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Freedom Gallery Grand Opening

Welcome to the grand opening of Mimi's Freedom Gallery! Enjoy complimentary drinks and finger foods while viewing (and, hopefully, purchasing) some of the new arrival's paintings. One of the paintings will be auctioned off to support newly freed thralls!


Nov. 22, 2019, 7:30 p.m.

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Imogene Orrin Ras Jules Nurie Peri Aleksei Mikani Rysen



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Freedom Gallery

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Valor, a beautiful fan-tailed pigeon arrives, following Nurie.

Valor, a beautiful fan-tailed pigeon have been dismissed.

Imogene swishes in through the door of the gallery somewhat breathlessly, as if she'd been afraid of coming in late if even the least amount of dawdling were involved, though in fact she seems to have managed to be among the first people here. Once inside she quickly smooths down her surcoat and tucks a stay tendril of dark chestnut hair back behind her ear, her lively eyes taking in the scene and the colorful sweep of artwork on display with barely suppressed avidity.

Lygeia, a calligrapher and alchemist arrives, following Rysen.

Orrin wanders in at the appointed time for the grand opening, looking cheerful; it might seem a weird look on him, as through the fall and early half of the winter he seemed rather dour, prone to taciturn silences. Thoughtful, sure, but so quiet, with a thread of upset. Not tonight! Perhaps he's exceptionally fond of art.

The gallery is decorated for the grand opening! The walls are hung with clusters of silk flowers that match the silk flowers on the center table, and they all match Mimi's tea-length dress. Amazing how that worked out. The artist herself greets people as they enter, though she tries to be relatively unobtrusive.

Ras slinks in and around the edges of the gallery, unpocketing both hands to draw back his hood. He tries to catch Mimi's eyes from one corner between paintings - there aren't a lot of shadowy spots, because of all the cheery lamps, but he's still acting relatively inconspicuous. Except for the double thumbs-up gesture that he extends her way if she meets his gaze at all.

Jules enters into the room, escorting Nurie on his arm. On his face is a broad smile that shows a mouthful of teeth, "I say!" The man exclaims, though not especially loud. His eyes scan over the room slowly and then briefly rests on his companion and says, "Dear me! Did I introduce myself? Jules Fabron, your servant." His laugh carries a bit further than his laugh. He then turns to look at the gallery and asks her, "Are you a lover of art or the cause?"

Nurie's eyes are alight with excitement as she enters the gallery, and releases her escort. "I'm so glad that you happened to stop in, Messere Jules," she says cheerfully to Jules. "I've already heard much about Messere Mimi's work, and I was so distracted by my own I would have missed it. It's very nice to meet you as well. "Both I think, and the cause is very important to some who are beloved to me," she explains. When she spots Mimi, she offers a respectful bow of the head. "Messere, are you the artist responsible? How wonderful to meet you. And thank you for hosting such an event. I can't wait to see your work for myself!"

Peri is standing out of the way of the thrum of people entering the gallery. It looks like she's been in the shop a while.

Aleksei sweeps off his rather dramatic hat as he crosses the threshold, fussing fingers through his hair to fluff it back up, a cheerfully curious attentiveness to his gaze. And there at his side, much smaller and more serious, is a small auburn-haired boy who looks about five years of age, with pale, observant eyes. Aleksei's gaze scans about and starts to land on Mimi before it's distracted by Nurie ahead of him. His smile softens, going particularly boyish, and he waits his turn to -- well, now it's not as clear if he's waiting to greet the hostess or the fellow patron.

Mimi spots Ras and gives him a grin and a wave. "Oh, it's so good that you've made it!" Her eyebrows shoot up when she's addressed by Nurie. "I am. It is good to meet you, as well! Please try the chestnut cakes. I made all the food myself, too, and it would be a shame for it to go to waste." She looks around, speaking up and saying, "If anyone has questions about any of the paintings, I'm happy to answer!" She crouches down to greet the child, somewhat oblivious to his adult. "Hello there! What's your name?"

Orrin gives a good smile to Peri; he was already smiling, yes, but there's a sort of smile that speaks of familial affection, the tenor changing. But he's here to look at the art! And so he gives a nod to Mimi, and then wanders toward the paintings. Not before catching that Aleksei is here - and the kid, too. Aleksei gets a nod, but the child gets a smile and an utterly ignoble wiggle of fingers, as if he's familiar.

While drifting in the general direction of the art, Imogene peers around at each of the faces in the room as if attempting to determine which one must belong to the creator of the works on display. Finally, with a glance between the silk flowers on wall and table and the matching color of Mimi's tea-dress, she seems to decide that this coordination must indicate a certain creative delicacy of mind, and she gravitates in that woman's direction. "You /are/ the artist here, then?" she asks, overhearing her words to Ras. "That's lovely! I'm so pleased to be able to see the work of a local artist so soon after arriving in Arx."

Aleksei drops Child Fitzcarraldo.

"I will, Messere," Nurie promises Mimi, of trying the chestnut cakes, her smile bright. The removal of a splendid hat draws her attention, and though it might seem nigh impossible, she looks even happier than before as she catches sight of Aleksei and then Fitz. "Messere Jules, have you met Aleksei Morgan yet?" she asks Jules, before stepping a little more forward to offer Aleksei a gentle kiss on the cheek if he permits it, while others are greeting the little boy. She offers a curtsy to Peri, Imogene, and Orrin, though then politely steps aside so that she doesn't get in the way of the greeting line.

The boy peers seriously at Mimi when she crouches down to greet him. "Fitzcarraldo," he tells her solemnly. And then, after a beat, he seems to remember that this is an interactive conversation. "Do the cakes taste like chestnuts or look like chestnuts?" This is very serious. Aleksei gives his auburn hair a little ruffle with his fingertips. "Glad I could make it. I take it you're Mimi? Aleksei Morgan. And this is Fitz, but he already told you that." His gaze slips off when Nurie approaches, and his smile widens to a rather silly degree as she leans in to press a kiss to his cheek. "Well, I haven't met /him/, so he probably hasn't met me," he says of Jules.

"I'm Mimi," she introduces herself to the boy. "Yes, they look like chestnuts and they taste like them, too!" She looks up from greeting the child, rising. "Oh! You're Aleksei Morgan? Hello!" She turns to Imogene. "Yes! That's me, I am the artist. I don't have paint on my face, do I?"

Ras grins at Mimi for the span of her look towards him, then folds his arms and leans against the wall where he stands. From this vantage, he lingers with a more solemn expression, mostly watching the door as if he fancies himself some kind of bouncer. His focus rests for a moment or two on each of the other guests, and there's a split second of confused recognition on the child before his gaze roves on back to the gallery's entryway.

Lygeia, a calligrapher and alchemist have been dismissed.

Jules makes certain to drop a bow to Mimi as he passes by with Nurie but does not interupt the flow of traffic and continues along as Nurie directs, content to follow for the moment. As they move around, he gives a bow to Aleksei and says, "I say" His eyes dropping to the boy and he has a smile but he redirects his attention to the adult and says, "A pleasure to meet you! Jules Fabron, your servant." And he casts a quick glance around the gallery, "Looks to be stunning." He allows the pair to exchange their greetings with a smile.

Orrin seems to particularly admire a few pieces, linger before Freedom of course, and also in front of the lighthouse. However, it's the winter market scene that truly takes him, and he stands before it thoughtfully for some time before turning to search out Peri amongst the attendees. There's a lift of his chin in a bid for her attention, general look-across-the-crowd material.

Peri is standing arms akimbo. She stands back a little to stare at each painting. When she sees Orrin's hint of a beckon she walks over to him and gives him a hug with a softly spoken greeting.

Imogene laughs softly at Mimi. "Not that I can see," Imogene reassures her with a twinkle in her eyes, "which I will admit did give me a moment's doubt. It's good to see such work on display, and for such an excellent cause. Thank you for opening your gallery up to all of us tonight." She dips her chin in a nod that's both polite and amiable, and with that turns herself fully to the art, which she begins to pass her eyes over with eager interest.

"Messere Jules, are you new to the city as well?" Nurie asks. "Though I suppose that's an annoying question, isn't it, especially if you're not? I'm Nurie Baseborn. Though I've lived in Arx for a couple of years now, it still feels new to me still. Always new things to discover!" When she meets Fitz' eyes, she smiles fondly at him. "I'm so happy to see you again, Messere Fitzcarraldo." She winks, though her gaze moves to the gallery walls as well, studying the paintings on offer.

Fitz looks /slightly/ impressed that Mimi has created cakes that both taste /and/ look like their namesake. This is acceptable. "I want chestnut cake," he decides. Aleksei offers a crooked smile to Mimi. "That's me, yeah. Thought I'd stop in for a bit, although my purse isn't quite flush enough lately to take anything home, alas." His smile turns a bit apologetic. But he's cheerful enough to greet Jules, offering his hand for a clasp. "Aleksei Morgan. Pleased to meet you, Jules."

"It's all right. I fear I might have priced things a bit high. I fear I might have gotten bad advice on that front," Mimi admits nervously to Aleksei.

Taking the moment to bow at random people passing by (if you want to converse with him, assume you're passing by), Jules turns to look at Aleksei and Nurie, "Indeed! I have only arrived last week." Jules states with an excited voice, "It has been a most pleasant experience thus far too! I have made no better choice in recent days as coming here. His eyes scans the gallery and says, "Which do you all prefer today? I'm leaning towards the Winter Market."

Imogene makes a soft "ohh" as she looks at the crow painting, and nods quite appreciatively at the scene with the lighthouse. When she spots the painting of the ship's-rail view of the whales, she looks absolutely delighted for a moment, and murmurs softly, "That's just what I used to dream of." She looks in fact quite dreamy for a moment, before shaking her head and leaning into closely inspect the brushwork.

Orrin turns at the mention of the Winter Market painting by Jules; he gives him a smile, and then turns toward Mimi, gives her a smile as well. "Perhaps you should have had an auction for all of them; I'm interested in that very one."

Mimi approaches Imogene. "This is actually something I saw with my own eyes when I left the Isles. Maybe colored a bit with time and memory, as those things tend to go, but that's more or less as I remember it."

Rysen gets Dirge Singer - Throwing Axe, a hooded cloak of snow white aeterna, a swordsman's tunic of black umbra and grey wool trousers from a reinforced canvas shoulder bag with drawstring cords.

Mikani enters with her arm wrapped around Rysen's. She laughs as she murmurs something to him with a mischievous look in her eyes. She seems to brush something off his cheek before she looks around. Grinning more she maneuvers the two of them closer to Peri and Orrin. "Count Seliki, congrats on the new baby .... Lady Peri, congrats on the new sister." She greets them warmly giving them hugs if they wish it, even around her large belly.

Nurie's gaze seems to be drawn to the painting labeled Creation. Though catching the conversation around her, she nods her head to Mimi supportively. "It is an opening gala, and a charity event as well, Messere Mimi!" she offers. "I do not think you've overstretched the price. Though I do very much think that might be a splendid idea that you have, for the paintings that have more than one interested party, my lord," she says, of Orrin's suggestion.

Mimi blinks at Orrin's suggestion. "All of them?" she asks incredulously. "For the ones that have more than one interested party, then. We can begin the bidding in a few minutes. I just need to get my ledger."

Imogene turns to Mimi to smile at her with genuine warmth. "It's so lovely. I grew up near Chevalle in the Oathlands, not near the ocean at all. But I heard stories of the sea from someone I adored, and I always liked to dream myself into those stories, and picture what it must be like." She peers curiously at the artist. "Where in the Isles did you live? My own home is on Ischia, now."

"It's been a while, My Lord," says Rysen to Orrin warmly. He bows to the Count and to Peri. "I'm sure the young Seliki will be in your hair before you know it," he says to the Admiral of Pearlspire, with a growing grin. He kisses Mikani's cheek and turns to Mimi, as she speaks of bidding. "I'm looking forward to seeing your work, Mimi," he says, as his grey eyes shift towards the painters gallery.

"Oh, no, I just happened to make some big purchases recently," Aleksei says to Mimi with a warm laugh. "Haven't quite recovered from that. I rather like--" But his eyes settle on the painting Creation that Nurie's already been drawn to, and he laughs again. "Yeah, I rather like that one. Reminds me a bit of Tomwell Leary." He steps in a bit closer to Nurie, a hand settling at her back in a thoughtlessly intimate gesture.

Mimi grins. "That's because it /is/ Brother Tomwell," she confirms.

Peri nods at her father and tells Jules, "Messre Jules yes? I'm lady Peri. Winter Market is lovely. But I am drawn to the colors in warmth."
Peri almost tackle hugs Mikani when she congratulates the Seliki. "I am going to abduct my sister and take her on so many adventures." She looks sideways at her father. The side of her mouth is curled up in a smile.

Ras's attention travels from the door towards Imogene and Mimi, and he knits his brow in a frown as he listens in on their conversation. Particularly, he seems to be observing the artist's expression. He doesn't move, though, other than to watch - and when she grins at Aleksei's comment, he looks back to the entry.

"Perfect," Orrin says, and gives Jules a glance - perhaps an assessing look there, as if to decide if he thinks he'll actually have the painting he likes in the end. "Lady Mikani, Lord Rysen, so good to see you," he greets the pair of them. "Sereia is with her mother at home, they're resting - both quite well but as tired as you might expect." A glance toward his daughter, and a peevish look, and he adds: "Or perhaps my wife is merely guarding our child from her older sister's mischief."

Mikani laughs and catches Peri. "Oh I hope you do. Let me know if you need to borrow a ship." Mikani winks at Peri and at Orrin's words she adds, "Or to distract Scythia. Maybe I can find some fabric or something to take her eyes." Mika smiles warmly. "Though I should go and see my cousin to give my love directly. I'm sure the baby is beautiful."

She turns her grin on Jules. "Jules I'm glad you found the gallery. The show looks like it should be a bunch of fun."

Mimi pops a finger sandwich into her mouth and eats it quickly before announcing, "I suppose it should be time for the auction," she says, trying to speak loud enough for everyone to hear. She winces at her own volume. She's not used to being loud.

Rysen chuckles at Orrin's response, but his eyes seem transfixed by painting Aleksei had mentioned. His mirth fades into a look of contemplation. When Mikani greets Jules, Rysen snaps out of his reverie and smiles. "It's good to see you, Jules, and thank you for your recent services."

Jules shifts slowly away from Nurie as Aleksei draws in beside her but his smile does not falter in the least. In fact he almost seems as though he wandered off without realizing it. He turns his attention over towards Peri and gives a flourishing bow with a hand that is restrained from shooting out due to the crowd. As he stands up he says, "A pleasure to see you Lady Peri. Indeed the market is so lovely. There is no greater feeling than gatherings of people and all the interaction. I suppose the feel of the location hits me more than even the colors. I need some time to let the pleasure dip to be able to really analyze it. I am a bit weak in that I suppose."

Jules turns to see the tackle from Peri on Lady Mikani and he gives himself a belly laugh as he sees it but he does not move to interrupt. When Mikani addresses him he adds, "Wonder! It's absolutely wonderful." His eyes scans and then he drops a bow to Rysen. Wait, did he bow to Mikani? He can't remember and drops her a bow too and says to the pair, "So wonderful to see you both." He then grows a confused look at Rysen and says, "Service, my lord?"

"I hope you'll find it to your liking, Messere," Nurie says to Jules, with gentle sincerity. "Are you a craftsman as well? It's very hard to pick a favorite. But I think this one," she nods to Creation. "And Freedom is stirring as well." She glances at Aleksei as he mentions Tomwell. "That name sounds familiar," she confesses. "Though I don't know him. I can almost hear music when I look at the painting though." At the touch at her back, she rests her cheek against Aleksei's shoulder for a moment, before she turns to look thoughtfully at Satisfied Claw. "That one reminds me of someone /I/ know."

Imogene looks briefly disappointed to not have any further chance to talk about the ocean and the Isles, but the imminent prospect of the auction causes her look back to the paintings again, then around at the other guests with a considering air, as if attempting to guess whom each painting might go home with. She taps her lips thoughtfully.

Rysen raises an eyebrow at Jules' response. "With the markets, Master Jules. You are beloved of Gild." He smiles and then glances again at the Creation painting, and then to Aleksei and Nurie. "Is it wrong that I am now secretly hoping that you are an ardent foe of Towell Leary, and would not ever wish to bid on a painting which represents him?" he says to Aleksei with a wry grin.

Mimi clears her throat and tries again. "It's time for the auction, so if folks who are interested would come this way," she says, though 'this way' is only a few feet away from everything else. "We will start with Freedom. I chose that one to be the charity piece, as it is a scene from my own journey to freedom, and I kind of named the gallery after it, so..." She gives a little shrug. "Start at 50,000?"

"Hah! Really?" Aleksei looks delighted to have so swiftly identified the subject of Mimi's painting. "Wow, I didn't think it was going to /be/ him. It was just a feeling I got, I guess." His hand drifts up to settle on Nurie's shoulder as she leans against him. "Oh, he's a priest of the Faith. Really good musician. He was a Devotion of Limerance before he took his vows. Good friend of Aureth's." He glances at Rysen with a sheepish smile. "Like I was telling Mimi: I don't currently have the funds to be much competition." He looks over to Mimi when she starts to begin the auction, smile widening fondly as his eyes find that painting Freedom.

Orrin turns that peevish smile on Mikani, like oh-no-you-won't, and then gives Rysen and Mikani both a brief bow before stepping over to the auction. He lifts his hand for 50,000, because he's interested in that one, too.

Nurie lifts a hand, after Orrin does. "60,000, Messere Mimi."

Mikani raises her hand, "80,000"

Jules looks to Nurie first and says, "I am in the craft of people." He gives a whispered laugh so as to not be too distracting to the auction. He then redirects his attention to Rysen and says, "Oh dear me! My lord, I had a ball. It was just talking with people and I lost all track of time. I hope my services were to you liking. I may get better with some practice as well." He then decides now is not the time to talk and just quiets down.

"Eighty thousand! Is a hundred thousand out there somewhere?" Mimi fishes.

Orrin raises his hand. "One hundred thousand."

Nurie raises a hand. "One hundred twenty," she says cheerfully. She can't help but bounce just a little, on her heels.

Jules leans over to whisper quietly to Mikani.

Something Mikani says to Rysen causes him to blush, and he smiles when she raises her voice and bids. He nods to Jules and says quietly, "They were very much to my - " Orrin's bid causes his eyes to widen a bit, and even more fully by Nurie's.

Mikani holds up her hand, "150,000"

"A marketeer, then?" Nurie asks Jules, delightedly. "My stars and garters, you'll become quite fabulously wealthy in no time here, then, Messere Jules!" She assures him, confidently. And then her delicate hand raises again. "One hundred seventy!"

Orrin lifts his chin, smiles, lifts his hand. "Two hundred thousand."

Mikani lifts a hand, "220,000"

Mimi's eyes go wide. "Whoa." This isn't how you auctioneer, Mimi. "Two-twenty going once..."

While there's just a little squiggle of discomfort there, perhaps in shyness of competing with the peers, Nurie's eyes are still sparkling with enjoyment over the bidding war. "Two hundred fifty!"

Jules shakes his head at Nurie and says, "Oh dear me no. I just did that for some little bit of fun this week. Never even been to a market before this week, not one of this size. I" He looks as though he wants to exposit but decides instead that he really must keep quiet and bites his lip.

Imogene's gaze drift away from the auctioneering and, inexorably, back to the artwork itself once more. She moves a little further down the wall, until she's standing in front of the grisly "Father" scene. Her eyes travel across its surface with minute attention, her mouth settling in a very faint frown as she steps back after a time to regard the whole thing seriously.

Orrin glances over at Mikani, then at Nurie, considering, but - no, he'll give way here: he offers Nurie a brief bow of his head, acknowledging being outbid.

"Two hundred and fifty thousand going once... going twice..." Mimi looks utterly shocked.

Mikani frowns slightly and bows her head to Nurie. "I hope you will have an installment party so I will be able to see the painting again." She smiles warmly at the woman.

Ras smiles slightly as his gaze tilts towards the auctioning, but as he slowly reverts focus away, notices Imogene at that specific painting. It doesn't take any effort for him to grow somber again. He watches the noblewoman for a moment, then looks back to the door.

Aleksei watches the bidding with a growing sense of pleasure and a hint of satisfaction. He doesn't participate himself, but he seems distinctly pleased by the swift climb of the bids.

"Sold, for two hundred and fifty thousand silver to... um... that pretty lady with the dark hair," Mimi says, cheeks flushing. "Can I have your name, please, for the ledger? And you can give the money directly to Messere Aleksei, as it's his organization that it's benefitting."

Rysen breathes out, and runs a hand through his dark hair. "You are a woman of wealth and taste," he says to Nurie. "It is a wonderful painting, and the money is going to the best of causes." He turns towards Mikani and hisses her head.

Nurie curtsies respectfully to Orrin when he bows his head, and then again to Mikani. "It is an excellent suggestion, my lady," she says gently, a soft flush to her cheeks. "And it seems like a work that should be placed somewhere where all can see it, when they wish." She bows her head to the artist. "Nurie Baseborn," she offers as introduction to Mimi. "And indeed I shall!" she says to Aleksei.

Imogene shakes her head minutely, her face still grave, and glides on to the next painting to catch her eye -- which, it turns out, is the also rather disturbing but indisputably interesting goose painting. This one seems to please her somehow, perhaps because that dead goose in the front is so wonderfully realistic -- or at least she's nodding her head approvingly at /something/. She raises her hand as if to touch the painting, but doesn't actually commit any such breach, instead simply brushing her fingers through the air a short ways away from its surface, as if imagining the texture of the unfortunate bird's feathers.

Mimi notices Imogene in front of Goosefall. "You can touch it carefully. I like the textures, myself." She looks around. "Are there any other paintings that people are interested in bidding on? If so, let me know."

Noticing Imogene gazing at the Goosefall painting, Rysen takes a step towards her and gazes at the painting. "Were you in the city, My Lady, when geese fell from the sky?"

Orrin turns from the very satisfied Nurie to Mimi. "Yes, please," he says, "I would like to bid on the Winter Market scene."

"Well, while I'm tempted to use this 250,000 silver I was just handed to snatch up a painting or two, that'd be pretty horribly corrupt of me," Aleksei says cheerfully. Even if he does glance at the Creation painting a bit wistfully.

Jules claps his hand with the closing bid on Freedom and smiles broadly to Nurie and then leans over to Mikani and whispers something to her. Then standing back upright he glances around the room where his eyes move to stop onto the winter market scene.

Imogene's eyes light up at Mimi's words, as if being given permission to touch a painting were the most extraordinary gift imaginable. "Oh! May I? It is so hard to look at works so wonderful and /not/ want to get at the very feel of them." Laying her fingertips with the greatest of care upon the painting, she allows her fingers to slide oh-so-softly along the brushstrokes, a smile hovering about her lips as she closes her eyes. But she opens them again when Rysen speaks, and slants a quizzical smile in his direction. "I wasn't, no. You mean to say, then, that this is something that truly happened?"

Nurie does not roll her eyes at even the hint of Aleksei tempted into corruption, instead she just looks at him fondly. "I would like to bid on Creation, Messere, if there is another interested party," she says to Mimi. Though then she falls quiet, so as to not distract from the Winter auction, speakng softly to Aleksei for a brief moment.

A troubled look passes over Rysen's face. and he nods to Imogene. "Yes," he says softly, "though I do not know the cause."

Mikani smiles at Jules and claps the man on the back warmly as she whispers to him. "I wouldn't mind knowing that I could take Warmth home." Mikani speaks up.

"Winter Market, it is. I suppose we can start at the asking price of eighty thousand?" Mimi, says, starting up the bidding again.

"Eighty thousand, yes," says Orrin, lifting his hand.

Jules continues to watch the scattering of interactions amongst those present and then over to Mikani, "Indeed, it is a fine piece but I would have assumed you'd turn to Lord Rysen for warmth." He gives a broad smile and chuckle while quickly dropping a shallow bow to the pair.

"If no one else bids, I suppose it is yours, my lord. Name, please?" Mimi asks Orrin.

"Count Orrin Seliki," Orrin tells her, glances at Jules, then back - nods. Yes, satisfied. When he looks at Peri, there's a twinkle in his eye - like there's something terribly exciting about having that particular painting.

Imogene looks back to the goose painting with a little crinkle in her brow, appearing to see the work in a whole new light now. Tilting her head to one side, she regards it for some time longer before finally resuming her slow passage through the gallery, each painting receiving its own scrutiny in turn.

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Peri is overheard praising Mimi.

Peri is overheard praising Mimi.

Mikani is overheard praising Mimi.

Orrin is overheard praising Mimi.

Nurie is overheard praising Mimi: Thank you for sharing your wonderful art for an important cause!

Aleksei is overheard praising Mimi.

Jules is overheard praising Mimi: Donating time and resources for a good cause.

Imogene is overheard praising Mimi: A kind heart, a discerning eye, and a talented hand -- what a lovely combination!

Ras is overheard praising Mimi.

an elegant art gallery is now unlocked.

Mimi gets Freedom, an oil painting from an elegant art gallery.

an elegant art gallery is now locked.

an elegant art gallery is now unlocked.

Mimi gets Warmth, an oil painting from an elegant art gallery.

Mimi gets Creation, an oil painting from an elegant art gallery.

Imogene sighs thoughtfully as she loops back through the gallery to find herself back where she started. As she moves to take her leave, she stops near Mimi to smile at the painter and tell her sincerely, "I had a wonderful time here. I'm so looking forward to seeing what extraordinary work comes from your hand in the future." Nodding her head graciously, she crosses the room with a faint and dreamy smile on her face and heads out the door.

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