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Dame Imi Deadfall

If I don't stand up in the face of adversity for others, why should I ever expect people to stand up for me?

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Steel and Honor
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Deadfall
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Widow
Age: 23
Birthday: 3/27
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: 5'8"
Hair Color: Jet
Eye Color: Dark Honey
Skintone: Brown

    Waist-length black hair in silken jet is usually kept bound in a tight braid to keep the locks out of the way, but on those occasions when it's undone the natural curl draws out the true luster of her hair. The blush of youth is still seen in her slightly soft looking face, the plump lips and full cheeks and button nose only highlighting this image. Her honey brown eyes are frequently drawn out with just a touch of makeup. This woman's 5'8" frame walks a balance between lush femininity and hard-working athleticism.

Personality: Imi's personality is best described as quick, or perhaps mercurial. She's fond of smiling, quick to laugh, and quick to enjoy a good jest - even if it's played on her. But she's equally as quick to action if something needs to be done; quick to anger if someone has provoked such; quick to the defense of the weak; and quick to holy wrath when she sees an injustice performed.

Background: Imi Deadfall is the last of her line, the daughter of a Baron whose stand was epic, noble, and yet ultimately one that brought about the fall of House Deadfall. She was raised in the lands of ice and snow, far to the north where the sway of the Compact comes to its most tenuous end. In the frozen plains, under the shadow of tall mountains, Deadfall eeked out a living in leather trade and ice-shipments to lands further south and kept guard on the northern most frontier for their liege. The only daughter born to the Baron, Imi was raised with affection and a great deal of indulgence.

Squiring with the Sword of Deadfall, Imi learned the arts of war and battle. Studying under the priest of their village, she picked up the rudiments of Pantheonic religion. And watching her father at court, the young woman was tempered with a sense of true justice...and later learning that being truly just is a difficult road to walk when politics requires greater flexibility.

When the Bringers of Silence began their march, Deadfall was in the way. Betrayed by Tolamar Brand the village was overrun while trying to buy time, to delay the Bringers from marching through the pass that the Deadfalls held. Imi wanted to stand next to her father, but was instead sent away, to the south. She would have protested harder, had she not been charged with seeing the defenseless to safety. So she road south before the battle, leading the way on a hell-bent charge to safety.

It wouldn't be the first ride south, as she had to keep going before each new onslaught. The people she lead south grew with each village they went through, until finally Arx was in sight. But Arx did not provide safety, and Imi got her wish to stand in defense of the defenseless, to try to exact justice on the Bringers.

For her valiant efforts in the Siege of Arx, and recognizing her family and holdfast were gone, Imi was offered a chance to join the King's Own and take up the silver sword. It's an opportunity she accepted, and has served them without complaint since then.

Relationship Summary

  • Alarissa - More wonderful than expected.

  • Spouse:
  • Faye - "Good luck, " he said...

  • Family:
    The crown:
  • Corban - First Captain of the King's Own
  • Name Summary
    Ajax A knight with a sense of humor. How charming.
    Alarissa I choose my protege's carefully and in them, I look for something special. She is a formidable woman who has seen much in her life and chosen a path in life that is not for many, but most assuredly, is for her and I admire that.
    Alexis Dame Imi Deadfall of the King's Own. What is there to say? She's an aspirational figure and I feel a strong kinship with her, as though we'd been friends for years. I should be proud to call her friend, and I hope she feels the same.
    Anisha Dame Imi Deadfall of the King's Own appears in every way to be the very model of her profession. Devoted, stern and ever-ready. The fun, of course, lies in getting to know her and finding out where and how she diverts and differs - to find beauty in both flaws and talents.
    Astrid Strong, courageous, and somewhat lost when I first met her. Imi has grown into a staunch friend.
    Austen A fine sister of the Silver Swords. I would trust her with my life.
    Conall At first, I thought she was just another knight currying favor with Princess Reese, but that changed quickly. King's Own - serious business, that, a lifelong and honorable commitment. But the name...Imi Deadfall. Of the fallen House that bore the same name. Five years is a short amount of time, and I should have remembered. But it is something I shall not forget now, and I am determined to get to know Dame Imi better, and perhaps, in time, something may be done for the memory of Deadfall against the wicked who destroyed it.
    Delfina A Knight of the King's Own, a tough woman and serious about her training. I hope to spar with her one day when she is fully recovered from her injuries.
    Delilah Dame Imi possesses great insight and wisdom to the nature of the world. How refreshing to speak with a woman who thinks deeply upon the nature of the world and society. She challenged some of my viewpoints, expanded others. Thoroughly enjoyable, someone to call a friend one day, perhaps.
    Eleanor Maybe I'm not allowed to call someone else young, but I predict she'll rise quickly through the ranks, either way.
    Evaristo Knightly but very SOCIAL too, gave me some good tips on how to survive in a special place, I think she suggested NOT TO GO, but eh, it was just a recommendation really. Great representation of the King's Own.
    Faye Delightful company, and seems to be an honest and trustworthy person. I'd enjoy getting to know her better.
    Fecundo Knight of the King's Own and seeking patronage. Whether she chooses my offer or not, I think this young lady will do well. Miranda would certainly like her.
    Flora I met Imi when we were both northern nobles. To find her again in the city is amazing. She was always my favorite knight.
    Gawain She's bold, I'll give her that. I promise if we ever have to travel together not to put -everything- on the top shelf.
    Harlex She heard of my reputation and sought me out anyway, to test her mettle in the sands. Says enough. But that she stood her ground, when faced with the reality of it, well -- I like this one.
    Jaenelle Dame Imi is a woman who takes her duties as King's Own very seriously, though it could be argued it is not simply duty. I feel as if I have done her a disservice in not visiting the King's Own Tower more frequently in recent times to annoy her.
    Jeffeth What a wonderful little knight. She was absolutely lovely. Spending time with her made the hours just fly right by. Most of my interactions with the members of the Kingsguard are that way. I do hope we have the opportunity to adventure together!
    Llewella A most gracious knight with a shining, inner strength.
    Martino Truly a delightful member of the King's Own. Devout in her protection of the Compact, the King and friendly in it as well. Not like those dour guards who never smile. This one is much better with something of a twist in her childhood.
    Mirella A pleasant Dame of the King's Own, which speaks well enough of her as it is -- skill, bravery and friendliness combined. The fact that she can be so personable and upbeat while recovering from an injury is especially admirable.
    Pharamond She managed to speak plainly while not doing such. Not an easy skill, and usually less so for those who do not delve regularly into politics!
    Preston She appeared contrite, and obviously not an ideal first meeting, but there are many who would have made excuses or blamed others. She did not, which says much for her character.
    Reese Of a fallen house and finding a new path. She has wisdom and a kind of supportive intelligence. I feel blessed to have run into right at this moment. I think the King in good hands with her.
    Rysen A knight of the King's Own whose courage and compassion mark her as a beacon of hope and shinning example of the code of chivalry.
    Sophie Brave, and maybe a little foolish. Still, she's here and alive. I'm glad.
    Sparte A dutiful member of the King's Own. You don't join the elite of the Compact without being someone impressive, and she likes chocolate. Are we chocolate buddies now?
    Tescelina Confident and strong in presence, eye-catching and gallant. If only I had the wherewithal to speak a little more to her in our travels. Perhaps that time will come.