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Laurent-Valardin Wedding Reception

Having found each other tolerable, Lady Jael Laurent and Prince Tyren Valardin celebrate their wedding with a reception coinciding with the annual Artshall Fete. There will food other than honey and drinks other than milk. PROMISE.


July 20, 2019, 4 p.m.

Hosted By

Jael Cristoph Tyren


Zara Norwood Flavien Cahal Reigna Kael Teagan Amund Preston Ida Reese


Laurent Valardin


Outside Arx - Oathlands near Artshall - Tournament Fields

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Comments and Log

Flavien gets a jaunty beret in blue, white and gold from a chest full of jaunty berets - TAKE ONE.

Cahal gets a jaunty beret in blue, white and gold from a chest full of jaunty berets - TAKE ONE.

The boring part of Tyren and Jal's wedding, the long and long-winded Oathlands ceremony with all its devout prayers and vows before limerance and signing of contracts etc. etc...that's over! Now it's time to wear hats and drink! The newly married couple are there in their wedding finery. Jael's dressed in all the stiff brocade a good Oathlands girl could hope for, looking happy, but pink and a little bit flustered as guests arrive. It's a mix of Arxian friends and Arthall inhabitants, many of which seem to be rosy aunties who pinch her cheek and squeal things like "You actually got /married/! Your mother thought she'd never see the day!"

Somewhere, mingling among the guests is Jael and Cristoph's mother who enthusiastically tells people, "Yes, she DID finally get married! And to a prince! I suppose he's a former prince now... but all the same!" Yes, she's very impressed. She nags the people at the buffet tables to keep everything completely full the entire time! Cristoph occasionally tries to steer her away, only for his mother to wander right on back. "There aren't enough truffled cupcakes!" His job is mom-wrangling. A fine dukely tradition.

Cristoph takes a jaunty beret in blue, white and gold from a chest full of jaunty berets - TAKE ONE.

Tyren is here, looking not quite as stiff as Jael's brocade. He keeps his one hand at his side while his other arm stays tucked around Jael, suffering diligently through the cheek pinching that the aunties insist on doing to him, too. At least they are suffering together, it's very romantic. "Did you think about running away during the oaths?" he teases Jael when they are taking an auntie breather, flashing her a soft smile. "It was a very long ceremony," it doesn't seem to be a complaint.

With a crisp mint tea in hand, Zara winds her way past the crowding aunties toward Jael and Tyren. She repeats her earlier, "Congratulations," to them both, and may or may be using her presence as a shield to allow Jael's cheeks a chance to recover from the pinching. "I hope you'll both visit the Valardin manor so that we won't have time to miss you," she says, her last words addressed to Tyren, while the invitation is clearly to both. Her eyes narrow with a touch of humor. "Not nearly so many mysteries in its construction as the Laurent estates, I'm afraid."

Norwood is beaming as brightly as a father might for Jael's marriage. He's kept to the girl's side until he sees Cristoph having to wrangle Lorraine. His smile grows even wider and he marches over and offers an arm to the older Laurent. "My dear Lorraine. I believe Margerie was looking for you. Why don't we go look for you?"

As he tries to get his mother under control (she's checking the temperature on the jugs of milk), Cristoph looks incredibly relieved that Norwood has appeared. He mouthes 'thank you' to him in unabashed relief and starts to slowly back away (while wearing his beret).

Flavien had snagged one of the berets on the way to all this space. He'd been mostly attentive during the ceremonies. Mostly. But he now looked just a bit more wall flowery. He managed to make his way over to smile here and there. "It was a beautiful ceremony." That's what you're supposed to say, right?

"Not that part," Jael replies to her new husband because mostly she just wanted to run away during the sermon. The very very long sermon. There's a faint wince when she overhears her mother, but she tamps it down when Zara approaches. "Princess Zara. Thank you for coming." As an auntie tries to broach Jal's personal space and fails, there's a silent look of gratitude for the shielding as well. Flavien's helping too! "Thank you, cousin. I think Mama outdid herself." Some fellow from Artshall manages to to sneak up on Tyren and clap him very heartily on the shoulder.

Norwood winks at Cristoph as he takes over the mother-wrangling. Margerie is probably off somewhere doing equally hostess-like. They'll find her eventually. "Lorraine, have you met Princess Zara?" He leads the older woman towards Zara. HE hasn't exactly met her either, but names are floating everywhere. "Ah, Jael. I'm glad to catch you for a moment. Margerie and I have a gift for the two of you." Small gift boxes are produced and given over to Jael and Tyren.

Jael mutters, "... not allowed to do any ... on the building until after the Fete."

Cahal approaches Jael and Tyren once the danger of stumbling in the way of cheek pinching aunts has somewhat reduced and he's finally got the beret just right. "Congratulations to you both. It was a lovely ceremony."

Tyren manages to hardly even flinch when he's smacked hard on the back, turning briefly to have a merry little chat with the Artshall fellow and exchange pleasantries. Then it's right back to the others, his smile just a hint tighter than before. Maybe his shoulder hurts, that guy had quite the hand. "Cousin Zara, it's good to see you. And Lord Flavien," he tips his head in a respectful nod for the man, before he is handed a box. Oo, present! He shifts his hand off Jael so he can open it with minimal awkwardness, removing the locket with care. He remains well composed, but his expression softens as he looks to Norwood. "Thank you, Baron. It's beautiful. I'll wear it with pride."

Flavien gave his little nod there. Seemed he wasn't much for the words and all that. "Welcome to the family," he bids Tyren with a small smile for Jael. "I'm glad to see you've gotten such clearly well-fit match." Possibly more things he thought were said at weddings, but hey, he tried!

"Lord Cahal, it's good to see you again." With the increasing non-aunty barricade forming between the couple and the aunties, Jael is starting to relax a little bit, though she touches the back of her neck gingerly. Must be that collar. "I hope you've been well since we spoke last?" Then Norwood is pressing a gift into her hand and she looks at it, expression finally flickering into easy warmth. "Uncle Norwood, it's gorgeous." She pops the locket open and shows it to Tyren. "Look! There's a place for your hair!"

It's okay, Jael! Norwood and Cristoph will just keep tag teaming her so she doesn't get overly-mother-of-the-bride during the reception. Well, mostly Margerie now. As soon as his mother is hauled away by Norwood, Eadric slams into his leg and starts hanging onto his pants and then so is little Annalise. It's fine, guys. He's okay over here. He's doing alright!

Nodding her head toward Jael, Zara says, "Of course. I was pleased to come. It's a lovely setting, and you both shine like gems here." She stands in solidarity with Flavien as the auntie defense line, and only turns at her name from Norwood: "Ah, how do you do," she says to Lorraine. "Laurent has truly outdone themselves. And Baron Norwood, it's good to see you again." And closer to an introduction, this time! She's not above curiosity, glancing to the gift as it's handed over and studying the locket in Jael's hand. "That's quite a clever looking locket."

Norwood has Lorraine well in hand until she NOTICES SOMETHING on Jael's cheek. "Jael! Your," except she remembers herself and straightens up. "I'll go get the powder my dear." And then she's off. She'll come back at JUST the wrong time probably. Norwood smiles at the pair of them, "I'm glad you both like it." Zara gets bowed to, "It is. I am so happy you were able to come."

Jael tilts her hand so Zara can see the locket more clearly, then says everyone's favorite thing to hear at a wedding. "Does anyone have a dagger on them?"

Norwood turns, stares.

Tyren checked composure + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 56 higher.

Cahal gives Jael a warm smile. "I've not managed to fall out of a tree and break both my legs just yet Jael. Don't worry. I promise not to try climbing any trees here today." he looks across at Lorraine's approach. "Ah. It seems thats my cue to get out of the way. Have a great day, both of you."

Kael and Reigna are making the rounds, and when Reigna sees Jael, she makes a beeline in that direction. "JAEL!" When she hears that request for a dagger, she blinks, "I *think* so?"

Tyren just clears his throat, settling his new locket around his neck before he pat-pats Jael's shoulder. "I'm sure you can get a lock of my hair later," said with eyes that plead 'nobody give Jael a dagger right now.'

In a show of great athletic ability, Cristoph manages to haul first the three year old up into his arms and then onto his shoulders. Then he stoops down and scoops up the younger girl and lets her hang onto him like a monkey. "Rupert! Rupert!" he starts calling, waving around for his put-upon assistant. Rupert joined the Laurents as an archivist and yet, he's never actually doing that job except for the rare occasion. "Fetch the present!" he calls out to him.

The man briefly looks as if he's ready to quit and yet, he sighs and wanders off to some other part of the party and returns a few moments later with a wooden box that has no top. He's talking to the box. "Ohhh yes, you're so good. So good- soo good-" Rupert stops when someone gives him a weird look and just rests by Cristoph.

Norwood gets a jaunty beret in blue, white and gold from a chest full of jaunty berets - TAKE ONE.

Kael, with wife... and then without. When Reigna makes a beeline toward Jael, there is a vague curve of the Marquis' lips up by way of amusement. Shaking his head, he moves at a much more sedate pace in the wake of his wife tough he certainly seems to be in amiable mood. Tired, of course, but amiable nonetheless.

Reigna takes a jaunty beret in blue, white and gold from a chest full of jaunty berets - TAKE ONE.

Wide-eyed at Cahal, "I am glad to hear it. No, really it's fine, Mama has spent plenty of time with me already-" But nothing can save her, probably, unless someone can lure Lorraine away again. Hearing and seeing Reigna approach, Jael opens her arms for a hug. "I just need it for-" and she cuts herself off again when Tyren picks up what she was putting down. "If I don't do it now, I'll forget. my brother doing?" Talking to a box. It's fine.

While Zara murmurs, "I'm afraid not," over the rim of her cup, she looks ever so faintly regretful that she does not have a dagger. Her eyes narrow at Tyren, meeting his pleading look with one of reserved humor -- but she gives up no blades to the new bride. (Ex-bride? New wife? This is complicated.) As Reigna approaches, Kael not far behind, Zara turns to them both with a look of welcome that's only briefly clouded with concern. "Marquessa, Marquis." There's something more than the usual courtesy to her, "How are you?" But she's too polite to overtly comment on the fatigue.

"Jael," Norwood says with a tiny beg, "Your mother will never forgive me if you mess up your hair now." Please Jael, don't get him in trouble with Lorraine, because then he'll be in trouble with Margerie too. Instead he turns towards Cristoph, "Want me to take one of them?" Even if he probably shouldn't carry little kids right now.

"Lets walk, Rupert." Rupert is carrying the box and Cristoph is escorting his children, lest Eadric knock over every single damn buffet table. When they finally make their way to Jael and Tyren, Rupert carefully stoops down to show her what's inside of the box. "I picked them out based on a recommendation by Lord Cahal and because partially they remind me of Norwood," he tells his sister and new brother-in-law, sounding very proud of himself. A knowing look is sent in Cahal's direction. "No, no. I've got them for now. Best if Lord Eddie stays off the ground for a few minutes."

Something in Jael's look makes Cahal decide to take pity on her. So when Lorraine approaches Cahal steps in the way "You must be Lady Lorraine. I've heard a lot of good things about you." glancing over Lorraine's shoulder he mouths 'you owe me' to Jael before going back to the effort of distracting the mother of the bride away from her fretting. "I've hardly been in the city a season. Maybe you can introduce me to some people?"

"I promise that I won't let you forget," Tyren tries to prevent the random haircutting from happening at the ceremony when Cristoph comes over with a distraction. Look, Jael! PUPPIES! His eyes grow a touch wider as he stares down at the box, a slow chuckle escaping him. "What beautiful pups. And look at the beards," he gives Jael a nudge - look at the puppies, Jael! - and reaches in to scritch one behind the ear. "Thank you," this to Cristoph, of course.

"I could carry him," Norwood says firmly, despite it not being at all true. Like the others he leans over the box to look down into it. "They have beautiful beards." Norwood is just going to brush his own quite thoughtfully before winking at Zara.

With Reigna having greetings - and one assumes well wishes quite in order - with Jael, Kael is thus turning toward princess as she greets the pair of them. He nods, dipping down into a bow by way of greeting. "Princess Zara Valardin," he offers forth. "A good day to you, and hopefully to all." He lifts his chin toward the gathering as a whole, by way of open greeting.

Reigna hugs Jael tightly and laughs brightly, "Congratulations!" She lets go and peers at Jael, "Forget what?" She looks to Zara and nods, "Hello your Highness, how are you?" She looks at the box Cristoph brings and the puppies within. Looking to Kael she makes a bit of a 'Whoops' face and shrugs with a grin.

Jael looks at Cristoph and then Rupert with big eyes, and leans forward to see what's in the box. There's a little gasp as she sees the pair of puppies in the box and reaches in without hesitation to scoop them both into her arms. It work, she's totally distracted. "Look at them! Look at their little scruffy faces!" she exclaims as one of them starts licking her chin. "Forget to cut a lock of Tyren's hair for my locket." An aside to Reigna. Okay, so she does remember but she doesn't keep demanding a blade at least. "You helped pick these out?" The is directed at Cahal with some astonishment. If he had a hand in it, she looks perfectly prepared to own him a favor in return for mom-management.

Reigna checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 15, rolling 8 lower.

Reigna checked dexterity + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 140 higher. Reigna rolled a critical!

"Originally I was going to get you both some exceptionally hairy shepherds. But he suggested since you hunt and ride a lot, that you might like a pointer type dog for out in the field. I wandered about for a bit and one of the fellows out in Beesborough had a litter of these and-" Cristoph gestures to the puppies. "The rest is history. I hope you enjoy them!" He waves enthusiastically to Kael and Reigna, as best as he can considering he's juggling the children. "Certainly not, Norwood. You carry him plenty and you seem to have hurt your shoulder."

Puppies are kind of an irresistible lure. Zara lets herself be drawn into a lean toward them. "I -- hadn't realized that beards were a feature of puppies," she says, giving Norwood a quarter-smiled sidelong glance, all hinted humor. "I'm a poor judge of beards, but I trust you are an expert," she says as she straightens again. "I'm sure if you say they are beautiful, they are."

Cahal is telling mom a story when he hears Jael speak his name. He glances up, smiles and says "Not really. I just recommended he look for a pointer type bird dog instead of one of those big herd protection dogs." He lifts up to his full height in an attempt to spy what sort of puppies they actually are. "I dont have much credit." he turns his attention back to Lorraine. Can't let her motherly anxiety rebuild. "They dont bark when they scent their prey you see. Perfect for scouting."

Let it not be said that Reigna denies the bride whatever she wants on her wedding day. Jael has said she wants a lock of hair, and a lock of hair she shall have. Reigna gets focused, her eyes on the target. She attempts subtlty. She fails. She is locked onto her target and moves towards Tyren with all the stealth of a charging bull. She approaches the new Laurent Lord with a wide smile. "Hi! Congratulations!"

Tyren checked composure + manipulation at difficulty 25, rolling 23 higher.

When Reigna looks over toward him, Kael nods with a slight furrow of his brows - yes, the box is seen. No commentary though, he simply nods his head by way of acknowledgement and he might - just might - be distracted for a moment. Not so distracted as to miss the wave from Cristoph. The Keaton Marquis lifts a hand toward him, palm up, with a slightly rueful expression. As Zara moves to check out the pups, he is actually withdrawing slightly with a remark of, "Congratulations to the both of you," to the pair. No, he is not going to crowd them. Instead he's comfortable enough scoping out the seating.

"They absolutely should be." Norwood says firmly about puppies and bears. But then CRISTOPH is opening his mouth and Regina and her healer-type-ness is RIGHT THERE. The duke gets a glower but no words just in case she managed to miss it. "They're very lovely dogs." Firmly back to Zara, "And will grow to be perfectly respectable."

Tyren looks up from the puppies to see Reigna charging towards him, but even if he's terrified of her and her wide smile, he doesn't show it. His eyes do get very big though. "Marquessa," he ventures, taking a few very cautious steps back. "It is nice to see you again. Did you see the puppies?" Distract!

"Reigna, Norwood has done something terrible to himself and won't admit to it," Cristoph tells her gravely, immediately ratting the baron out the first chance that he gets and with little to no shame. With the puppies handed over to their new rightful owners, he drifts back and finds Kael, who can't escape. "Hello. Are the children here?" he wonders, as he tries to stoph Eadric and Annalise from climbing down over his body like a pair of cats whacked out on catnip. Does he sound desperate for the Keaton children to be around? No, no. Surely not.

Reigna checked perception + empathy at difficulty 38, rolling 6 higher.

Reigna checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

Cristoph is overheard praising Valardin: For giving up Prince Tyren, we're only going to traumatize him a little.

Jael steps towards Norwood and holds one of the puppies up next to his face. "Look!" The other pup, stuffed in the crook of her brocaded elbow, paddles its feet happily. "It looks just like you!" The enthusiasm dims marginally when Cristoph mentions Norwood's sore shoulder and she backs off a little. "Thank you for your guidance in dog selection, Lord Cahal. This is my be-husband," the correction makes it sound like bee-husband which is probably right on, "Tyren. Baron Norwood Clement. Marquis and Marquessa Kael and Reigna Keaton. Princess Zara Valardin. You've met my mother and Cris, obviously." She tucks a puppy into Tyren's arms unceremoniously.

Subtle she may not hope to be, but quick and terrifyingly accurate with a scalpel? That Reigna definitely is. That smile only widens at the mention of puppies, but a Keaton is hard to distract with such things. "Oh yes, they are very cute. Oh look at that one!" Reigna tries her hand at distracting the former Prince as well, but knowing herself and her strengths, she moves quickly with her dominant hand, a flash of silvery steel as she removes a single lock of Tyren's hair with an expertise that *might* be a little suspicious. "Jael! I got it!"

"I'm quite sure that they will," Zara says to Norwood, even if she seems a bit vague on respectable dogs. "Why a pointer over the herd dogs?" she asks Cahal, proving just how broad her dog-related ignorance is as she asks, "Is there much of a difference?" Her gaze slips back to Norwood when Cristoph rats him out to Reigna, looking him over to try to figure out what the something terrible is.

"Good afternoon, Duke Laurent," rumbles Kael, his voice low as he continues to scope out the seating situation. Probably looking for a place that he can hunker down by his lonesome. Nonetheless he does not seem to be upset by the company of Cristoph. The children even manage to acquire a smile from him, lips pulling back slightly. "Hi," he says, just because, to the kiddos. Turning back in full to Cristoph, he nods his head. "They are, though the nurses have them - baths, getting them presentable - all of that. Shall I go fetch them?"

Norwood smiles TRIUMPHANTLY as Cristoph because Reigna is much too distracted slicing up poor Tyren to notice. There's a decidedly smug set to his shoulders as he bows just the proper amount to Lord Cahal. (Not at all because bowing further hurts. Nope.) "Lord Cahal, was I correct in hearing that you are to thank for these lovely dogs?

Tyren gets a puppy shoved under his arm, and it's the distraction that Reigna needs to quick-slice a scalpel through his hair. A man looks down at his dog for two seconds, and this is what happens?! He straightens as he clears his throat, shifting the squirming puppy up as though he could somehow keep himself safe from further scalpeling if he keeps the dog at his chest. "You should get me a lock of Jael's, you know," he says to Reigna, "I have a spot for it on my locket, too!"

"That's fine, Norwood. I'll just call one of the healers down from the house!" Cristoph calls over to Norwood when he catches that triumphant smile. "I'm sure Mabelle is about somewhere as well." Back to Kael again and the escaping childre- escaped. He's lost Eadric. The boy sprints off to the woodline. "No, no. It's fine. This is all very good." Annalise starts smushing his face.

"Its a real pleasure to meet you Tyren." Cahal tells the new Laurent with a warm smile that turns into an amused chuckle when the hair is snatched. "You must be very brave." He hides another smile and then blinks at the sudden flurry of attention. "Well Princess Zara. Everyone assumes the herd dogs are good because they are big, and gentle, but they're bred to bond with the herds and basically act independently from anything but an occasional ear scratch. They're protective and territorial sure, But Lady Jael and Lord Tyren here." He gesture to them both. "Really dont look much like sheep or cows to me." theres a little wink to the married pair. "Now I dont know much about Lord Tyren but I do know that Lady Jael is, or at least was, a scout of some skill. So I figured she'd appreciate a scent hound. But theres nothing quite as annoying as having a little dog yapping away at your heels when you're trying to be stealthy. So I said a pointer might be good because its bred all the way into them that when you smell something special you freeze. Everything else, like matching beards to certain Baron's, thats all Cristoph's doing."

"That can be acquired, Lord Tyren. Just you wait." Reigna, people pleaser. She pauses and squints over to Norwood and looks between the Baron and Duke Cristoph. "Duke Cristoph, is Baron Norwood falling apart? First there was concern over his eyesight and now another injury?" She looks to Norwood and frowns, "Baron Norwood, would you come with me please? I need to deliver this lock of hair to Jael, but then I will examine you, if only to reassure our liege."

"Mmm," starts Kael, but that is when he notices Eadric making his escape. Or, rather while this is actually not an issue, it is the child making a bee-line toward the woodline that does summon his focus. "I, ah, let me go -- I would say I believe that your son is playing chase, but I am not altogether sure." It's a little bit awkward, that commentary, but with a sharp nod of his head toward Cristoph, Kael is actually starting to jog after the Laurent heir.

"He'll be fine. The woods have more to fear from Eadric than Eadric of the woods," Cristoph sighs with great exaggeration as his son reaches a tree and begins to scale it like a skillful squirrel. "He'll probably just hide up in the tree and throw sticks at people," he calls after Kael.

"It is nice to meet you as well, Lord Cahal," Tyren says to the man before he finds a spot to set the dog down. Now that Reigna is //over there//, he feels safe that no one else is going to try and cut him. Besides, he should probably go back to his now-wife, making his way to set his hand on the small of her back. There's a glance to the treeline as Eadric runs that-a-way and starts climbing the tree, a quiet chuckle on his lips. "That boy's got quite the spirit."

That smile FALLS when Cristoph goes to plan 2. There's a very small shake of his head - don't call another - oh dear. Reigna heard. "It's fine Marquessa," Norwood replies but he's old enough to know that a healer will get what they want and so with a sigh he'll follow Reigna. His arm and shoulder only look like something tried to chew him up but didn't get a chance to finish.

"Rei, you're the best!" Jael exclaims with delight, digging for the locket in the skirt pocket she put it in, but she holds up when Reigna goes after Norwood. "You could cut off one of these little braids," she suggests to Tyren, indicating one of the elements of the ornate hairstyle she's sporting for the occasion. She flashes a quick grin at Cahal. "Ty isn't quite as outdoorsy as I am, but I am working on that." She's still holding one of the puppies when Tyren returns he she cuts a sidelong look at him. "If you say he's just like me I will smack you." Ah, romance.

"I see no flaw in your logic, Lord Cahal; the only flaw was in my knowledge. Thank you for the education," Zara says, her expression grave, though her voice suggests almost a laugh. "My sister keeps several animals, but I've never quite found one that suits me. Next time I look, I think I will ask you for advice." She tips her head to him in acknowledgment, then glances past to the scrambling Eadric. "He'll make a ferocious knight, one day, I'm sure of it."

Hair delivered, Reigna shifts from impish to healer mode as she marches Norwood off to the side. She eyes the shoulder and arm and clucks, "What in the world did this, Baron Norwood?" She looks up at him and frowns before digging into her travel medical kit. "I have a few salves and some tinctures you will need to apply to those wounds."

"I got him!" calls Kael back, evidently not as reassured as the Duke is at the moment. Then again, with Shadowood lurking near the Oakheart woods, is it any surprise that the Marquis might be a bit paranoid? So he continues on with his jog, and - after some scrambling, maybe even a little wrangling and coersion - he will probably have an Eadric in his arms. Maybe.

"I don't think your mother would approve," Tyren remarks to Jael of cutting off her braids. Lorraine might cut off his OTHER hand. So he kisses the side of her head and then gives her an innocent sort of look. "I wasn't going to say anything of the like. He's up in the tree, not trying to run off with some bear cubs," he grins at her.

"I CHALLENGE YOU TO A DUEL!" That's Eadric wriggling around in Kael's arms and shouting. He's three, he's not going to overpower the Marquis. Cristoph shakes his head and pats Annalise on the cheek. "You're going to be a very fine duchess one of these days," he comments in a quiet voice that hopefully doesn't carry too far.

This is a happy occasion and that's probably why the look of deep, utter, and inescapable heartache that crosses his care-worn face only lasts for a heartbeat. During that moment Norwood murmurs, "A dream that turned out to be a nightmare." Whatever that means. He takes the salves and firmly cheers back up again. "Thank you. I'll be careful with them." It helps that Eadric is yelling that thing about a duel. Who wouldn't smile at that?

"I'm at your service Princess." Cahal tells Zara with a chuckle. "Although I'm not really an expert. Honestly you make me think of songbirds, not dogs." he looks over at Eadric with a grin. "More likely he'll end up like me I think."

"It's only for lack of opportunity," replies Jael to Tyren, basically confirming the very theory she's trying to refute. She carefully tucks the lock of hair that Reigna risked life and limb for into the locket, snaps it shut, and loops the chain around her neck. For a moment her gaze lights on Norwood and her expression slips, but she eventually looks away and offers a wriggly bearded puppy to Zara. "See how it suits."

"All right, little lord," says Kael, his expression a firm thing, serious - as though he was totally accepting the three year old's challenge to a duel - not that he is letting him go to run off in the woods just yet, you realize. "Are we going to have champions stand in?" Kael is still serious, those dark brows of his drawing in even more as he peers down at the Laurent. In fact, he's standing his ground, glancing over toward the woods to search the ground for sticks aka blades.

"I'll fight it MYSELF," Eadric tells Kael and thwacks him on the back a could of dozen times. He clearly does not understand the finer points of honor duels just yet. Cristoph listens to his shrieking child from a distance and sighs. "Don't do it! He fights dirty! He'll kick sand at you!" he calls to Kael.

"HEY! BE NICE TO PAPA!" That would be Aeryn Squall arriving on the scene and spying his personal hero being challenged by his friend. The stout four year old charges over, his legs in hose and his little waistcoat fluttering behind him. His siblings are after him in formation, the Keaton brood have arrived. Reigna looks away from Norwood, distracted by the arrival of her children and the shouts about a duel. She looks back to Norwood and says, "Take care with it, please. You are family, you know."

Aw, look at that. Duels. Zara gives the wriggling armful that Kael's hauling a very pleased look. "It's nice to see our traditions already in the young." Further reflections along that line are cut off by the bearded puppy being thrust in her direction. One doesn't refuse a bride on her wedding day. Zara abandons her tea to a passing servant to take the puppy from Jael -- but honestly, it's a dreadful blow to her dignity. She hardly seems to know how to hold it, and the pup threatens to escape with every wriggle. "Ah -- I'm not sure that it suits." Help.

"Would it be terrible to offer one of the pups to our nephew to use as a stead? Perhaps then, they could joust," Tyren is not at all inviting trouble. But he does look from the pup to Eadric and back again, perhaps trying to judge sizes here. And then there's another child entering the field, and he just chuckles, leaning into Jael and murmuring something to her.

Norwood grips Reigna's arm gently in a reassuring clasp before attempting to fold his arms behind his back and then remembering that hurts. So instead they simply fall at his side. Conversationally to Tyren and Jael, "Perhaps we should cover honor duels... No Jousting." Norwood interrupts himself to stare at Tyren. "Cristoph might want to join in then and we all know what happened //last// time a joust happened at a celebration." RIGHT CRISTOPH?

Cahal makes a small tsk. "Everyone knows its embarassing to fight your own duels." He's smiling though. "If you fight yourself everyone will think its terribly terribly serious. We cant have that now!" he grins to the group. "I think you should duel by puppy race." He leans to scritch Zara's armful of puppy. "That sounds like fun right?"

"I think I can manage!" calls Kael and he tries - oh how he tries - to keep his voice absolutely serious. Why yes, he might be entertaining the idea of a stick battle, just to burn some excess energy but there's another problem. That would be one of his own brood entering the area and it absolutely would not do to be caught cheating aka playing with another kid. After all, has one seen Aeryn's temper? So Kael, he's just swinging Eadric in one easy go, and afterward letting him down to his feet. While he stands guard to see if he's distracted from making his escape in the wood.

"I taught Baby Eddie to ride nearly before he could walk. I think he's got a future as a jouster," Jael tells Zara proudly, even if her protege is currently waling on one of her vassals who also happens to be married to her bff. She shakes her head at Tyren, somewhat incredulously. "He /has/ a horse." And another headshake, more forceful. "No. No jousts." She knows what happened the last time there was a wedding joust. "But a puppy race..." Because come on. That'd be awesome. She tilts her head to catch Tyren's whisper, clearly blushes, and says something back in an undertone.

"I haven't broken a limb in nearly a year!" Cristoph calls back over to Norwood and huffs. Rude. "At least things aren't chewing me alive in the woods," he mutters as he reluctantly begins to parent his children, strolling across to the treeline to try and help Kael disentangle from his child. "No, no. You will not be dueling the Sword of Sanctum yourself-" as soon as the boy is set down (with minimal involvement from Cristoph) upon the ground again, he goes hurtling towards the Keaton children prepared to start rolling around being a child. A mostly normal child. "There now, that's better."

Tyren flashes a wide smile to Jael, kissing her pinkened cheek before he straightens up again. "Hmm, at least it seems like the issue is over," he says of the children.

Norwood shakes his head slowly. "He reminds me so much of both of you." Norwood isn't talking to anyone in particular, but does look between Jael and Cristoph fondly. "Prince Cahal, would those dogs be old enough to race?" Totally trying to distract from whatever RACY thing Tyre clearly just told Jael.

"FITE ME!" Aeryn stands ready to pounce on Eadric and Reigna is already groaning. She moves over to Kael's side and looks at him, "Should we try to encourage the racing...?" Talis puffs out his chest and makes a "GRAAARRRRR!" sound and says, "PICKLE OOO ME!" and then looks around expectantly. Kata? Kata is hanging back and looking a little shy.

"You must be very proud of him," Zara says, attempting to unload the puppy back on Jael. "Here: this one might need some training to be ready for the next race. Marquis," she says to Kael, "it seems that you got off lightly that time."

"A puppy race isnt about the distance Baron Norwood." Cahal explains. Absolutely making it up as he goes along. "Its about who can coax the creature into their arms with the most aplomb. If you are really good you might even get both!"

"I really must see this." Norwood insists firmly. "Do you need treats? I think we might be able to purloin a few things from the banquet table."

"Aeryn Squall, the both of you - wrestling only," says Kael, for *that* evidently is going to be acceptable. At least the Marquis is going to keep a watchful eye, moving to stride toward the other pair, and though the faithful pony of Talis is not coming toward him, his father is. He snares the little boy, sharply shifting to the side so that he can grab Kata as well for hello kisses to the two. Such grand greetings surely help their shy oldest. Once he's releasing the pair there, he rises to his feet cleanly and nods toward Zara. "I certainly would not like to duel with the little lord."

Jael reaches for the puppy and tucks it into the crook of her arm, clearly at ease with handling creatures. "Let's do that, put them down and see who they go to. Yes, get some treats, Uncle. There should be bacon around here somewhere."

Norwood is so all over getting the bacon. He will be right back with the bacon.

"They aren't going to run off, are they?" Tyren's got a bit of concern for the pups that they are about to race, scratching the one that Jael picks up behind the ears. It isn't going to stop him from watching the games, of course. Puppy racing sounds adorable.

"Its a possible outcome." Cahal tells Tyren. "But they wont get far. They're still very young."

"I can outrun them." Jael says it confidently, maybe forgetting how dressed up she is. But she stoops to set the puppies on the ground and looks around for the bacon. "Whoever wants to try, get a piece of bacon from Norwood." Clearly she is among them. The puppies seem inclined to behave for now, lolling in the cut grass and gnawing on eachothers limbs. Much like the human children.

"I'll officiate," Zara says, which is a nice way to say she's totally just watching. And clapping. With restrained yet enthusiastic polite applause, when appropriate, as the proceedings continue.

"I have the bacon." Norwood is back and has all of the baron. He'll pull and Oprah. You get a bacon, and you get a bacon, EVERYONE (who wants one) gets a bacon.

"I don't know the first thing about making dogs race," Tyren says, but he takes a piece of bacon anyway. "You'll show me what to do?" He's trusting Jael. Teach him how to race puppies!

Kael'll be yonder, taking care of the gaggle of kids and ensuring that some good and friendly wrestling stays just like that. No biting, Talis! No punching, Aeryn! With the occasional move to bring Kata to play.

"It's easy, you just get down on their level and make a total idiot of yourself." Jael rearranges her skirts so she can kneel in the grass, making Lorraine the Dowager Duchess faint if she's in viewing distance.

Cahal grins at Tyren. "You just stand at the finishing line and call it to you, perhaps aided by bacon. Its easy."

Tyren is overheard praising Jael: My bee-utiful wife.

Zara is overheard praising Jael: This pair is the bees knees.

Zara is overheard praising Tyren: A beeutiful ceremony.

Zara is overheard praising Laurent: Now I see what the buzz is about.

Norwood is overheard praising Jael: I can't baret. My little bear is married.

Zara is overheard praising Valardin: I can't baret how cute this was.

Norwood checked charm + animal ken at difficulty 30, rolling 19 lower.

Norwood checked command + animal ken at difficulty 30, rolling 8 lower.

Jael checked command + animal ken at difficulty 30, rolling 18 higher.

Tyren checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Norwood knees down and starts breaking up the bacon into small dog-size pieces. They'll want it pre-chewed, right?

"Or you could do what Cahal said," Jael notes with a lopided smile at Tyren. And then there's the lineup...the people, definitely not the puppies, and the cajoling begins. It takes a moment for the creatures to catch wind of the bacon, but they do, and then slowly, haphazardly, they start to wander generally in the direction of the contestants.

"It's sound advice," Tyren says and opts to do what Cahal tells him - he heads down to the finish line and holds out his bacon, hollering for one of the pups to come to him. Maybe it's the bacon, maybe it's his 'listen to me voice' but hey! He gets a puppy to do what he wants!

Jael can't hold in laughter as her husband, usually unruffled by anything, hollers for a puppy. And like the whole thing was rigged (I swear it wasn't rigged!), the puppies finally, after much peringrination and eating of grass and hunting of insects, wobble up to him and her. "They love us already," Jael crows, gathering the nearest puppy into her lap.

"One should never argue with the decisions of the bearded." Norwood says as he fondly watches the puppies go straight to their new parents. "You've a pair of lifelong friends there." His bits of bacon are given to the pair of them.

And the little interlude ends, as the aunties regroup. The wall is breached and it's back to the meet-and-greet grind for the bride and groom, with wistful farewells as the fun guests drift off to enjoy the rest of the party and the beginning of the Artshall Fete.

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