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Mud wrestling tournament.

It's almost my birthday and almost a full year of being an honorary northerner, so what better way to celebrate than to play in mud! There will be prizes awarded to the top three mud fighters of the day.

There will also be drinks for those who don't want to get dirty.


Dec. 5, 2019, 7 p.m.

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Alessia Strozza Dianna Merek Rosalind Zoey Magnus Adalyn Ember Jeffeth Esme Bree



Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Northlands Arena - Mudwrestling Pit

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Comments and Log

Among the earliest, Alessia enters the Mudwrestling pit, the curve of her lips giving hint to her wry amusement. "Countess Arcadia, happy birthday." She offers with the warmest of smiles. "And Count Magnus, a delight to see you again." She says with a wink. "Strozz. I hope you got the information you needed earlier."

Looking up towards the man a few inches over his own height, brow raised, Strozza blinks and tilts his head at Magnus's approach, dropping into a bow, "My lord Count" then backing slightly out of the way while nodding to Arcadia to allow them their moment to converse as he drifts back, looking to Alessia, "I indeed did yes, I am having things transcribed, my thanks Cousin."

Though she had considered /not/ wearing it, Sister Dianna Godsworn steps into the mudwrestling arena dressed in a dazzling, metallic display of fiery-orange brocade. The night has a chill, of course; and Dianna has her two assistants accompanying her. Beneath - and possibly ridiculously, Dianna is dressed in the purest-of-pure whites, a long, broad train trailing after her. Madness, surely, for such an evening as tonight's birthday celebration for Countess Arcadia - unless one realizes that the white this godsworn wears is aeterna, and is /actually/ of the /wisest/ choices she could make. ...Still, the brocade is utterly suspect.

But, then: This is Dianna, born Lady Dianna Mazetti; and, if anyone knows the Mazetti twins, they will know the reaches they will go for vanity and beauty. And, speaking of beauty, the women accompanying Dianna - like mirrored reflections of one another - are undoubtedly beautiful. One, obviously Lycene with her dark hair and eyes, her olive skin and dressed in brightly-contrasting silks; the other, a sylph-like beauty of porcelain skin and strawberry-blonde locks, her cheeks touched with the faintest blush and lips an extraordinary shade of pink, is dressed in pale pastel silks.

The three beauties walk with graceful ease to where Arcadia, Dianna's cousin, sister and the large Magnus stand, and all three joining women curtsy. "Countess, I heard we are celebrating your birth. May you be blessed for yet another year," Dianna smiles warmly, her amber eyes focusing on the lady-of-honor. "Cousin; Lessi..." Dianna pauses when she turns her gaze to Magnus. "My lord," Dianna purrs, dipping into another curtsy for Magnus before moving to give cheek-kisses to Alessia and Strozza. "Trini, will you please give the Countess our birthday gift?" The brightly-colored assistant steps to Arcadia and curtsies, extending a potted cala lily. "Blessings and best wishes to you," the Lycene assistant wishes Arcadia. Dianna smiles approvingly and beckons her back. "My lord," Dianna addresses Magnus with a warmly melodic tone, "I don't believe we've met. I am Sister Dianna Godsworn - born in my previous life 'Mazetti.' I see you've met my sister, Lady Alessia? And my cousin, Admiral Strozza, I presume?"

Arcadia blinks and gasps in surprise at Magnus's gift "Oh. You shouldn't have! It's beautiful." She turns about to let Magnus drape the necklace around her neck. "It's stunning. Thank you." She beams too at the Mazetti's. "Thank you. All of you for coming. There are drinks on the table and we'll get to wrestling soon."

Merek makes his way into the mudwrestling area in dark attire to watch, seeming to mostly be content to observe at the moment while he looks about a bit with an incline and wave.

2 Kennex corsairs, Octavian, a silken spaniel arrive, following Zoey.

Rosalind comes running in, her bright red hair loose and flying behind her,"Am I late?"her northern accent thick. Shes decked out in her black leathers, naturally. A smile however is still on her freckled face. Rosa's demeanor is energetic but friendly as she makes her way in. She gives a big wave at everyone inside,"Hello! Good evening!"

Apparently not content to stay home and focus solely on the task of making a tiny human, Lady Zoey Kennex arrives with her escorts and her spaniel.

"Shouldn't have because you deserved more, maybe. But I'm glad it'll do for now.", Magnus replies to Arcadia while fastening the necklace in place. A nip of a kiss to her shoulder from behind and he offers a lax smile and an amiable, lidded gaze to the veritable swarm of Mazetti (and ex-Mazetti). He does a doubletake squinting between Dianna and Alessia for a moment, brow etching with furrows while absorbing their greetings before hefting his shoulders into a minute shrug and letting his lips draw wide into a smile to the Godsworn Twin of Alessia. He replies to Alessia first with a twitch of a grin at her wink. "Delight is it? Good to see you too.", then toward Strozza he offers with a dip of his head in turn and the grin rolling back to a smile. "My Lord Admiral. I don't think we've met. But you know me it seems - I hope you'll be welcome." A faint incline of appreciation to Dianna afterward, lips quirking once more. Maybe in thanks for the hint about Strozza's station. "You were half right on the presumption, Sister. I've met your sister before this. Pleased to meet you now as well."

There's a wave a moment later in the direction of Rosalind as others filter in, calling over with a laugh, "Running Rose! How long's the count going to be before you bolt out of here too?"

Arcadia is practically bouncing on her toes "How many are here to wrestle? Or are you all here to drink and heckle?"

Arriving late to the party, Adalyn enters the area around the mudwrestling pit with long, eager strides. She stops short and lingers near the outskirts of the crowd, not out of shyness, but to scan the crowd and hunt for familiar faces. "Where is the birthday girl? I'm afraid we've not been acquainted, but anyone who celebrates with mudwrestling is my kind of person!" she announces aloud to no one in particular.

Merek thinks about it a moment, "I suppose I can wrestle," he muses.

Brother Chester arrives, following Jeffeth.

"Good to see you, Di." Alessia greets her sister, her smile warm. "I'm glad you could make it." She turns to Magnus, amused by the double take. "No, my lord. We aren't -supposed- to be identical." She laughs lightly. "Just good? Not a delight?" She asks teasingly. Then she raises a hand to Rosa. "My lady." She greets, mirthfully. "I'm not much for brawling but drinking sounds like a wonderful idea." She sends her maid to fetch her one.

"To drink and heckle, my Lady," the Bloody Baroness says as she strides into view. Attended by her various maidens, Ember beelines right to Arcadia to give her a proper curtsy -- and her maidens curtsy as well, showing off what must be a fearsome curtsy training regimen. "It is my honor to be here and celebrate your birthday, my Lady, but my plan is to do so while safe and clean."

"It's difficult not to know the man, My Lord Count." Strozza admits with his continued faint smile still. "As introduced though, Lord Strozza Mazetti, Admiral of the First Ostrian Fleet." another brief bow given then, "My honor to meet you, Arcadia has been helping me in some studies to do with the Bard's college. I might say that her description of you is most apt, My Lord Count." looking then to Dianna and inclining her head, "Sister, good to see you well, no?"

"Oh," Dianna replies smoothly to Arcadia, her eyebrows lofting, "we're /not/ wrestling. Only spectating; but thank you." The smirk lifting Dianna's lips is amused, probably at the obviousness of her statement. "My lord... Magnus, did I hear my sister say?" Dianna asks Magnus, her gaze shifting but barely to his eyes. She smiles, then, noting Zoey's presence - and then Merek's and Rosa's, too. "My lady; Sir Merek; Lady Rosa..." Dianna's eyebrows loft high and suddenly, for she spots, at last, Adalyn. "My lady Adalyn, what a /joy/ to see you again!" Dianna beams, pausing only briefly to kiss Zoey's cheeks before stepping to kiss Adalyn's.

"I'm here to gamble on a match," Zoey volunteers to Arcadia with a grin. "I'm not supposed to drink with this one and participating just wouldn't be fair." She smiles warmly at Dianna and her fly-by kissing.

Arcadia checks, certainly a little lost "Okay. Well. Anyone here to wrestle should go line up by the mud pit. I think it will be matches until a single winner is standing." She asks those surrounding her, "Does that sound acceptable?"

Rosalind gasps at Magnus, grinning at him,"Lord Giant, what makes you think I would do such?!" She hurries to Cady and hugs her,"Happy not birthday but kinda birthday!" Rosa greets the others as well with just as much enthusiasm,"Hyrdas, former hydra and now sister, Zoey!"

Merek has joined the line.

Finally managing to deduce which is the birthday lady, Adalyn makes a beeline toward Arcadia. "Happiest of birthdays, Lady Arcadia! This sounds like great fun. I'll give it a try." But then she catches sight of Dianna's approach and the Clement's expression brightens into one of pure delight. "Sister Dianna, I am so pleased to see you! You look radiant as ever."

"Works for me," Merek offers, then he nods to Dianna with a smile, and makes his way to change into attire that is a bit more proper for mud wrestling. When back, he does say to Dianna, and Alessia, "Nice to see you both!"

Bright and sweetly, Dianna smiles at Rosa and laughs, then turns again to Adalyn, beaming. "My lady, you /must/ meet my cousin Strozza - and my sister, Alessia." Sheathed as her hand is in the floor-length aeterna drape that is her sleeve, Dianna gently grasps Adalyn's hand and leads her to her former family. "Lessi, Strozza: Meet Lady Adalyn Clement - a mischief, by her own words." Dianna turns to Adalyn, winks and smiles to her eyes, "My lady Adalyn: May I present, Lady Alessia and Lord Admiral Strozza Mazetti, two of the most wonderful... - mmn. No, /all/ of the Mazetti are wonderful; but this is my twin, of course, and my cousin, the finest Admiral in Ostria."

Magnus answers Alessia with an amused chuff. "Gathered that. Just took a breath or three. If you're not happy with good, there's always the other direction.", he teases back before answering Strozza with a firm nod. "Cady's brilliant. Don't doubt she'll guide you to whatever information you're looking for." His green gaze flits in Rosalind's direction next, mentioning wryly when she moves in for a hug with Arcadia "I'd say I've seen it happen before, but you're gone so quick I can't ever be certain." In a milder tone he answers Cady's question "If there aren't enough wrestlers, I'll go play. No shame in getting dirty. Or getting planted in it by someone half my size."

Rosalind has joined the line.

Arcadia beams at Adalyn and everyone else who greets her, "Well it's only a party when everyone is drunk, covered in mud or both." She encourages Strozza and Magnus both. "You should both. I imagine beating Magnus would be like beating a bear. It wondrous."

"Oh, Lady Adalyn and I have met briefly." Alessia says with a warm smile. "Air sparring I believe." She adds to the Clement with a wink. "Sir. My lady." She offers to Merek and Zoey respectfully. Her lips part at the count's words and a short laugh escapes her throat. "You wouldn't dare." She takes the glass of whiskey from her maid with a smile.

Alessia mutters, "I'll have ... ... I'm ... ... ..."

"Rosalind, good to see you!" Zoey replies to the energetic greeting. "Lady Alessia," she matches in tone.

The Bull of Solace makes his way into the pit, the massive knight smiling brightly as he approaches. Jeffeth pauses to bow to those of nobility as he makes his way in. "Apologies I'm late, is it too late to sign up?"

Ember drifts amongst partygoers, issuing greetings her and there, as would befit a Baroness (even a Bloody one). She seems to be making good on her claim to not be here to wrestle. Then again, there she is going for a drink, so time will have to tell.

Giving a bow to Adalyn as he is introduced by Dianna, Strozza's head tilts, "My pleasure m'lady. Delighted to have made your acquaintance." he pauses again, looking back to Arcadia "Is this a birthday request then, m'lady?"

Adalyn smiles warmly as Dianna leads her toward the others for introductions. She cants her head to the side, studying Alessia thoughtfully before recognition suddenly dawns and a peal of laughter rings forth. "Ah, now I remember! It's good to see you again, Lady Alessia. Have you tried your hand at air sparring yet? It's quite enjoyable. You never lose, you see." She inclines her head politely to Strozza, an easy smile warming her features. "A pleasure to meet you, Lord Admiral." Talk of the mudwrestling captures her attention momentarily, a hand lifted as if to volunteer. "I'll try my hand at it." Of course she would.

Noting Jeffeth's presence, Dianna briefly abandons Adalyn and steps to him. (Her lovely assistants, of course, have wandered farther away and stand closer to the benches - and out of splashing distance of the mud pit.) "Sir Jeffeth, why, I shouldn't be surprised at all that you'd be here," Dianna beams up at the /other/ massive man. "How are you, of late?"

There is an impish look to Strozza and an instant nod "Oh yes. I am decreeing everyone fight for my birthday. " Arcadia claps her hands twice. Another bright smile is directed to Jeffeth. "Oh yes. Actually. You can settle a dispute. Who is the more likely to be a mountain. You or my lord husband." Arcadia then points to the part giant Magnus.

Hearing Arcadia's 'decree,' Dianna turns her face to the Countess and lofts an eyebrow high - and smirks wryly. "Thank the gods I have taken oaths /only/ to them, my lady Countess," Dianna winks. "I shan't be participating - in the wrestling; though I shall indeed drink." The smirk becomes a ready, warm grin at Arcadia - then glances to Magnus and shares her smile with him.

Looking between the two large men, Rosalind asks without thought,"Who's bigger do you think? I bet a match between the two of them would sound like a falling tree,"a grin appearing. Giants meaning Jeffeth and Magnus.

Magnus rumbles dryly, though he's grinning toward Arcadia all the same, "I'm guessing more than half the folk here can have me eating mud, Cady. Can't really reckon there's much dispute to be had, other than I'm big. Just means more a target." There's a smile and a dip of a nod to Jeffeth afterward, and a roll of his eyes with a near-noiseless chuckle when he looks between Dianna and Alessia.

Merek settles in while he waits for things to begin, his thoughts focused upon the mud pit before him while he looks to Arcadia while he waits also.

Arcadia does not care in the slightest. "You'll be fine dear husband." Seeing Merek and Rosalind waiting, she asks then. "Wish to start us off?"

Strozza has joined the line.

Sometimes one is late, sometimes far too late. This might be the issue with Lady Esme Fidante. For she saunters in with her left hip forward, pivot the right, left sway until she's finally in it. See Cady? It's possible to left sway! The auburn hair is pulled back from her face, but allowed to fall behind her as her emerald hued eyes slide across the area. A curve of feline mischief in her smile.

Ember looks over at Arcadia's wish that everyone fight for her birthday, and it's a testament to the Baroness's composure that, even though she was mid-sip when it happened, none of that drink ended up spat anywhere. She glances to her handmaidens. "Did I bring any appropriate attire for this whatsoever?" The handmaidens issue their response by avoiding eye contact.

A smirk, a real smirk, and Strozza bows his head again, "As you wish my Lady Countess." the dour man then looks to Magnus, "Oh, my hand is with a whip, not with holds and pugilism. I expect to look a horrid mess by the end of this for want of providing a birthday present."

There's a deep bow at the waist, fist pressed to his chest. "Sister." The large knight rumbles lowly to Dianna before straightening up and glancing to Arcadia there is a light lift of his brow before glancing to Magnus. Then another bow to both, fist pressed to chest once more. "My lord, my lady." There is an arch of his brow and a tilt of his head. "Who would be more likely to /be/ a mountain?" Jeffeth shrugs his boulders of shoulders. "I suppose whoever is feeling more still that day."

"Do you not fight, my lord Count," Dianna asks Magnus, her amber focus resting on his eyes while she stands, dwarfed by the giant Jeffeth. "I must say - as I am sure you have heard many a day, being as enormous as a boulder, surely: I am surprised, as well, if you do not." Dianna stoops and gathers her long train upon her forearm, displaying her simple aeterna slippers as she walks towards Magnus. "And, /if/ not fight: What is your specialty, if I may inquire?" Dianna gazes up at the beast of a man who stands a full foot taller than her.

Merek looks over to Arcadia, and offers a light smile while he nods to the woman, "I'd be happy to, if that is the wish," he says, taking a moment to begin a little relaxing while he adjusts the dark simple attire which he's picked to wrestle in also.

"Sir Jeffeth." Alessia greets the knight with a warm smile, lifting her glass. "I remember you mentioning you wrestled, in the past. I'd love to see it in action." She turns to the count. "Oh, I'm sure he's just being modest, Di." She says with a chuckle.

Rosalind grins as she starts taking off her boots,"Sure!" She makes her way to the mud pit and looks a bit too excited for all this.

"Whip is your weapon of choice, Lord Admiral?" Adalyn inquires curiously of Strozza as she overhears the man's statement, clearly riveted by anything related to combat. "Can't say I've ever attempted that before. It must surely take some skill and have a different feel than approaching opponents with the pointy edge of a blade." An oversimplification of sword-fighting, no doubt. She flashes a cheery grin, although her gaze shifts back to the various conversations unfolding around her and then back to the pit with enthusiasm.

Bree is late! But she's wearing a smile, surely brought on by the sunny morning and the general glee to the air on account of a party. She doesn't actually know Arcadia, but a little bit of wrestling, and a lot of mud? She's in. Thumbs hooked in the loops of her belt, she bounds into the celebration and quickly scans for those familiar faces that might give her some grounding.

Magnus chuckles, nodding to Arcadia. "You're right, I'll be fine. We're here for fun and company, and that's what we'll have.", then he adds as reply to Strozza. "I'm in for a bruise or three so long as it means my wife gets what she wants." There's a deep, rumbling chuckle at Jeffeth's words, and his lips splay wide in a grin. "Thank you for that, Sir. I'll have to sit still and not rock so much, eh?"

To Dianna he answers, "It's been the better part of three seasons since I've gotten in a proper workout. I reckon I'll be shown some ruts in the dirt sooner instead of later. This city's full of blades that just sharpen against each other - but for the last few years I've been seeing to our tribes and our county more than swinging an axe, for better or worse." A glance back toward Arcadia. "Or wrestling bear, for that matter."

Esme gives a vibrant smile when a few look in her direction, but she will move towards Arcadia. Her eyes sliding over the people gathered and if the fighting is about to begin. Perhaps she wasn't that late afterall. The mention of mountains cause her lips to curve just a bit more and she lowers her voice towards Jeffeth, purring a coment before moving more towards Arcadia.

Arcadia peeks up at Strozza "A whip? How do you fight pirates with a whip?" Noticing Esme, she gives the Fidante lady a warm hug "I saw what you did and I hate you. My hip still hurts."

Strozza looks to Adalyn and nods, "I would draw to show you my personal weapon - but I would need the permission of the Count and Countess to show it." looking to Arcadia next, "I could give a demonstration for you both to see?"

Ember remains at the fringe of things, generally speaking. She's among the crowd waiting to see how the first mud-brawl goes, sipping a drink, looking bothered by something or other. Then again, to anyone who knows Ember, this is just how she looks normally, so there's probably not actually anything bothering her. Probably.

Zoey makes her way over to Ember.

The godsworn's lips curl in an easy smile at Magnus as he speaks. "I'm sure you'll start somewhere, my lord - and why not tonight?" She gestures to the pits and glances there briefly, "And why not wrestle the /other/ bear who is here, of course? I'm sure the workout will easily come, difficult as it will likely be to hold the beast."

Esme is here, and Dianna notes her nearby, dipping into a gentle curtsy. "My lady Fidante, it has been some time, has it not? Why, I think it was the Countess' /last/ event when I last saw you. And you /do/ keep missing the Mazetti gatherings... we had one not two weeks ago now, after I was godsworn."

Looking over his shoulder there is first a very bright smile flashing up to the arrival of Bree. The Bull's eyes light up and practically dance. An upnod in her direction before beckoning her wordlessly with his chin. Leaning down when Esme murmurs to him, a slow grin curls up his lips before murmuring in low tones in return. Bringing up one hand to fall onto Esme's shoulder an affectionate squeeze is given before dropping his hand and glancing up to the mud.

Merek waits for the rules while he looks to Rosa with a nod.

Ember leans in to Zoey, murmuring back, keeping her eyes on the mudpit the whole while.

Esme curls into Arcadia's hug as she lifts a hand to pet her hair. There is a lowered comment for the woman's ears alone before Esme laughs. It's that normal laugh that is without apology as it bubbles from her lips and spills forth. Then she offers. "You don't hate me, Cady. You adore everything about me. However, you are looking ravishing. I do think that the years have been well to you. I swear you don't look a day over twenty-seven." There is a teasing lilt to her voice before she shakes her head. "I'm teasing. You are looking beautiful. Have any gotten dirty for you? I am only going to mud wrestle if it's with you and only if you pretend that I didn't fail, but let you win for your birthday." Her green eyes are sparkling as she gives a bright smile. She turns to look at Dianna and brightens. "I thought I heard of one and I was so eager to come, Dianna. Then when I looked at my calendar it was not there. Also, I have been so busy with this ministry position for Fidante. I do hope that you are in a forgiving mood. OH!" There is a bounce to her step to the balls of her feet. "I am so very very proud you have found your path and one to the Godsworn. I love Limerance, but even I am not sure that I can be that devoted." She laughs at something said by Jeffeth and replies in kind.

And there's a face! Surprisingly it is not that of her Grandmaster that Bree spies first - it is Ember, a once travel companion, that earns the Butterfly Knight's first acknowledgement, one hand lifting in a bright wave. But /then/ she spies the Bull, and her feet are taking her in his direction before he's even upnodded to her. "Grandmaster," she greets with a quick salute, a fist to her chest. "Hi! Here to wrestle?" There's so much hope in her tone, that if he says no he may crush all of her dreams with one syllable. She leans to acknowledge Esme next, "Ahh! The other Kindness wielder! Hi!"

Laughing inexplicably into her glass, Alessia glances about the arena, as she waits for the first match to commence. Then her eyes fall on the two contestants who are up first. "Good luck." She calls, presumably to both of them.

Zoey laughs at something Ember says to her and shakes her head before replying.

There's still no wrestling ongoing, so Magnus just flops into the mud at the edge of the ring, leaning back to prop against his hands. Somehow he seems inexplicably unconcerned with a bit of grime on simple leathers. Who could imagine?

Rosalind hears and Esme and calls over to the Lady,"Hello!"she calls while she stands barefoot waiting to get muddy. She looks to Alessia and grins,"Oh hey! Tha--"her words cutting off as the giant Magnus flops into the mud.

Arcadia notices Merek waiting for rules. It's the north. She Hollars "Get fighting. Last standing wins the match." She then murmurs to Esme with a laugh while glancing to Magnus.

Adalyn inclines her head at Strozza. "Of course. It certainly all depends on the hosts' wishes. Perhaps a demonstration after the mud wrestling?" she proposes, the edges of her lips tugged upwards into a grin as she watches Magnus flop into the mud. It's clear she finds the idea rather enticing, but manages to stay put. So far.

Ember spies Bree's greeting, and looks over to lift her drink towards the Butterfly Knight and give her a dignified upnod. Something Zoey says to her actually makes the corners of her lips turn up in a smile.

Magnus lolls his head back, looking upside-down in Arcadia's direction and griping over with humor thick in his bass drawl. "I see what you did, wife! You waited until I sat, then called it last standing!"

A message is slipped into Dianna's hands by one of her assistants and Dianna steps away to the bleachers to privately read. She nods, pockets the note and whispers to the porcelain redhead, who slips out quietly after curtsying to Dianna and to the arena.

Dianna makes her way back to Zoey, smiling to the lady and then to Ember. With a gentle curtsy to Ember, Dianna greets her warmly, "My lady, I don't believe I've had the pleasure of making your acquaintance. I am Sister Dianna Godsworn."

Magnus has given up at this point, he's more like a big puppy playing in mud. He flops back, wriggling to sink a bit into it, then works his arms and legs in arcs. Yes, the Count's trying to make a mud angel.

Esme laughs deeply at something as she looks up at Jeffeth. Her eyes twinkle with so much mirth in them and then she chuckles again. Her eyes slide over to Cady and shock fills those eyes. They just tend to show everything, damn things. Her voice lowers as she offers a low comment to the woman. The humor is on her face. An auburn brow arches as Dianna just turns and walks away, so her smile is directed at Rosa. "Hello again, it seems we just go to all the same places. Are you going to be wrestling tonight? I confess to never knowing how. /Someone/.." Her eyes cut to Cady. "... was going to teach me all about bear wrestling though." Her eyes open expressively wide. "Did you know that all Redrain Princes wrestle bear?"

Laughing as the count sinks onto the muddy ground, Alessia steps back a little to avoid any splatter, though does bend down to respond to his murmured comment, sipping from her glass, turning to the pit from time to time.

"As it would seem, M'lady" with a polite nod to Adalyn, Strozza starts towards the pit, drawing off weskit and blouse, handing them off to his aide Kuhlai en route. Soon down to leather breeches and boots while he ties his hair back with a leather thong.

Upholding one sailor's tradition - the Mazetti lord is a painted man it seems. Tattooed images of waves and wind along parts of his body, some of it mantling over shoulders chest and back. An eel down one side, slithering across his ribs, a compass rose over his abdomen, and a series of score marks over his heart. There are even images of sun and moon on either bicep. This all among scar tissue from a man who has spent much of his life fighting pirates at see.

"Alright then, My Lord Count! Let's see how quickly I'm bested!"

Rosalind looks over at Magnus and well--she likes his idea. Cant beat em, join em. Rosa plops into the mud too, mud flying.

Magnus calls up to no one in particular, lacing his muddy hands beneath his head and crossing his feet at the ankles like he's as comfortable as could be. Maybe he is? "Reckon if someone got a good enough run going, they could have a proper slide in this muck."

Rosalind checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Rosalind checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Rosalind checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Merek checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Merek checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Merek checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Strozza checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 11 lower.

Strozza checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 8 lower.

Strozza checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher. Strozza rolled a critical!

Magnus checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 87 higher. Magnus rolled a critical!

Magnus checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 33 higher.

Magnus checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

Mud - too much mud, and /far/ too close to Dianna's brocade cloak, particularly with the group of people lining up to step into the mud pits, especially as Magnus /lays/ there, wallowing like... well. One mustn't be rude, even in references. Had Esme noticed these facts, perhaps the gaping wound of her lips would not have come; but Dianna trusts the woman's sense enough, as well as her eyesight. Besides, a flurry of messages are received and sent and received and sent again - and Dianna is entirely too preoccupied with her assistants to even notice Esme's apparent offense. At last, it seems, Dianna is free of messages and parchments, her two assistants stepping back, again, to the gates of this arena while Dianna lingers near Zoey and Ember, remaining a /hopefully/ safe distance from the mud.

She does smile across the way at Esme, who seems altogether preoccupied, herself, with Jeffeth, Arcadia and the lot. Parties are parties, and this one... well. It's just dirty. Occasionally, as her cousin and Strozza squish on the mud, Dianna's fine nose flares, wrinkling with disgust. Why, so terrible is this 'sport' that Dianna has not even found a drink. Who could drink, though, with so /very much mud/ around??

As the mudwrestling seems about to get underway, Adalyn bounces on the balls of her feet and keeps her eyes trained on the mud pit. "Who wins? The one who can get the muddiest?" she inquires teasingly, her eyes suddenly bright with interest as if eager to accept her own challenge. She'll undoubtedly be drenched in the stuff before the event is through. She laughs aloud, nodding to Magnus and calling over to the mud-covered count, "That does sound fun. A sort of mud-covered obstacle course." Attention returns to the first match, though, focus riveted upon the pair up first as she awaits her own turn.

Ember looks from the muddy combat over to Dianna at the Godsworn's greeting, and blinks once, her lips parting gently in surprise. She turns her head to look across the crowd, as if to confirm a hunch, and then turns back towards Dianna. "I imagine I am not the first to mistake you for Lady Alessia," she says. "Though I'd heard tell of a sister. Baroness Ember Redreef -- a pleasure." She lifts her drink gently towards Dianna. "Might I recommend a facial scar? It worked wonders for those seeking to tell apart me and my twin."

Murmuring lowly to Esme, the big man lets out a hearty laugh before those dancing oceans of his flick up to Bree. "You and me." The big man declares with a delighted smile, motioning with his chin to the mudpit. This is the part where trash talk would follow. But Jeffeth isn't very good at trash talk. So instead he just smiles really broadly, gleam.

"Perhaps it's the distance and the dark, my lady?" Dianna smiles warmly to Ember. "Up close, we hardly look the same. Aside from our hair and other coloring; but you will notice, I am sure, when she is closer - and no, you're far from the first to mistake us for the other." She glances to Zoey, "Have you known each other very long? Lady Kennex and I have grown to be very good friends," Dianna smiles fondly at Zoey.

Bree isn't good at trash talk, either, but she gives it her best. "You and me, eh? I promise to go easy on you!" This trash talk would work so much better if there was any real threat in it. The reality is Jeffeth's size and skill outweighs her own. Still, there's a spark of challenge to her blue eyes as she watchers the competitors already covering themselves in mud. "No dirty tricks in there!" she tells Jeffeth with a laugh at her own joke. "Get it? Dirty tricks. Because MUD!"

Merek maneuvers to the mud wrestling pit to fight with Rosalind, which is easy enough while he begins to roll about in the mud, taking a moment to check her and win after he nods a bit, then he's rolling back into the mud also!

Rosalind is already in the mud--playing. I mean this is kind of a disadvantage for her, advantage for Merek. At least for now. She doesn't maneuver right and damnit! He rolled her! He wins but Rosa gets him back by smudging some mud in his face. She grins smugly at him, completely satisfied.

Esme casts a bright smile towards Bree. "OH! I am so happy to see you again." She looks over the woman's outfit and smiles more. "Those butterflies are brilliantly beautiful, it is much like the one that wears them." Esme cants her head at the trash talk before her eyes slide towards the field. A few softer comments towards Jeffeth and Arcadia. Both of them appear to be teasing ones by the teasing in Esme's eyes. She lowers her brows as she tries to figure out exactly how the sport is played.

Arcadia cheers and claps and shouts as the mud gets slung about. Once Rosalind is down, she shouts to the ring, "Magnus and Strozza! "

Esme is overheard praising Rosalind.

Esme is overheard praising Merek.

Ember looks at Dianna a bit more closely. "You're quite right," she says. "You have my apologies for my mouth working faster than my brain, which in turn worked faster than my eyes, I suppose."

The already mud-covered Magnus rises from his relaxation when it's his turn to play. Wrestle. Compete? Enjoy himself! That's it. As he's faced off against Strozza, he doesn't really delay, or go for any sort of tactical advantage. He just digs his feet into the wet surface, pistons his legs, and charges. And hits Strozza in a muddy, running tackle, arms wrapping around his form, and lifts. He doesn't slam the Mazetti straight back by continuing the sprint, though. The Admiral is hoisted airborn in a bearhug, Magnus's treetrunk legs squat, and he kicks off into a jump, turning to suplex Strozza into the mud.

After a quick suck of his own breath, pulls Strozza's hands behind his back, sits on them, and takes a hearty handful of mud to plop a cake atop the Mazetti's head with a boisterous laugh and a clap on his shoulder before hefting up, "Good show, Lord Admiral! Couldn't let you whip me." is offered, and after offering to help him up (whether it's taken or not), heads right back to his mud-angel spot, turns, and flops back into it, hands spread wide.

Adalyn whoops and cheers for the competitors as she watches the matches with avid attention. Green eyes sparkle with amusement as she spares a glance over her shoulder toward Dianna and those congregating near her. "Not planning to join those wallowing in the mud?" she asks, the picture of innocence.

Esme is overheard praising Magnus.

Esme is overheard praising Strozza.

"Only for as long as I've been a Kennex, more or less," Zoey answers Dianna. She looks to her guards before saying. "It occurs to me that I have another appointment I must attend to. This has been fun to watch though!"

Zoey is overheard praising Arcadia.

Bree checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

Bree checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

Zoey is overheard praising Magnus.

Bree checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

Jeffeth checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 51 higher.

Zoey is overheard praising Strozza.

Jeffeth checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

Jeffeth checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 53 higher.

Now standing further back, weary of getting mud on herself, Alessia's brows shoot up as it's her cousin's turn to compete. Her lips part as the fight seems to go -one- way, and she shakes her head with amusement at the end. Knocking back her glass, she lets out a little cheer. "Well fought." She smiles, inching a little closer. "Are you alright, Strozz?"

Esme is overheard praising Jeffeth.

Esme is overheard praising Bree.

Rosalind makes her way back to the stands, sloshing mud as she goes. Or splashing? She plops herself on as she sits and possibly makes a squishy sound as she sits. A grin appears on her mud crusted face.

Arcadia winces as Strozza goes down, but cheers for Magnus. "See. Mountain." She murmurs to Esme. She points to Jeffeth and Bree. "Go! Slaughter one another!"

Ember nods with Zoey. "Redreef and Kennex are tied up in the chain of lieges and vassals," she says. "In any event, it is a pleasure to meet you, and I hope that I make a better second impression when given a chance. Allow me to accompany you out, Lady Zoey -- I have a feeling I may yet get pulled into a mud puddle if I linger too long."

With a soft, easy chuckle, Dianna smiles warmly at Ember. "Nonsense; no apologies are necessary, my lady. But, you seem as inclined as I to step into the pits with ... them," Dianna juts her chin at the pits, her nose wrinkling briefly again. She watches - like one might watch some gruesome, gory thing: A lion tearing apart its prey... although, truth be told, Dianna probably /has/ seen such a thing, and thinks more highly of it than this, by the look she keeps giving the ring. The wrestlers, though, are more of a curiosity; Dianna stares, watching... her eyes narrowed, lips pressed in a line with an expression that is surely only: "But, WHYYYY???"

At last, she tears her gaze from the mudslinging and Dianna focuses on Zoey. "Oh, you're leaving already? What a pity." Cheek kisses for Zoey and a warm-but-careful embrace. "I should come, too; I'm not sure I can manage this anymore," Dianna nearly echoes Ember.

"I thank you for the retention of my spine, My Lord Count..." Strozza wheezes while he stands, sort of, and walks, sort of... to the side of the pit. It takes him a while, and when there he simply slumps down to sit, trying to clear the guk from his eyes.

Zoey smiles at Ember and Dianna. "Ah, very well then. Shall we?"

Dianna waves to Arcadia and the crowd, and to Esme - whether she realizes it or not - Dianna calls, "Thank you for the well-wishes, Lady Fidante!" Then, she is off. Thank the gods, with no mud on her or her assistants, either.

Magnus wipes a mud-covered hand over his face hearing Arcadia's call, which only cakes a mask of it over his countenance. His body doesn't rise, but his voice does as he calls in Arcadia's general direction. "You just told your guests to slaughter each other, Cady! Can't tell if I'm proud or horrified." A bit lower now, to himself. "Can I be both?"

Trini Albricci, an attractive young Lycene woman, Hilja, a reticent, delicate assistant leave, following Dianna.

Esme winces a bit as she watches Strozza's fight. Her green eyes round out as she watches the various actions. It's not horror exactly, but the wince of finding oneself on their back and then she looks back towards Cady with a chuckle. "Oh. He could be a mountain, but /the/ mountain is still in question." Though she watches her arm reaches out to thread through Cady's. Unless Magnus wants her. "You know... you could always greet your husband with a large hug to his skill?" Her muddy husband. "I am sure that it would please him." She flutters her lashes in feigned innocence. Then her attention moves towards the others. "Lord Strozza, are you quite alright?"

Making his way over to the mud pit, Jeffeth pulls off his shirt revealing the physique of the legendary athlete. Kicking his boots off the wall of mucle makes his way into the mudpit while rolling those gigantic shoulders of his and turning to face Bree with a broad smile. Waiting for the call, Jeffeth lunges forward immediately.

One tree trunk of an arm is thrown out to encircle Bree's waist pulling her in to close to prevent any sort of escape or trickery. Planting his feet carefully, he tries to use the slickness of the mud to draaag Bree through and to his chest, pinning her back to him momentarily.

Turning to her maid, Alessia urges her to give her cousin a glass of whiskey. "That /should/ help." She said with a teasing smile. Then she turns to Magnus. "You /were/ being modest." She laughs. "I knew it. Nice try, my lord." Then she turns her attention to Bree and Jeffeth with interest as they take to the pit.

"He didn't break my bones, just smashed my pride about the mu-" he winces watching Bree and Jeffeth while answering Esme, Strozza then takes a kerchief from Kuhlai to wipe his mouth. "Mud" taking the glass and throwing back the whiskey as offered, "My thanks Lessi..." leaning back slowly to a series of crackling pops from his spine.

Making her way over to the mud pit, Bree pulls off her shir... no. No she doesn't. She watches Jeffeth remove his, though, with clear amusement in her lovely features. "Show off," she teases, drawing one arm across her chest to stretch her shoulder muscle, the other following suit as she squishes her shoeless feet in the mud. She barely has a moment to prepare before Jeffeth lunges. A laugh, loud and delighted, escapes her when the big man jumps on her, arms easily trapping the smaller knight. She struggles, pulling against him, specks of mud flying from the movement of her feet as she tries to kick a leg back and trip him. Unsuccessfully.

Merek begins settling in to match with Adalyn while he watches the mud, seeming to wait a moment for his switch on the fight.

Rosalind scoots her way over to the Alessia and Strozza, looking every bit a muddy mess. The only thing familiar would be her bright hazel green eyes,"Hi! That wasn't terrible,"she grins at Strozza.

Magnus rolls onto an elbow to watch the Bullfight, loosing a whoop and pumping a mudcaked arm in the air. "Now that's a round!" He glances up and over toward Alessia, upticking a nod in the direction of the ring. "-That's- what I was being modest over. I'd have trouble choking a chicken in comparison to him."

Once he has her there, the big man is able to swing his other arm around her waist. There's a struggle for a few moments as the two try to find their balance, vying to stay upright on the troublesome surface. But then Bree is hefted off her feet and the massive knight twists his hips. Bringing her up and spinning around then going /down/. Bree-first. Jeffeth brings Bree down into the mud face first with him right behind her. Making a show of a pin before laughing, and going to quickly rise up to help his fellow knight back up as well.

Arcadia cheers loudly and shouts to Magnus "Proud. killer instinct and all." She laughs to Esme and murmurs something back.

"Get 'em!" Adalyn calls out helpfully, eager voice ringing across the arena as she offers sage advice to both opponents. As she watches, she begins rolling her shoulders and bouncing around on her feet, warming up for her own upcoming match against Merek.

There's a moment where Bree seems to lose her footing, and from that point forward there is no use to her struggles. She's strong, but Jeffeth is stronger. She's fast, but Jeffeth is faster. Still, she /tries/ not to make it easy on him, even as her feet kick up a spray of mud toward the onlookers, and she's twisted in the air and brought down to a lovely mud facial with a solid SMACK of wet mud to skin. Thankfully, she's not permanently injured or anything, and when Jeffeth finally lets up and she turns onto her back to see him looming above her, there's a laughing smile at her lips. Her hand scoops up a handful of mud, and she lobs it at his bare chest. "I said no dirty tricks!" From the looks of it, however, it doesn't seem like he did anything dirty. She takes his hand then, mud covered as hers is, and hoists herself up. "Next time," she promises him, never learning her lesson.

Esme turns her attention towards Rosa. "How have you been? That was a great match." She moves as if she's going to hug her and stops. Then she laughs fully and feigns a pout at Arcadia. A soft comment back towards her.

"No, not at all. Count Magnus is an unstoppable siege engine and I was lucky he decided to be so gentle with a sailor who lashes his enemies from afar eh?" Strozza grins at Rosa.

Seeing Esme leaning toward her, Rosalind grins and reacts instinctively and hugs the woman--oops! mud! She chatters endlessly, still not realizing,"I've been good! How about you?" She turns to Strozza and laughs,"I think I heard him growl!"

Adalyn checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

Adalyn checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Adalyn checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

Merek checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

With a bright smile as they make their way out of the mud, he gives a squeeze to her shoulder as they splatter their way out of the pit. Jeffeth slaps his way away from the mud pit. "You did well." The big man grunts over to her with a bright smile. As they move away, he pivots somewhat to look over to the mud pit to watch the next fight.

Merek checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Merek checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

"So did you," Bree can't help but agree, even if she was on the losing end. She reaches up to wipe away some of the mud from her cheek, succeeding only in smearing it into her skin. Ah well. Giving up, she turns then to watch the next match. "Watch out for... all of the mud!" she gives an encouraging call to both, as if her experience might be avoided.

Esme is caught up in some very interesting conversation with Arcadia and gets.. HUGGED. All the mud! It's everywhere. "Ugggh." The word is teasingly said before she releases Cady to wrap her arms around Rosa fully. "I am always most blessed. I am honored to be a Devotion and walk as I can. I'm glad that your spirits are high and your heart is lifted." Her gemstone eyes slide over Magnus for a few lingering moments before she just laughs and then turns back to Cady. "I should leave you to your party, Most Beautiful. Thank you for letting me come."

Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, 1 Redreef Warden, Vagari The Cinder Cat, 1 Order of the Firebird, 4 Byrne Mountain Men, 2 House Crovane Guards, Nephelae Ebonwood - A Nursemaid arrive, following Mikani.

"I'm afraid I'll have to see you fight the Bull to come to such a conclusion." Alessia says to Magnus with a thoughtful look, a nod of confirmation after. "Strozza, do make sure when you get back that nothing is amiss." She gestures to him.

Magnus catches Rosalind's remark, but instead of uttering a bestial growl, he looses a bellowing, bovine "MOOOooOOOooO."

Arcadia cheers and whoops loudly, but pauses at Magnus's moo'ing, "...what?"

Merek makes his way back into the mud, while he looks to Adalyn and wiggles his nose a bit. "My Lady, your hair is going to get all, well," he motions to the mud a bit with a grin, then he's settling in, "Pretty sure I ain't winning."

Esme is overheard praising Adalyn.

Another grunt and Strozza takes a glass of that disturbingly red wine his aide makes, sipping slowly and blinking over at Alessia, "That is under the assumption I'm fully coherent, cousin." laughing and then holding his ribs with one hand, trying not to cough.

With a whoop of delight, Adalyn wades into the mud and faces off against her opponent. Laughing, she gives Bree a thumbs-up as the warning reaches her ears, but her gaze stays glues to Merek. Merek's comment earns a wide grin and a nod. "Bet it'll take ages to get it clean again." And then the match begins. The Clement is surprisingly quick and stronger than her build might suggest. Keeping her weight low, she feigns dashing one way, then switches direction at the last minute, attempting to catch Merek's legs to upset his center of balance.

Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, 1 Redreef Warden, Vagari The Cinder Cat, 1 Order of the Firebird, 4 Byrne Mountain Men, 2 House Crovane Guards, Nephelae Ebonwood - A Nursemaid leave, following Mikani.

Magnus blinks back in Arcadia's direction. Then blinks a few more times, clearing some muck from his eyes. "What?"

"Why are you moo-ing?" Alessia asks, glancing from the man, to his wife, then to Rosalind, as if sure the answer lies -somewhere-.

Arcadia laughs brightly at Magnus "You. But I suppose it's fitting. It's your turn against the bull. Cow. Bull. Makes perfect sense." She shouts excitedly "Make one another your dinner!"

Jeffeth checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 47 higher.

Jeffeth checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 36 higher.

Jeffeth checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 55 higher.

Merek is outmatched by Adalyn, then he takes a moment to maneuver and swat upon those hands that have him, rolling into the woman. But he doesn't manage to get a lot of leeway in the fight, and he's bested, while he's rolling into the mud.

Magnus wonders over to Arcadia as he rises, "Can we have steak after a swim to wash off? This's making me hungry." To Alessia, he points in Rosalind's direction, as if that were all the answer she needed.

Magnus checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 32 higher.

Magnus checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 32 higher.

Magnus checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

Adalyn continues her momentum, driving her shoulders forward as she struggles against the weight of her opponent. Finally, she manages to knock Merek sideways and down into the mud. Laughing, she emerges drenched in mud to offer her opponent a hand to stand. "As you predicted, covered," she notes with a jaunty grin.

The big man looks /up/ at the sound of the moo. There's a gentle frown. A small grin down at Bree and a bob of his head. As Jeffeth strides into the mudpit he looks over to Magnus with a small smile. "That was pretty good, my lord." The Bull calls out in compliment to Magnus' bovine bleating. He circles for a few steps before pausing. "You could refine your technique, though. Let me show you."

With that Jeffeth simply sprints across the mudpit, lowering his massive shoulders letting out a guttural roar that may just sound like a big ol bull on the charge. Launching himself off his feet to gore one shoulder into Magnus's stomach to simply tackle the other large man straight to his back from the mighty charge.

Rosalind just sits and appears as innocent as Rosalind can. She said -growl-! "Dont be surprised if you get attacked by an Oathlander to be milked. You may throw people off with the mooing!" Rosa hops off her seat and ventures off, waving with a big smile,"Need to be off,"turning to grin at Cady,"Hope you had a good birthday!"

Helplessly laughing at Jeffeth's response, Alessia seems thoroughly entertained by the display. "Oh, my lady." She laughs even harder at Rosalind's words. "You shouldn't have."

Merek takes up the offered hand, while covered in the mud, with a nod to Adalyn, "Thank you," he says, then he offers a little smile for her, with a shift to look to the people still wrestling, his golden eyes back to the woman, "Ser Merek, by the way."

Merek is overheard praising Adalyn: Great!

Esme pauses to watch this show down. FOR REASONS. Then she looks over at Rosa talking about the milking. Then she looks at Adalyn and Merek. "You both did so wonderful. It was amazing to watch, thank you."

Esme is overheard praising Arcadia.

Arcadia sniggers and winces as Magnus goes down. Whoops! She looks to Jeffeth and to Adalyn "Oh. Last match. Let's see if the bull can be brought down." She starts up a loud cheer.

Any wind Magnus may have had just left the ring. Maybe the building. His lungs? Yea, they're shot. For that matter, the rest of his body's pretty much shot like a ballista bolt being launched by a Jeffeth boulder-shoulder. He just lays there for a moment, blearily squinting, and lips circled like a fish out of water gasping for breath. Finally he manages a wheezing cough after he's been bull-rushed, croaking out, "Spiiirits. Guh." Whoops, there goes a hacking fit. "Kgh-feh!" He swallows something back. Oh, that's air! Sweet, blessed air. He rolls onto a shoulder, groggily mumbling to wherever the Jeffeth train might've went. "I feel fined alright." He kneads at his temples, then adds, "This might be the closest I've ever felt to being in love with a man."

"A pleasure to meet you, Sir Merek, and quite a way to make an acquaintance," Adalyn notes with a laugh. "I'm Lady Adalyn Clement." But then her attention returns to the mud pit as she is called to face down against Jeffeth. She puffs her cheeks full of air, then lets out a breath. "Well, I'm ready to become one with the mud," she notes jokingly, sizing up her broad-shouldered opponent.

Esme is leaving, but she pauses to hollar towards Magnus, "Go with that love, Limerance wills it." Then she laughs and saunters off. Mud covered and all.

Merek offers a nod to Adalyn while he backs up to look between them all, settling back. He looks like he is having fun, "Pleasure to meet you too!" he says.

Connal, a Northern Wolfhound leaves, following Rosalind.

Considering he's already been graciously carried by Jeffeth most of the way out of the circle, Magnus just drags himself out in a belly crawl, then rolls the rest of the way. "G'luck." He manages to croak over to Adalyn. "S'comfy here, at least."

Pressing up to his knees, the large man glances down to Magnus' admission and lets out a quiet laugh. Reaching out with one hand he goes to give a tousle of the northener's hair. "Imagine what I'll do to you after you get me dinner." With a hearty laugh, Jeffeth presses himself up to his feet, turning to face Adalyn. A deep bow, mud caked as he is, fist pressed to his chest. "Sir Jeffeth Bayweather, at your service my lady. I apologize this is the way we meet." Straightening up he smiles brightly, taking a few steps away to plant his feet and prepare for Adalyn.

Jeffeth checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 61 higher.

Jeffeth checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 49 higher.

Jeffeth checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 55 higher.

Adalyn checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Adalyn checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

Adalyn checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

"Well, I'll take comfort in that at least," Adalyn intones to Magnus, watching him belly crawl his way out of the pit with a wry smile. Turning to Jeffeth, she bows in return. "Lady Adalyn Clement. I'm beginning to rethink my life choices, Sir Jeffeth." She cracks a grin but gamely settles into a low stance and then dives toward her opponent at a run. Never mind that it's like running into a brick wall. It's not looking good for the young woman.

Attention shifting to the new fight, having recovered from her mirth, Alessia sends her glass to be refilled. She keeps her distance while the spar takes place, eyes fixed on the combatants. She grimaces slightly as Adalyn runs into her opponent, wincing as though she can feel the pain herself.

Rolling his massive shoulders, there's a small shake of his head. "Don't do that." He murmurs about her rethinking her life choices. When she starts running at him, there is a tilt of his head until she just runs right into him. Jeffeth glances down at the woman rammed into the musculature of the behemoth. There's a soft smile.

A breath later his giant arms are wrapping around her back, pulling her up into a massive bear hug. Pulling her up off the ground against his chest. Once she's off the ground, Jeffeth lunges forward, going to drive her down to the ground with the large man atop her.

Strozza looming back up to his feet, finally, accepting a hand from Kuhlai as well as towels and several jugs of water poured over himself to get the mud off his torso before his shirt is back on and the waistcoat. He moves further back, to where he can sit and rest... and watch the carnage.

Adalyn finds herself airborne, dangling helplessly in Jeffeth's arms for a moment, her attempts to free herself completely futile. "Uh oh," she mutters before she lands heavily in the mud with a loud SPLAT, her opponent's weight on top of her. There's a moment of quiet before a hand manages to pop up out of the mud. "That was... well done..." she croaks from where she has been buried in mud, breath knocked out of her lungs. She'll just stay right here a moment, thankyouverymuch.

Looking up with a bright smile, Jeffeth looks down to the woman below him. "Well done to you as well!" He pipes brightly, gradually pushing himself up and off, offering his hand to Adalyn to help her up as well.

Seeing Jeffeth triumph once more, Bree cannot help but applaud her Grandmaster's efforts. The mud on her hands is starting to dry, so the effort of clapping cracks some of the pieces to send dirt crumbling to the ground. "Well done!"

Clapping for them both when the fight ends, Alessia smiles to Adalyn. "I admire the bravery in your attacks, my lady." She knocks takes the glass offered to her and knocks it back. "Well done, sir. You fought well, as ever." She grins at Jeffeth.

Magnus calls out after a clap, voice still a touch raspy, "Good show for all! To the glory of our bloody taskmistress of the birthday, Arcadia." To Jeffeth he adds, "There's a trophy for you, too."

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