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Stahlben/Leary wedding reception.

The Stahlben's married in a quiet private ceremony a few weeks back.

But with much cajoling from family and friends they have decided to open their home up for a party to celebrate.


July 28, 2019, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Arcadia(RIP) Magnus


Arik Willow Thea Corbit Harlan Reese Lisebet Isabetta Alban


Leary Stahlben Sanna Halfshav Redrain Crovane Nightgold Ashford Grayson


Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Stahl Hall - Great Hall

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

The halls have been decked out with lights and flowers, a band is setting up on a small stage to the left. Numerous servers mill about inviting guests in and seeing that they have drinks and food as needed. The new countess-consort is putting the final touches on. Directing bits and pieces left and right, still worrying that the room is just not quite right, but it's too late for that. She takes a deep breath and plasters a smile on as her guests begin to arrive.

Arik arrives at the transformed Stahlben Great Hall dressed semi-formal with a leather coat bearing the sigil of Halfshav on the back but only an undertunic underneath it tucked into scandalously snug trousers and a swordbelt slanted across the hip. At least his lengthy coppery hair is pulled back into a loose braid and he doesn't look as if he went sparring before showing up. One of the servers is stopped and a letter sealed with wax given to them to hand off to Arcadia after which the Sword of Whitehold goes to avail himself of her whiskey.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Arcadia before departing.

It is not long after Arik that Willow shows up, walking up to Arcadia and planting a kiss on one cheek before murmuring something quiet and offering her a wink. She waves at Arik then, before pausing to take everything in.

2 Leary House Guards, Lite, a little blue canary arrive, following Corbit.

Arcadia gives a small laugh at Willow, but certainly relaxes a little. She continues to welcome people as they come in. 'Hello. Welcome. Please make yourself comfortable. There's small token of thanks over in the chest with the eagle on it."

Making her way inside the hall in a tight fitting dress, no armor once again, Thea makes her way to Arcadia. A bit quickly as to not draw attention to herself. Leaning down, she murmurs something quietly, a slight smile on her lips before she steps away, bowing her head politely to others.

Thea takes A bone and metal bangle with far northern symbols from A rustic wooden chest engraved with the Leary Eagle.

Arik approaches Willow and Arcadia with one hand on the pommel of Frostfang, his attention briefly drawn away by Thea approaching and then departing.

Arcadia eyes Willow and Arik, a brief amused look on her face. 'I suppose it could be possible after a few tumbers of whiskey.' Her attention to Thea, 'Lady Thea. Welcome. Thank you so much for helping me this morning. I'm so glad you came.'

Lingering someplace close to Arcadia, Willow's smile is likely more mischievious than most present have seen as she gestures between herself, Arcadia, and Arik, suggesting something quietly then laughing a bir louder before nodding vigorously at Arcadia's comments.

Arik sniffs quietly and makes a vague gesture with his free hand towards the table of whiskey. "Mayhap the theatrics for a less public venue." he says in a low and disapproving rumble of a voice. He dips his head to Arcadia and adds, "Countess." and for Willow he offers, "It has been quite awhile since we've bumped into each other Lady Nightgold. It seems being at court in the capital hasn't dulled your wild sense of adventure though." it seems like he's preparing to away back to the booze, in no hurry though.

Corbit walks into the hall and glances around at the room and spots Arcadia, he makes his way over to his sister and hugs her, "Nice looking party. You were always good at that." he grins at her "Regardless of that or your new title, still my bratty little sister." he tells her patting her on the back, "Even though you do look beautiful in your dress."

"Theatrics?!?" Willow asks Arik, with a faux wounded look, ruined by the sparkle in her eyes. "I never!" A likely story. She merely chuckles at the comment on her sense of adventure before confessing, "I did have my new estate carved on the front of a cliff face overlooking the beach so I can climb down it to the waterfront, so you may have a point." Not that anyone /here/ has witnessed her doing so barefoot. Nope. Carefully Lady. Allegedly. She beams at Corbit, exclaiming, "Corgi! It's been ages!" At least she is quiet for all her excess cheer and energy.

Arcadia gives her brother a brief hug, surprised that he came. 'Thank you. I thought you must of gone back to leaholdt. But come in. Get something to drink.' Smoothing her gown twice she thanks him, 'It's beautiful. Lady Mikani gifted it to me. She has exceptional taste."

Thea nods to Arcadia, nonchalant in her tone,"It was no problem,"already reaching for a glass of whiskey she spies on a servers tray. A bottle sounds nice, but--rude. One thing the young Malvici woman isnt is rude. Pausing a moment, she turns and sees Corbit. Sipping that drink, she nods her head to him as well.

Harlan enters with the very pregnant duchess Lisebet on his arm, his hand holding hers lightly, and his attention -- well, pretty heavily on her. A warm smile is given to his wife before he guides her up towards where the newly-married couple are at. "Congratulations, Lady Arcadia Stahlben -- I wish you and your husband the best in the future."

1 Grayson House Guards, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting, Isabetta arrive, following Reese.

Mikani takes A bone and metal bangle with far northern symbols from A rustic wooden chest engraved with the Leary Eagle.

Corbit nods to Thea then shakes his head at Arcadia, "Of course not, I knew you were having you're reception, no way I'd miss it."

1 Redreef Warden, Vagari - Cinder Kitten, 1 Order of the Firebird, 4 Byrne Mountain Men, Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant leave, following Mikani.

Reese arrives at the wedding while in the company of Isabetta. She is adorned in her normal pink. The girl peek over the hall, trying to get a feeling for things here.

Arcadia smiles at Lisebet and Harlan as they come in, 'Thank you Duke. Duchess. Can I get you anything?" This more directed to Lisebet, than Harlan. He's not the one who can't see their toes.

Arik turns away from the good humored Willow and the Countess of the evening to make his way to the whiskey table. There's a lift of his hand for Reese as she arrives with Isabetta but otherwise the Sword of Whitehold finds a glass to nurse near the edge of the celebratory crowd.

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Lisebet is rounder than round, the petite duchess very obviously with child, and likely to give birth any day now. She has a big smile on her face, though she might look a bit tired and uncomfortable from the summer heat. "Congratulations, Countess," she greets easily. "I am doing well, but would not say no to something cold to drink."

Harlan gently teases his wife, "No raspberries today? I wonder if you're going to give birth to a red or purple baby, with all of the berries." He smiles warmly at her, then inclines his head, "Hello, Princess Reese." He looks back towards Arcadia, "I'm fine, I'm fine...but yes, let's get something for my wife to make her as comfortable as possible."

Thea bows her head to Lisebet and Harlen, greeting them with a nod and slight smile,"Good evening..." Seeing Reese, she gives her a wave and the same brief curve of her lips. Seeing Arik, Thea decides he has the best idea and decides to place herself near the whiskey, sipping the first glass of course. No need to rush...

Since Bonespire is still experiencing snow, the young countess somehow managed to transport some ice down for the event especially. A cool drink topped with ice is delivered for the duchess, while Arcadia gestures to the table, 'There are raspberries somewhere over there. All sorts of fruits and other goodies."

Isabetta is staying close to Reese as she enters and when she sees where Arcadia is she waves from her spot.

Reese looks over to Arik, having a warm smile for the Lord that reaches her blue eyes and brings her dimples. She then then also smiles both Harlan and Lisabet. "Lady Thea!" She greets to the Malvici noble. The girl notices Arcadia after a moment. "You look very lovely, Countess, congrats!"

Lisebet smiles to Reese, with a nod of her head. She's not even going to attempt a curtsey these days. "Princess Reese, good to see you." A smile to Arcadia, and a, "Thank you. I do appreciate it. I thought about not coming, but I wanted to offer my congratulations." She takes a sip of the drink, enjoying the coolness in her hands and as it goes down, before she adds, "I shall find a seat and see if Harlan can find those raspberries for me. Since he mentioned them, I have to admit they sound delicious." At least if the baby is oddly coloured, everyone will entirely know why. Thea also gets a nod and a smile from the rotund duchess.

Willow pulls Reese in for a lingering hug if not stopped, giving her a kiss on the cheek while lingering near Arcadia, mostly. She beams at her and asks, of Isabetta, "Is this the Issy I heard mentioned briefly? She has similar look about her to Ysabel, at least."

There are indeed raspberries at the table near the booze. One can find Arik with a few fingers stained reddish as he plucks them from a bowl and pops them into his mouth with a frequent whiskey chaser. When Thea sets up near the whiskey (wisely so) he dips his head to her, frosty grey eyes giving her a brief look before hazaarding a guess by the tone of his rumbly voice "Lady Velenosa?"

Arcadia greets Reese and Isabetta as they come in too. "I'm so glad you both made it. Thank you." Hearing Willow, she does the introductions, "Lady Isabetta, this is Lady Willow. I'm surprised you two haven't met before."

Isabetta looks from Arcadia to Willow to Reese and dips her head, "I do not know what you've heard of me Lady Willow, but I assure you I am not a trouble maker and you can completely trust me." She has a perfectly straight face.

Harlan indeed goes to find the berries in quesation -- and a whiskey, and he takes his time a bit so that he can -drink- the whiskey before he goes back to his wife. He isn't taking any risks at this point -- he knows better. He offers a polite smile towards Arik and says, "Good day -- I'm not e ntirely certain we've met -- although it may just have slipped my mind -- my apologies if so."

Thea lifts her eyebrow at Isabetta,"My cousin Miranda has said those same words,"the young Malvici states. Who conveniently excludes herself from the conversation. Sipping her drink, she relaxes subtly.

Reese looks over to Lisebet. "You look very lovely and blooming, Duchess." She says gently to her. Reese then turns to Willow, returning her hug and nodding. "This is Issy or Lady Isabetta." She adds.

Arcadia glances between Willow, Thea and Isabetta and actually voices, 'I think I've managed to round up all the trouble makers tonight."

Lisebet quirks an eyebrow at Isabetta's comment, somehow not buying it. Oh wait - because she HAS met Isabetta before. She simply smiles at her acquaintances, then laughs outright at Reese's kind words. "Thank you," she says, amusement tinged with rue. "I appreciate the compliment, Princess." A glance at Arcadia and Lisebet chuckles, "I think you may be missing one or two, but you've certainly a goodly number." And with that she starts to slip over to where there are raspberries.

Laughing brightly and shaking her head, Willow tells Isabetta with wide eyed mirth and cheer, "Nothing! I heard nothing, I swear it!" she says, before asking with a playful tone, "Why? Should I have?" She gives Isabetta a long and curious look, "Are you a scholar as Ysabel is? I haven't seen her in ages, but it's a pleasure to meet you." She grins at Arcadia and folds her hands behind her back, "Nonsense, my Lady Countess! I am an artmaker! The trouble is merely a byproduct."

Corbit glances to Arcadia "At *your* party? Surely not!" he says with a mock disbeleiving tone and a smirk before taking a bottle of whiskey off the table and a glass, topping it off before taking a drink, he grins at Arcadia, "I get to drink your whiskey for once." he tells her.

Isabetta shakes her head slowly and tells Willow, "Oh no, the closest thing to being a scholar I've ever done is write a short bunch of terrible romance stories. . . " Her attention is briefly drawn to Thea and Lisebet. She tells the latter that, "In fact I know Lady Miranda and of course she actually is trouble where as I am not. I am a perfectly proper lady, else why would I be invited to such a function?"

"Duke Ashford, no I don't think we've ever met formally. I am Lord Arik Halfshav, Sword of Whitehold." Arik states in a low rumbly of a voice as he dips his head to the man and then lifts his whiskey glass in a cheers gesture, smudges of red from the raspberries on the glass.

Thea smooths her gown over her hips,"I--am not trouble. Not really--,"she says. Fact. "Depends which member of my family you ask---" Gold-flecked green eyes glance at Isabetta,"I dont know--she is--excitable, not trouble,"a small grin hiding behind her glass.

Arcadia scoffs at Corbit firstly, "I am respectable now. Long gone are my trouble making years." Right, even she doesn't believe it. Regardless, she tells Corbit, "You always drink my whiskey. I did try to get some from Bonespire, the Count says it's the strongest in the land. I Imagine it has to be when you're part giant."

Harlan smiles warmly towards ARik and says, "A pleasure to meet you, Lord Arik." He lifts his own glass, draining it easily, before he moves to sit it aside and gather up a fair amount of the raspberries, soon to return to his wife's side with them. After all, she needs berries! He does give Arcadia an amused smile though.

Reese looks over to Isabetta, seemingly thoughtful. "I don't know if Lady Miranda is per say, but certainly interesting. Maybe not as much trouble as the new Countess..." She says cheerfully, looking for Arcadia.

Lisebet finds a seat, but she does get close enough to spy Arik and his berry stained whiskey glass. She smiles and offers a "Lord Arik, good to see you again," to the man, before she turns back to Harlan. "We should sit, yes? How about right here?" And she picks a spot, maybe even at random.

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Arik dips his head to Lisebet with a fleeting smile for the rounded woman, "Duchess, it has been quite some time. I see you are growing into your new role." he rumbles with a straight face and a dip of whiskey while considering the Ducal pair. "I hope things have calmed down in your lands with the Great Road seemingly under control for the moment?"

Corbit nods to Arcadia, "Make sure you let me know when you get some, I want to try it." he says, "Also, I seem to remember you drinking my whiskey because you claimed stolen whiskey tasted better."

Arcadia gasps in pretend shock at Reese. "Me? A trouble maker? I've been so good. I mean, there was that tree climbing... and the incident with Lord Dariel's mime....." she pauses a moment but then decides, "Really nothing trouble." Her attention back to Corbit, "Well it does. Does it taste as good when given freely at a party?" She gives the whiskey a tempted look but sticks to the lemonade she was given before everyone arrived.

Nibbles, the Ashford Tree Squirrel arrives, delivering a message to Lisebet before departing.

Reese gets A bone and metal bangle with far northern symbols from A rustic wooden chest engraved with the Leary Eagle.

Nibbles, the Ashford Tree Squirrel arrives, delivering a message to Harlan before departing.

Harlan smiles towards Lisebet and nods, "Of course." He also hands over the berries, "Here you go, as well, Lis." He moves to sit down next ot his wife, a hand seeking hers out.

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Corbit grins and nods, "Of course, this is my favorite kind of whiskey." he takes a sip, "The free kind."

Reese looks over to Corbit with a smile. "It is good to see you as well, Lord Corbit."Sh says and then keeps her arm around Isabetta. She looks over to her. "Did you want some berries?" She says. The girl smiles to Arcadia again.

Isabetta puffs her cheeks out and inquires to Reese, "Did you ask just because I am Issy Berry of house Berry?" She says deadpan, then in a tinier voice she admits, "...yes."

With a glance to Arcadia, Thea just silences herself. Finishing her drink, she admits,"I'm afraid I should be off. Work to catch up--studies..."Cadting another brief but sincere smile to Arcadia,"Congratulations again.."before she bows her head to the others.

Lisebet reaches her hand to Harlan's, without thinking about it, though her other hand has her nice cool drink in it. She sets that down, as the berries are brought her way, pausing to munch on a couple. It won't take long until her own glass has the same sort of berry colouring as Arik's. Speaking of, His comment about her growing into her role brings a chuckle, and a shake of her head. "I am not entirely certain that is quite what I had in mind, at least."

Corbit nods to Princess Reese, "It's good to see you too. How has your painting been going?" he asks then smiles at his sister, "Of course it tastes good, it's my favorite kind." he takes a long sip, "Free."

Arik perks up his coppery brow at Harlan and Lisebet and ventures a rumbly voiced comment, "Duchess in your esteemed position in the Peerage two things are inevitable with good sense and the blessings of the Gods. Firstly you will be respected amongst your people for all that you do. Secondly you will give the House an Heir worthy of the name." and then he flashes a wolfish smirk at the pair, his attention on Harlan now "and the Duke will have to hope the Household staff don't all take to the new heir to quickly. He has plenty of years left afterall."

Reese looks over to Corbit. "It has been okay and well I am working on a new painting, but I don't know if I will get it done any time soon. That has got very slow for me." The girl says.

Finn the youthful northern boy, with icy blue eyes leaves, following Thea.

Arcadia gestures to the table "Yes. Help yourself. There's plenty. " She gives Thea another thankful look, "I appreciate you coming." Glancing toward the door, she gives up on the hope her new husband will be back in time for the festivities. Instead, she invites the group in. "May I have your attention for a moment. " Glancing around, she shares. "I have been trying to learn as much as I can about my new home. One tradition has been told to me. It is a tall tale competition, and I would like to share it with you all."

Harlan gets A bone and metal bangle with far northern symbols from A rustic wooden chest engraved with the Leary Eagle.

Arcadia then shares, "It is very simple. A person shares a story and you have to guess if it's truth or a lie. Normally, it is followed with excessive drinks should you get the answer wrong. The winner, according to the Count is whoever is still standing at the end, but tonight, it will be whoever gets away with the most fanciful tale."

Lisebet is seated with Harlan and Arik, there are a lot of raspberries, whiskey and somehow a cold drink for Lisebet. Even in the summer heat. Lisebet listens to Arcadia's suggestion for a game, and she wrinkles her nose. "I am not sure I can come up with a tall tale," she says, amusement dancing across her face.

Arcadia grins at Lisebet, "I am always beaten when I play with Count Magnus and Lady Volcica. But they have had a lifetime of playing this game."

He's been there the entire time, yes, just, quietly in the background, wishing the new couple well, chatting with various lords and ladies. Out of the spotlight. But, now he has found his way to Lisebet's table, and he pulls up a chair next to his cousin, grinning at her, "It looks like you are nearly ready to burst, cousin. How are you? How have you been? I have been gone far too long it seems."

Arcadia glances around, "Alright. I will start." Spreading her hand a little, "Most know that Leaholdt, home of the Learys is a fortress. It is only accessible by climbing through a waterfall and finding your way through a warren of tunnels. What most don't know is that there is a door down there." Pausing for effect, she then continues. "Behind there, is a copy of every single piece of knowledge ever written. We have an entire underground library full of all the world's texts." She looks to the people. "Now. Is that the truth or a tale?"

Lisebet does raise her glass to Arik, acknowledging his comments. "I suppose we shall see about the household staff deciding they like the child better than us," she says, amused. And then there's - "Alban! I know you were away when we got married - have you met Duke Harlan Ashford? And this is Lord Arik Halfshav." A pause and she adds, "Harlan, Lord Arik, allow me to introduce my cousin Lord Alban Farshaw." She quiets then, glancing over as Arcadia starts the game.

"A tall tale, Countess... For if it were truth the Great Archives would be poorly named." Arik calls out from his spot at the tables near Lisebet and Harlan. When Alban's last name is mentioned the Halfshav Lord offers a considering look, "My sympathies for your merchant vessels Lord Alban, we were all rather pleased when House Farshaw rose above that messy border skirmish."

Harlan nods towards alban and smiles, 'Lord Alban, a pleasure to meet you -- especially a cousin by marriage." He squeezes Lisebet's hand gently and nods, "Indeed."

Arcadia glances around, "Any other guesses?"

"I guess it is a tall tale as well, though if true, I am going to visit the Leaholdt for a year," Lisebet calls out.

At Lisebet's greeting and introduction, Alban gives a nod to those at the table, "You are a lucky man Lord Harlan. Though I think you are likely quite aware of that." Arik's comment about the burned ships gets a rueful smile, "I was not present at the time, but...we have not been scuttled despite such a loss."

Corbit shakes his head at Arcadia, "I know if it's true or not so can't vote."

Arcadia droops her shoulders a touch of disappointment, "You're right. It's false. The library is upstairs, and I doubt anyone's collection could include the whole of the world's books."

Harlan grins towards Alban, "I am quite aware, yes." He looks over towards Arcadia, "I lean towards false as well -- if it's true, I need to research history a bit more." He's amused.

Arik dips his head to Alban, Lisebet, and Harlan before making his way towards Arcadia his rumbly voice lifting to fill the room. "Countess Stahlben, this tradition isn't just exclusive to Bonespire many Houses in the northland try their hand at it. So in the honor of welcoming you to the north I will have a go with you." then to the room at large, "Once I fought a wolf that could consume the memories of its prey. In a place where the forest was a maze. It was night beneath a blood moon. The mirrormasks celebrated and Frostfang danced." he touches the House Sword of Halfshav hanging on his hip as if to hint the relevance. "I survived and told the tale... True or false my Lord, my ladies... Countess?"

Arcadia really looks to Arik, taking in his clothes and swords she decides "True." Even if she does look a touch skeptical.

Corbit ponders for a moment, "I'm going to have to guess false I think."

With the greetings carried out, Alban turns his attention to the competition going on at the front of the hall. He looks over at Lisebet, and then calls out, "False! How would you remember your battle?"

Reese is still here, but the girl has been rather quite and not following things too closely. She look over a message and frowns at such and then reads it over again and again.

Arik upturns both of his hands, "True wolf, true place, I wasn't there though... But -had- I been, surviving meats the wolf wouldn't have eaten me and stolen my memories. It seems Countess you need a little more practice, but don't worry the northern houses tell a tall tale or two when we're drinking."

"My Lords, good reasoning or guesses." Arik asks for Corbit and Alban.

Arcadia laughs softly and takes a drink before finding a seat herself. "I told you I am dreadful at these sort of games."

Corbit grins at Arik, "Purely a guess."

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Reese is overheard praising Arcadia: Wonderful Reception!

Harlan looks over towardS Arik, "I've seeen enough and heard enough from my sister --- I lean towards that being the truth, Lord Halfshav. There are absolutely things out there to give anyone pause, and things we cannot completely explain." He ahhs and says, "Well...close." He smiles.

Reese quitely slips out of the wedding, still holding the message and looking troubled.

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Arik finishes his whiskey and announces, "As I go though once I saw the bottom of the sea. It was a Marquessa, a Princess, and me. We gathered pearls until sharks came... Is it true or is it false." and without giving a clue as to which he makes his way for the exit. "Something to talk about for the evening, Spirits and Gods keep you all."

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Corbit drains his glass and sets it down, "I have to be going." he says he walks over and hugs his sister kissing her on the cheek, "You're doing well." he says with a smile and makes his way out, he holds up the bottle still in his hand, "I'll let you know how stolen whiskey tastes." he says as heads out.

Arcadia gives a wave to Corbit, "Thanks for coming."

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