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Vellichor's Renewal - Aion

The Multi-event Renewal continues in the Shrine of Aion.

The purpose of Vellichor's Renewal is threefold

First, those who have old texts in their personal collections are invited to bring them in for restoration. Spines mended, pages re-inked, the careful care of scholars and scribes put forth to give those old books new life.

Second, to offer texts to those who seek to expand their collections. Religious books will be on hand related to the god being recognized, in addition to other texts fitting the theme given to the particular event.

Last, Vellichor's Renewal is about strengthening our community in our faith. By letting us come together around the books we are passionate about and find others who share those passions, we spread knowledge. In doing so we honor Vellichor along the way.

The Renewal to Aion has been given the theme of Books about Mysteries

Texts pertaining to Aion and to Mysteries are encouraged at this event. There will be other events dedicated to other gods and themes throughout the year.

For those who wish to better maintain their own books in the future, a guide on basic book maintenance has been assembled by the Scholars and will be one of the provided texts at the event.


Sept. 30, 2019, 8 p.m.

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Canaan Jacali Peri Rafael Ras Rysen Alarissa Arcadia(RIP) Mikani Thea Korka Caspian Sparte Merek


Scholars Savantis Ashford


Arx - Ward of the Compact - Shrine of the Lost

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Comments and Log

Dionne, a Mercy Novitiate arrives, following Rafael.

Maxene, the steadfast ladies maid, Elegance, a Velenosian Greyhound, Pellinor, 3 Thrax Guards, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat, 2 Thrax Elite Guards arrive, following Alarissa.

Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, 1 Redreef Warden, Vagari The Cinder Cat, 1 Order of the Firebird, 4 Byrne Mountain Men, 2 House Crovane Guards arrive, following Mikani.

The Shrine of the Lost is not a place that sees a lot of activity, but today there are many disciples standing by to receive books. Lisebet is near the altar, kneeling down briefly, and as people start to arrive, she gets to her feet, brushing her gown off, and turns politely to greet those arriving. "Good morning everyone, and welcome to the Shrine of the Lost. Today we celebrate Vellichor's Renewal honouring Aion with stories and books about mysteries. I am Duchess-Consort Lisebet Ashford, one of the Scholars of Vellichor, and I volunteered to greet you all and hopefully to help coordinate with any books incoming. We do have Scholars to accept books, and also to perhaps start work on repairing them. If you've a book to give in honour of Aion, that would be most appreciated. If you've a story to tell, a mystery, that would also be wonderfully well appreciated. If you're here to listen, I hope you too understand that your presence is a way of honouring Aion as well."

Lygeia, a calligrapher and alchemist arrives, following Rysen.

Maxene, the steadfast ladies maid, Elegance, a Velenosian Greyhound, Pellinor, 3 Thrax Guards, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat, 2 Thrax Elite Guards leave, following Alarissa.

Peri walks down the cobblestone path to the open air shrine. She bows and thanks Lisabet for hosting then finds a spotalong the wall within view of the scholars accepting books. Her curious eyes hop from person to person to see what books they carry. Her arms are empty, it seems she has no good mysteries.

Maxene, the steadfast ladies maid, Elegance, a Velenosian Greyhound, Pellinor, 3 Thrax Guards, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat, 2 Thrax Elite Guards arrive, following Alarissa.

Puff, a dainty yellow-green canary, Sir Jesmond the Giant arrive, following Arcadia.

The fabric-on-fabric of Rafael's Mercy robes produce a gentle chafing sound as he finds a place to settle. Watchful from behind his eyelashes, he offers bows and pleasant nods of acknowledgment where appropriate.

Ras hangs back from the building itself, lurking several paces off the edge of the cobblestone path. He stands with one hand pocketed, not carrying anything, just dropping some eaves and watching proceedings from the fading garden outside.

Rysen and Mikani arrive in the Sanctum of the Lost with Lygeia, carrying a number of books in her arms, by their side. Rysen approaches Lisebet, and bows. "Thank you for hosting, and for honoring Aion, Duchess Lisebet."

Alarissa with her ever present lady in waiting and Pellinor at her side, has quietly made her way into the shrine. Maxene carrying two tomes wrapped in silk. She settles with others, but her entourage sticks to the left of her, to ensure there's no bumping as people come and go to partake of the event. Dark eyes settle on Lisebet as she speaks, stoic before she murmurs to Maxene and they move to find a place to sit.

Arcadia has no books, though that would really hardly surprise anyone. She gives Lisebet a fond smile as she finds a quiet spot to sit and watch.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes arrives, following Thea.

Lisebet smiles and nods to Peri as she arrives, but doesn't interrupt her quiet other than to say, "Welcome, Lady Peri." She's here though, if Peri has any questions. The petite duchess at least is easily visible by the stone altar. She probably can't see Ras from here though, truthfully, but Rafael gets a nod and a smile. "M'Lord Rafael, welcome." Her attention turns to Rysen and Mikani next, and she smiles to them as well. "Lord Rysen, Lady Mikani, welcome. It is good to see you both. I am glad to be able to assist and honour Aion in such a way. I will also add that both House Ashford and the Savantis family have donated to today's event, to ensure we have supplies for repairing books."

Mikani smiles as she enters. Takes Rysen's arm and bows her head to Lisebet. "Thank you so much for having us. May you have pleasant dreams and may the dreamer dream sweetly of you." She greets the woman.

Thea steps silently inside, trying not to impose. A little hard with with that red hair and well--she's a tad bit tall. Rosalind decides to remain in the back and listen, ever quiet.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes have been dismissed.

"May Aion and Vellichor's blessing be ever upon them," replies Rysen to Lisebet, smiling warmly. Noticing Peri, Rysen and Mikani make their way to the Admiral of Pearlspire's side. Rysen offers a friendly wave to Arcadia, though his grey eyes narrow a bit, as if searching to make sure Arcadia is not wield anything that may look mischievous. Turning to Peri, Rysen says, "Good to see you, Lady Peri. Hope you and your father are well."

"Thank you, Duchess Lisebet," Rafael responds in a mild baritone. Offering a nod and a small smile to Peri as well, whom he recognizes, the Mercy finds a place to sit without much regard for his attire.

Arcadia smiles innocently and flutters her eyelashes at Rysen, all the while sliding something into her pocket.

Lisebet offers a polite and graceful curtsey to Alarissa. "Your Highness," she greets, warmth in her tone. "I am glad you could join us." She smiles at Arcadia, giving a gentle nod to the countess. "I wonder if anyone might volunteer to tell a story that is a mystery? Is there anyone who has such a story to share with us?" She pauses, glancing around, and then adds, "I can try to start, but it does mean you will have to put up with me speaking longer."

2 Armed Confessors arrives, following Korka.

The people have thinned some and Alarissa starts to make her way carefully forward to Lisebet, the tomes passed over from Maxene to Alarissa as she holds them close. When there's an opening in conversation, there's a dip of Alarissa's head faintly to Lisebet. "Scholar." Before offering the tomes. "Adventure, the gods, evil and new life. Tomes that have only existed within the Thrax Library before now."

As more people arrive, Peri picks out familiar faces in the crowd. She inclines her head to people she knows who meet her eye. Peri answers Rysen's greeting, "We are both well." She greets Mikani quiety. Lygeia's stack of books gets a peek and Peri mumbles some questions. She doesn't want to talk too loudly once people begin to to tell their stories.

Anya, the cool as an ice cube Champion apprentice, Renn, the mousy, scholarly brunette arrive, following Caspian.

Lisebet's gaze goes to Alarissa as she approaches, and she smiles. "A most generous gift to honour Aion," she says, loudly enough to be heard. "I thank you, the Scholars thank you, Your Highness," she says formally, as she reaches to accept the gift. "We will take very good care of these, make sure they have any repairs they need, all in honour of Aion. If you wish them to be repaired and returned, that can be arranged, certainly," she says. "For those just arriving, if you have books that need repairing, there is a workshop set up with those who can assist you. Or you may leave books with us to be repaired. Also, if you wish to bring books that are no longer desired, that too is something that we will accept."

Most people this late would slip in unnoticed and hope heads wouldn't turn. Korka, however, strolls in as though the whole thing hadn't been going for a bit, hands clasped behind her back as she makes her way through the crowd to find a place to sit.

Arcadia perks at Alarissa's words "Oh. Unread adventures?" Her eyes almost narrow in excitement.

"For the archives when they have been looked over and repaired." Alarissa looks to Arcadia, turning her whole self instead of her neck. "The birth of my daughter, Countess Consort. Most certainly, not for the faint of heart. I am sure that you will get a chance to read it. I shall refrain from telling the story at the moment, as I am not feeling up to it."

Wilhelm arrives, following Sparte.

In comes Caspian, who's late to the party, stepping into the shrine to look around at those gathered, searching for those he knows. When he spies Alarissa he gives her a sympathetic frown her way, approaching. "Princess Alarissa, my friend, you look unwell. I pray for your speedy recovery."

Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant have been dismissed.

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Vagari The Cinder Cat have been dismissed.

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Lisebet is greeting folks as they come in, speaking here and there, but at the moment it is Alarissa who has her attention. There are scholars set up to repair books, to teach, and to accept books to be repaired and returned at the end of Vellichor's Renewal. Lisebet herself is near the altar, but respectfully distant from it so as to not be encroaching on its space. "Thank you again, Your Highness, I will be sure to read through the books, once there is opportunity." She adds a smile for Caspian too, though she doesn't interrupt his conversation with Alarissa.

"One of my nieces is curating a small library for Mercy instruction. I thought some of these older texts might see better use there than collecting dust on my shelves," Rafael can be overheard telling a scholar ad nauseam, "If they can be restored, that is."

All of the roughly and gently loved books being carried to the scholars pique Peri's interest. People who walk by are inspected. She notices Ras a ways off and quirks a brow at him.

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Sir Jesmond the Giant have been dismissed.

"If they've been neglected so on your shelves what makes you think they'll be useful?" Korka asks Rafael. The dark haired woman picks up a book that a scholar has just put down, earning her a reproachful look that she ignores. Or at least pretends to since she does set the book back down, "Or had you already committed them to memory and no longer needed to reference them?"

Ras lifts his unpocketed hand to show Peri a small wave, but remains where he is in the garden outside the three-walled shrine.

You look unwell. Alarissa stares at Caspian, for a moment like she might snap right then and there. But her right hand drifts down to her skirts and she dips her head finally to him. "Master Caspian. I thank you for your prayers." Everything stiff and formal, so stiff and formal. "Lisebet. My pleasure and Thrax's. I should depart." And she's turning away, a look to Caspian then murmuring with Maxene as she slowly makes her way toward an exit.

Rysen gazes at Alarissa with interest as she speaks of her story not being for the faint of heart. "Did you read the Princess's recent entry in the Whites, by chance?" Rysen asks Peri.

Sparte has been quietly working with the scholars processing the books in the background. Ensuring they're documented, receipts are provided, that everything is being done, well, by the book. He takes a break from his work to step forward to join Lisebet, murmuring something supportive to her with a big smile before looking around at the people gathered.

Caspian checked perception + empathy at difficulty 15, rolling 12 lower.

No one ever said that Caspian was not talented at saying the wrong thing. He just stares back at Alarissa, smiling to her, nodding his head. Poor bastard didn't even realize he was almost berated to death. He looks around a moment, spying Mikani, and approaches her to hug her. "Cousin, good to see you."

Lisebet offers Alarissa a curtsey once more, and her gaze goes to new arrivals. "Master Wild, it's been a while," she says. "Good to see you. Welcome." She pauses to lean to wards Sparte and murmur something quietly to him, before she glances over at Korka. "I don't believe we have ever actually met, have we?" she asks softly.

Rafael responds to Korka with patient ease, either stemming from the practiced bedside manner of a physician or noblesse indifference. "You've answered your own question," he says in a tone that suggests it's a compliment.

Mikani hugs Capsian warmly. "Good to see you as well." She looks at him closely making sure her cousin looks to be healthy and in good shape. "You are well yes? Anyone I need to beat up?" Mika protective of her family ... never!

"Duchess Lisebet, it has been a while," says Caspian to Lisebet, giving her a smile her way. "Good job with this event, it's a great idea." He turns back to Mikani, giving her a warm smile. "I'm well, little bored lately, but nothing family can't fix. No one needs to be beaten up. What about you? Married life treating you well?"

Maxene, the steadfast ladies maid, Elegance, a Velenosian Greyhound, Pellinor, 3 Thrax Guards, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat, 2 Thrax Elite Guards leave, following Alarissa.

Peri looks down at the books Lygeia is carrying when Rysen answers a qusetion, and raeches down with a "May I?" look in her eyes.
Peri watches Princess Alarissa leave, and returns her gaze to Rysen, "I did. It sounds like she had a harrowing experience. I do not know the details there."

Rysen checked perception + empathy at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

"I usually do," Korka responds to Rafael, running her fingers over a few more of the books, "If only I didn't enjoy engaging in conversation I wouldn't ever find it necessary." When Lisebet asks for her name she provides, "Korka Glynn. I think I saw you at the Sip and Spar the other night, right?"

Sparte considers something said to his by Lisebet. He takes a few deep breathes, then goes over to Caspian. "Hey, Caspian. A hand, please." He then murmurs something quietly to the other man while glancing around.

Sparte mutters, "This event was ... by House Ashford ... House ... I ... to ... a few words to thank them ... all, can ... uh, help me ... up the crowd? ... is a bigger ... than I ... ... manage. ... pay you ... ..."

Peri is overheard praising Ashford.

Peri is overheard praising Savantis.

Peri is overheard praising Scholars.

Caspian has two people, one in each ear, though whatever one of them says has him beaming brightly. He turns to Sparte, holding up a finger, "One moment," then leans in to whisper to Mikani first, then Sparte next.

Peri is overheard praising Lisebet.

Rysen watches as Alarissa leaves, and a pained look crosses his face. When Peri speaks to him, he nods. "Of course." He holds out a hand to Lygeia, who produces a beautifully leather-bound folio entitled Whispers of the Muse inlaid in the cover with various gleaming, metallic dyes. "It's a collection of poetry. Not very mysterious, unfortunately, but something I hope that has been inspired by Aion."

Ras watches ongoings quietly for a while, then scrubs a hand under his nose before casually wiping snot on his pants. Doesn't seem like he's even paying attention to what he's doing. About a minute or two later, he turns to skulk away just as inconspicuously as he'd arrived.

"Lord Rafael," Raf offers since Korka is introducing herself to Lisebet and he's right there, anyway. "Did either of you spar? Or just sip?"

Lisebet has the books presented by Alarissa, and she is holding on to them for the moment. As more books are brought up, they are accepted, people shuffling along to either learn to repair them or to have them repaired, giving their names and the book titles to ensure that at the end of Vellichor's Renewal, they will get their repaired books back. As Sparte moves along to speak with Caspian, Lisebet smiles, her attention still with Korka. "A pleasure to meet you, Mistress Glynn. Indeed you did, I was there with my sister Olivia." She does catch sight of something out of the corner of her eye, maybe the movement Ras is making? It brings a slight frown to her face, as she turns to hand the books from Alarissa carefully over to one of the senior scholars. She turns back to laugh softly, hands upraised now they are empty again. "Not me," she says. "Well, I might have had a sip, but I did not spar."

Caspian gives Sparte a nod, holding up his finger as he pulls a Beto O'Rourke and finds the highest place he can stand on that isn't a hole thing, probably the pews. He turns to the crowd, saying, "Hey everyone! I just wanted to say this is a brilliant event. The idea is great, books are a treasure that needs to be preserved. Can we spend a minute to give thanks to Scholars, House Savantis, and House Ashford?" He wonders to the crowd, "What they are sponsoring is surely worthy of praise!"

"Inquisitor," Korka corrects with the slightest of smiles shadowing her lips. A purposeful omission from her previous introduction likely so she could put some emphasis on it now, "Well met, the both of you. I was purely there for the free drinks, although they turned out not to be so free after I placed a bad bet," she sniffs, still not over it, "Never bet on a man just because he has a flashy weapon."

Lisebet is overheard praising Scholars: Aion's Mysteries

Lisebet is overheard praising Savantis: Aion's Mysteries

Lisebet is overheard praising Ashford: Aion's Mysteries

Peri opens the book of poetry Rysen hands to her and her eyes widen at the glory of Lygeia's illumination. Each poem is written and illuminated in vivid inks and metallic colors. She hands the book back. "I am most certain the Duchess Lisebet will appreciate this even an it not be a mystery."

Peri is overheard praising Caspian.

%^tMerek makes a way into the shrine and finds a place to settle about.

Sparte says a brief parting word to Mikani with a smile before moving away. He follows up on Caspian's lead, speaking up towards the crowd. "The last time I saw a gathering of this size here, in the Shrine of the Lost, it involved a pillow fight. Instead of sorting feathers today we are seeing mysteries preserved."

"To Duchess Lisebet of House Ashford goes the thanks for that. She single handedly orchestrated the event tonight, and though the Scholars and House Savantis are each doing their parts, Duchess Lisebet of House Ashford has been a shining light." Sparte grins at Caspian, rubbing at his neck in embarassment as he loses some of his momentum. "And, well, all of you are important too. Without your willingness to bring these books in to see them mended, it would be a very quiet night where we should have brought pillows again. So thank each and every one of you for being here." He non-verbally hands off closing statements back to Caspian, pointing at him with both hands before retreating. Sparte will shield himself from further public speaking with further public service, getting the donated books sorted.

Sparte is overheard praising Caspian.

Sparte is overheard praising Lisebet.

Sparte is overheard praising Scholars.

Sparte is overheard praising Ashford.

Sparte is overheard praising Savantis.

lisebet arches a brow, and inclines her head. "Inquisitor then," she says sofrly. There's a thoughtful look on her face, but then Caspian is making a speech which gets her attention. Befores she can speak to that, Sparte also jumps in. She smiles, her face lighting up, and says, "It's an honour to be able to assist in such an event. Thank you for the kind words." Her gaze goes back to Caspian then, as Sparte so clearly has pointed the way.

Rafael is overheard praising Lisebet.

Lisebet is overheard praising Caspian: Thank you for your help!

Lisebet is overheard praising Sparte: Thank you for your help!

Rysen smiles at Peri, and says softly, "Thank you, My Lady." He accepts the book, and, overhearing Korka comment on the bet, Rysen chuckles. "You bet on a good man and a skilled fighter, Inquisitor," he says to Korka with a slight grin. "He just happened not to win in the particular instance." Noticing Merek arrive, Rysen nods in greeting.

"Sparte is right!" Says Caspian back to the group, "Though the sponsors of this event are gracious and clever enough to host it, it's you and your books and your interest in their preservation that has made this possible," says Caspian to the group. "So while your giving The Scholars, House Ashford, and House Savantis praise, give each other praise as well, since you all are doing something great by coming here."

And with that, Caspian hops down and heads over to Mikani to whisper something back to her.

Lisebet is overheard praising Alarissa: Such lovely books, and a gracious donation! Thank you!

"You fought well, Lord Rysen," Korka turns her emerald gaze his way along with that faint smile, "You'll forgive me if I hold it against you for awhile."

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Peri sidles up to Sparte and asks, "Has the renewal for Lagoma happened yet?" She rubs her head sheepishly. "Only, I've lost track of things. Head down in the archives." She chins over in Rafael's direction. "I'll tell Lord Rafael about it! But not if he's missed it already."

Rafael's eyebrows tilt faux-pathetically at Peri's remark, "Oh, yes. *Please* keep it from me if it's already happened. I'd just be so disappointed." He clucks his tongue against the roof of his mouth, "Better to remain ignorant."

Whatever Mikani had said to the man has him throwing his arms around her and pulling her in for a big, loving hug!

In between writing receipts Sparte answers Peri quietly. "Only this and the Renewal dedicated to Vellichor, so far. That one brought in so many books to process we didn't dare squeeze the second in sooner. It had the big rush of people getting their household religious texts restored." Sparte wipes at the title of the next book with his sleeve, squinting at the cover to try to read it. "If you'd like to host the renewal for Lagoma, Lady Peri, that would be most welcome."

Rysen laughs warmly at Korka's response. "Thank you, and I certainly understand." Rysen grins to see Caspian and Mikani together, and then turns his attention to Sparte and Peri. "I hope you consider it, Lady Peri," he says in response to Sparte's suggestion.

Mikani hugs Caspian warmly and laughs softly.

Lisebet never did get to that mystery. Whatever she was going to say will have to be a Mystery. "I hope we get a good number of books today, it certainly seems to be the case. Though perhaps not quite so many as the first event, so the next one can follow." She smiles, glancing around, and then looks back over to Sparte. "It is very good to see everyone contributing - such a grand effort will only work if we all come together, and so far, everyone is very generous and kind. You shold do so, Lady Peri. With all the help that is available, it's wonderful to be in the middle of such an event."

Peri looks over at Rafael when he replies to her stage whis---uh oh, she talked to Sparte way too loudly. ahem. "Oh but I want to host the renewel for Mangata!" Peri tells everyone, "Think of all the cookbooks!" She stands up a little taller, and adds solemnly, "and for Skald."
She walks over to Rafael and asks, "Did you learn about the renewels our host yet? There will be many." Peri voluntells, "Perhaps /you/ would be interested in sponsoring Lagoma's renewel?"

"You did?" Rysen asks Peri curiously. Turning to Rafael, Rysen smiles and says, "I hope you do, My Lord. I can't think of anything more beautiful than Lagoma's flame, or anything that fills me with more hope."

Rafael takes a moment to wet his lips in thought before responding. "I think I've gotten the general idea, my lady, yes," he says with a small smile to Peri, head tilting with a pang of doubt, "But I don't know that I have the social capital here in Arx yet to do a thing like that justice. Maybe, if a more likely co-host emerged."

Mikani murmurs something to Rysen before taking her leave quietly as to not disrupt the others.

Rysen nods to Mikani and kisses her cheek as she takes her leave.

Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, 1 Redreef Warden, Vagari The Cinder Cat, 1 Order of the Firebird, 4 Byrne Mountain Men, 2 House Crovane Guards leave, following Mikani.

"Host a event? Not yet," Peri tells Rysen.

Lisebet smiles to the group, and says, "I am quite sure any of you could host one, if you would like. As for a cohost, I could do so, but I'd rather shine the light on someone else, if that makes sense?"

Sparte finishes up with his part in assisting the other scholars. Wiping some ink off of a finger using his stained handkerchief, he looks over to Lisebet and gives a nod of agreement. "But, don't feel pressured. If people don't come forward to host, then, that burden is just on me is all. Won't be quite the same, but the Renewals will happen."

"Ah," says Rysen, nodding to Peri. "I'm sure Mikani would love an event to honor Mangata." Rysen listens to Lisebet, Sparte and Rafael. He says to Sparte, "Are you seeing to all the Renewals, Commander?"

Rafael laughs deeply at Peri's deflection onto Rysen. "I'm not completely averse to the idea," he murmurs, eyes shifting away coyly in the direction of the shrine. "I'd just have to sit with it for more than a few moments." Looking back towards Sparte, the Mercy's brow lifts with interest, "May I send word to you on the matter another time?" And then to Peri and the others: "He's in charge of these, right?"

Sparte nods to Rysen. "It was my idea I'm afraid. The problem with having an idea is that then you're responsible for it. You've got to nurse it along and make sure it gets realized, or else what are your ideas worth?" Sparte grins and turns his head to Rafael only to bow it in deference. "Of course. Sparte Grayfellow, reach out whenever you wish to speak again."

Peri nods to Rysen, "I believe she is going to host that. I have offered assistance!" Peri says cheerfully. "I honestly know less than I should about the others." She looks gratefuly in Lisebet's direction. "And I am thankful that you've organized this for us."

Rysen smiles and nods to Sparte. "Very true, but I'm sure the effort leaves a great legacy with those who matter most." When Rafael replies to Sparte, Rysen says, "I would be happy to help you in any way I could, My Lord, and I might recommend perhaps reaching to Sister Sophie or Marquessa Reigna. They have a deep affinity for Lagoma, I think." Peri's words bring a renewed smile to Rysen's face. "I should've known. I'm looking forward to it." He nods in agreement with Peri's gracious words to Lisbet, and says, "Indeed, thank you, Duchess Lisebet, and you Commander Sparte," as Lygeia stands near the scholars working on the texts, not able to prevent herself from offering the occasional pointer in her Northlands accented Arvani.

Rafael offers a few nods, humming in agreement at Rysen's suggestions. "Yes, many thanks to you both," he clasps both hands together, echoing the other man's sentiment.

Peri speaks quietly with Rysen. She nods in return and gestures out of the shrine to lead the way.

Lygeia, a calligrapher and alchemist leaves, following Rysen.

Rysen leaves, following Peri.

Dionne, a Mercy Novitiate leaves, following Rafael.

Lisebet takes the opportunity to say, "Thank you all for coming, and for honouring Aion in such a way. The official portion of tonight comes to an end here, but we'll be around to answer questions for some time, as we complete the collecting of books and all. It's been my pleasure to speak with as many of you as I could today. I am sorry to have missed those of you I didn't get a chance to speak with, and look forward to rectifying that soonest. In honour of Aion, I leave you with this closing remark." She has a paper she's obviously quoting from, a this point. "From a song dedicated to Aion. Someone's anonymous words which touched me, and so I thought to share them with you all.

Think of the power a small word
Imparts to those who understand
To hurt or help who heard,
Show hope, or unreasoned demand,
Carry meaning to many lives."

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