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Lord Tyren Laurent

The chaos never ends. You just learn to become the calm.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Broken Scholar
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Laurent
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Age: 32
Birthday: 01/09
Religion: Pantheon (Vellichor)
Vocation: Scholar
Height: 6'3"
Hair Color: Mahogany
Eye Color: Cerulean
Skintone: Fair

Titles: Disciple of Vellichor

Description: Standing at six feet and three inches in height, this is a man of broad shoulders and a frame of lean, corded muscle. Though long of limbs, he is quite the opposite of lanky; there's a certain aura of grace in the way he holds himself. His angular face is defined by a strong jaw and a thin nose which sits between deep eyes of rich cerulean. The mop of soft curls upon his head is kept in a neatly mussed style, trimmed and just long enough to lightly dust the base of his neck in the back, the color golden brown with strong hints of a deeper ember red. More often than not, he sports a thin goatee, the colouring similar to that of his hair. Notably, thick scarring weaves spiderweb patterns across his shoulder and down the whole of his right arm which ends in a hand not of flesh but sculpted from lightweight ivory held in a sleeve of durable, hardened leather.

Personality: Tyren Valardin is a man built by loss - the loss of his family at Sanctum, the senseless slaughter of his traveling companions, and the loss of limb suffered by the hands of the Abandoned - but he is not wholly defined by those events. Reserved, calm, and well composed, he has rare moments of true glee and and those seem to happen most often behind closed doors, particularly with a good book involved. But while he tends to be a private person when it comes to matters of the self, he does find pleasure in sharing his academic pursuits with others. A keen intellectual, he enjoys lively debates and investigations which take him deep into libraries and beyond to find knowledge and spread that knowledge to others.

Background: Once, Tyren Valardin was a man with two good hands.

Born a cousin to the head of House Valardin, Tyren was well and truly seeped in time-honoured legends of glorious knights and reverent devotion to the Gods. He perhaps should have become a Knight himself, though it was fairly obvious early on in his childhood that he had little aptitude for sword and shield and even less desire to learn. Thus, time meant for swordplay was more often than not spent elsewhere - and most commonly, that elsewhere was hidden with a stack of books from the library, pouring over one story after another. Tyren took to scholarly pursuits like a moth to flame, and when he was not reading, he was writing his own tomes to share with others. It was no surprise to anyone at all when Tyren left at the age of eighteen to join the Scholars and become a disciple to Vellichor; it was this pursuit that kept him away from Sanctum when the tragedy befell. With his parents and much of his family slaughtered, Tyren fell deeper into his tomes, and through his grief, he rose in ranks with the Scholars.

There had been a time when Tyren well and truly considered casting everything aside and becoming Godsworn. But those plans changed when he was introduced to a band of adventurers that were looking for a Scholar that would travel with them and record their exploits. As the Valardin name was held in high esteem, Tyren put aside his plans of complete devotion and instead took his pursuit of knowledge out on the road. Tyren spent the next several years on the road with these five individuals who became his friends and then something akin to family as they explored the great expanse of Arvum. Many a tome was written and much was absorbed, until a fateful night changed his course of history.

While the explorers were following a river deep in the Gray Forest, a band of roving Abandoned came upon the adventurer's camp. They attacked in the middle of the night with Tyren's tent had been the first trampled through. When he reached for his dagger in defense, the Abandoned sliced off his hand and threw him towards the campfire, his arm catching on the hot flames and seering coals. Had it not been for the courage and bravery of one of his teammates, Tyren would have suffered the same fate as the rest of them - instead, the adventurer gave Tyren just enough time to run, bleeding and burnt, headlong into the depths of the forest, the screams of his second family to his back. It was by the grace of the Gods that Tyren was found when he was, collapsed from blood loss just outside of a small village, his dominant hand completely severed. The campsite was found a few days later completely destroyed, although the bodies of his adventuring partners were never found.

He was transferred back to Sanctum once he was stable to heal under the care of the Mercies. It took a long time, and though the wounds closed and an ivory limb was crafted and attached to the hand he lost, the scars never truly faded. Perhaps that is why he travels now to Arx, to work with the Scholars there and join what is left of his family.

Name Summary
Cristoph How fortunate for Alis to introduce me to Prince Tyren and also fortunate that he already knows Norwood! It's really quite interesting how these things work out. He's seems engaged and interested in jumping straight into things, I'm looking forward to working with him.
Delilah Very much in the chivalrous Valardinian mould, Tyren has the look of a prince glad to escort his companions and engage in tasteful conversation. By reputation in the Scholars, I hear he is quite sharp. Someone to speak to in quieter surroundings than a major event, no doubt.
Jordan Prince of Valardin. Seems to be a Scholarly type, but one that's definitely seen some of life's rougher aspects. Someone to learn from, even if carefully.
Kenna He seemed a bit distracted, but more than ready to answer. I rather like that he talked for himself.
Liara He's very much a Valardin, but interesting company all the same. A scholar who has travelled, apparently - I'm sure he has plenty of stories to tell.
Norwood A reserved man, and very composed. I believe I leave Lady Tesha in good company.
Nuala Whatever did he say that sent an embarrassed Keaton girl running? The smile had a vulpine edge and the floating ease of a man who knows exactly what he does. Someone to take cautiously.
Reese He is scholar who likes languages and books. Seems to be a searching sort of person with a thoughtful mind.
Roxana A Valardin prince? He certainly looks the part of chivalry, knight in but I expect he's not preparing for battle here in the Queensrest.
Saoirse He sat with a book he didn't like before I met with him. So weird.