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Laurent-Valardin Wedding Reception

Having found each other tolerable, Lady Jael Laurent and Prince Tyren Valardin celebrate their wedding with a reception coinciding with the annual Artshall Fete. There will food other than honey and drinks other than milk. PROMISE.


July 20, 2019, 4 p.m.

Hosted By

Jael Cristoph Tyren


Zara Norwood Flavien Cahal Reigna Kael


Laurent Valardin


Outside Arx - Oathlands near Artshall - Tournament Fields

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Comments and Log

Flavien gets a jaunty beret in blue, white and gold from a chest full of jaunty berets - TAKE ONE.

Cahal gets a jaunty beret in blue, white and gold from a chest full of jaunty berets - TAKE ONE.

The boring part of Tyren and Jal's wedding, the long and long-winded Oathlands ceremony with all its devout prayers and vows before limerance and signing of contracts etc. etc...that's over! Now it's time to wear hats and drink! The newly married couple are there in their wedding finery. Jael's dressed in all the stiff brocade a good Oathlands girl could hope for, looking happy, but pink and a little bit flustered as guests arrive. It's a mix of Arxian friends and Arthall inhabitants, many of which seem to be rosy aunties who pinch her cheek and squeal things like "You actually got /married/! Your mother thought she'd never see the day!"

Somewhere, mingling among the guests is Jael and Cristoph's mother who enthusiastically tells people, "Yes, she DID finally get married! And to a prince! I suppose he's a former prince now... but all the same!" Yes, she's very impressed. She nags the people at the buffet tables to keep everything completely full the entire time! Cristoph occasionally tries to steer her away, only for his mother to wander right on back. "There aren't enough truffled cupcakes!" His job is mom-wrangling. A fine dukely tradition.

Cristoph takes a jaunty beret in blue, white and gold from a chest full of jaunty berets - TAKE ONE.

Tyren is here, looking not quite as stiff as Jael's brocade. He keeps his one hand at his side while his other arm stays tucked around Jael, suffering diligently through the cheek pinching that the aunties insist on doing to him, too. At least they are suffering together, it's very romantic. "Did you think about running away during the oaths?" he teases Jael when they are taking an auntie breather, flashing her a soft smile. "It was a very long ceremony," it doesn't seem to be a complaint.

With a crisp mint tea in hand, Zara winds her way past the crowding aunties toward Jael and Tyren. She repeats her earlier, "Congratulations," to them both, and may or may be using her presence as a shield to allow Jael's cheeks a chance to recover from the pinching. "I hope you'll both visit the Valardin manor so that we won't have time to miss you," she says, her last words addressed to Tyren, while the invitation is clearly to both. Her eyes narrow with a touch of humor. "Not nearly so many mysteries in its construction as the Laurent estates, I'm afraid."

Norwood is beaming as brightly as a father might for Jael's marriage. He's kept to the girl's side until he sees Cristoph having to wrangle Lorraine. His smile grows even wider and he marches over and offers an arm to the older Laurent. "My dear Lorraine. I believe Margerie was looking for you. Why don't we go look for you?"

As he tries to get his mother under control (she's checking the temperature on the jugs of milk), Cristoph looks incredibly relieved that Norwood has appeared. He mouthes 'thank you' to him in unabashed relief and starts to slowly back away (while wearing his beret).

Flavien had snagged one of the berets on the way to all this space. He'd been mostly attentive during the ceremonies. Mostly. But he now looked just a bit more wall flowery. He managed to make his way over to smile here and there. "It was a beautiful ceremony." That's what you're supposed to say, right?

"Not that part," Jael replies to her new husband because mostly she just wanted to run away during the sermon. The very very long sermon. There's a faint wince when she overhears her mother, but she tamps it down when Zara approaches. "Princess Zara. Thank you for coming." As an auntie tries to broach Jal's personal space and fails, there's a silent look of gratitude for the shielding as well. Flavien's helping too! "Thank you, cousin. I think Mama outdid herself." Some fellow from Artshall manages to to sneak up on Tyren and clap him very heartily on the shoulder.

Norwood winks at Cristoph as he takes over the mother-wrangling. Margerie is probably off somewhere doing equally hostess-like. They'll find her eventually. "Lorraine, have you met Princess Zara?" He leads the older woman towards Zara. HE hasn't exactly met her either, but names are floating everywhere. "Ah, Jael. I'm glad to catch you for a moment. Margerie and I have a gift for the two of you." Small gift boxes are produced and given over to Jael and Tyren.

Jael mutters, "... not allowed to do any ... on the building until after the Fete."

Cahal approaches Jael and Tyren once the danger of stumbling in the way of cheek pinching aunts has somewhat reduced and he's finally got the beret just right. "Congratulations to you both. It was a lovely ceremony."

Tyren manages to hardly even flinch when he's smacked hard on the back, turning briefly to have a merry little chat with the Artshall fellow and exchange pleasantries. Then it's right back to the others, his smile just a hint tighter than before. Maybe his shoulder hurts, that guy had quite the hand. "Cousin Zara, it's good to see you. And Lord Flavien," he tips his head in a respectful nod for the man, before he is handed a box. Oo, present! He shifts his hand off Jael so he can open it with minimal awkwardness, removing the locket with care. He remains well composed, but his expression softens as he looks to Norwood. "Thank you, Baron. It's beautiful. I'll wear it with pride."

Flavien gave his little nod there. Seemed he wasn't much for the words and all that. "Welcome to the family," he bids Tyren with a small smile for Jael. "I'm glad to see you've gotten such clearly well-fit match." Possibly more things he thought were said at weddings, but hey, he tried!

"Lord Cahal, it's good to see you again." With the increasing non-aunty barricade forming between the couple and the aunties, Jael is starting to relax a little bit, though she touches the back of her neck gingerly. Must be that collar. "I hope you've been well since we spoke last?" Then Norwood is pressing a gift into her hand and she looks at it, expression finally flickering into easy warmth. "Uncle Norwood, it's gorgeous." She pops the locket open and shows it to Tyren. "Look! There's a place for your hair!"

It's okay, Jael! Norwood and Cristoph will just keep tag teaming her so she doesn't get overly-mother-of-the-bride during the reception. Well, mostly Margerie now. As soon as his mother is hauled away by Norwood, Eadric slams into his leg and starts hanging onto his pants and then so is little Annalise. It's fine, guys. He's okay over here. He's doing alright!

Nodding her head toward Jael, Zara says, "Of course. I was pleased to come. It's a lovely setting, and you both shine like gems here." She stands in solidarity with Flavien as the auntie defense line, and only turns at her name from Norwood: "Ah, how do you do," she says to Lorraine. "Laurent has truly outdone themselves. And Baron Norwood, it's good to see you again." And closer to an introduction, this time! She's not above curiosity, glancing to the gift as it's handed over and studying the locket in Jael's hand. "That's quite a clever looking locket."

Norwood has Lorraine well in hand until she NOTICES SOMETHING on Jael's cheek. "Jael! Your," except she remembers herself and straightens up. "I'll go get the powder my dear." And then she's off. She'll come back at JUST the wrong time probably. Norwood smiles at the pair of them, "I'm glad you both like it." Zara gets bowed to, "It is. I am so happy you were able to come."

Jael tilts her hand so Zara can see the locket more clearly, then says everyone's favorite thing to hear at a wedding. "Does anyone have a dagger on them?"

Norwood turns, stares.

Tyren checked composure + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 56 higher.

Cahal gives Jael a warm smile. "I've not managed to fall out of a tree and break both my legs just yet Jael. Don't worry. I promise not to try climbing any trees here today." he looks across at Lorraine's approach. "Ah. It seems thats my cue to get out of the way. Have a great day, both of you."

Kael and Reigna are making the rounds, and when Reigna sees Jael, she makes a beeline in that direction. "JAEL!" When she hears that request for a dagger, she blinks, "I *think* so?"

Tyren just clears his throat, settling his new locket around his neck before he pat-pats Jael's shoulder. "I'm sure you can get a lock of my hair later," said with eyes that plead 'nobody give Jael a dagger right now.'

In a show of great athletic ability, Cristoph manages to haul first the three year old up into his arms and then onto his shoulders. Then he stoops down and scoops up the younger girl and lets her hang onto him like a monkey. "Rupert! Rupert!" he starts calling, waving around for his put-upon assistant. Rupert joined the Laurents as an archivist and yet, he's never actually doing that job except for the rare occasion. "Fetch the present!" he calls out to him.

The man briefly looks as if he's ready to quit and yet, he sighs and wanders off to some other part of the party and returns a few moments later with a wooden box that has no top. He's talking to the box. "Ohhh yes, you're so good. So good- soo good-" Rupert stops when someone gives him a weird look and just rests by Cristoph.

Norwood gets a jaunty beret in blue, white and gold from a chest full of jaunty berets - TAKE ONE.

Kael, with wife... and then without. When Reigna makes a beeline toward Jael, there is a vague curve of the Marquis' lips up by way of amusement. Shaking his head, he moves at a much more sedate pace in the wake of his wife tough he certainly seems to be in amiable mood. Tired, of course, but amiable nonetheless.

Reigna takes a jaunty beret in blue, white and gold from a chest full of jaunty berets - TAKE ONE.

Wide-eyed at Cahal, "I am glad to hear it. No, really it's fine, Mama has spent plenty of time with me already-" But nothing can save her, probably, unless someone can lure Lorraine away again. Hearing and seeing Reigna approach, Jael opens her arms for a hug. "I just need it for-" and she cuts herself off again when Tyren picks up what she was putting down. "If I don't do it now, I'll forget. my brother doing?" Talking to a box. It's fine.

While Zara murmurs, "I'm afraid not," over the rim of her cup, she looks ever so faintly regretful that she does not have a dagger. Her eyes narrow at Tyren, meeting his pleading look with one of reserved humor -- but she gives up no blades to the new bride. (Ex-bride? New wife? This is complicated.) As Reigna approaches, Kael not far behind, Zara turns to them both with a look of welcome that's only briefly clouded with concern. "Marquessa, Marquis." There's something more than the usual courtesy to her, "How are you?" But she's too polite to overtly comment on the fatigue.

"Jael," Norwood says with a tiny beg, "Your mother will never forgive me if you mess up your hair now." Please Jael, don't get him in trouble with Lorraine, because then he'll be in trouble with Margerie too. Instead he turns towards Cristoph, "Want me to take one of them?" Even if he probably shouldn't carry little kids right now.

"Lets walk, Rupert." Rupert is carrying the box and Cristoph is escorting his children, lest Eadric knock over every single damn buffet table. When they finally make their way to Jael and Tyren, Rupert carefully stoops down to show her what's inside of the box. "I picked them out based on a recommendation by Lord Cahal and because partially they remind me of Norwood," he tells his sister and new brother-in-law, sounding very proud of himself. A knowing look is sent in Cahal's direction. "No, no. I've got them for now. Best if Lord Eddie stays off the ground for a few minutes."

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