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Cease Fire In Our Time - Post-Action Celebration

After several diplomatic groups were organised to travel to the Oathland/Lyceum borders to help forge peace between Houses. We come together to celebrate the first step towards this with a cease fire.

*** Wines, beers, foods and more are planned in the Golden Hart as we celebrate the first step on the road of peace in our Home. ***

This is to pay thanks to the hard work and skill of so many who came to aid across the City and further. Therefore let us come together to celebrate!

In gratitude and appreciation, those reading this and a guest are cordially invited to relax and enjoy time together at the Hart. Let us gather to talk, enjoy a meal and relax without the risk of attack and in knowledge that we are stepping forth into a new peaceful future along our borders.

Lord Martino Malvici


OOC: This event was created to offer some relaxed fun and more great chances to RP - also to talk peace, intrigue and next steps. If you have questions, @mail Martino and I'll get back to you!


June 21, 2019, 7 p.m.

Hosted By



Reese Valencia Ian Mabelle Vitalis Rowenova Denica Tatienne Aksel Fiora Thea Quintin Merek



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Golden Hart Social & Gaming House - Hidden Courtyard

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Comments and Log

Reese peeks over to Nova, with a sheepish smile. "Better than pretty good." She says softly. She has a smile for Ian, Martino and Vitalis as they arrive. "Greetings Lords." She says while still cradling the mug of cider in her gloved hands.

Maple, a brown golden retriever, Toffee, a fluffy pomeranian, 2 Laurent trained guards arrive, following Mabelle.

Spring has arrived in the Heart of the Hart and the gardens and courtyard are burgeoning with new life. The scent of fresh greenery and blossoms drifts in the air and the sound of small birds and the buzzing of bees and dragon flies can be heard zooming about.

The sun beats warmly down upon the stones of the hidden courtyard creating a luxurious heat that is just enough to melt the winter cold away, but cool enough to enjoy.

There sitting at a table near the fountains is Princess Reese, Wolfscout Rowenova and Mistress and Merchant Tatienne ejoying a drink with the little vixen. A bright smile comes as Ian and then Vitalis arrives and she offers both a bright smile and warm incline of head, offering a delicate hand to each before bidding them join her and her companions.

Stood beside the entry door, the Malvici Lord Martino is present and welcoming guests in with a bow of his head and an out stretched arm to shake or offer a hand to kiss the knuckles as people come in. "Oh... Lord Vitalis and Scout Rowenova. Such a pleasure to see you. Please... do come in. We have food and drink prepared. For later, well, shall we fancy it games are a-foot or even a dip in the stone pools here. You been before?"

Ian nods to Reese and Rowanova, and then nods a little more deeply to Valencia. Moving carefully, still, he picks his way over to the table, steadying himself once with his free hand on a table that he passes.

Mabelle steps into the already populated courtyard. She is unfamiliar with the location as she's never been here before but as it is brimming with so many acquaintances she breaks into a huge smile and greets Martino first, "Lord Malvici, thank you for the invitation - I am pleased we're finally going to celebrate!". As she continues inward a greeting is also offered to Vitalis, Valencia and Reese, "My Lord, Princesses, oh such joyous gathering".

Ian has joined the table by the fountain.

Vitalis, by reflex, stretches a hand out when Ian totters, senses pricked to the wobble, a concerned look flickering from the lord to the others. When aught seems fine, he smiles - ever gracious - and bows to Reese, "Highness, good to see you." He turns to greet Martino, "Our host." Martino gets a fonder 'proper' greeting, alternating kisses. To Rowenova, he grins, taking a moment to place her - ah! He beams and strokes a hand down the neat crop of dense beard, cut short. "My beard is but a modest thing among Northerners."

Stojan, the assistant, 3 Thrax Guards, Damaia, the assistant, Lady Snow arrive, following Denica.

From her fountainside seatuation, Nova lifts up her wine glass to Martino as her opposing hand picks up a thin/rolled slice of wild boar which she then offers out to Sir Flop (who gobbles up the tasty offering). "Aye, I show up every so often. I look forward to the games." She is a competetive one with that champ coat from the Snowy Seas winter tourney." She soon tells Vitalis, "Well, what you lack in beard you make up in whip and wit, I like to think." Although she does not know some of the new arrivals, she still lifts up a greeting wave.

A gracious and respectful incline of head is offered back to Ian as he sits, and a bottle of whiskey soon arrives, thanks to the keen eyes and fleet feet of little Lizette, the Hart's lead barmaid. Valencia nods her thanks and smiles as Mabelle arrives. "Please be so very welcome. I'm glad you have found way to explore my Hart further," she nods warmly, casting a happy smile to Reese and Nova. Vitalis earns a nod of approval as he reaches to assist Ian, and smiles as he degrees his beard modest, "Modest it may be, but it is very handsome, my lord," she offers with a shy smile.

Martino's sharp green eyes crease to Vitalis as he returns the alternating kisses, a true Lyceum greeting as ever, "Ah Lord Vitalis, a pleasure to see you. PLease do come in and join us. We have some placed by the fountain already." Martino follows with a tilt of his torso to the Lady Mabelle as he agreed firm in tone, "As am I, although we are to return again soon... please do come in. Princess Valencia and others are by the fountain."

Hands of the Malvici Lord tuck back behind his lower back as he maintains on door greeting duties... for now. Wine later.

Reese is perched upon a seat and cradling a mug of cider. She has a warm smile for Mabelle upon noticing her. "Hi, Lady Mabelle." The girl seems to be in a cheerful mood and seems to be enjoying the gathering.

A slight shift of Ian's posture suggests that he was aware of the hand reaching in his direction, but his instinct was to avoid rather than reach out. He does nod his thanks after sinking into a seat, however. Presumably, it's the thought that counts? He gratefully takes the glass of whiskey and takes a small sip, but otherwise doesn't seem to be doing a lot of drinking, tonight.

Making her way in on calculated confident strides, comes Denica. She stops at the door and offer a hand to Martino, "Well Lord Martino. Let us see this party of yours."

As the crowd enters for a party Tatienne has no real knowledge of, she says a quiet goodbye to her previous conversational partners before slipping out, letting others do their thing.

Mabelle rubs her hands in playfulness as her mind plots at Martino's words, "Oh, I honestly cannot wait to get back!", she quirks him with a semi wicked smile as she steps toward the fountain. She halts by Rowenova, "Hello! I do not believe we've met, my name is Mabelle, pleasure to meet you". She continues onward but it does not mean she doesnt wait for an answer, only that she is eager to situated herself between Valencia and Reese, "Good evening! You look so very lovely and how I have missed you both".

"Oh Princess Denica. A pleasure to see you again so soon." Martino bows his head to Denica and accepts the offered hand, lifting it to his lips for a moment to murmur hushed to it, "You are looking very well today. It seems you kept your end of the promise mm?" A faint kiss upon those knuckles of the Princess before he straightens and rolls forth his voice, "Please do come in, Princess Valencia and Lady Mabelle are by the fountain. We have servants ready for food and drink - I recommend the port from Southport - and later we may dip into the pools along with a game." Martino greets over-and-over and does with a broad smile.

Seated by the princesses, Nova still seems to be within a good distance for easy conversing, "Lady Mabelle: it is good to meet you. I am Scout Rowenova, of the Ranging Wolves, a scouting party in the Halfshav Military under the direct command of Lord Arik Halfshav. I am his personal retainer. I am a trusted servant of House Halfshav. Also, I am the esteemed protege of Baroness Lucita Saik." She rattles off the whole spliel and wolfishly grins. "Princess Denica, it is good to see you, too!" They may have only met in brief passing before, but it is a good opportunity to meet more right now. "Indeed, the food and drink is quite lovely." Of course, Nova has already began eating and drinking.

Vitalis says, "Flatterer," Vitalis grins, accusatory, teeth flashing bright against dark beard, a smile for Rowenova as he passes, "Keep it up." He returns Ian's nod, noting the man's decidedly withdrawn affect with a curious tilt of his head, words directed first, then eyes, at Valencia, weight of his gaze falling heavily. Someone new. "Another flatterer. Charmed, my Lady." And a student as well! Set between Valencia and Reese. He opens his mouth to speak but hears Martino recommending a port and it brings his attention swiveling that way. "One here, please." He lofts and elegant finger at the server, "Thank you." To the earlier point, by Martino, "I've not had the pleasure of pools or games here. I seldom play games whose outcomes are left to chance." He squints off that way, pondering."

Reese peeks over to Denica, giving her a warm smile of greeting. "Hi, Princess Denica, nice to see you again." She then smiles over to Vitalis when he sits nearby. "Oh, I am lucky and get to sit by Lord Vitalis today." She says and then adds. "You have been well, Lord?"

Denica curtsies ever so slightly at Martino's greeting and heads further in, so as to not distract him from his Herald duties? She makes her way over to the fountain as Martino indicated. "Princess, Lady Mabelle, I was directed your way." She turns as she hears her name called again. "Mistress Rowenova. You as well. Have you been well?" She says in her calm even delivery, tilting her head ever so slightly."

Remaining on general door duties for now, Martino creases his eyes to Denica and offers her a bow in return as hand rests upon his heart to her, "Until later. Princess." Chin of his turns anew as he awaits a few late arrivals before insisting everyone has afternoon wine.

The little dark haired princes smiles to Vitalis' comments and shakes her head, "I pray you will find the other enticements of my Hart to be ones you can more fully indulge in then, my lord," Valencia smiles with a playful grin as she turns to greet Dencia. "My dearest Princess Denica, welcome back to my Hart. It has been some time. I'm glad to see you," she nods warmly. "I hope you are very well," she smiles again.

Mabelle listens to Rowenova at length with a smile, "Oh my, you are quite a busy bee are you not? I've met Lord Arik, one of the most enjoyable conversation I've had in the city, I must admit. I will not tire you with my lists of occupations though, the night will never end", she releases a healthy chuckle indicating a joke. "Well met however". Her gaze rests upon Denica with a smile, "Your Highness, I heard of your return to the city. I am happy to make your acquintance, as much as one can in such busy occasion. I'm sure we will get some time later as well. Please join us". A girlish chatter toward Reese and Valencia, "Selene Whisper wrote me last week that she has new gowns in stock, I ran there and spent so much silver", she places a few fingers on her lips, grinning, "But I absolutely love it", she shows off her golden gown and matching heels.

"Princess Denica." Ian's greeting to Denica is given in such a flat voice that he could just as easily be commenting to himself that Princess Denica is over there. He accompanies the words with a nod, however, so probably it's a greeting.

Vitalis leans to Reese, murmuring.

"Princess Reese, It is fantastic to see you as well. I am glad you have company you like to sit with. Can make all the difference in these types of things." She says with a respectful dip of her head to the Grayson General. She turns to Valencia, "I needed to take care of some things in Maelstrom, but it is so nice to be back in the city. So much inspiration to be had here-" She pauses quickly and turns to Ian, "Speaking of. Lord Ian. I hope all is well? Care to join me?" There is no girlish excitement to her voice, but she still seems more than willing to participate, "I do need a new gown. Lord Martino suggested I dress so very scandalously for this dinner. I chose the tried and true."

Reese looks over to Mabelle, having a smile. "It is very lovely on you. She does design wonderful stuff." She says before smiling to Denica again. "Oh, it can having company. I was glad you came to the Grayson dinner." She then murmurs softly to Ian.

Nova returns a grin to Vitalis then shifts her gaze with a smile to Denica, "Well, I am doing decently. I do strive every day to be a happier person and thankfully succeed for the most part these days." After a motion of her glass of wine to include everyone, Nova adds on, "Due to good company like this." Then, she grins again but to Mabelle this time, "Aye, I do stay busy, indeed, and I am heartened to hear you had a nice time with my liege lord. He is a great fellow. Best Boss Who Ever Bossed and all that." She quiets down for the time being to partake of the food she shares with Sir Floppington.

Reese is overheard praising Martino: Woots, great gathering!

Reese is overheard praising Valencia: Gracious and charming hostest

From the direction of the secret gardens a large Mastiff comes bounding. The large animals makes his way through the throngs of people without a care in the world of who's in his path or not. Singular focused is this particular dog on getting to the double doors and exiting out of the area. A few moments later a man follows up that same path, and judging by the lack of shirt, he may not have been expecting such a gathering going on. "Well, this isn't thin akward," Aksel says to himself as he pulls a tunic tucked into his pants and up and over his head. At least he was only shirtless. For now.

Turning at last from the door, Martino inclines his head and defers to a well dressed servant to stand and announce various arrivals as the come forth. Stepping across the footpath towards the fountain, by-passes the table to murmur for a silvered tray with prepared glasses of red wine, white wine and a few glasses of the Malvici Port, in hand. "Oh Princess Denica... you tell the story with such a lack of flair now! Almost like I begged. I merely suggested it would be good for the host, mm?" Martino creases his eyes to the Princess before inclining his head low to Valenica, "Princess Valencia. Thank you for being here and on hand... and might I offer the collected guests a glass of something?" That silvered tray, presented forth to the gathered group.

Reese is overheard praising Mabelle: Lovely in her gown and great company

Ian is already sitting down, which might be why he interpreted Denica's offer as a request for permission. He looks to Valencia, as though deferring to her authority, before motioning for Denica to join them.

Mabelle is overheard praising Martino: Excellent gathering, lovely host.

Mabelle has joined the table by the fountain.

Vitalis straightens from his lean, happy to settle somewhere with such a welcome, "I am well, Highness. Fit and ready for a season of expeditions. Winter plans coming to fruition." He smiles acceptance of the glass of port brought him by the server, he sips and thrums appreciation deep in his throat. A purr. Vitalis leans back draping and remaining collected all at once, coiled as it were, remarking to Valencia's point of the Hart's pleasures on the tail of Martino's offer to her of a glass, "This port is excellent, Highness."

After Aksel's appearance, Nova stands up and hollers out with Northern volume, "Sword Aksel!" Enthusiastic waving! Sir Floppington looks back toward his doggie friend but then Nova seemingly gatekeeps the table food, so he stays and does not run off.

Denica nods to Reese, "It was a lovely excuse to exit the estate, thank you for inviting me." She smiles slightly at Rowenova, "That is an excellent thing. Mostly succeeding at being happy. One can not ask for too much more from there can they?" Hand waves at Martino, taking a seat next to Ian "My Lord. I seem to remember pleading and tears." She turns slightly to the Kennex she sat next to, "Lord Ian. Staying out of trouble?"

"The last few weeks, at least," Ian allows to Denica. "For as long as it lasts. Uh. Do you know everyone here?"

Mabelle indicates one of the stewards to pour her some wine and of course she murmurs to him to bring over something sweet. "Please tell your liege lord I look forward to seeing him again", she smile to Rowenova, and turns to preen her hair playfully at Reese, "Why thank you". Her gaze is drawn to the door toward Askel, wiggling her fingers from afar before she calls onto Martino, "Oh abandon the door and join us! It is overdue!". She turns her eyes with interest to Denica, "Not your first arrival to Arx then, I presume by what I hear? I'm rather new myself so I wouldnt know. What brings you back?"

Martino checked charm + etiquette at difficulty 25, rolling 20 higher.

Nunia the discreetest handmaid arrives, following Fiora.

Vitalis grins at Denica, "Oh, one can ask for many things beyond happiness." Gray eyes glitter, "And the trouble starts when you get them." He glances at Ian, not formally introduced, nor to Denica, and he pushes to his feet, uncoiling, bowing for Denica and Martino, "Highness, my Lord. Vitalis Mazetti."

Valencia nods warmly to Ian, though it is more a welcoming gesture than an authoritative one. Her attention is dawn quickly away as the large familiar mastiff finds his way through the stained glass double doors of the main hall. Her face lights up and she turns back to see Aksel arrive. The little vixen's chest seems to swell and she rises from her chair to rush over and greet the man with (if allowed) a rather undignified but thoroughly entusiastic hug. Jumping up to wrap her arms about his neck, she smiles like the sun. "My dearest Missere! Is it you? Please say on, else I shall be made double a fool for greeting you so," she laughs and hugs him again.

Martino is informed upon the arrival of Aksel by a servant and straightens himself to crease his eyes at the bare chested man, "Ah... good man! How beautifully Lyceum of you to come as such. Truly, truly so, in reflection of the host! Please. Do join us." Martino is calm, and easy-going on such a display before handing the silver tray aside, plucking a glass of the poured port for his left hand.

In the room, most of the gathering is taking place by the fountain, food and drink prepared. People chattering away and Martino threatening to start a game.

Vitalis murmurs to Reese again, expression politely curious.

Denica nods at Mabelle, "I have been around once or twice. As for what bring me back? Well I need new things to paint. One runs out of things to paint sitting in one place for too long." She takes a sip of what ever port was suggested to her. A turn of her hand as Vitalis speaks and stands. She extends her arm to him, palm down, "A pleasure to meet you Lord Mazetti." One last turn for Ian, "I think I know everyone except maybe-," A beat as she pauses and gestures to Aksel, "That one."

Much quieter than she just yelled a moment ago, Nova softly ayes to Denica, "Indeed, Your Highness, it is." What Martino says causes Nova to crack up. "Incredibly Lycene!" She humorously agrees. After Mabelle's request, the Halfshav servant/scribe/messenger/retainer/scout gets out writing supplies with which she draws up a quick missive before sending off said letter. "Done!"

Finn the youthful northern puppy arrives, following Thea.

Reese is here and cradling her mug of cider in her gloved hands. She murmurs something softly to Vitalis.

"Rowenova," Aksel calls back give her a slight wave before going towards wherever there is drinks. Just as he's about to snag a glass of something (likely whiskey), when Valencia is there to give him a hug. His arms easily wrap around her and lift her effortlessly off the ground before setting her back down, "Even if I wasn't Aksel, I wouldn't tell you so. Especially if I am going to get a greeting like this, Princess."

Mabelle rounds her eyes and turns fifty shades of pink at Rowenova, "Oh goodness me, I meant in passing, oh my", she presses her fingertips to her lips, well that's done now so she quickly averts to Vitalis, "Lord Mazetti, I think I've not encountered you since my first week in the city and we played the stealth game. You're been well I hope?". Another needful distraction is found in Denica, "So you are an artist? I must agree staying too long in one place would do that, but the city will fix that. I swear you pass a street and think you're in another realm entirely".

Ian follows the direction of Denica's pointing finger. Of course, Aksel is, uh, busy right now, so he just tells her who he is. "That's Aksel Nygard. Stonedeep's Sword, last I heard. But I don't think he's been around lately."

Slipping into the garden quietly, slender arms are hugged around her midsection as she maes her way in. She is quick to move off to the side, light of foot and unassuming. Fiora steps off to the side to let her icy gaze slide over those gathered, edging further and further into a corner.

Landing lightly on the ground once more, Valencia smiles. "I've missed you," she smiles. "Come join us, yes? And tell me how you are?" she invites warmly as she turns to lead him back to the table by the fountain with a smile that lights up her entire being.

"My Lords, Ladies... Princesses and..." Martino rolls his voice and turns his head to the topless man as he finishes, "Lycene inspired men. Let us pick up a game if we would. It is called 'Murder in the Garden' and it goes like this...."

Martino goes ahead and briefly explains the rules, the object of the game. Be the detective, find the murderer. Be the murderer? Kill everyone else. Acting? Yes... acting!

"So! Who might be interested in this?" Martino asks with a crease of his eyes the gathered few, flicking a glance over his shoulder almost insisting that there is no escape for Lady Fiora even if she is quiet.

Thea strides inside, yes yes--she's late. She bows to Denica, a wave to Reese, bowing her head to others,"Sorry I'm so late. I got caught up in work!"

For once in his life, the normally game-adverse Ian lifts a hand. "I'm in." Presumably this 'game' won't actually require much work on his part.

Nova smiles for Valencia and Aksel. She ohs after what Mabelle tells her, "Well, his heart could use some warmth!" Is that said in fondness or joke? Mayhaps, no one will ever know! After the announcement of the game, the wolfiest scout quickly feeds Sir Floppington another tasty treat before then speedily migrating to where the game shall be.

Vitalis has wit, yes, but not the facility Martino has at slipping between all the guests and watches the man move smoothly through the bright and happy throng. "Ah yes, the grand Lycene tradition of celebrating peace with murder." He laughs and lifts his glass, then looks puzzled. "Or was it murder then peace..." 'Nonetheless!' his expression says, upthrust glass resumed, "That sounds fun." He squints around the gathering, lips pursed. They haven't been assigned roles yet and already he's deciding.

Denica wiggles her fingers at Martino, "I should like to play."

Mabelle raises her glass as she toasts Martino, "I'll play, how very thematic", she winks to him, and peers at Nova in sheer amusement.

Valencia, somehow distracted from her smiling, nods to Martino. "I'm very happy to pay. Would you care to as well, my Missere?" she inquired to Aksel, seeing that the man gets a proper drink and taking a moment to greet Fury with an affectionate nuzzle and scratch behind the ears. "Have you stolen many boots of late, my dear Missere Fury?' she grins then rises to listen to how the game is played.

Vitalis pauses in his circuit of the guests at Mabelle, "Ah, yes. A champion shusher as I recall. I've been well. I hope the same for you." He nods, underscoring the sincerity of his hope.

"You didn't miss with that hug," Aksel comments as he gets lead away from the drinks and towards whereever the princess leads him. "And I have been well, nothing new with me really, and yourself, Princess?" Aksel asks to woman leading him to his dooom. He gives a glance to Martino and gives a nod, "I'll play, sure." Aksel's dog looks up at Valencia and woofs once before heading out of the area to parts unknown.

"I'll play." The Malvici woman grunts in a thin voice. She doesn't look like she is one who would /want/ to play a game. Nor is there any enthusiasm on her features. But Fiora is apparently /trying/ to be supportive.

"Were there... thank you. Thank you." A flashed smile goes out from Martino as people offer to come forward and take part in it." Oh it is on theme! Well... murder on the wedding day seemed too daring and prohetic on my behalf even."

Reese pipes in with. "I'll play too. Princess Valancia has fun games."

She grins a little to that and smiles. "A few things, but nothing appropriate for such a wonderful event. May we talk later?" Valencia smiles up at the Northman then looks to Martino attentively.

Thea pausingly hears a familiar grunt. Oh yes it is..That's a cousin. The not hugging one--She already finds herself stepping over to Fiora, unbothered by the grunting. Have you met this girls family? "Good evening, cousin..."

"You are so kind, my sweetest friend, but truly, this is all Lord Martino's doing," Valencia smiles brightly to Reese not wishing to take credit that is not hers to have. "I would never take credit for such, though I am inspired by him. If he is not careful I shall in invite him to join the Hart proper," she nods cheerfully.

Mabelle returns Vitalis's hope, "I have been very well and exceptionally busy since our first meeting. A whole new person you might say!" She turns to listen to Martino as he explains the rules

Reese is here with her cider cradled in her gloved hands. The girl seems to be in a cheerful, but somewhat quiet sort of mood.

Denica sits back quietly sipping her port.

Stepping around the room, in a circle, Martino gestures forth to people to gather around it, "Please... please everyone in a circle here. I will overwatching this. Detective and murderer..." Martino has slipped a note hiddenly in a pocket for TWO lucky people. "You know who you are. Let us begin this first round. Yes?"

Quintin has barely arrived when he gets wind of there behind some kind of game. The young Ashford lord meanders over toward the circle by Martino to join in, his expression solemn. It's just how his face looks. It's the eyebrows.

Vitalis looks attentively at Martino and gives everyone else a staunchly gimlet look, suspicion rife.

Ian braces himself on the table to rise, and gamely paces over to the circle, keeping careful track of his footsteps -- and the uneven ground under his feet -- as he moves. He shifts his weight to his cane and waits patiently.

Ian checked wits + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 7 lower.

Fiora lets out a slow passing breath. She flicks her gaze over to Thea and gives a small nod. "Cousin." Then, the Malvici is approaching the circle, keeping her arms hugged tightly to her midsection. She looks to the rest warily. She would be anyways, but now she is even more skeptical.

Valencia checked wits + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 5 lower.

Denica checked wits + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 102 higher. Denica rolled a critical!

Thea checked wits + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Vitalis checked wits + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Aksel checked wits + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Mabelle stands around the circle with a glass of wine in her hand, peering confidently in her surrounding

Aksel gives a nod to Valencia, "Of course, Princess. I do think I need a drink in order to play this game proper." He peals off and heads back towards the drinks and gets himself some whiskey. Some to most people is a small glass, but apparently for Aksel it's the whole damn bottle. He glances around at those gathered eyeing them all suspiciously.

Denica watches the others carefully. Narrowing her eyes at everyone.

Rowenova checked wits + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 9 lower.

Reese checked wits + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 43 higher.

Fiora checked wits + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 11 lower.

Thea joins everyone at the circle. This is not her strong her suit. Her green eyes are not excited-not even a little.

Valencia grins up at Aksel. "I may need two or three at this rate," she giggles playfully, her attempts as suspicious staring apparently lost to another bright and happy smile. She may be drunk, who knows.

Martino continues to watch over the circle, watching faces as they glance across. A sip of the port follows.

Mabelle slants her eyes scanning around, randomly eyeing Thea to see if she will flinch

Reese joins the circle and she looks about, having a poker face and looking all somberly serious.

Vitalis has a terrible pokerface, so hams it up, squinting supiciously at everyone.

Thea tries to mask her face. Really--she does. Her lips however, they twitch...yes twitch. Her eyes gazing at those before her.

Even if Fiora is a grump, Sir Floppington has never forgotten how nice she was and pads over to her, looking up with those soulful eyes. Totally being a distraction dog. Meanwhile, Nova tries too hard with shifty eyes as well as peering around with suspicious looks.

Quintin is not being great at this, pretty much because he maybe should have gotten a drink or something before he joined, but he was a bit too late. Presently he's trying to eye the others in the circle but also glancing away in search of someone he can flag down and mime eating salad to. He would like some salad.

Ian doesn't seem entirely sure what he's supposed to be doing here, so he stands around and waits. All the squinting is getting a puzzled reaction from him, though.

Reese still as her cider and she takes a sip of such, keeping her poker face in effect. She does Quintin a smile of greeting though.

Denica sips her port and just stares between each person calmly.

"Oh, hello." Fiora chirps. It sounds like a voice of someone else entirely. The Malvici woman looks down to Sir Floppington and gives her a warm smile, slowly crouching down going to slide her hand over his head, scritching his flank with her other hand. "You would be good at this game, wouldn't you?" Contrary to the ice she gives to all the other individuals present, she is all warmth for Sir Floppington.

Vitalis there's a subtle movement from Vitalis, a flick of his wrist and a muted silvery flash. Enigma uncoils, almost eagerly, snaking to the floor. Vitalis begins a slow stalk around the circle, getting nose to nose with everyone, studying them closely and moving on. Denica, Valencia, Aksel, that massive dog by him gets a special squint, Martino, Mabelle, Reese, Thea, Rowenova, Quintin, back to Rowenova - he studies her, lips pursed, Fiora... Enigma trailing behind him, hissing as he goes. And then, CRACK CRACK, he turns, snapping two sharp cracks in the air and the third strike isn't a strike, but a snare - Aksel's wrist. "MURDERER." He intones, dark and accusing, he pulls the man forward, ready to steady him - likely to be startling, this move - and growls, "Sentinel will judge your soul, but we will send it to wander among the spokes."

Mabelle is overheard praising Vitalis: great detective skills!

Slowly looking over to Vitalis with a sharp eye, Fiora then glances bac to Sir Flopp. "Dramatic." She murmurs softly to the dog, scritching at his flank.

Quintin offers a quick, affable smile back to Reese, which makes him not look like he's brooding. Again, it's the eyebrows. The smile vanishes when he's squinted at nose to nose. He looks vaguely alarmed, but then he's passed by and Aksel's being grabbed. "Well, that was dramatic," he murmurs to whoever's closest to him. Turns out that's Fiora, but she is possibly busy with the dog.

Ian REALLY doesn't seem to know what to make of Vitalis' performance. The stare as the detective passes him gets a blank look in return, and after Vitalis finds his man, he gives Aksel an inquiring look. "You didn't really kill anyone, right?"

Reese is overheard praising Vitalis: He make a good detective!

Valencia is overheard praising Vitalis: Inspiring and charming. Lovely combination.

Martino snaps those sharp green eyes across to Aksel, watching... waiting. He's been accused?! Is... is it true? Breathless Martino rests his right hand on his heart to watch the performance unfold.

That wagging tail goes faster as Sir Flop soaks up the lovely pets from Fiora, doing so with repressed wiggles he tries not to succumb to, but there is a slight squirm of excited adoration as he looks up at the Malvici lady.

Reese looks over to Vitalis and the to Aksel. She seems pretty convinced. "Oh, wow, Lord Vitalis." The girl then turns her attention to Ian. "This is very convincing."

Mabelle scans Askel up and down with a squinty suspicion, "I'm sold"

Nova blinks twice as Vitalis double checks her. "I didn't do it!" says she rather lamely but then lets out a relieved sigh as Aksel seems to be 'it'!

Valencia's eyes widen at the performance. A delicate hand lifts to cover her mouth to hide her surprise at the performance as her dark eyes lift to Aksel.

Thea just blinks then. Gods! Her gold flecked green eyes flick between Vitalis to Aksel back to Vitalis.

Finn eventually notices the larger dog and bounces on over and paws at him. Hey you!

By the look on Aksel's face when Vitalis walked by the first time would give everyone who was looking at him the clue needed to know that he is indeed the murderer. When he's passed on though Aksel let's out a deep breath in relief obviously thinking he was free. "Ha-ha," Aksel laughs to himself and brings the bottle to his lips just at the exact moment that Vitalis declares that he's the murderer. The snaring of his wrist that is holding the whiskey causes it to be wrested from his hand and to go flying across the courtyard to crash against something. He stands there mouth opening and closing staring at Vitalis. "You killed the whiskey! Who's the real murderer now? May the Spirits take mercy on you!"

Denica smirks ever so slightly but tries to hide it with her drink. "Well done detective. Is this what you do for fun usually?" She offers to Vitalis.

Thea reads her note,"I am so sorry, but I am needed elsewhere. Please excuse me!" Thea hurries out the door!

Finn the youthful northern puppy leaves, following Thea.

The whiskey goes crash, indeed! Nova sharply gasps at that then draws out a, "NoOoOoOoOo!

Ian checked luck + athletics at difficulty 40, rolling 80 higher. Ian rolled a critical!

The little vixen blinks in shock and then again at the plaintive cry of a northerner lamenting the loss of excellent drink. "Such a rogue I knew you were, but that?" Valencia shakes her head as she looks back up at Aksel. "You shock me with your wicked ways. And you, sir, are a magnificent detective," she smiles to Vitalis as the Hart's staff rush quietly clear away the remains of the poor dearly departed whiskey bottle and replace it with a newer one.

Reese is overheard praising Aksel: Maybe he isn't the real murderer!

What the bottle 'crashes' against is Ian's hand. He seems to have caught sight of it whizzing in his general direction, and it's only a slight change of his posture, a single well calculated step to the right and an extension of his hand, and now he has a bottle of whiskey. Neat as you please. His expression doesn't even register that anything weird happened. He takes a drink.

Reese is starting to look confused now! "Maybe he isn't the real murderer?" She says and peeks about the room. "It will be someone we least suspect...." She says and playfully looks to Valencia at that.

Martino applauds the performances, the moves and the accusation. The shift of eyes before a brief gasp escapes his mouth, covering it with fingertips. "Oh my... ummm... well done Lord Vitalis on the detective skill. How did you do it?" And..." A futher gasp escapes a moment more as Ian deftly captures the bottle, "Oh I am sorry to disappoint Princess Reese and Valencia. It was indeed Aksel."

Vitalis ducks the flying bottle, watching it arc past, with teeth bared in apologetic rictus, and then scrunch-faced wince at the subsequent crash... which doesn't come. He uncurls from his crouch to find Ian, victorious, calmly sipping. "Well done!" He grins and swivels his head back to Aksel, "But for the grace of Lord Ian," a single brow lofts, "Me." He clears his throat, looking sharply at Denica, pausing a moment. He blinks, considering. "After a manner of speaking. Yes, Highness." He nods, "Yes it is. Sans the drama," his lips twitch, cutting a look at Fiora and Quintin.

Fiora rolls her eyes at Vitalis's look, continuing to slide both hands up and down Sir Flopps. She looks back to him and murmurs quietly. "Dramatic." This time more quietly.

"Shocking," Valencia grins back at Reese playfully. Ian's acrobatics in a time of great need however seem to draw all attention and the little vixen stares in shock and admiration.

That bottle had gone sailing, and Nova had drawled out her No about it all, but then Ian saves the day. "Yes!" says she as she jumps for joy about THAT! Then, she suddenly stops after what Reese says and looks around once again, doing so with wide eyes of cobalt blue in their khol outlines!

Meanwhile, Sir Floppington keeps up the wagging shenanigans with a slight bob of his greying muzzle right after Fiora's declaration. Such coincidence, right?!

Ian takes another healthy drink from said bottle and raises his eyebrows at Vitalis. There's a brief quirk of what might have been a smile. The whole murder bit he didn't understand, but people chuckling bottles of whiskey at each other is a much more Thraxxian game.

Denica turns to Martino, "Well you do throw an interesting party."

Quintin raises his hands to applaud Vitalis, offering a faint smile. "I'm in the mood for some salad," he announces to no one in particular. He nods to Denica as he leaves the circle, and to Rowenova, and Ian and Martino. It's a lot of nods.

Reese looks over to Vitalis. "Well done, Lord Vitalis." She says, before smiling over to Nova. "I guess it wasn't Princess Valencia." She says to her. The girl then peeks over to Ian, looking impressed.

Merek makes his way into the place, while he has on his cape adjusted about his black attire, tousled hair fashioned while he looks about a bit as well. He notices Reese and moves to give her a hug, while he offers a bow and wave to Valencia.

Mabelle murmurs amusedly to Denica, "Well, at least I dont have to fall to the ground in these heels, the climb up will be unbareable". She gets her drink refilled and settles by the princess.

After she nods back to Quintin, Nova spots Merek and then points him out for the whole group to know, "He just saved a cat family from he Lower Boroughs!"

Reese returns Merek's hug, having a smile for him that touches her blue eyes. "Sir Merek, hi nice to see you again." She cheerfully says. "We are playing a game about murders and detectives."

"And, to think Princess Denica, is is a party in the main city! Not even my home wards. Mm?" Martino's voice trails a moment to Denica, his eyes creasing just-so in the corner before he comments aside to Quintin, "Good. I need that statement painted and framed please!"

Stojan, the assistant have been dismissed.

3 Thrax Guards have been dismissed.

Damaia, the assistant have been dismissed.

Lady Snow have been dismissed.

A little wink is offered to Reese, "You doubted me?!" Valencia gasps in mock shock, before turning to offer a warm nod to Merek as arrives and offers greeting. "And bravo to you, too, my Lord Martino. You are a brilliant host. I thank you so much," she nods warmly to their dashing host.

"That's not in my skill set!" Quintin informs Martino brightly from over his shoulder. Then he's off to get himself some salad, inclining his head to Merek on his way.

Denica tilts her head at Martino, "Oh do they get more scandalous than murder my lord?"

Martino rests his right hand upon his heart and bows his head to the Princess Valencia, "Oh, good Princess. I merely adore surrounding myself with the cheer of others. To celebrate whatever small victories we can..." Aside Martino turns his eyes to Fiora as he continues the roll of his voice to Valencia, "And avoid larger battles when we can for now." A faint smile touches the Malvici Lord to his cousin before generally suggesting, "But I think we have had enough of standing and such. Shall we take to the dance floor or the pool to finish off?"

Martino leans a moment to murmur a hushed reply to Denica, "Oh, Princess... Princess. You shall have to find out. My cousin, Lady Fiora there, has seen how I organise family dinner."

Vitalis's lips twitch at Denica's query, smile stretching, but he leaves their host to answer, flicking his wrist and with a few sweeps, settling the whip at his side again.

Mabelle grins entertained at Denica, "I am tempted to answer that". She spots Quinting belatedly and greets him, "Good evening, Lord Ashford", she watches Merek, uncertain she knows him, giving him a node

Ian seems to feel that he came off the better for this whole exercise. With his cane in one hand and his, uh, dynamically salvaged bottle of whiskey in the other, he returns to a table and sits back down.

Denica takes another sip, and then tilts her chin up, "Trying to get me in trouble when I just got back to town Lord Malvici?"

Merek offers a polite wave and a bow to Denica when he notes that she is about, and he smiles to her, also to Reese, "How are you?" he asks, while he tilts his head a light bit in thought as well.

Martino is overheard praising Vitalis: What a superb actor! I... did not expect that of him

Martino is overheard praising Vitalis: What a superb actor! I... did not expect that of him

Reese looks to Merek. "I am well. It is nice to see you. I am glad you came. This has been a fun party and a great gathering." She says to the knight.

Valencia is overheard praising Martino: A brilliant, thoughtful and most dashing host! Bravo! Thank you!

Martino is overheard praising Valencia: Her Hart is such a great place to host events! So welcoming to everyone and full of attentive staff

Martino is overheard praising Ian: Deft fingers, swift feet. If you have Ian behind you, nothing is spilling through

Reese is overheard praising Ian: Super nimble!

Quintin is serving himself a bowl of salad. He offers a quick smile to Mabelle. "Lady Mabelle, hello again. I trust you've been well?"

Martino laughs with a disarming tone to Denica as her chin lifts up, his own glass of port raised as he notes back, "Princess. I thought it was... you who found trouble and not placed into it. Am I mistaken?" Fingertips of the Malvici Lord touches his tailored white shirt and red brocade neckcloth as he attempts some form of innocence within his voice for Denica before asking Valencia, "Princess Valencia. I defer to your wishes for your Hart. If you would care for us to remain here or move through to the pool."

Leaning in, the Malvici woman goes to place her forehead to the top of Sir Floppington's head. She gives a very pronounced roll of her eyes over to Martino before the woman is going to stand up. "You held a good party, cousin." And apparently that's all the party he's going to party. The Malvici lady makes her way towards the exit.

Martino chuckles hush to Fiora as she passes by him and rolls those icy eyes, "Oh cousin, you /must/ see Lady Kaia's look that I earn. She is very excited about tea. And cake with you. Like the one we maaaaaade---" Fiora's likely gone. Martino is off speaking into the air.

"My dear Lord Martino, my Hart is always at the call of its guests. As I have said before to you, sir, my Hart is yours," the little dark haired vixen smiles to their charming host. "I leave such decisions up to you and your wonderful guest," Valencia offers cheerfully "Whatever pleases you, my Hart and staff stand ready to please you."

Fiora might hear Martino, but if she does, she most definitely ignores him.

Vitalis fades into the cheery throng, as he is wont to do, tipping his non-hat at the man - pantomime - before vanishing.

Mabelle smiles to Quintin, "I have been exceptionally well, but not as much without you teaching me something new recently", she winks to him. Her gaze turn to Martino, "Lovely gathering, Lord Malvici, and Princess", she turns to Valencia, "This place is a gem".

Denica gasps in mock indignation, placing a hand on her chest, "Lord Martino. The days of me making the trouble are of course long gone. Youthful indiscretion, I am sure you know all about such?" Is that a playful tone and a little bit of a grin?

Martino is overheard praising Denica: Youthful indiscertions?! Such an actress

"Oh, I'm so glad you feel so, my lady," Valencia nods earnestly to Mabelle. "I'm delighted this is so. I hope you will come to more of our events," she invites warmly. A little smile is offered to Reese and a softly grin to Dencia's words, her dark eyes dancing with impish delight. Another smile finds it's way to Rowenova along with a happy sigh.

And much like Aksel arrived, he leaves. Well. He leaves with his shirt on. But who knows what the night holds?

Martino creases his eyes afar to Mabelle as he inclines his head, "My thanks, and my thanks for joining us as well Lady Mabelle. Now... good guests..." Bows and dips of his chin as made as people make their way out, "Following on from Princess Valencia's currect suggestion. What do /you/ all wish? Shall we see the wonderful stone pools here? The port will come with us." Martino angles his eyes down to Denica to assure her of such, "Oh I know. You have not met my Ghost Writer."

Servants and assistants from both the Hart and from Martino's employment begin to clear away parts of the room. The food taken aside. The wine left out. Generally the room returns slowly to some normality.

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