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Beards & Brews: Autumn To Do

It's that time again! Time for all of those that love beards to come out and see what the bearded men (or women!) of the Compact have to offer. You must have a beard to enter this contest. Prizes will be 'Best Beard', 'Best Decoration' and 'Honorable Mention'. So please come out and oooh and ahhh at the beards. Help us find the good ones and see if anyone can unseat Duke Vercyn as our last all around winner!


April 23, 2019, 8 p.m.

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Azolla(RIP) Amari Danvir Gianna Olivia Athaur Magnus Arcadia Merek Rysen Thea Drea Mikani Peri Podraig Braith Reese Emmerly Rowenova Mirk



Arx - Ward of House Redrain - The Spirits - Main Bar

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Comments and Log

1 Rivenshari Clansman, Lucky, the fishing cat, Patock, A clever Youth arrive, following Athaur.

Azolla enters the Spirits at a slow and steady pace, quietly inclining her head in greeting as she makes her way to a quiet table, keeping the same slow pace. "Greetings," Azolla says as she finds a place to settle in and take in the event

Azolla has joined the Back Booth.

Siggi, a small fox, Aralie, the shy assistant arrive, following Drea.

Tonight is the night for another Beards and Brews. The Spirits is already hosting a good crowd tonight so that leaves Acantha with a smile on her face as she hands over some silver to the barkeep. Benny is with her and he is being a bit on the quiet side for now, sticking close to Acantha for the moment. The hostess herself is dressed in Aeterna and Brocade this evening and looking like someone that is happy to have Winter coming up. She greets people as they enter with a smile, "So glad that you could make it, feel free to grab drinks and we'll get started in a few moments." she states to them. "I'll also have a bigger announcement after the contest is over." she smiles to that.

"A shav with a billhook tried to pull me out of the saddle." Amari explains to the Nightingale with a glance down at her very bandaged arm which she doesn't move to present in any way. She's just going to keep it still. Her glass of whiskey is set out on the bar before her and a drink had, the taste melting away some of the stiffness in her posture. "Reigna says it'll heal up. Lady Olivia stitched it up well when it happened." Speaking of, she spies the lady at the table braiding her hair and lifts a hand in greeting.

Danvir talks at the table then gets up and gets another bottle of fire whiskey from the bar and brings it back to the table where he is sitting

Gianna inclines her head to Azolla as the young woman passes; Magnus is given a nod, too. The Nightingale takes a few moments to listen to Acantha, polite, though after the woman's finished speaking she says, "Mmmhmmn," to Amari, shooting her a dubious glance. She does, however, follow Amari's gaze over toward Olivia and offers the Ashford a sweet smile. Dimples and everything. "Lovely to hear."

The bearded Olivia turns and waves to Amari, "Feeling better my lady?"

Olivia has joined the line.

Magnus has joined the line.

The jingling of bells fill the air as Athaur steps into the spirits. He has bells sewn into his clothing, and braided through his hair. Plus, for the occasion he has also braided brass bells through his beard. He looks around with a bright smile.

Athaur has joined the line.

Magnus receives a letter from a messenger, "Lover, eh?" He says, chuckling softly at its contents and proceeding to write a reply. Acantha's mysterious announcement also gets a curious quirk from him, with his eyes venturing to check who could be a possible contender to his beard.

Danvir has joined the line.

Amari can't help but laugh a little at Olivia's transformation, nodding as she does, "Much better, thank you. Reigna said you did a fine job when she looked it over." And then she's laughing again, and calls over, "I think you might win this." Her glass is lifted to toast her inevitable victory, then she's looking back to Gianna, "And how are you?"

Arcadia watches at the people join the line. Her eyes flicker over each man and Olivia in turn.

Gianna answers Amari more quietly at the bar. Her whiskey arrives, and she thanks the server before having a sip.

Merek makes his way to the bar in the ward so he can check in on the festivities, dressed up in his dress attire while he makes his way to the side so he can watch.

Azolla watches the people joining the line as she quietly orders herself some tea. Azolla just watches the event from the booth she has sat herself at

Danvir sips at his whiskey while in line

Athaur whispers to the young man standing next to him, also wearing a few bells. Patok rushes off to get his Lord a mug of ale as Athaur waits in line, looking around curiously. Spying Azolla, he smiles and lifts his hand in a friendly wave.

Ondine, a red-breasted sparrowhawk arrives, following Brianna.

Lygeia, a calligrapher and alchemist, Thea arrive, following Rysen.

Ondine, a red-breasted sparrowhawk leaves, following Brianna.

Rysen, perhaps the only beardless man of the Northlands, arrives looking a little sweaty and beat up, accompanied by Thea and Lygeia. He smiles when he sees Acantha and laughs merrily when he notices the way Olivia has fashioned her hair. He makes his way to the bar, and, turning to Thea, asks, "Care for a drink, My Lady?"

Acantha gives a smile to the crowd and then she gives a little wave, "For those that are going to be in the contest, please start lining up for us up here so we can get the judging started. Oh yes, we are judging you." she chuckles. There's a smile to Danvir and then there's a wave to Magnus and Rysen.

Arcadia's head picks up when she sees and hears Rysen. She shrinks back a little further into her spot at the table, and finishes another glass of the fire whiskey. Firmly keeping her gaze on the competition.

Danvir smiles at Acantha and brushes his fingers through his beard and than sips at his whiskey

Gianna glancing over as Rysen enters, Gianna raises her glass to the young man and continues speaking with Amari at the bar.

Thea is a bit worse for wear. She's sweaty, dirty, and well--a mess. Thea nods to Rysen, grateful,"Whiskey please." She steps further into the bar, curious about the beard contest.

Olivia gets in line grinning, not that anyone could see it right now.

Azolla offers Athaur a gentle smile and waves back before sipping at the tea delivered to her at the booth she is sitting at. If Rysen notices her she will offer him a friendly greeting as well. Azolla seems happy enough to continue watching the event silently for now

Magnus turns into his seat, standing up to get in line for the contest and waving at Thea as he finally catches sight of her there, "I received your message, my lady. Rest assured I understand the confusion." He says oferring her a brief smile before he joins the other competitors.

1 Redoubt Buccaneers, Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, 1 Redreef Warden, 1 Thrax Guards, Vagari - Cinder Kitten arrive, following Mikani.

Turn in line: Olivia

Drea comes into the bar from the street and she finds a spot to sit and watch. "Oh my, look at all these Northern beards. I do believe they make this old lady's heart beat faster.

Acantha gives a dazzling smile as people start to come up to the line, "Our first wonderful beard is...Lady Olivia." she states to the room. "The floor is yours, my lady." she muses to that as she steps to the side.

Eina, the Pearl's Own, Soot, a frenetic ferret arrive, following Peri.

Olivia makes her way front and center. Her hair has been braided, but not like one would normally think. It has been braided to her front from both sides of her face, creating and intricately braided, epicly long beard. Rivaling even the most legendary dwarven beard of legend. An awesome twist of some of the most fashionable braids to create an amazing beard that reaches to her stomach. She doesn't say anything, just raises her arms up.

Thea pausingly hears Magnus. She flashes her green eyes to the super tall Duke, a slight smile on her face,"Thank you for understanding." She peers at all the--furry faces before offering a sincere good luck? That's what one wants right? Best fur face. They -do- have a certain appeal after all.

"Two whiskies," says Rysen to the bartender. Rysen passes a glass to Thea and picks up his own, offering a warm toast to the Nightingale. He smiles to see Amari with her, and blushes furiously when he notices Arcadia. Turning to Thea, he says quietly "I think even in ten years, I will still have the most ragged and pathetic beard of any Northerner. My father blames my mother's Valardin bloodline, but his own beard is not so impressive as Geralt's." Noticing Azolla, Rysen smiles and offers a brief but respectful bow from the bar. When he notices Merek, Rysen holds up his drink in a toast, and whispers something to Thea, before turning his attention to Olivia.

Olivia checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Turn in line: Magnus

Amari looks up from her whiskey and quiet conversation with Gianna the bar to watch the first competitor take her turn. "Legendary!" She judges it with a soft laugh. From there she takes note of others who have filed in while she was distracted, lifting a hand in greeting to Rysen and dipping her head respectfully to Drea as well. Amiable if, slightly tired looking smiles are on offer for everyone else.

Thea notes Rysen's cheeks wonderingly. She nods, murmuring to Rysen quietly,"It is quite impressive." She lifts her glass to her lips, thanking Rysen for her drink.

Mikani slips in and goes to the bar to get herself some whiskey, because that's what you do in the North. She smiles as her whiskey shows up. Cradling it between her hands she looks around at those gathered ... just in time to see Magnus' turn. She wolf whistles to her friend. "Show us what you got!" She calls out with a laugh.

Peri and her hair are late. Eina has used makeup to draw a beard and mustache on her face, and Peri has tied together sections of her hair in front so that she has a bear and a mustache. She is, however, not competing. She looks around and waves and grins at everyone.

Magnus gives the final touches to his beard grooming and hides the bony comb away, adjusting instead the single bone he has placed right below his chin. The Stahlben lord flows his beard before the crowd, trying to show just how smooth and silky his hair is and why he probably leaves it completely unadorned in most occasions, probably some bone marrow recipe from his homeland at work there.

Spying Thea speaking with Magnus, Gianna inclines her head to the woman politely. And to Mikani as well, once she spots the Redreef woman. She's paying some attention to the beard contest.

Arcadia keeps her eyes trained on the contest. She gives a loud applause in solidarity to the Ashford, but looks suitably more impressed with ruggered northern males.

Danvir sips at his whiskey while standing inline waiting for his turn

Azolla sips her tea quietly watching the contest from her seat at the booth she picked to settle into.

Rysen laughs when he sees Peri enter the bar with her "beard," and his jaw drops when Mikani orders a whiskey. "Gods and spirits, Lady Mikani," he says, awkwardly using her formal name. "I thought you drank nothing but the blood of your enemies and rum."

Athaur takes the mug of ale from his assistant, taking a drink from it as he looks around curiously. He raises the mug in greeting towards Mikanni and Peri as they make their way in.

Thea bows her head politely to Gianna. She takes the woman in curiously, unfamiliar with her. Noticing Mikanni and Peri, she offers a nod and a smile. Both of which are sincere. Thea actually chuckles at Peri's beard, hiding her face behind her glass.

Turn in line: Athaur

Once it is his turn, Athaur steps forward with a bright smile on his face. He appears cheerful and offers a deep, flourishing bow. "It is an honor to be part of such a wonderful event. I am not certain if my beard compares to the other offerings provided, but it is the only one I have." He grins, the bells braided into his beard jingling merrily as he speaks. For the event, besides the bells he has tried to keep his beard to a natural look. Some light styling so that it is not unkempt, but preferring to let it speak on it's own natural charms. He can't resist offering a bit of a pose to show off all of him and how the beard contributes to the whole. He offers another bow before stepping back into place.

Acantha gives a smile as Olivia is done and then Magnus comes up, "Count Magnus that is a formiddable beard." she tells him. Then once he's done, she calls the next person up, "Count Athaur is our next model." she smiles to that.

Mikani laughs Rysen. "Well I'm all out of blood ... and well the rum is shit up here." She winks at Rysen before lifting her glass to him. "Yet Gods and Spirits to you as well Lord Rysen." Her warm voice, calm as usual. Mika smiles at Gianna, Olivia, Thea ... and anyone else that smiled at her. She claps for Athaur as he hits the stage.

Magnus moves back from the line after his display, still keeping his decoration over the beard as he makes his way closer to Mikani. "Mika," He greets, joining the crowd of smiles aimed in her direction, "You almost made me blush with that whistle. I should get you some mammoth fur so that you can compete against me next time."

Amari watches the parade of beards with some interest, and since she's not able to applaud, she slaps the top of the bar lightly with one hand instead. Magnus gets a round, and Authur the same, and a, "Ooh, jingle beard." For the most part though, she's just softly conversing with Gianna and sipping her whiskey.

Rysen laughs warmly with Mikani and touches his glass to hers. "You're right. It is shit up here," he says with a grin, "but the whiskey is amazing. Should see if you can get Gianna to break out the bottle Lord Mirk got her for her birthday. I've thought about stealing it from her office while she's out Whispering. Rukhnis is has little dexterous fingers that are good with locks." Rysen takes a drink of his whiskey, places it on the bar and applauds loudly for Magnus and Athaur.

A gaunt young man with oily black hair and ice blue eyes, Podraig arrive, following Braith.

Mikani grins at Rysen. "Naw just try to get your own bottle." Mika says to the younger man before looking at Magnus. "I don't need a fake beard. If I enter it's because I have my own whiskers to win it. Though I doubt that's going to come any time soon."

Azolla emerald eyes study Athaur as he shows off his beard. Azolla continues to silently sip her tea, watching the contest from her seat at the booth she settled into.

Peri joins the ranks of Mikani's admirers. Eina joins shortly thereafter with whiskey. Peri says, "Hi Mika! Rysen! Uh you too!" She doesn't know Magnus, "I'm Lady Peri by teh by." She claps for Count Athaur. "Isn't he elegant?" Peri then attempts to wave to every one she knows.

Thea leans against the bar, enjoying the contest. First for her of course, but fun. She takes a large drink of her whiskey.

Arcadia glances at Rysen when he laughs, she flinches just the smallest amount. Thankfully Braith and Prodraig com in, and Cady gives them an eager wave, and a slightly desperate I'm drunk and you need to save me from stupid decisions look to Braith.

Magnus shrugs at Mikani, "I could give you some recipes, then. I remember my father using something that supposedly stopped baldness." He recalls, "Didn't work very well, but maybe it will give you your whiskers." The tall man turns to wave at Peri, "Pleased to meet you, I'm Magnus, Count of the Bonespire."

Turn in line: Danvir

"Thank you, Count Athaur!" Acantha states with a smile. "And next up, we have Lord Danvir Ravenseye." she calls to the room as she gives the redhead a smile.

"Good to see you, Lady Peri," Rysen says warmly, as he takes up his drink again, and leans against the bar after Thea. He winces just a little, and takes a long drink of whiskey. Turning to the Malvici he says, "The excitement of combat's wearing off, and your strikes are starting to hurt a lot more. Thank the spirits for good whiskey," he says with a slight smile. He waves to Braith when he sees her enter, and cheers loudly for Danvir when it is announced that it's his turn to compete.

Danvir steps forward taking a long drink from his whiskey glass. He then runs shakes his head slighlt setting his braided beard to swishing and the beads into swaying and clacking back and forth as they catch the light and send sparks of light out from his beard.

Athaur steps down from the stage, moving over to lean against the booth where Azolla is sitting. "My lady, it is good to see you again. I hope that you are well."

Peri raises her glass to Thea, in greeting. At Rysen's wincing, Peri says "You went back to training so soon?" Peri's brow raises.

Danvir checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

Thea notices Braith, she bows her head, a slight curve to her lips,"Nice to see you again." She turns to Rysen, unapologetic but a smile,"It gets better daily. Wait until you go to the baths. Best feeling ever!"

Rysen's grey eyes shift to Peri. "Yes," he says softly, "but not a word of it to Rukhnis, please. She may refuse to treat me next time, but I had to try out Sir Merek's axe in the ring, and Lady Thea let me test it till I couldn't stand any longer." He grins at Thea and nods. "I am very much looking forward to that." He sets down his drink again, and applauds for Danvir, and the gleaming beads of his beard.

Peri yells out a complement to Danvir, "Lively locks!"

Peri shouts from nearby, "Lively locks!"

Mikani laughs under her breath. "Yeah ... no ... that's okay." She assures the Count with a warm pat on his shoulder. Looks at Rysen. "You gotta be careful with that Rysen.... you work up to getting yourself killed with training." Mika grins. "OOoooo you are so going to be in trouble!"

Danvir moves off the stage heading back to the wobly table slightly wobbly himself and grins at the lively locks

Acantha gives a smile as the last in line for the event comes up and shows off his beard. "Thank you, Lord Danvir." she states to him. Then there's a look to the gathered, "Now, this is the fun part for those who want to vote. We have two categories tonight, Best Decoration and Best Beard Overall. You'll write the name down of who you want for each category and then I'll tally them up and I'll start announcing our winners, followed by the special announcement for the next Beards and Brews." she smiles.

Drea grins at Amari and gets a drink to sit down and watch the bearding going on. "Such lovely beards! Lady Olivia, you make me wish my hair was long enough to go bearded!"

Podraig holds the door open for Braith before walking into The Spirits behind her. He wears more rugged travel clothes this evening with scuffed, dusty boots to match. The tattooed young man doesn't seem to be having much conversation with Braith at the moment. His attention is rather on the crowd at large. Blinking once or twice, he turns his head again to Braith and gives her a small lopsided smile. "Where to?" he asks her, nodding to indicate further into the room.

Olivia waves to Drea, "Thank you! I needed a new winter fashion!"

Rysen squints at Mikani. "Like you have room to talk, Mika. If I took half the risks you do, I'd have drowned long ago," he says, grinning. "Luckily, you're skilled, but I'm improving little by little." Rysen throws back the rest of his whiskey and orders another.

"This will be tough, we had sparkly beard and jingly beard..." Amari says, already fretting over which way to decide on at least one category. She seems to have to confer with Gianna over it. These are important decisions.

Athaur checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 39 higher.

Peri whistles at Athaur

Azolla smiles gently at Athaur as he approaches where she is sitting. "I am well," she tells him gently, sipping more tea

Mikani looks at Rysen and laughs, "Well first of all ... you practice swimming as much as me and you won't drown." Mika gives a wry smile to some internal joke. "When you get to be old like my Rysen ... you too will have skills." Mika teases Rysen warmly. "But hang around me and I can make sure you live that long." She winks at him.

Magnus smirks, having provoked the right kind of reaction in his friend. He nods to Acantha and waits as the votes are being cast, "I think we should have a category for body hair too." He comments to no one in particular, "That certainly counts as a beard too, right?" The tall man nods in agreement to something Rysen says, "He speaks truth there, Mika."

As Braith turns to speak to Podraig upon their arrival she gives a tug to that woolen surcoat that is paired with the trousers beneath. The sheer number of people causes her lips to part and then she huffs out a laugh. Arcadia gets a grin, "Hey Cady!" She calls out and then smiles at Rysen, giving him a wink before she she is hooking hand into Pod's and giving him a tug, "Towards Cady," she instructs and then pauses as Thea greets her. "Well hello you! This is Podraig." She says and then clears her throat before pointing toward Mikani, "That is Lady Mikani Redreef, gifts me her lute after my other was so sadly busted."

Gianna glances over at Amari and starts to laugh. One hand comes up to cover her mouth and she has to put her glass down. Her shoulders tremble from the force of it.

Danvir speaks to the ladies at the table with him

Danvir fills all three glasses at the table and takes a long drink

"Wonderful!" Athaur beams at Azolla before looking around. He grins to Peri, wiggling his fingers to the Lady as he takes a drink from his ale. "I am not so sure of my chances. I expect people may be more inclined to strong northern beards. Plus Lady Olivia's is simply majestic."

Mikani bows her head to Podraig. "Pleasure to meet you. As I said Braith ... every artist needs their brush. Or in your case a lute." Mika grins at Braith. "Lord Podraig ... what brings you to Arx? Adventure? Knowledge? Something boring?" Mikani's voice was warm and calm as she spoke but definatly a woman of action.

Arcadia lifts herself and has a slightly unsteady wobble on her heels as she gives her friend a peck on the cheek "Lark. Or should I start calling you Braith. Ki-Prince Kieran will be disappointed I worked it out so fast." She gives a wave to Podraig too. "Hi again too." She quickly flops back down and offers up the fire whiskey.

1 Grayson House Guards, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting arrive, following Reese.

Thea lowers her hand to her piece of paper, amused. She throws the back the rest of her whiskey, letting the warmth go through her body. Soon she wont feel the aches and pains from the earlier. Turning, she nods to Podraig, "Hello. Nice to meet you" Thea turns more to Mikani, a smile to her and Braith,"We've met."

Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle have been dismissed.

Azolla chuckle at Athaur lightly and says, "Well it is all in good fun so I guess may the best beard win." Azolla takes more slow sips of tea

Rysen laughs. He smiles to Magnus and offers the man a toast. Turning to Mikani, he says "I'll not deny that you could teach me a lot, but you're pretty much the same age I am, and if I'm going to be learning to swim, it will be in Lady Peri's warm waters near Pearlspire. After spending my youth freezing and miserable in the sea off Stormwall, the idea of swimming in warm water sounds almost too good to be true."

Votes are gathered by Acantha and she goes to tally them up as she sips at her whiskey. Then there's a bit of a smile as she folds up the papers post tally and then she turns back to the crowd, "And now the moment we're all waiting for. Winner announcements!" she grins. "Our Honorable Mention goes to Lady Olivia. If you would come up here and claim your trophy my lady." she claps for her.

Reese arrives at the gathering while adorned in her rosy tunic and sleek ivory leggings. The Princess has an abundance of ribbons in her golden locks. She peeks over the bar, trying to get a sense for things here. Olivia is given a warm smile when her name is mentioned. Reese then waves to Rysen and smile to Azolla.

Olivia hops up from the table and scampers over to accept her reward, curtseying in her bearded glory before heading back to the table waving.

Reese is overheard praising Olivia: Woot, great bread!

Peri cheers loudly for Lady Olivia. "You've the best braids!"

Danvir cheers and raises his glass and says "Salute to the Lady and her beard.....And suprsingly that is not the first timeI have made thattoast"

Reese has a gentle smile for Peri as well and then she looks over to Danvir. "Oh, Lord Danvir." She greets.

Rysen cheers loudly for Olivia. "Well done, Livie!"

Mikani looks at Rysen. "Why swim in those fridged waters when you can swim in the much warmer waters around Redreef? You know we're much much much further south." She laughs softly and sips her whiskey before clapping for Olivia and her prize. Mika waves at waves at Reese. Her dark eyes continue to go over the room and those gathered.

There's no complaint at all from Podraig as Braith curls his hand in his and tugs him over towards Arcadia. There's amusement in his eyes as he watches the social butterfly side of his companion come out. Although he's more the quiet type, he does nod his head graciously to those he's introduced to and those he knows. "Lady Arcadia," he greets her, also lifting his hand to wave her way. Next he greets Mikhani. "Podraig. Good to meet you, my lady." Finally he regards Thea. "Pleasure," he replies. His eyes fall on Braith again, widening his eyes a bit briefly.

Danvir stands and turns to Lady Reese and bows to her and says "Lady Reese it has been an age"

Amari patpatpats the bar for Olivia, which is the best facsimile of applause she can manage with one hand.

Rese has a gentle smile for Mikani. She then tries to find a table, the princess moving with her warrior grace. "Oh, too long, Lord Danvir, but I am glad to see you now." She says warmly.

The cheek peck is not exactly expected but she doesn't turn it down so that when Cady spills back into her seat, Braith's hand is there mussing with the blonde's hair. "Alas and woe be to Red. I am not sure if he wanted you to think I was ever a bird or some strange commoner he picked up for amusement." She smirks at Arcadia. "We need to discuss this prank at length." She shoots her thumb over her shoulder at Podraig. "Podraig wants in. He would never suspect some total stranger trying fool him." There is a bright laugh, "So you are right, Lady Mikani and already I am constructing an ode to your beauty and grace, not to mention your charitable nature!" She winks and then grins at Thea, "It seems everyone, nearly everyone is familiar." She glances then at Rysen who is seated with them. "This is Lord Rysen, my lord this is Podraig."

As winners are announced Braith lifts sher voice to be heard, "Well done!" She clears her throat and looks back to Mikani, "Podraig is, well not a Lord but I think adventure is a good way to frame his reasons or being here? No?" this last is offered up to Podraig to refute.

"Thank you for coming and joining the fun tonight." Acantha tells Olivia as she hands over the trophy. Then she's getting another trophy out of the small bag she brought with her. "Count Magnus, if you would please come up and get your trophy for Best Decoration. It would appear that the masses think you have donned the best baubles this evening." she grins.

Sir Floppington, the soulful hound arrives, following Rowenova.

Athaur claps loudly for Olivia, offering a whistle on top of it. Turning to Azolla he smiles. "Oh it is all in good fun, yes. But I would still like to win." He lifts his mug to Reese with a warm smile of greeting before clapping for Magnus as well.

Emmerly enters in commoner's clothing and bows to the room at large, the motion clumsy and untrained, then moves on, quietly finding an empty spot at the bar to place an order for a drink. She turns to observe the beard contest, and claps politely for Olivia and then for the winners as they are called. On receiving her brew, she avoids the small gathered groups, and finds a free spot out of the way to stand and watch.

Danvir sits back at the wobbly table and sips at his drink

With Sir Floppington at her side, Scout Rowenova enters into The Spirits, perhaps late for the festivities but here none-the-less! She waves around to those she knows before beckoning the soulful hound to go with her to the bar!

Mikani looks at Braith curiously. "Well thank you. I don't need a song. You needed a lute." Mika said softly as she finishes her whiskey and orders another. She leans and murmurs something to Magnus before he goes to collect his prize.

Reese smiles when Magnus is announced as the winner. "Woot, Count of Bonespire!" She cheers. The girl then smiles over to Athaur. "Count Bells." She greats warmly and takes a seat. Rowenova is given a smile as well.

Olivia claps for Magnus!

Reese has joined the Wobbly Table.

Magnus claps for Olivia, "You know, if I could vote. I'd have voted for her, nothing beats a pretty face with a nice braided beard." He says, furrowing his eyebrows at the conversation at hand, "Even the waters here in Arx aren't that bad. I had a swim the other day when Lady Bridget lost her paddle and I had to retrieve it from Rowenova's dog." The tall count stops in his tracks as his name is mentioned and moves closer to Acantha to receive the prize from her, "I honestly didn't expect that." He admits, "But thanks everyone for voting for me."

Reese is overheard praising Magnus: Woots, great bread!

Mikani is overheard praising Magnus: Amazing Beard!

Reese is overheard praising Acantha: wonderful hostest with a really great ice cloak!

Athaur is overheard praising Olivia: Truly Majestic

Mikani is overheard praising Olivia: For Braided Beard of Awesomeness!

Arcadia smiles fleetingly at Braith "Sounds good. It will be the most elaborate prank and be talked about for our entire lives. " She glances again to Rysen as Braith introduces Podraig to Rysen, and she falls quiet again. After taking another drink, she admonishes Podraig "Call me Cady. Very few call me lady and less so Arcadia."

Azolla offers a smile Reese and returns her focus to Athaur. "I guess it is nice to win at contests," she says

Athaur is overheard praising Magnus: Bones are great decorations

Athaur is overheard praising Acantha: Splendid Hostess

Danvir is overheard praising Magnus: he has a heck of a bone

Rowenova smiles back to Reese. She soon looks to Magnus with a grin after his tale about Sir Floppington then veers off from her path to the wobbly table, settling down in a chair before it. "Good job, Count Magnus!" She calls that right out before she turns to Reese, "How are you, my friend?"

Peri is overheard praising Magnus: He's a bone to pick

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant, Aegis, a large red Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Mirk.

Reese has a gentle smile for both Arcadia and Azolla. She orders herself a mug of ale right before taking a perching seat. Reese then looks to Rowenova. "I am well. Thank for asking." She says softly and with just a touch of subtle somberness. "I heard of Cascade, congrats on your work there, Scout Nova."

Thea arcadia=define both >_>

Peri is overheard praising Olivia: braided magnificence

Mirk has joined the Bar.

"Princess Ribbons." Athaur smiles to Reese, offering her a bow. He lifts a hand to Rowenova in greeting when he see's her. He turns to look at Azolla with a smile. "But do you have a favorite?"

Peri is overheard praising Athaur: Beard of Songs

Peri is overheard praising Danvir: Lively locks

Thea orders another whiskey, setting her coins on the bar. She waves to Reese, with a smile of course. Thea also nods to Arcadia.

Danvir sips from his whiskey

Rysen smiles warmly to Podraig, and gives him a toast. "Good to meet you, Podraig." Rysen cheers loudly for Magnus, and nearly drops his whiskey glass. He sets it on the table and switches hands. He glances at Thea and says, "Whole arms trembling, but, gods, the whiskey is helping a lot." He smiles when he notices Reese, and forces himself upright, bowing respectfully to the Princess. "Evening, Your Highness," he says, before slouching against the bar again, and grinning as Acantha models her resplendent cloak.

"It was well won, Count Magnus. Now you can settle this on the hearth if you wish." Acantha states with a smile. "And last, but surely never the least, we have our Best Beard prize to hand out." she states. "This is the last award and then I'll make the announcement for the next Beards and Brews." she grins. "Count Athaur, would you please come up and claim your prize. Your beard has slain all the competition this evening it seems." she claps for him.

Rowenova lifts her hand back to Athaur with a smile before she turns to Reese, "Good. I am glad you are doing well." says she. "Thank you so much. We made a second home there and an apothecary shop, and it seems to be thriving well, currently under watch by the hired help." She wiggles her fingers to Gianna, too, then looks over to cheer on Magnus.

Azolla leans in to whisper something in hushed tones to Athaur before returning to sip her tea, her emerald eyes gazing at him in quiet consideration after having spoken to him quietly

Merek blinks a bit as he wakens from watching folk, then he looks to Rysen while he offers a bow that way, "m'Lord," he says, while he nods a bit to the man also.

Nodding, Podraig confirms Braith's assessment of his noble title for Mikani. "Tracker for House Keaton," he replies helpfully for Braith. "Bodyguard to Natalia Whisper." These are offered with a little more inflection than his usual grim, flat tone. A small smile quirks at the corners of his lips then and he looks to Braith, giving a single wag of his brows. As to pranks, he holds his attention momentarily between Arcadia and Braith both as they discuss plans. Rysen draws his attention for a moment and he nods to him in greeting as well. "Good to meet you," he offers.

Danvir cheers for Count Arthaur

Mirk arrives late to the party, too late to compete with his own beard. There's nods aside to the familiar faces, among them Rowenova and Drea, before he sidles up to the bar and orders his whiskey. He takes a sip of the whiskey and leans back to watch the announcement of the victors, clapping briefly in congratulations, if nothing else.

Danvir is overheard praising Athaur: Great Beard

Acantha is overheard praising Athaur: Winner by a beard!

"Lord Rysen." Reese greats with simple words that are subtly warmed with admiration. "Nice to see you." The girl then smiles over to Rowenova once again. "Oh, a second home." She waves to Merek, noticing the knight. Her ale is delivered and Reese takes a sip of such. "So good. Ale in the north is pretty great."

Athaur leans in to to hear what Azolla has to say and grins. Of course then his name is called. He blinks in surprise before a wide grin spreads across his face. He hops off the booth and makes his way up to except his prize. "What a tremendous honor. Thank you." He offers a bow to Acantha before turning and bowing to the crowd at large.

Gianna shakes her head a little at Amari. "These things are important," she tells the Keaton at the bar. When Mirk arrives, Gianna inclines her head to him. "Lord Mirk, you're too late to enter your beard in the contest! I'm disappointed in you. Surely your charms would have charmed."

Reese is overheard praising Athaur: Woots, great bread!

Mikani gets a grin, "I promised a song for a lute and I will not go back on my word." Braith winks and then lifts her head to look at Cady, her grin growing brightly. Teeth everywhere. "I love are like the sister I never had. I wish you could replace Oddmun..." Pause. "Wait no I love Odd but you know what I mean." she waves her hand in the air and as she turns to look at the rest of the gathering pauses upon seeing her cousin enter. "MIRK!" She calls out loudly, lifting on her toes to be seen and using Podraig so she may o so.

Peri says, "Hello, Podraig. I'm Lady Peri Seliki."

She finally catches up to a conversation from earlier, "I would love to visit Redreef and swim with you and Lord Rysen," Peri tells Mika. She then notices Reese and calls out "Princess!" as she waves enthusiastically.

Peri applauds Count Athaur and calls out praises when she she hears of his win.

Sensing his lateness, Nova ruefully smiles to Mirk, one of her Halfshavs, before telling him, "I would have voted for you!" She looks back to Reese, though, doing so with a light nod. "It is where we will make our 400 babies."

Olivia claps for Athaur, "Next year I shall be sterner competition!"

Reese smiles warmly over to Peri and she reaches to briefly touch the curious twig tangled up in her golden locks. "Lady Peri." She says softly. "Four hundred!" She then says to Rowenova. "Oh, I couldn't even handle one baby. My bravery ends at babies." She says teasingly and gives Rowenova a gentle smile that is framed by her dimples.

Thea pauses,"400 babies--one way to keep warm." She resumes back to listening to those around her.

Azolla sets her cup of tea down to clap for Athaur before returning to drink her tea quietly again

Arcadia gives a short little laugh and a knowing look to Podraig at the mention of families. "Yes. I have a brother I wish to trade in at the moment too. Perhaps I could swap? Come be a Sanna and Oddmun can go be a Leary."

Four hundred babies? Gianna just wrinkles her nose and takes a long, long sip of whiskey.

Acantha gives a dip of her head to Athaur, "It is a pleasure to have you with us." the brunette states. Then she's giving a look about the room and there's a smile given to Gianna and others that are with her. Then she's looking to Mirk and there's a soft smile and a wave to the Halfshav Lord. Then it's back on to business.

"So as you can see, my Patron, Lord Arik did not grace us with his presence tonight and that is due to him being at home and writing thank you letters. So we have decided since he keeps missing these festivities, that the next Beards and Brews is going to be quite the Legendary event. We will have a 1 million silver prize and the theme is most astonishing beard." she tells them. "So Costumes, fake beards, jewelry, are encouraged. The bolder the better." she tells them with a smile.

"I just want to hug you." Amari tells Gianna rather out of the blue, but she makes no move to do so at all, so she needn't feel menaced. The Keaton instead turns a bit in her chair to give Mirk a nod of greeting. "It is a shame. You would have done well." Though something he's said illicits a slight arch of brow, "Rebirth Grove?"

Rysen smiles warmly at Reese, and, hearing Merek, comes to stand beside the knight, extending an arm to clasp in a Northlands greeting. "Your craftsmanship is extraordinary, Sir Merek. I just came from the Training Center with Lady Thea. I really don't have the words, but I thank you for entrusting me with a masterpiece," he says. Overhearing Gianna mention Mirk's charms charming, Rysen can't help but laugh, as he works to finish his second glass of whiskey.

Quietly giggling, Nova lifts up her wolf-framed face to grin wryly to Reese, "Well, that is how many Draven says that I owe him." She winks over to Thea, then looks forth to the winners of the contest who have competed here. Meanwhile, Sir Floppers finds Mirk and Aegis with whom to socialize.

Peri is overheard praising Acantha: Thank you for throwing this amazing party. Never have I seen so many beards on men.

Mikani just watches them all talk around her as she sips her whiskey and watches them.

Gianna blinks at Amari a few times. And then her eyes water, and she blinks rapidly. Is it the hug thing? Is it the mention of a prize of one million silver? Hard to say. She takes a deep breath, composing herself.

Reese peeks over to Thea having a smile with her that touches her blue eyes. "He must be very busy, Lord Arik, with all the great work he is doing at Cascade." She says gently, sounding impressed.

Reese is overheard praising Arik: Woot, doing amazing things at Cascade!

"I eagerly await the chance to compete. Thank you for this Acantha." Athaur hops down from the stage and makes his way back over to sit on Azolla's table.

Drea looks up from her drink at mention of 400 babies. She blinks. "How many babies? Who is having all these babies?"

Rowenova says, "My Liege, Lord Arik, is the Best Boss Who Ever Bossed!"

Rowenova says, "400! I am, Princess Mother!"

Mikani finishes her drink and while everyone is busy, Mika ... as is her usual slips out quietly.

Olivia hpps up and waves. Thank you for hosting! I must run!"

Podraig nods respectfully to Peri once in greeting as he tries again to put his best smile forth. It almost makes it to a full smile, but can't seem to get past a certain point. "Lady Peri. Good to meet you." He's a pretty sturdy guy at least, so Braith's using him to vault herself higher doesn't seem to bug him. He plants his feet and braces for Braith to be her bouncy, jubilant self. Amusement flashes through his eyes though and he looks to Arcadia. "Can you do that?" he asks her about the sibling swap, perhaps actually not sure.

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Azolla offers Athaur a warm smile as he joins her table once again offering him more private words before returning to her tea

Mirk raises a hand a wave in Braith's direction, at the enthusiastic greeting. "Cousin. Leave that poor man alone. He's not a footstool." There's a glance at Podraig, but his tone is more sarcastic than serious. "Next time," he assures Rowenova. "I'll be sure to be in the running. A million silver goes a long way." He eyes Acantha, at the mention of the prize, conspiratorially, perhaps. "A little ways off from the Lodge," he supplies for Amari. "It's the nearest one besides the Stone Grove, of course."

Arcadia shrugs at Podraig "I don't know, but I am dying for the chance to go north and see what's up there."

"You're welcome," Merek says, not a participant, but with a nice beard all the same. He then offers a smile as he shifts his cloak about him, and looks at his messages while he checks each letter, while he yawns.

"His name is Podraig," Braith remarks with a smirk and then hip bumps her tattoo'd companion before her nose wrinkles. "See I like this idea Cady, why not? I mean if you are somehow related to us way way back, it works." She insists on the sibling swap quite easily. "Or you know, you could just come visit..a lot and problem will be solved." She says and is now eyeing the drinks. "Cady has us beat, Pod. She's been at it for hours is my guess and we need to drink to catch up."

Magnus catches Arcadia's comment out in the air, "If you stop by the Bonespire, let me know. I can show you some mammoths, creatures as big as two story houses." He tells her, "And my holding is also built inside the mountain. That must count for a good view, right?"

Thea finishes her whiskey. Talk of so many kids and her body starting to feel sore. She hears Arcadia, admitting,"I'd like to see too. But I would need to dress in 400 layers instead of having 400 babies. The North sounds interesting. "

Amari smiles her thanks for the explanation about Rebirth Grove, looking between Mirk and Gianna afterwards. "I feel like the competition for this million silver will be very fierce." She idly comments, before lifting a hand to wave to Rowenova, "Hi, Nova!" She keeps hearing a name though, so swivels about in her chair at the bar until there(!) she spies a Podraig. She looks briefly befuddled, murmuring mostly to herself, "It's so strange to see him out of context."

"Wow" Peri's grow wide at Magnus's words. "Do you have any mammoths stabled here? I would love to see some."

Arcadia hears Magnus and a spark of life seems to return to her eyes "Mammoths? Really? Do you climb up the mountain? Leaholdt is built into the side of a cliff and I love climbing up to find caves and holes to climb into. I imagine a mountain would have lots of interesting hidden places." She then encourages Braith to the fire whiskey "Yes. Catch up. I want to get drunk and cause some sort of trouble tonight. I would love to come visit. I'd love to see all the snow and ice."

Gianna clears her throat gently and tucks her hair behind her ears. Podraig's given a curious look; she blinks a few times, then slips down off her of her bar stool. She leans toward Amari and Mirk and says, "I ought to get back to the College. Lovely to see you both."

Reese hmms. "Four hundred layers sounds hard to walk in. But Bonespire sounds so amazing." She says, looking all wistful for a moment. She has a few quiet words with Danvir at her table.

Peri shyly waves to Gianna.

Podraig gives an assuring look to Mirk and a roll of his left shoulder in a shrug. "Awfully pretty, though," he remarks, indicating Braith. "I can tolerate it." A small, amused smile lights his usual stoney expression, but only briefly. "Nice to meet you...Lord Mirk?" he guesses, giving him a questioning look at first. He looks to Braith for assistance, raising both brows in a look of query. She is his guide for navigating introductions, after all.

Rowenova wolfishly grins to Mirk, "Next time, indeed." She soon waves to Amari with that same grin aimed her way. "Good to see you!" She then turns to Thea (doing so with that same grin even now), "According to my Love, I must have inadvertently agreed to a whole 400. I am not sure when that was. I may have been drunk beyond belief. I usually remember these things, but not that one."

Magnus purses his lips together, shaking his head in response to Peri, "Not yet. But that's in my bucket list, I need to find someone who is able to train animals like no one, then see if they're brave enough to tame a mammoth." He smirks, turning and smiling brightly at Arcadia at the mention of mountain climbing, "Certainly. The best way to watch the mammoths involves climbing somewhere they can't reach you and you'll find lots of caves there, some of them have natural hot springs, even."

Acantha gives a smile to everyone, "Thank you all for coming out and for always keeping things nice and smooth. I hope that everyone will return for the big Beards and Brews. I'll start circulating the date for it once we get it settled." she gives a smile. For now, she was done with her hostess duties and she heads off to get a drink of whiskey.

Gianna inclines her head to Peri even as she sweeps her cloak around her shoulders and pins it.

Drea gets a message and then gets up and goes to take care of whatever it was that called her attention.

Danvir continues to talk at the table and drink his whiskey

Siggi, a small fox, Aralie, the shy assistant leave, following Drea.

"Well met, and my condolences, Podraig," Mirk says with a dip of his head towards Podraig, so polite that it can be difficult to tell whether he's kidding. "How are you both?" He glances between Braith and Podraig, for a moment. "It was a pleasure to see you, Lady Gianna, though I should send you a letter, in the next couple of days, about a minor matter. Don't let me get away with forgetting," he requests with a low chuckle.

Finishing his whiskey, Rysen grins at Merek. "To be honest, I'm surprised you didn't enter the contest. The last time Lady Acantha was planning a beard contest, I actually tried to grow one out, but Duchess Fianna's dogs kept growling at me - even they thought it looked terrible," he says with a wry grin. Rysen sets down his empty glass, and makes his way to Gianna and Amari and says, "Take care, Gianna, Lady Amari. I'm off to find a warm bath." He makes his way to Acantha and says, "Thank you for hosting us Lady Acantha." Walking past Thea on his way out, he says, "Take care, My Lady, and thank you." He bows respectfully to his sparring partner as best as his stiff body will allow, and waves to those nearby, before hobbling out of The Spirits.

Thea smiles briefly at Reese,"Being dramatic, I know it wouldn't work. Not moving and such...still--"Hearing Rowenova, she winces,"I am so sorry..."

Arcadia beams at Magnus "How soon can we go? Hot springs. Mountains and mammoths. Sounds like an amazing adventure." She then realizes and sticks out her hand "I'm Lady Arcadia Leary, but everyone calls me Cady."

Lygeia, a calligrapher and alchemist have been dismissed.

Amari has finished her whiskey, so when Gianna pops up to leave, she considers her options and simply slides the glass closer to the barkeep's side of the counter and stands too. "I'll walk with you." She offers a polite nod to Mirk and a smile for Rysen, just missing Drea as she departs.

Athaur takes a drink from his mug of ale, looking around curiously.

Amari has left the Bar.

"Yes, Lord Mirk. My cousin," Braith provides at the questioning look from Podraig. "It is safe to say that MOST people here are some sort of nobility. Most. I an not say all but Gianna is a Whisper," she makes a motion at the woman who is just now looking their way. Her grin grows and then she glances down at the fire whiskey, "Or patron would approve..oh did I not tell you. th Prince has offered me a spot..we are sisters." She remarks and then with drink in hand slowly turns to narrow her dark eyes on Mirk. "Har har, Mirk. Well enough until you decided to start being witty." She takes a long drink, tilting her head back and then making a face. "That.." Wheezing minorly. "That lives up to it's name."

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