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Tyde-Acheron Engagement Party

Come and help us celebrate the glorious betrothal of Lady Radhilde Acheron and Lord Archeron Tyde before their big day. There will be drinks and food along with performances and a taste testing for a special drink for the couple to be voted on. We look forward to seeing you there!

((If you are wanting to perform and can not make it please send me your song so I can emit it for you. Also let me know if you re competing with the song or just performing. Brewers are still being sought.))


June 4, 2019, 2 p.m.

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Archeron Margot Radhilde Rhea Lottie Rysen Kenna Lethe Mikani Riagnon Ajax Michael Victus



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Raconteur Brewing Company - Serendipity Parlor

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Now, that was simply an amazing party. Did not lack at all for entertainment. Thanks to Lord Rysen for the wonderful poem. Mistress Lottie for the beautiful song and Countess Mikani for the amazing mead!

I am pleased Archeron and I, our families and guests could enjoy such a special time.

Margot has dawned color for the occation! All be it deep blood red and green and still plenty of black, but it's the thought that counts. The tall Tyde matriarch steps in to the parlour, a small smile touching her lips as she looks around the place. "Lovely." She notes to no one in particular.

Marisol stands near the door, welcome those that come in and taking anything or answering any questions that arise so that the two betrothed can enjoy the gathering. The princess stands in different hues than the decorations in pale lavenders and pinks as her smile greets each person that comes through the door. "Welcome Duchess. I am sorry we have not had a chance to speak but soon we will." She intones before dipping into a curtsy to greet her.

Lottie slipped within the room, but remained in orbit to the affair itself. She was an entertainer this evening, after all! So for now the little baker who presented an image more akin to that of the Peerage rather than the working class she claimed a part of remained a background object, awaiting her cue, though a little smile and curtsy was offered to Marisol as she passed rather than disrupt the hostess from her greetings.

Rysen arrives with Mikani, and smiles when he sees Marisol. He bows respectfully and says, "It is good to see you, Your Highness, and thank you for hosting for the happy couple." He makes his way deeper into the parlor, admiring the music coming from the stage, before acquiring a glass of wine for Mikani and for himself. His retainer Lygeia stands beside him, claiming a mug of cider for herself.

They don't actually almost walk in separate directions this time - Riagnon and Kenna. This time there is more bumping into one another as a complete overcompensation, as well as some hushed muttering. "I am actually okay that this didn't happen to us." There's a vague gesture in the direction of the WHOLE room.

Lethe steps inside wearing a new, colorful but mostly blue outfit. Her curls are pinned up as usual, and she looks around with a confident smile. She looks toward Marisol. "What a lovely party. Where are the drinks?"

Floofus, the fluffiest Graypeak Mountain Puppy, 2 Redwood Regulars arrive, following Ajax.

Mikani smiles at Marisol. "Your highness. Beautiful event." Mika bobs her head before moving with Rysen. She softly hands Damien a slip of paper for the well wishes before she takes the glass of wine from Rysen. "Beautiful music too." She grins and comments to Rysen.

Margot moves over near Marisol and nods, "Of course, we have both been very busy. I do hope all is well though... and perhaps we might have tea again soon your highness?"

Archeron steps into the parlor of the brewery, his usual dark forest tones - and small arsenal of huge wood axe and bows - left behind for the most part, an outfit of shimmering seasilk in the colours of the wave upon the sea. He stays helpfully quite quiet though as he glances around as the gathering crowd, gently tapping his colourful cousin on her shoulder "Margot." He says, offering a smile, before he bows his head to Marisol over Margot's shoulder.

A nod is given to Lottie as Marisol spots her, a soft smile offered as her gaze slips over Mikani and Rysen. "Lord Rysen, Lady Mikani, be welcome." She dips her head in greeting as she makes a motion to the seating. "Thank you, I look forward to Rysen's song," she admits as she gives the lord another look. Kenna and Riagnon are given a smile as well. "Lady Kenna, this is your lord husband. A pleasure to finally meet you," she manages to greet them beforea bemused smile flits across her features as a result of Kenna's words. "Lady Lethe, a server will get you whatever you will need. We have a special drink to be share that the Lady Mikani made later."

Margot gets her attention once more. "Duchess, of course. Very busy I fear. I am heading a large project and an event to come so merely hope I can keep up. Later this week perhaps?" Archeron gets a long look before the Princess dips her head to him. "Lord Archeron?" She hazards.

Radhilde steps into the room, lips tugged in a bright smile and adorned in white silks which seem to enhance her darker hue of skin. She dips her head to Kenna, the smile lingering still as she spots the Lady with Riagnon before she greets Marisol just by the door and the others as she steps fully inside, "Hello to all.. my this is beautiful Princess Marisol." She goes to take a place beside Archeron as she spots him, dark eyes roving over the man's attire and she looks impressed, giving him a smile of greeting, "Lord Archeron."

"Seconded," is Riagnon's murmured response to Kenna out from the side of his mouth. As stated, their movements are FAR from in synch. "You as well, your Highness," the spindly knight folds over himself in a bow for Marisol and a slightly more affectionate one for Radhilde, teetering only a little bit towards the end. He doesn't fall over, though! How many points is that worth?!

Lethe has joined the A dreary, gloomy booth.

Margot turns back to look over Archeron with a slightly lifted brow. She steps back and smiles, "Well, this is a new look for you. I approve. Very handsome." She nods before she looks to Marisol, "This week or next for certain your Highness." She lifts a hand to Radhilde, "Oh and look at you, that down does suit you perfectly."

"Thank you, Your Highness," replies Rysen to Marisol. He chuckles softly as he watches Kenna and Riagnon enter, and when Radhilde arrives, he beams warmly. Turning to Mikani, he says, "They make a very handsome couple, do they not?"

Mikani nods after taking a sip of her wine. "Very much so. Do you know the engaged couple well?"

Lethe looks toward Archeron, Radhilde, and Margot with a smile before heading to the booth she is drawn to.

Archeron gives Marisol a smile and a confirming small bow of his head, and seems about to speak when Radhilde comes up, and he turns to give his intended a more formal bow "My lady." he offers his arm as he straightens back "You look as beautiful as ever, I hope the clothes at least might make me a little less of an embarassing stone next to your resplendent gem?" Margot gets a little look from Arch, and he scrunches his nose "I had to try, Cousin. Some things are worth effort - and I thought I could do with some seasilks. It is time people knew Tyde had returned and thrives. But without being too ostentatious. We are the isles after all." He jungles his little shoulder adornment "And I needed something to go with Lethe's gift." His twin gets a look, and a little wriggle of his fingers "You next, little sister."

The bow catches Kenna off guard and she skips herself to one side right into Marisol's direction. (Kenna and Riagnon get zero points.) "Yeah, right. This is Lord Riagnon Acheron." Which Marisol already knows. Kenna scracthes at an upper arm before glancing at Radhilde for being a good distraction. To Riagnon a mutter.

Kenna mutters, "How ... ... ... we have to ... ... before I ... being ... at ..."

Lethe gets a drink for herself and heads over to Archeron and Radhilde. "It is nice of you to wear my gift. What am I next for Archeron?"

"It does, most beautifully, Duchess." Radhilde answers as she dips her head gently to Margot, face alit with a smile still as she takes Archeron's arm, "You look very handsome, my Lord. I like this look on you very much." She says to him softly before her eyes look around the room in full, biting her lower lip as she seems to try to stifle a chuckle when watching Kenna and Riagnon.

Lottie stepped up to the staging area for the singer. The woman was coated in seasilk and glimmered in the lights of the reception, with golden hair woven up in a dignified twist, lips glossed and cheeks rouged... the little baker looked nothing like her usual self. However, Lottie was still Lottie and despite her regal appearance, there was a bashfulness as she looked briefly to Rysen to assure the man was ready. Once certain of this she turned back to those gathered, hands wringing briefly as she announced the title of the pending song, "The Meeting of Lady Radhilde and Lord Archeron."

"Since you are so happy with your match I figured it would be best to celebrate such good news. I am glad to be a part of it," Marisol admits to Radhilde before turning towards Margot, "I will be in touch, certainly," she admits and then glances aside once more to admire to the clothing that is worn by the intended. An approving smile draws her lips. Kenna and Archeron get her consideration as the Valardin Princess inclines her head to them both, dark curls shifting about her face. "It is a pleasure to finally meet you, Lord Riagnon." Slowly she turns her head as Lottie takes to the stage adn the quartet stands aside, knowing their cues for those who will be performing. "Lady Kenna, we will need to speak when you are able of course. I know you have your duties but do let me know when you are free."

Rysen checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 29 higher.

Rysen nods to Lygeia, who hands him a blackwood lyre. He comes stand beside Lottie, and with a nod of her head, he begins to run his fingers gracefuly over the strings of the lyre, producing a light and airy melody that begins to fill the parlor.

"All you have to do at these things is smile," Riagnon tells Kenna in overly-audible response to her murmurings, demonstrating with a smile of his own, "And let your date do all the talking." He shrugs theatrically, perfectly ignorant of the fact that that's his role, "Like how I do it!" He just smiles to people, silently. When the performances seems set to begin, well, that's a perfect time to smile quietly.

As Lottie's accompaniment began, the baker straightened her posture.

"From the heights of Aviaron where the Black Wolves dwell

The glacial draw of peaks harkening many's death knell

Taken into their fold was a scion thought lost

Her beauty unmatched against the contrast of frost

She lived for a time, quiet and content

Her words like whispers on the wind they were sent

Soft and light did they rise, the snow siren's call

Imploring the flurries to swell in their treacherous thrall

But in the distance she spied from the safety of her home

The crash of a wave erupting on the shore into foam

Yet when the fair siren leaned to the tremulous edge

She squinted some time so that she could allege..."

She moved as she sang, arms lifting to infer story points as the tail began to unfold, then paused as the music fell to a brief instrumental interlude.

Margot nods to Marisol and steps back to admire the pair, "You do look lovely together. But I shall have a life time to admire you both side to side. I should share you with the rest of the city. It is such a fine thing to see a couple so happy with their prospects." She clasps her hands together and looks around. "Ahhh yes Lethe /is/ next."

With a slow trudge, the clanking of metal against wood properly, Ajax makes his way into the parlor properly brown eyes shifting over towards where Lottie is singing, an easy going smile forming on his lips before his eyes shift around the groupings properly. He heads over towards Margot and the grouping giving a small dip of his head in greetings.

Rysen smiles at Lottie as she sings, and he matches the rhythm of his melody to her beautiful voice. His interlude flows gracefully in notes that match the tenor of Lottie's music before her voice rises again in song.

Lottie continued the song, proceeding into the reveal of the story and the couple's symbolic meeting:

"She saw that the wave, was no wave at all

But a man that was stoic as much as he tall

A man who was born of the waves and the salt

Yet Petrichor's call had him accustom to vault

Through the forests and fields, where he felt he was drawn

Until the day in which he heard the fair siren's song

The strike of his gaze lifted to mount the great rise

Of Avarion's Peak where the lady resides

In that moment how strange, how peculiar, how rare

A union was founded between the pair

Wordless as they while their first meeting passed

And the man felt the call to leave his woods at last..."

The airy, enchanting music of Rysen's lyre continues to fill the parlor, as the young lord closes his eyes, lost in the music of his instrument and Lottie's magnificent voice.

Radhilde's eyes shift to Marisol and she nods to her words, the gesture grateful as she smiles to the Princess then her attention is drawn over to the staging area as she hears the title of the song, looking on with heavy interest to Lottie and Rysen then up to Archeron as the song is performed.

And at last the climax swelled, the power of Lottie's voice rising as the song came to its precipice moment:

"His heart swelled with the warmth of the siren's dark gaze

Undeniably drawn to her despite the maze

Of caverns and tunnels protecting her home

He would scale them to find her, 'lest they both remain alone

And so he climbed and he climbed through sleet, frost and hail

So determined was he that he would not fail

In reaching the Peak and overcoming the cold

He stood at the precipice so proud and bold

The Siren emerged from the swathe of the snow

The man turned to face her and as he bowed low

"You have found me at last, I have waited so long

As I watched and I wanted for /you/ to hear my song.""

The warmth the woman exhibited as the song concluded was personified as she extended her arms toward the audience in welcoming furl, arms slowly drifting back to her sides as the music came to an end.

"Really?" Kenna says with an uparched eyebrow as Riagnon gives his advice for the evening. She turns towards Marisol about to say something - but then there is music. She'll listen for a moment before seeking a good time to lean towards Marisol while pointing at Riagnon. "Riagnon was just saying how much he really was hoping to talk to you //a lot// this evening too. I'd be happy to meet with you as soon as he is done talking your ear off." Mostly managing not to smile. Well, except for a tiny twitch at the corner of her lips.

"Matching and marriage, sister dear. I am sure mother is waiting to judge some young noble man." Archeron teases Lethe. He gently pats Radhilde's hand on his arm as he turns to listen to the song, an amused little smile "She's quite good - though I hope I won't be banished from the woods forever?" As the song continues, Archeron leans over so he can speak quieter, below the music, to Marisol "Thank you, your highness. It is a most splendid event you have put on. I am grateful that Lady Radhilde has such a champion and patron in yourself." Kenna and Riagnon also get a small bow of his head in greeting.

Riagnon accidentally starts clapping before the song is over. He quickly catches himself, only clapping again once it's REALLY over.

Rysen's fingers slow, and finally cease to move across the strings of his lyre, and opens his grey eyes, and smiles warmly at Lottie. "Very well done," he says softly to the singer.

Margot steps away from the couple to make room for other well wishers and looks over Ajax with a faint smile, "Good eve Master Ajax, I trust all is well and we won't have to put that armour or sword to test here at the party for any reason." Almost teasing.

Noticing Ajax entrance, the Princess gives the mercenary a dip of her chin in silent greeting so as not to interrupt the song being performed. Her hands come to clasp before her as she leans towards Margot to whisper something to the Duchess. Her eyes never leave the stage however while the music plays. Lord Rysen gets a warm smile for his work at the lyre. Acheron is leaned into next, catching his words she offers him a brilliant smile. "The Lady Radhilde is a wondrous protege, I hope we will be working together soon on some charitable events. It is my pleasure truly." A slow nod of her head and when the song is finished she lifts her hands to clap for the performance. "Mistress Lottie, well done!" She says only to finally address Kenna and Riagnon, her smile growing as she mentions his want to talk to her. "Is that so? I would be happy to oblige him. Lord Riagnon."

"YEs. I believe he wanted to start with your shoes." Kenna points helpfully down to Marisol's shoes at the first topic of the night she's going to try to foist upon Riagnon. Success doesn't matter so much as the attempt.

Lethe grins when she sees Ajax. "I'm so happy to see you here." She says something quietly to him. She shakes her head. "I highly doubt anyone will find a match for me. I did love that song though. It is so romantic. It almost makes me sad that there are no handsome lords around."

Lottie turned a warm smile to Rysen, moving to reach and give the man's lyre bearing arm a light squeeze as improper as it might be to one she had literally just met. "Thank you." She said softly, "And thank you so much for bringing it to life with me." She turned to give a small bow to the brief applause and a bright smile offered to the couple. "May you both see many joys." And she moved to hurry her way out of the limelight!

Mikani applauds Lottie and Rysen. She smiles at them both.

Marisol is overheard praising Lottie: For a lovely song for Radhilde and Archeron!

Radhilde's eyes linger on Archeron as the song continues and she chuckles at his words before she looks to Rysen and Lottie, following the performing pair's gestures and movements then looking over to Marisol and giving a fond smile at hearing her words, "And you are an amazing, Patron, your Highness." Her eyes look back to the performance and when the song concludes, she breaks out in a joyous applause, "That was beautiful."

Radhilde is overheard praising Lottie: Well done, a /lovely/ performance and song!

Margot is overheard praising Lottie.

Mikani is overheard praising Lottie.

Mikani is overheard praising Rysen.

Margot is overheard praising Rysen.

"Thank you, Mistress Lottie!" Marisol calls again, her words quicly exchanged with Margot before her attention squares on Riagnon, deftly set up by his wife. "So my there something in particular you like?" She extends her foot out of the hem of her brocade dress to look at thes imple slippers with their embroidery. "I had a crafter at Sanctum make them and send them here. I do hate to part with tradition and the seamstress does lovely hand work, do you no think?" She plays along, tilting her foot back and forth to show off the slipper before she motions a servant over.

"Countess Mikani has made for the couple a special drink for their day. Cups will be going around for everyone to try this lovely sparkling mead, APTLY named Enamored!" Servants step forward with glasses for people to take from small cups.

Marisol drops Enamored - Sparkling Mead.

"It was my pleasure," returns Rysen to Lottie, and he blushes at Radhilde's praise. He then makes his way back to Mikani's side, and hands his lyre to Lygeia, accepting a glass of wine in return. He takes a long drink, and grins when Marisol mentions Mikani's specially made mead.

Margot is overheard praising Mikani.

"Hmm? Mm?" Riagnon's eyes nearly bug out of his little head, his smile growing more goofily lopsided as they flit down to see if they can't catch a glimpse of Marisol's footwear. "Oh, wonderful! You should commission a pair in every imaginable color. Tell me, your highness, what are your thoughts on goldenrod." Your move, Kenna.

Noticing he's been greeted, Ajax offers Marisol a warm seeming smile, his head dipping in greetings towards her. Not really offering much in way of spoken words for the busy hostess of the evening he tilts his attention towards Lethe whose addressing him. He slips closer towards her booth tilting his head to the side as he crack the woman a grin, "Eeeeeeh, one day, lady Tyde." he shifts a bit to look over at the couple giving them both the same smile.

Mikani bows her head. "I hope that it keeps the couple enamored with each other and that you all enjoy." Mikani comments with her warm calm voice. She grins at Rysen and pats his shoulder. "Wonderful Song."

Archeron claps for Lottie after the song, somewhat awkwardly with a Radhilde on his arm "A very good song." He comments to Radhilde "Though, I must admit I don't recall quite so many challenges - I seem to recall I was amazingly charming and won you over." As his attention shifts back to Marisol, Archeron once again "She is a most wondrous person in many ways, but she speaks most kindly of you, so it is a pleasure to meet you, and I am most grateful for you putting this event on. And for such great music." Special drinks though, now this has Archeron intrigued. Drinks are nice. Sparkling drinks are better. Sweet drinks? Amazing. If they could come with little bits of fruit balanced on the edge, Archeron would probably be heaven. So he snags a drink as they pass, giving Ajax a little nod across the floor before he lifts the drink in cheers towards Mikani.

Taking a glass for herself as the mead passes by, Marisol holds it aloft and then tucks her foot away while sipping at her drink. "Do you mean the color? I wish to be sure we are on the same page, my lord," she replies to Riagnon before she takes another sip. "Mmm well done Lady Mikani," she says as her head turns to regard Archeron. "I am glad she is happy with our mutually beneficial arrangement. Lady Radhilde, I hope that in the near future you will help me with some charitable works and events. I am going to need an active cohost for smaller events that I am planning." She lifts her glass of mead, "This really is lovely." There is a soft sigh of enjoyment from the Valardin.

There's the slightest of eye-narrows as Riagnon fields that one well. She'll tap a finger against her arm thoughtfully before she adds to Marisol, "Riagnon is particularly fond of all colours. He'd wear a rainbow every day if he could manage it." Eyebrow lift, Riagnon's court now.

Mikani sips her mead as a glass is handed to her and she hands the server her empty glass of wine. She smiles as everyone seems to enjoy the mead. "Thank you ... I'm more used to rums but Cedar Vale's is known for our mead."

Lethe returns with the drink to the gloomy booth. She enjoys it with silent approval.

"Ha." Radhilde counters to Arch's comment and gives off an amused chuckle, "You are pretty charming, I won't deny that." Radhilde teases a bit and sighs softly, eyes drifting to Marisol then back up to Archeron, "It's really amazing. A special drink too, I hadn't even thought of it. This should be good." She looks to get her own glass of the specialty drink, giving a grin and dipping a nod to Mikani, "Thank you."

Radhilde nods softly to Marisol, a bit belatedly at that, "Oh yes, ofcourse, your Highness. We have much to plan." She smiles, taking a sip of the mead afterwards.

Rysen finishes his wine and sets it aside. He also takes a glass of Mikani's mead and raising it in toast to Radhilde and Archeron, says "To your enduring love and happiness." He takes a sip, and glances back at Mikani with a smile. "It truly is amazing, Countess."

With a chuckle towards Lethe, Ajax makes his way towards the servers and picks up his own glass, slowly shifting back towards the booth he looks towards Margot his lips pursing as he offers something back in turn.

Riagnon says, "The color, though I'm partial to the flower and, well, I'm not so high and mighty as to turn away rods made of gold if they're there for the taking," Riagnon lifts his thick dark brow, nudging his chin Kenna's way, "I beg to differ. I think my sister, our Marquessa, is the MOST colorful one. Be sure to talk to her all about it. Have you not yet met? Oh! You should." Turning briefly from Marisol, Riagnon just smiles at Kenna smilingly. Rhea definitely isn't terrifying."

Margot says a few quiet words to the Redwood Commander before she looks around for her own glass of mead.

Michael has arrived, more or less late. He is late. Yes, he is late. But he is here! Dressed in armor, because its fancy without needing to feel all frumpy-fancy. A glass is plucked where one might and he continues into the room more or less unaccosted by casual conversation.

"When you are able of course. After the wedding, my lady," Marisol remarks to Radhilde and lowers her voice once more to speak with Margot though her eyes glance to Kenna. "Oh does he? I am not a fan of yellow..if I am to admit. It seems to be...hmmm well it does not suit me. I prefer purples and blues. Greens best of all," she admits thoughtfully before her mead is partaken of again. "Countess, I really must get you to make a drinks for other events," she insists with a winnings mile. Her gaze strays around the room to make certain all are well. "And thank you Lord Rysen, for offering the accompaniment to the Mistress."

"Marquessa Rhea, I have met her but I am sad to see she is not here," she admits and then shakes her head, "Flowers are lovely but in clothing, yellow is my least favorite of hues," offered to Riagnon.

"Lord Michael!" Marisol voice lifts to greet the Bisland lord.

Mikani smiles at Michael. "Greetings Lord Bisland." Mika lifts her warm, calm, voice for Michael to hear.

"It is my pleasure, Your Highness," replies Rysen to Marisol. He glances towards Radhilde and Archeron, and then back to Marisol and says somewhat hesitantly, "With your permission, Princess, I would be happy to perform my own poem in honor of the union between Lady Radhilde and Lord Archeron."

"She's shy." Kenna says about Rhea, keeping her voice light and casual. Not at all a lie. "She's super soft-spoken when you get to know her, and just a //clothes horse//. It runs in the Acheron family, actually. The black and red is just a front." Raising a hand Kenna turns to flag down the other Acheron in the room - Radhilde. "RAhilde, let me steal you so you can tell Marisol about how lovely and kindly Rhea is?"

Radhilde smiles over to Rysen at the toast, lifting her glass in return, "Thank you, Lord Rysen and you also, Countess for the wonderful mead." A brow perks at Rysen's mention of a poem before excitement appears on her features, "Oh a poem.. how lovely." She looks to Marisol before hearing her name and looks to Kenna, giving a chuckle, "But she's the best."

Turning her attentions quickly to Rysen, Marisol smiles a bit more and lifts her glass to the air at him, "By all means, Lord Rysen, share with us your lovely written word." The princess dips her head to him before letting her gaze slip back to Kenna and Riagnon, a brow arching when she urges Kenna over to speak kindly of their Marquessa. "I would be glad to hear about her. We did not have that long a time to know each other. Only the best?" She questions Radhilde. "Come now."

Archeron lifts the glass across to Rysen at his toast "Thank you, my lord" Archeron answers before he takes a long sip of the drink "oh, this is good..." he says, his eyebrows lifting up "Ooh. Very good. I approve. I am, I guess, enamoured with it." The discussion of Radhilde helping Marisol gets a smile "I am sure Radhilde with have plenty of time, though busy a bit under a year from the wedding I suspect." A sly sidelong smile at Radhilde. Archeron then leans over, murmering into Radhilde's ear.

Lottie crept along the outskirts of the event, but as she spotted a familiar face her departure stalled and instead she carefully wove her way toward Ajax. She paused quietly near him so as not to intrude upon the conversation of those he currently held company with.

Radhilde's lips further widen at Marisol's query, "Much more than the best.. I cannot wait for you to meet her. She has done much for me." Her head dips softly and her umber gaze shifts to Rysen as Marisol allows for the poem and she again gives Archeron's arm a soft squeeze, "Yes.. but time will be made ofcourse." She smiles to Arch and tilts her head as he leans to speak softly.

Rysen accepts his backwood lyre back from Lygeia, and hands her his mead. He comes to stand before Radhilde and Archeron. His features are somewhat solemn, as he takes up his lyre and breathes out a little nervously, as he prepares to play. He runs his fingers over the lyre's strings, producing a flowing melody, and soon raises his voice in a resonating chant:

"Above in bright Elysia

The gods raise their glasses high,

And celebrate the union

Of Houses Acheron and Tyde!

For in the early days of strife,

Fate was tragic on the loom -

But joy there was in darkness

When from that icy tomb

Stepped glorious Radhilde,

So strong and full of life,

Raised then in House Acheron

To become their love and pride,

And now she gives her lovely hand

To Tyde Hall's trusted Lord,

Whose courage and vitality

Has changed the course of wars.

Together let them face the world,

And dance, and work, and play -

Bedeck the storied Hall of Tyde

With children for our future days!

May the blessings from the highest gods

Forever on you fall,

Granting happiness, health and wisdom

On hearts that to each other call!"

Rysen ends his melodious chant, and his fingers slow their movement across the strings of his blackwood lyre. The music fades from the room, and Rysen, holding his lyre to his chest, bows reverently to Radhilde and Archeron.

Michael is assaulted by greetings and simply lifts his glass towards Mikani and Marisol, moving towards Marisol in particular. A quick wave though towards Kenna and Pastaman-Riagnon. "Princess Marisol. A lovely party. My gift to the party was not finished yet, unfortunately."

Lottie however did not contain her applause for Rysen. As the song reached fruition the clap of her hands rose boisterous in its volume.

Lottie is overheard praising Rysen.

Marisol is overheard praising Rysen: For his lovely lyre and then his very own poem. Gracious lord!

Margot is overheard praising Rysen.

Mikani smiles and applauds Ryson's song.

Michael is overheard praising Rysen.

She keeps her voice low to speak to Archeron. "Of course only after the wedding would I ask this of your lady wife," she muses. Marisol tilts her head to listen to Rysen as he performs, her expression softening. "Then it sounds like we need to have a gathering soon," this said to Kenna and Radhilde. "I know we all are very busy with a great many things. But there shall be a time," she says. Her eyes linger on Kenna a moment before she turns a soft smile upon Lord Michael while Rysen continues. "Thank you for coming, Countess Mikani has made a lovely mead in honor of the couple. Do partake." She intones as a glass is passed towards him. She does her best not to miss a word so that when Rysen is finished she claps her free hand against her forearm. "Well done! So lovely Lord very fitting." She dips her head graciously to him.

Radhilde is overheard praising Rysen: How beautiful and touching!

Archeron bows his head to Rysen after the poem, patting Radhilde's hand gently as he does "A very good and kind poem, Lord Rysen. And very flattering of my martial pride. It is often interesting, to think both Radhilde and I survived the fall of our families to find one another in a city so far from both our homes and those places we found refuge. It does feel...ordained in some way." Arch's nose wrinkles a little as he chuckles "Though yes. Some archers at Setarco and an accidental skirmish and almost dying in the silence war. I think I will need a few more battles before I begin to feel comfortable with any idea of glory."

Listening to Archeron with a nod at his words, Radhilde's hand gives the Lord's own a soft squeeze in response to the pat and her head dips to Rysen, smile on her lips, "Thank you Lord Rysen, that was indeed a beautiful poem. Very fitting for us both." She again dips her head to Rysen then smirks up at Archeron, "Oh, really now? More battles, hmm?"

"Of course princess." Kenna says as she puts her hands firmly behind her back. Just the most innocent ever. "Just so you know, Rhea really enjoys very person and physical greetings. It's the best way to make an impression. "Acheron!" Kenna calls out to the man, "Did you hear that piece of advice?"

Rysen blushes furiously, and says to Marisol, "Thank you, Your Highness." He smiles warmly to Archeron, and says, "I certainly hear you, My Lord. My own experience with martial conflicts has been anything but glorious, and yet, as a poet, I am honored to pay tribute to bravery and sacrifice such as you have shown in our times of need." Rysen hands his lyre back to Lygeia and takes up Mikani's mead again. "And I am also very grateful you and Radhilde found each other, as love is an even greater subject for song than war," he says, catching Lottie's eye with a grin.

Lethe stays where she is as she enjoys another drink.

Michael has definitely snagged mead on his way in, and lifts it again towards Marisol. "I will most certainly do so." Then he turns about to settle into a seat comfortably. "Lord Acheron, the winds of chance are fickle, and even more the winds over a battlefield. In my experience, its the opposite. The more experience you have in battles, the less you feel comfortable with glory."

"Oh, I've already been properly briefed on how to be with the Marquessa, my lady. I think Lady Radhilde is keen not to be a widow quite so quickly after her wedding." Archeron says in answer to Kenna, a sly grin over his cup as he sips on some more of the spiced mead. He quickly mmfs into his drink as Michael addresses him "Mm. My lord. It depends I think if you do it for yourself or your family. I may have grown up in Grayson, but the last words my father gave me were to defend my family, it was my duty as the man. It may not be glory is, hrm. It feels purposeful?"

"Such lovely performances today all around, for the lovely couple." Marisol lifts her glass towards Archeron and Radhilde again. Sipping at her drink she glances as Michael takes a seat and the talk of battle and defedning families unfolds. She has no experience in such matters but does listen. Drawing a deep breath she glances across the distance to Lady Lethe and the Princess is not above spotting the sneaking Mistress Lottie. Both get a grin from her as she finishes off her small glass of mead.

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Margot comes back from dealing with a plethora of messangers and other 'pressing matters' and seems relieved to see the party still going about. She moves over to find herself a deat to take in the ambiance.

Lottie's smile lifted again to Rysen as he caught her eye and she presented the man with a faux cheer of invisible glass. One last glance drifted over the gathering. So many beautiful people and such joy. That warmth was reflected in the woman's demeanor though gradually she moved to depart along the outer wall in unobtrusively... but Marisol caught her! A wry little grin crossed the sea of festivities between them to the Princess and the baker slipped out soon after with one last little wiggle of her calloused fingers in farewell.

Radhilde lifts the glass to her lips once more to partake of the mead as Archeron and Michael speak now, her gaze drifts over to Marisol as she lowers the vessel from her lips and she smiles warmly, lifting the glass in kind her way.

Lethe looks over toward Marisol. She smiles in return.

With a long draw from his mead, Ajax offers a dip of his head towards the leaving Lottie, a bit of quiet conversation is exchanged before he nods towards Lethe, brown shift towards the returning Margot, "Everything alright, Duchess Tyde?" in a quieter tenor just enough to actually get her attention, but he shifts back looking between the other interactions with a curious raise of his brow.

Marisol is overheard praising Mikani: For the lovely mead in honor of Radhilde and Archeron

Kenna is going to have a squirrel moment - as in, a literal squirrel moment. Sally Acorn decided to come along to the party and there's a nut she's spied over under the bar. There'a loud chitter as she takes off after it and Kenna says an abrupt, "Pardon!" to go and chase down her squirrel.

Rysen makes his way back to Mikani's side and finishes his mead. He sets down his glass, and then Rysen and Mikani make their way over to Marisol. "Thank you for inviting us, Your Highness. I had a wonderful time." Rysen bows, and then approaches Archeron and Radhilde. "My Lady, My Lord, congratulations. We must be on our way, but we wish you the absolute best in all that life sets before you." He smiles warmly and bows, and begins to make his way out of the parlor.

Margot nods to Ajax, "Yes just an authorization needed for something." She smiles faintly. "And maternal matters. Apparently Lady Victoria has decided she ought to have her own room and attempted to drag all her brothers things into the stairwell. I am sure someone will have the sense to find a resolution before I return home."

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Lygeia, a calligrapher and alchemist, Mikani leave, following Rysen.

Michael nods quick to Archeron's words. "That, I can certainly understand, Lord Archeron. Duty and all." The mead is drank from again and he lifts his glass suddenly again to allow a blur of brownish frantic motion pass beneath him. "/Kenna/!"

Radhilde is overheard praising Mikani.

Riagnon just continues to smile dumbly, side-stepping a foot or two over as if to block line of sight to Kenna and her squirrel drama.

Archeron taps Radhilde's hand before he slowly disentangles their arms so he can obtain another drink for the pair of them. As he heads towards them he nods to Rysen and then he smiles over at Margot "Going to have to explain to the children that territorial disputes are solved through reaving, cousin. I'm sure we can spare a couple of longships if they want to conquer fresh bedrooms?" Oh, Archeron is most definately joking. But then there is a look of mild horror at the brown blur "Oh by the Gods..." And sure enough his worst fears are confirmed as a running around small mammal as roused Root, who comes dashing into the room in a blur of black and white, deceptively fast for his usual lumbering motions. He is soon snuffling around tables for possible squirrel-shaped toys.

"Shut it Michael," Kenna says as she runs past the Bisland heir and dives under a table. "Not all of us can have a well behaved," there's a loud banging as Kenna hits some part of her body on the table which covers up part of her words, "-cock!"

Radhilde's lips twitch in amusement as she watches Kenna after saying some departing words to Lord Rysen and the Countess. Her attention though is drawn at Archeron's tap and subsequent untangling of their arms when he gets another pair of drinks and she gladly accepts the glass, "Thank you." She soon laughs though when Root starts to dash around and she steps back, keeping well out of the way.

Margot looks over to Archeron, "I think that the children will learn that should they not resolve their territorial disputes diplomatically then both of them may end up sleeping on straw mats in the servant's hall with the other savage children."

The sudden whirlwind of activity around the area that surrounds Marisol causes her to step back, bump into the seat Michael is sitting in and the nearly drop her empty glass as Roots comes in. For a moment the Valardin looks rather confused and flustered as her attention shifts to Riagnon who tries to cover Kenna's floor dive and shuffle beneath the table. She leans a bit to try to get a look, "What is the trouble? Anything I can do to help?" She queries briefly, reaching out to a servant to hold out her glass and have it taken. Then Kenna calls back to Michael and her eyes widen. She blinks a few times. BLINK BLINK BLINK.

"Root!" Archeron calls, an attempt to summon the badger. He sighs, handing the drinks to Radhilde as he tries to keep an eye on the snuffling beast, who does lift his head and seems to be conflicted between attending to the call and snuffling some more "That little.." he mutters before crouching down "Root" he calls once more, and ah, now Root is interested. Crouching suggests he might get a fuss. And that is good. So he trots over. Or waddles. And is soon lifted up by Archeron so the badger's snout is huffing on his shoulder "Oh, be nice to the children, Margot. It is not so long ago the halls were quiet - a little arguing between the young heirs? We can all endure such pleasant torment, I think." With Root caught though, he offers an apologetic look to the Acherons "Sorry. Root likes to chase and hunt. He's a big softy really, I promise."

"Hey, no," there's more mumbling from Kenna from under the table as the badger gets too close. "Sally, stop! OW." Ignore the mumbling and yelling from under the table till Kenna scoots herself out on her knees with her dress all kilted up and a red tail disappearing into her blouse. Up to Marisol, "Nope, we'll all good here. Totally normal."

Michael didn't do it. He didn't bring the rampaging animals, nor did he think he was going to be part and parcel of Kenna's near ruinious motions about the party. The woman under the table gets a narrow of his eyes. "I hesitate to say it, but Sir Struttington is clearly better behaved than your squirrely squirrel." A slow shake of his head.

"Best to just let it play out," Riagnon says through his bright smiling teeth, tilting his head in a happy flop. His hands find themselves in front of him, lacing together at the fingers. He doesn't SAY the word neonoble, maybe because he doesn't feel that he even has to. Lalala.

Margot sighs softly at the animal chaos, the hyper proper Duchess just does not do well with children and ill behaved animals it would appear. "Archeron, I imagine you will feel differant when your children are the ones being outsed from the nursery. But we shall see."

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Radhilde takes the drinks and steps -even- further back, watching Archeron run off now after Root and watching Kenna scramble after Sally Acorn. Relief overtakes her when at least Root is secured and then Sally Acorn, giving a grimace when she is captured before erupting in laughter. Joyous, loud, laughter.

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The tail disappearing into Kenna's blouse gets a look. She stares for a moment and then glances down to Kenna's dress. "Lady Kenna," she begins and glances at Michael as she moves to help cover her as well by using those full glorious skirts of her dress to provide cover. Marisol glances down and then tries to help her up. "Come...your skirts," she whispers softly as if trying to help prevent her from showing some leg. She even blushes for the lady.

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"What about my skirts?" Kenna asks as she takes Marisol's hand and lifts herself to her feet. Sally's happy back where she belongs all nice and hidden from (obvious) sight. Kenna glances down but they are totally all fixed now that she's standing.

Margot shakes her head with a bit of exasperation and lifts a dainty hand to motion for someone to bring her something to drink.

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Laughter that turns into a soft sigh and a shake of her head at Kenna, Radhilde takes a new glass of mead and takes it upon herself after waving off the servant to hand the glass to Margot, giving her a sort of smile slash grimace.

"Mmm. Well, I have at least several months until I need to worry about it being my children, Cousin. And I do not think babies are strong enough to pull things. So years then." Archeron points out, gently petting and stroking the badger on his shoulder who is quite happily flopping "Anyway, you mean I don't just get to go to war and leave the children to Radhilde? Isn't that the done thing?" A sly grin is given to Radhilde

Margot looks to Archeron and then back to Radhilde, pained, "And then after the wars they come home full of stories and daddies are the heroes while we are the ones who always say no."

Finishing up his mug, Ajax draws his way closer towards the group, he tilts a look towards Kenna as she gets herself up. The mercenary clearly missing the commotion for the most part but he does finally offer his head in a dip towards Archeron, and Radhilde, "It's always good to see you both. I do apologize fer being more along the walls today. But I wish you both the best and many years of happiness." he offers in his rumbling, he pauses a bit as Margot speaks, nodding his head slowly.

Helpfully Renna interjects herself into Acheron's conversation briefly. "If you raise them like an Acheron you drop the children somewhere else and forget they exist till they're grown." Kenna, helpfully explaining why Riagnon looks all floppy-head now.

Radhilde smirks a bit at Margot's words, giving a nod then looking to Archeron, "I would hope Archeron doesn't do such a thing." A pointed look is sent his way before a smile.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Radhilde before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Archeron before departing.

Glad that Kenna's modesty is saved, Marisol smiles down at her and then shakes her head, "All is well now, my lady." Thankfully! The Oathlander is still blushing for her as she clears her throat and moves to find another drink for herself. Taking up another glass of mead she slowly drinks from it before whispering to a servant. A nod of her head is given as she offers a grateful smile.

Margot looks up to Ajax and nods lightly before she shakes her head to Radhilde, "I don't think they can really stop themselves from doing it, it is simply a part of a man's nature. But your children will at least have the good fortune of having nurses about who are well broken in by their cousins."

Archeron lets out a small sigh at the messenger, but just shakes his head before he hefts Root and turns back to Radhilde "Don't worry, my love, I very rarely go off to war. Surprisingly little demand for rangers in the Isles it seems. And I am quite good with children I think." Archeron moves across to lean in so he can speak to Margot and Ajax, quiet murmers.

Radhilde looks to Margot after turning away from the messenger, a frown marring her features briefly followed by a sigh and she shares a look with Archeron and nods to his words and also Margot's but seems to go silent now.

Michael's gaze is averted from Kenna's nonsense and wildness. Not Bisland, not his problem. Mhm. There is too much commotion for Michael to get himself into conversation so he stays back for the time being.

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Margot whispers to Archeron and takes a sip of her drink before she rises, "You both look lovely and I am warmed to see you both so happy." She looks to Ajax, "And thank you for coming as well."

Once things are taken care of and another round of Mead is sent to the tables and celebrants she moves to take a seat near the Bisland Lord. Lowering to the table she offers him a faint smile as they converse. A nod of her head given.

"I am sure it is just reflection of the Lady Radhilde." Archeron answers Margot's compliment before he looks back to Radhilde "I think that we should probably escort the good lady back home before the Marquessa thinks we have eloped, tempting as she is?"]

Somehow Kenna knows what time it is, and she steps forward to touch Radhilde's shoulder. "I need to go and get ready for patrol - you too Riagnon!" Kenna sounds way too happy about including Riagnon in that annoucement. She presses a quick kiss to her cousin-by-marriage's cheek before giving a little wave to Marisol, not wanting to interrupt her conversation. "Let's go Riagnon!" Kenna, happy to work, out.

It's difficult to arrive 'quietly' when theres a retinue of soldiers following you about, but Victus manages to make due. The Prince of Maelstrom shuffling inside and ducking his head through the door frame. His coat freshly flaked with a dusting of snow, sticking to the black fur he wore to keep warm. He makes a slow trek around the outer rim of the party, his gait carrying him over toward a brighter booth where he can find a drink.

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Riagnon jolts a bit at Kenna's proclamation, saying something to anybody nearby about them not even patrolling together or some such thing. He follows suit but only because he wants to!

Radhilde touches a kiss to Kenna's cheek and smiles, "Thank you for coming.." She smiles to Riagnon warmly, "You also, Riagnon. I appreciate the support." Her eyes look to Archeron, "We both do. And yes, I also have to be getting back, much to plan still.. the wedding, it's very soon."

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Margot is just getting up when Victus arrived, "Your grace. It's good to see you. I hope all is well?"

Looking up as others begin to gather or rise, the Princess does too to offer each a nod of curtsy. "Lady Kenna, Lord Riagnon." Slowly she lowers back to her seat but pauses upon seeing Victus. The Valardin offers him a deeper curtsy when Margot greets him as she does.

Michael and Marisol are settled in the back, Marisol probably luxuriating in an event kicking off swimmingly. They are probably talking smack. Its really light chatter though.

Ajax leans over for a moment to hear Archeron, his lips pursing as he shifts his gaze to the about to leave Margot, he dips his head slowly, he shifts in his spot to the arrival of the high lord which causes a second dip of his head towards the man.

Archeron takes a couple of steps to place a soft - but oh so very chaste - kiss on Radhilde's cheek. One certainly can't do more than chaste with a badger in your arms. It is probably an adage somewhere - if you wish your ladies to be chaste, ensure your men all carry badgers. Probably somewhere in Valardin lands. Maybe. "Thank you for today, and to your patron. It is nice to see so many..." Victus' arrival does cause some interest "I'll just tarry and make sure that Victus doesn't need us to go and invade someone for providing insufficient cake for him to axe, and I'll be with you?"

Radhilde dips her head deeply to Victus when noting his arrival though she is distracted somewhat by the kiss to her cheek and she smiles to Archeron, "And thank you for being here, Archeron. It.. was amazing." She grins with a little shake of her head in amusement, "Yes, I'll be here."

Victus' march ends beside Margot. The corners of his mouth pulling back into a thin smile. "I can't say there's anything wrong, except for a startling lack of cake. Did you at least have something still moving on their plates?" The man huffs and moves his eyes about the room. Returning a nod of greeting to those who do the same or bow. "Everyone dressed very pretty as well."

Margot shakes her head as she looks up to Victus, "No this party was planned by the most gracious Princess Marisol." She motions off towards said princess. "I do promise though that at the wedding reception we will have something that is flailing and is slaughtered before the crowd. Tradition after all." The duchess's smile is perhaps as close to impish as she gets.

"Come to the wedding reception, Your Grace. We will ensure there is a special cake just for you - moist and tall, and with a cherry filling so it can spatter." Archeron offers to the Thraxian prince before he hefts up Root "I will escort Radhilde home safely, Cousin. Prince Victus. May you have a great day. And if you need me, you know where I am."

Radhilde curtseys to all before Archeron makes his way to her side and she links her arm around his own, "Thank you.. so much, everyone. We hope to see you at the wedding reception as well."

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