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Igniseri Family Dinner XV

House Igniseri invites you to attend an informal family dinner, hosted by Marquessa Quenia Igniseri and the Igniseri Family. Family members are encouraged to invite at least 1 guest they wish to introduce to the family or enjoy at the dinner. This dinner is also open to any who wish to attend and want to learn more about House Igniseri.


Nov. 2, 2019, 1 p.m.

Hosted By

Quenia Videl


Ian Zoey Lucita Thea Aethan Vicente Alessia Dianna Catalana



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Domus Igniseri - Great Hall

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Micana, 1 Saik Guard arrive, following Lucita.

Octavian, a silken spaniel arrives, following Zoey.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Thea before departing.

William, a taciturn quartermaster arrives, following Aethan.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Lucita before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Lucita before departing.

Captain Curls, an attentive, ebony guard poodle arrives, following Quenia.

Late. Quenia is late to her own dinner. She frowns faintly as she makes her way into the room, and notices people have already arrived. Well, why wouldn't they have when she's late to her own dinner? She does take a moment to switch from a frown to a warm smile, though, as she notices some of the people there. "Good afternoon!" she exclaims. "Do pardon my tardiness. I got embroiled in a project and simply lost track of time."

Ian must have been a little late as well, because he and Zoey are just taking their seats. A little bit of dirt and water on his pants suggests he might have slipped on the icy street somewhere between the Kay and here -- not an uncommon occurrence in winter with him.

Zoey takes a seat beside her husband and offers the hostess a smile. "Ooh! Is this something you can tell us about over dinner? I'm sure if it distracted you so much, it must be fascinating."

Lucita steps into the Great Hall, her hand tucked into the crook of Vicente's elbow as he escorts her into the area. Coats and cloaks have been taken and set aside as they passed through the Atrium area. Lucita says. "... and this is where we usually gather for meals or a bit of fun. Be thankful the twins are not here, they have discovered playing hide and seek and try to slip away to hide under tables or Marquessa Quenia's skirts.. or cousin Videl's." She glances around the room to see who has so far arrived. "Hello. Cousin Quenia, Lord Ian Kennex, this is Lord Vicente Fidante. Lord Vicente, everyone here is friendly and enjoys meeting new people and I hope you will enjoy getting to know them.

Thea has slipped in, late. On time. She's not even really sure as she steps over to the table, looking a lot less tired these days. She does bow her head and offers a small smile in greeting to those present however.

Ian nods to a greeting to Vincente when introduced and grunts what might be a greeting like the social butterfly that he is.

Aethan arrives slightly after his brother and sister in law, though long enough after that they probably did not come together. This impression is cemented when he looks around and sees them, lifting a hand to greet them with a, "Ian, Zoey." It's then that he turns to nod to Quenia, as well as Lucita and Thea, with murmured greetings as he takes a seat.

"Lords and Lady Kennex," Quenia greets those she considers stalwart allies first, offering each a warm smile. "Duke Aethan in particularly. Congratulations to your rise in power. I can't wait to hear what stories Ian will be able to tell now," she says with a teasing wink for both of the Kennex men. She then nods to Thea. "Lady Thea, welcome to our dinner." Then a nod for Videl and Lucita, "Cousins." And then Vicente gets a curious look. "Lord Vicente, did I hear? A pleasure to meet you," she remarks.

Videl was here way early, at the fireplace. As people begin to arrive, she starts to put away her work, some kind of project involving a fair bit of vellum. She hands the work to her assistant, then turns herself around to greet those who have arrived, "Quenia, Lucita." She greets her family warmly, "Lady Malvico. Lords and Ladies Kennex." She's glad to see them, but she sticks near the fire for the time being.

Vicente allows his eyes to glance around the room as they enter in, his face is rather emotionless but his eyes do see focused and not vacant. He turns his head and his eyes widen at the mention of twins but soon they return to normal as he looks at Lucita, "I can't say I would blame the twins, I think there are a good many of us who would do the same thing but we cannot do so at our age." As they reach the hosts, he dips to a bow to Quenia and says, "Marquessa." And then turns to give a nod to Ian and says, "My Lord." He does not seem put off but the grunt in the least and he does give a confirming not to Quenia at her question of his name.

Ian is marginally more enthusiastic about his greeting to Aethan, in that he uses words. "Aethan." Word. His level voice could be a greeting, or just him remarking to himself that his brother is here. Taking Quenia's comment about his stories probably a little more seriously than he should have, he bows his head to her and says: "No stories until at least late spring. It won't be safe to launch any kind of large expedition until then. Seas are too rough."

Lucita's eyes widen and shift the direction of their gaze to Vicente as his words sink in. A faint rise of color in her cheeks accompanies a laugh as the meaning of his comment sinks in. Her response is a simple. "Easier to scold three year olds perhaps." And she then moves on to other introductions. "Duke Aethan Kennex's name you heard, and his brother Lord Ian. And there are the lovely Ladies Zoey Kennex, wife of Ian and Lady Thea Malvici. All here are allies or friends of mine or family.

Zoey nods when she is introduced, and smiles at Vicente. "Well met, my Lord," she says to him.

There's a little pained look from Aethan at the use of when Quenia uses the title, the corner of his mouth pulling to the side just a bit, but it seems to be directed more inward, rather than outward. "Thank you," he replies. "I'm glad to be able to serve my family in this capacity until Duke Darion is of age." Which apparently cannot come soon enough, judging by his tone. He does have to let out a little huff at his brother's words, however, before he nods to Vicente at the introduction. "Lord Vicente, good to meet you."

Videl rolls her eyes mildly at Vicente's comments, "My lord. Children running beneath my skirt I will forgive, if you were to wish to see what's beneath there, you must tell the voices of your house to negotiate with my cousin Quenia or my cousin Luis for the prerequisite status involved, but I will note that you're off to a poor start." She's clearly joking about it. She smiles to Lucita, "A friend of yours?"

Thea bows her head to Lucita, giving Vicente a familiar nod as well,"We met briefly a little back. It's a pleasure to see you again." She glances at Ian, a bit amused before she says,"Spring couldn't come fast enough. For a couple reasons actually,"her gold-flecked green eyes a bit excited. Listening to Lucita as well, she admits,"I'm hoping Martino has twins after he and Lady Kaia wed. Just because well...anything to drive him mad really." Thea asks Quenia with sincerity, looking to her,"You have been well since we last spoke?"

It seems to take Ian a moment to put together the double meaning of Vincente's joke; initially, he gives the women an odd look for their reply. And then, a count of five later: "Oh."

Quenia gives Aethan a bit of a sympathetic look. "I do indeed understand your position," she tells him. "At least your own is temporary, where mine was permanent after the deaths of Vincere and Pietro," her older brothers who died during the Silence War in the Battle of Pridehall. "There's a bit of a learning curve, and I hope Octavia is doing her part to help with that," she speaks in sincere tones. She then goes on to address Zoey. "As to the project, I was speaking about Mistress Petal about the design for my dress for the Fire and Ice Ball. It'll be more phoenix," she remarks, her expression wry. "Mostly because that's the best representation of fire that House Igniseri has with our association with phoenix and such in past history." A pause, then a light grin. "If you can believe the lost love letters of a Valardin Prince to Lady Peyton Igniseri, that is."

Zoey gives Thea a look of mock horror. "How dare you wish that on my poor baby sister! I swear, it seems everyone is wishes twins on Bisland-born ladies." When she turns her attention to Quenia, she gives an appreciative nod. "I'm sure it will be stunning. Mistress Petal does some incredible work. She has brought some of my best designs to life."

Passing along at the greetings from one to the other, Vicente gives his greetings, smiles and bows. He glances over to Lucita as she laughs and gives a nod, "Of course," He begins to speak but then arrives at Videl and gives a bow to her and the right corner of his mouth lifts, "Of course, as is necessary, I am certain the delights would be well worth it but I think it is at the point I think I may be past the point of managing such a feat." He turns his attention to Thea and grants her a bow, "Lady Thea, a pleasure to meet you again, always at your service." He then glances over to Lucita and whispers something to her.

Lucita replies to Videl. "Lady Lora introduced us last night and we talked for a little while." To Aethan she nods and comments. "I'm in the same position of being regent after the death of my husband. You get used to it. And you will do well, you have very supportive and talented family to help.

Sirra, a very quiet maid, Nallah, a buff-looking tortie cat with green eyes, 2 House Mazetti Aspirants arrive, following Alessia.

Once dinner is served, Ian mostly seems interested in eating. His intense eyes move constantly, though, from one person to the next, indicating that he's still listening to the conversation even if (as usual) he doesn't have anything to add to it.

Videl smiles, clearly not actually bothered by the joke. "Well, you never know how my cousins will answer before you try, my lord." She answers with bemusement, her attention next turns to Aethan, "As I told my patron the other day, my congratudolences." She offers warmly. "And I wish the best in your new role."

Quenia's words have Aethan's expression shifting //just// a touch, perhaps in commiseration. "She's been helpful thus far," he confirms, before nodding once at Lucita's offering as he looks to her. "I do," he confirms. "I'm very lucky for it." Two of whom are in attendance, of course, and he looks to Zoey and Ian as he says it. Videl's words have him turning that way, though, and another huff escapes him -- almost a laugh, but not quite. "Thank you. That seems appropriate for the situation. I appreciate it."

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: The room is set up for dinner, with tables arranged for optimum seating. For appetizers there is choice between various cheeses, fresh sliced breads, and herbed olive oil. Dinner is a choice between duck in a dill sauce or seared branzino, with a choice of asparagus, a light vegetable salad, or cooked carrots. A decadent chocolate cake with fresh strawberries and cream is what's for dessert.

Vicente has his arm linked with Lucita and they are speaking to a variety of people that Vicente is being introduced to. Vicente gives a firm nod in response to Videl and says, "I know exactly what you mean, many cousins would have no problem throwing their family to the wolves." His tone deadpan but likely intended as humorous. He shifts his attention now to Aethan as that is where is appears most attention is being directed to there but he remains silent as he listens.

Lucita releases the arm of Vicente as the meal is being served and places taken, or appetizers being enjoyed. "My brother Luis especially though he has matured a goodly bit the last couple of years. He is rather known for some of his pranks and shenanigans." A hasty glance is given Quenia as she continues. "But perhaps those are tales for a different time.

Taking her fork and cutting into her fish, Thea warns Videl,"I will use that word to practically everyone now,"not really saying much to Aethan. She hates being the center of attention too. Looking to Zoey, her eyes innocent,"I thought she was going to try and keep up with the Kennexes and their babies, so I figured she enjoy it. My brother however? Not so much,"her smile devious. "My Duchess has twins as well, so when the babies get older, the playmates are equal." Formidable plan..done, as Thea takes a bite of her dinner.

Arriving a little late to dinner, Alessia enters the main hall, her cloak and gloves already removed and handed off as she ventures further into the room. "Good evening, everyone." She says with a warm smile. "I hope you've all been well. I am deeply sorry I'm late." She rests a hand on Lucita's in greeting before turning to Quenia and Videl. "Thank you for hosting another one of these. I enjoyed the last a great deal."

Videl laughs faintly. "Well fortunately, I trust my cousins. For the most part." She doesn't elaborate on that, though it's clear it's a joke from the twinkle in her eyes. The topic of more children puts a mild frown on her face, but she doesn't elaborate. Then, Alessia arrives, "Lady Mazetti. It's always wonderful to reflect upon your words." Then to Thea, "Words exist to be used."

Ian nods to Alessia when she joins them. "Lady Alessia." He continues to be not especially talkative, athough he's definitely listening.

"If she has any such intentions, she did not share them with me," Zoey says to Thea. "Given that the nursery has 5 already 2 more on the way, I might have asked her to reconsider." She looks up at the newcomer then and smiles.

Aethan looks up at Alessia's arrival, too, and he inclines his head to her in greeting, before turning back to the table and taking a leaf out of his brother's book -- that is, eating. He is also listening, however, his gaze moving between the speakers.

Thea blinks at Zoey and says absolutely nothing. She may actually pity the men but says nothing. That's...a lot of babies. Turning to the familiar voice, she gives a sincere smile,"Mazetti, good evening."

Lucita says, "I heard it was so busy that Lady Catalana hired an extra nanny... or two... to help out." She takes small neat bites of her food at the appropriate breaks in conversation. "Lady Alessia Mazetti, This is Lord Vicente Fidante. Lord Vicente, this is ... as the conversation has been mentioning twins, Lady Alessia, twin to Lady Dianna.""

"Twins run in the Igniseri family. I can only hope that should I ever marry, I'm not blessed with them. I'm not sure I have Lucita's stamina and fortitude to keep up with two at once, that and from having twin brothers, I know what mischief they can cause." Quenia remarks lightly as she cuts off a piece of duck from her own plate and munches on it. She glances over when Alessia arrives and gives her a warm smile. "Lady Alessia, welcome to Domus Igniseri. Do please join us and enjoy a fine meal. We're just chit chatting about this and that." There's a pause, "Speaking of this and that, I'm putting a team together to go to Tramonoto Cove to see about expanding into that area for Igniseri lands. I have one or two spots available for anyone who is bored of the winter already, wants a bit of warmth, and perhaps a touch of adventure. There's likely to be smugglers or pirates to contend with, so I'm particularly looking for those that could be martially inclined. Legate Ailith was going to come, but she has had other plans come up."

Vicente sits down as the meal is served and begins to eat, his eyes glanced from one side with the other with an occasional not but largely he remains on the quieter side of things. As Alessia moves in and she is introduced to Vicente, he stands to his feet and gives a quick bow (whether this is proper or not,) "Of course Lady Alessia and her sister were the first twins I recall by face. It is a pleasure to see you again my lady."

And the guards assigned to the nursery are all people with a lot of kids," Ian chimes in to what Lucita says. Then, after listening to Quenia, he nods. "I'm in. Just give me some warning before you're due to sail."

"Oh, I've met Lord Fidante on a couple of occasions. It's good to see you out more, my lord." Alessia says with a faint smile before she heads over to Thea, giving the Malvici a hug. "This is something you're now going to have to get used to." She says with a light chuckle before glancing up at Ian and Zoey. "How many babies now?" She asks with a curious smile. Then she's turning to Aethan. "I don't believe we've met. Lord Aethan? I can see the family resemblance." She gives Ian a wry smile before settling into one of the empty chairs. "Oh? That sounds interesting. I'm bored of the winter, so I'm all ears."

Aethan looks up again at Quenia's mention of the trip, and he says, "I'd be willing to go, if you do need someone." For the first time in the evening, he sounds slightly hopeful. Someone needs to get out of the city, clearly. He starts to say something else, but Alessia's words have him looking that way, and he says, "That's right. Lady Alessia, good to meet you. I just met your sister the other day."

Aurelio, a handsome, fresh-faced manservant arrives, following Dianna.

Videl has joined the cozy seating by a stone fireplace.

"I think I already mentioned this to you, Quenia. But in case I forgot, if you've got room for me to tag along I would gladly ignore the advice of our physicians to do so; but don't let me take up a slot better taken by someone ... more suited for such an expedition." Videl offers in response, then leans back in her chair at the fire, content to listen for now.

"Come to think of it." Alessia interjects with a grin. "I'm definitely in."

"It will do you both some good to get out of the house for a while," Zoey says to the Kennex men. "We can manage while you're gone." She turns to Alessia and asks, "In the nursery, or just from the two of us? I'm currently with our second."

Ian looks towards Aethan. "What do you think? I know you've got stuff to do, but it'd be good to get out of Arx for a while. We could bring a Kennex ship to the convoy, maybe see if Porter wants to come."

Not flinching away from Alessia's hug is a start, as Thea embraces her friend, in a bit of awkwardness,"You sound like Miranda." Leaps and bounds here. She releases the Mazetti and takes a sip of her wine, focusing on the topic at hand,"I've already agreed to go. I'm even more excited for such."

Lucita says, "At this rate, cousin Quenia, you will have enough for not one but two expeditions." A thread of humor is in her voice. "You know I'll help you any time you wish it if I'm needed but you know I'm not the best warrior around either. I can highly recommend Lord Ian, he has kept me alive on more than one occasion, and Lord Aethan is one who helped Lord Ian on his team to keep one of the Gargantuans from killing the singers. Lady Alessia is one of my students, highly skilled and Lady Dianna, from what have seen, is very good with glaives, too. You would be lucky to have any of them along. Good company and good support."

Stepping in on the arm of the handsome, blonde young man frequently accompanying her, of late, is none other than Lady Dianna Mazetti. She is dressed in a sweeping blonde fur cloak that very nearly matches the exact color of her companion's hair; he takes it and hands it off to a house servant with his own blue-and-mink cloak, trimmed in gold. Dianna is dressed in what seems to be a conservative burgundy gown and matching high-heeled slippers; her companion, Aurelio, is dressed neatly in a dark blue velvet suit with black silk shirt. When they enter, Dianna curtsies elegantly, a flash of gold and red likely shimmering from her shoulders; Aurelio bows formally. The pair unhurriedly enter, first making their way to Dianna's sister and Thea, each of whom Dianna greets with cheek-kisses. The young man remains pleasant but says little, preferring, apparently, to be the eye-and-candy that he truly seems.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Dianna before departing.

"Dianna." Ian greets Dianna in his usual flat tone, although there might be something a tiny bit guarded about it. "I owe you a lesson. You free after we're done here?"

Aethan nods at his brother's statement, replying, "I think I could make time for it." He will force the time to be made for it, in other words. He settles back as he takes another bite, looking at Lucita as she speaks. He nods, and it seems as though he might say something more, but Dianna's arrival has him looking that way instead. "Lady Mazetti," he says with an inclination of his head.

Noting so many of her friends - including the Kennex family - Dianna's lips lift into a gentle, pleased smile. "Ian," she speaks gently, turning with gentle affection in her tone. "It is lovely to see you both," (she includes Zoey with a smile to the woman), "and your brother. My lord," Dianna greets Aethan with a twinkle in her eyes and a warm smile before returning her attention to Ian. "I have, if you have, thank you, Ian."

"Dianna!" Zoey greets her brightly. "When are you g over for tea?"

Vicente has just sat back down at the table and is returning to eating, listening the conversation about the expedition. He seems somewhat otherwise distracted and perhaps a bit more tense, lost in his thoughts. He hears Zoey's exclamation and startles a bit, his head turning around to glance for the new arrival.

Greeting her sister, returning her kiss, Alessia appraises her with a warm smile. "You look beautiful, as always. I'm glad you could join." Then she's turning to Lucita. "Gods, you flatter me." She grins, lifting a filled glass of Granato wine and taking a drink. Her head tilts when Zoey poses the question.

At Zoey's greeting, Dianna steps to the woman, taking Zoey's fingers gently in her own and leans closer, giving warm cheek-kisses. "Name the date, Lovely. I shall be there with bells on." Dianna winks charmingly - but, knowing Dianna Mazetti, she may very well /actually/ wear bells.

Aurelio brings Dianna a glass of wine and retreats quietly to the periphery of the group while Dianna settles in. "Thank you, Lessi. As do you," Dianna returns her sister's compliment, then turns back to the Kennexes. "Zoey, I saw you leave the Masquerade; but Ian, my lord Aethan - did you both attend? It was quite the show."

Quenia grins between Aethan and Ian. "Somehow I knew I could count on Kennex boys to volunteer. You have my sincere thanks," she tells them, then nods over at Alessia. "Lord Vitalis has offered to come and I promised him a spot. If he can't make it, I'll be glad to have you along." She looks over at Videl, "I'd love to have you along. If we can squeeze you in we'll definitely bring you. Who knows when extra diplomacy might be needed," she explains to her cousin. Her attention then goes to Dianna when she arrives, someone she's not met yet. "Welcome to Domus Igniseri!" she calls out, easily switching into true hostess mode. "I'm Marquessa Quenia Igniseri. Feel free to take a seat nad introduce yourself to the others," a pause as she looks around, smirking somewhat in an amused manner. "Or, at least to me since some of the others seem to know you."

Thea returns Dianna's kiss and smiles a bit at her,"Mazetti. Hello." Cant say number two. Could be rude. "How have you been,"as she settles more and starts into her food again, listening.

Lucita says, "Oh, Don't let Luis hear you say that Lady Dianna. I did once and he gave me a beautiful performance formal gown with charms like feathers all along the hem. Every time I took a step or danced, they rang out like little bells. He claimed that was so I could not sneak up on him.""

Dianna's question of whether he went to the masquerade has Aethan looking...well, mildly horrified. If that wasn't enough of an answer, he says quickly, "I didn't. One masque in my life was quite enough." As though to punctuate this statement, he reaches for his glass of water to take a sip, clearly to help him forget the memory of the masque he //did// attend.

"Just let me know when you more, Quenia, and I don't think I've met the lady Dianna yet." Videl responds to Quenia, and turns her attention to the new face. "Lady Dianna... Mazetti, I presume?" She asks, questioning the surname. "I'm Lady Videl Igniseri. A pleasure."

Ian shakes his head in answer to the question about the Masquerade, but his mouth is full of fish, so it's a moment before he can come up with a verbal answer: "I don't dance."

Vicente almost seems lost as the crowd seems to grow into larger numbers and the voices clamber about him. He does briefly lock eyes on Dianna as she enters and gives a bow of his head, though it is hard to say whether he is noticed amongst the other conversations. His left hand seems to get tucked down by his left knee. He turns his attention to Lucita briefly as she says something to him and then in turns whispers something back.

With a deep smile and another curtsy, Dianna breaks from family and friends to beam at the hostess. "Marquessa, thank you so much for hosting this lovely dinner. I feel already I am at home, with so many of my friends - and my sister - already here. I am Lady Dianna Mazetti, of Ostria." There is a twinkle in Dianna's eyes that is surely pride at her heritage. "I so look forward to knowing you and your family."

Dianna then turns to Thea, her smile softening. "I'm well, my dear Thea. How are you - and your brothers? I spoke to Martino recently, but have seen nothing of the Admiral in some time."

With a graceful turn of her body towards the unfamiliar female voice stating her name, Dianna sets her amber eyes warmly on Videl. "My lady Igniseri," Dianna coos with yet another elegant curtsy. "You are simply lovely; it is /my/ pleasure, I'm sure."

Quenia looks /more than/ somewhat uncomfortable when the Masquerade comes up. She looks over at Lucita a moment, then back to the room. "That was no normal masq," she states after a moment, and starts rubbing a certain hand which Lucita would notice is one that went into a certain pool of goo.

"You know usage of our house names can get terribly confusing." Alessia says to those at the table with a wry smile, taking another drink from her glass. "Oh, of course. Vitalis is generally involved in one expedition or another. He's the best for it in the family, undeniably." She studies Ian. "You wouldn't necessarily have to dance. But I don't blame you for the apprehension. Watching others, isn't quite the same."

Dianna glances to Lucita with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes, "Do you still have the gown? If you do - and don't want it - send it my way. Or have Luis make one for me." Dianna's soft chuckle is like an embrace to the woman - which becomes fact as Dianna steps over with more cheek kisses.

Ian shrugs to Alessia, his only response with regards to his willingness to not-dance at a dancing-oriented party. He doesn't look terribly enthusiastic about parties in general, really. Either way, he finishes off his fish and attacks whatever else is on his plate.

"That masquerade was certainly an interesting evening," says Zoey. "I will say I was please with my pond prize though."

Jane, 2 Kennex corsairs arrive, following Catalana.

Aethan sets the glass back down and settles back in his chair, his gaze moving from one to the other as they speak. He doesn't offer anything else for the moment, but like his brother, it is clear that he's listening. That is, until a messenger is admitted by a servant, with one that seems to be for him. He opens it and reads the contents, before he stands. "My apologies," he says, "there's something I should see to. Marquessa, thank you for hosting. Always a pleasure to see you." He nods to those present in farewell as well, before he turns to start toward the door.

William, a taciturn quartermaster leaves, following Aethan.

Quenia glances over at Zoey, tilting her head before she says, "So that inky murk /didn't/ try to keep you and suck you into it?" she asks, her expression intensely curious. She shudders at the remembrance of it.

Ian nods to Aethan when he rises to leave. As a servant comes by, he indicates for the man to top up his wine, and thus, his glass of wine is topped. He eyes Quenia as the conversation takes a turn.

"Nothing of the sort," says Zoey to Quenya. "I felt the briefest brush of teeth, but then sometime smooth was dropped into my hand. An ingot of Star Iron!" She waves to Aethan as he leaves.

Thea sits and remains quiet as she listens, bowing her head as Aethan departs. She admits with a bit if disappointment,"I was unable to...attempt the pool. I did hear stories though."

It seems the Kennexs like to go to events in tag teams. As Aethan slips out, Catalana slips in. Has nothing to do with her being late or to mention the hissy fit she had about her clothes minutes before leaving. Nope. It was a completely planned tag team effort. Slipping into Aethan's chair, she settles herself with a good glass of wine and some food and adds to the conversation, "I was lucky. The eel Lord Victus sort of ate was floating on the top and had a piece of epiphanite in it. Nothing grabbed at me thankfully."

Lucita reluctantly reads a message that arrives just as Aethan is leaving. With a sigh she says. "Duty. At least I got to enjoy the company and most of the meal. Lord Vicente, I fear I must abandon you to the tender care of the Marquessa and cousin Videl and the other guests here. I have guards awaiting to get me safely home." And she rises, moves around distributing hugs and cheek kisses to the family and her female friends and slips out of the gathering.

1 Saik Guard, Micana leave, following Lucita.

Vicente turns his eyes over towards Lucita as she mentions her departure and gives a half smile, "I shall do my best but I doubt your cousin should want to be too close today." He dips his head to her as she departs. He now allows his eyes to scan about the area as he assess the crowd. He reaches for his drink and takes a good swallow from it and returns to a more listening status.

Curtsying with a private smile to Aethan as he turns to leave, Dianna takes a seat closer to Quenia and Videl and accepts a plate of food from a servant with a nod. "Did it try to take you in, my lady? What was your prize?"

It is then that Dianna notices Vicente somewhere down the table and she smiles, "Well, hello, Lord Fidante."

But it is Catalana's presence that lifts the Mazetti woman's cheeks and lips into brightness, "My lady Catalana! So wonderful to see you! ...You found ephiphanite? I managed - at the end - a bolt of diamondplate. Now... what to /do/ with it...."

"Goodbye, Lucita! Be sure not to forget about that belled gown, won't you?"

"Lord Fidante, I fear you may have taken my answers the wrong way." Videl answers with bemusement, "I was taking it as a joke and responded with bemusement, though if you were really serious about it; well I believe I have told you how you may accomplish such a feat." There's a wink, "And if not, let us talk of it no more."

"I managed to find an ingot of mirrorsilver." Alessia interjects, though her smile doesn't quite carry the excitement it did when she first retrieved the object. "It was strange... the substance. I do wonder." She takes another drink from the glass before resuming her meal.

"Wonder what?" Zoey asks. "I have a pair of Mirrorsilver earrings myself."

Quenia inclines her head to Dianna. "It did. It didn't want to let go of my hand at all. With a bit of patience and perseverance, it finally let me go. I got a piece of sea glass as a prize," recounts her story of the dark pool at the masq. She shifts in her seat and picks up her glass of wine, taking a healthy sip. She then waves after her cousin and Aethan as they depart, offering a belated, "Thank you for coming!" She looks over at Alessia and smiles a bit. "At least it was a good find!"

Vicente turns his eye up when he hears Dianna's voice greet him and he gives a quick stand and a bow to her at the end of the table with a reply, "Lady Dianna, I am always pleased to see you and no more than at the present." He turns to sit back down as she shifts her attention to the departing Lucita and turns when he hears Videl reply to him. He does allow a smirk on his mouth, "I apologize but my humor is somewhat less evident. I did not believe you to be offended. I shall try to be a bit more transparent." He allows the smirk to disappear and he adds, "I can only imagine what having two three year olds would be like, you have my pity?" The end is clearly stated in question.

Catalana considers Alessia's words, "I imagine maybe squid ink? And something else. Maybe an alchemical product?" She then offers a warm smile to Dianna. "Lady Dianna. What a pleasure to see you again." She shoots her words uo the table to Quenia, "Your dress was fabulous. The colors were so striking. It made me wish I had gone for something less dark."

"It was nice to see you,"Thea bids to the parting Baroness as she leaves. Nothing much to add to the Masquerade ball or fashion, Thea remains quiet, content to listen however.

"I had the /strangest/ reaction from a young lady I met at the Winter Ball, Lessi - to my new mirrorsilver necklace. I wonder if it was that, or its ostentatiousness... She was staring at it so hard, when I arrived with Sir Black, that I nearly thought she intended to claw it from my throat." Though there is an uplifted smirk of amusement when Dianna relates the story to her sister - and the group, for her eyes glide over the friends and companions at the table - her tone is tinged with sincerity.

Then, Quenia speaks, relating about the pool. "Oh! I recall seeing the trouble you had - and the sea glass you won," Dianna smiles to Quenia. "I always loved sea glass - while it is a different experience, altogether, when plucking it from the seashore."

"In what way did it hold you?" Zoe asks. "Teeth? Tentacles? Some sort of tangled mass?"

Ian just shakes his head, pushes his hand through his hair, and takes a long drink of wine.

"It tried to suck me in," Quenia responds to Zoey. "But eventually let me go. No teeth or tentacles. It just got thick and more gooey." She looks around the table and notes. "When the dragonweep necklace is offered for raffle at the Fire and Ice Ball, it's a raffle and will not be in any inky murk, I assure you!" She might have been more than a bit unsettled about her experience than she let on that night. "Did anything else unusual happen after I left?" she asks.

"What it was made of." Alessia says to Zoey's query with a nod before shifting her attention to Catalana. "How wonderful to see you here. And yes, the alchemical product wouldn't surprise me in the least. It felt... strange. Not that I've ever submerged my hand into squid ink to know what it's -usually- meant to feel like or not." She laughs.

Catalana answers Quenia as her hand traces her locket, "People saw things in the mirrors. I saw Lord Victus attack a mirror and another itch suddenly."

With a soft chuckle at Quenia's mention of dragonweep, Dianna's lifts a bite of fish to her lips, the expression on her face one of pure delight in the food.

Zoey follows Catalana's statement with, "I saw some of that too. I managed to avoid looking into any mirrors at the party, and I'm glad that I did." She asks of Quania, "Are those tickets on sale yet by chance? I'd like to enter the raffle."

Thea asks unsure with the others,"Why would you look in mirrors at all?"curiosity getting the best of her.

"Most people don't get how dangerous this stuff can be," Ian remarks. "So it was probably people wanting to be included in the weird stuff."

"Do you /never/, Thea? Why, that is how I met your brother, the Admiral - in Reflection Square. I was pondering, and he wandered through." Dianna replies to the Malvici.

With a lofted right eyebrow, Dianna next turns to focus on Ian. "How dangerous /what/ stuff is, Ian?"

"The weird stu --" Ian starts to answer Dianna, and then freezes. He clears his throat, and elects not to finish his sentence.

Vicente continues to listen to the conversation without joining in. He is engaged in this conversation simply from a listening perspective. He leans over and whispers something to Videl...

"I am afraid I had best be setting off." Alessia says to Quenia with a warm smile, not long after Ian stops himself from continuing. "The meal was splendid, thank you so much for having me." She rises, placing a hand on her companion's arms in farewell. "I'll see you all soon." She grins, before heading off.

Quenia shakes her head at Zoey. "Not just yet. I'm waiting for Mistress Josephine to complete the order, though I may just have to put out a brief verbal description of the necklace instead. It'll be a dragonweep necklace with "melted" diamonds surrounding it, embodying both Fire and Ice." Just then a messenger comes up to her and she furrows her brow. "Do please excuse me. There are a few matters I need to take care of. Videl, would you mind continuing hostessing?"

Nallah, a buff-looking tortie cat with green eyes, 2 House Mazetti Aspirants, Sirra, a very quiet maid leave, following Alessia.

Videl shakes her head at Vicente and whispers something back.

Dianna's expression turns to one of confused insistence as her gaze lingers on Ian's face. "/Mirrors/, Ian? Is that what you mean?"

Dianna does not rise, but only shifts her attention away as her sister announces her departure and leaves. She returns her scrutinizing gaze to Ian Kennex, waiting.

Videl mutters, "I ... find masquerades interesting."

Ian has the look of someone who's just desperately searching for the right answer at this point. "... Sure."

Vicente leans over and mutters something to Videl again.

Captain Curls, an attentive, ebony guard poodle leaves, following Quenia.

Dianna nods gently to Ian, accepting the answer. "Ahh. Well, it /was/ a bloodmoon celebration; you're quite right, Ian."

"Zoey, how are you feeling of late? Did your injury heal?" Dianna shifts her attention to Ian's wife, then to Catalana. "And your, my lady Catalana. How are you faring, of late?"

Videl mutters, "That's ... ... thing about masquerades. No-one will ... able ... ... if ... ... there."

Thea rises to her feet and bows her head,"I should be off as well. It was a pleasure to see you all again however."

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes leaves, following Thea.

Catalana is briefly murmuring something to Ian before straightening and answering Dianna. "I am well. Better than the other night certainly." Her hand presses against her chest, "That was a ghastly conversation."

Zoey lifts her left hand to show her fully healed arm. "Almost as though it never happened," she answers.

Ian shakes his head a couple of times as he replies to whatever Catalana said to him, his expression sinking back to its normal solemn flatness now that he's no longer desperately trying not to fuck things up with Dianna.

Dianna smiles warmly to Thea, "I'll reach out to you soon; be well, Thea."

"Which we shan't revisit, as I've promised. Only discussions of babies and clothes and shoes and pretty baubles," Dianna reassures Catalana.

"So many balls of late... isn't there another one this eve? Will anyone here be there?"

"I believe Princess Liara is planning something for this evening," says Zoey. "I might attend, but I have not decided yet."

Chuckling softly, Dianna lifts the glass of wine towards her lips. "I would have to wear a gown I've worn already... and, now that your husband has proposed we spar this evening, I'm sure I shan't have time to dress for a dance in a ballroom." She sips, then turns her attention fully to Ian. "/If/ you still wish to, that is."

Ian gives Dianna a puzzled look. "I'm not going to the dance thing." He seems to be in the middle of a conversation with Catalana, spoken in low voices; his is level and flat, with a sense of finality to it.

"Well, of course not," Dianna smiles easily with a subtle, conspiratorial roll of her eyes at Zoey. "But perhaps you have another thing."

Vicente has a messenger come in to him and he gives a nod to the man and says, "Thank you, tell her I will be along shortly." He turns and says to Videl, "I'm sorry but I do believe I need to be making my way along shortly. I wonder if you would be willing to send my regards to our hosts?"

Catalana is whispering with Ian and becomes more and more frustrated with the man, her face clouding and becoming darker. After a final whispered word to Ian, she stands suddenly and states to the group, "I'm feeling poorly. I need to go rest. Please do excuse me."

Videl smiles faintly at Vicente's offer. "You have just offered your regard to your hosts, my lord. But I shall pass them on to Quenia."

2 Kennex corsairs, Jane leave, following Catalana.

Vicente does a slight double take and then laughs, "And my apologies as well. I had been mistaken there. Thank you for your kind welcome of me to your family meal. If I can be of any future service to you, please do not hesitate to let me know."

Ian shakes his head after Catalana leaves. His wine glass had been refilled at some point, and now he drains it and shifts his attention back to Dianna. "I thought we were going to practice. We can't do that at a dance."

"Whenever you're ready, Ian," Dianna reassures the Kennex man. "Although I must go home to get my glaive, and to change into my armor. Where do you prefer to spar? Mazetti sands? They're close."

"I think I will accompany you two," Zoey says to Dianna and Ian.

Ian braces himself on the table and pushes to his feet, then takes up his cane. "I could use a spar," he decides.

Videl comments. "I thought a friendly spar was a form of dancing."

Dianna smiles warmly to Zoey, "I had hoped you would." And she rises fluidly, curtsies to the room. "My Lady, it was a joy. I should love to talk more with you, when you've not a handsome man stealing your attention - although, you quite deserve it," Dianna coos to Videl with a wink.

Ian looks back at Videl. "Only if you want to lose."

Zoey stands as well and prepares to follow her husband out. "Thank you for the lovely dinner," she says to Videl with a curtsey.

Dianna chuckles, "It is, indeed, indeed." She pauses, considering those left at the table. "Any others who wish to join us may, of course--" Dianna smirks at Ian, "--join us at the Mazetti Manor, in our practice yard."

Aurelio, a handsome, fresh-faced manservant, Ian leave, following Dianna.

Octavian, a silken spaniel leaves, following Zoey.

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