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The Last of Me - Observances

Sir Culthbert was told to take it easy for weeks and let his ribs heal, but one can only pace in the Crownsguard Tower for so long before getting restless. So he goes out for a drink. Just a quiet drink to see a new wall, watch a new fire. Surely nothing will go wrong.


April 16, 2019, 10 a.m.

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Gregory Alarissa Ysabel Ajax Rowenova Delilah Sophie Yasmine Klaus Merek



Arx - Ward of the Crown - Queensrest Inn - Main Room

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It's just another day at the Queen's Rest. Snooty servers are offering some level of service to patrons based on some unknowable measure - meaning, of course, soemtimes cups go empty or food doesn't get cleared away, while other tables suffer the opposite, with the attendant you want the attention for ignoring you in favor of nearly hovering over someone else. Or just gossiping in the back.

Tall and a bit lanky, the man that walks into the Queen's Rest does so with one hand pressed gently to the ribs on one side and the kind of measured pace that says he may have understimated the toll such a walk (short though it may be) would have on him. Culthbert's shoulder-lenght hair is the color of straw, his features handsome by anyone's reckoning, and his eyes a radiant blue (figuratively). He's forgone the armor of the King's Own and traded it for a simple tunic of soft gray wool and some breeches, but even then he's a figure well-known enough to the staff to get some respectful nods. Which, in and of itself, seems rare in this place.

"Some mulled wine, if you please," Culthbert says breathily in passing one of the normal servers. He makes his way towards a table near the fire, stoically trying to hide the pained expression on his features.

Dame Rosario Nevarre of the Oathlands, Anouk Ardennes, Anais Ardennes, Triage, The white dove of Mercy arrive, following Sophie.

Spontaneous applause erupts in the Queensrest Inn for the wildly famous visitor.

1 Inquisition Confessors, Scribble, a Delicate Social Butterfly, 1 Bisland pride guards arrive, following Delilah.

Ysabel is overheard praising Kanean.

Gregory has joined the Dark Corner Table.

Ysabel has joined the Dark Corner Table.

Gregory heads into the Queensrest, and takes a seat at a dark table. He isn't one for large crowds of people, but he hangs around the fringes. He waves to Ysabel and Ajax as he enters.

Alarissa's a regular, the Queensrest a haven from the sometimes austere gray of the Thrax ward and estate. A gaggle of nobles departing from the table where they had been talking and making merry, a few small boxes tied with ribbons left. A belated gathering for a birthday. A few plates of half consumed sweets and pots of tea and glasses of wine. Her retinue nowhere to be seen.

Ysabel as she enters she smiles warmly at Gregory, offering polite greetings to anyone who notices her than joins Gregory at the table he sit as. Her sharp sky blue eyes intently study the happenings inside the Queensrest

With a slow trudge of heavy feet, Ajax makes his way into the Queensrest proper, pausing for a moment as he notices Alarissa, he makes his way in her direction giving a dip of his head towards those he knows, "Princess! Good to see you." a small beat of a pause follows as he eyes the boxes, "Is it yer birthday?" he wonders towards the woman.

A scrappy woman of niveous complexion who wears a wolfy headdress along with supple quality leather armor zooms through that opening/closing door before such can swing shut on her and the soulful hound behind her: Sir Floppington. Within her left hand, she has a leather folio (with a Halfshav crest stamped in red upon the grey leather). Within her right hand (which also bears a hammered band of star iron with a ruby heart on it), she has a folded letter of beige paper with a stamped seal in red wax, too. Once inside, she scans around the busy room as if trying to find someone here.

"It was, yesterday. Another year, another wrinkle." Brightly stated to the the Thraxian commoner. There's a lift of her hand for Gregory and dip of her head in recognition of the Godsworn. "But no less a day enjoyed. How are you Master Ajax?" She asks the man, looking up at him from her spot.

Padding up to Ajax, Sir Floppington looks up at him and wags that hound tail.

Cloaked warmly against the cold, Delilah slips into the Queensrest in a light, delicate gait. Her smile is radiant, her gaze flickering across the assembled people yon. She swivels after him, waving to those she recognizes. She ventures after Gregory's wake, murmuring in greeting to him and mildly taken by the applause directed her way.

There are passing nods, no quite bows, given where necessary. It's hard not to notice Alarissa, for instance, and a King's Own would be quite remiss in his duties if he didn't acknowledge her presence even while avoiding drawing too much attention to himself. Culthbert settles into a chair gingerly. A quiet sigh is released and for the moment, the knight just enjoys being off his feet. Nevermind what he told one of the squires earlier about being tired of sitting!

The Mother Mercy floats in on a cloud of white robes and she nods politely to the servers as she passes them by on the way to a seat. She typically looks for a quiet place to nestle into, but today she seems to sink into the closest seat she can find. She's obviously tired, but it's a happy sort of tired, and the goofy little smile on her lips might give a hint of that. She watches the applause for Delilah with amusement, her eyes crinkling at the corners, and then she turns her gaze to the other patrons, sweeping those present curiously.

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The wolf-framed woman, Rowenova, stops short at the closests table, sets down her various deliveries, and happily claps for Delilah, too! "Excellent work in Riven on that Twinbridge University! Best Scholar who Ever Scholared!"

Ysabel is sitting talking quietly with Brother Gregory when Delilah joins them. Ysabel offers the woman a warm smile, motioning her to take a seat and join them

Laughing eyes take in Rowenova's greeting and Delilah looks back to the Northlands scout, Rowenova earning that sidelong chuckle. "I am ever grateful for the chance to do some good in the Compact, though give Countess Mia all the credit for her great efforts to put it all together." Her smile extends as far as Sophie, and she inclines her head in greeting even as she takes a seat with Ysabel and Gregory.

"Ah, Brother Gregory." Ajax offers with a firm nod of his head, "It's been ages, innit?" he wonders in the man's direction, before his gaze levels quickly to Sir Flop, "Ain't you the bestest boy. That I haven't in forever." his voice taking that playful kooing sound as he leans over to pat the puppers, his head dips towards the newcomers giving them all an easy smile.

The sight of Sophie draws Alarissa away from Ajax and the table she was at to rise and make her way to the table and the estatic but tired former princess. "Sophie." She smiles at her cousin by marriage and takes up a seat at the table.

Alarissa has left the Orazio's Table Nearest the Fire.

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"It has been a while since we last saw one another. I regret that I have not had the time to come observe the training arena recently." Gregory replies to Ajax. "How have you been? Keeping busy with work I hope?"

Sophie checked perception at difficulty 25, rolling 10 lower.

Ajax checked perception at difficulty 25, rolling 8 lower.

Rowenova checked perception at difficulty 25, rolling 7 higher.

Gregory checked perception at difficulty 25, rolling 12 lower.

Alarissa checked perception at difficulty 25, rolling 5 lower.

Ysabel checked perception at difficulty 25, rolling 6 higher.

A cough earns a wince from Culthbert, the man leaning forward and looking down while covering his mouth with one hand. He manages to say, "Thank you," to the Rester that brings him the ordered mug of mulled wine. He wraps his hand around the mug and starts to lift it; finding the cup unstead, the other hand wraps around it too and the brew is brought slowly up for a drink.

Although there may be a harder look to her cobalt-blue, khol-lined eyes than a while back, they soften up a good deal as Rowenova wolfishly grins to Delilah, "When I see her, I will congratulate her, too." Softer still... "It is good to see you. I missed you. I do hope all has been going well since we last spake." Then, she glances over to Sir Floppington... who is getting Ajax pets, indeed, but then her gaze shifts toward Culthbert, double taking. "Mother Mercy Sophie, I believe you should come check this man out."

Sir Floppington happily wags as he looks up at Ajax, doing so with those eyes. Those eyes! If there is ever a chance to do so, he chins the man's lap.

Ysabel sky blue eyes study Imi carefully but she keeps her thoughts and concern to herself, still having a private conversation at the table she is sitting at

Sophie galnces up as she hears her name spoken by Rowenova and she smiles warmly before patting Alarissa on the arm. "I'll answer that question in just a moment." When she rises and approaches Rowenova and the man next to her she says, "It's been some time.. maybe since the caves.. hasn't it?" She rests a hand on Rowenova's arm and says, "It's good to see you again." Then she's leaning in to Cuthburt and asking curiously, "What happeend here?"

Alarissa waves off her own question, not hindering Sophie when she's called over. She rises to flag down a server, her hand gently resting on the staffer's forearm and murmuring something about a man being ill and seeing that someone bring anything that Sophie may need, an apology for any disruption it may cause.

"Annnnd, you're such a goooood boy." Ajax's fingers move to scratch at the side of Sir Flop's neck, clearly more interested in the puppers before he looks up at Rowenova, "And good to see you too, Scout." he offers with an easy smile, his eyes moving towards Sophie, "An' good to see you too Mother Sophie." he offers nodding his head.

Gregory, Delilah and Ysabel are continuing their discussions at the corner in the table. Gregory seems to be thinking about things.

Culthbert looks up when Sophie's approaching, and there's immediate tension in his body. Maybe it's nerves; maybe it's a desire to stand up and be respectful to the Mother Mercy. "Ah, just some broken ribs, the healer said," Culthbert answers. "Think I was just less ready for the walk here than I thought, Mother Mercy. It's nothing that needs to interrupt your conversation." The knight offers a sheepish smile to the newly-minted priestess. Both hands are white-knuckled around the mug of wine. "Be good as new in a few weeks, I suspect."

Spontaneous applause erupts in the Queensrest Inn for the wildly famous visitor.

1 Silvershields arrives, following Yasmine.

Sophie smiles politely as Ajax speaks to her and she gives him a dip of the head, saying, "Lovely to see you again so soon." Her attention though, is on Cuthbert and she says, "Surely you want to be certain. It would be a shame to just to be sure. It's utter nonsense to think that you wouldn't want to bother me when seeing to the health of Arvum is something I've dedicated myself to." She leans in and says sweetly, "Besides, broken ribs can poke all sorts of necessary things inside us. Did you know that?"

Delilah has been a quiet, thoughtful figure at the moment; her gaze focused elsewhere, dreamy and wide-eyed. She blinks back into the moment after Scribble brings her a cup of tea, their conversation short. Sophie's approach to the gentleman apparently is fascinating enough, that exemplary show of manners enough to bring a smile to her lips.

Despite looking like a wild person, Rowenova happily welcomed Sophie into her touching range and even reciprocated it with a back pat to the Mother Mercy. Though, she does not say too much, making sure not to be in the way of the potential patient here. She nods over to Ajax with a slight smile before glancing back to Culthbert, a curious look via cobalt-blue, khol-lined eyes.

"Aye, I do believe the Lady said something of the like," Culthbert admits when Sophie guilts him about what a broken rib can do. "If it's no bother, Sister... it has been hurtin' worse of late." The knight, seated near the fire, looks around the Inn. "If you're sure it's no bother... " Having a reputation for doing things full of honor and daring is one thing, but having attention when you're just trying to get a drink is another. Culthbert seems to shrink from the limelight where possible and is no made uncomfortable with the eyes that have been directed his way.

The briefest whisper is quietly mentioned to Sophie, and then Rowenova moves to a quiet conversation with Delilah whilst looking on toward Culthbert there.

Ysabel is still involved in the quiet conversation of the table she sits at. Though watchful of the inn and it's happenings she quickly assess the situation is handled by Sophie and makes no moves to involve herself further

Sir Floppington closes his eyes to those scritches he receives from Ajax, and just seems to be in doggie heaven right now.

Immersed in a quiet degree of conversation with Rowenova, Delilah breaks with an occasional smile. Her voice is animated by a fraction, her hands used to interpose a certain emphasis or message in general. She dips her head and briefly pauses, picking up a teacup, the better to presumably stop "talking" with her little dance of fingers.

Yasmine steps inside, a bright smile upon the lips as she's welcomed by the staff. Shedding her cloak to be checked in, the dancer glides into the crowd with ease to find herself a seat, gaze drifting over the crowd before zoning in on the performance unfolding. Along the way, she pauses to exchange pleasantries with familiar faces.

The Mother Mercy carefully places the Lantern of Lagoma that she carries nearly everywhere on the seat next to Cuthbert. She lifts her hand toward his side and asks politely, "May I?" Sophie's smile is pleasant, and unfaltering, even as the concern at Rowenova's words show in the furrowing of her brow. She gives a brief nod to the woman, even if her attention doesn't leave her unexpected patient.

With the lantern sat down nearby, Culthbert's shadow stretches further across the room. A trick of the furniture grouping, or the intersection of lines gives it oddly sharp angles. The knight's shoulders sag a little and he nods acquiescence to Sophie's request. Setting down the mug of wine reveals the spots of blood smeared against his palm from his earlier cough. "You may, Mother Mercy," Culthbert answers quietly in case the physical nod was not enough consent.

After a few more moments pass, Ajax finishes petting the puppers giving him a warm smile, "Whose a good lad." he nods his encouragingly to the puppers, before he raises back to his full height and starts his trudge over in the direction of Delilah.

Gregory looks over at Cuthbert, having had his attention drawn to something. He studies the man from the dark table, but struggles to see anything, maybe... something, but it could just be his imagination

Alarissa remains at the adjacent table, letting Sophie nad the others tending to Cuthbert have the space to tend to the man, striving to make chatter with those who might look anxious, distract them.

Gregory checked perception + investigation at difficulty 30, rolling 2 higher.

Nodding once to Delilah, Nova bounds over to where Culthbert and Sophie are, briefly leans sideways and peers from the shade of the wolf pelt's muzzle to the man's eyes. Yep, she just does that just like that, but without touching.

Sophie smiles gently and moves to lift the tunic enough to see the flesh beneath. Once it's revealed she slides her palm against the flesh there. The dove on her shoulder shifts slightly and as her palm settles against Cuthbert's ribs she starts to gently palpate the area, feeling for the injury in question, her fingertips following the ridge of the ribs. It's clear she's lost in concentration, and the dove takes to wing and settles near the ceiling on an eave of the room.

Ysabel checked perception + investigation at difficulty 30, rolling 10 higher.

Trouble, the waddling raccoon, 2 Redwood Initiates arrive, following Giada.

Gregory is looking concerned at the dark table, mutterings between looking at Cuthbert and then saying things to Lady Delilah.

Ysabel sky blue eye are sharply and quietly studying Imi from where she sit at the table she is settled into. She seems to quietly discuss something at the table she sits at but makes no other moves at the moment.

With a nod of his head towards Delilah, Ajax starts making his way closer towards Alarissa and Sophie, seemingly now to keep his eyes leveled onto Culthbert, those actually close to him would notice his hand is hovering towards his left side, by the hilts of the blades at hang from his belt.

Rowenova checked perception + investigation at difficulty 30, rolling 41 higher.

Sophie checked perception + medicine at difficulty 30, rolling 14 higher.

Yasmine settles into a seat, smoothing out the folds of her dress before raising a hand to gesture for a waiter to tend to her needs. She nestles back comfortably, slowly skimming over the crowd, taking in the sights.

Sophie checked perception + occult at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

Glory, Doreen arrive, following Klaus.

After checking out Culthbert's eyes, Rowenova steps back with a worried look and brusquely notes (just like a good Northerner) "Have you been dealing with or fighting with the Abyss, Sir?" She just calls that out, just like that.

Klaus mutters, "... wants a ... ... meals"

Sophie's brow furrows slightly more, and her ever-present smile starts to fade. She lifts her eyes to Cuthbert's and she lets his tunic fall again. She steps back once, and scratches her brow. Her head tilts and she studies him for a moment before she looks over at Rowenova. Sophie seems perplexed for a moment and she says, "Something's... wrong."

Culthbert tries to sit mostly still, moving only when Sophie needs him to for the examination. He grunts quietly at the palpation, the corners of his eyes tightening and his gaze directed down to the floor. "Nah, this was brigands on the road, Ma'am. Haven't fought the darker forces since the pirate business, yeah?" His smile is weak, but at least he tried it. When Sophie declares something wrong though his eyes shoot back up to the Mercy. "Did I make it worse?"

Ajax's eyes slowly narrow, at Nova and Sophie's mentioning, causing the man to trudge a little closer, his hand much closer to the hilt of his blade, not touching it just yet. He lingers at Sophie's flank, not speaking but he looks between the Mercy and Culthbert.

Delilah rises from the table, sweeping her hand down her cloak slightly. Imagine, the noble woman fetching her own tea! She carries over the cup she has, light of step as she approaches Rowenova and Sophie, keeping them between her and Culthbert. Congenial smile on her lips, she asks, "Could I get you anything, Mother Mercy? Hot water, perhaps?" Steaming liquid, see? She inclines her head as the man speaks, and gives the knight a cheerful reply: "That sounds incredibly exciting. Where did you encounter the brigands? Was it close to Arx?"

Ysabel eyes Delilah moves and actions and the reaction of the knight. She stays where she is sitting just taking in what is happening in the Queensrest at this moment.

'yasmine!" Alarissa calls over, delighted to see the Ravashari. 'How are you?" A glance to the ongoings but still striving to keep others int he immediate area calm who look like they might be a little on edge.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Rowenova before departing.

Shrugging her Messenger Bag off her shoulders, Rowenova side eyes Culthbert before resting her bag on a bar stool and slides not only her own deliveries but a new missive from a Halfshav which just arrived inside. "Flop. Come."

The soulful hound is perking up right away and moving closer, too. Pulling out a blank paper, ink well, and a quill pen; Rowenova sets down writing supplies which she slides closer to Culthbert. "Since the Pirate business, huh? Well, you are going through some changes. I think you should write to your family." What a weird scout/scribe she is. "And do anything these two ladies tell you." Motioning to Delilah and Sophie, Rowenova pulls out a couple bundles of some white metal from her Messenger Bag.

Gregory calls over to Lady Delilah. "As to my last question, that would be a yes." he says, staying sat down.

Yasmine turns in her seat to deliver a charming smile toward Alarissa upon hearing her name. "Your Highness," she greets with soft pleasure. "It's good to see you. That outfit of yours is absolutely divine! Something new?"

Culthbert gives the sudden attention more than a little bit of a quizical look. "A few days outside the city," he answers. "I don't need to be writing my family, I have them all here in Arx." He sits a little straighter, and winces for it, as the King's Own makes it known obliquely his family are those he swore an oath with. "Just some ribs. Why you all look so jumpy?" he asks, confused. {N

Sir Floppington hears out Nova and Delilah then gives Culthbert an answer, peering toward the man's side and gives a growl.

"Oh, lovely." Delilah inclines her head slightly, her hands clasped together. "Forgive me, I'm an explorer so any news of brigands is a concern. I always appreciate any news that roads might not be safe or not." The rueful hint of a smile has implications of understanding and regret. "Oh, no doubt trouble on the roads remind us of the Great Road issues. I hope there isn't any sign of further stirring out there. Long as you're safe and hale, though, thank goodness."

Sophie's voice is soothing as she reaches inside the backpack she carries, where supplies like bandages are always stashed. She says soothingly, "I'm just going to wrap your ribs. Stay very still, will you?" Then she's lifting the tunic again and wrapping the bandages around him. As she's doing this, her fingers moving mostly on their own as she's so accustomed to the movements, she closes her eyes. Her lips start moving and a near whispered prayer to Lagoma can be heard. There's nothing unusual about it, really... she's praying to Lagoma to grant healing and comfort to this man, and to remove any sickness that might have settled in him. As she finishes wrapping she ends the prayer with a quiet, "We thank you, Lagoma." Then she steps back a few steps, watching Cuthbert.

Sophie checked mana + theology at difficulty 50, rolling 23 higher.

Merek makes his way into the Queenrest, his cloak on and adjusted about his black leathers, while he wears his gloves as well as his Eurusi scarf. He looks between the folk there at the atmosphere, but not knowing anything 'much' at least is visibly the matter besides the gathering, he finds a place to settle in to purchase some wine, watching the folk.

Like a good messenger, Nova dashes between Delilah and Sophie and does the whisper whisper. She is good at that kind of a thing. Being all messengery.

Culthbert cries out in pain. The kind of sound that has people stopping what they are doing with sudden fear of a large beast about to get them. Beneath the binding his skin ripples and move visibly now, perhaps in response to the prayer. The knight falls from the seat like Sophie had visibly struck him (but surely such a sweet person would never!). Along his visible flesh, the skin starts to split open, viscous green ooze seeping out from the tears and right behind it comes tawny fur.

"Now," Delilah chimes to Ajax.

"I had this commissioned just before Eleyna was bo-" About to launch into the tale of the silk and wispy feathers she's wearing as eyes widen. "Gods above what... Oh dear." She's not the dagger stabbing type and so Alarissa remains frozen in her spot, eyes wide in horror at teh man toppled near her and unmoving. Only enough sense to scream "PELLINOR THERE IS A BEAST!"

Pellinor of course, is outside. Because things don't happen in the queensrest and so doesn't hear. Poor Pellinor.

As Sophie starts moving back, Ajax eyes lock onto Culthbert, his thick brow furrowing, "Shit." even before he hears Delilah's call he takes a step forward wrapping an arm around Sophie's waist as he tries to pull her even further back trying step in between her and that monster. His left hand moves towards the hilt of his diamondplate blade, ready to snap it free in a singular instant.

Gregory is still sat at the table. He wonders if he should do anything, like suggest to others that they should maybe go outside if they have no skill at dealing with this... but they don't need another person giving orders, and the matter seems to be well in hand. Still, it is /facinating/,

Those crumpled bundles of white metal which Nova has been holding prove to be articulated gauntlets as she yanks those on over her hands, leaving all the leather straps simply loose and only caring to get them on as fast as she can. Meanwhile, Sir Floppington needs no time to prepare himself, lunging forth toward the other creature with the tawny fur. He will do what he can not to actually harm Culthbert, but he is not going to let the creature come out and 'get ready' before starting to try to bite and strangle and extract it, too.

Sophie doesn't waste any time backing away from whatever the tawny fur covered thing is that's tearing its way out of Cuthbert. She moves toward Alarissa and wraps an arm around her waist as she screams. Her own guards step inside as well, but they flank the door in an effort to not get in the way. Sophie's watching the animal as it crawls out, but she's also watching the man it crawled free from.

Rowenova checked strength + brawl at difficulty 30, rolling 18 higher.

Three guards follow around Delilah for a reason. Mostly to pull her out of trouble. Two of the Bisland pride guards drop into movement, her Confessor sliding out of his silent regard of the world. The Inquisitor shifts in front of the blithe girl, shoving her back to let Sophie's sudden retreat occur. But immediately hairpins are plucked from her braids, rubescent metal flashing into place. "Princess Alarissa, tell everyone to stay back, please!" she calls, the laughing maiden's aspect cracking open for someone a good deal more serious.

After donning those gauntlets, Rowenova jumps over Floppers then crouches and grabs ahold of Culthbert by his arms and keeps them out of the way of where that soulful hound is targetting the creature which is 'coming out' now.

Ysabel sits on edge, her guard protectively get between her and any danger but Ysabel stays rooted in her seat not moving

Culthbert writhes on the ground, seeming to be in too much pain to be a threat to anyone at the moment. One vicious cry of pain leads to a smaller one, and another. Holding him down is hard with his body going slick from ooze and wet fur, but Rowenova manages to do this. There's no separate creature. This is a transformation! Human flesh rips and begins to slough off onto the floor, leaving just-birthed-wet-and-slick fur in its place.

Merek checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Alarissa checked composure at difficulty 30, rolling 7 lower.

Ajax checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 8 lower.

Ysabel checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Gregory checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Gregory sips his tea.

Merek seems about to take a drink of his wine, then he waits as he notices what is happening with Culthbert. He watches then the glass hits the floor as wine splashes out in a circle. He stares, like a deer caught by the hunter, he doesn't seem to know what to do. All he knows is that reflexively his hand is upon the hilt of his sword, but he doesn't make a move also.

Sophie checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

While priests may sip their tea, Princess Consorts start to dag and dry heave as she brings an arm up to cover her nose and mouth as Alarissa lashes out with a heeled foot at whatever parts might get near her in poor cuthberts transformation. "Sophie." Another gag. "Gods. What is that. Kill it!" Things aren't looking good for the cakes and tea alarissa ate and drank.

Alarissa checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Sophie somehow manages to maintain her composure, even if everyone else is losing theirs. She keeps her arm tightly around Alarissa, and she pulls her backwards away from whatever that *thing* is. Sophie's hand moves to Alarissa's hair and she says soothingly, "It's ok. We're safe. There are lots of people here with swords. See? Swords. We're ok." Of course, Alarissa is kicking the creature and Sophie says, "Back up before you get hurt!"

It doesn't even take that long for Ajax to process Alarissa's call. He brings penance outwards in a fluid motion with a twist of his wrist he starts to bring the blade down onto the creature the large mercenary just going, "No, no, no, no, no, no. Fuuuuuck no." he rumbles.

Ajax checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 40, rolling 22 higher.

Gregory has no combat skills, none at all. But he might be able to do something about the panic. He calls with a commanding voice, "If you are not armed and capable of handling yourself, move away and let those who are handle this. Gloria helps those who are prepared to strike. Do not divert her attention from them. Be prudent and step back."

Sometimes, you just have to do the old 'grab them by the throat and squeeze' type thing, and this seems to be what Nova ends up doing to Culthbert whilst making clearance for Ajax and Floppers and Alarissa to the rest of the body. Nova rarely complains, but she does now, "They always have to be so slimey!"

The sound of a shoe impacting against slick fur makes a wet impact sound and a sharper cry of pain from the former knight writhing under Rowenova's pinning grip. The heel sinks into the still moldable body, leaving an Alarissa-sized print in a shin and some blood-and-fur on the bottom of the Princess's shoe.

Diamondplate sizzles, slicing through the furry creature on the floor. A wail leads to a burble, foamy blood coming from the mouth of the once Sir Culthbert.

Delilah circles around the create in motion, hairpins drawn and her guards doing their job to guard her and possibly look bothered by the fact she wants to engage with it. This clearly doesn't help. The shapeshifter doesn't impress her at all, though she certainly seems to be looking out for further trouble. "Aion preserve us."

Ajax checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Alarissa's moving away with Sophie, stil gagging. There's no crying but there's the look of horror on the face of the woman who's seen quite a bit in her own life as is. Who's known for her composure. "My pocket." hands clamping over her mouth with a muffled wail "My shoe!"

"Nova, get the fuck back from it lass." Ajax shouts over towards Rowenova, his brown eyes settling onto the now likely dead man, if his hands were visible his knuckles would be bare white against the hilt of his blade, he's standing, clearly very disturbed. But he's still standing before the man seemingly ready to launch a second blow.

Merek doesn't seem to know what to do about it all, and something within him amplifies his emotions, while he tries his best to reign them in. He swallows thickly and lets out a sigh while he offers supplications to Aion and all the gods while he does, taking his time with that.

Ysabel stands from her seat and asks, "Is it dead?"

Sophie whispers to Alarissa, and she does the only thing it makes sense for Sophie to do. She lets her arms unwrap from Alarissa's waist, and she sinks to her knees and starts to pray. Her hands delve into the pockets of her Mercy robes and come out with prayer beads tangled around them, and with those clutched in her hands she starts to pray for Cuthbert, and for the creature, and for the people fighting it, and for the people scared by it, and pretty much for everybody.

Gregory looks over for someone who seems to be holding themselves together, and decides upon Ajax. "Ajax, is the skin in once peice? I know it sounds weird, but we need to keep that as intact as possible."

Culthbert makes the world's worst fur rug. Lumpy, bleeding, gooey. But not moving.

Alarissa takes a beautiful white dragon statuette from a finely made lockbox in steel with a white gold dragon resting atop the lid.

Whatever Sophie whispers, Alarissa nods, dropping to her knees with the woman. from a pocket she pulls out a little statue of a dragon and cups it in her hands, holding it close as she starts to calm and prays with the newly minted priestess

Ysabel her sky blue eyes are intently studying the fury body as she makes a slow approach. "I need time to look over the body, give me some space to work please," Ysabel says as she kneels to closely inspect the body, her focus on the skin of the corpse.

Delilah has those sharp, delicate hairpins at the ready. They might not be good for any kind of skinning, but they do work well. She nudges her confessor aside, joining Ysabel in the examining over the... not rug.

Rowenova vice grips her white gauntlets around the creature's neck until the diamondplate metal finally ruptures through the furred skin and then down into the throat flesh with a sick smell (as if cattle branding here but much worse) before she finally releases the fur rug. Meanwhile, Sir Floppington keeps up the deep biting into the creature's flesh with a vicious shake of his houndly noggin before letting go, too.

Gregory will hobble over with his cane and attempt to take a look as well, though mostly interested in assisting the other two, rather than doing the examination himself.

Sophie does speak up long enough to say, "That green goo... you might not want to touch it, and if you did you might want to rinse it off as soon as possible!" Sophie sighs and says, "It could be poison, you know.. green things often are around here." But she doesn't elaborate more than that.

Merek checked willpower at difficulty 20, rolling 2 higher.

As people move in a want to inspect the body, at Sophie's mention of green goo he looks over the edge of his blade, "Uncle, fixing your blade up was the best investment I never made." he murmurs, lowering the blade the man finally seeming to calm down but he keeps his eyes leveled on the now corpse.

Merek manages to keep his food down, and he tries his best to not look at the furred being upon the floor. He reaches for a whiskey he has found, some of the finer stuff, and downs the whole bottle as he does, chugging it. He then tosses the bottle to the side as he rubs his face with a glove.

"Do you see that," Ysabel questions Delilah. "I think I can make out part of what it says." Ysabel moves to jot some notes down in a notebook as she and the other's inspect the body are investigating. "This was definitely done to him."

Delilah has gloves, gloves used much like Rowenova's to keep her skin from coming into contact with unwanted ichors and go. "Now the question becomes, where did this come from, and who sent it," she murmurs aside to Ysabel, Ajax, and Rowenova. Given their proximity, she works alongside Ysabel with a quiet purpose. "Here, let me pinch that. Nova, are those burns? I suppose that answers that." She twists and pins down one of the sections of skin, balanced in a wide stride to keep from toppling over. "We will want to get a sample of this if we can, though let's keep it altogether. I will need Octavian to send word to the Master of Questions." A glance looks up to Sophie. "Mother Mercy, are you fine with me sending this to him?"

5 Redoubt Buccaneers, Bengalo, the sneaky black cat, Luna, the sweet, studious assistant, Francis arrive, following Carita.

"It's on my shoes...." Alarissa looks with alarm to Sophie at the caution to not touch the green stuff. Though far calmer, blue eyes usher down toward her pant leg, the shoe and her foot then to the others.

Ysabel is careful not to come in contact with anything as she helps direct Delilah on where she had noticed the tattooing on the body. Ysabel is curiously listening and assisting anyway that avoids contact with anything that maybe 'contaminated'

Sophie rises from where she was kneeling to pray, and she lifts the hem of her Mercy robes and the gown beneath it to walk closer. "Perhaps the Morgue would be a better option? I would think if we could keep the body as intact as possible we might be able to determine what this is, where it came from, and if there are any other writings on the flesh?" She bends down in an attempt to see the writing better without actually touching the creature.

Green goobers are all over the wolf scout and the soulful hound, but they have protective measures, indeed, the human's more visible than the canine's own, but still there. To Delilah, Rowenova gruntily ayes. "We have that cleansing Alchemy from Saikland, so I will see about getting a bath with that in it and will take some of these samples to Draven. Anyway, we better go get that bath right now." She wastes no time getting ready to go.

"I... Can't handle this, should I go and contact the King's Own?" Merek asks of the others as he stands up, seeming to be moving past the way this all madef him feel. He offers to do something simple to assist, since this is their jurisdiction.

Gregory nods to Sophie. "The morgue seems like an excellent place to go in order to finish this up. We should probably get something to wrap the body in as well." he says. "I'd also like to know about that prayer to lagoma, if you would be willing to share later?"

Sophie turns to look at Gregory and she nods. "I have a key to the morgue, if needed. I think once he's inside we should make sure nobody else can get to him. I'm sure there are others that would rather us not inspect him as closely." Sophie sighs as she glances back at him and she says, "Poor man... "

With a slow motion, Ajax slides penance back into his scabbard, brown eyes lock onto the corpse for a few moments his face going white. As Delilah says something towards them he regains just a hint of color nodding his head in clear gratitude.

"Please do, let's get them informed at once. I need to see this taken to the morgue and notify the proper authorities. In this case..." There's no reason why she offers that faint smile. Hairpins wiped off on a cloth provided by one of the guards, she then straightens up fully. "We shan't need to worry overmuch, Scribble can see to the messages. If he's still about. Let's hope this doesn't prove too thrilling. We might wish a wagon to make the transportation somewhat more subtle and avoid exciting everyone, no?"

"Gods." the little dragon statue clutched in hand where Alarissa starts to rise, a glance to the were-cuthbert. "Should I ..... burn my shoe and clothing?" She tentatively asked, far more calm.

"In that case, we probably also need an armed escort. Do we have sufficient, or should we ask for assistance?" Gregory asks, gesturing towards Ajax.

"Do you want me to continue to aid you with this," Ysabel questions as she to stands with Delilah and makes room for the body to be prepared for transport.

Merek offers a polite slow nod to the others, then he pulls his cloak about him, hood up, his full gloves on shifted to adjust his scarf on his lower face while he makes for the exit. He places a tip on the table for the wine and whiskey, one of which is on the floor, and decidedly a better pool of red than than, you know. The other thing. Poetic, in a way.

Sophie says, "I'll walk with the escort.Just in case...." Sophie scribbles a note quickly and passes it to the dove, who flies off with it. Sophie gives a glance toward Alarissa and gives her a comforting smile. "Be careful where you wash them, but I think perhaps they might be saved?" She doesn't sound altogether positive of this, though.

"I will get you a torch, Princess. If you need." Ajax offers so very helpfully, before he tilts his head towards Sophie and Gregory, "If you need an escort. I can rouse a couple of my boys. But it may be wiser to just have the guard handle the transport of this."

Sir Floppington, the soulful hound leaves, following Rowenova.

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