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Reese Grayson vs. Talen Artiglio

Princess Reese of House Grayson and Sir Talen Artiglio, Sword of the Velenosa, Dark Knight of Lenosia will duel to conclude the public challenge, accusation and then apology.

The terms are to first blood (40 damage and higher) wearing and wielding nothing surpassing high quality steel or leather (no rubicund, diamondplate, alaricite, etc).


Feb. 22, 2017, 7 p.m.

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Niccolo(RIP) Reese Talen


Arcelia(RIP) Thesarin Acacia Tristram Merek Calista Mydas(RIP) Tikva Eirene Mathias(RIP) Victus Ford(RIP) Leta Eleyna Killian(RIP) Jaenelle Julea Asger(RIP) Caelis Luca(RIP) Alistair Valencia Haati Alis Deva Lark Audric(RIP) Bianca Max(RIP) Lydia Signe Isolde Desiree Atrid



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Velenosa Grounds

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Comments and Log


I wasn't sure initially what to expect. The lead-up to the entire thing felt like it belonged on the stages of the Black Rose rather than announced to the populace itself.

Duke Niccolo's reply was quite good though. It had that professional air and practiced decorum where others might've just waved their hand and been annoyed. He slighted no one.

When Talen lost upon that first blood to that excellent cut of Princess Reese, again the announcement only brought honor. The Princess fought well. Kinda glad I didn't bet on that one.

Eleyna walks out of the Estate in a gown of crimson silk accented with golden touches that matches the gold of the pearl-encrusted hairnet that restrains a wealth of pale blond curls and a pair of golden earrings fashioned into snakes. She hesitates a moment to gaze out over the gathering crowd before she heads in the direction of her cousins.

Carissa, a Malvici bodyguard arrives, following Eirene.

Whisper, a Snowy Owl, Frostbite, a Shewolf arrive, following Killian.

A duel of honor is, of course, exactly the sort of thing a Knight like Alis would show up to. And so she arrives with only herself and her watchful eyes, finding a place where she can see what happens without being in the way. But, also able to see. She's sort people, let her stand near the front.

Merek had taken his time to arrive, and he is covered in a full black cloak, with the hood up. Should he come across nobles and those above his station, he inclines and offers the respects due their station, but then he is at a corner of the gardens, where he has decided to watch from, at a bench, settled in. He pulls out a cherry cgiarillo, and places it to his lips, striking some flint, before he inhales from it in the autumn weather.

Reese is here in her silvery set of steel plate. She has a borrowed house Laurent longsword at her hip. The blonde princess is standing, not wanting to get comfortable and relaxed by taking a seat. She seems calm, but tense like a feline ready to pounce. Her expression is somberly serious.

Lark arrives with Lady Tikva, Count Thesarin, and Lord Killian. They take their places, chit-chatting as they do so.

Ford parks himself on the bench in the garden, crunching away on his apple, draping his leg over the other.

Caelis wanders in, warming her hands in the folds of her skirt as she looks around. She'll take her time looking around and wandering over to the benches and sitting down quietly. She offers a few smiles around to Ford and Audric, lifting a hand to wave to her aunt Eirene.

Eleyna has joined the benches by the fountain.

Jaenelle slips from the Velenosa estate, scanning for familiar faces. She ends up moving towards Luca and Isolde, pausing by her sister in law to offer a small pose. Showing off the dress perhaps? It is certainly not a long pose, feeling a bit self conscious with the complete lack of modesty, and sitting beside the pair.

Jaenelle has joined the benches by the fountain.

Eirene's here with her guard, dressed warmly in her leathers with the coat collar turned up and her sword buckled outside her garments tied with multi-colored ribbons to celebrate the honored dead. She motions to Caelis and goes to join the younger Malvici, flask already in hand. She mutters to the seafarer and wriggles her eyebrows.

Lark has joined the alcove by the archway.

Isolde smiles brightly as Jaenelle approaches, wearing the outfit. "It looks magnificent on y ou, darling."

Killian has joined the alcove by the archway.

"Oh, but my lord, surely it is better to air out insults in duels that honor Gloria than to permit them to fester, causing rancor and ill feeling to linger," Tikva is saying in light, airy tones, her eyes crinkling just a little at the corners. "A duel to first blood honors the gods, and it will harm neither participant but the matter will be settled for good! Besides, it won't hurt anything to get the blood up, will it?"

Tikva has joined the alcove by the archway.

Pariah, The StormCrow, 5 Redoubt Buccaneers arrive, following Maximilian.

    Catching sight of Audric, Julea lifts her hand up in a quick wave, and makes her way over towards the Captain General, a grin settling upon her lips as she nears. The front corner of her old hat is nudged up, and then her coat given a quick tug, before she smoothes it down over her hips and asks of him. "What do you think? Does is suit me?"

Eirene unscrews the flask and takes a drink, winking at Caelis already.

Mathias steps into the grounds wearing his usual leather armour, the tabard of the Crimson Blades over it. He doesn't move towards anyone in particular, going to lean against a wall to watch the fight.

Maximilian has joined the garden benches.

Niccolo arrives with Deva and Talen, his arm gallantly linked with the former while he remains in quiet conversation with both her and Talen. Once they reache the gathering, he bows with a faint smile to Deva and while he remains standing next to her, unlinks his arm from hers to turn to Talen. He pats his ward on the shoulder. "Gods bring you victory, son," is what he ends up saying to him.

Maximilian moves into the plaza, scanning the crowd. Oh look - Ford. Lets go sit with him.

Caelis reaches for the flask, grinning with a shake of her head at Eirene. She takes a drink, leaning over to whisper back to the other Malvici.

Balanar, a shadowy Confessor, Gaius, a Thraxian Confessor arrive, following Alistair.

Audric beams a smile at Caelis as he spots her, shifting to look towards Julea as she approaches. He raises an eyebrow. "I'm not entirely sure," he says. "I think it probably would without the shoulder bits." He grins at Julea, clearly teasing the woman, before producing a flask and taking a drink.

Killian follows, ever at Lark's side, staying close at hand and keeping a watchful eye upon those nearest to the Princess.

An Unremarkable Associate arrives, following Acacia.

Thesarin has joined the alcove by the archway.

Alistair and the Inquisition cheer squad arrives. Who are they rooting for? Injuries. The Hoods keep their distance, as is their nature, Alistair stern gaze sweeping along the Velenosa grounds to take note of all who are present... and who isn't present.

Deva looks more tense than smiling. Maybe even a little bit grim. There's a glance over her shoulder as she steps out of the estate with Niccolo and Talen, and then a curious look to the crowd. She bows her head to the dark knight, sharply so, but says not a word. Her hands fold together behind her back, holding still as she focuses on the prepared arena.

Jaenelle beams, blushing slightly at Isolde's compliment, "I do hope I do it justice, it is beautiful." Her eyes lift to Talen, Niccolo, and her cousin when then enter, though she does not wish to distract.

Thesarin arrives iwth the other Grayson nobles and patiently waits for the next few moments.

Eirene asks Audric, "Oh, you're playing too? Wonderful." She sniggers at Caelis' comment and pats her coat. "You think I have just -one?-" She shakes her head in amusement, pinned black and white braids firmly kept in place. "Oh and goodness. I have an autopsy tonight, I can't get too drunk." She glances around, raising the flask in toast to Niccolo and Talen in greeting. Max gets at tip of the flask too but she drinks from it afterwards.

Acacia slips into the Estate amid the crowds, inclining her head once towards some of those House guards lingering about the area and then weaving her way further through the gathering in order to try to catch a better view.

Merek looks to Talen and Niccolo as he sees them, then his gaze is shifted upon Reese. He seems to watch on with curiosity, for he has rarely been at many duels.

The armoured individual that accompanies Niccolo pauses and listens, then his mirrormask-inspired helmet dips in acknowledgement, no words given in reply. As he separates and marches into the arena he takes his position and looks off to the sidelines, the visor down but pale gray-blue eyes turn to find Luca. Raising his arms, he waits for the traditional 'pat down' to find any untoward weapons.

    Julea swipes a hand over those shoulders and gives Audric a brief glance, initially clearly not sure if he is jesting, but when he grins, her own matches and she snorts. Her own flask is retrieved from an inner pocket and brought to her lips, gaze scanning the area and spotting Ford, she gives him a quick nod once the flask is lowered.

Eleyna's eyes turn toward the trio of Niccolo, Deva, and Talen as they enter the make-shift dueling grounds. She watches the three quietly, her face carefully expressionless before she turns her pale blue gaze toward Talen himself and the hint of a grin steals over her features.

Maximilian lifts his flask to Eirene as well - a grin coming to his lips as he takes a seat. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. Dyen' times here. Two (wo)men enter. One person leaves.

Alis smiles faintly and gives a subtle greeting towards Isolde and Deva as she spots them, though her eyes then turn towards the soon-to-be duelists with curiousity.

Audric glances over at Eirene when he's addressed, all wide-eyed innocence. "I'm always playing a game, of course, but I'm afraid I've no idea what you're referring to this time, Lady Eirene," he says, cheerfully, then looks back at Julea. "Who's your favorite, then?"

Luca, as second to the Sword of Lenosia, was here early for the event, 'overseeing' or something. Which is to say, he was sprawled out by the fountain drinking lightly in his usual black on black on black outfit of late, though at least with hood of his dark cloak down tonight. Mostly, he made sure that the fighting circle laid out in the center of the most open space of the Velenosa grounds was properly spaced and clean of debris, and otherwise made sure to sample some of the Lycene wines brought out for refreshment of the onlookers. When his family started gathering near to the fountain, he was nodding somberly to them, waiting, it seems for the guests of honor. Reese's arrival sent the Champion prince sliding easily up to feet, to walk past her, murmuring some words with a faint amused air. Then Niccolo arrived with the night's champion knight, and...another whom Luca's cinnamon eyes flitted past without even looking to. To the mirror-faced armored Dark Knight Talen, Luca went then, to begin the process of patting him down.

It's about ten seconds in before Luca's snorting and drawing free a rubicund stiletto from somewhere discretely off the knight's person and continuing downward while whispering something to the man with a rueful shake of head. Ah Lycene. Always with the hidden blades.

Thesarin has left the alcove by the archway.

Thesarin has joined the alcove by the archway.

Ford raises his apple to Julea with a nod. No flask. But it'll do.

Talen drops a villainous, blood-crimson rubicund stiletto with a warped and twisted leather-bound handgrip.

Reese makes her way closer to the arena. She fiddles with the straps on her breastplate, making sure it is secured correctly. The Grayson princess allows herself to be searched for any illegal equipment if such is going to be done. Her blue eyes are somber and her metal adorned body holds of the coiled tension of one who is ready to take action. She gives Sir Talen a polite nod of greeting.

Letting Talen move forward, Niccolo remains at Deva's side and clasps his hands behind his back. He studies the Redrain princess and narrows his eyes, speaking to her quietly. His attention then goes back forward. He watches the pat down that Luca does of Talen and his eyes narrow at his ward, but the archduke says nothing.

Calista makes her way through the throngs of people, weaving around and between spectators with the sort of elegant grace that is indicative of her status and noble birth. Shadows cling to her licentious curves like a jealous lover, shrouded in black silk beneath black fur. Her long dark hair tumbles down to just about the middle of her back, free from bindings. Her eyes of shadowed emerald find Isolde and Jaenelle among the crowd and she makes her way to them. "Good evening Your Highnesses. What a night for a fight!"

There sure is a lot of talking before getting to the bloody fightin'. That sentiment is written on Mathias' face as he watches the going-ons of the nobility when their honour is threatened. He looks around to make sure he has the right place, but it seems this is, indeed, the way duels of honour are to be fought. He settles back against his wall, more perplexed than ever. When he does see Reese, however, the sellsword grins, but otherwise doesn't try to distract her.

Caelis offers a wave to Luca and looks back to Audric. "We're having a bit of a drinking game." She tells him and looks to Eirene. "If you get too sauced Auntie I'll drink for you too, I'm not up to much." She confides.

The Inquisitor and his Confessor minions murmur to each other as Luca produces a knife from Talen's person. Is that against the rules? Do they care about the rules here? Also which version of the rules apply. Neither seem rather adept at Velenosian dueling protocol... so they leave it to the experts. Alistair clasps his hands behind his back, his gaze falling to the challenger, Reese. The man stares at her for a long moment, before he suddenly approaches to speak with her quietly.

Reese looks upon Alistair, having a polite nod for the inquisitor. She then murmurs softly back toward him.

Arcelia joins the mass of people, walking over to the first familiar faces she sees, Caelis and Eirene. Wrapped in a brown cloak that is lined with fur she moves to stand near the woman, nodding her head respectfully to the woman as she approaches. "Good evening."

"Well, drinking's always a good thing to do!" Audric says, cheerfully, before moving towards Caelis and Eirene - and guiding Julea along with him if she's amenable. "Any rules, or is it more of a race?"

Deva returns Alis' gesture with a quick flutter of her fingers and a nod of her head. Behind her back, her fingers fiddle with the wraps around her wrists, ever moving. As Niccolo speaks to her, she considers her words for a beat before murmuring a quiet reply. Her expression shifts into a small, stiff smile before it flickers into something more neutral. She looks to Reese, then, head tilting curiously as she studies the Grayson princess.

The Inquisitor stares at Reese in silence and then inclines his head, seeming to accept the answer she gives him before he steps back and removes his interrupting presnece.

Haati arrives, following Valencia.

Valencia, Atrid arrive, following Leta.

12 Thrax Elite Guards arrives, following Victus.

    Julea is guided, talking quietly with Audric for a moment, as she clearly considers both Talen and Reese, or more to the point, she's considering their weapons.

"Duchess Calista" Jaenelle greets the woman warmly as she approaches, motioning for one of the seats beside the fountain, "join us, won't you? It has been ages since we last spoke I feel and a little piece of myself has just not been the same." She grins slightly, waiting to see if the woman will sit or not. "It is lovely" she says, looking uoward then around."

The dark knight's confiscated weapon isn't even looked toward but he does offer a muffled comment, soft bass losing the words to the wind meant only for Luca. When Reese nods in his direction he stares back at her and for a time, it looks as though he wouldn't acknowledge it. Yet, he does. Stepping across the field he extends a hand while leaning over the gesture to give her words of his own. After a moment he treads the distance from the center to the side lines, toward Eleyna. There he calls up to her, free hands touching the bannister. "Princess Eleyna of House Velenosa, as I fight in your liege's name, will you gift me your favour?"

Tristram stands in whatever corner passes for Reese's corner, watching the people lining up with a big smile.

Eirene just shrugs at Audric, not going into detail. "Just the one? Ha." She seems unsurprised and yet amuesd by Luca's discovery. But as the mirrored knight asks for a favor she rolls her eyes a little. "Drama, drama, drama. We never bother with this nonsence in Southport. We just have at, usually trading insults."

Merek shifts hips while he continues to watch, and nods to a messenger that runs off. His gaze is then back upon the participants, while he seems to study the method of how these duels are done, and looks at the weapons and armor with which they are fought.

Molly arrives, delivering a message to Merek before departing.

Caelis leans in as Audric joins them to explain the drinking game quietly, Julea gets a nod hello as well.

Reese listens to Talen's softly spoken words. She seems to have a quickly whispered reply for him.

Alis' curiousity is piqued of course, and she glances over her shoulder toward Eirene. "During a duel? Really? I have to know... what sorts of insults? Is that part of the duel? Are the insults judged?" So many questions!!!

Diddanwch the Pine Marten arrives, following Asger.

Mydas has joined the alcove by the archway.

Valencia looks taken aback by the large crowd. She glances about offering polite nods to those she knows, and small smiles to those she knows well.

    Moving over with Audric, Julea rises a hand in a wave to Caelis, and then a small nod to Eirene, offering a greeting, "I'm Julea, not sure if we've met, or if I just don't remember because I was drunk, or got just a shit memory." She adds, tucking her own flask back within her coat and briefly looking out towards Talen as he requests the favor.

Victus Thrax arrives late but apparently not _too_ late, to which he makes a satisfied grunt in the back of his throat. Surrounded by a guards who find everybody and everything to be suspicious and possible threats against their high lord (these are tense times), he drifts to find himself a choice spot to settle in to watch the fight. As usual he's dressed simply; cotton shirt, matching pants, and a grey woolen coat over it all as a surrender to the encroaching chill weather. Its an outfit that could be long to any common captain of his fleet.

He scratches at his cheek, then fishes through his coat's inner pockets for a flask.

Arcelia remains with the two Malvici women but lets them go about their talk of drinking games. She nods her head to Ford and then to Merek before she turns her attention to Reese and Talen.

Audric lets out another laugh, tilting his head to listen to Caelis. Then he raises his flask, taking another drink. "You're almost certainly right, Jules," he says, cheerfully. "I've never minded the drama. It's a nice change from how our lot tends to handle such things in the field: you wake up when a boot thumps into your ribs and consider yourself lucky if you don't wake up with too many broken."

Atrid gets a bit turned around by the large crowd but remains close to Valencia after all he showed up with her group. He thinks for a momen.

Luca finishes a patdown thorough enough even for most Inquisitors to think it was excessive probably, but manages to come away with no other hidden weapons, poisons, or other implments of troublesome matters than the rubicund stiletto he tucks into back of his belt. Clapping Talen on the armored shoulder hard enough to ring out, he ends with a smirking whisper and then heads off back towards fountain benches, nodding to various and sundry sorts gathered. In passing Alistair, he murmurs something to the Inquisitor.

Isolde has left the benches by the fountain.

Jaxon, Champion of the Reflection, Tails, the arctic fox, 5 Velenosa House Guards, The Mirrormasked Woman leave, following Isolde.

Calista has joined the benches by the fountain.

"Eirene Malvici," she responds to Julea, grinning at the circumstances. She glances at Arcelia and offers her the flask. "Care to play, sweets?" Alis' question is met with a shrug. "I guess it depends on if it was a real honor duel or over something totally dumb. Usually the crowd gives indication which jibes are better and that person tends to get first few drinks bought for them regardless of how the fight goes."

Eleyna turns when she hears her name called and tilts her head at the dark knight's request. With a little smirk, she threads her way through the crowd to approach Talen where he stands at the sidelines. With a tilts of her head, she murmurs, "I didn't come prepared for this. Terribly sorry. Will you settle for part of a sleeve?" She murmurs something under her breath to the Velenosan Sword and then holds out an arm, inviting the silk to be torn.

    Victus' arrival doesn't go unnoticed by Julea and she lifts her hand up in a quick wave, before it sets back against her hip, thumb hooking into the waistband of her pants. "I'm always almost certainly right." She says towards Audric, before her head dips at the greeting given by Eirene.

Merek does not miss Arcelia's nod, and since he does not wish to interrupt the people that are around, he offers a humble respectful bow, and to any others that look his way, gaze back on the match not far from its beginning.

Leta struts uncertainly into the area, and nods to some she escorted here. One hand rests on the hilt of her sword, the other holds her cloak closed. She has a friendly smile on and nods politely to those she knows. After a passing, respectful glance to some of the Velenosa family, just in case, she finds herself strolling over in the direction of Audric and Julea, chewing on her lip as she goes. "Fine day, Captain General."

Proper Frisking Procedure. (PFP - Inquisition Handbook Page 15) Can never been excessive, so there is no comment to Luca's pat down. Alistair stands at the edge of the fighting circle, his Confessor goons having disappeared off into the crowds to either find trouble makers or ward off trouble. For a moment he glances over to the new High Lord of Thrax, his gaze lingering before it moves on as he waits for the fights to begin.

Jaenelle spots Victus, and perhaps is the only person in the city to smile brightly at him. She wiggles her fingers and motions towards the benches she has decided were her's. It is a clear invitation to the High Lord, and she might even pout. Maybe. She does pause in her random invitation to watch Isolde move back into the house, turning back to Calista afterwards to speak softly to her.

Asger arrives whistling as always and with a look into the crowd spots a familiar face. Making his way into the crowd he comes to stand beside Monique and mentions aside to in a rather even tone, "It's been a while, my friend. You're looking well as ever, have things gone like you planned." Turning he looks out over at those around him as he keeps an ear to the woman.

Asger has joined the pathway benches.

Haati comes in with Valencia and group, but finds himself movng over to Victtus and the others around him nodding to hsi liege and lord, "Good evening Prince, lords, ladues..." he nods to them all as he looks to see the two duelists and where things stand for the moment.

Blue eyes look over to Eirene as Arcelia looks to the Flask. "I will... but someone may have to carry me home." She laughs softly. She takes the offered Flask. "And what are the rules for this drinking game?" She turns her attention to Haati as he passes and nods her head kindly to him.

Tristram has joined the pathway benches.

Valencia has joined the benches by the fountain.

As Eleyna replies and descends to the edge of the arena, the Sword of Lenosia proceeds to do his due diligence in taking hold of the fabric and after a moment, -tears- it to the horror of most Lycene seamstresses. "I will, your highness," he completes after. With a bow given he then turns his way backwards to the pit and fastens it around his dominant arm's wrist. With that he stands at the ready, hand upon the hilt of his sword. "My shield, Luca," he calls to Luca then, awaiting the transfer of the heavy mirrored surface. "I am ready on Princess Reese's mark."

    "Leta, it has been too long!" Julea is quick to call out to the approaching sellsword, her voice rising to almost a shout in an attempt to carry above the general chatter of the crowd. There's a broad grin forming on her lips, and she brings hands from her side to push up the corner of her hat. When the woman is a little closer, she adds. "Sorry no utensils lately, I'm a bit behind. Hope to get some more out to you soon."

Talen wields a narrow, high quality steel longsword with a grooved tang and silver fox pommel.

Maximilian lounges at a bench with Ford and Desiree, a sense of causal amusement for the pomp of the duel.

Reese wields Gold decorated steel longsword.

2 House Wyrmguard Guards arrives, following Bianca.

Eirene leans in to the Saik maiden and whispers something, grinning impishly.

Niccolo continues his quiet conversation with Deva, his eyes on the combatants. Seeing Valencia, he offers a faint smile in her direction and inclines his head to the young woman. He responds to whatever Deva tells him, with a glance at where everyone is sitting.

Victus's gaze turns briefly just a touch wry when he spies Jaenelle and her oh so bright and sunny smile. But instead of joining her and those around her, the High Lord drifts in the direction of one of the other High Lords present, moving towards another area. One where Lark stands with the other Graysons. He takes up a spot and then turns to face the coming fight, his dark eyes fixed on the pair of duellists, studying one then the other.

Reese lifts her chin at Talen's words, this taut alertness overtaking the blonde princess. She looks in her dark knight's direction, giving him a nod. "I am ready, Sir Talen. May Gloria be with us." She then draws her golden steel blade.

Bianca entered the grounds and after a quick glance around, she headed for the garden benches with guards in tow.

To her credit, Eleyna only winces a -little- when she feels the fabric of her sleeve give and then tear. She waits there a moment, watching Talen walk toward the center of the pit as he ties that strip of crimson fabric around his wrist before turning to return to her seat.

Bianca has joined the garden benches.

Or not! Apparently that alcove was far too crowded. Who wants crowded places.

Victus has joined the benches by the fountain.

Arcelia nods her head with a soft laugh. "Alright." The small lady was surely in for a fun evening.

Sunrise, lilac breasted roller arrives, delivering a message to Victus before departing.

Eirene drinks! And then passes the flask around to her company.

Caelis sighs and looks to Eirene. She reaches for the flask to take a sip and bumps Audric lightly before handing the flask back to Eirene. "Want to ensure I make it home ok?" She asks and hooks a crooked grin at the man.

Arcelia takes the flask and drinks!

Tristram watches the combatants eagerly, and says, "Praise Gloria!"

Eirene gets a standard steel flask decorated with black kid leather from a black leather belt with a silver falcon buckle.

Luca apparently forgot the shield part, since he's altering his approach back to the fountain benches with some embarrassment, ducking a glance towards Niccolo, or Niccolo-adjacent, before jogging over to Talen to arrange the mirrored shield. He nods to Talen, gives him another thump, then nods across to Reese, and steps back, settling to watch from the perch he had on the fountain again.

Eirene laughs and takes another drink, shaking her head in dry amusement. "Hopefully it won't be so bad; at least my next patient is already dead so there's no chance I'll do something dumb on the operating table tonight."

Haati nods to Julea, prefering the company of the other smith there to watch the match with and those she is with as well. "Hello sword smith.. It is good to see you again." The large amount people there doesn't suit him well enough, especially when most are so highly ranked, even the two that are about to do battle even. his only interest for the moment is to watch how well the equipment does, and to see how well Reese does. he has met her on several occasions and has enjoyeed theur conversations. "To Gloria!" he raises a glass he snags from a server thaat passes, something to calm the nerves as well.

Arcelia laughs and takes another drink herself.

And then another!

With a clean draw of his blade, Talen then advances with his shield in place, thanks to Luca's assistance. It's raised, drawn to protect his side as he steps closer to the Grayson princess to begin combat.

Caelis reaches for the flask. "I was about to say I thought we picked the wrong word." Caelis murmurs and looks to Arcelia. "That's the spirit lovely!" She sighs and takes another drink as well and looks at Audric, arching a brow.

Eirene says, "Oh no, that's never the case." She take another quick swig and laughs. "Hopefully this will be a short fight and we can get out of here quickly..."

    Julea watches Victus for a moment then turns her attention to Haati when he joins her, giving him a quick grin, and indicating Talen and Reese as they prepare. "This should be interesting, I'm curious to see if it plays out how I expect." She comments to the Thraxian Smith, her hand sliding back into the front pocket of her pants and her body slouching a bit to the side.

Leta grins brightly at Julea, her mildly tense expression giving way for a moment, "Firesmith! No trouble, no trouble, I reckon I've enough for now. Haven't even had the chance to use some of those last ones, have I?" she winks, then turns back to the field, watching the proceedings with some bemusement, and takes a few steps back.

Deva loosely crosses her arms in front of her, shifting her weight to one side in a casual fashion. While engaging in occasional quiet conversation with the Archduke, she focuses almost entirely on the arena. And Reese's shiny sword.

Eirene checked dexterity + all against difficulty 9, resulting in 16, 7 higher than the difficulty.

Talen inflicts minor damage to Reese.

Atrid looks around at those gathered to those he recognizes he gives a nod of greeting before turning his eyes back to whats going on.

Reese sure is shiny. Her armor is silvery and her blade sparkles with golden bees. She charges at Talen, showing no fear and a good deal of brash youthful energy. Talen parries her first attack and his armor absorbs the force of her second attack. She is able to block his first attack with her blade, but his second attack lands true, likely causing the girl a bruise. She winces, likely she didn't mean to wince, but reactions hard to control sometimes. The bruise is not first blood. She is standing, seemingly ready to keep trying.

Haati nods and relaxes as the gods are praised enough, the one that will matter for the duel. he speaks more with Julea, "I have my favorite I suppose. More so because I know the Princess... I had only met Talen a short bit." And what he had one can garner from the lok that it was not one he cherishes as a memory with some fondness. More a eh to the tilt of the name in the end.

Talen's expressions are hidden behind the visor but one can see him squaring off after Reese effectively parries him, causing him to side step and take a new perspective of his prey. When he shuffles forward in lumbered, burdened step it's slow enough that his equally armoured opponent can put up enough of a defense that she gets the flat of the blade. A shove of his bulky shield to slam her backwards, then he drives forward for another crunch of steel.

Reese inflicts minor damage to Talen.

    "I favour Sir Talon's blade." Julea comments as an aside to Haati, her hand untucking from her pocket to indicate Talen, or rather the longsword he wields. She does briefly glance towards the garden benches, her attention divided. "The gold would weaken it."

Valencia returns Victus' look, her eyes fond and yet amused by his glance. She takes a breath and directs attention to the fight.

Reese charges at Talen again with her long golden sword, managing to hit the dark knight hard enough upon his left arm to likely leave a nasty bruise behind. She seems encouraged by that. Still that bruise is certainly not first blood either. The blonde princess is hit twice by Talen, but she can be a little tank in her steel and his blows fail to cause her any harm.

Bound by so many plates of high quality steel fashioned by clearly talented smiths, it seems almost an impenetrable fortress for each combatant to breach the other's defenses. When Talen cranes his neck as he backs off, his squared shoulders indicate an effort to show more aggression, to produce a heavier cleave on the next pass.

Haati nods as blow after blow rain between the two and he nods to Julea, "Perhaps... But for now it looks even. I wonder who will tire first and make the biggest misstep... That will decide it I think." Again the eyes of coin and sea watch the two duelists.

Leta takes a few steps back and into some quieter corner of the gardens, finding an opening through which to watch the fight with interest. She glances at Julea's comment on the sword and grins, turning her attention more closely to the weapons in use, fingers toying with the hilt of her own.

Leta has joined the shadowy corner of the gardens.

Reese inflicts serious damage to Talen.

Eirene watches the two duelists move back and forth, trading solid blows and blocks. Ooh, did the princess just get a good hit in? She widens her blue eyes and leans forward to take a better look.

Tempest, Atila arrive, following Signe.

Alejandro hand Calista an apple for her to nosh on while Talen and Reese go toe to toe. As it is not some oddly colored piece of fruit, the Duchess of Tor finds it is safe to eat and proceeds to take a bite. Her attention flits between the combatants and the company at her bench.

Arcelia had taken a few drinks but it wasn't yet enough to cloud her head or rather... maybe it just had not hit yet. Regardless, she leans forward with Eirene to watch a bit closer as the Princess hits Talen.

Caelis nudges Audric. "That's two more, drink up mister." She tells him and keeps her eyes on the fight. "Ouch. That was a good hit, think one of 'em will punch the other in the gut?" She wonders to the sellsword with a smile.

Maximilian fits a cigarello to his lips, striking a match on the sole of his boot.

"We can only hope," Audric says, cheerfully, tipping his flask up to catch up on the drinking game.

Reese watches Talen with an intense sort of focus, the Grayson princess ignoring all else save the dark knight. She notices as he changes his stance, the girl shifting her feet and charging in response. She tries to take advantage of his lowered defenses, swinging her blade against his left torso side and finding a small opening in his armor. Her sword slices into his skin, drawing the dark knight's blood.

Tikva squeaks in a startled, "Blood!"

Atrid heads towards his cousin and looks at him with a smile. "Hello Cousin I hope you are well this day. Would you happen to have another one of those by chance?"

Luca is overheard praising Reese for: She's got fine bladework for her age, I'll give her that certainly.

Valencia raises an eyebrow, but looks rather unfussed by the happenings on the field. Dark eyes roam the crowd as though hunting for someone. She smiles slowly.

Maximilian flips another cigarello out of his pocket, passing it to Atrid. "Max. My name is max." I live in fire and blood. Wait. Wrong movie. "Stop calling me cousin. Sounds like y9ou can't remember my fooken name, man..."

Mydas is overheard praising Reese for: Fine bladework!

Lydia's head quickly swivels back to the field, "Oh!" She calls out and then gets up to her feet as the duel comes to an end, applauding appreciatively.

Tristram is overheard praising Reese for: Well struck!

Victus is overheard praising Reese for: Smooth work.

Signe crosses to the benches, keeping an eye on those in the center of the grounds unless it's a taller man standing in front of her. She tries to avoid steppping on any feet while her two furry pets stay closeby. When they reach a clearer spot, the direwolf has the most intense eyes on Talen, for whatever reason. "E-excuse me, coming through, 'scuse me..." the Nightgold mumbles to the rest. When people start clapping, she brings her hands together too, almost completely unaware of the reason. Something to do with the fighting, most likely.

Acacia straightens from the wall she was practically bonded to, rendering a polite applause to join with the rest. There's a minor look that she casts towards Talen in his form, but she manifests only a small smile before slipping free once more.

An Unremarkable Associate leaves, following Acacia.

The grind of crossed blades from the parry provides a show of sparks before Reese's blade not only finds an opening in the gaps of overlapping plates but rents steel open. The slick, crimson vitae that sprays the sand in a sudden showing of his blood promises victory to the young princess, while Talen steps backwards not to immediately assess his wound but to throw his shield to the ground and clasp his blade with two hands and keep a steady defense for the moment.

Waiting the appropriate amount of time for a Mercy to confirm, the call is made for those who cannot see. "First blood goes to Princess Reese of House Grayson! Gloria has decided."

Victus lifts himself to his feet after taken something from Eleyna. He gives a little nod to the others at the benches he'd been sitting, but looks ready to depart with the matter of honor settled to Gloria's satisfaction.

Merek nods a bit from his position, and pulls his cloak to him, while he considers a bit. He does not seem talkative, just watching on in curiosity.

Lark frowns, endeavoring to lift both hands in a single halfhearted and inaudible clap. Then one more. This is an awkward win.

If Deva has a mood other than pensive, it doesn't show. Still, her chin lifts, and her hands join together to politely applaud both competitors as the duel comes to an end.

Ariadne, 3 Rubino and Zaffria guards arrive, following Sylvie.

Ford makes a face and pitches his finished apple core at some birds. Bastards.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Ford before departing.

Atrid takes the Cigarilly and places it between his lips striking a match and lighting it. "Aye Max Alrigh' Alrigh, I understan' ya." He says with a laugh as he takes the first drag of his cigarillo.

Alis watches the clash of blades with the appreciation of one who truly admires the work that goes into being that competent with a dword. Once the call is made, she claps politely for both the participants, and then steps back to head away from the crowds.

Haati nods and looks to Julea, "I should have bet something from you... Seems my luck and the skill of choice has won today." he smiles broadly and considers Julea for a moment looking over her and her casual state. he the turns and nods to Reese, praising her win.

Signe still has not found her family in the crowd. No matter, she's craning her neck at the bout. The finished bout. Late again, this girl.

Eirene has another drink as Talen calls it. She raises her flask in salute. "Good fight, good fight!"

Jaenelle wiggles her fingers towards Victus as he stands, ready to depart. She does not stand herself, remaining on the bench for a bit longer.

Audric takes another drink, cocking his head slightly to the side. "Well," he says. "I'd have lost some money today - certainly didn't see that particular outcome in the cards."

Calista has left the benches by the fountain.

When first blood is announced, Niccolo lifts a brow at the results. He steps forward and joins the clapping. "Well done, Princess Reese," he says and inclines his head to Talen. There his eyes linger with some amusement. When the Archduke speaks again, it's to turn to Reese and Lark both. "Princess Reese, already apologized to me, but really, there was no reason for it, as Gloria has decided," he looks between Reese and Lark. "Grayson holds the throne, for a reason. And today, we see some of it. Today, I hope people remember a valiant young woman. One who was quick to rush to the defense and honor of her family, because family is important. Now, there is something to say about sometimes slowing down, before we act, but I'd never hold it against you or your family the desire to defense those we love, those we care about."
    The archduke bows deeply before Reese, then repeats the gesture before Lark. "Today, I recognize the will of Gloria. There is no need for me to forgive you, Princess Reese, because there is no need for apology. I'm honored that you fought this duel with my Sword and that in doing so, we were still able to honor the gods." He looks to the crowd. "And I'm grateful to everyone here, that was witness to this event. Thank you."

    "I didn't either, thankfully I didn't put any money on it." Julea says towards Audric, and there's a bit of a grin there at Haati's words. "Alas, I get to keep all my silver. But next time I'm at the Ebb and Flow, will buy you a drink if you like." She offers the other smith.

Lark is overheard praising Niccolo for: Forgiving and honorable.

Caelis sighs and drinks too, looking at Eirene and then Audric. "Poor Audric. Need someone to buy you dinner?" she askas and looks up at Niccolo, taking two more drinks.

Calista gives her companions a warm smile as she moves to slip away.

Tristram is overheard praising Niccolo for: Gracious!

Luca rises up from the fountain benches a bit grimly, applauding, but without much vigor to it as he pushes his way through crowds to get to the duelist Sword, murmuring to a few in apology as he pushes past.

Tristram is overheard praising Talen for: Defining fighting for the honor of your house!

Niccolo is overheard praising Reese for: An honorable defense of family and tradition. Grayson should be proud of her.

Ariadne, 3 Rubino and Zaffria guards leave, following Sylvie.

Once all has been said and done, Merek makes his way onwards.

Merek has left the shadowy corner of the gardens.

Victus pauses long enough to hear Niccolo's words, and gives the man a brisk sort of nod in acknowledgement when the man is done. Then his guards form up around him, and the HIgh Lord of Thrax departs as briskly as he arrives.

Victus has left the benches by the fountain.

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Niccolo is overheard praising Lark for: A great leader, to a great House. I see much good happening under her guidance.

Reese lowers her blade after first blood is confirmed. Is she happy to have won? It is hard tell for certain, but she does seem surprised. The golden bees of her sword are now coated in the crimson of the dark knight. She looks toward Talen, concern in her blue eyes as she looks at his wound. She seems worried that he could be in pain, but she doesn't offer any words of comfort. She seems very awkward until the Niccolo speaks, then the girl sucks in a soft breath of relief before smiling this somber smile that touches her blue eyes. "Thank you Archduke." She says. She turns to Talen "And you Sir Talen, you honored me by accepting this duel."

Calista is overheard praising Niccolo for: My gracious liege! I could not be any more honored to serve House Velenosa.

"Oh, no, it's fine, I forgot to bet," Audric says, cheerfully. He looks quietly amused at something or other, and takes another drink from his flask.

Lydia is overheard praising Reese for: A well fought duel!

Calista is overheard praising Reese for: Well fought!

Reese is overheard praising Niccolo for: So Gracious

3 Fidante House Guards, Alejandro leave, following Calista.

Maximilian is overheard praising Niccolo for: Too right. Classy.

Reese is overheard praising Talen for: Well fought!

Eirene has another couple pulls off her flask. She grins at Audric and pats him on the arm. "S'why I rarely bet. At least this was entertaining."

Lark bows to Niccolo in turn. She says nothing from where she stands beneath the archway for he has said it all.

Lydia is overheard praising Talen for: Well fought!

Monique is overheard praising Talen for: Invigorating duelists!

Monique is overheard praising Reese for: Invigorating duelists!

Haati nods to Julea, "A drink and some lively conversation... I call that ample enough of a bet to win in this case." He nods to her once, "I look foreward to my prize of that drink."

Having found the alcove, Signe steps in and lightly nudges Lydia before she does similarly to Mydas. Looking at either with a crescent-eyed smile. Having found a place, she returns her attention to the speaking Grayson.

Next to Eirene, Arceila looks like she is nice and relaxed from the alcohol but still she takes another drink. She offers both Reese and Talen a smile and claps softly, even if they do not see it, and then turns her attention to Niccolo as he begins to speak. She takes two more drinks after his speech is over.

Talen doesn't speak beyond what he had done and when Niccolo addresses the matters political, the dark knight proceeds to slide his sword into his sheathe and untie the favour he's been owed. With a single, curt nod to Reese in recognition for her win and words he marches towards the Mercies to be attended and begins to allow them to fuss. If he'd show pain, it isn't visible from behind the visor. Luca's proximity and words owe him what comes off as a little dismissive, especially when he shoves the champion and lifts his helmet free, the little trail of crimson silk whistling at his wrist with its tail that spouts from the knot.

Mydas gives Signe a smile, nodding to her when she finds them. "Were you here all this time? I didn't see you, sister."

The Nightgold girl's hounds are taking up way too much space in the alcove. Signe is awkwardly ushered back out by the fuzzybutts bumping her legs. "No, just arrived in time to see the winning strike," she replies to Mydas.

Lydia leans over to whisper something to Mydas, waving at her other cousin, and then she's slipping away from her family, moving closer to where Luca is presiding, so that she might draw his attention when all this is over.

Leta stands there with a confused look on her face after the fight is through. After a some light applause, she shakes her head and strolls closer to Audric and Julea once more with a shrug and a peculiar smile on her face, hand going back to the hilt of her sword. "Well then!"

Maximilian claps Atrid on the shoulder, then turns to depart the area.

Deva gravitates toward the Nightgolds, at least briefly, boots clipping in their direction. She offers a small smile for Mydas and Signe, and a nod for Lydia as she steps away.

Bianca nodded her farewell to Max as he hobbled off!

Reese pulls of her helm, revealing her pink ribbons, golden locks and pretty face. She leaves the fighting rink, making her way to the bench of Graysons and perching down. She still looks a bit shocked.

Atrid smiles smoking the cigarillo. "Take care Max. Oh and when youve got time Id like to discuss some things with you Ill send word to you later.

Luca actually grins a little at Talen's pushing him off, ruefully shaking head and moving to murmur something to Reese, then giving the Grayson girl a roguish sort of wink before slipping away. Lydia's there to catch his attention though, earning her a familiar nod and arch of brow, along with murmured question.

Eleyna takes advantage of the path that Luca carved toward the dueling pit. As she approaches Talen, her eyes are on the injuries and the Mercies that are tending it, almost glowering at them in warning before she lifts her eyes to look at the Sword himself, her stare almost uncomfortably long.

The Mercies of Lagoma who were in attendance go to see to the wounded Mirror-Knight, binding his wounds with gentle grace and aplomb. Lady Eirene seems to nod in approval as they know what they're doing; the Malvici has no comment.

Desiree gives a nod to Max as he goes. "Did you enjoy yourself Bianca? I had a good time."

"YOu belong to Harald for 6 days more." Says Max, looking back to him. "But I'll talk to you later tonight?"

Talen responds to Eleyna's stare with a very careful, almost surgically precise touch of his forefinger's claw to her cheek. Dimpling it, he utters with his naturally sullen expression in place. "Blacktongue's going to be upset I wasn't his toy."

wasted his toy*

Audric shrugs at Leta as she approaches. "I'll admit, I've never been very good at judging fights to first blood," he says, cheerfully. "I've always been partial to 'until someone can't stand'."

    "Unexpected." Julea agrees when Leta approaches, one of her hands slipping into her coat and from within she withdraws a small flask. Taking a sip, she nods towards Haati, adding. "Not sure when that'll be, got a bit of work to be getting through, but we'll see. Maybe later tonight, or tomorrow."

Eirene looks to her lady companions, "Shall we bop back home then? Get some food in use to soak up this lovely whiskey of mine?" She reseals her flask and tucks it inside her coat.

Amidst his talk to Lydia, Luca's offering over his shoulder to Audric. "You and I both, Aud. But for some reason they get twitchy about those except in case of serious insult."

Bianca turned her attention aside to her cousin from beneath the cavern of her cloak's hood, smile still present, "I did. I'm finding myself growing increasingly fond of paying audience to Sir Talen's skills. I don't believe I've ever seen him lose a duel."

Signe sighs at her pups and drops to give each a "punishment". A good hard rub on their heads. "Really, you two. You should stop eating so much meat," she mutters to the panting furries. She flashes a wide grin at the Rivens and the rest at the alcove with her brother as if to assure that nothing's gone wrong at all. Just in case they were watching a girl's silliness.

Haati nods to Julea and Leta once more as they had arrived in the same group, "At your leasure... I would rather I had time to enjoy the drink in front of you also." He laughs softly as Julea seems to suggest at some point soon he would have that drink.

Caelis furrows her brows and taps her lips lightly. "I'm going to wait to stand up." She decides and leans over to speak quietly to Audric. Glancing at Eirene, Caelis shrugs. "I might socialize a little. My poor lap went to utter waste this time it seems, no lack of seating around." She shakes her head with a little sway.

Ford decides that now is the perfect time to pull out -his- flask and take a bit of a drinky drinky.

Niccolo offers a final incline of his head to Reese, allowing a faint smile. He then turns to Talen, studying his ward as the Mercies tend to him. His eyes then find Eleyna and the archduke comes to stand by her. "We need to get him more lessons," he points out, even though the usually schooled man doesn't look too serious.

Reese murmurs softly back to Luca, the girl having a brief smile for him.

A few giggles escape Arcelia as her eyes look to Caelis. "I think I might stay a while as well. Maybe I will use Caelis' lap."

Mydas bows at the waist when Deva passes them by, before turning his golden gaze to Signe, and her hounds. "I preferred to keep Aurum from this particular gathering. He doesn't tend to play nice with crowds."

Eleyna makes a face at Talen and tries to swat his armored hand away, scowling, "I'm sure you'll be able to use it another time." She eyes the wound once more, nodding to the Mercies as they very effectively make sure that the Sword lives to sulk another day. "I'm sorry the favor didn't bring you luck. You do realize that I'm called the Black Widow of Lenosia, right? Nothing about that says I'm lucky."

Audric flashes a grin at Luca. "That's why I've always been a fan of the campaign trail," he says. "Less rules and fussing." Then he looks back at Caelis, then to Eirene. "Do you need a hand getting your folks home, Lady Eirene?"

Desiree nods to Bianca. "He did do a good job, but I suppose there's a first time for everything." She gives an amused look to Ford. "Do you need cheering up?"

Leta shrugs, "Lots of luck to it, isn't there? Or - well, I don't know, the gods and all and such." she says that with an uncertain grimace and a long look around, before her eyes turn to watch Talen, Eleyna and now Niccolo a while longer.

Maximilian makes his way out of the area with a trail of cigar smoke billowing behind him.

Eirene ehs at Audric. "I think the ladies can handle themselves," she says glancing to Caelis and Arcelia, grinning. "I'm going to go eat and get ready for the autopsy tonight. I find a light meal first helps..."

Maximilian has left the garden benches.

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The archduke looks between Eleyna and Talen and with a faint smile, Niccolo turns from the pair. He inclines his head to Leta, catching her gaze and walks over to find Deva once more, approaching her.

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Ford takes a light swig, "That depends entirely on what you have in mind, Desiree."

Bianca rose to her feet, giving Desiree's shoulder a squeeze and a short bow to Ford. "If you two will excuse me. I have a few more things to attend to at the Academy before I am completely released for the evening."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Niccolo before departing.

"Or you Velenosans could stop bewitching half the Compact with your charms," Talen replies, "so I don't have to fight over every suitor, spurned lover and minor slight. You're all bad luck," insists the dark knight to Niccolo with a glance of steely hued eyes. There's a dark smirk that dares light his face in the presence of family, while he returns his focus to Eleyna. "You cursed me?" he accuses nonchalantly. "I knew it, you're trying to get me killed. Are your lips poisonous like they say, too?" inquires the Sword, before he steps closer, eyes fallen to the natural pout of her mouth.

Signe bobs her head to give at least an amount of respect to Deva in turn as she's already knelt. Slanting back up at Mydas, she returns, "Aurum doesn't play nice with -anyone-. Thinks he's the king of the world."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Lark before departing.

"And they're flirting, I'm out!" Eirene tosses a salute to her family, makes a face at Talen and Eleyna, and heads back towards the Malvici estates.

Carissa, a Malvici bodyguard leaves, following Eirene.

Desiree lifts her hand to wave to Bianca. "I'll see you at home then." She looks back at Ford. "I suppose I could find you another apple."

Caelis squints at Eirene briefly. "You need your strength handling the dead." She agrees and pats her Aunt's arm before beaming at Audric. "See? All fine here, Arecelia even wants to sit on my lap. Have you met Arcelia? She's utterly charming. Much more practiced at being feminine." She tells him and beckons to Arcelia.

Ford laughs as he rises, tucking his flask away and touching a kiss to Desiree's cheeks, "Shall I walk you home, my lady?"

Atila, being the smallest of the three but still quite sizeable, tries to make space for himself at the alcove. The plush-coated husky nuzzles at the occupants' thighs and derrieres, poking as if asking them to move. A dog of all things? Requesting a seat from the upper echelon of society? Well, I'll be!

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Mydas before departing.

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"I meant to check in and see how things were," Deva tells Mydas, giving the man a curious look. Her gaze falls upon Signe, a smile finally twitching at the corners of her lips. "I'm glad it's not just me," she says teasingly. As Niccolo approaches, she gestures toward the Nightgolds. "Have you met before? This is Lord Mydas Nightgold, and Lady Signey Nightgold." She must assume they know who the Archduke is already.

Jaenelle has left the benches by the fountain.

    Julea is quiet for a time, the flask tucked away once more and her eyes drifting briefly towards the exit, before she asks of Haati. "You'll be at the ceremony in a couple of days time?"

Desiree nods to Ford and stands. "Sure that is kind of you to offer, and it is getting to be pretty late."

Luca, for his part, ends up looking around at his family, wincing a little for some reason at Niccolo again, then offering his black-clad arm to Lydia and apparently intending to slip out of the crowds with the Nightgold duchess.

Lydia has left the alcove by the archway.

Arcelia smiles to Eirene. "Have a good time." She gracefully steps over to Caelis and sits in the woman's lap. "I have company for the evening right here." Seh looks to Audric. "It is a pleasure to meet you." She is absolutely starting to look like she just had as many drinks as she did. She waves over at Ford.

Jaenelle stands from the bench finally, smoothing down the skirt of her gown. She does not pause to say anything to anyone beyond polite dips of her head as she moves inside.

Lydia speaks softly with Luca for a bit and then when he offers an arm, she slips hers into it, ready to head out with the man.

"If you insist," Audric says, to Caelis, then turns his gaze towards Arcelia, grin growing brightly. "Aye, we hadn't met." He inclines his head towards the woman. "Captain-General Audric of the Valorous Few. A pleasure, Lady Arcelia."

"Aurum simply hasn't met anyone who has dispelled the notion for him." Mydas remarks casually. "And few are the people who'd dare do so against six feet of fur and bad temper." When introduced, Mydas bows. "Your Grace, at your service." He glances at Signe. She does know who the Archduke is, right?

Leta stiffens at Niccolo's gaze, and inclines her head deeper. Then she glances back to those immediately around her, rubbing at her jaw. Haati earns a grin, "Makes you wonder if they do duels with bows somewhere, or if Gloria just likes swords better." Catching some other words drifting by, the sellsword shifts and looks to Arcelia, bowing her head, "M'Lady."

Ford offers his arm to Desiree, "Then we better not waste any time."

Eleyna glances toward Niccolo and offers her uncle a nod and a smile, calling after him, "I'm sure Luca will set him straight." She then turns to glare at Talen. "Oh, stop pouting. You didn't die," the princess points out unhelpfully. "If I was trying to get you killed, you would have. No half-measures with me. As for my lips... didn't we already answer this question?" Those pale blue eyes narrow as she gazes at the Sword.

Looking up at the notables approaching (since she's been talking to Mydas), Tikva looks bright-eyed and curiously towards Deva and Niccolo, her hand lifting reflexively to comb back through the bright fluff of her red hair. She drops a curtsey too, just in case that's appropriate, one moccasined foot sliding behind her in a gliding shift of balance.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Ford before departing.

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Signe abruptly stands when there's more than just Redrain attention on her. Eyes wide and lips sucked in, she tries to give the Archduke a most hospitable smile. Yes, with that mouth position. "U-uh... greetings, my lord!" she chirps at Niccolo, having a second of pause before she hastily rushes into a curtsy for the man and for Deva, as well. She peeks at Mydas self-consciously from the corner of her eye.

"Oh," Talen remembers then, apparently, "I guess we did," he reveals. "That's settled then, isn't it. Good night, your highness. I was honoured by your favour, all the same." With an effort at a bow, helmet tucked to his side, he then lets his eyes linger on her as he passes back into the estate.

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