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A Marriage of Equals: The Shamanic Ceremony for Lord Rysen and Lady Mikani

The Long Awaited, well for Rysen and Mikani, Shamanic Ceremony. It is the final step and culmination for the union between Byrne and Crovane. Beach Wedding.


Aug. 28, 2019, 8 p.m.

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Drea Rysen Eilonwy Darren Artur Arcadia Ian Mirella Cillian Thea Tyche Ember Peri Carita Sanya Icelyn Sabella Monique Zoey Petal Fianna Baelos Volcica



Outside Arx - Eastern Approach - Beaches

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Comments and Log

Dressed in a Dame Morrighan original, Eilonwy ambles down to the beach for the Crovane big to do on her own. Spotting Arcadia she makes a line towards her and presses a hand to her chest. "What a vision. Take pity on me and be my companion today? I should have thought to ask someone but there was heathenry to do."

With an affable smile to accompany his cordial greeting to familiar personages around him, the Prince of Farhaven moves with measured grace across the shifting sands of the beaches in search of a comfortable place to position himself while the wedding ceremony is yet underway; the northern-facing dunes soon his new territory, for now, while he speaks in hushed tones to an aging attendant who keeps his company.

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant, 1 Crimson Blades Lieutenant, 1 Crimson Blades Private arrive, following Cillian.

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3 Grimhall House Guards, Ivan arrive, following Sanya.

After Artur arrives, there's a moment's pause, and then the Redrain Prince gestures to his valet and mutters something. The valet makes his way back down the dunes, and after a few moments, he's returning to leave a gift at the reception area for the soon to be married couple. Setting down the gift, Daan pull back the sheet covering the gift for it to be ready for the happy couple when they arrive!

Artur drops a wolf from Twilight Dale stuffed and mounted on a log.

Arcadia has come down a little early. Heels and sand never make for a graceful entry and if she falls on her face she wants to make sure no one sees. Having brought a new dress, it seems the usually dirty and unkempt countess has put actual effort into her appearance. She gives Eilonwy a peck on the cheek "Oh yes. Let's be heathens together. "

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Artur before departing.

Rysen stands on the beach next to Mikani, with Deor and Lygeia at his side. His clothing is simple, and his expression serene and content. As guests and friends begin to arrive on the beach, a happy smile rises to his features.

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 2 Grayson House Guards, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

4 Redoubt Buccaneers, Bengalo, the sneaky black cat, Luna, the sweet, studious assistant arrive, following Carita.

Ian sucks at walking on sand. And thus, while he is here, sitting on a log with a bottle of rum -- not a flask today, a bottle -- he's not really mingling. He's not a mingling kind of person, overall.

Dressed in dark silk and wearing her usual calm expression across her pale features, Mirella quietly crosses the sands arm-in-arm with Lady Tyche Inverno. Followed by various guards who remain at a subtle distance, the two women make greetings of the appropriate kind to those they pass by. Under Mirella's unlinked arm is a box that's just large enough to contain a cake. She places it down when a moment presents itself. Meanwhile she whispers something low to the Inverno lady while they navigate the beach, not yet wandering too close to the happy couple. There's plenty of time to make their presence known.

Mirella drops Grandma Parkins Strawberry Cake.

Cillian comes walking down onto the beach, the young man instead of getting in with the crowed stands back near a tree leaning on it watching his eyes scanning over everyone as they arrive or who has already been there.

Thea crosses the sand, appearing in loose dress. Appearing quite comfortable in the heat, she spies all the northerners and all together and offers them a brief nod and smile as she steps over to the trees.

Kit, the grey fox, Primus, First of Monique's Assistants, 1 Greenmarch Guard, Tertius, Third of Monique's Assistants arrive, following Monique.

Mikani is standing down by the water. Her gaze was fixed on the waves before she hears people gathering. Her clothing is simple for the ceremony yet makes her almost look like the water dressed her for the occasion. Mikani smiles as she sees those she knows show up. Damien makes a comment as Artur drops off the wolf. Mika just grins at Artur for the memory. She waves at Cady, Ember and Carita ... and everyone else. So many people to name.

Mikani checked composure at difficulty 20, rolling 14 lower.

The Inverno noblewoman is certainly a bit of fish out of water at this wedding, as she knows neither bride nor groom, but agreed on a whim to be Mirella's 'date.' Tyche grins at her companion, quite content to loop an arm through the woman's as they move through the sands to find a spot to watch the festivities. When Mirella pauses to drop the cake, Tyche releases her momentarily, but then reclaims the arm. She laughs and whispers quietly, sharing in whatever small secrets as they go.

Would anyone expect any less of the Bloody Baroness herself, Ember Redreef? Clad in a red gown that proudly bears the image of a golden trident -- perhaps a great big form-fitting reminder to Mikani of what family will always have her back -- the Baroness is flanked by three guardsmen who she seems to have taken in lieu of a date. Her hands are folded respectfully in front of her lap and she walks with perfect posture. Her eyes sweep this way and that, taking in the other guests as she moves to wherever it is on the beach she's meant to be, close to the water. To those who know Ember -- even if her lips are still a flat line rather than a smile, and her gaze steely and stern, she appears to be having a good time.

Artur drops Rum for Your Life.

Eilonwy wiggles her fingers to Cillian from the dunes arm in arm with Arcadia and waggles her brows to her twin.

Mikani drops Hurstwic Black Strawberry Rum.

Artur checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Peri and Eina stand quietly in the dunes with other guests. Peri looks fondly at Mikani and Rysen.

Carita's smile is warm at her arrival, a hand lifted to wave back at Mikani when she notices the Countess. She dips her head and makes her way to a spot to sit, lowering herself onto the sand, removing her shoes, and digging her toes into the sand.

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Arriving unaccompanied but for her usual escort, Sanya Grimhall offers the bride and groom a kind smile before taking a seat on the southern Dunes beside her fellow Islanders. "My ladies." She offers the women before turning to look ahead.

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Carita drops T H E C L A W a Maelstrom White Rum.

Mikani tears up at the sight of everyone. She hastily wipes them away before murmuring something to Rysen and squeezing his arm.

Drea was here awhile ago. She has spent some time setting up, bringing things from her personal supplies that every Shaman keeps. She has an altar set up at each cardinal direction with different things on it. She moves to stand by the bride and groom, waiting as everyone gets settled and has a chance to arrive.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Artur before departing.

Rysen kisses Mikani on the cheek and makes his way over to Darren, bowing respectfully. "Thank you very much for coming, Your Grace," says Rysen. He glances at Ian, and with a nod to Lygeia, the dark eyed retainer makes her way through the sand and collects a second bottle of rum. "My Lord wishes to make sure you feel no need to pace yourself, Lord Ian."

Making his way over to Mirella and Tyche, Rysen says, "Welcome and thank you for coming Mirella." Turning to Tyche, Rysen smiles and says, "I don't believe we've met, but it's a pleasure, except for the heat of course." He waves to Arcadia, Volcica, Eilonwy and Peri before he noticing Drea, and walks back through the sand to stand beside Mikani.

Ian drinks and watches people filter in, generally showing himself to be (and this should surprise no one) terrible at being a wedding guest. He's distracted by Thea when she stops nearby, and asks her a question in a low tone, belatedly remembering to offer the bottle of rum her way. Especially since there's another bottle of rum here, now. He lifts the one he has to Rysen in thanks.

Turning from his hushed banter with Northern nobility, Darren stretches out his arm to clasp Rysen by the shoulder with an affable grin. "It is an honor to stand witness to this ceremony," he assures with ease, leaning in subtly to offer a more hushed word, something passed between them discreetly.

Unaccompanied, Icelyn arrives like a ghost, quiet and unobtrusive. She makes her way to the dunes where the Redrains and their ilk seem to be gathering, her focus drawn to the bride and groom, at whom she nods a greeting. Then she settles in with the clan to watch.

"We haven't," Tyche responds with an easy smile, dipping her head to the groom. "But it is a pleasure, yes. And thank you for letting me crash your wedding, Lord Rysen. I promise to be the best of guests," she grins with only the slightest hint of mischief to her gaze, and then allows him to move off to greet the rest. A few more words to Mirella, and she waits for a seat to be chosen.

Mirella releases Tyche's arm for a moment, dipping into a neat curtsy. Before Rysen departs, she smiles in a faint but no unpleasant manner and says, "Congratulations to you both." Indicating to Tyche with a gracious hand she adds, "Lady Tyche Inverno." Then, "Lord Rysen Crovane. And there is the lovely Lady Mikani Crovane." She nods in that direction.

When Carita sits, Ember and her guardsmen step over -- well, Ember steps, and the guardsmen step after -- to where Carita is seated. The Baroness looks over to the approaching Sanya and offers a phenomenally precise curtsy. "My Lady," she replies. Her expression still betrays little, and she adds: "Sit with us, please. If -- that is all right, my Liege." Ember's eyes track downward to Carita.

Sabella slips in, rather literally since sand is really hard to walk on in slippers, and has herself a quite seat over by Ian and the rest, "Did I miss much?" She asks in hushed tones, "I've never seen a wedding like this before!"

Eilonwy inclines her head politely to Rysen from her spot on the dunes, offering a small smile to the wedding couple.

Thea lifts her eyebrow a moment at Ian before she smiles a bit at Rysen at Mikani. She lowes her voice to Ian, murmuring her response.

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Mirella then finds a seat, bringing Tyche along with her!

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"The more the merrier," Carita's smile is lifted for Sanya, her head dipped respectfully, as she leans back on her hands in the sand to turn her attention back on the wedding. A messenger arrives, intercepted by her assistant, who quietly hands over a letter. Opened, her smile grows as she motions Luna down to murmur something to her, and as her assistant wanders off, she turns her attention back on Ember. "It's lovely to see you both here."

Monique makes a quiet arrival for once, though no less sparkling. With bare feet, she greets the sand to survey the wedding party with a curious glance before losing herself in and amongst the crowd, threading her way towards the throng of well-wishers surrounding the bride and groom.

Ember gives Carita a nod in response rather than a smile. "Thank you, my Liege." She then begins a process of fastidiously setting herself down -- her noble fineries are not made for sitting on sand, and it's not as if she could dare wear anything less than her best, tonight. So there are many steps that go with sitting, making sure her gown is set and smoothed just so, adjusting, re-adjusting... Meanwhile, the three guardsmen stand at an appropriate distance and maintain vigilance in the face of certain marriage.

Zoey smiles at Mirella. "Please do! Plenty of space."

With the collection of fallen logs under the trees filling up, Ian decides to open his second bottle of rum, so there'll be enough to pass around. He offers this to Mirella.

"Gods where are my manners?" Sanya smiles as Ember curtsies. "It's been a busy day, I was so keen to be seated. Good evening, my lady" She inclines her head. "It's good to see you too." She says to the Darkwater, with a warm smile.

"Darren!" comes the response from Artur, perhaps a little too loud as he spits out his rum in a spluttering motion, as he looks to Arcadia, and then back to Darren. "She's already married!" He points at her /very pregnant/ belly. "See!" Then he realizes how loud that was, and turns red in the face. Thankfully, he's saved, because he spies Carita. And /another/ bottle of rum. "Pardon me, Your Highness." He may have sniffed just a little, but it's all in good fun, right? But over to Carita he's gonna meander. Away from the tease patrol!

Soot, a gray foxhound puppy, 3 Iron Guardsmen, Violet, a shopkeeper, 1 Crimson Blades Lieutenant, Briar, a young Oakhaven black and tan bloodhound arrive, following Petal.

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Raising her hands to the group gathered at the beach, Drea Redrain calls everyone's attention with a clearing of the throat that seems to carry. She looks at the happy pair and then nudges a little here and there so that they are standing in the tide as it rises and falls on the sand. "Welcome, all of you. Now, for those of you who have never attended a Shamanistic wedding, there is nothing binding about this ceremony as far as Compact law. This is a choice that these two make--to honor the Spirits and the rituals and practices of the North." She gestures for the pair to remain and then she walks to the first altar. For those who know, the water altar is where the sea actually rises onto shore and the rest are in order around it.

She stops at the first, kneeling. She fills a bowl with lamp oil, then sets it aflame. "Spirits of Fire, we call upon you at this gathering to witness this joining and to ask Your blessing."

She then moves to the next at an altar with a mound of dirt. She takes a small handful of seeds and a pot. She scoops the soil into the pot and then buries the seeds. "Spirits of Earth, we call upon you at this gathering to witness this joining and to ask Your blessing." She moves to the next which is air and she pours some resin-like pebbles into a bowl with some coals and then sets the coals on fire. It starts to smoke. She asks for the Spirits of air to witness. Then she moves to the last altar, taking the pot with her to that altar and she sets it there, right beside where Rysen and Mikani are standing, the feet of the altar in the water. She scoops up some water in her hands and then calls on the Spirits of Water.

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Ever the socially adroit of the pair, Darren delivers a comforting pat upon Artur's shoulder as he spits out the rum. "I can see this, Artur. Very much so," he assures with a wry chuckle. "I meant with unwedded suitors, in the future, you smart arse." As the wedding commences, and Drea rises to address them all, the high lord's expression sobers to look upon his mother.

"Hush now," says Zoey to Ian. "It's started. And yes, you were drunk."

Tossing Darren a wink as Artur retreats for now, he heads to the Southern Dunes, where the Islanders are chilling out and moves to drop in next to Carita. "I had to surrender my last bottle of rum you sent me.

Arcadia just runs her hand over her face and takes a swig of rum. Thankfully Mika and Rysen are too busy today to actually prevent the drinking

Rysen reaches over to take Mikani's hand as he watches Drea speak to the spirits. His eyes gleam in the light of the fire, and pass to the alter of earth. He closes his eyes to feel the movement of the winds as Drea invokes them, and finally, gazes down at the waters in the princess's hands.

Thea sits under the trees in her dress with her bottle if rum--well Ian's but now hers and listens to the ceremony---flaborgasted but enjoying the ceremony.

Artur takes Rum for Your Life.

Mikani smiles as she watches the spirits called. She holds Rysen's hand with both of her's. Her eyes close as she thanks the spirits for coming. She watches the waves come in and go out as she moves into position.

Petal is here at the wedding while adorned in her sunflower sundress. She peeks over the beaches, looking for Cillian and goes to sit close to him if he is noticed. She then turns her attention to the bride, having a gentle smile for her and then for Rysen.

The water in Drea's hands is poured back into the sea as she calls on the Spirits of Water to witness and then she rises and looks at the bridal pair with a fond smile. "Oh, my darlings. How patient you have been through the long process of contracts and betrothals and promises. So here you stand, joined in the way of the Compact and now you desire to bring the Blessings of the Spirits into your joining and to make an offering to them as you stand here for Their Blessing." "Mikani, you come from the sea, with the water in your soul and in your heart. You bring that love and that connection with Water into your marriage and into your household. As you stand here in the sea with your love, you bring the Spirit of Water into Rysen's life as it is in yours." She turns to look at Rysen. "Ah, my cousin, here you are with your love, you stand in the water that is so close to her heart." She gestures him to the fire altar. "Will you go and bring us that bowl, Rysen?"

At Drea's word, Rysen picks up the bowl filled with fire dancing among the coals.

Mikani smiles as she watches Rysen go get the bowl. Turning her head back she can only grin at Drea.

Mirella sits with the others beneath the trees, her hands folded in her lap. There's a glint of intrigued curiosity within her dark eyes, brow quirked up as she takes note of the ritual. There might even be a subtle smile across her features, but it's Mirella so it is a very subtle one indeed. Nonetheless, she seems perfectly relaxed and quite happy enough to be attending this joyful occasion.

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Cillian looks to Eilonwy raisinf a brow at his twin and tilts his head to the side, he then spots Petal and smiles moving to sit next to her with a plop to watch the wedding.

Some powder from a pouch at Drea's belt is sprinkled into the bowl of fire as it burns and she gestures to the pot that the seeds are in. "Rysen Crovane, the fire is your element. It speaks to your heart and your soul. You bring that fire to your joining with Mikani. Fire and water can often battle against each other. Fire burns off Water into steam. Water douses Fire's bright flame. But that does not mean that fire and water cannot be joined in a mutually beneficial way." She makes a gesture to the pot. "Please pour the fire in your hands into the pot, Rysen."

Other than a few quiet murmurs, and one discreet point in the direction of the dunes, Tyche's interest is on the ceremony. She smiles warmly as she watches two affirm their commitment to one another, a faint curiosity at the rituals. There's a moment of panic, however, that crosses her pale features as she hears something - pour the fire in your hands?! It vanishes, however, as the sentence finishes - into the pot. Whew.

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Rysen, with a solemn expression on his features and with great reverence, pours the fire into the pot containing the seeds.

Mack, a sable Northern Shepherd, 4 House Crovane Guards, Elsabey, a Crovane equestrian arrive, following Fianna.

As per the usual, the naughty kids sitting beneath the trees are -- well, they're mostly watching the ceremony, but there's some whispering and some passing around of the two bottles of rum.

"But not before putting the thought to have more babies into the heads of every Kennex lady present," Zoey said under her breath.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Ian before departing.

Thea seriously mentions,"If you have lice, I have something for that---,"not realizing that was probably louder than intended, but it was still a quiet murmur. Physician and all. Being helpful.

The fire is immediately extinguished and the oil and powder soak into the soil. "Sometimes, the fire nourishes. When a forest burns down, the ash left behind is the fuel for the forest to start to grow anew," Drea continues. She turns to Mikani with a wink. "But the fire cannot do it alone. The soil needs water as well to fuel the new growth. Mikani," she takes a water skin from off her belt and offers it to Mikani, "this is spring water, pure and from the North near Farhaven. As the soil needs water for growth, it can't be just any water. It must be water that will nourish. Sea water will not help a plant grow. Please pour some water into this pot, Mikani."

Darren levels a curious look upon Thea when the commentary upon the lice-infested reaches his ears, curious.

Mirella checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 11 lower.

At the comment about lice, Mirella balls a dainty fist over her mouth and clears her throat as if stifling a tiny laugh. Because that's what she's doing.

At about this point, a messenger shows up and taps Ian on the shoulder. He opens the note, and scans it, then, frowning, scans it a second time. Then he puts it away. It's probably not the alcohol that's got him looking so confused.

Mikani takes the water skin and softly pours the water into the dirt. Not too much but enough to make the soil damp.

Fianna is in attendance and off to the side where she can see her cousin and Lady Mikani. Dressed in her formal attire, the Duchess of Stormwall greets familiar faces and is accompanied by a sable canine that stands near her side. The animal is alert and interested in the gathered crowd, until his handler motions for him to take a seat near her feet so she can pay close attention to the ceremony.

Finn picks his head up as Fianna arrives with her dog. One look at Thea and he put his head down, however.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Zoey before departing.

Fianna checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 50 higher.

Drea takes the waterskin back and hooks it back to her belt. "So choose well those things that you will bring into your marriage. The water that will nourish. The fire that will cause you to grow together." She makes sure that they are holding hands again. "This pot has some seeds that I collected from the meadows near Farhaven on a summer night when the moon was high and the day the longest. They are simple wildflowers and they will not last more than one season, but they are yours for that season. Take that time to learn and get to know each other, to make your life together blended as this one pot is blended with the fire and the water." As the ceremony has gone on, the surf has crept up on their ankles, rising higher and higher. "Do you have any words that you two want to share?"

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Mikani smiles and nods, Mikani turns to look at Rysen. "From an old set of vows I found .... yet I felt a connection with them. You cannot posses me for I belong to myself. But while we both wish it, I give you that which is mine to give. You cannot command me, for I am a free person." Mika pauses at that phrase. Free person. She continues, "but I will serve you in those ways you require, and the honeycomb will taste sweeter coming from my hand. I pledge to you that yours will be the name I cry aloud in the night, and the eyes into which I smile in the mourning. I pledge to give you the first bite of my meat and the first drink from my cup. I pledge to you my living and my dying, each equally in your care. I shall be a shield for your back and you for mine. I shall not slander you, nor you me. I shall honor you above all others, and when we quarrel we shall do so in private and tell no strangers our grievances. This is my marriage vow to you. This is a marriage of equals." Mika says her words with emotion filled conviction as her eyes hold his.

From her seat near some of the others, Ember seems to swat at a buzzing gnat that isn't actually there, as Mikani's speech goes on. It is transparently the Baroness attempting to save face when she looks away from her companions to wipe at her eyes semi-discreetly.

Rysen smiles as he gazes at Mikani. When she has finished speaking, holding her hands in his, he says in a solemn voice, "I pledge before the gods and spirits to make our partnership a cherished pillar of my life - to grow in friendship, trust and intimacy - to love and support you, in good times and in bad. I am honored to share my life with you and look forward to all our many adventures."

Drea reaches down to pick up the pot and she holds it out and waits until both of them put their hands around the pot as well. Six hands hold the pot into place. "Grow your marriage as the seeds in this pot flower. Feed and water each other's needs as you do these flowers." She smiles at them and then lifts up her voice. "Spirits of Flame and Fire, please give Your Blessing to this joining as they bring You into their family and show reverence and give offerings. Spirits of Water, please give Your Blessing to this joining as they bring You into their family and show reverence and give offerings. Then her hands draw away and she leaves the pot to them to hold. "Blessings of the Spirits who listen here today, bear witness, accept this offering of reverence that these two offer today." She leaves them with the pot and then steps up to kiss each of them on the cheek. "May your marriage not be too peaceful, and not too fruitful," she says with a laugh and then steps back. "Congratulations to Lord Rysen and Lady Mikani Crovane!" She then steps back and the ritual is done. A wave to the attending to come forward and share their well wishes now.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Artur before departing.

Rysen beams at Drea, and then pulls Mikani into his arms, and kisses her.

Mikani wraps her arms around Rysen's neck as she kisses him back as good as she gets. For a moment the world is just the two of them.

Fianna keeps her focus upon the ceremony and doesn't even have to remind Mack to remain seated (and quiet) near her feet. There are other animals present and yet he shows zero interest at the moment. It's a good thing he doesn't act up since the Duchess has her full attention elsewhere. The exchange of vows has her listening and smiling, and when it is over she's one of the first to congratulate the happy couple. "Welcome to the family, Lady Mikani." Hugs are shared between them. "Congratulations, Rysen."

Artur shouts from nearby, ""Kiss her like a real Crovane, Rysen!"

Peri jumps up and dashes to great the couple, splashing through the shallow water in her enthusiasm to see them.

Clapping for the spiritually bound couple, Eilonwy smiles warmly. To her companions she nods a little and says something softly while her hands continue to applaud.

Arcadia applauds the couple but stays where she is. No one needs to see her fall on her ass.

Darren rises from his seat, joining in with thunderous applause to welcome the newly bound couple.

Petal is overheard praising Mikani: Yay, a wonderful bride and woman!

Petal is overheard praising Rysen: A great Lord with good taste!

Artur is overheard praising Drea: Wonderful ceremony, momma bear!

Tyche applauds for the couple as others begin to cheer, "Congratulations!" Her call blends in with the others, no doubt, but she's more than happy to be one of many here.

Ember applauds fiercely for the conclusion of the ceremony, and the kiss. She managed to keep herself from giving in to tears -- but she can't hide an actual, real grin on her face. To see the Bloody Baroness smile so brightly is an occasion of considerable rarity, and she doesn't even attempt to hide it.

Petal is overheard praising Drea: Shaman leader and wonderful Ceremony!

Peri is overheard praising Drea.

Peri is overheard praising Rysen.

Peri is overheard praising Mikani.

Thea sets the rum bottle down before she applaudes Mikani and Rysen,"Congratulations!"

Ember is overheard praising Mikani: I'm immensely, immensely proud of my oldest friend.

Sanya is overheard praising Mikani: Congratulations on your wedding day.

Darren is overheard praising Mikani: A beautiful bride.

Zoey lets go of Ian's hand to applaud with the rest of the guests.

Sanya is overheard praising Rysen.

Darren is overheard praising Rysen: You spoil that beautiful bride, Rysen. Spoil her well!

Drea is overheard praising Rysen: A handsome groom devoted to his bride.

Ember is overheard praising Rysen: I look forward to even observing the joy that I know you will bring your bride.

Icelyn applauds loudly, though her face ramins sober. Still, at least she's clapping.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Artur before departing.

Ember is overheard praising Drea: I wasn't crying. Really, I wasn't. There was a bug.

Drea is overheard praising Mikani: A beautiful bride with her handsome groom.

Volcica is overheard praising Drea: A wonderful ceremony. She shows every time why she's the High Shaman.

His hand thus released, Ian sets down the bottle of rum he was holding in the other hand and, taking his cue from Zoey, applauds as well.

Mikani laughs at Artur's call out and bows her head to those gathered.

Beneath the trees, Mirella places her hands together in gentle applause. Her lips curve in the slightest of understated smiles, but there's a certain amount of warmth there too. Not quite beaming, but it's evident that she thinks this is quite a pleasing occasion to her mind.

Petal cheers for the bride and groom, seemingly happy for them and having a warm smile that reaches her brown eyes.

Rysen glances towards those in attendance, smiling, and hugs Peri with Mikani as she rushes through the water. He smiles warmly at Fianna, and no sooner has he taken a step back before Deor hands him a glass of Mikani's rum. "Congratulations, My Lord, Lady Mikani," he says with a grin. Rysen raises his glass to Ember, and the glimmer in her eyes - not tears, surely - bring a similar shine to his own.

Artur is overheard praising Rysen: What do you get when you cross an axe with a trident?

Artur is overheard praising Mikani: Three times the chopping power!

Carita rises gracefully as she applauds with the rest of the crowd, her smile warm. Her brows lift as she offers her hand down to Ember to stand as well, nodding. "Of course."

Drea steps back to allow everyone else a chance to cheer for the happy couple. She winks at her son as she watches all the congratulations and she walks over to clean up the altars and handle them respectfully.

Mikani hugs Peri warmly as well before she takes a glass of rum from Deor. She kisses Rysen's cheek before she moves to say hello to Carita and Ember.

Ember accepts Carita's offer of a hand-up, and is ginger and patient in rising to her feet -- surely to avoid ripping her fine Petal-made gown by rising too quickly. It's bad enough that she got sand on it. The Baroness brushes herself off, and then moves over to her guardsmen. There is a subtle motion between her and them -- one of them handing her something, perhaps. The guardsmen appear unsure of how to deal with how their Baroness is letting them see her smile. Then it's back to Carita, to walk side-by-side with the Countess, keeping whatever is she took hidden in both hands.

Thea simply offers a wave to Rysen and Mikani followed by a brief smile. She is not much of hugger...not at all really. They should know that, really.

Ian doesn't seem inclined to get up and go anywhere, but when Thea waves, he takes his cue from her and lifts the bottle of rum he was drinking from in a salutatory sort of way in the direction of the happy couple.

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Rising as her companions do, Sanya pauses on spotting the Kennex. She approaches with a warm smile. "Lord Ian, it's good to see you. I didn't see you earlier." A wave is offered to Thea as well.

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Icelyn pushes herself to her feet as the applause breaks the spell of stillness. She bows to her fellows who haven't departed, then moves off through the crowd, dodging and weaving expertly between people.

Peri moves off to give the couple more room to receive well wishers. The diving platform is eyed plaintively.

"We're tucked away in the back, here," Ian says to Sanya. He offers up the bottle of rum he was drinking from, but doesn't actually rise to meet her. Plenty comfortable on his fallen log under the trees, apparently. "Good to see you. Interesting ceremony."

Funny thing about being new in town - you tend to be oblivious to various social goings-on unless you stumble upon them. In Baelos's case, that usually means on a scale of drunkeness somewhere between 'loose' and 'down to party'. But! Tonight is an exception - did he know about the event, no. But is he drinking? Not yet! No, instead, the Redrain is out for an evening jog, hair flowing in the breeze, beard shining in the moonlight. Shirtless, no shoes. Cue the slow motion and the theme song - 'I'll be ready... ' Perfect attire for a beach party as it happens! When he spots the torches and the people, he conveniently cuts the angle of his jogging path in the direction of the party.

Rysen kisses Mikani again, and glances over his shoulder at Drea, with a smile. He makes his way over to Carita and Ember, and says, "Thank you both for coming. I know the Northlands traditions probably seem strange, but it is very good to have you here. Luckily, we have lots of good rum."

Mikani smiles at the kiss and caresses Rysen's cheek. "I was telling Carita that we are well and truly married now."

Zoey borrows Ian's bottle to take a drink, then gives it back to him. "I think the party might just come to you."

Cillian smiles at Petal and then looks to Rysen and Mikani, " How are you Orcid?" he asks his wife who is sitting nect to him as he watches everyone.

As the festivities wind down, Darren discreetly excuses himself.

Arcadia gives Baelos a wave. The northerners are all up on the hill. Likely all a tad drunk already. She murmurs to Eilonwy and eyes the booze down on the sand "Walk in front of me so if I fall we can claim it's some odd unknown heathen ritual...thing."

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Thea bows her head to Sanya,"Good evening. How are you?" Seeing Baelos, she lifts her eyebrow,"Gods---it's like Domonico--never clothes."

Ember keeps her hands folded in front of her as Mikani approaches. She listens to Carita and Mikani speak for a moment, and gives Rysen a smile -- and then as soon as there's an opportunity she grabs Mikani in as giant an embrace as the Baroness can manage without separating her own shoulders from the suddenness of it. The hug is a tight one, and she may well take Mikani off of her feet for a moment -- but Ember is careful about setting her down and releasing gracefully. "I suppose what I meant to say by that is -- congratulations, Lord and Lady Crovane."

Snorting, Eilonwy looks at Arcadia and holds out her hands behind her. "Here, just hold on to me and if you fall make it flirty at least. I could use the fun." The Marquessa suggests to the Countess. Looking to Cillian, she winks to her brother and his wife before starting to steer Arcadia to the couple for congratulations. Looking about she catches sight of the shirtless jogger Baelos and blinks before muttering to Cady.

"Thank you, Baroness," says Rysen warmly to Ember. He leans over and whispers something to Carita with a warm smile, and then makes his way over to Thea, taking a long drink of rum on his way.

Fianna makes her way through the gathered crowd to tend to a few matters, leaving quietly after wishing her cousin and his new bride well.

Carita's laughter lifts at the softly spoken words of Mikani before she turns her attention on the approaching Rysen. "I wouldn't say strange, but interesting to say the least." There's a pause as Ember gives Mikani a giant hug, the action quick enough to even give Carita a bit of a shock as she watches.

Mikani laughs as the shorter woman picks her up. "Baroness ... careful your heart is showing." She teases Ember before giving Ember a kiss on the cheek. "I'm glad you both came ..."

Arcadia laughs and snorts at Eilonwy "I will try." Purposely looking at where Eilonwy's gaze has traveled to the mostly naked prince she agrees "We should just move to the beach."

"Indeed. I've only read about such ceremonies, I've never witnessed one." Sanya says with a smile, accepting the rum graciously, taking a drink before handing it back. She sits on the log. "It was quite an experience." She smiles up at Thea. "It's been a while, my lady." Seeing Baelos, she chuckles at the Malvici's words. "In all fairness, we're at the beach."

Peri kicks off her shoes and outer layers. "Climb high," She observes. She climbs to the top of the diving platform and runs into the air with a "WOOOOOOO" SPLASH.

Icelyn ends up right in front of Baelos as he jogs into the midst of the party. She slips quickly out of his way. "Where are you going in such a hurry!" she calls after him.

Cillian leans in to whisper to Petal while watching his sister with Arcadia.

Baelos nods and smiles to various partygoers he doesn't know, 'Oh hi.' 'Evening.' 'Hello.' 'Nice dress.' He is oblivious to the fact that he has leapfrogged everyone, skipping party attire and overdrinking, and gone right to removing clothes (previously removed, to be fair). By happy coincidence, he bumps right into a crowd of Northerners. He grins at Arcadia and her friends, "Countess! Where's the booze?"

Sabella beams at Bales as he passes by, "It IS a nice dress, thank you!" She replies as she smoothes down an imaginary wrinkle.

"In hammocks." Eilonwy agrees with a laugh. "Even the winters here are easy." She steers Arcadia toward the newly weds and looks over as Baelos calls to the Countess. "You know him? Wicked thing. You ought to have said. Shall I release you to go say hello?"

Arcadia stumbles down the beach with Eilonwy. Who's idea was it to wear heels to the beach?! She beams at Baelos are they come alongside him "Your Highness. Come with us. We're off to say congratulations and steal whatever Darren has left."

Tyche stands from her place beneath the trees, offering a wave to those gathered there, and then turns to make her way out.

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Rysen comes to Thea's side and toasts his glass of rum with her bottle. "Got a missive from your brother earlier and I sang your praises in the most understated way," he says with a grin. "Thanks for coming, Thea," he says, and glancing to Ian and Zoey says, "And I hope you didn't steal that bottle from Lord Ian. I was determined that he should have a good time tonight, and figured good liquor was the best path to that goal."

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Thea hears Rysen then, her face turning a bit of red,"I read it but it wasn't necessary--"but cheers him with her bottle but was once Ian's,"I would never -steal- Rysen, and you are welcome. I wouldn't miss it. Congratulations! " Thea smiles at him briefly.

At some point Mirella makes her farewells to those beneath the trees, dipping into a curtsy that's renewed in the direction of Rysen and Mikani and Drea. With a cool but pleasant smile, gentle and soft, she dips her head in respect, and then is off, following Tyche away from the beach.

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Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes arrives, delivering a message to Arcadia before departing.

Bonnie, a lab assistant with very full pockets and a habit of exploding messages from certain people arrives, delivering a message to Mikani before departing.

Arcadia recieves a note from Thea. After briefly checking it, she searches Thea with her gaze. She just smirks at Thea and raises the flask to her lips.

Ian is still handing around one of the bottles of rum over at the fallen logs, to be fair. Presumably the naughty kids will live without the second one for a little while.

"Say congratulations? A fight? A contest? A wedding?" Baelos arches a brow as he guesses aloud, but steps in line with Arcadia easily enough. Context clues clear things up quickly as the couple comes into view. "Hm, well, perhaps not my best foot forward for a wedding..." He murmurs to Arcadia and her pal Eilonwy. He notices her - she is very tiny - for the first time. "Oh, hello there."

Volcica is still sitting on top of the Northern Dunes, but she watches with amusement as Arcadia and Eilonwy make their way down to the beach and Baelos! She waves, but seems quite content on high.

Rysen waves to Mirella, and laughs softly at the color rising to Thea's face. He makes his way over to Sabella, and offers a deep, respectful bow. "We're honored by your presence, Your Highness. I had the good fortune of hearing your song at Prince Artur's play, and I wish I could say that I stood unmoved save in appreciation of the beauty of your voice - but, the truth is, I was deeply moved. Your talents know no equal," he says, as he takes another drink of rum, "and it was truly a performance I will never forget."

Looking up, Eilonwy grins. "Hello. Marquessa Eilonwy." She offers and nods to the couple. "I wouldn't worry. Rysen's northern at least. The shirt thing won't bother him."

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Drea melts onto the pathway with her supplies gathered, her assistant helping her carry things and then she leaves the young ones to party as they do at that age.

Siggi, a small fox, Aralie, the shy assistant leave, following Drea.

Arcadia murmurs to Baelos helpfully "Lord Rysen and Lady Mikani Crovane." she assures Baelos, as she briefly pats his chest "You're dressed perfectly. " Oh muscles. She then waves to get Rysen's attention.

Sabella's smile for Rysen is pretty brilliant even before he compliments her, "I'm the one that was honored to be here for I have never seen a ceremony quite like that and I was very curious to see what would happen. But I am so happy for you and Lady Mikani--perhaps a bit moreso for her since you are such a rare person with a never ending depth of imagination and creativity that I'm sure will treat her with the kindness she deserves. And while I thank you for your words, please make sure Mistress Gianna never, ever hears you say that," while she's smiling there's something behind those words. Like, have you met Gianna? "It was my honor to be able to help Prince Artur and I'm ever so glad you enjoyed the performance."

Rysen checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 5 lower.

Thea narrows her eyes at Arcadia, as she drinks from her own bottle. Her eyes are hard and not impressed. However, deciding to not make a scene, she decides differently. Thea turns and bows her head,"I should be off. Things to catch up on and such." Turning to Mikani and Rysen again, she smiles,"It was beautiful.." Thea trudges her way across the beach, sandals flung over her shoulder, rum bottle in the other hand. Walking over by Arcadia, she 'accidentally' bumps Arcadia's flaked hand. Oops---spilled?

"Baelos Redrain." He responds to Eilonwy with a crooked grin. "I would say that I normally do not meet people for the first time without clothes, but that would be a lie." His confidence needs no boosting, but Baelos accepts the pep talk anyway. As Rysen and Sabella exchange pleasantries, he quietly waits his turn. The 6'4 barechested guy looming nearby.

Mikani walks up next to Rysen. "Princess Sabella ... pleasure to see you again." She smiles warmly before she murmurs something quietly to Rysen.

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Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes leaves, following Thea.

Bonnie, a lab assistant with very full pockets and a habit of exploding messages from certain people arrives, delivering a message to Mikani before departing.

Rysen blushes furiously at Sabella's words, and he laughs warmly when she speaks of Gianna. "You're certainly right, Your Highness, and I shall not speak a word of your talents to the Nightingale." Noticing Arcadia's wave, Rysen smiles at Mikani as she speaks to him, and bows again to Sabella, still smiling, before making his way over to the Countess of Bonespire. "Marquessa," says Rysen warmly to Eilonwy. "Cady," he says with a wink to Arcadia. "Thank you both for coming."

Pat pat pat at Baelos chest but then Rysen is finally acknowledging them. And Fling! Straight into a hug for her best friend "Congratulations Ry!" She then murmurs something to him with a grin.

"Nice to meet you Prince Baelos." Eilonwy says cheerfully with only a little lingering on the muscles before looking to Rysen. "Lord Rysen, how could I not?" She grins and inclines her head. "I'm almost certain I would be a complete monster to not have come to the beach. Now, if it were Stormwall...well, destination weddings can be so hard to arrange I hear."

Peri swims back to the shallows and walks along the strand stopping now and again to examin the ground before making her way back to her friends. "It's a hermi!" She holds out her palm to Rysen and Mikani to show a small hermit crab. "I must get back. I am so happy you decided to share your ceremony with us." She hugs the two. without crushing Hermie. Hermie goes home. Peri goes home.

"Lady Mikani!" Sabella throws her arms out to try to hug the new bride should she be willing, "Congratulations! I am quite sure you've found your proper match here and wish you nothing but all the luck in the world! Not that you'll need it with this one," she smiles to Sanya then, "Lady Sanya, we must meet some time when there isn't a flurry of activity so we can talk more--" and then her attention to drawn to Baelos, well, first his non-shirtedness and then up towards his face, "I didn't realize that we weren't supposed to dress up for the occasion! Is that because swimming is expected? I definitely did not dress for that."

Volcica finally rises from the sandy hill, making her way down it to join the group on the beach! Apparently she's recharged enough to partake in the party, though she is glancing around for a drink, drifting nearer to Arcadia.

Peri resettles the little hermit crab and gathers her things. She waves a farewell to the naughty kids under the tree sharing their rum and nods farewell to all those around her who mark her passing.

Arcadia even shows Rysen her dress and shoes. "See. No tricks and I bathed. " She then hugs Mikani too "Congratulations Mika. It was a lovely ceremony."

Mikani hugs Sabella warmly. "Thank you."

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Bonnie, a lab assistant with very full pockets and a habit of exploding messages from certain people arrives, delivering a message to Mikani before departing.

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"Gods and spirits, Marquessa," says Rysen, laughing at Eilonwy's response. "For the record, we'd love to have you at Stormwall more often." He keeps laughing as Arcadia says something to him and nods to her. "Truly, the greatest of gifts, Countess. It is most appreciated." Turning to Baelos, Rysen says, "Welcome, Your Highness," and noticing Volcica, Rysen grins and says, "I'm glad you're here, My Lady. If Arcadia gets out of line, may I remit her to your care?"

"Ah Lord Rysen, Lady Mikani, congratulations are in order I am told! I say that becaue unfortunately I missed the main event, but as you can see I immediately directed my focus to celebrating with you without so much as pausing to get dressed." Baelos greets the couple in his loud voice. To Sabella, he shakes his head with a serious expression. "Do not worry a moment on the dress code, your highness. That really is a lovely dress."

Someone looking for a drink always recognizes a kindred spirit, so when Carita passes by Volcica, she offers over an unopened bottle of rum without words, dips her head, and continues on her way. There's a curtsy for Sabella and a friendly wave to go with it "Beautiful as always, your Highness," before she continues on her way.

Bonnie, a lab assistant with very full pockets and a habit of exploding messages from certain people arrives, delivering a message to Mikani before departing.

Ember is coming down from the intense high of 'smiling in public' as she follows in Carita's wake, and her guardsmen follow in her own. She curtsies and greets as appropriate, and before following Carita off fully, she looks behind herself to flash Mikani one last smile and wave for the night.

"Sure you're not asking so I'll make your trees dance Lord Rysen?" Eilonwy wonders in a teasing tone before looking to Mikani. "I should offer good luck-but no doubt you've worked out we're a rowdy bunch." She offers in a warm tone and nudges Arcadia. "I'm suspecting you know the northerners better than I do."

Petal eventually rises to her feet. She peeks over to Eilonwy, having a warm smile for her. The girl then waves happily to the married couple and is off.

Mikani laughs and nods to Eilonwy. "Oh that I've learned. I don't mind as long as no one turns up their noses at my rum."

Arcadia scoffs at Rysen "When do I /ever/ get out of line." She impishly crinkles her eyes at Rysen. "Plus. The Marquessa is my new friend and from what I've been told is rivaling me for best troublemaker."

"I couldn't miss it, Rysen. Of course you can," she offers, with just a tiny hint of a grin. Carita gets a thankful dip of her head, and Volcica promptly opens the bottle for a sip.

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Baelos eyes Volcica for a moment while saying his hellos to the others, or more accurately her bottle of booze.

"Indeed we must." Sanya agrees, smiling with the princess, before rising. "I must be off now. Congratulations again." She says to the couple, before excusing herself.

Sanya has left the Beneath Trees.

Sabella also slips out, careful not to draw attention away from the happy couple.

Arcadia is given a bottle by Carita as she passes. Grinning, she shows her companions the new, unopened bottle of rum "Shall we go celebrate the happy couple?"

Sabella has left the Beneath Trees.

Mikani takes a wolf from Twilight Dale stuffed and mounted on a log.

Mikani takes Grandma Parkins Strawberry Cake.

Mikani takes Hurstwic Black Strawberry Rum.

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