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Gerald Wilkerson

My lord, you wound me. I would have you know that these are the finest of spices from the Saffron Chain, brought to you at great risk! Surely that is worth the price?

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Spritely Old Merchant
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Wilkerson
Gender: Male
Marital Status: World's Most Ineligible Bachelor
Age: 64
Birthday: 9/17
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Entrepreneur
Height: 6'1"
Hair Color: Greying black
Eye Color: brilliant blue
Skintone: bronzed

Description: Though the years have left their mark on this man's features, he wears them with grace. Laugh lines crinkle at the corners of his gaze and his brow is a furrowed thing, but every inch reflects a life well-lived. Even so, he cares for himself and his grooming, brows kept trim, his beard cropped close, framing his face but not forming it. But it is eyes that reflect that inner spark, for their brilliance has not dimmed with age, like pools of still water on a summer's day.

His form is wrought in the same manner, lean and sun-kissed from years and years of travel and hard living. There is something of a whipcord nature to him, like leather stretched too tightly across a drum.

Personality: There is something sprightly and jovial about Gerald, easily given to smiles and amusements. All in all, he's something of a simple fellow, generally inclined towards mercantile matters and enjoying various vices. And, of course, a touch of a perchant for storytelling. Why, of course, he has done all these things! Yet, it's always like someone talking about the biggest fish they ever caught, with little aplomb.

Background: Gerald Wilkerson has worked his entire life in the business of business. Buying when buying is good, selling when selling is good. Losing it all. Regaining it. His life is tale of ups and downs as can happen with one over the years in a variety of fashions. Still, he takes it with equanimity, being the sort that is rather good at landing back on his feet.

Most recently, he has landed in Arx -- not so much retired from business as accepting the fact that he simply doesn't have the desire or, frankly, the stamina to do the sort of running around he might have done in the past. Travel is just not so fun anymore.

Name Summary
Amund As always, a great business partner, even if my part of the bargain is yet to be fulfilled.
Anisha A learned man, with the confidence and content that only age can bring. People would benefit to stop and listen. Maybe smell the roses together.
Arcadia He's so old, but means he would have so many stories to tell. I bet they're all so fascinating.
Astyr A master trader and reportedly a fine storyteller, with an impressive command of sea shipping.
Brigida He thinks a lot of himself. That is clear to see already. Pfft. Merchant Extraordinaire indeed!
Denica Playful merchant type. Might be a good one to know.
Dianara I am dearly hoping he can't tell how flustered I am. It's been a long, long, long time since anyone openly flirted with me. Especially when I'm sitting next to two women prettier and younger than I am. I wonder if his eyesight is going off...
Korka A reluctant weather person. Very interesting to talk to. So old.
Lora If he's half as interesting as he makes himself out to be, he might be worth seeking out for a story or two at a later time, in a quieter venue.
Mabelle A wise old once said... well I didnt stay long enough to hear, but I definately plan to next time!
Mikani Merchant and adventurer! Amazing.
Mirella Older man, merchant, seems as quick as whip. Interesting trick with a coin, seems to be a wily sort in matters of business. I must talk to him again.
Navi A fascinating gentleman, though I have only just begun to hear his tale. Perhaps he might regale me some time, tell me of far off places and warmer shores.
Orathy It ain't oft that someone be makin me feel like I still don't know shit bout the streets. This one does 'n his reputation does proceed 'em. Potential business partner, aye, potential be there.
Petal A nice man who hunt sand finds snow lilies and seems pretty wise!
Ras This guy is my hero.
Reese A merchant who has seen much and traveled to many places. I think he is probably quite intelligent and interesting.
Sunaia A merchant who seems able to acquire both diamondplate and Cardian snakeskin - and is keenly observant enough to have determined a thing or two about me from my mere presence and attire. I'm curious as to his ability to name what I truly want, though.
Sven Seems like a man who's lived well
Sydney A haggler who seems to be always on, always sniffing out the next big thing - in other words, a successful one. I could learn much from the power of his confidence.
Tyrus A friend from my life of before, who made it to my new one. He likes to play the greedy merchant, until he's donating his hard earned silver to orphans and those in need like he has a heart.
Verity He self-deprecates for being old, but being generous and worldly is exactly what makes men his age grand. I adore making the acquaintance of his type.