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Cristoph's Birthday Joust

It's Cristoph's birthday, he's getting older! It's time for jousting. Bring your horses. And your first aid kit, Cristoph always gets hurt at stuff like this.


Oct. 6, 2019, 8 p.m.

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Amari Bree Norwood Sophie Tesha Lisebet Jael Sorrel Bhandn Tyren Jeffeth Gaspard Karina Alarissa Ailys Cassandra




Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Laurent Manse - Stables and Fields

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Now and again, it's just time to throw a birthday joust. The Laurent stable grounds have been cleared away so that a jousting line can be put in place. There's a few places to sit, but it's mostly all open space and a table set up with food and drink. Finger foods, mostly. The beverages range from tea to coffee and of course, the Laurent mead. Cristoph is suited up in colorful tournament with his trusty golden draft hourse by his side. He definitely won't get hurt THIS time.

Amari is here to joust, clearly, unless she's in the habit of dressing in full plate to attend birthday celebrations. The lance under her arm and the dapple gray gelding she leads in with her are probably dead giveaways as to her intent as well. She's giving him a brushing to bring him up to her standards of tidiness as they walk along and while he stamps and huffs all the way. This seems to be a bit of a ruse, the fussing a token effort on his part to pretend he's a scary warhorse and not a fancy pants. He kinda is though, even if he's not a sleek thoroughbred or giant destrier. "I hope you'll keep a straight line." She says to him, before she's looking about for familiar faces. She starts with the host, calling over cheerfully, "Happy birthday, Duke Cristoph. Please don't break my arm, or your arm. Let's not break any arms. It's a happy occasion."

3 Thrax Guards, 2 Thrax Elite Guards, Lady Teonia Redreef, Aryka Wyrmfang, Marquessa Pudding, a doughy dog arrive, following Sorrel.

BYOH, the invitation said... and so Bree is here, with her own horse! Leading one of the horses belonging to the Knight of Solace, she moves through the streets of the city toward her old pre-Godsworn days stomping grounds. The Valardin district used to be home, so it isn't hard to find. She wears a smile, and her armor, seemingly delighted to come and celebrate this Duke guy she's never actually met.

Norwood is CONCERNED. Standing beside Amari he whispers, "Is the countess coming? Or shall I go and find if someone from the House of Solace will come be in attendance?"

Sophie approaches the Laurent manor carrying a satchel on her back that looks as if it's been stuffed as full of healing supplies as she can get it, but from the expression on her face, Sophie is mostly here for enjoyment, and upon entering she smiles warmly at those she sees. The Valardin ward, of course, was her home for many years, and the familiar faces that surround her bolster her spirits. She might even be humming a tune. The Lantern she carries swings lightly with the tune she's humming.

Tesha arrives with Atramentous at her side and a smile to those that she comes across as she does enter. The woman stops to give Cristoph a smile, "Happy birthday, Duke Cristoph." she tells him. Then she's moving off to find a place to sit and the large black mastiff lays down by her feet. Apparently he was used to loud events.

Brother Chester arrives, following Jeffeth.

Lisebet is not participating in any jousting. She's here purely to watch. She wanders in, with a couple attendants who she shoos off, and goes to greet Cristoph. "M'Lord, a very happy day to you. I agree entirely with Lady Amari, no broken anything would be lovely." She nods her head, as she glances around, trying to decide where is a good spot to watch.

Jael arrives from the direction of the Laurent stables, leading a hefty black warhorse towards the jousting area. On her other side is now-Lord Tyren, with whom she's chatting companionably. Over her dress armor is a white satin sash that reads, in vivid pink lettering, 'Happy Birthday Duke Cristoph'. When she's close enough to the gathered group she points at it aggressively to make sure her brother sees it.

Sorrel walks a sorrel colored mare with two small children on her back, a boy and a girl, both looking rather proud of themselves for staying seated. The horse seems very patient, taking careful steps for the two young Thraxes are a bit raucous.

Sir Bhandn also came armored up and, like Bree, is leading one of the steeds the Knights used, but he's looking a little sheepish. He's not in the saddle, but the sweet-tempered mare he's leading doesn't mind at all, because she's being spoiled with an apple right now. He'll set up somewhat on his own, hands on the reins, but he /does/ try to catch Cristoph's eye for a brief, long-distance bow.

Cristoph exchanges greetings with all of the people telling him happy birthday! Yes happy birthday to him, he loos pretty pleased to have lived another year. And he didn't even get seriously injured this one, which is the first in a long while. Oh, wait. No. He did get attacked by some weird monster in Oakhaven. Damnit. When his sister strolls in with the birthday sash on, he has no other recourse but to start laughing. "Why?" he wonders. "I will try my best not to break anything, I promise."

Tyren arrives alongside his wife, looking as amiable as he can beside a woman wearing a bright pink sash. He brings no gift, because his presence is gift alone. "Happy birthday," he offers up to Cristoph. He should've worn a sash, too.

Bree takes a moment to tie her steed off, so that she might also be one of the many giving Cristoph the happiest of birthday messages. "Duke Cristoph," she brings her fist to chest, bowing her head slightly. "I hope this year treats you well. Thank you for making your birthday with a joust," the second part is offered with a grin, clearly appreciative of a man who, for his birthday, gives a gift to everyone else!

"Good thinking Lady Jael." Norwood says dryly to Jael as they come and greet Cristoph. "That can be used as a sling with moderate adjustments if Cristoph should need it."

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Clop clop clop.

An absolutely massive black draft horse canters into the field. Ridden by a likewise huge creature, the Bull of Solace arrives mounted by an absolute beast of a mare. Jeffeth is fiddling with his gauntlets and not watching the path in front of him-- at all. His faceplate of the Bull helm down, it seems he's struggling to see a particular strap on his gauntlet, the huge man is struggling with his gauntlet in his lap. Though, despite the rider not paying attention /at all/, Friend seems to be more than capable of navigating the path. She stops when people are in the way, and she meanders in a general forward direction as Jeffeth curses lightly under the cover of his helmet.

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Jael's sash gets a big grin from Lisebet who makes her way to a good spot to watch. Because really, the tiny duchess is not going anywhere near a joust of any kind... as a participant. She inclines her head at those who she recognizes. "Lady Amari, it's good to see you. Princess Sorrel, - " Distracted by the massive horse entering as Jeffeth arrives. "Goodness. Please don't anyone get stepped on." That horse though! Goodness.

A joust! It may be a gathering, but that's far in the back of Gaspard's mind, all too eager for a bit of sport. Sporting his aged armor, well worn from his time up north, the giant leads his equally enormous steed towards the jousting area after busying himself with stealing a sip of that famous mead. "My Lord!" Baritone rumbles over the crowd as he approaches the gathering jousters, his usually stoic expression far more chipper with its grin. "A happy birthday to you. And good luck on the joust, we seem to have some fine competition today."

Bree turns to see a familiar horse making its way through the crowds, and then the man atop - who is struggling something awful. She laughs, turning away from Cristoph and moving back to her own steed. In the meantime, she sidles up to Friend, a hand reaching out to stroke the side of her face lightly. She's stopped for Bree, which might confuse the rider atop, or might not. Who knows! The Butterfly Knight looks up at the Bull, arching a brow, "You need help? Or are you giving yourself a disadvantage with those gauntlets?"

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Sophie wanders toward Cristoph and she smiles brighty as she approaches. She calls over to him with the intention of not interrupting the actual business end of the joust. "Happy Birthday, Duke Cristoph!" Then she makes her way to the stands. She does sit near the front though, and the lantern takes up one side of her, and the overflowing satchel takes up the other side.

Tesha gives a look around and she catches the sight of Tyren and there's a bit of a smile. Then her attention is drawn to the arrival and then to Gaspard's large form and the woman can't seem to get her face to work correctly. Does it want to smile or frown? She settles into a neutral look and then gives a look to Jotun, the horse was looking well. The woman takes a deep breath, then lets it out as she lets her eyes fall on the jousting field. That's better.

"So everyone will know it's your birthday," is Jael's explanation, despite the fact that that's why they're here to begin with. She crinkles her nose at Norwood. "Look, if he hadn't just fallen off his horse he wouldn't have broken his arm." She's still clearly a little embarassed about that whole incident. "Anyway, Princess Sophie's here. It'll be fine. No one will need to use the sash."

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"Duke Cristoph, a happy birthday to you," Sorrel offers as she moves to help the children dismount her mare. Their nanny stands nearby looking a little terrified of such small people near such large animals. "Duchess Lisebet, a pleasure to see you as well."

"Princess Sophie?" Norwood says as he looks about. "Well, that's good. Perhaps I will go make my acquaintance with her." Norwood goes away from Amari and Jael to approach Sophie and bow slightly. "Princess Sophie?" Hopefully he's talking to the right person. "I thought I might introduce myself, Baron Norwood Clement."

Maxene, the steadfast ladies maid, Elegance, a Velenosian Greyhound, Pellinor, 3 Thrax Guards, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat, 2 Thrax Elite Guards arrive, following Alarissa.

There's a man with a trumpet and he makes a DODODODODOOOooo sound before announcing the first pair: "Duke Cristoph Laurent vs Dame Bree Harthall of the Knights of Solace!"

Sophie looks up as Norwood approaches, a warm smile upon her lips. She nods her head politely and she says, "Baron Clement, what a pleasure it is to meet you. I've heard of you, I believe." She indicates the spot next to her, on the other side of the lantern and she says, "Would you care to join me to watch the joust?" Then she leans in and says to him a little more quietly, "It's actually Sister Sophie, now. I took vows some time ago."

Karina arrives with a sweep of her gaze over the diverse gathering. Having never met the man of the hour doesn't seem much of a deterrant for polite sensibilities, as the train of others providing him with their well wishes gives Karina her target. She presents herself with a respectful curtsy and a friendly smile. "Happy Birthday, my lord. And a memorable one at that, I hope." Nodding to the field. However, she doesn't dawdle, allowing others to pay their respects without crowding him. A look out over the crowd, she spies a few familiar faces and smiles toward Jeffeth, Bree and Sorrel.

2 Grayson House Guards, Max, an emperor tamarin, Rosalee, The Champion arrive, following Ailys.

Bree has little time to help Jeffeth, because /her/ name is the second of the first pairing to be called. "Ooooh!" she exclaims. "Seems a little unfair to go against the birthday boy," she laughs then, trotting over to her horse to unlatch the beast and bringing her close to the field. She mounts, clearly at ease both in armor and on horseback, her sword at her side. "Your grace, I promise not to go easy on you simply because it is your birthday," she salutes him with a fist to chest once more.

"I did tell her that I didn't think there'd be anyone there who **wouldn't** know, but.." Tyren trails off with a shrug. What can you do? He looks across to spy Tesha, a light smile touching his face as he nods to her. "Lady Tesha, it's been awhile," he says amicably. Then there's a look to Sophie, coming around to where the others are who are going to be spectators. There's no way Tyren's getting on a horse. "Cousin," he murmurs to Sophie. Who knows how they are related, but related they are!

Bhandn will remain where he is, eyeing his mount's appetite with a hint of bemusement on his features, as he's currently engaged in a bit of a nudging match. "I don't have any more of those in there," his deep voice is telling the mare who absolutely /must/ have another of what she just ate. "You can have more /after/ we get back." Then the trumpet is sounding and his attention is diverted by that. "Leading off in an interesting way already, I see," he says to the air.

"Oh excellent!" Cristoph says to Bree with a laugh as he mounts up on his horse. "My thinking is, if I lose early, I get to eat more cake." So really in the duke's eyes, is losing really losing? He wheels his horse into position! Time to roll!

"Huh?" Grunts the Bull from the monster horse. Looking down, he cocks his head to the side. "Oh. I got it." Tug. Tuggg. "Got it!" Swinging his leg up and over Jeffeth goes to dismount, plopping down next to Bree. He glances over to her and shrugs his massive shoulders. "Good luck." Taking his helm off a wave is sent over to Sophie as he starts walking to find a quiet place to sit and wait. He doesn't grab Friend's reins or anything. But luckily she is so used to him being him that she knows just to follow him.

Cristoph checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 7 lower.

Jeffeth has joined the by the stone water fountain.

"Wait, if we lose we get to eat cake...?" Bree asks as she's lowering the visor of her helmet, and unsheathing Kindness, her trusty weapon.

Cristoph checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 37, rolling 10 higher.

Bree checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 13 higher.

Amari mouths that she doesn't know, if the marquessa is coming presumably, to answer Norwood belatedly. She was fussing with her helmet which she's managed to put on correctly. There's a smile for Jael and another for Lisebet, but she's mostly trying to make sure she is properly prepared. Especially with Jeffeths showing up on mammoth horses and such. "Let's not break anything." She says to Bandit, her perfectly reasonable sized horse before turning to watch the first match of the birthday boy and Dame Bree.

"Lady Amari." Alarissa calls out, guards keeping close to the Thrax Princess as she carefully navigates through the crowd toward the soon to joust Keaton. A familiar face in all of this.

"For a bit, yes, my thanks." Norwood settles himself next to Sophie. His back is ram-rod straight. "I will be jousting in a bit, but for now." A tiny nod of her head. "I appreciate you coming. I do hope that you do not need to perform any healing tonight."

Tyren addresses her and he is given the same warm smile that Norwood received and she calls to him, "It's good to see you, cousin! It's been far too long!" Then a cheerful wave is given to Jeffeth. There's another cousin, and Sophie blows a kiss toward Alarissa. After all, she can't throw a rock here in A

Arx without hitting at eat one cousin, maybe three.

Bree checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 17, rolling 34 higher.

Tesha gives a look up when she hears Tyren's voice and there's a dip of her head to him, "Lord Laurent." she greets him. "It has. But that is alright." she tells him with a smile. "I heard of your wedding to Lady Jael, congratulations on that. I'm sorry I wasn't in Arx to congratulate you then." she admits. She then looks to those who have been announced and she focuses on the field. One thing that was not a secret, the Telmar woman LOVED to see the jousts.

Being so big has it's uses. Namely, one can see over a crowd without issue. This is how Gaspard manages to catch sight of Tesha across the way. It gives him pause, equally unsure in his expression.. until finally, he smiles. It's gentle, perhaps a little wistful, but distant as a large hand lifts in brief greeting to her. After that, he turns his attentions back to the joust, perking up particularly at the solace knight taking on Cristoph, which appears to go in her favor! "Good form!" He shouts, cheering with a few solid claps.

Lisebet stays where she can watch, not too far from Amari, so she spies Alarissa's arrival as well. "Your Highness," she greets easily. She is looking autumnal, fresh, alert and her usual gentle self. She nods to Amari with a smile, and glances over at Sorrel. "I shall have to wish you all best of luck," she says wryly. "As I cannot decide who to cheer for if not all of you."

LANCE in hand, also called Kindness (but Kindess the Second), Bree takes easy hold of the reigns, her heels brought to the side of her horse, her lance lowered. She rides well, nimble atop the steed, and as she nears the birthday boy, she does what she promised. She does not go easy on him. With the thrust of her arm forward, her lance strikes clean, and she's slowing to a trot as she raises the lance to look back at the rider. Her hand shoves her visor up, and she grins widely, cheeks pink. "Enjoy your cake, Duke Cristoph!" she offers to him as consolation.

"And I didn't listen because I'm wayward and illogical," Jael replies affably to her husband, pressing a kiss to his cheek before leading her horse over to the jousting area. "Amari! I hope we get to joust, it'll be like squire versus squire." Alas, Bree has just bested her brother, which means she'll have to hand him his butt another time. "Well, at least I can't break his arm at his own party this time."

Oof. Cristoph ends up on the ground, he pushes his visor up. "I guess *will* be eating that cake early," he tells his squire when the young man rushes over to help him to his feet. "Excellent riding!" he calls over to Bree as he gets off of the field.

The trumpeter shakes his had when the duke loses in the first round, unbelievable. Well, at least he's not hurt, probably. As that current joust is coming to its conclusion, he brings up as trumpet and DODODODODO again. "Baron Norwood Clement of Duskshire vs Sir Jeffeth Bayweather of the Knights of Solace!"

"Well I'm glad you're back in the City," Tyren says to Tesha genuinely as he shifts his stance, keeping his prone false arm across his stomach. "And it has been too long, I agree. We should get tea sometime," he says to Sophie. Then his attention strays to the joust, his expression rather neutral as the birthday boy LOSES. But he does sigh quietly.

Amari turns herself around when she hears Alarissa's voice, eyes soon picking her out of the crowd. "Princess Alarissa," She calls back amiably before bending knee in a facsimile of a curtsy which is about as well as can be managed in so much rubicund, "It's nice to see you up and about. We should sit together after I'm out of the contest, if you'd like." When her name is called again, she flashes a grin at Jael, "I hope so too. I challenged Cristoph directly, but it looks like he's already out."

Karina lets loose a cheer as Bree's lance strikes true. "The dame floats like a butterfly but hits like a battering ram!"

".... before he was a Duke it was easier to order him upon his horse." Norwood says under his breath before he rises and bows to Sophie. "My thanks," and then he's off to go and hit people with stuff.

Norwood checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 44 higher.

Jeffeth checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 17 higher.

Fashionably late (or just late) is Princess Ailys Grayson. She steps in to the area and pauses, seeing the events in full swing. Eyebrows rise just a touch as she looks around, trying to figure out if she knows exactly who is competing at the moment. Regardless, she does grin as she watches the events, fingers lacing together loosely in front of her.

Norwood checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 1, rolling 56 higher.

"You look very fetching and no doubt, your armor will serve you well" The pallid princess of thrax offers, a look to Lisebet and a smile. "I wish you the best of luck and that you emerge victorious. I'll go stand with Duchess Lisebet." Alarissa leans in, pressing her cheek to Amari's. "Unseat your competitor." Before she eases off, careful of her left side till she is near Lisebet and companions.

Jeffeth checked strength + huge wpn at difficulty 13, rolling 45 higher.

Norwood checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 1, rolling 61 higher.

Tesha gives a smile to Tyren and dips her head a little to him, but she doesn't distract him any longer. She gives a look back to the field and there's a bit of a wince at the next pairing. Was that right? She watches though.

As Norwood rises Sophie calls to him, "Good luck! I certainly hope nobody's in need of healing as well." She nods her head and settles in to watch, but her eyes dart to Cristoph, just to make sure there's no signs of injury.

Bree brings her horse around to the side of the field to watch Jeffeth. She's distracted for a moment by a cheer, her blue eyes finding Karina in the gathering crowd, and she laughs, lifting a hand to wave. She'll have to remember that... but then her attention returns to watch her Grandmaster give it his best.

Sorrel beams at Lisebet fondly before turning her gaze to the tilt. "It ought to be good fun and good riding today. Quite a field of competitors, really," she says enthusiastically.

Cristoph wanders over to the fountain and grabs a piece of chocolate cake from the serving table, he sits down in his armor at the edge and begins to eat. If his ego is bruised at all from having lost so early on, it doesn't seem evident. He engages in quiet conversation with the other guests and cheers for the matches as they carry on.

Lisebet makes sure there's room for Alarissa to not be jostled, giving Bigsby and Ramona a quiet look which is all those fine retainers need to make sure that there's safety there. Well, at least from being jostled. "By all means, your highness," she says to Alarissa. "You are most welcome to stand with me, until we are ready to sit somewhere and cheer the dashing jousters on." Sorrel's enthusiasm wins another smile. "It looks fun so far," is her return. "So I have hopes you will all enjoy participating as much as we enjoy cheering." She does catch sight of Cristoph as he gets cake and a seat. Aha.

Gaspard almost has to do a double take when the next competitors enter the joust line. Specifically at Jeffeth. It's uncommon to find someone so tall outside the Blackrams, at least in his experience, so he's curious. And maybe a little impressed. In the meantime, Jotun's ears prick with as much interest at Friend. Big horse solidarity.

Karina chuckles, returning Bree's wave and settling her attention on the upcoming pairing like she's got money in it. The artist pitches herself close to the field, where she can feel the thundering of hooves quaking the earth underfoot, but down the line enough to avoid taking a stray splinter from someone's lance.

"I'll lose in style, at least." Amari says in a tone that suggests she's not even mad about her not great odds. She murmurs a thank you as well to Alarissa, and watches her head off to Lisebet with a hint of concern in her eyes. Then her attention goes back to the current match, Norwood vs Jeffeth. She has to see how that goes, and whistles to cheer on Norwood. She's plainly biased. "Go Norwood!"

Jael swings up on her charger easily and tells Amari something she probably already knows, which is, "Norwood is always on Cris' case about improving his riding." She tsks quietly, an annoying little sister to the core even now, then applauds loudly for each victor, with a particiularly loud whoop for the Laurent Sword.

Jeffeth and Norwood crash into the field in quite the epic battle of the wills. One that results Baron Norwood as the victor. He trumpts once more DODODODO!!! Lady Jael Laurent of Artshall will ride against Princess Sorrel Thrax the Bladesong!

"Oh, that's us." Jeffeth grunts up to Friend. Going to grab his Bull helm. Placing it back on he quickly goes to mount the huge beast. The massive pair rides gallantly over to the lists.

A master warrior, with legendary strength, the Bull is not one to trifle with! He nearly won the Tourney of the Roses joust! So obviously he is a very competent and skilled--

Norwood's lance shatters on Jeffeth's chest as the behemoth goes toppling out of his saddle without much of a contest. Landing on his back in a way that his feet are still in the air and he's slooowly teetering over to his face. His legs fall and the Bull is now on his face slowly pushing himself to his knees. Friend has stopped and has walked back, watching Jeffeth with what looks like judgement. If horses could be judgey. Friend is a little judgey of her rider.

Pulling back his faceplate, Jeffeth goes to yell. "Well done Sir No--" But the faceplate clamps back down over his face leaving the rest of Jeffeth's cheer a muffled mess. Eventually he gathers himself up and goes to drag himself off the lists, Friend goes to follow. Though she does look over to Jotun in a very coy horse sort of way.

"Oh, I'll cheer for Sorrel as well as Amari." ALarissa glances to the other present Thrax, the small smile. "You are partaking yes?" She queries even as Maxene stands guard. She looks then to the lists and those about to ride, reserve falling back across her face. Then it's Sorrel's turn.

Sorrel checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 39 higher.

Jael checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 26 higher.

Bree winces as Jeffeth goes flying from his saddle, turning her head away for a moment. But even the best of their order falls sometime. So she turns back, her gauntlet hands cupped around her mouth, "Well struck, Sir Norwood!" And then, because she's ever-so-encouraging. "Nice form, Sir Jeffeth!" Probably the form of his falling she's talking about. Because it looked good from here.

Sorrel checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 1, rolling 77 higher.

Bhandn was content to watch the jousting in silence, with the occasional batting away of horse nostrils which continue to insist that the current handler has something to share. "Pay attention," is all Bhandn has to say to the mare who just wants love in the form of sustenance. His eyebrows rise to the sky at the clash between Norwood and Jeffeth, but no comments. There is a moment where the old man starts forward, but then the Grandmaster is getting up, and seeming to be fine, but Bhandn's grey eyes seek out the Mother Mercy all the same right after.

Norwood and Steadfast are quiet and steadfast as they sit at the starting line. Riding at one another they do everything in JEfeeth's pose, and Norwood comes out on top. The honorable thing to do is go and check on Jeffeth though, so that's what the armored knight does. "Sir JEffeth? Are you well?"

Jael checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 4, rolling 15 higher.

Tesha gives a soft smile when she watches Jeffeth and Norwood, when the Baron unseats the Knight of Solace there is a loud cheer for him, "Good hit, Baron Norwood!" she calls.

Sophie's being dutiful, and of course she's watching Jeffeth as he stands up. One brow raises in expectation. If he needs healing she'll certainly be able to tell soon enough.

"Yes, indeed," Sorrel replies to Alarissa with a bright smile. And then she's called up to ride, so she mounts her mare and goes to line up against the Lady Jael Laurent, bracing herself for a good run, for the lady is known to be an excellent rider. She nudges her horse into motion, bringing her lance down to fiercely strike the other.

Well, Ailys was invited to watch Jeffeth get knocked off his horse, and she's not left disappointed. There's a soft chuckle from her as he falls, and she moves forward to get a better look at the event. A sideways look is given to those who have 'lost' the joust, though. A healer's gaze constantly wanders. Just in case.

Karina winces as Jeffeth's knocked from his saddle, but as the knight recovers and his helm comically masks his congratulations, she has to stifle a good-natured laugh.

Lisebet smiles, and cheers for Sorrel, as she rides, because - well, family. There is a glance towards Alarissa and a softly murmured something to her that is not easily overheard.

Amari climbs up atop her dapple gray Duskshire feral and gives his neck a pat as she settles in. One of her green cloaked Huntsmen hands her lance up and she hefts it up to rest on her shoulder as she waits her turn. The view is a little better up there, so she watches Sorrel and Jael face off, and Norwood check on Jeffeth before that. She's mostly all smiles, when she's not yawning behind her gauntlet.

The big man smiles at everyone applauding/laughing at his performance, giving a deep bow to the crowd. Making his way to the fountain. Jeffeth goes to settle down, resting his helmet next to him and looking up to Friendprobably quietly murmuring apologies to her.

Bree has joined the by the stone water fountain.

The trumpeter watches as Lady Jael loses in the same round as her brother and honestly just looks very disappointed in both of them. Tsk. He makes with the DODODODO again and this time the call is for Sir Bhandn Yvar of the Knights of Solace vs Prince Gaspar Velenosa!

Jael has left her excellent rideship at home and only showed up with her pretty good ridership, which means that Freddie swerves inconveniently and Sorrel is able to land a very solid hit on the Laurent woman. She tumbles from her saddle, but she has at least brought her excellent landingship and after her horse has thundered past her she sits up and waves. "I'm all right!" She stands and salutes Sorrel with what's left of her lance. Sorry trumpet guy.

Tyren's a good husband. He cheers for Jael from the sidelines, but it's obvious that it doesn't do anything. There's a wince when she flies off her horse, but he waits patiently to see if she sits back up or has to get dragged off before he goes to her side.

Sorrel circles around to check on Jael. "I am glad that you are doing well, Lady Jael," she says with a smile. "Do you need a hand? You rode well and were quite challenging to unseat."

Also Jeffeth pat-patted Norwood's shoulder. He's fine!

Ah well, so much for that match. Still, a good one! Looking to his mount, Gaspard gives the stallion's broad neck a hearty pat. "Now, pay attention, because we're sure to be-- Jotun? Er! Jotun!" Gaspard is big, but his horse is a tank, and a coy look is all he needs to nearly drag his handler along to plod off towards Friend. By the time he gets a handle on him, they're already beside the two. "Jotun, /please/. Apologies, Grandmaster we ah.. Oh. We have to go!" and with that he nearly drags the horse back to the line.

Gaspard checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 22 higher.

Bhandn checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 2 lower.

Jefeeth gets eyed when he pats Norwood's shoulder. Slow blinking, but then he nods once. Alright. Turning away he'll head back towards Jael and Tyren, low muttering."

Gaspard checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 8, rolling 40 higher.

Norwood mutters, "You are alright?"

Bhandn checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 17 higher.

Tesha watches when the next pair are called up and sees Jotun try to drag her former betrothed off, "Oh no, Jotun." she winces a bit. But, she laughs softly after Gaspard seems to get control of the horse. She loved that horse.

Karina has joined the by the stone water fountain.

Jael brushes at the dirt on her sash. Thankfully the garish pink writing shines through. "I'm fine, Princess Sorrel. You hit like a ton of stonework!" It's a compliment, delivered with feeling as she makes her way off the field before she gets squashed. A Laurent groom is jogging after Freddie, who is kicking his heels off in the distance. As Tyren and Norwood approach she flashes a grin. "Don't fuss, I'm fine. Let's get some cake."

Karina heads on over to the fountain to join a couple of familiar faces. "Well done, Bree! Jeffeth..." A comical waver of Karina's head from one side to the other as a playful smile grows. "I'll keep an eye out for future birthday jousts on your behalf. Everyone loves a redemption story."

Amari whistles her appreciation for the last tilt, though she does look briefly very very concerned for Jael's well being after Sorrel hits her so squarely. Good landsmanship at least, and when the Lady Laurent pops up with her bones seemingly intact she gives a little cheer. "Yay! Jael! You survived!" Then she begins to look vaguely worried about what she's signed up for here.

Once his name is called, Sir Bhandn is putting on his head gear. He's strapped that longsword's scabbard to the mare he's riding, since it will hardly be comfortable to either rider or steed if it's on /his/ back. He mounts smoothly enough, but there is a bit of rigidity to his posture that comes with it, a visible tension, but he isn't falling off or swaying, at least. He salutes Gaspard, and then, it begins...

The trumpeter has no Laurents to sigh at in dismay this round. Instead, he'll focus on announcing that Prince GasparD Velenosa won this round! And that the last round of this bracket is Lady Amari Keaton of Oakhaven versus Sir Ichibod Reeves of Artshall. Everyone has definitely heard of him. Everyone. Very famous guy. Tight with the Clements.

"Come on, Sir Bhandn!" Bree calls from by the water fountain.

Cristoph GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + ride(3) at difficulty 30, rolling 3 higher.

Amari checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 12 higher.

Tyren wears a frown, but he doesn't argue with Jael. He's still going to fuss though, which explains why he looks her over a few times before he takes her hand. "Cake it is then," he replies, inclining his head to Norwood. "Come on, you too."

Amari checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 18, rolling 9 higher.

"No, I am afraid I need to stay to joust again," Norwood says, bowing when Tyren invites him to go and eat cake. Instead he stays to cheer on his squire, pulling off a glove and lifting his fingers to whistle for Amari. GO AMARI.

Once he's able to wrestle his swooning steed back into line, Gaspard swings his bulk up into the saddle, one hand secure on the reins and one hefting his lance. To the salute of his opponent, he only nods in acknowledgement, bright attitude sinking away in favor of concentration. The moment it begins he only has to issue a sharp command and Jotun churns the dirt, thundering off down the line like the beast he is. It only takes a second for lances to line up, but he gets there faster and feels it shatter upon Bhandn in passing. Hopefully he holds on! "Ha! Excellent, Jotun!" He chuckles, deep and delighted while ruffing the horse's mane and circling back to potentially help the man if needed. "A good show, Sir!"

Cristoph GM Roll checked strength(3) + medium wpn(3) at difficulty 27, rolling 2 lower.

Norwood reaches out and places a heavy hand on Tesha's shoulder. "I am sorry to hear that."

Jael lets Tyren lead her over to the cake because there's cake. "I'll save you a piece, Uncle Norwood," she calls back over her shoulder, not that the occasion is suffering from a lack of food. She squeezes Tyren's fingers and looks at him earnestly. "I swear I'm fine. I fall off horses all the time." Then cranes her neck to see how Amari's doing out there.

Hold on he does not. The force of that lance shattering, plus Bhandn's openly nervous posture is enough that he goes flying. There's a loud grunt as he slams into the ground, and for a moment he doesn't move, winded. He slowly rolls over, taking those few moments needed to catch his breath when all the air is knocked free, but he'll be able to get to his feet unaided, and another groan, but he favors his right side, the hand lifting to offer a silent acknowledgement to Gaspard before pulling off that helmet to reveal his wincing face.

His mount, on the other hand, is perfectly fine with ditching him to try and go in search of something to eat.

Sir Ichibod Reeves, oh gods, he's a real knight. Amari is just a squire. Oh well. The sparrowbeak visor is snapped down into place with a certain finality and with a press of her heels she coaxes Bandit forward to the line. There her horse dances to the left and right, nervy and eager to go. She gives him a pat on the neck and a word of caution or encouragement (it doesn't carry far), then she lifts her hand to signal she's ready. Whatever thoughts she has at that point are kept to herself and she becomes the very picture of concentration and focus. When Reeves is set, she gives him a nod, then Bandit surges forward into a full gallop, hooves chewing up the dirt as she lowers her lance and when they meet, he gets donked on the shoulder. Not too hard, not with a dramatic shattering of wood, but DONK! And she goes by, happily staying in her saddle. When she flips her visor up she's laughing.

After that trumpeter messes up Gaspard's name and title for a second time, the house steward all but wrestles the instrument out of his hand sends him away. It's quite the fuss. The problem is, he's not a trumpeter. So after Amari beats Sir Ichibod Reeves, who is very, very famous, he DOOOOOOOOOOOTSSOSSD into the instrument horribly and calls out for Baron Norwood and Princess Sorrel to take the field.

Amari just isn't ANY squire. She's Norwood's cureent squire! He punches an arm in the air as Amari wins, but there isn't much time to go and congratulate her. Instead he has to go up against Princess Sorrel.

Tesha offers a smile to Norwood, "It'll be fine. Go joust, Baron." she tells him.

Bree had cheered for Bhandn before it began, but she's not one to let victory go unappreciated. "Great bent, Prince...Lord... Gaspard.... whoever you are! Big fellow!" That's the best she's got, with all this name confusion.

Norwood checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 46 higher.

Norwood checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 1, rolling 51 higher.

Sorrel checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 25 higher.

Sorrel checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 5, rolling 57 higher.

Karina pre-emptively claps from her fountain perch, "Come on, Princess Sorrel!"

Sorrel rides her mare over for her turn to tilt against the Baron, who did manage to take down Sir Jeffeth earlier in a rather intimidating display. Her horse fusses a little bit, but then runs full speed down the line while Sorrel carefully aligns her lance with Norwood's chest, grinning enthusiastically the entire time.

In big man solidarity Jeffeth raises his fist to cheer for, "Prince Lord Gaspar!"

Cristoph is somewhere eating his cake when he watches the steward and the trumpeter get into a fight and then he winces as the horrible note goes off across the grounds. He puts aside his foot and brushes off his hands, wandering over and calmly removing the trumpet from the steward's hand. "Ah, wow. Congratulations Princess Sorrel Thrax! Good showing, Baron Norwood. Next up we have LORD GASPARD BLACKRAM versus Dame Bree Harthall. Third time's a charm, as they say." He's talking about not messing up Gaspard's name or title. Dear god, let it be right this time.

Bree checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 28 higher.

Bree checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 2, rolling 64 higher.

By the time Gaspard gets to Bhandn it seems he's up and on his feet. Good! "Sorry if that was a bit much." He winces slightly in empathy before surprise overtakes him, looking off to the crowd. Oh, cheers! But er.. Prince? Oh, and looks like he's back on the field again, this time against the sprightly knight!

Gaspard checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 31 higher.

Gaspard checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 1, rolling 25 higher.

Amari rides up alongside Reeves, who is very famous, so famous that she's probably met him at an Artshall Spring Fete before so she trades a friendly jibe with the knight and pats his grievously not very injured shoulder where she hit him. With that they part amiably enough to clear the way and watch Sorrel and Norwood's matchup. She's left wincing, and doesn't seem immediately sure who's one, so holds her cheering until she's certain. "That was very close!" She calls out diplomatically, "Well done!"

It's a good close bout there, and Norwood bows to Sorrel in a salute as he leaves the lists. It's time for CAKE now. He's going to skim the audience for Jael, who promised to keep him CAKE.

"Make us proud Amari," Norwood calls out, his player hitting enter too quickly.

1 Templar Initiates, 3 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Cassandra.

Bree remounts her horse, heading back to the field with Kindness the Second in hand. She salutes Lord Gaspard, lowers her visor, and readies her weapon. This time she's even more sure of herself, the first ride having sent the blood pumping more quickly through her veins. She's riding off that adrenalin, and so it is with a mighty thwack that she is able to hit lance to chestplate, sending possibly the largest man she's ever seen flying off his horse. There's a loud 'whoop!' from beneath her helmet when she feels the contact, and she's slowing at the other end, quickly dismounting and moving to check on her felled opponent. "You make such a big target," she offers an explanation for her victory once she's made sure the man isn't dead or anything.

Sophie isn't doing much cheering. She's mostly watching the losing for signs of injury, but now and again she does give a little woop for the winner, or wince at a fall that looks particularly hard. When Bhandn holds his side that draws her attention longer than most do.

It takes a bit of effort for Sir Bhandn to force a grin at Gaspard's apology. "Not to worry," Bhandn says to the Blackram lord, but through gritted teeth. "You hit me solidly and my bad side didn't like the fall. I'll heal." Bhandn will go hobbling after that mare who has eyes for the refreshments table, but at least she's not temperamental, and she'll be fine with getting tied up so as not to wander towards the people food.

"Excellent ride!" Cristoph calls as Gaspard and Bree meet on the field. He leans back as there's a crashing of lances and someone shoves a paper into his hand. "It now looks like Lady Amari Keaton will be facing off against Dame Gina Brightenberry of... what does this say? Uh, it looks like she's from Duskshire!" He announces it and then looks over at Norwood and shrugs. Does Norwood know this person???

Cristoph GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + ride(3) at difficulty 30, rolling 3 higher.

Amari checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 6 lower.

Cassandra said she'd be here. She *said it*. Jael can be witness to the fact that her sister said she'd be here. And then she wasn't here at first, only eventually showing up while her brother's birthday is in full swing. Leave it to being Legate of the Arts getting in the way of having some kind of enjoyment with her own family. So while she's not thrilled to be late, as evidenced by the frown on her face, she does arrive, her entourage of Templars in tow, who are quickly dismissed to go enjoy themselves while she seeks out her siblings and anyone else that she might know.

Blliiinnnkkkk. "When did //Gina// get into town?" This is an important question that someone should tell him, even though he's not actually speaking to anyone.

Amari checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 36, rolling 13 lower.

Cristoph GM Roll checked strength(3) + medium wpn(3) at difficulty 27, rolling 1 higher.

Since Jael takes the time to watch Amari's and then Norwood's match in their entirety, by the time Norwood catches back up she's only just getting cake herself. But She waits with a slice in hand anyway, to hand it to her mentor if he gets within range. "Cassandra!" she calls out and waves, on seeing her elder sister arrive.

Back on the field, Gaspard's demeanor doesn't immediately sink, instead offering a lift of his brod hnd to the woman way down the line. "Good luck to you.. Dame Bree, was it?" He hollars down, having heard it from the cheers. And then it's back into the thick of it, no different than last as he barrels down the field, deep clods of dirt kicking up in his wake. The only difference is Bree is much smaller, so his aim is a little off, earning him a solid lance to his armored chest. "Oof!" It packs a punch and leaves him slipping off his horse, who dutifully trots back to snuff at his head helpfully. He gruffs and shoves the big nose away before looking up at his opponent, the grin finding him quickly and stormy eyes lighting. "Well, no one said being big is always a good thing." He chuckles warmly and rises, looking down down down all the way to Bree. "A good joust, Dame Bree. You've got skill." This earns her a friendly clap on the shoulder.

"Um, congratulations Dame Gina?" Cristoph looks a little confused about how she got into the rolls at all. But this is fine. It turns out Gina needs to face off against another rider rather quickly. But in an odd turn of events, they end up knocking each other off of their horses and are too injured enough to not be able to continue to the next round. Healers on hand convienently tow these event NPCs away. Which leaves the tournament with, "Princess Sorrel Thrax versus Dame Bree Harthall!"

At the call of the eldest Laurent-Child-not-a-child-any-more's name, Norwood turns towards the entrance. He also raises a hand to greet the Legate, but doesn't call out. He has half an eye on Amari's joust and is blinking slowly as Gina takes it. "That's...weird."

"Who is Gina?" Tyren questions Jael as he takes a bite from Jael's cake. Really, it's the way things go, she can't expect a one-handed man to hold a cake and eat it too.

Not /the/ Dame Gina Brightenberry? Amari rides to the line and Bandit starts dancing again, a bit too eager and undisciplined. He's all go, which becomes plainly evident when he charges before his rider is quite ready. There's a bit of a struggle between them, but she loses and is trying too much to keep from falling on her head to really do anything useful at all with her lance. The business end sails right by Gina far too high and thus barely menacing her in any appreciable way. It also leaves Amari wide open, and only dancing Bandit taking a swerve saves her from a truly solid hit that might have knocked her into next week.

At the end she casts her lance to the ground, and leans in to HAVE SOME WORDS with Bandit, directly in his ear. Some accord is reached before she lifts a hand to Gina and rides off, done for the day. Beaten.

The huge knight at the fountain claps and hollers very loudly when Bree wins and then when she goes to ride again. "You've got it Bree!" There's an apologetic smile to Sorrel from Jeffeth before he gives a more neutral clap.

Bree checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 12 higher.

Bree checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 18, rolling 59 higher.

"Get her good, Dame Harthall!" Bree cheered for him, so Bhandn will do the same. He has a gauntleted hand on his left side, where he stands next to that mare, watching to see how the two women will fare in their tilt against each other. "If you win I'll let you have my whetstone."

Sorrel checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 6 lower.

Sorrel checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 36, rolling 20 higher.

Karina doesn't give away who she's cheering for, but she certainly /is/ cheering, with loud applause and sharp whistles. "Get her!" she says with diplomatic neutrality to leave them guessing.

Lisebet continues to watch, mostly silently, though there is attention paid. She cheers for Sorrel, for Bree, for Amari. For Jeffeth and for Norwood. And continues to cheer as the jousting continues.

In her mix of robes and armor, and Chivalry's Point hung low at her hip, Cassandra sure-footed strides carry across the field, steering *very* clear of the jousting and over to where Jael stands, returning the wave from Norwood with a pleasant nod of her own. "Jay." he greets with a smile. "I see things are well underway. I apologize for not being here sooner. Duties." A look at the current joust. "How much have I missed?"

Sorrel brings her mare around for another go, smiling eagerly at Bree as the two women take off towards one another with energy. But the princess's horse seems to be fighting her, apparently tired of the jousting, and so it is that Sorrel does not get a good blow lined up. Bree catches her unawares and down she goes, hard onto the ground.

Tesha rises and smoothes out her skirts as she walks towards where the horses are. She heads for Jotun and there's a smile to the horse as she produces an apple for the large black horse, "You did very well out there." she tells the animal softly as he takes the apple. Then she pets his head softly for a few moments, letting him enjoy his treat.

Cristoph watches as the last two riders of the joust line up and he lifts his chin, watching curiously. He looks surprised when Sorrel is unseated and brings his hands together, clapping loudly for the winner. "Congratulations Dame Bree Harthall! Thank you everyone for coming and competing. You've made my birthday very entertaining. Please enjoy the cake!" He wanders away from the announcer's stage and goes looking for Bree, handing something over quietly.

Bree nearly stumbles as Gaspard claps her on the back, perhaps an over exaggeration for his size. She's grinning at him, and dipping her chin. "Perhaps we can test our skill against one another /not/ on horseback sometime?" They've moved off the field to watch the final bout of this round, and when the winner is announced of that, she finds her name called again for the FINAL match. The Knight of Solace remounts her steed for the final time, tightens her grip, and kicks the horse into motion. A proper greeting is given Sorrel from afar, but then they're rushing at one another, hooves beating into the dirt, and she throws the weight of her body behind the thrust - and feels her target give way. She's unseated the princess, and as she pulls her horse to round and look back, her helm is popped off, tucked under her arm, and she realizes she's won the night. "Oh, awesome," she says, more to herself than to anyone gathered. She's dismounting and moving over toward Cristoph, a bow given to him once more. "Duke Cristoph, thank you for letting me participate in this!"

"Cassie," Jael says, using the nickname now that she isn't shouting across a crowd of people. "Gods, me and Cris got knocked right out. But it's fine, no broken bones. Norwood's out too, but he did much better. Cake?" Because that's what she's doing right now, handing out cake and losing cake. She glances over at Tyren and shrugs. "I have no idea. Norwood must know her from Duskshire." He's lucky she's both mystified and distracted. She doesn't seem to have any idea he's been stealing from her plate.

Gaspard swiftly moves off the field once the next competitors are chosen, one of them being the one he just faced off against. He settles beside the field, a glass of mead in hand that will never be big enough, to watch the next bout that Bree wins once again. Jotun, on the other hand, enjoys his grazing, never far, until Tesha arrives. A little nicker of recognition greets her, big head nudging before he turns to enjoy his treat. Pretty horse ladies, apples, what more could a stallion ask for?

Jeffeth pops to his feet and claps loudly for Bree, letting out a holler of a cheer! "Dame Bree Harthall, Knight of the Butterflies! Knight of Solace!"

Now that the jousting is over Sophie gathers up her belongings, and makes her way to Cristoph. She smiles brightly and says, "I must get back to my duties, but again, Happy Birthday!" She then turns her attention to Bree and gives her an equally bright smile. "Congratulations, Dame Bree! Please do stop by my office soon so that I might check your stitches. Just to be safe." She gives Jeffeth and Bhandn both a clap on the shoulders and says, "Better luck next time." On her way out to attend to her duties at the House of Solace.

Bree, fresh off her victory, bounds over to the fountain where Karina and Jeffeth stand - but not before her body does this awkward twist thing where she's suddenly remembered she needs to talk to someone in that other direction. Sophie is her target, and she moves in close to the Mercy, leaning in to quickly murmur a few words, her hand hitting against her left side a few times as she passionately describes something. And then she's back to Jeffeth and Karina.

Karina cheers at Bree's victorious tilt. "A great hit, Dame Bree! Princess Sorrel, valiant as always! Perhaps if the next joust is hosted on sharkback rather than horseback!" She flashes the Princess a cheerful smirk.

Amari has her lance handed back to her by one of her Huntsmen who gets a thank you, but the Keaton lady is mostly distracted by the last match that she watches intently. At Bree's victory, she whistles cheerfully then watches as Cristoph seeks her out. She rides directly at the Duke, and stops there with her brow lifted. "I recall issuing you a challenge, my lord."

"Thankfully. Cristoph has a... tendency to get injured in these types of events." Norwood adds into Jael and Cassandra's conversation. "I should probably go and see why Gina is in the city, it is not like her to travel this far lightly." And so Norwood slips off towards the mystery knight.

Bhandn doesn't exactly wince at Sophie's shoulder-striking contact, but the sheepish grin does twitch slightly. "Be well, Mother Mercy. I might have to ambush /you/ for a change, soon." And he'll go back to recuperating, after that, taking in deep, calming breaths.

Going to throw his massive arms around Bree when she runs over Jeffeth smiles brightly at Breee. Hugging her tightly to him. "Well rode, well struck!" The big man bellows with the most luminous smile.

Dame Rosario Nevarre of the Oathlands, Anouk Ardennes, Anais Ardennes, Triage, The white dove of Mercy, 3 Valardin Knights, 1 Templar Knight guards leave, following Sophie.

"I'll have to give my well wishes to dear brother once he's not overly busy." Cassandra notes, watching on for a moment, then adding, "I'm sure his pride will heal quickly. Besides, I shouldn't talk, you were both much better on horses than me." It's middling at best. "Please." The cake is taken without hesitation, Legates love cake too. Norwood is given a slightly amused chuckle. "He still has two left then, I take it?" Mmm, sibling ribbing, it never ends, no matter the age.

Ravana the tawny eagle arrives, delivering a message to Tesha before departing.

Lisebet is overheard praising Cristoph: Congratulations on another year!

"Very well struck, Dame Bree," Sorrel congratulates her opponent as she gets to her feet and brushes herself off. "It was a pleasure riding against you. You're quite fierce." She smiles easily and heads over to get some cake. She laughs at Karina, though. "Shark is for my husband. He's afraid of horses. But I was born an Oathlander!" she notes.

Lisebet is overheard praising Bree: Well fought and congratulations.

Gaspard is overheard praising Cristoph.

Gaspard is overheard praising Bree.

Gaspard is overheard praising Bhandn.

Tesha gives a soft smile at the nicker and she gives the horse another pat, "You're looking just as good as the day he left." she murmurs. Then she heads over to give a few quiet words to another before she has a messenger delivered. "I guess saying hello again will have to wait. Have a good evening, Jotun." she whispers to the horse.

Tyren is overheard praising Cristoph: Happiest of Birthdays

Bhandn is overheard praising Bree: A precise jouster!

Tyren is overheard praising Bree: Well fought!

Tyren is overheard praising Jael.

Tyren is overheard praising Norwood.

Cassandra is overheard praising Cristoph.

Cassandra is overheard praising Jael.

Maxene, the steadfast ladies maid, Elegance, a Velenosian Greyhound, Pellinor, 3 Thrax Guards, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat, 2 Thrax Elite Guards leave, following Alarissa.

Bhandn is overheard praising Cristoph.

After exchanging words with Bree and handing over her prize, Cristoph has to take a step back as Amari rides directly to him on her hourse. "Ah ha! Yes, you did. Where is my horse?" he calls out to his squire. Who seems really confused, didn't they do this already? Are they really going to do it again?? Yes, they are. The duke mounts up. "Lets get to do it, I'm ready. Are you, Lady Amari?"

Tyren is overheard praising Cristoph.

Tesha is overheard praising Cristoph.

Tesha is overheard praising Gaspard.

Sorrel is overheard praising Cristoph: Happy Birthday!

As Alarissa takes her leave, Lisebet turns back to cheer for Sorrel and Bree. And wait - Amari and Cristoph - Oh dear.

Atramentous, The Highhill War Hound leaves, following Tesha.

"I think he's got to joust with Amari now," Jael says, which is perhaps the equivalent of a birthday beatdown...depends on who wins. "Norwood has been training her. I'm not sure Cris can hold his own against her any more."

Perhaps he doesn't want to intrude on her congratulations, so it takes Gaspard a second to make his way over, finally removing his helm and mindfully running a hand over his head to slick fallen strands back. "You're quite the rider, Dame Bree, my deepest congratulations! If that's how you joust, I can imagine how you fight." Those around also earn a nod of acknowledgement, admiring all their skill. Meanwhile, with his handler gone and Tesha off, Jotun takes the opportunity to make a break for it and head over to greet Friend, head high and tail flagging. Show off. To this, Gaspard sighs, longsuffering, and offers Jeffeth a look of apology. "You've a fine horse, Sir Jeffeth. I think Jotun noticed that, too. Apologies.."

"I'm ready." Amari says with a sharp nod, that snaps her visor down into place conveniently enough. She may be smiling in there. Probably. Her voice is cheerful, if muffled behind all the rubicund. "For fun, of course." She adds that small stipulation as she reins Bandit in at the the line, ready to go. She lifts a hand to signify as much, incase she can't be heard. Ready.

"Ah, well, he was always my better with the joust. I always preferred the melee myself." Cassandra notes, watching on. "No pressure, birthday boy!" she calls across the field from her spot.

As Cristoph and Amari go to the lists for another bout, Sir Bhandn will be making his way toward the Legate. "Mother," he says with a partial bow, his left side not cooperating with being respectful right now as shown by his wince. "Should we hope to see you clashing against the Duke as well?"

Bree turns from her celebratory hugs and cheers with Jeffeth and Karina to find the big fellow standing there. She looks up... and up. "Hi," she greets with a beaming smile, radiant and warm. "Lord Gaspard, thank you. I imagine if you could make yourself a smaller target, my victory would not have come so easily. I look forward to sparring blade to blade, while we're both on the ground," she remarks, and then makes some introduction. "Sir Jeffeth Bayweather, Grandmaster of Knights of Solace, and Karina Seabright, famed artist and friend." Introductions made, she tilts to look past them all toward the cake, considering something.

Cristoph checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 6 higher.

Amari checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 5 higher.

The massive knight turns to face Gaspard as he approaches, going into a deep bow at the waist, fist pressed to his chest. "A pleasure and honor to meet you. Lord.. Highness?" The huge man rumbles lowly once he straightens. Jeffeth glances over to Friend who is taking a few steps away from Jotun pretending to ignore him. Eating grass. He looks back to Gaspard, shrugging. "No apology required."

Amari checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 6 higher.

Cristoph checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 24, rolling 7 higher.

"I really don't know who to cheer for," Jael notes as the pair square off, eyes on the match as Sir Bhandn approaches. She manages to keep her expression mostly in check but the corner of her mouth twitches at hearing her sister called 'Mother'. Even if it's her rightful title.

Karina's eyes bounce from Jeffeth to Gaspard a few times, so obviously comparing heights with some surprise to find someone Jeffeth doesn't tower over. "Your Lord Highness," Karina offers diplomatically and with a touch of whimsy when Jeffeth demonstrates uncertainty in the man's proper title. She curtsies respectfully to the man and dips her head in the process. "As the mighty Butterfly knight said, I'm Karina Seabright! It's a pleasure."

"Sir Bhandn." Cassandra greets with a cake-filled mouth. So it sounds more like "Suur Bfamf." She would chuckle if her mouth wasn't full. "Sir Bhandn, hello. Seems that I'm seeing a great amount of people I recognize who are not my own family-" But her train of thought is derailed while she watches the next pass of jousters.

Sorrel heads over to join Lisebet with a plate full of cake, eating it delightedly. "It was a pretty good joust, wasn't it? Dame Bree is quite fierce. But then, so is Lady Jael, and I eliminated her early on."

There's still plenty of time for Cristoph to get himself direly hurt again this year! But it doesn't look like it will be happening at his birthday party. He very narrowly lands a solid blow to Amari's shield and rides on past her, himself unhorsed. He wheels his steed around to catch sight of the Keaton lady again and trots back to her. "Is your thirst for challenge sated, Lady Amari?" he calls to her.

Jael says, to no one in particular, "Do you think I should challenge him too?" Because nothing says fun to a pair of Laurents like running at eachother with a pointy stick. She tinks a fork against her cake plate, which is now empty. She whirls to give Tyren a wounded look for his treachery.

Gaspard looks all too pleased by Bree's enthusiasm, grinning through that scruffy beard. "As do I. I'm sure you'd make as fine an opponent as today." And then, introductions! Jeffeth and Karina both have him pressing a fist to his chest in not too different a manner than the knight, bowing as properly as a soldier does and nowhere near a lord does. "Very good to meet you both. And ah, please.. just Lord." The wince is subtle, you'd have to squint to see it, but it's there. Clearly he's not used to the title, no matter how long he's had it. But he takes it well enough, holding helm lazily between forearm and hip when turing to Karina, lopsided smile holding that ounce of apology alongside a slightly knit brow. "Dame Bree says you're an artist? I've been out of the city for some time, so I'm afraid I haven't seen your work. Are you a painter?"

"Yes," Tyren says to Jael matter-of-factly. When she whirls around to look at him, he gives her an angelic smile. "What? There's a lot more cake!"

When it's time to go, whatever Amari said to her horse after their loss seems to have good effect. He doesn't go wild and prancy this time, but keeps to his line and charges straight enough, and at the proper time, that she can actually concentrate on her lance work. That too is perfectly adequate, her style a lesser copy of Norwood's that isn't very flash. She scores a good little hit on the Duke, and she takes one in return as the pair meet with a crash of wood on metal. It's a very close thing, but it does look like she took the worst of it, her shield arm no doubt stinging. At his question, she lifts her visor and peers at him considerately before giving a nod. "If you're satisfied then I am too. I'm just happy it didn't end in disaster, really. Happy birthday, Duke Cristoph."

Lisebet nods to Sorrel, amused. "Indeed. You jousted very well! Actually, everyone has jousted well today. It was a glorious showing." A grin with that comment, and the petite Ashford duchess does not look at all repentent. She watches the next joust, holding her breath and only releasing it with an audible sigh once the joust is confirmed oer.

"Oh certainly." Cassandra answers Jael after a moment. "I had missed you joust, personally speaking, I'd love to see it." To finally answer Bhandn's question now that her mouth isn't stuffed, she shakes her head. "Gloria blessed me with a number of skills. not one of them. There is something to be said of knowing your own limitations. Now if my brother hosted some kind of melee, I would've already thrown myself into it. Me horses have simply never got along as well as I would've hoped."

"He might insist on anyone challenging him wearing armor like his," Bhandn says to the air right after Jael's query. He doesn't take it a step further, still breathing deeply albeit slower than before, his hand finally dropping away from his side. There might have been a curse or two about 'that stupid scar' mixed in as well ('stupid' is not the exact word he uses).

Gaspard is overheard praising Jeffeth.

"She is!" Bree chimes in helpfully when Gaspard asks if Karina is a painter. "She painted the most beautiful butterfly and sunflower work... you can see it in her shop!" Is Bree her publicist? No, just a fan, apparently. She casts a smile toward the painter, and since it seems like they aren't leaving for a walk, she holds up a hand. "Excuse me for a second. Be right back!" Her reasoning? Cake! She heads to the table, and then takes up four slices, juggling them between her two arms, and begins to bound back to offer each of the small group a slice. "Cake?" Apparently she didn't have enough hands to get the alcohol, as well.

Karina straightens as he addresses her directly. Her brows spring to life, heralding a touch of warmth in her eyes as she smile. "Exactly right, my lord! Primarily in oil paints. I haven't been in the city long, but a handful of my works have been sold and plenty remain on display in the gallery. Ah, that's The Muse of Mourning on Thrax Row!" A swift nod jostles the golden brown bun that a hairpin secures behind her head.

Bhandn does give a soft laugh at Cassandra's words as well. "I think it safe to say, Mother, that I am hardly a fine rider compared to some. I've preferred my feet more, admittedly."

That's two votes for yes, but Jael decides to let the birthday boy decide how much more risk he's willing to take on this most illustrious of days. "Cris, should I challenge you too?" She shouts it.

"Cake." Jeffeth pipes happily as Bree brings back the four slices of cake. The big man smiles broadly down at his slice. He looks over to Friend and frowns lightly. "Mm. I feel like I should get her saddle off and get her brushed first." The massive man looks over to Karina, then Bree, and finally Just Lord Gaspard. "I'm going to go do that, but I'll head over to the Trader's after. If you want to meet me over there. Please do." With a bright smile, Jeffeth heads over to Friend, makes a clicking sound with his tongue and leads the massive beast on out.

Karina gives Bree a thoughtful look, and from it grows an even broader smile. If Bree wasn't her publicist before, she's trapped in the expectation now! Returning with cake, Karina graciously takes a plate and utensil for herself. "Thank you so much!" She hides her disappointment at the lack of alcohol behind a small bite of dessert, and then seems to forget all about it after that.

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Jeffeth takes his cake and runs. RUDE. And Bree looks at Karina and Gaspard, her fork used to almost shovel the sweet dessert into her mouth, quite unladylike (maybe that's why she gave up the title to become Godsworn?). "Mrmph. Come on!" she encourages them both, roping Gaspard into their adventures, should he care to join them. If not, she offers a small wave. Before she heads out, however, she turns to Cristoph one last time. "Duke Cristoph, thank you again for the party. And happiest of birthdays. We'll drink to your good health tonight!" And then she's moving to recover her horse, and lead the beast out and back to the House of Solace.

"I'll have to stop by sometime, then. I think I need something for my room. I'm told it needs more.. character." Whatever that means! But that aside, Gaspard has better things to focus on, namely cake, which he very graciously accepts. It's never enough, but he's going to enjoy it, regardless. Jeffeth's departure gets a nod of acknowledgement, "I may join you once I get Jotun settled. I could use a drink.." As expected, the stallion tries to follow after them, making Gaspard grunt and juggle his things while staggering over to grab his reins. "Come on, you.. Dame Bree, Madam Karina, I'll see you there!" He does his best to wave at the other two and goes off to settle his horse in before joining.

Karina is holding her plate with one hand, so the hand that waves at Gaspard is forked and caked with... cake. "I hope you do, Lord Gaspard. We'll see what I can do about the character of your room." She smiles before turning to join Bree in meandering off. A smile that drops almost as fast as a chunk of her cake from the fork before she can get it into her mouth.

"Thank you, Lady Amari. If it weren't for you, I'm not sure we'd be having any jousting today." When he hears his sister call his name, he looks in Jael's direction. "Yes! Another joust, lets go. I haven't yet broken my arm tonight." It's then that he spots Cassandra and lifts a hand, waving to another sister! So many sisters.

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Once again Tyren is off the hook, thanks to his wife's attention span. "Where's Freddie?" Thankfully the steed has been re-captured, and a beleaguered-looking groom leads the stallion over so Jael can mount up. The pair jog out to the course, picking up a lance on the way and square off against her brother. "If I knock you out on your birthday I will never, ever hear the end of it so don't fall off your bloody horse this time, all right?"

"Keep talking like that, and it's bound to happen." Cassandra remarks, giving a wave in return to Cristoph. A hand gestures at Jael. "Well, the challenge has been given. Do you plan on rising up to it?"

"I had to make up for that cake. Marie tried to save it..." Amari says gravely, but as Jael gives challenge, she oohs and is all encouragement for more jousting. "Is this a rematch. Have you both jousted since that last time?" With the broken arm, she seems to be implying she just doesn't straight out say it. Looking to Jael, she mouths a 'be careful', then is moving off to clear the way. She ends up near Cassandra, where she dismounts and gives a short bow before removing her helmet. "Legate, nice to see you. It's been some time, hasn't it? I think it was at Cristoph's agricultural college. That was a battle."

"It's my bloody birthday and if I want to fall off my horse, I will." Cristoph tells Jael. Famous last words.

Cristoph checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 2 lower.

Jael checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 19 higher.

Cristoph checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 32, rolling 29 higher.

Jael checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 11, rolling 14 higher.

"One does wish my lord's back many /soft/ falls, then," Sir Bhandn calls out to Cristoph. "And also well wishes for this next year. Mother," he says then, turning to Cassandra, "thank you again for our previous conversation, it was good to see you again. I think I must go give our Mother Mercy an excuse to lecture me, though." He'll offer another partial bow, but Sir Bhandn does plan to go.

While Cristoph isn't a *terrible* rider, he's definitely seen a horse before, he's nothing compared to his sister's skill. Quite frankly, the form he uses leaves a lot to be desired and he nearly slips straight out of the saddle before he even gets to her. But somehow he rights himself at the last moment and CRASH.

Jael, for her part, is all about form. She shows up her brother thoroughly in that regard. But it's not enough to keep her in the saddle when Cristoph lands a hit on her squarely and she again tumbles off. It's not as hard as the hit she got from Sorrel and it takes her less time to get back on her feet, though she does rub her hip and wince a little bit. "All right, all right, you got me."

Cassandra passively watches her siblings pass each other. "That was...well, that was far closer than I was expecting it be. Well done, brother. She almost had you there." And then down at Jael. "Nothing hurt?"

It turns out that there's a lot of cake here. Like a lot of cake. And after Cristoph gets done randomly jousting memories of family and different vassals, he'll climb down off of the horse and eat some more.

"Nothing some ice can't fix," Jael proclaims, and even if she sits down to tuck in to some more cake with another wince, she's in good spirits for the rest of the evening.

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