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To Tread The Lycene Garden

(Re-post to remove placeholder) The Velenosan ballroom has been overtaken by a Thrax Princess, a Legate and a Lady of Keaton to bring a night of unburdened festivities and delight and invites everyone to trade a Lycene garden with them. An evening of tossing cutlery, tossing back vials, finding what hides between the branches and in the blooms and unburdening oneself for an evening and remembering to capture moments of joy, even in the darkest of night.


Nov. 23, 2019, 7:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Alarissa Amari Cassandra


Tyrus Teagan Narcissa Adalyn Lethe Jules Natalia Nurie Jaenelle Lora Quenia Gerald Lucita Marian Herja



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Velenosa Estate - Ballroom

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Maxene, the steadfast ladies maid, 3 Thrax Guards arrive, following Alarissa.

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People have been arriving for the last while, the early attenders, the on timers and the late show'ers. Some linger as they come in, that step onto green grass and the transition from stately halls to lush garden. Velenosa already has great marble tree's in the ballroom along the walls but now there are more and . wood mixes with the marble and just as the weather has turned to spring, inside, the promise of what summer will bring enchants the senses. Music plays from high corners that filters through the room and almost but not quite competes with the din of the populace who has descended upon the room. People reach up to pluck silk flowers, others tip back vials and make faces when a sour one is hit and the hosts, mingle and greet.

3 Tyde Houseguard, 2 Redwood Initiates arrive, following Lethe.

Amari paces around, looking over the tables to make sure every place setting is correctly prepared, eyes narrow and expression one of mild concern and utter concentration. It's the look of a perfectionist trying to perfect. She's garbed in perfect, pristine white, save a few flashes of verdant green and a mirrorsilver belt, and her hair is up in a neat bun held with a hair comb decorated with silk lilies. Tables set to her standard, she moves on to stand by the band, toe tapping lightly until she's satisfied they're playing well. She gives them a nod and a quick smile, then she's off again, a small figure in perpetual motion.

Tyrus and Narcissa arrive together, the prince escorting the Fidante Lady with the gallantry one would expect from House Thrax. Clad for the event in brocade, umbra and silk, the prince does come to stop when he notices the changes that have been applied to the Velenosa Ballroom. "Is that... grass?" asks Tyrus, tilting his head in curiosity before shrugging. "I'll give the trio that, they certainly know how to set the stage." Butterflies can be glimpsed, causing the prince to shake his head again in disbelief as he leads the way to one of the prepared tables, having apparently chosen the one of... Nightshades? Should make for an interesting evening, certainly.

Ellani, the palm sized spider, 12 House Velenosa Guards, Ibasia, the Velenosa Lady-in-Waiting arrive, following Jaenelle.

It's a more simple outfit than some that Teagan arrives in, but then: she's never been a fashionista. It's a nice gown, it fits her well, and that's all that matters. Her long hair is worked into a careful updo, secured with hairpins. She does pause like so many others at the grass as if briefly amused or even bemused by it. Shaking her head slightly, she continues on in search of Alarissa first, to wish her friend well for the ocassion before she sets to mingling and finding herself a table.

The Legate of Arts thought it was a good idea for a member of the Faith to be involved. Because she thought it'd be great for a show solidarity. What Cassandra did *not* expect was to wear clothes that represented that. Take a Templar out of her armor and what do you get? A woman who is not entirely comfortable in clothing of the Lycene variety. At least she had pants made for her, as she was going to show up without being armed in some fashion. She is *not* used to having the majority of her back open for all and sundry to see. That said, she's doing her utter best to look as well as she can without making it so obvious. She's also already drinking.

Sis, a redheaded morning person arrives, following Natalia.

Garbed in the embroidery of a garden of bone, thorns, and blackened roses, Narcissa has entirely dressed the part as the Wallflower of Tor. With her arm linked in the crook of Tyrus's elbow as he acts as escort, she nods once in the direction of the table he leads them towards. "Yes, that is grass. Have you spent so much time out on the waves you have forgotten what such a thing looks like? Then again, I am one to talk - coming from a home famed for its gardens. Still, one doesn't need to have an extensive knowledge of flora to recognize...grass." She lifts a singular, meticulously manicured brow as her lips curl into a cheshire's smile, golden eyes alight with mirth.

Adalyn arrives in her usual garb. It's likely that the Clement lacks any sort of dresses in her wardrobe for she has donned her usual trousers and boots, although she has attempted to dress up the ensemble with a corset top. Slowing as her footsteps fall upon grass rather than the expected smooth ballroom flooring, she steps off to the side and takes a moment to admire the room and its intricate decorations. "This decor is quite impressive." As her gaze falls upon Amari, a smile of delight blossoms upon Adalyn's features, dimples appearing. "Lady Amari, you look positively lovely!" she calls as she navigates her way toward the other woman.

Wendy the little brown wren arrives, following Lora.

"My my. Had I not heard it said that poison would not be on the menu for this evening? But I suppose I shouldn't be surprised you snuck some in." Tyrus replies, lips curved in amusement at Narcissa's own reply. "I suppose we should step off of it lest it wither and die from proximity alone." he adds with a smirk. So much ado about grass. "Though admittedly, I do prefer the waves to it, should I be given the choice." he adds as he pulls Narcissa her seat at the Nightshade table before he takes his own, to then watch the other arrivals.

Lethe arrives with a curious glance around. She takes in all the decor with amazement. She smiles as she looks at the other guest and looks around for a place to sit.

Jules enters into ballroom with a flowing step that seems vaguely like he were moving under water. Inside the ball room he quickly pats at his hair and then runs his fingers down to the ponytail to ensure everything is just so. Now that he is present and confirmed presentable, he turns his eyes to move about the room even as he strolls in so as to not block the entry way. His smile is broad and friendly and he nods to anyone he passes, so feel free to take it if you wish. Periodically he gives a rolling gesture of his wrist as some sort of greeting.

'And the grass will be gone tomorrow." Alarissa calls out to Tyrus, a smile on her face. "Once every five years I do this. But you'd never know since the floor is spotless come the next day." The Princess consort of Thrax makes her way over to Tyrus and narcissa, at that nightshade table. "No poison here, unless someone of the fealty decides to make it proper. But the tables all have something in common." There's a wink to the pair and a glance to others as they trickle in, a lift of her hand to Lethe in greeting, the star iron one at her other side remaining there, gently bent and exposed for all to see.

No attempt is made to disguise the touch of awe in Natalia's face as she steps into the ballroom, taking in the grass and the tress and -- well, all of it with the air of one clearly impressed. She seemingly can't help the laugh of delight that escapes, and as it trails away she smiles warmly nowhere in particular. There's a long look sent around before she moves again, finding herself a glass of something and devoting a good amount of time to exploring what's been done to the place. The Whisper's hair is all up in fancy curls and she is well dolled up.

Nurie doesn't skip in, exactly, but there's a decidedly cheerful bobble and bounce to her steps which set the butterly wing-like panels of her dress all aflutter. The willowy young Lycene woman gasps aloud in pleasure at the grass and her slippers are immedately in hand so she can walk barefoot, as she starts to examine the fabric flowers with as much delight at the real ones.

Really, whatever the Archduchess wears is considered Lyceum fashion, especially when she wears it inside her own home. As she enters the ballroom, Jaenelle makes her way over towards Alarissa, giving the woman a kiss to her cheek and soft smile. "The ballroom looks lovely, I do so love how this room can be so many things to so many people and look differently each time it is entered."

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Amari's travels around the ballroom end when she hears her name called. She stops with a neat pivot on one heel and whirls herself around to face Adalyn with a smile to match her own. "Lady Adalyn! Thank you. You look lovely too." Right to her side she goes with an admiring look at the mailed umbra corset, then from there she has a look to see who is about and where they're sitting. "Do you know anyone else here? I can introduce you around, if you like. Look, there's Natalia and Lady Lethe." When she mentions them, she lifts a hand in greeting to each in turn.

"My words are the sweetest poison." Narcissa defends against Tyrus as she settles into her seat with a soft rustling of full skirts. Her cloak has been discarded to be draped across the back of her chair with care. "I will temper it for your sake, at least for this evening alone. In your defense, I know nothing of the waves or of sailing." She settles back to watch the comings and goings, aureate eyes narrowed every now and again with curiosity. She glances up to give Alarissa a smile of greeting when she approaches. "You have gone to great lengths to make this a verdant, colorful affair."

"Once every five years? Interesting." Tyrus notes. "Any reason in particular?" the prince asks Alarissa, curiosity found in his dark eyes. He glances at the tables when Alarissa brings attention to them, his gaze stopping at the Nightshades table in particular, frowning as he remarks... "Are the spiders the common denominator?" he asks. He doesn't seem particularly concerned, again with that curiosity. And then Jaenelle comes within range, having approached Alarissa. "Cousin." he greets, skipping over the formality of first cousin once removed because who has the time. "My thanks, Your Highnesses, for both organizing all of this and supplying the room." he says to the pair before Narcissa has him look back to her, arching a brow. "It's all right. What you share of poison and botany, I would be more than happy to return in learning experiences of waves and sailing." He even smiles! Grins even!

Lora drifts in and like so many is almost immediately overcome by the spectacle of the ballroom. The grass, the flowering trees, the lights. She's brought her own little bird who almost immediately takes off to go flutter from one branch to the next, maybe confusing it for an actual forest brought indoors, heralding spring. In short enough order however the marquessa drifts on, gone in search of some particular folk. She ends up by the Nightshade table as well, and dips into the most careful of curtsies. "Your Grace, your Highness, your Highness, sister," in no particular order. There's only a touch of dubiousness that appears. "This really is a spectacle."

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Quenia hasn't had time to get new garb since the Fire and Ice Ball, so here she is rehashing some of her same dresses in the same phoenix regalia she's known to wear. However, with spring not too far away, it's almost certain she'll break out in other colors, just for a change of pace. She pauses once inside the ballroom, taking a moment to see if there's anyone she's familiar with here, outside of the hostesses.

As more and more people arrive, Teagan settles in to do what she does best during such large events: observe. She's made her initial greetings (and quick as the hostesses are always under a press of people) and now she's taken up a post at the Foxglove table to watch. This, at least, is easier than the masquerade as she can tell who is who. And, in the Lycene way, there's just as much spectacle.

Delight brightens Natalia's face when she hears her name and sees the wave, and she turns to meander in Amari's direction. "Lady Amari," she greets as she comes within range. "I am thrilled to see you." She smiles for Adalyn, dips her head in greeting. "Natalia Whisper; it's a pleasure to meet you."

Taking a long inhale, Cassandra watches on silently from her spot at her little station she's in charge of. For someone who supposed to be Duchess at some point in her life, she has perhaps forgotten how to look comfortable in social settings. Then again being a Templar may changed that. She takes a long pull from the drink she has at her table, apparantly comfortable enough to watch on until things start properly.

"Thank you! I suppose I really ought to invest in a dress or two for events such as this. I'm sure Papa would be shocked to see it," Adalyn notes, amusement sparkling in her bright green eyes. She pauses, head turning left, then right as she surveys the crowd gathered. "I can't say I see very many familiar faces, so introductions would be wonderful." She follows Amari's gaze toward Natalia and Lethe as each is mentioned in turn, a hand lifted in a wave of greeting as she follows alongside Amari.

"Is that not the hallmark of a Lycene? You can meet them seven days in a row and yet each day can be a different experience?" Jaenelle is greeted with a kiss to the cheek and a smile. "I think we all need this night. Or at least, I know I did. I'm glad you came." Tyrus and Narcissa are regarded again and shakes her head. "No particular reason, just the last time I laid grass was over five years ago in Valardin. The white gala. As for the commonality, not the spiders, but there is poison." She lifts her right hand to graze a real bloom. "They are all posionous flowers." Lora is recognized with a dip of her head.

A smile from Tyrus is disarming, unexpected, and the Poet of Tor narrows her eyes apprehensively in kind. "I sense a trap, of being pushed overboard as part of some joke...but, I will take you up on it. Sailing traded for my knowledge of all that is poisonous words and how best to wield them?" Narcissa's smile only widens with appearance of Lora. "Sister, a fine addition to company as always."

Nurie seems drawn to the table with the larkspur blossoms, though she takes her time to meander there, her gaze moving upward as she clasps her hands together looking up at the glittering fabric above, and then of course she can't help but gaze inquisitively at the vials available as well as the little cocoons. Though she's careful to keep those hands clasped, not touching anything just yet, as if to keep her body in check with her manners.

Lethe decides on a table to sit at. She looks over to Alarissa, Amari, and Adalyn with a smile and a wave. She glances around to see who else might be here.

"Adalyn Clement," the young woman offers in answer to Natalia, a warm smile offered as introductions are exchanged. "It's a pleasure to meet you as well. The hosts have certainly outdone themselves, haven't they?" A hand lifts in a gesture to the beautiful decorations surroundings them.

When Adalyn introduces herself, Natalia's expression is briefly startled. She stares blankly at the woman for a moment, and then clears her throat and ducks her head. "Oh," she says. "It's so good to meet you, Lady Adalyn. I've heard so much about you." Her smile is warm now that she's recovered, at least. She takes a fairly long drink from her glass, moving to settle herself into a nearby chair.

"It is for a good Lycene," Jaenelle agrees with an amused look caused by Alarissa's words. "There is a sense of familiar in the unexpected." Turning then as Tyrus speaks, Jaenelle's amused features turn soft as she smiles warming, "I love this room a great deal and would share it with any who wished to use it to create an event that others will speak of for ages. And of course, one could never say no to family, could they?" She looks towards each table, seeing the flowers that have been placed on each and recognizing some of them as indeed, poison. "Someone is going to lick one of these by the end of the night."

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"If it'll shock Uncle Norwood, you can count on my help." Amari replies to Adalyn, committing her fashion expertise without hesitation. Upon Natalia's approach, she brightens even further, "It feels like it has been an age, Natalia. I'm so glad you've come tonight. Would you mind keeping Adalyn company? I'll have some co-hosting duties to perform..." Which causes her to glance around until she catches sight of Alarissa to see what she's up to, and to perhaps make sure she's not giving her pointed looks.

Jules looks around the room with a steady gaze that seems to be evaluating something but they do not linger long enough to make it evident what he's looking at or for. Finally he makes his way towards the foxglove table and bows to Teagan and asks, "Might I join you?" He gives a flourishing bow and gives the woman a broad smile.

"Ah, to be surrounded by the fairest and most lethal of blooms. It would seem I have been blessed with the company to match, as well." remarks Tyrus, amusement evident in hsi dark eyes. "Excellent. On an utterly unrelated matter, how good is your swimming?" the prince asks Narcissa, with apparent innocence. Lora's arrival is met with a nod of his head. "Marquessa DiFidante, a pleasure to see you again. I take it you've recovered well from our little trip?" he asks. His gaze shifts then to Jaenelle as he remarks. "Indeed not, at least where family is concerned. Of the licking of these particular flowers..." He glances to the nightshades. "I'll pass. They're quite beautiful where they are, far away from my lips."

'Likely only if they are inebrieted enough." ALarissa sotto voce's. "I should go and get this evening started properly. Jaenelle." More presses of cheek to cheek. "Prince Tyrus, entertain your table, I so command. Amari is looking at me, I need to make sure she's going to have run too!." And off goes the Princess Consort, cautious of her train and swings by to murmur to Amari before heading for the stairs that lead to the second level in the ballroom.

And then out of her reverie she comes as Jules makes his way to her table. Or maybe it's that someone passses with drinks. Teagan blinks a few times, then offers the young man a smile. "No, I don't mind at all." She gestures to the open seats at the table. "Please, do sit. I'm Lady Teagan Blackram."

"No, I don't mind, so long as she promises to dance with me," Natalia tells Amari, swinging her eyes up to Adalyn after she's stated her condition and lifting her eyebrows. There's a little gesture towards one of the chairs at her newly claimed table. When Tyrus greets Lora her attention swings that way promptly, her eyes landing on the DiFidante Marquessa with curiosity. She smiles after a moment of watching the woman, then turns back to Amari and Adalyn.

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Jules drops his head with another bow and says, "Thank you so much my lady, Jules Fabron, your servant." He makes a sweeping gesture around the room and says, "I can only imagine the effort that it took to make it so vibrant." There's a hint of excitement in his voice as he looks at the room and then leans in to say something softer at the table.

Gerald checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Gerald checked composure + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 38 higher.

"My swimming is passable. You have seen me swim after starling me, if you recall? How good is your ability to avoid being dragged in after me?" Narcissa checks with Tyrus with no lack of a smirk on her part. She is quick to promise, "I will not be licking one of the flowers, nor the grass."

Taking note of Tyrus, Gerald makes his way into the estate. He is garbed in simple, worn dark leathers and similar linens. His right hand though? Casually rolls a platinum coin across his knuckles, a black rose fetched onto its features. Once he has caught enough eyes, it's returned to his waist and he makes his way towards the Nightshade table.

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Adalyn grins widely at Amari as she commits to helping. Focus returning to Natalia, she inclines her head and settles into a seat near the Whisper. "Have you? Uh-oh, that may prove ominous. Mostly good things I hope?" Natalia's condition draws a nod of agreement. "I can't boast of the most wonderful dancing skills, but I think I can manage to avoid trodding on any feet. I'd be happy to."

"Largely recovered, your highness; just in time to go and get into trouble elsewhere," Lora answers Tyrus. She settles and arranges her skirts and there examines the setting from rather closer, not touching much of anything at all, more out of some very formal decorum that matches the precise, upright way she sits rather than any apparent fear of being poisoned. Probably. It's from across the way that she catches Natalia's look and offers her a slight incline of the head. And then there is a Gerald, and as he joins them he's the recipient of the faintest suggestion of a smile. "Do be careful," she tells Narcissa, then. "I'd be wholly unsurprised if edible flowers did not appear somewhere on the menu."

Amari tips her head to lend Alarissa her ear a moment, nodding to the murmur she receives before the Princess is off and away. "My cue. I'll join you both after this." Amari says quietly then to Natalia and Adalyn before she's strolling off to where she might be better seen and heard by everyone at the tables. Not that she does anything obvious when she gets there, save clasp her hands and turn to watch the Thrax host.

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After a stretch of time, Quenia decidedly makes her way over to the shadowy corner, ignoring for the moment that it's shadowed, and settles down within it. From there she simply watches and observes those who are present, content to do just that for now.

"A pleasure to meet you, Master Fabron," Teagan says to the man with a tilt of her head in greeting. She takes a sip of her drink, following his gesture. "They do host some amazing events. It's difficult to imagine the amount of work that goes into it all, to be perfectly honest." She does lean in to hear what he says, a smile curving briefly at her lips.

"I shall do my very best, oh Princess." Tyrus assures Alarissa before she takes her leave. "And true, I suppose I have. Yet even a pool is a far cry from the sea. I suppose we'll see, your ability and mine." he decides with a smirk. He notices Gerald coming their way, however, and smiles. "Gerald! Do join us! I'm apparently to entertain these ladies, but a finer storyteller and entertainer I've never met. Therefore, do an old friend a small favour and help? Thank you." Poor man, he's been pulled in now. "Lovely. Hopefully further away from swamps and reptiles in general this time, yes?" he asks Lora.

"Amari, if you could get me an introduction to Marquessa DiFidante later, I would appreciate it," Natalia says Amari-wards before the other woman can go scooting off, then turns her smile back on Adalyn. "Of course, mostly good things," she promises. "I absolutely do not require that you be the most skilled; willing is good enough for me. Happy is better." She smiles. "Was I hearing something about a dress? The young lady who made this one is here tonight, I think I saw her -- we could make your father _terribly_ happy with your fashion choices."

Up those stairs the Princess Consort has traveled, care taken with the gown to ensure she doesn't trip over the length of it. Eventually though, she comes to a stand at a flower and vine adorned balcony, hand settling on the balustrade and looking out over the assembled throng to take in the sight before her. Servers move forward, utensils to crystal glasses and tap them to garner attention and bring the crowd to a hush and the musician stop playing.

"There are times in all our lives-" The balcony provides a place for the voice to ring out. "When we feel a gray pall settled upon us. We feel the weight of the world upon our shoulders, large and small. There have been times in my own life when I have felt this. Especially of late. A melancholy from which there seems no way out. The ever constant threats that come from outside our walls and our lands. The pressure we face as leaders or ministers, parents and spouses. We tread the water, do all we can to stay afloat and try to decide a path forward. Or at times, remain there. Never moving forward in any direction."

Alarissa looks to the two thrones in the room, the ones decorated but none are sitting at. "There was a friend, a good and close one, who helped me through a time like that. Who saw me treading water. Decided to do something about it. She gifted to me a night of butterflies, of lemon cake and laughter. Where I danced in the maw with my husband and my daughter when I returned to the estate and come the morning when I woke in his arms, hair still damp from the hot springs below Navegant, I felt a weight had somewhat lifted and through the curtain of grey, I saw faint light. I have kindled that memory in my heart and my mind, blown gently upon it's embers in the darkest of my days and nights. Remembered the lesson taught to me and the gift so graciously laid at my feet. There is after all, that adage that you know you are a true friend of a Lycene when you find yourself poisoned and survive."

She lifts her gaze back to the assembled throng. "So I and we-" She gestures to Cassandra and Amari. "lay this gift at your feet. We give to you what our beloved Eleyna gave to me. A night in a garden of infinite delights but with far less poisoning. To press back the sorrows and shadows, the hurt and the pain if even for one night. To enjoy the hospitality of Velenosa and of mine. The butterflies here are real, they'll not disappear if you try to touch them but I would caution against that and just let them be, enjoy the sight of them. The lemon cakes that will be brought out later are the cherished ones, the recipe so fiercely guarded by the cook. The wine is lycene, and only the finest from their vineyards across the isles and more than a few forks shall find their demise at the hands of those who wish to try emulating the lost Archduke Consort's skill at throwing forks for a chance to win a prize."

Alarissa turns to Maxene who steps forward with a glass of a deep ruby Lycene red and she takes it, lifting it up. "We tread this garden of Lycene delights. Indulge in our known and unknown desires. We seek succor and comfort, release wherever and however it might be, in the knowledge that come the morning when first light strikes this room, we will depart home to rest, to sleep, to embrace this gift of life so given to us and shed our burdens and sorrows if even momentarily. For -just- a moment." And her glass lifts higher before bringing it down to take a heady sip from it. A cue for others to do the same. "And now, indulge. Find your delight, throw a fork or spoon, gird yourself. It will be a long night, but a good one."

Jules continues a softer conversation at the table but makes a glance here and there, his smile remaining constant.

"A pool is only a smaller sea." Narcissa defends, albeit weakly, against the argument Tyrus poses. She glances to Gerald as he approaches and offers a polite nod of greeting, seeing to procuring a glass of wine for herself and those at her table from a passing servant.

"We'll hold you to it. Happy hosting," Adalyn calls cheerily to Amari as the event gets underway and she is drawn away to assist. Her gaze flits back to Natalia, a moment taken to admire the woman's attire. She's clearly quite gifted. I know little about fashion, but I can certainly appreciate beautiful things and it is that." Her smile takes on a sort of wry quality. "I'm afraid I'm not always the most proper of ladies. I'm sure there is much I could learn from you in that regard. And if seeing me in a dress now and then would please my father, I'm happy to oblige." She quiets as Alarissa begins speaking, raising her glass in answer and taking a long sip.

"Ah," Gerald says, nodding to Tyrus and Lora as he settles into place, his eyes tracking to Narcissa to offer the same. "Well, I suppose I can offer some brief entertainments and tales of the years. Still, I fear as opposed to a great lady and others, I am most like to be, mmm, let us say provincial in my understanding." His tone, however, is amused and he glances towards one of the servants. Yes. The platinum coin is replaced by a Duke, but, it's still uplifted.

Nurie stills and quiets at the first tapping of crystal, her eyes widening and her hands folding just so in her lap. She listens to Alarissa's words, her head tilted, and her expression unguarded as both grief and humor wash over her own face in internal reflection of the words spoken. As Alarissa raises her glass, Nurie does as well, probably unseen, from her table in salute, before sipping as well. Though then she sets it aside, to applaud enthusiastically at the speech's conclusion, blinking quickly as if to ward away any remaining tears.

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Though she's carrying on quiet conversation with Jules, Teagan does pause and hold her drink up for Alarissa's toast. When it is done, she takes a deep drink and even looks toward some of the butterflies that add to the colors of the hall.

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Once Alarissa starts to make her speech, Cassandra rises to her feet, listening respectfully. Perhaps even a spot quiet reflection and respect to the people the other happens to making a speech about. Once finished, the Legate gives a silent raising of her glass, then drinking from it.

Once Alarissa makes her announcements, and the party gets started, Quenia makes her way from the shadowy corner to join the others. This time she settles at the Delphinium table, which while empty is still in the thick of things. She flashes Alarissa a warm smile, and a nod on her way, and then demurely takes a seat.

Jaenelle looks towards her decorated thrones, the thrones that hold so much history of those who came before her. It is a brief glance from her place as she had not moved when Alarissa did, eyes falling after. "Enjoy the evening, I am sure it will be magical," she then tells Narcissa and Tyrus, flashing a smile before slipping out.

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Lucita comes in rather late, but after some of the things she has to do during the day, that she is here at all is to the good. Dressed in a gown the color of coppery lilies with the impact of Lycene style in the various details, she curtsies to royalty in passing and gives smiles and little waves to others she recognizes. Spotting Lethe, she smiles a little wider and moves to sit with her. "It has been so long since we got a chance to talk, thought would sit with you if you wish company here.

Jules listens in silence to the speech. Afterwards he speaks at the table to Teagan and then grows silent in the anticipation of some other matter getting ready to occur.

Marian strides into the ballroom, arriving rather late to the event. Her eyes scan the room as she enters, taking note of who is there. Spying Quenia making her way to a shadowy table, she follows suit, joining her with a half smile, "Do you mind if I sit here?"

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Lora listens to the speech, quiet, attentive, and almost expressionless. Almost. When Alarissa gets to the bit about the night of butterflies there's a slight dip of her lashes and then her head turns enough that she can look at the table setting instead , though she's quite recovered from her distraction before the whole has come to an end. By then wine has been passed around and she lifts her glass in still-silent toast, breaking it only to murmur something to those sitting at the table.

Amari has to find a glass to join Alarissa's toast, but does anticipate it soon enough that she can without looking too rushed about it. A lift and sip is had once it's in hand, and a warm smile offered for the heartfelt words shared. When the speech has ended, she half turns away so she can survey the room again with a slight narrowing of her eyes.

Falling quiet for the speech, Natalia lifts her glass in toast afterwards, then swallows again. She's quiet while waiting for the reaction of the room to settle, then turns back to Adalyn. "If I'm being honest, I tend to prefer people who are a little less proper," she assures the other woman.

"Tales are always welcome to my ears, though poems will always be more to my liking, basic creature that I am." Narcissa informs Gerald with a lift of her wine in silent toast.

Alarissa has rolled 1 4-sided dice: 2

After nodding and giving Jaenelle his farewells, Tyrus can be seen listening to Alarissa as she speaks, before resuming conversation with his companions on a quieter tone.

Alarissa has rolled 1 2-sided dice: 2

Alarissa has rolled 1 2-sided dice: 2

Marian gives pause as she selects the wine from the server who rushes over to make sure she has a glass for the toast. She raises her glass to her hostess, Alarissa, and then takes a sip. She then turns to the person that she's joined and toasts Quenia, "Well, it seems you've gotten the prize." She's not at all upset at the state of affairs. There's a tug at her lips since she's deeply amused.

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Quenia glances up at Marian, offering her a warm smile. "Not at all. Please do have a seat." A pause. "How have you been?" she asks the Redrain princess. She then hears about the game and takes a moment to very carefully open it up. When she dies, her eyes light up in delight. "Oh, it's beautiful!" she exclaims. She then leans in to show it off to Marian.

Lucita says, "Ohhhh," She speaks in thankful tones of voice. "This is absolutely beautiful, the colors so vivid and the colors at the wing margin match the dress."

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Narcissa glances down at the suddenly jeweled butterfly before her with a small 'oh' of surprise. She holds it up to examine it against the light. "It is far more colorful than my usual attire, but lovely all the same."

"And let the games begin! Cocoons at your tables, each place to sit has one. If you open them carefully, you'll see whether you are guardian of a life butterfly and can turn it loose to join it's brethren or whether you will get to keep one close to you forever, bejeweled and brilliant!" Alarissa calls out before making her way down the stairs. But she stops, frowning and glances above to the tree's. "Amari... how many butterflies did we... get... this looks like a lot more butterflies." It's not a bad thing, but she's raising her brows.

Though she seems to be waiting for her companion to do the same, Teagan does finally pick up her cocoon to examine and it doesn't take long before there's: ah! She has a live butterfly in hers. She leaves it carefully so that it can decide when it might go free to join the rest.

Now that the toast is done, Nurie finally can do what she's been dying to do, taking up the cocoon that she's been very careful to NOT mess with at her setting, and gently unfurling it to see what might come free. She laughs delightedly to see the jeweled treasure that soon lays in her hand, finding just the right spot to nestle the gorgeous jeweled insect amongst the sweet pea blooms on her gown. Though as undoubtably some of the live ones escape she can't help but laugh joyously. "Oh, what a treasure, one to keep and then then more to see, even before the other butterly gardens have opened!"

There may be a shadow of relief in Adalyn's expression as she bows her head to Natalia and flashes a grin, one that promises mischief. "Oh, good. Then I think we'll get along quite well. I daresay things tend to be a little more interesting when they're not always so prim and proper." Hearing the rules of the game, she selects a cocoon and ever-so-carefully opens it to divulge a bejeweled butterfly. She holds it up to admire it more closely. "Well, this is certainly beautiful." She turns a curious glance toward her companion's cocoon as well.

Jules happens to turn his attention down at his spot where he has a butterfly in his cocoon and gives a soft gasp and looks at it closely and then directs his conversation to the table.

Tyrus looks rather intrigued by the game, and when it starts, he turns to the cocoon before him. Opening it reveals... a live butterfly! The prince smiles faintly as once released, the colourful butterfly, filled with rich hues of red and yellow, decides to land on his index in apparent curiosity. "Well hello." The smile fades as he glances down to his side, to... Nothing. Must be nothing. His gaze returns to the butterfly and he raises his hand, allowing it to go join its kin and further fill the room with their numbers. "Congratulations." he tells Narcissa. "Surely some colour would not kill you. It is a very nice piece."

Silvery-white butterflies flutter and dance through the air with the multi-hued ones. These butterflies are, perhaps, a touch more bold than the others as they take chances to land on those assembled, pausing there for a moment, before flittering off.

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There is just a little bit of concern in Natalia's expression as she inspects her own cocoon, and she is very very careful about getting it open. Her laugh is a mixture of relief and delight when the creatureu escapes and takes flight, and she leans back in her chair and watches it go. With a shake of her head, she looks back to Adalyn, leaning to peer at the jeweled one. "Oh, that is _lovely_," she admires.

"Well, there was a rough tally..." Amari begins, turning her attention to the trees as Alarissa mentions them. She frowns. "Are they multiplying?" Because that's a thing that happens, maybe not rapidly over the span of an hour or so, but it does happen. Bees do it. Butterflies must too. A little shake of her head follows, and a quirk of a brow. "Should we have everyone try to pluck flowers from the trees?" As she asks, a silvery-white butterfly flutters just over her shoulder, alights for a moment and then is off again.

Now sparkly as well as twirly, the barefoot Nurie slips from her seat (hopefully she will remember the slippers discarded under the table after she leaves) to wander towards where there might be a gathering forming to throw forks! Though a little timid at first, it's not long before she's totally unashamed at watching others' strategy on how to do this thing, biting her lower lip ever so slightly as she does so, and waits her turn.

Marian watches as her own butterfly escapes from the cocoon. She gives a smile as she watches it join the other butterflies flitting through the air. She glances over at the cutlery toss and follows her companion for the evening to that night's game. She seems rather confident as she approaches.

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Lucita says, "Shall we join one of the games, Lady Lethe? OH!" Her eyes cross as one of the bold butterflies lands on her nose and gives her a very close up look at the delicate wings. A soft laugh slips between her parted lips as it takes flight and flutters away. "That.. tickles!""

There is a thoughtful look, at all the butterflies, from Teagan. Particularly at a butterfly that alights on her briefly. She considers it, then looks to Jules. There's a gesture to some of the trees ripe for the plucking as she stands. "I think I may go see if I can procure a flower or two. Will you join me?"

Lethe watches the butterflies with a grin and nods to Lucita. "Playing a game sounds fun. Perhaps one of us will have good luck."

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As Narcissa's cocoon yields the jeweled butterfly, it stands to reason that Lora's tiny silken wrap will hold a live butterfly. Hence, no doubt, why she's slow about opening it, inspecting the gemstone glimmer in the poet's hands. "It is lovely. You have to wear it now." She begins the process of oh so carefully opening hers then, and soon releases a beautiful amber-winged thing that soon stretches its wings, but doesn't go terribly far. She falls quiet then, holding up a hand, palm flat, and looks only a trifle surprised when one lands on her fingertip for a moment.

Cassandra is still hanging about the cutlery game, as she was asked to be the person running it. As previously noted, she seemed pretty content to sit back and watch, and perhaps a bit apprehensive about the whole social thing. However, she visibly perks up once she starts seeing people come that way. "Princess Marian." she greets, stands. "I don't believe we've ever met. But it is an honor to finally meet you. Gloria has an interesting sense of humor, as I was just talking about you today to a...student of mine."

"Rough tally..." Alarissa looks on that lands on her flesh and blood hand and smiles. "Most assuredly this was not in the colors I was told would come..." She didn't remember that there would be silvery white ones. But Alarissa carries on down the stairs, a glance to the ones that linger and flutter, to the tables where people open cocoons and smiles wide. Then people depart for the cutlery toss and she heads for the great tree, carrying her silver white companion with her.

Jules stands from the table and offers his arm out to Teagan and says, "I should be delighted! I would certainly not mind a closer look at the flowers." He does hold out the butterfly he won for Teagan to see and then adds, "I should need to see it some time. Is there somewhere the archers practice that the unskilled could safely watch? I know one person who is a fighter" the word stated somewhat questioningly "but I've not had the chance to see her wrestle but once and I couldn't look then and probably not for a while as she's been hurt the poor dear!" His closing words stated with a mixture of sadness and exasperation.

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"I wonder..." Tyrus holds out his hand, curious to see how many of the butterflies might choose it as its perch. Indeed, there are a few. Not all at once, but one after the other, colourful or silver-hued. They come and go, much to the amusement of the Prince. Or one assumes, the curve of his lips might have something to do with what one of his table companions has said.

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Marian gives a curtesy to Cassandra, "We did...but many months ago Legate. However, it was before when you served as Archlector of Gloria. When I would come for my morning prayers." She picks up one of the rings and takes a look, noting how they were turned in to circles, "Hmmm, never thought of using cutlery in this manner." She pauses as Cassandra mentions that she spoke to her student about the warchief, "Oh? What kind of story?"

Teagan accepts Jules' arm so they can make their way to the flowering tree. She studies the jeweled butterfly. "The training center or even some have fields of their own. Really, I imagine outside the city is best, but the training center is where I go." She finds herself with another of the silvered butterflies on her as they walk towards the game and blinks at Alarissa as they arrive. "I've never seen butterflies like this. Are they from the Lyceum?"

Adalyn's gaze follows the live butterfly as it escapes from Natalia's cocoon and begins to flutter away. "Beautiful. It seems just the thing to represent the coming of spring and rebirth, doesn't it?" She holds the little accessory up for easier perusal, then very carefully dons it. "More colorful than what I'm accustomed to, but perhaps that's a sign to be more adventurous in my choices." Of course she would think so, the consummate adventurer.

Amari accompanies Alarissa to the great tree, splitting her attention between watching where she's going, and following the fluttering paths of the butterflies that fly into view around her. It's a struggle. "That's very odd." She has to say, quietly, but she's not yet overly concerned. She has a duty to perform, so gets to that, calling out, "We also have another game of sorts, if your cutlery throwing isn't the best. Join us at the tree!"

"Color will most certainly kill me." Narcissa says gravely, placing a pale hand against her cheek. "And how could the House ever sustain or endure such scandal? Death by pastels." To Lora she shoots a pleading look; she's not helping!!

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Nurie curties gracefully once she nears the table where Cassandra and the noblewomen are, her eyes bright. Thought it must be said, she does turn her head just so, as if eager to hear this story as well. "Once I saw someone use a fork to pin someone's sleeve to the table to keep them from mischief," she admits. "But I could see how throwing them might be handy to know how to do /too./"

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Lucita studies the cutlery that has been changed into rings. Idly she reaches out to spin one of them as if assessing its balance then withdraws her hand. "At least they did not pin the hand itself to the table." She comments to Nurie on hearing her speak.

Jules is overheard praising Alarissa: She put together a wonderful party with wonderful gifts.

"It is absolutely a sign," Natalia agrees oh so seriously, nodding her agreement. "Especially with the talk of dresses." That smile of hers is far too innocent for anyone's good. She looks towards the table at the center when another game seems to be getting underway there, and she asks of Adalyn, "Do you wish to go play one of the games, to get a flower? Or shall we go dance? I think we've run out of sitting credits."

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Jules is overheard praising Amari: She put together a wonderful party with wonderful gifts.

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Jules is overheard praising Cassandra: She put together a wonderful party with wonderful gifts.

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"A story of will, Princess. My student carries a great deal of potential, she has a good heart. But one that is hardened by resentment for her lot in life. I spoke of you, who rose from your origins, the strife you've carried, to rise where you are now. A lesson that many can be more than what they are." She pauses. "However, that is a discussion for another time, I would wager, as you're all here for a game of luck and skill."

At the questions to how the game is ran, she gestures at the various points of cutlery. "It is known that the last Archduke was a fan of throwing various implements. In his honor, we share in that hobby of his." A hand indicates at the tree across the ballroom. "Stand at the painted line. It's a matter of throwing three pieces of cutlery through the rings. If you're able to strike all three, you'll win. I wish you luck, I was never the best at throwing items."

"Pastels?" The look Lora gives Narcissa is polished arch neutrality. She even brings fingertips to her lips as if this helps with her consideration. "Well. If you insist. I will arrange for the seamstress to come 'round in the morning and we will replace everything with lilac, petal pink, and seafoam." So serious. So. Serious. Then she smiles and tilts her head at her various table companions. "Tyrus can regale you with the tale of how I should never be allowed to throw anything, ever. Or you can accompany me to go pick flowers and explore the garden." A general offer, even Gerald included in this with that ephemeral smile of hers.

Adalyn laughs, nodding agreeably to Natalia. "The future dresses need color, I'm sensing." A brow arches as she hears talk of flinging cutlery. "I've heard of knife-throwing competitions, but cutlery..." There's a sudden impishness in her grin. "The next Clement family dinner might be a bit more lively." Rising from her seat, she scans the room thoughtfully. "Shall we pluck a flower and then move to the dance floor?"

Marian gives a smile to Nurie, "Well that's certainly useful way to use cutlery." She pauses as Cassandra mentions how the game is done. She looks at Quenia with a smile and admits to her, "These games tend to be mostly luck, because of the weighting." She looks around to see if anyone minds that she goes first. Then she takes the three rings and stands up to the painted line. She looks at the vases, frowns as she tries to figure out the best approach, and then throws the rings.

Marian checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Marian checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Marian checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

"You will do no such thing." Narcissa says, voice suddenly firm as her golden eyes narrow sharply at the threat of color invading her wardrobe and chambers. Oh, the humanity! "What is this of you throwing things? Is your aim horrid, or too well and he the victim?"

Quenia grins over at Marian. "Well, sometimes. Sure. But there might be a bit of skill involved too," she gives a small shrug, then watches as the Princess works on tossing the cutlery. "I'll give it a try after you," she announces, nodding a greeting to Cassandra once the game is explained.

Lucita looks toward Marian. "I remember visiting with you when you were recovering once, always admired the way you handled things then." After that is spoken aside she listens to the instructions then moves to take a place after Quenia to give the tossing a try.

What's left in her glass is finished before Natalia rises, offering her arm to Adalyn before starting in the direction of the flowering tree. "You'll have to remember that I want to hear the story of how that goes." She can't help but grin for the thought, laughing quietly as she shakes her head. "And that sounds like a delightful plan. Thank you for keeping me company, tonight."

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"Well, let's just be thankful that it was a flask of holy water I handed you, and not a canister of Thrax Fire. Let's just say, if you do end up near the Marquessa when she is throwing something that it would be better if you were not in front of her. Or behind her. Maybe you're safe on the sides? Maybe." Tyrus shrugs helplessly, though the smile of his lips does not fade even slightly as he speaks to Lora and Narcissa. He doesn't comment on any changes of the latter's wardrobe. The man knows better.

At the flowering silk tree, Amari smiles and explains to those gathered, "This isn't much of a game, admittedly. More a test of courage. Reach up and pluck a silk flower and it's yours, just mind the spiders. There may be something else up there in the branches too, but I won't say what and ruin the surprise. Grab away!"

Nurie is very very serious as she chooses her utensils. Making sure the tines are pokey and the edges shiny, and frowning a little as she checks their weight. Clearly trying to see what Marian is talking about regarding the weight, but also being rather obviously clueless about how to use that information too. Instead she takes a deep breath, concentrating. "I'm going to pretend I'm aiming at bugs that might bite my sister," she decides, as a matter of motivation. And then she grows even more fierce faced. "Or that might bite the baby!!" That's more than enough motivation for her to give it her all as she chucks silverware at each ring!

Nurie checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 24 higher.

Nurie checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Nurie checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

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Reaching for his wine, Gerald nods to those present, before he looks towards the tree that others seem to be reaching for. He coughs once, taking a small swallow, before conversing further with Tyrus.

Quenia checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 7 lower.

Quenia checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Quenia checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Lucita checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

Lucita checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Lucita checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 7 lower.

Cassandra watches on, noting that Marian gets one out of three. "Better than me when I tried. I got none. Throwing was never my strong suit." she replies, gesturing to the next person to step up, either Nurie or Lucita. "By all means, give it a try." Stepping aside once again for the next person to try their luck. And then proceeds to blink as Nurie does exactly that. "Well....then. Consider me sufficently impressed. Well done Mistress Nurie."

Lora lifts her glass to Narcissa, then Tyrus. And Gerald too, who apparently cannot escape it, given his decision to sit at the nightshade table. "It really is for the best that I don't practice, either," she assures. There is a look in the direction of the flatware-throwing table though, speculative for a moment. "Though, I wonder..." Then she's off, gone to look at the flowering silk tree.

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Adalyn's delighted laughter bubbles forth as she strolls toward the flowering tree with Natalia. "It will be quite an experience. I'll be sure to give you a full report," she promises, amused. "It's my pleasure, truly. It's enjoyable to spend the event in the company of someone so pleasant, meet new people rather than simply hoping to be rescued by a familiar face." She grins, although her expression turns thoughtful as she eyes the spider-infested tree. "Well, we shall how this goes."

"Oh, I don't need to pretend what or whom I'm throwing at," Quenia says, probably having a good idea of who or what she's throwing at in her mind as she looses each of her pieces of cutlery. She misses on her first try, but manages to get something to stick on her second and third try. She gives a small nod of her head, satisfied, and steps back. "Perhaps I should have a throwing board set up somewhere for practice, and as a way to exercise some frustration," she suggests to Marian.

Lethe reaches up into the tree to see what she can grab. "I'm used to spiders." She moves her hand around and looks at the adorned spider. "This is beautiful."

Marian laughs deeply as she watches as others perform just as well or better than herself. She gives a shrug to Cassandra, "I've tried my hand at archery but throwing that is something new." She claps her hands at Nurie's performance, "Now that's how it's done." She looks to Quenia as she gets frustrated at her attempt, "Ahh, I don't think that practice has anything to do with this game. During my turn, I tried to adjust for the vases but because each piece is weighed differently, I wasn't able to course correct on the second throw. And the third was a success but I threw it the same as the other two."

"I will aim to be behind Lora and using her as a shield if ever such an occasion does arise, and I promise I will extend the same generosity to all of you." Narcissa promises, much to the chagrin of all at her table. "And now she is off to the tree, let us pray the luck favors her." she remarks after Lora as she departs for the tree.

Lucita says, "These are awkward to throw, aren't they? I do much better with a dagger or throwing knife." A sheepish grin is given Quenia. "We were lucky we did not hit something important or someone.""

Nurie is still scowling quite fiercely as she follows through with that last throw, though Cassandra's words seem to pull her back from her imaginings and she brightens, clapping her hands and bouncing on her toes. "Oh, that was very fun Legate Cassandra!" She curties, with a blush. But she stays, in order to cheer on the others as well. "Well done, well done!" And she nods very enthusiastically to Quenia's words too. "Oh my stars and garters, that's a splendid idea, my lady," she says to Quenia. "I think I'll have to do that too!" Just pretend you don't notice if there are some slightly bent tines at the next Tessere party, nothing to see here.

Amari watches everyone under the tree screw up their courage and brave a handful of tarantula in their quest for silken flowers, perhaps a little too amused about it, considering. She doesn't have to reach up there though. "The flower you pluck you get to keep, naturally. If you get a spider though, please be kind and return it - unless," And with Lethe finding a spider of stygian and duskstone, she applauds, "Unless it's one like that. Pretty and completely incapable of biting."

Quenia glances over at Lucita, saying. "I'm certain we were far enough away from the others." She has to double take to check though, and then nods when she confirms this was so. She grins over at Nurie. "At the very least, it'll give you an outlet for something fun." She looks back to Marian, admitting, "Not that I have much I'm frustrated about of late. We'll see if I change my mind after going to Tramonto Cove in a few days and seeing whether or not we can expand Igniseri lands there or not."

"I'm not quite certain how the Archduke was able to manage it. Perhaps that was just his fascination. However I have to respect someone who can accruately throw something as awkward as a butcher's knife." There's a pause as an attendant brings forward Nurie's price. "Congratulations." Marian gets a headshake. "I'll stick to swordplay. I can only stretch myself in so many directions. When I have the spare time for it. Like," she looks down at herself. "dressing up in clothing that my family would likely faint if they saw me. As far as Grandmaster Preston is concerned, I'll deal with his stares later."

Alarissa says in Marin'alfar, "Eleyna had two spiders as companions. Tarantula's. Oleander and Foxglove." Alarissa offers to Lora, though she's keen to give the spiders a wide berth and looks as butterflies switch in and out on her. "This is the Archeduchess's would have been birthday. I thought it would be fitting in truth, to have this on this day and in this way.""

"Eleyna had two spiders as companions. Tarantula's. Oleander and Foxglove." Alarissa offers to Lora, though she's keen to give the spiders a wide berth and looks as butterflies switch in and out on her. "This is the Archeduchess's would have been birthday. I thought it would be fitting in truth, to have this on this day and in this way."

Marian nods to Lucita's comment about these rings being awkward to throw, "Indeed they are." She smiles at the story of the former archduke throwing a butcher knife, "Well...even a butcher knife has been weighting than these rings." She takes a look at them again, "I think it's because they're being bent in an angle that they weren't intended to." She motions to Nurie, "But clearly that's not going to stop some that have tremendous luck." She pauses as Quenia goes into an upcoming expedition, "Ahh, well then, I will wish you luck. I know it's far more challenging for you in the Isles to expand. Where in the North, we have plenty of land, the issue is being able to cover it effectively with patrols." She nods as Cassandra mentions sticking to swordplay, "Ahh, I found the bow a bit different prospect but in time, it became a welcome past time. Now I prefer hunting deer with a bow rather than a spear."

One might even be able to see the visions of butcher knives, forks, grapefruit spoons, and butter knives dancing around Nurie's head as clearly this game has stoked the beginnings of a new hobby perhaps for Nurie, reflected in her eyes. "A /butcher knife/," she says, awestruck. Perhaps evevn fanning herself slightly. But she curtsies again as the prize is brought out. "But you look so lovely, Legate," she says gently. "And you're helping to bring joy and enjoyment to so many tonight, I hope that the Grandmaster wouldn't stare /too/ fiercely." But then she is considering the next game, glancing over towards the tree.

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Quenia grins at Marian. "It'll be interesting, to be sure. But, I'm not here to talk business tonight really. Want to try you rhand on the ribbon pull? I admit, I'm not a huge fan of spiders, but if there's something as shiny as those butterflies, I might be brave enough to dare it."

Lucita says, "Prhaps he would stare more admiringly than fiercely, or fiercely to conceal that he is admiring." She moves back out of the way and lets others try their luck at the tossing."

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Marian turns to Quenia and eyes the tree after her comment, "Oh I don't mind pulling ribbons and getting a spider. Nia is mad for them and is constantly trying to save them from the servants when cleaning." She motions for them to go check out the next game.

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Tyrus leads Narcissa and Gerald to the tree, where a number of the others has already gathered. "One of these days, I'll have to ask you about her. You and Jaenelle, I suppose. I see her face every day I leave the Estate, but admittedly know little about her." the prince remarks to Alarissa, having apparently heard the ends of that conversation. "Ah, and speaking of old friends, I do not think I have presented my friend Gerald Wilkerson before. The finest merchant I've ever met, with a heart of gold, no less." he says, indicating the man himself. "He knew me before my... well, death."

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"I leave them to the servants, and tell them to relocate them to the Rubino-Zaffria spider garden." Quenia admits to Marian as they make their way over to the other game.

As Alarissa explains the spiders in the tree Lora half-turns toward her, though her attention remains divided between the silk above, and the butterflies. There's some left for the hostess though. "It is a beautiful way to celebrate. There's something about butterflies, at least, that..." Oh here comes the collection from the Nightshade table. It doesn't interrupt her but it does, subtly, change what she was going to say, to, "...make for a truly memorable evening. I do hope they last until the weather warms enough to be let outdoors."

"Yes well." Cassandra only looks a touch awkward. "Thank you. I agreed to this because I believe that there should a better sense of unity between the Faith and the Lycene. I just know I'm going to cause outrage with my Oathlands compatriots but..." she rolls her shoulder a touch. "I'll deal with that later, I would guess. Still. Thank you. I think I'd be better at this, but it's been a long time since I functioned at social events like this." She smiles a slight bit then at the last. "Well, I've been trying teach Preston moderation. It's a...ongoing lesson."

Narcissa locks arms with Tyrus again, heading over to the tree to try her luck. Along the way she comments aside to Gerald and the Thraxian alike, "I think I will content myself with the butterfly won and let you two..throw things." A beat before adding, "What do you mean more enjoyable than the last time you escorted someone, Prince Tyrus? Dare I ask what standard was set?"

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"A finer dance partner I could not ask for," Natalia declares with certainty, relaxing some as they move away from the press of people around the tree. "It is much more fun to dance with someone who enjoys it than it is to dance with someone even the best of skill who just goes through the proper steps. Not that it isn't delightful to watch, of course." There might not be a ton of people dancing yet, but she doesn't seem concerned; it's easy enough for her to find the music, and she draws Adalyn out to the dancefloor.

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Amari walks a little circle around the trunk of the tree, slowing to hold her hand out palm up under a silver-winged butterfly that almost lands there, but skims over instead to flutter on. She smiles after it, and then to those coming over from the cutlery toss. "Welcome! Pluck a flower from the tree and it's yours, just mind the spiders."

"I do not think we throw things in this particular game." Tyrus remarks to Narcissa before glancing back at the tree. "Though admittedly I am more curious to watch than play." He looks down to his side again, a spot on the floor that reveals... nothing. Just grass. He glances back up to Narcissa and he murmurs something, easily lost in the rest of conversations going on around them.

The older gentleman offers a slow bow of his head, following Tyrus and Narcissa. "Oh, throwing things? I shall leave such to a more... mmm, let us say, athletic sort." At Tyrus words, the man nods again. "No, I think I shall observe," he muses, casually, sipping from his wine as he does so.

Marian moves up to the tree, pausing in her conversation with Quenia to figure out which one she wants to pick. She mentions to Jules as he debates on which one to think, "I think it's just sheer luck." She gives a wink at her companions, "Something that's never quite been a strength of mine." She tries her hand at a ribbon and then pulls to see what happens.

Adalyn considers Natalia's remark as the two make their way toward the uncrowded dance floor. "You know, tat's exactly my theory on life. Certainly you can journey through it with those who are always careful to make the right decisions and the proper steps, but it's just so much more /fun/ to experience it alongside those who enjoy it thoroughly." She grins as she follows Natalia's lead and begins moving in time with the music. "Besides, dancing and fighting share some similarities. I'll just pretend that I'm striking a fighting stance." Never mind that this sounds like horrendously bad dance theory.

Nurie takes her time watching the butterflies around the tree, and then examining the tree itself, her fingertips gliding over a few ribbons seemingly just for the pleasure of feeling them curl through them as much as trying to figure out which one to claim. "It's so enchanting," she murmurs softly. "We don't have exactly the right space for a flowering tree, but--" her voice trails off, as if she's already daydreaming in inspiration, though finally she does settle on a ribbon to claim.

"I will share the sentiment that being an audience rather than a participant is far more appealing to me these days. No point in needlessly being the center of attention..." Narcissa mutters towards the end of the statement, lowering her eyes momentarily. Gerald is a quick distraction from that brief fluctuation in her demeanor as she responds, "Birds of a feather and all of the rest of the similar metaphors.."

Leaving the cutlery game behind for now, as everyone seems more interested in the other game at the moment, Cassandra finally decides to actually take a moment to start being at least a little bit more inclusive, moving forward to watch the ongoing game being played.

Marian pulls the ribbon and for her efforts receives a spider. She smiles at the small creature and helps it get back upon the tree. She murmurs a few soft words to spider and then tells Quenia, "My daughter is convinced that when you whisper messages to spiders, they get to the Queen of Endings' ears so I've gotten into the habit of offering a small prayer when I come in contact with one."

Quenia steps up to take her turn at the silk tree. She closes her eyes as she reaches up and very carefully pulls at one of the ribbons, and out comes an iridescite spider rather than a real one. She opens her eyes in delighted surprise. "Oh, that's beautiful!" she calls out. She glances up at Marian, giving her a warm smile. "That's actually a rather nice tradition."

Lucita eyes the tree carefully and gently slides her hand toward one of the silk flowers. Under her breath she is saying to the spider nearest to her. "Don't eat the butterfly, don't eat the butterfly, it is just flitting by trying to make people smile.... Eventually she extracts one of the flowers, smiling as she strokes the silk petals with a fingertip.

There's a pause as Gerald presses his hand against one of the near by tables. "Forgive me, my friend, but, I must rest, I think."

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"I agree." Cassandra nods towards Marian. "I may have to carry that suggestion to Aureth. He may find the idea rather keen. It's also adorable. Your daughter has a thoughtful insight."

Alarissa's been watching the ongoings at the tree and beckons over Cassandra to join them even as servers start to filter out with small plates for everyone. Lemon cakes, something the cook at this house is very well skilled at making. The tiny individual towering concoctions with that custardy jellied layer. Alarissa lights up at the sight of them. No one has to go to a table, they're brought to everyone and throughout the room are coo's of delight. "Be careful!" She calls out. "There's maybe something in the cake!"

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Amari give a soft round of applause when the last bejeweled spider is found hidden in the silk flower, "Well done!" She compliments before agreeing with Quenia about the tradition of Marian's daughter, "That is cute. I might start doing that as well, Princess Marian." Then stepping out from under the tree she raises her hands and smiles, "I believe that's all the fancy spiders found, but you're welcome to whisper some messages to the real ones skittering around up there. However, I think there's still lemon cake and dancing yet." And well, there's the cakes on the way, "Ooh."

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Lora cannot quite help herself. She reaches up again and warily pulls a ribbon and, for her trouble, ends up with another little fall of silk flowers. The lack of spiders, real or metallic, might perhaps be appreciated. But they are apparently not all for her, because she drifts off to give one to Narcissa, and one to Tyrus. Something is murmured to the both of them; it comes with a tiny shake of her head, like she might be chiding the pair of them. Then? There's cake, and she accepts a plate before returning to her table.

Marian murmurs her thanks to Cassandra for taking the suggestion to Aureth, "I would appreciate it. Nia would be delighted if everyone started adopting such practices." She smiles at the others who add to that sentiment. Then the cakes start being passed out. She gives a pause as the cake is delivered to her. She nods to Amari as she mentions that was the last of the jeweled spiders found. She winks at Quenia, "Third time the charm." She starts to bite into the cake, enjoying the tartness of the lemons as she makes her way through. She's not at all surprised to find out that she didn't have a prize in the cake. She looks over to see if Quenia is able to make magic happen again.

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Lethe claps politely for Quenia. "Congratulations!" When the cake is brought out. "This looks delicious." She carefully takes a bite and looks into her cake. She looks surprised as she pulls out a ring.

"That is a philosophy I find agreeable," Natalia answers with a laugh, settling in to lead Adalyn in the dance without hesitation. There is certainly skill there, but she just as much seems to enjoy herself, quite possibly because of Adalyn's enthusiasm. "They're -- similar enough, I suppose." If she thinks it is terrible dance theory, well, she's very good at disguising it. It's not hard; she's busy grinning from general enjoyment, anyway. She does keep an eye over on Amari, though not a *careful* one, she's just keeping track of where the other woman is. "Now that we've finally met, though, I must demand to know why you have not joined your father at the Academy, especially given you're a combatant. We would love to have you there, you know."

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Teagan seems quite pleased to receive the cake, but she -does- step out from under the tree. "Lady Mikani? Well, I shall keep in mind that if a spider frightens you to death, Master Jules, I will inform her that at least you passed surrounded by butterflies." There is amusement as she balances her cake in one hand and presses into it with the other and- oh. Hesitation. She sets the fork down and reaches in, despite cake and icing and all and: "Oh!" Out she pulls a ring.

Lucita says, "Oh, how very nice, to have such a surprise, rings!" She says as she watches one being extracted from the confection. A glance toward Lora and she leans over to murmur something to her as she passes by."

Nurie's cheerful smile freezes just a little, when she feels eight hairy legs light on her hand than something less alive! She manages to not flinch exactly, though she's very very careful to cradle the creature for a moment, blinking down at her. She seems to catch the conversation about a spider carrying messages, so she does whisper something softly to the spider before gingerly sending it on its way. Just in time to receive one of the lemon cakes, which she nibbles at with undisguised relishment.

Quenia offers thanks to those serving the cakes, chuckling softly at Marian. "Perhaps," she tells her." She bites into the cake very, very carefully, since they've been warned numerous times. Delight and joy are on her face for the flavor, but she gives a small shake of her head to Marian. Once she finishes chewing and swallowing she says, "Nope. Nothing in mine. You?"

Whatever it is that Lora tells Tyrus and Lora, it seems to only lead to more amusement from the prince. Eventually, he and Narcissa take their leave from the tree, heading to the dance floor where the two soon begin to dance. Proper, of course, but close enough that whatever they may say may only be heard by the other.

Marian shakes her head to Quenia, "Oh no, nothing for me." She nods in direction of Lethe and Teagan, "They seem to be the winners of the cake." She doesn't eat all of her cake, just enough to see if she has a ring or not. She puts down the plate and lets those still at the tree with her, "And on that note, I shall be slipping away. I have an early morning meeting and if I stay out much longer I'll be useless tomorrow."

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"Of course," Quenia calls after Marian, then wanders off toward one of the tables to take a seat.

Lora doesn't keep Tyrus or Narcissa, only shakes her head at the pair of them, just a little. She doesn't quite make it back to her table, either; she and her cake are caught partway there by Lucita. Whatever's asked merits a full stop on her part, and then the barest of little nods before she answers.

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Cassandra makes her way over to Alarissa once she sees the Princess motion her over. "I will have to say that your event went off without a hitch tonight, Princess." She pauses a moment. "I should apologize that I'm not the socialite I once was when I was on the fast track to Duchess. That was another life ago."

Jules laughs at Teagan's description of his potential death, "Indeed! She should be most happy to know I went in such a pleasant way." He gives a slap against his thigh with his free hand. As they retrieve their cakes and he begins to carefully make his bite in his, he looks over at Teagan digging into hers and he says, "I say!" A look of excitement coming over his face, "I'm so happy you won the ring!" His eyes taking it in for a moment, "I couldn't have been happier if I'd won it myself!"

Adalyn teasingly pantomimes a few slashes of a sword before returning to normal dancing. She mercifully appears to follow Natalia's movements rather than her own idea of combat-dance, clearly enjoying herself despite lack of formal dance training. She quirks a grin at Natalia's inquiry, head canted to the side in a pensive gesture. "Oh, are you a member? To be entirely honest, I suppose I just hadn't given it much thought. I'll have to give it some honest consideration, especially now that I know it contains such fun associates."\

Benvolio, a beleaguered valet in search of a better job arrives, delivering a message to Tyrus before departing.

Cake in hand and party duty complete, Amari relaxes a bit. There's a bow of her head to the departing Princess Marian and some interest in who has found the rings. They both get bright congratulatory smiles the last of which lingers on as she notices Adalyn and Natalia dancing away. A light, contented sigh and she decides aloud, "Well, this has been fun."

"Nonsense Mother Cassandra. You're doing fine. There's still people tossing cutler" And there is. People gathering around the vases even as they gather under the tree and p. luck down flowers or spiders. People are tossing back the vials as they try to see if they have gotten something sweet or have been poisoned with sour. Alarissa reaches over, pressing her hand to Cassandra's arm. "And you look lovely"

Lethe looks to Amari, Alarissa, and then Cassandra with a smile. "This has been such a fun evening. Thank you for being such good hosts." She looks to Lucita. "I'm also glad to see you again. I enjoyed spending time with you. I should probably be going, but I do hope to see you soon."

It takes some careful effort (and handing the cake off to someone, perhaps), but Teagan gets the ring cleaned off enough to give it a look over. She blinks a few times. "This is gorgeous," she says, as much to herself and Jules as to Alarissa if the woman is still nearby. There is a quiet laugh for the man that has been her companion this evening. "Thank you," she tells him.

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Nurie has no shame in devouring, albeit in a somewhat ladylike fashion, every last morsel of the lemon cake. Thus dispatched, it frees her to wander about the garden of delights, her fingers skimming over decorations here and there, an unburdened smile curving her lips.

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Narcissa dances with Tyrus, a faint smile playing at the edge of her lips for a moment as the music more than enough to mask any conversation they have been having.

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It's the newest rage in dance moves, or something. Natalia plays right along with it, lifting her hands to defend herself from Adalyn's sword slashes, and for a moment she's laughing hard enough that she actually throws herself off of her moves. For a couple of beats, she is far less than graceful. Still, she does recover, settling back to dancing and offering up a grin. "Yes," she confirms. "I am. The meetings get so serious sometimes, even when we're trying to get everyone to laugh. We could use another sense of humor."

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Waving away the thanks Jules quickly says, "You've been so kind as to let me escort you about and don't think I don't realize what an honor you showed me. The nobility here are so very kind." His words express a genuine gratitude and he gestures around, "Wonderful company in delightful settings, this is the dream so many people long for and I get to live it."

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