quiet trees, where she can watch the crowd. There's a note of deep satisfaction in her impassive gaze.

Sebastian's laugh is brilliant and full of warmth as he escorts Dianna around the dance floor, the laughter prompted by a passing exchange between them and the pair of Thea-and-Porter. Hard to say whether he notices Marena's retreat to the trees, though Bianca's announcement is difficult to miss: it makes him slow, if just to listen intently for the names of his competition.

Lisebet shivers slightly, even with her warm coffee. She murmurs back to Ailith, chatting with her fellow Scholar and cheering on the Apple bobbers.

Ailith pulls at the towel which graces her head to reveal quite remaining drenched locks. Splot and splat and squish as she steps aside to call out to her fellow peer. "Legate Bianca, my heart breaks. Did you forget my own wine? It's from here. A classic white wine of apples harvested from the neighboring Crownlands and a hint of mead from Laurent. Although," she wrinkles her nose as she holds out the bottle to sniff it, "I might have confused my contribution with an experimental bottle -- been testing some herbal remedies." She shrugs with a laugh. "I suppose that shall be all the fun, the surprise. It could lead to many a fainted man or woman. I was hoping for a remedy to knock out the patient for our more delicate needlework." Stitching. "Let's call it Conceptual Surprise." And she offers the bottle over to Bianca and whispers into her friend's ear.

Brenlin, an overworked aide arrives, delivering a message to Thea before departing.

As Ailith approaches with her bottle of what might be apple wine or might be a mystery concoction in tow, Bianca is the epitome of graciousness -- she even manages a grin, subdued as it is, for her friend and fellow Legate, even if she casts a very subtle look of what might be sincere concern towards the judges. "My apologies, Legate Ailith," she announces as she accepts that bottle, poker face so very sublime, "I suppose the judges know that judging alcohol must come with at least some measure of risk. I shall do my best to frame it for them in a very glowing way." With that, she takes the bottle in her gloved hand, leaning in to murmur some things in return to Ailith -- the briefest flash of a teasing grin able to be seen before the Legate is once more pristine and proper and unassailable in her gracious stoicism, bringing Mystery Bottle C(oncepts) towards the judges to join the fray, before she joins the assembled committee in their silent critiquing and judgment.

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Ailith bows gracefully, savoring their moment, and returns over to the apple bobbers -- ready for a refill on that coffee.

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Kit, the grey fox, Primus, First of Monique's Assistants, 1 Greenmarch Guard, Tertius, Third of Monique's Assistants arrive, following Monique.

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Merek waves a bit after a bit, "I need to be about my way, you all be well," he says.

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Time passes as the northern pavilion of the Harvest Festival is rife with activity. Glasses of a wondrous variety of wines decorate the tabletops; Bianca has had her fair share of tasting sips, too, in the name of determining the best of taste and presentation. The debate, at least, seems to be a very involved thing, taking a considerable amount of time to come up with a decisive victor amongst the competition offered. But -- eventually, the talk settles down. Eventually, the Legate pushes up out of her seat, and calmly makes her way towards the front of the pavilion once more, assistants joining with each bottle of wine in hand.

Somewhere in the background, the other judges are possibly enjoying the fortified wine a little too much after their jobs are done; one of them tries Ailith's mystery concoction. It's best not to go into what happens to him.

The bell tolls. And Bianca, with her assistants, settles at her podium, bottles presented. Her smile is a heartened thing.

"This is, I must say, one of my favorite things," begins the Legate, earnestly. "Being able to partake in such a thing -- being able to see the creativity and ingenuity that the people of the Compact are capable of, even in things as creating the perfect bottle of wine. I have seen such marvelous offerings, from those steeped into traditions to things exciting in how experimental and new they are. They give me a wonderful sense of hope in the brilliance of our people... and an assurance that it will continue to carry on, for a long time to come.

"But, a final decision has to be made. And now, I would like to present to you first, our runners up." Bianca steps aside, just enough so that two of her assistants may step forward. "In second place for this competition, we have a tie -- Lord Martino Malvici's Black Laurel Wine, and Baroness-Regent Lucita Saik's finest of Saikland's Orange Wines! For such truly unique and splendid vintages, I would like to offer my most heartfelt congratulations." And here, Bianca pauses as the two bottles are presented forward, allowing for well-deserved applause as she prepares her final announcement.

Thea nods to Porter and thanks him, escort and all. She amusedly says to him,"My family isnt that big." Bowing her head, Thea excuses herself and Porter, a small smile there and steps away.

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Ailith appluds for the runner-ups. Huzzah Malvici. Huzzah Saik.

Merek is overheard praising Bianca.

Merek is overheard praising Martino.

Merek is overheard praising Lucita.

"Heyah!" Appolonia Seraceni calls in enthusiasm, having stepped away from the tents to do a circuit round the park, probably to clear her head from wine glass #5 (which she is currently holding aloft in salute for Lord Malvici and Lady Salk)

Lisebet cheers for the master vintners!

Lucita is overheard praising Martino.

Lucita is overheard praising Bianca.

As the announcements of the winners come, Sebastian ends his dance with Dianna, instead seeking to lead her to gather around the podium after the tolling of the bell. The announcement of the runners up earns a hearty cheer from the Pravus, clapping and glancing around for Lucita, at least, to try and nod in her direction.

Roran turns his attention from where he's drinking coffee, to listen to the winners of the wine contest.

Lisebet steps away from the apple bobbing, laughter in her eyes and on her lips, a happy cheerful musical sound.

Easily, Dianna steps from the dance floor with Sebastian as the dance ends. She stands near the Pravus prince, smiling gently to Bianca as she makes the announcements, then turns to find both Thea and Lucita to give each a fond, warm smile as their family wines are announced.

Lucita says, "A tie for second is quite respectable for us to have against such exquisite entries. Such news will prompt a celebration in Saikland."

As the cheering and applause fades, Bianca steps once more to the podium. She keeps her hands folded in front of her, overlooking the crowds with that selfsame, subtle stiffness that does not lessen the sincerity of her words, or the warmth of her small smile.

"And now, for our winner. It was truly difficult to come to a decision among such stiff competition -- offerings I hope to see for many, many years to come, all of whom have shown such great care worthy of Mangata's attention." She steps aside, once more, her smile growing.

"But I am greatly pleased to announce our winner today, our greatest among greatests -- a selection that has shown even the rich tastes of the tropics have a place in the throes of autumn --

"Prince Sebastian of House Pravus, for his fine vintage of Setarco Buttercream!"

And with this, as the bottle of Setarcan white wine is brought forward, Bianca claps, offering a small gesture in between for Sebastian to take stage if he wishes as the applause take over for his achievement.

"Congratulations, your highness." Alessia says, applauding from the tent, when the winner is announced.

Merek is overheard praising Sebastian.

Lucita is overheard praising Sebastian: Such a fine wine!

The priestess' smile broadens as Sebastian is announced as the winner of the competition; she dips her head in humbled acknowledgement as he steps by, then joins gently in the applause.

Drake applauds the winners all, looking to where Sebastian is stepping off the dance floor in a timely manner. As Lucita is closer, he also gives her a nod of congratulations.

Marena is overheard praising Sebastian.

Merek applauds the winners then is off with his apples!

Dianna is overheard praising Sebastian: A fine dance partner and a fine vintner.

Even the announcement of her cousin's win can't bring a true smile to Marena's lips, but it's the closest the woman presumably comes to looking happy. There's a deep sense of approval in her dark blue eyes as she listens to Sebastian announced as the winner.

Lisebet cheers for the winners, calling out, "Congratulations!" And she heads off as well, with a gentle leavetaking for her fellow apple bobbers and Roran. Of course.

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Lucita says, "I am going to have to excuse myself. This ran later than expected and I have a meeting that am supposed to attend. Thank you for such a fun evening.""

Sebastian's reaction is an immediate, brilliant smile: a naked delight visible as he glances to Dianna, before he moves towards the podium. He murmurs a thanks to Bianca as he steps up, and gives a half-bow to the various judges, eyes bright as he straightens. "Over time, many people have come to associate the Silken City with a great many different things. Beauty and decadence, of course, but every city, every place has brightness and shadow, as well as the things of beauty that pull at the soul." The way the Setarcan talks is soft, but intent, like a man describing a great love with fond reminiscence. "But one of life's pleasures in Setarco can be said to be its fruits, sweet and juicy, as well as its famous wines. I thank the judges for the recognition, and I hope, come next season, you will all have an opportunity to enjoy the excellent taste."

Sebastian is overheard praising Bianca.

Sebastian is overheard praising Ailith.

Dianna is overheard praising Bianca.

Dianna is overheard praising Ailith.

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Ailith applauds and cheers. "And here's to another grand Great Harvest! Thank you to our hosts, Legate Bianca and Archlector Roran. May everyone's day be merry and bright in the delights from nurturing and hard work -- congratulations to our winners, one and all, and I certainly hope to hear our Mangatans thoroughly taste these offered wines."

Sebastian is overheard praising Roran.

Dianna is overheard praising Roran.

As Sebastian takes the stage and offers words on the contrasts of his home and the prestige of its wines, Bianca Wyrmguard graciously steps to the side, offering the winner a nod of her head and a heartfelt "congratulations" over the din of the crowd. "I am so very happy for the great selection, and I offer my most heartfelt congratulations to -all- who participated -- you have shown us such great creativity. Legate Ailith is right -- having tried them myself, I look forward to -all- getting the opportunity to."

Bianca bows, deep. And as she rises, she offers, with the hint of a smile, "Even the fortified ones. Please, everyone -- the Sanctum continues to be open to you all. Enjoy the Harvest for as long as you like. Celebrate -- and relax. We have all very much earned it." And with that, Bianca makes her way down once more, to mingle amongst the crowds, offering small words where she might.

With a grateful nod towards Bianca, Sebastian steps down from the podium, casting his gaze around before he makes his way towards the spaces under the trees.

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Making her way across to the food and refreshments pavillion, Dianna steps with easy grace to her sister's side, slipping her arm around her and kissing Alessia's cheek.

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Withdrawing from her sister, Dianna ticks a nod, turns and steps out of the tent, making her way to the exit silently.

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