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Mathias Coaldust

For Light to shine, it must first walk in darkness.

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Champion of Solace
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Coaldust
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Unmarried
Age: 25
Birthday: 12/21
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Champion
Height: 6'2"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Skintone: Tan

Obituary: The Knights of Solace have been diligent about patrolling the roads in the Gray Forest in the wake of the Siege of Arx, escorting refugees on their way home and cutting down on banditry. On one such patrol from Arx to Stormwall, Crovane vassals were safely escorted back to their hold- but the Knights of Solace go missing on their way back to Arx. Mathias Coaldust was with the knights, and neither he nor the other dozen knights are ever found- but other knights walking the path days later find one clearing in the Gray Forest that is awash with blood and broken weapons.

Description: Strong, dark, handsome man. This tends to be the way people remember Mathias. Broad-shouldered and tall, he gives an image of strength that is only reinforced by the layers of muscles beneath his skin. Despite his size and musculature, he still manages to move easily and lightly on his feet, very much so a panther, rather than a bear. But a panther wouldn't give such honest and charming smiles, or the occasional grin when he's particularly amused... or if he's talking to ladies. They get their fair share, along with the full intensity of his black eyes. With his trimmed beard and shoulder-length black hair to complete the tableau, Mathias truly fulfills the succinct description. Strong, dark and handsome.

Personality: Mathias is a practical man first and foremost, approaching every problem with a calm demeanor. This is especially seen in battle, where he neither cries nor screams, neither prone to cowardice or furious displays of anger. He's steady, fights as efficiently as possible, without the unnecessary flourish, and gets the job done. Displays of strength don't faze him, and he responds to such by applying a greater dose of steel-backed violence. And if the threat is still moving? Apply some more steel, and fire, until it's not. Outside of battle, Mathias is a good-natured man, respectful and smiling. While he doesn't speak as fancy as the nobility, it doesn't mean he can't be polite. If one ignores the occasional expletive should the situation call for it. He's usually direct and honest, especially when it comes to negotiating a contract. But should the situation call for it, he's happy to be quiet and discreet. He will usually become so in the event he's drawn into the intrigues of nobility. After all, if you don't want to say the wrong thing? You shut up. It's a lesson he's happy to follow, and to share should someone have misplaced their foot in their mouth. He's a professional, and he will act like one.

Background: Born within the Lower Boroughs, Mathias Coaldust lived in squalor for most of his early life. Both parents were poor, both drunk incompetents who couldn't give their children the small mercy of never having been conceived. He was more of a father and mother to his younger brothers and sisters than their parents ever were. While they drank their pay, Mathias worked hard, even as a child, for every scrap of food to feed his family, every piece of cloth to keep them warm in winter. Still, through the hardships, he learned to thrive. The harder it got, the more he pushed back. Must have done something right, for he grew up into a tall, strong man, enough so to catch the attention of a sellsword captain, willing to hire the boy into his company. He learned the trade during that time, till he left to make his own way. With the Lower Boroughs never far from his mind, still he strives ever forward, intent on giving the rest of his siblings a good life, or at least a fair chance at one.

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