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Niamh vs Zhayla: Duel in Silk Dresses

Duchess Sylvie Zaffria has found slight in Counter Darkwater's actions during the Whisper Auction. Rather than demand an apology from the Islander, the Lycene has instead invoked the time-honored tradition of dueling to see if she is owed one. The weapons will be of high quality steel. Both of the duelists will be in silk dresses. For such a slight, of course, it is only until first blood.


Feb. 26, 2017, 6:50 p.m.

Hosted By

Max(RIP) Sylvie


Saedrus Orathy Joslyn Beaumont Aleksei Merek Mae Michael Tristan Agnarr Lydia Niamh(RIP) Larissa Aureth Mailys Calandra Esoka Marian Zhayla(RIP) Hana



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Proving Grounds

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Mael arrives, following Lydia.

Aureth has joined the Commoner Stands.

The Duchess Sylvie Zaffria arrives with servants bearing casks of Gemecitta wine, even as other servants have been working for hours to set up the Proving Grounds just so. A black silk pavilion has been set up to provide offerings from Black Mountain Trading. Gemecitta quartz has been used to construct a stage on which the two duelists may be, glowing brilliantly as the sun starts on the city of Arx.

It is a festive air, and it's only lended to by the Duchess's warm smile that she gives to Maximilian. "My lord count," she greets, tipping her chin. "If you would join me, while we watch our champions?" She gestures to the judges' desk, before sweeping there in sapphire silk.

Saedrus swans into the proving grounds, wrapped up in a thick, white fur cloak with the hood kept down and to let his dark hair spill about his shoulders and down his back. Wrapped up in the male courtesan's arms is a pretty, albeit snide looking cat that regards the proving grounds with indifference. The courtesan looks towards the field before heading off towards the commoner's seating.

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There are probably many things that most people have never seen. Vampires. Werewolves. And Niamh wearing seasilk. Yet today, everyone in attendance can cross one of those things off their list. Not vampires. But Niamh in seasilk. Braving the cold of late autumn, Niamh has left her cloak draped somewhere and now moves towards her expected postion with a swish of skirts and a garment cut more to Lcyene sensibilities than her beloved oathlands.

Maximilian has just arrived and is inspecting the Black Mountain Pavillion, to make sure they are up to snuff. Maximilian wanders there for several minutes, and then Sylvie approaches him. He turns to reguard her with dark eyes, one brow lofting. A glance is given to Niamh - as if to ask the proper mainlander protocol in this situation. After all. Max's normal protocal would have him stabbing Sylvie right now.

And that, it is univerally stated, is 'rude'.

When Zhayla arrives, she's wrapped in a great deal of fur: a thick cloak, one secured down her front to mid-thigh. Her sword, which might in a certain light be considered /elegantly/ plain, is strapped to her back. (It helps a very great deal to make it seem elegant when that light is Sylvie's proximity.) She falls in next to Sylvie, according her as good a bow as she has ever managed in her life. She removes her cloak with a casual theatricality that sends the silk she wears swirling about her feet, and the straight fall of her hair rippling against her back. Her eyes meet Niamh's as she approaches, and despite everything, she grins.

Michael enters alongside Sylvie with a lopsided grin pasted to his lips. He manages a warmer smile as he falls into step alongside her. His eyes scan the area and he smirks at the theatre. One thing can be said, there is an air of drama here.

Aureth has obtained for himself a sampling of the interesting new Gemecittan wine, and now sprawls on the commoner benches across two people's worth of seats as he sips from it. He applauds for the shining silks that Niamh and Zhayla are wearing in a way that he has definitely never applauded for a silk dress in his life. Helpfully, he puts his fingers to his lips to whistle. He's helping.

Merek comes in and finds a seat at one of the commoner stands, settling in at it to watch. He relaxes for the time being at his seat, and then looks around.

Joslyn hurries into the grounds, eyes looking around and seeking out the combatants. With another quick cast of her eyes she doesn't see anybody familiar at the moment, with the exception of Max and Niamh, whom are not precisely available for socializing. She pauses and finds a good vantage point to watch the fight, shooting a quick thumbs up towards Niamh with a grin.

Lydia arrives with her maid in tow. The two seem to be in bright moods, despite Lydia's somber garb and their heads are together, chatting excitedly. As they make their way to the stands, Lydia spots both Niamh and Zhayla and lifts a hand to wave at them brightly. "Best of luck!" She calls out to both champions, leaving it ambiguous just who she's wishing luck to!

Niamh gestures Max towards the judging area with Sylvie. "The two of you host this, my lord," she tells the Thraxian vassal. Protocols, or at least a good show, might be made of the two seated near one another. One never knows. When she spies Zhayla in the blue silk she can't help a smile.

Larissa arrives not long after her darling Moon. She glances at Sylvie and then at Max. She even pauses to murmur something in the Counts ear, but then she passes and joins Saedrus in the commoners seating. A glance is given to the cat as she reaches for one of the sweet spots she's found on the creature and begins giving little pets as she murmurs quietly with her male counterpart.

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Esoka strides onto the proving grounds. She heads toward the stands to grab herself a seat, shouting a loud, undulating cheer at Zhayla as she does so.

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Aleksei strides in as many others have, grabbing freely for free wine as it's offered as he makes his way to the commoner stands to most assuredly plop himself down right next to Aureth.

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Maximilian turns then to offer Sylvie his arm, flipping one corner of his cloak back over a shoulder to free the arm thusly. "Duchess. Of course." He says, snagging a bottle of Mango rum, for the festivities. "Let us take our places.":

The little Mailys is actually wearing something other than silk... mostly. Another duel to watch. She flashes a brilliant smile to everyone. Sylvie gets a blow kiss over a going over and giving one. When Mailys notices Saedrus he gets a brilliant smile and she moves to slide into a spot beside him, pecking a kiss on him in greeting. LArissa being there gets her a peck to the cheek as well.

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2 House Wyrmguard Guards arrives, following Desiree.

Saedrus smiles to see Larissa arrive, waiting for his Sun on the stairs of the commoner stands to wait for her before taking his seat. A kiss is dotted to Larissa's cheek and he waits a moment longer for Mailys to catch up, leaning to press a kiss to her cheek as well.

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With her fingers pressed lightly to the arm of an Iron Guardsman-- stabbing Sylvie would likely be a bad idea. She slides a look between Max and Niamh as he seeks that answer, but she only continues to smile. Especially as Zhayla approaches her. She tips her head in a bow, greeting the woman, "Mistress Zhayla, I thank you, sincerely, for doing me the honor of representing me. Whatever the outcome, thank you." Then her fingers slide from Michael's arm with a look and apology, before she takes Max's to move to the judges desk. But she introduces as they do: "Lord Michael Bisland, do you know Count Darkwater?"

Larissa beams to Mailys and leans in to offer a light kiss in greeting to her as well. "Hello darlings " She murmurs as she continues to steal looks at Max and too at Niamh and Zhayla in their dresses.

"I believe we've met once," Michael replies easily towards Sylvie. "Count Darkwater," he nods lightly with that same crooked grin. "A pleasure. As always." He slides into the Michael leans toward Sylvie and murmurs something quietly before sliding into the Judges Desk beside Sylvie.

"We have fought together." Says Maximilian of the Bisland lord. "At Pride Hall. Lord Michael. It is always an honor. I think the ladies need to fight now, so if you will excuse us?" The words are low, respectful in tone but not retiring.

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Patches, a three-legged mutt, Songbird, a mastiff arrive, following Tristan.

Vladimir arrives, following Hana.

After she bows to Sylvie, Zhayla gives Maximilian a respectful tip of her head and then joins Niamh in the dueling ring. Her stride is even, smooth, flowingly nearly as easily as the silk she wears. She lifts her sword, but does not yet bring it to guard as she waits for the duel to begin. She grins at Niamh, saying something to her that's too quiet to escape the ring.

Once Merek has settled in, he watches on with an idle curiosity in his gaze. Something said around him makes him frown, but instead he watches Zhayla and Niamh. His expression is not a very satisfied one, but he does not voice to anyone the issue, for now.

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Maximilian looks to Michael as he takes a seat with them. "Lord Michael. I was unaware you were party to this matter?" And then he nods to to Zhayla.

3 Culler Lackeys arrives, following Calandra.

And as the pair take their place, the Duchess Sylvie Zaffria rises again with a smile towards Max and a gesture as she speaks, "My lord, my ladies. Thank you for joining us." A pause, as her gaze slides the area, lingering on Niamh and Zhayla. "Lady Greenmarch, Mistress Zhayla, especially. Thank you for agreeing to show off your skills in settling this matter." She smiles, and then speaks to the crowd. "We are seeking to find out if there is a slight in Count Darkwater's actions. The Lady Lili Bisland, gods keep her, and myself were part of an auction at the Whisper House. We both started our bids at 500, and both ended well below the number of 20,000 that the Count Darkwater decided to enter another Whisper into the auction at, just as my auction ended. If there is slight to find there, this duel will say."

Then she moves to sit again, leaning to speak quietly towards Maximilian.

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A very large dog arrives. With Tristan and another, smaller dog, but the Very Large Dog is probably what people notice first. The stablemaster looks about, snorts at anything in particularl, and moves to the commoner seats. At an end of a row, so there's room for Very Large Dog.

Maximilian speaks up then, standing up and smoothing down his cloak... "However... As Miss Mailys can confirm however... I placed my bid the day before the auction took place. I hold that I cannot be held accountable to the inability of Duchess Sylvie's bidders to properly appreciate her, as I did for Miss Larissa. I hope this duel settles the matter to justice."

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With the reason for the duel given, Niamh draws her rapier. Turning towards the judging stands, she cuts the air in a sharp, quick salute towards Sylie and Maximillian. Turning, then, to the rest of the audience the loud Oathlander lilts, "Champions have been called! A duel to first blood shall decide this matter. With blades of steel and armor of silk, we stand before the Sentinel to settle this matter." With that, Niamh assumes her place across from Zhayla, saluting the small woman with the massive sword in a way similar to what she had Max and Sylvie.

Calandra arrives while adorned in warm winter wools. She makes her way toward the benches, taking a seat. A warm smile is given to Josly and she perches down close to her.

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Mailys glances up from her low murmuring with Saedrus, and her settling into his side. "I can confirm he did place the bid before the start of the event." The tiny Whisper does not give indication to when, that is not in her moral code to do. To her she was asked to confirm the pre-emptive bid not the date she was given it.

3 Culler Lackeys arrives, following Orathy.

Maximilian gestures to the fighters, a cool glance given to Sylvie as he responds to something in the judges bench.

At Niamh's side, Zhayla mirrors the salutes: to Sylvie and Maximilian, first; to Niamh, next. "In victory or defeat, we act as the gods instrument of judgement." Her words are serious; her smile is not serious -- not entirely. There's weight to her words, to be sure, nothing tossed off frivolously, or thoughtlessly, but her smile suggests a kind of joy.

Larissa sits on the benches with Saedrus and Mailys, and as Calandra approaches a smile and a wave are offered. Then her attention goes to the very finely dressed champions. "It's almost criminal that such dresses will be ruined." she comments to her beloved Saedrus. "All that passion and work and ... sea silk!" she tuts

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Orathy and his lackies find somewhere in the common stands to watch from, interest lacking from features, as if he was here for little better else to do.

Niamh wields Apotheosis of Honor - Blade of the Grandmaster.

Zhayla inflicts very serious damage to Niamh.

The words are said, and there need be no more of them from the Champions until the duel is done. With a flare of seasilk around her legs, Niamh turns her body in profile to Zhayla, extending her much smaller rapier towards Zhayla. They begin with Zhayla proving quick, that massive blade parried and Niamh dodging back. The next beat of blades has the oppsite effect and for a moment the two seem perfectly suited to one another, moving around with the glint of steel, the flutter of silks...

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Despite the size of Zhayla's sword, she handles it like a lighter weapon, flowing into her first cut as she meets the strike of Niamh's blade; when Niamh seeks to return the strike, she evades it with a nimble grace, moving soft on slippered feet. As they come around for the second exchange, her blade is up to send Niamh's attack slipping by in an quick parry. Looking past the flutter of silks, she finds an opening, and slips the sword in a direct cut that scores with firm determination across Niamh's arm, leaving blood to flow like the crimson silk. She pauses, caught perhaps by surprise, and after a beat, draws back with a carefully composed bow to Niamh, her sword point dropped into the dirt.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Lydia before departing.

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Aureth leaps to his feet in the stands and cheers for Zhayla in a bright, "Yeah!" and then sits down again, turning back to the commoner benches on which he's been sitting to go, "I think that was 500 silver, wasn't it?" with the widest grin of the day.

Like that it is over, decided. Niamh hisses from the pain of the well executed manuever from her opponent and steps back, arm held out to the side. "Judgement has been delivered," the blonde declares. "Well fought, Mistress Zhayla." Already there's a squire in the burgundy and gray of the Champions rushing forward to start binding Niamh's arm before the blood can get to the silk.

Aleksei rises in his seat to cup his hands around his mouth and yell a brisk "Whoooo!" when Zhayla comes out victorious.

Esoka stands up to yell enthusiastically when Zhayla gets the first cut. "Well done! Well done!"

"Well fought, Lady Niamh and well won, Mistress Zhalya," Saedrus applauds from the commoners seating.

Maximilian rises up from the Judges stand. Hes silent for a moment as wind ruffles his hair. Inhaling deeply, the Count speaks in a low tone that resonates. "As I have said previous to this duel. At no time did I mean to offend Duchess Sylvie with my bd on the Whisper Larissa. My bid, while placed prior to the auction, was still received as an insult. So." Says Maximilian, turning to Sylvie. "I offer my appologies, Duchess, and I will donate a sum of silver, equal to the difference between the bidws, to your charity of choice to make my amends."

Marian arrives late to the event, taking in the sight of Niamh losing to Zhayla with a frown. As the crowd cheers, the somber woman takes her seat waving off a servant that offers to bring her a drink. She looks across to the field to catch Niamh's eyes and there's a quiet moment where something unspoken goes between the two women.

Dash the Guard Corgi, 3 Iron Guardsmen arrive, following Silas.

Maximilian then gestures to the fighters... "Will this sooth your ache, Duches Sylvie?"

Dash the Guard Corgi, 3 Iron Guardsmen leave, following Silas.

Hana stands at the benches, letting loose with a supportive holler of "ZHAYLA! YAA!" for the champion who's just won. And then she adds, "LADY NIAMH!" too, because both champions should be honored in an important rite of Arvani culture like this. (Just... you know, her friend the /victor/ should be honored /first/.)

Joslyn applauds politely from the stands, though she's handing over a small sack of coins over with a slight grimace.

Lydia is overheard praising Zhayla for: Wonderfully fought!

Lydia is overheard praising Niamh for: A great duel!

Beaumont arrives late, more than likely. He's late to a lot of things. He has his right hand held up and over his shoulder to pretty much carry the enormous weapon of steel without problem. The large Valardin Prince looks around the area for familiar faces before standing off to the side in appreciation of what had just happened. His eyes pay particular attention to Niamh before spotting Marian as she arrives just as late as he.

Merek stands up and lets out an applause for the match, and then murmurs his own quiet 'For Gloria', not wishing to be super loud, but he does seem satisfied with the outcome if anything. Then he's seated once more.

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Merek stands up and lets out an applause for the match, and then murmurs his own quiet 'For Gloria', not wishing to be super loud, but he does seem satisfied with the outcome if anything. Then he's seated once more.

Esoka adds some applause to the air for Niamh as well. "I only wish it had lasted longer. I'd have liked to see more swordwork from both of them. But Gloria is well-served."

"Indeed, Count Darkwater," Sylvie agrees easily, rising with a smile. "Thank you for your apology. Thank you, Champions, for displaying your remarkable skill to the city in this matter. And thank you all for attending, and for witnessing." She shakes her head to the offer, smiling to Maximilian, before she adds, "There is no need, my lord. It was never about the coin."

Sylvie is overheard praising Zhayla for: My champion, thank you.

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Sylvie is overheard praising Niamh for: For the honor of fighting for this.

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Sylvie is overheard praising Max for: A gracious apology and offer.

"Honorably fought, Lady Niamh," Zhayla says, clasping her blade and bowing over it to her opponent. She waits for the squire to finish tending Niamh's wounds, at which point she too takes a cloth to clean the touch of red from the gray of her blade. Looking up at those watching, she looks past Sylvie and Maximilian a moment to find more familiar faces and offer them the same wide grin. Last, she gives Sylvie a deeper bow, holding it a moment more before rising.

Maximilian tips his head. "AS you like, Duchess Sylvie. Gloria has spoken on matter, and I defer to your wishes."

Saedrus moves down from the commoner seating towards the field in Niamh's direction, if the Greenmarcher happens to notice; though he lingers first for all formalities to settle and the injury to Niamh's arm to be seen to first.

With her arm bound while Sylvie and Max take care of their part of things, Niamh gives a nod towards Marian, and another to Hana and Esoka. "Well fought, Mistress Zhayla. You did your patron proud." There's a deep bow given to her fellow Champion before Niamh sheathes her rapier and moes to retire from the field.

With a puff of breath, Agnarr turns to leave.

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Maximilian raises his voice then... "I would like to offer my thanks - to Lady Niamh Greenmarch, and the Champions Guild as a whole... It is not my way to hire champions generally, but I am well pleased to learn the mainland protocols. YOu fought well, Lady, and I am not displeased with the outcome. Honor to you - and to your guild."

Marian sees Beaumont is another latecomer and motions to him as she starts to make her way towards Niamh to speak with her. She gives him a grim look, "Well, I suppose that could have gone better." She then navigates past the well wishes to head to Niamh's side.

Zhayla is overheard praising Niamh for: A Champion for honor and for Gloria; an instrument of judgement under Sentinel.

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Niamh is overheard praising Zhayla for: I couldn't be more proud of this honorable fighter.

Larissa stands and applauds both of the Champions whole heartedly. She then turns to Count Max and offers a curtsy. She moves from the benches to the stand and moves to take his arm with a fond smile to him. Then she too inclines her head in a feminine bow towards Niamh and Zhayla "Very well fought!"

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Maximilian leans his head to murmur to Larissa, something quiet and soft.

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Mael leaves, following Lydia.

"Lady Niamh," Saedrus greets and calls attention at once, "very well fought, my Lady." His bright eyes cast aside to consider Zhayla, "and to you, Mistress. You did wonderfully well," a beat, "the both of you." Saedrus moves then to approach Niamh properly.

The blond Prince catches sight of Marian and her taciturn gesture. He makes a slight change in his stance to better hold aloft that great weapon. It's size is enormous and definitely larger than him. The broad sword looks like it could cut a large beast in half if the wielder had enough power. With a quick and last sweep of his pale blues across the crowd, he starts to walk in the direction of Niamh and Marian.

Sylvie bows respectfully to her Champion, keeping her gaze there for a moment, and then to Lady Niamh as Max thanks her. She smiles, and then offers to commoners and nobles in the crowd alike: "There is still plenty of food and drink to be found in the Black Mountain pavilion, as well as Gemecitta wine to be tapped. Please. Be sure to take part before you leave."

"It went as it needed to go, for judgement tobe rendered," Niamh says on overhearing Marian. "Though I do not know that their point needed tobe quite so well made." She looks at her wrapped arm, with teh blood starting to seep through the cloth already. "Thank you, Master Saedrus." Finding Max in the movement of crowds, "Thank you, Count Darkwater, for giving mainland traditions a try." She clears her throat a bit and for all those gathering around "Perhaps the Guild Hall, while I send for Master Carver to see to my arm?"

Maximilian steps forward to Naimh, to offer his and forward. "They are interesting. The conversation is much better when I'm not trying to kill someone. It's a unique perspective."


Collecting her cloak again, Zhayla grins at Saedrus. "My only regret is that I didn't have longer with Niamh in the ring." Looking at the other Champion, she winces. "It was perhaps a trifle too firmly made, wasn't it? You're a joy to duel, and I look forward to the next time we spar."

Joslyn rises from her seat, sighing waving her arm towards Niamh. "Well fought, Nia," she says looking sympathetic. "You'll get her next time!"

Marian stands back to let Beaumont catch up with her, letting the well wishes go but keeping her somber presence just out of Niamh's preview. She nods at Niamh's words, "Yes, that point was well made. And a good showing for those that happen to witness the entire even. My apologies for lateness of arrival. I had hoped to see more of the fight."

Too late! Mae arrives just too late. It's not for lack of effort! The small woman wrapped in drab grey wool, sporting a blue messenger, is puffing breaths as she arrives, having ran all the way here. But when she does arrive, and realize things are doubtlessly done, her brows furrow and she just stands there, looking a mix of confused and annoyed.

Reaching out, Niamh clasps Max on the forearm, giving it a brief hold before releasing. "Count Darwater, Mistress Zhayla, Master Saedrus, may I introduce you to Princess Marian, Sword of Sanctum, and Prince Beaumont?" There are gestures to give indication as to who belongs to what name.

Maximilian had, for his own part, been reaching for her forarm, a warriors clasp. A simple unspoken respect offered. "I have met Marian in the past, we drank whiskey together one night on the beach." He says as he pulls back. "But never PRince Beaumont."

Saedrus turns about as Niamh makes introductions to Marian and Beaumont. The courtesan dips his head first with a smile before he bows graciously before the both of them. "Princess Marian," and evergreens cast to Beaumont, "Prince Beaumont."

Zhayla ducks her head in a nod at Marian and Beaumont: probably not what etiquette demands, but a clear attempt made to at least be polite. Her gaze sweeps back to Marian after a moment and her eyes widen in recognition: "Oh! You're the one who struck down their leader at Pridehall, aren't you? That must have been a tremendous fight." She looks a just a /little/ dazzled by Marian, like she might be a storybook hero come to life.

With the duel over, and the result in, Michael rises from his seat, lingering behind Sylvie. When she leans towards him, Michael manages a vague smile and a nod. "Well fought, Lady Zhayla. Many congratulations." His lips quirk further as he glances towards the entrance. "I am actually required elsewhere, and unfortunately," his throat clears as he offers Sylvie his arm, "require the Duchess to come attend to matters related to," his eyebrows draw together tightly, "my now-deceased cousins." He glances towards Sylvie, "I apologize, Duchess. But our time is short." His eyebrows lift.

Beaumont reaches the persons that he was trying to join a few steps behind the nimbler ladies. Niamh and Marian are given a cursory glance before looking at those he was introduced to. "An honor," is all he says, to keep it short and to not be a bumbling fool. He shrugs his shoulder, dips his body, and allows the massive blade to meet the ground. He leans onto it with a succinct glance at Saedrus. "You look familiar," is all he says before checking on Niamh.

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"Of course, Lord Bisland," Sylvie says with quiet acceptance, tipping her chin. Her gaze draws towards Zhayla as Michael gives his congratulations, and she smiles towards the younger woman warmly. "Thank you again, mistress, for the honor you've given me by serving as my Champion. It is clear that those who march upon the city have fearsome foes to face." She turns away then, as her fingers slip into the crook of Michael's arm and she leans closer to murmur to him again.

Marian gives a wry smile to Maximilian, the first since her arrival at the duel and nods that they've met before. Saedrus gets a nod in greeting. At Zhayla's words, she acknowledges her part in the battle, "Yes, that was me. I understand you fought well, perhaps we can trade blows some time." She gives a warmer smile, "In training of course." Just to clarify she doesn't mean a duel. She then looks Niamh over to make sure she's fine after the fight.

Maximilian turns to Michael. "Lili and Sarielle were friends to me, Michael. If you have need, call upon me. I will come."

Calandra watched the duel with quite attention and cheered when it came to an end. She keeps close to Joslyn, seemingly for some reason a bit overwhelmed by the crowd.

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Mailys slips to her feet now that the duel is done and everyone is doing their thing. Everyone in general is given a quick curtsy before Mailys moves to slip on out. Unless someone catches her attention to hold her up.

Michael's chin dips towards Max at his offer, "Thank you, Count Darkwater. I'm aiming to collect them for proper burial. I'll let you know if I need more assistance." His smile falters and he leads Sylvie from the proving grounds.

Larissa glances over to the Lord Bisland for a moment as he wisks Sylvie away and she nods to them both in passing. Something else is whispered to Max and her attention moves to Saedrus and the Lady Niamh.

"We would be honored to have you spar with any of us in the Guild, cousin," Niamh answers Marian. She steps away from the people for a moment, sending her squire off to find a physician befoer she makes a mess. "If you will all excuse me, I feel I should change out of this dress and prepare for some stitching."

Mae looks around once more, and starts for the commoners stands. As she sees everyone departing, there's a faint frown, but she continues on into the stands anyways.

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Saedrus dips his head again to Beaumont, "I am a friend of your sister, Princess Sophie, your Highness." Saed clarifies, then adds, "we have only met once or twice." Or more than that, but it's fine, it's not like Saed had been counting or anything. His attention turns back to Niamh, "yes, of course, Lady Niamh. I am sure the Guild medic will be sure nary a scar is left."

Ariadne, 3 Rubino and Zaffria guards arrive, following Sylvie.

To Sylvie, Zhayla says, "Not at all." She shakes her head firmly, then lifts her chin "You have /my/ thanks for giving me the opportunity to stand in your name, and for your honor." She accepts Michael's congratulations with a brilliant smile that falters as he touches on his kin. "Of course," she says in a tone of understanding. "I'm sorry for your loss." She dips her head, her gaze brightening again at Marian's offer. Toning it down from overeager to a simple enthusiastic, she says, "I would like that."

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Merek stands up after a bit, and then waddles off.

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