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Lord Flavien Laurent

Old wives' tales should always be listened to. They didn't get old by not knowing anything.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Studious Knight
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Laurent
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Age: 31
Birthday: 3/26
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight scholar
Height: 5'10
Hair Color: Golden Brown
Eye Color: Heterochromatic Blue & Green
Skintone: Medium

Description: Put any face to a personality, and it can change drastically. The gods may have meant for this face to be one of frequent smiles and perhaps even charm, but more often than not he's lost into a thoughtful sort of distant stare. Body is often lost near completely under armor, but it is a relatively strong and flexible frame that reminds that he is a knight trained first and foremost. What scars and other markings it may hide are not often seen, but when one catches a glimpse in a training yard, it would seem there are a fair number of them, many seeming to be burns or brandings.

Personality: Flavien has been known to come off cold. He has a very hard look at the practicalities of any situation before determining if he truly wants to engage. His oaths to those above he takes deadly seriously like a great many knights, and his associations often are reminded of their place as second to them. Still, when he can work in some dark humor or not drive someone off, they seem to benefit more from his active protections as well.

Background: Flavien was born second to an offshoot of the Laurent clan. While his older sister Lireth focused on the more political arts, Flavien was given to train as a knight to an elderly sort young. While no less grueling a curriculum, Sir Jarrek focused on imparting his wisdom to his student. As such, Flavien ended up being caught up in more intellectual pursuits by and large than the wars occurring around.

While off handling some minor skirmish off for his mentor, there was some oddity at the family home. When his sister fell ill unders strange circumstances, he begged to be let back. While there were strange rumors surrounding the illness, an execution of a suitor presumably poisoning the woman seemed to allow her to come back to full health.

At such a point, however, Flavien was asked to move on from this service. As such he petitioned a relative, Cristoph, to come and serve under this branch of the family should he have him.

Name Summary
Amari Another new knight of House Laurent of a serious disposition. I hope he remembered to bring his honor to Arx with him and guards it well.
Brigida A Laurent that appears to know how to have fun. How peculiar. Maybe they've loosened up as a family in the last few decades.
Domonico A Lord Laurent and one that identifies his need for additional practice and training as well as listening to the advice of his peers. One to watch indeed.
Jasher Astute. Would that many more in Arx were like him; perhaps the world will be quite different.
Juniper Wit and humour and a certain shyness combine with endearing force, sweet as a sunshower-- but other marks tell other stories. He balances it well.
Kenna I can't help but be curious - where has this cultured man eaten rat before? Why did he eat rat? There is just something that clashes.
Mabelle Always a pleasure to know the extended family. I had the pleasure to show him around the city and he did not chide me for drinking rum. I like him already!
Mirella I didn't hate his poem. It was quite good.
Norwood I remember him as a youngster here and there - he showed promise. I did not think that he would be joining us in Arx, but now that he has.... well. He'll fit in just fine with Jael and Cristoph. And Eidan. Also, I think I have a new spot of gray hair just above my shoulder blade.
Ras He's probably not a bad guy. Worrying about people who want a last meal or a kiss or to hug their kid. So pissed, though.
Reese How a person is in defeat says more about how they are in victory. He is going to be a impression warror Lord and honorable, I believe.
Skapti Quiet one he is. You learn more by bein' quiet and watchin' than flapplin' your damn noise hole, though.
Tescelina He did not provide his name, but I could tell he is someone use to books and knightly pursuits rather than high society. I appreciate such things.
Turo Willing to learn, and put his skills to something useful like sailing. I can work with this. gladly.
Wash An interesting and engaging Lord Laurent. He knows he's in for surprises at sea and doesn't let that daunt him. Impressive.