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Port Valerio Celebration

The Outer Round of Ostria plays host to visitors from outside the Walled City in a momentous celebration for the official grand opening of Port Valerio! Esteemed guests are invited to to the city-state of Ostria to enjoy a bit of decadence and revelry at the expense of House Mazetti. There's also an awe-inspiring mother-of-pearl mural to behold while getting (sensibly) drunk on Ostrian brandy.


March 21, 2019, 9 p.m.

Hosted By

Hadrian Cambria


Alarissa Caelis Carita Ouida Victus Sasha Morrighan Arik Puffin Bliss Corban Venteri Merek Gilroy Khanne Isabeau




Outside Arx - Lyceum near Ostria - Port Valerio

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The Walled City on the Sea is alive with celebration! From the Outer Round to the Middle Round, the outermost rings of the walled city of Ostria, music can be heard. The citizens celebrate, wine and brandy flow liberally, and it all is done with brightly color seasilk seemingly as far as the eye can see.

The plaza overlooking the Bay of Port Valerio is no less vibrant with life and celebration. Guests from home and abroad have been gathered together beneath the brightly colored canopies. The sound of drums thumping quickly can be heard, while masked dancers armed with glaives swirl about in an intricate show of skill and precision. Servants armed with refreshments move among the crowd of guests, offering up their wares for the guests of House Mazetti.

Hadrian Mazetti moves to a position that places his back to the sea, his arms opened wide and a broad charcoal-whitened grin splashed across his features as he speaks for those standing and lounging figures before himself, "Thank you all for coming! I know what you're probably thinking: why is the Marquessa's Consort up here, letting his tongue wag!" He says this with good cheer and obvious humor permeating his voice, "My wife, Marquessa Cambria Mazetti, permitted me the distinct honor to be the opening speaker during this celebration. She knows, like some, how much I truly love the sound of my own voice!"

There's a pause and then Hadrian continues, "We have guests from near and far, all who have come to celebrate the opening of Port Valerio. It is a project which House Mazetti has worked on for a great deal of time - nearly since the news of our Marshal's death arrived to us. Now though? This is not a chance to mourn. The Hydra has done its mourning. It has spent the requisite time remembering our loss. This is a celebration! Enjoy your drink, enjoy the food, and most of all enjoy the company of those who stand or sit beside you right now! Enjoy life, embrace it to its fullest, and never ever shy away from adversity! Lord Valerio Mazetti certainly did not!"

The Thrax procession had arrived earlier in the day on a massive dromond. While Thraxians were often austere in official business, military matters were far more severe. Hence the ship's size and the sheer amount of pointy bits that it was armed with. It was dubbed 'Lady Thunderstruck', a vessel with a stormy grey haul complimented by red and aqua sails to denote its allegiance. The flagship of Prince Victus Thrax himself. Under more peaceful times, it probably would have arrived alone. Upon its arrival however, it was flanked by two galleys of similar make. Victus himself had been on deck, wearing a mix of sea chic and ceremonial armor. Playing to being formal and protected at the same time.

Arriving at port was usually a more somber affair in the Mourning Isles, but this was the lyceum. Where people spontaneously combusted and scandal was part of the fun. Hence the Prince of Maelstrom wore a thin and muted grin upon his face. Just the barest traces of joy to crack that stony exterior. Alongside him was Princess-consort Alarissa, arriving to the plaza in a pair. "Dancing with weapons?" He observes as Hadrian's speech ends. "Hm. What danger could that ever present?"

"You're going to have to roll me." ALarissa bemoans as she stands near Victus, Hadrian's speece done and a lift of her own cup of something alcoholic in salute to the man. "But look at that wall." The outermost one, decorated with all those bits of the ocean. "Must have been Rhaine." Murmured. Victus remarks about dancing with weapons and there's a faint roll of her eyes. "You're getting ideas now aren't you. Dancing with Axes. Kicking out feet and yelling?" Her free hand rubbing gently at the side of her midriff, teh dress appropriate for the Lycene location.

Leisurely strolling in with the arriving guests are a pair of Swords, both red-haired and Northern, softly conversing in a companionable manner. One being the Sword of Whitehold, Lord Arik Halfshav, the other, perhaps surprisingly, is the Sword of Farhaven - Dame Morrighan. The latter is garbed quite finely in a beaded, iridescent seasilk gown ensemble that shifts in hue depending on movement and lighting, but the colors fluctuate, changing fluidly, like the movement of water. It has a backless design that reveals flesh covered entirely in a multitude of criss crossing scars, from the back of her shoulder blades down to the base of her spine. A barbed alaricite trident is slung across it (with Demonslayer at her hip, of course) partially veiling the old injuries, but she doesn't appear to care that they're exposed. She and the Halfshav continue their meandering, though the former glances about every so often, as though searching for something. Or someone.

Arik is walking along with Morrighan in fitted linens and leathers and a pair of peacebonded swords on his right hip. "I heard rumors that there was storm or surprise that came shortly after the port was complete on another part of the island." he remarks to his companion in a low rumble of a voice, one of his rough hewn hands comes up to stroke at his formidable beard while looking about at the outer sea wall and its stunning depiction.

The Marquis-Consort announces the celebratory start of the party, and even as the people cheer, there's a stirring in the Port. It is a slow stirring, a swell of water that eventually parts, and three figures can be seen in the water. It is an unusual display indeed - the Marin'alfar have not been seen in these waters at all. But the rumors persist about not just the nature of the Marshal's death but also stories of his life, and so it is not too surprising to see the water deliver three figures, tall and lean and delicate, to the dock of the party itself. The water recedes and the three figures are left dry and perfectly coiffed - Queen Ayllish, Prince Rhaine, and Prince Venteri have arrived at last. There is just a moment where they pause and don't greet anyone at all - one moment where they look up at the mural of Valerio, and then Ayllish is murmuring something quietly, and Rhaine - normally recalcitrant - takes the lead in stepping forward to join the assembled celebrants.

Arriving on her own is the newest Radiant of Whisper House, Bliss, dressed in a way that can really only be described as vibrant, whether it's the burgundy silk with the lavender and neodymium brocade she wears or the colored wings that have been painted around her eyes. Though not as revealing as Lycene clothing tends to be - it is October, after all - she certainly embodies the vivid nature of her people, and with a peacebonded rapier at her side and Vowkeeper, equally wrapped, strapped to her back. The arrival of the Marin'alfar has her pausing a moment, looking toward them, before a bright smile crosses her face, excitement making its way into her eyes along with a gasp of surprise.

Cambria stood beside and somewhat behind Hadrian as he addressed the crowd. The Marquessa, in contrast to the exuberant former Duke of Southport, appears as calm, statuesque figure whose radiant blue eyes roam over those gathered with pride. The wind tousles her hair and tugs at the seasilk gown in which she is clad.

The arrival of the Thrax contingent earlier in the day had occasioned no small amount of amusement from Cambria. Or perhaps the more political word was joy. The Prince of Maelstrom and his lady-wife are greeted as though they are each long time friends, with air-kisses to either cheek before releasing them into the proverbial wild. Which is to say the just barely controlled chaos over a near city-wide celebration where just about anything could happen.

And just about anything did, with the sudden and (perhaps for more than a few), surprise arrival of three Marin'alfar - royals to boot! With a subtle cue from the Marquessa, those whose job it was to provide security move to make way for the three of them, preventing the slim possibility of mobs rushing forward or...any other number of things.

Ouida is not shy at all about enjoying the libations and the pagentry, from the journey up to the plaza, and now the breathtaking view that can be found here. She holds a wineglass to hand, though seems to be savoring it very slowly. When the Marquis-Consort steps to center stage, she smiles, listening intently, and then applauds appropriately. She cannot help but let her eyes be drawn in wonder to the arrival of the Queen and Princes, however--perhaps others are more experienced, but the Harthall knight seems to be both awed and a bit taken aback.

Sir Corban Telmar, of the Silver Swords of the Compact -- it is hard to say quite what he is doing here. Security? Some time away from the Capital? He is out of his armor, of course, and his sword is peacebound at his side as it is to be in another's lands. When he spies the the Marin'alfar and the Marquessa's gesture, he tenses slightly, as if seeing whether his assistance might be needed. Occupational hazard.

"Would you prefer I kick to give a head-start, or would you rather I nudge you along like a ball?" Victus mused to his wife as he took in the sights. The massive port being a touch more extravagent since he was last here to promote its construction. Now that it was, you know, finished and huge. He gives a dip of his chin to those who he knows, the familiar faces of Arik and Morrighan, and another to Bliss and Corban. As well as returning that ensemble of air-kisses with some awkward nodding to the Marquessa. That part was definitely not something he had planned ahead for. But lo, the Marin'alfar arrive as well. With a gesture for his wife, he steers the two of them to the oncoming path of sea elves. When he greets them, it's in a native tongue.

Victus says in Marin'alfar, "Greetings, your royal highnesses. It's a pleasure to see you again. I am the Great and Mighty Sea-Cock. I do not know what these words mean, but I'm informed in our tongue it's something like.." He switches to Arvani a moment, "Great and honored hero. I'm very honored to have the privilege of such an esteemed title.""

Carita stands out in Thraxian black silks amidst the sea of colorful ones, her pale blonde hair done up resembling the moonlight in coloring. Though not many are familiar to her, she seems to be looking for someone or something among the crowd, pausing when the Marin'alfar appear. A hand lifts to her chest in awe, as she stands almost dumbfounded, watching them. Her head dips to speak with the only familiar face near her, poor Corban, then her hand lifts to wave at Arik.

After a moment Hadrian continues, a hand lifting to forestall any jeers or boos, "We are thankful for all of those who provided us their aid, their expertise, and their experience in seeing our imagined effort of Port Valerio become a reality. Without that aid, I truly doubt our efforts would have ever reached the heights which they so fortunately have. We look forward to future efforts together". Hadrian steps forward and away from his position, turning to look out over the water. Then something strange happens. The water begins to move and soon enough there are three new figures practically cast away from the ocean. Hadrian stares back at Queen Ayllish, Prince Rhaine, and Prince Venteri. His eyebrows up, his eyes slightly widened, and the bright green eyes shifting from side to side in his eyesockets. The surprise is fleeting though as he lifts a hand to forestall any alarm or chaos that could erupt from such an appearance. He approaches the trio to a respectable distance, offers a welcoming smile, and sweeps forward in an elegant bow. When he rises again he speaks up, his voice one of greeting, "Welcome to Ostria," there's a brief beat before he adds, "the Hydra appreciates your acceptance of our invitation. We hope you will enjoy your stay, as long or as short as it may be."

Hadrian slips back and away, though not too far so as to prevent a response from the newly arrived guests.

Hadrian then turns slightly so that he may regard the group of Marin'alfar and those guests who were directly of the Compact. He lifts a cupped hand high, his voice ringing out, "One final announcement, if you please!" He pauses for a moment before he clears his throat, his voice rising up and carrying across the plaza, "Let it be officially known, here and now, that House Mazetti and House Harthall have long saw fit to work with one another on many matters. We have, with time, forged a bond of trust between our Houses. As a result of this is is my distinct honor to announce on behalf of House Mazetti the betrothal of Lord Andreas Mazetti and Lady Ouida Harthall! Both Houses felt it was a delightful notion and our hopes were ultimately seen fit to be brought to reality by the Dominus himself. We are ever grateful for the wisdom of the Faith and infinitely appreciative of the Dominus' willingness to hear out our request. Remember kids: go to church, it really is great".

"Nudge would be better. Be very gentle." But he does nudge her and she looks, Eyes moving over who is present and while Ayllish gets a deep inclination of her head, it's relief when she spots Venteri, giving him a good look over.

Till Victus opens his mouth adn Alarissa's choking on her alcohol and nearly bent over coughing.

Arik's attention is drawn by the arrival of the Marin'Alfar with their perfectly coifed and dry appearance. There is something of a squint then as he nods in their direction and gently turns to trail behind Victus and Alarissa towards the contingent. "You know I remember being soaked to the bone, how do they stay so dry." he mutters in an aside to Morrighan after a polite nod to Victus and a hand dropping from his beard to turn into a wave towards Carita.

Venteri is the one who moves forward to bow to Victus and Alarissa, and then to smile at them warmly - and he's a diplomat, so whatever it is that Victus says to them in Marin'alfar gets what sounds like a perfectly courtly response. And then he straightens, and bows to Alarissa as well and adds politely as he switches back to flawless Arvani, "Princess-Consort, are you well? I do not quite think you have the trick of inhaling your drink right."

Venteri says in Marin'alfar, "A pleasure to see you again Your Grace, noble title and all. And in a much better situation than we last met."

Merek had rode in with his black attire on and a cloak, with hood up. He took a bit to actually come up with the others to Port Valerio for the opening. With him there, he makes his way about to where other folk are, to take in the sights of the place.

Though undoubtably her eyes wish to continue to linger on the elven trio, yes, Ouida too can't help but to turn and look as seemingly impossible sounds escape from Victus' mouth. Then her head swivels tennis match style when her House name is called. Thankfully the look of surprise she still wears probably for the trio from the sea and Victus shakes off soon enough that she seems to have clearly known about this in advance and the betrothal is /not/ a surprise. Instead she curtsies deeply towards Cambria, and then Hadrian, her cheeks slightly flushed. It might be that high necked gown in a warmer clime!

Corban murmurs to Carita and looks out over at the Marin'alfar, curious, of course, as one would be in these circumstances. But when the betrothal of Lady Ouida is announced, the First Captain applauds for his friend from the Oathlands, in a polite fashion, as one does under the circumstances.

The arrival of the Marin'alfar brings a bright and excited look to the fiery-haired dame's face, a jubilant smile forming on her face as she tries to maneuver around - dragging Arik behind or not - and greets those she knows with a wave or two upon passing. She doesn't hurry over in the Queen's direction, but rather strolls along, murmuring occasionally to the Halfshav after looking about. There's a moment when the Sword pauses, her attention shifting towards the Marquis to listen, head cocked aside in a curious manner, the movement causing the gold and sea-blue quartz earrings in the lobes of her ears to lightly sway. "I wonder about tha' sometimes myself," Morrighan returns lowly to Victus, unable to keep an amused smirk off her face.

Rhaine and Ayllish offer Victus and Alarissa a smile but they break off, leaving Venteri to greet the Thrax couple and instead focusing on Hadrian and Cambria. "Thank you for the invitation and your hospitality," Rhaine says. He is often reticent but tonight taking the lead it seems, and so he bows once, though he does not smile. "And for honoring the greatness of the man who was Valerio. He died as well as any warrior could want, but he lived well too. It is good to see his legacy will continue." Ayllish focuses while Rhaine speaks, but she gives a quick nod and fleeting smile to Morrighan when she catches the young Redrain's eye.

Arik murmurs something in an aside to Morrighan and points out Rhaine first and then after a moments consideration points at Venteri and nods confidently with another series of murmurs to the fiery Sword of Farhaven.

Merek looks to the Marin'alfar, and bows that way, then he offers a nod of congratulations to what seems to be some relation to courtship. He crosses both his arms while he watches from the hood, "Congratulations on Port Valerio's opening," he offers to those that are there also. Ostria seems to be a fascinating place to him. The memorial port is looked at in thoughtfulness.

Whatever it is that Victus has just said has Bliss turning her head to cough into her shoulder - which is shaking, betraying a laugh, but then she waits for it to subside and lifts her head up, the amused smile still on her face as she waits behind the others to pay respects to the arriving visitors. As she awaits, Hadrian makes the announcement of the betrothal, and her hands come up in applause and a smile is shot in Ouida's direction. When she gets a chance to speak to Venteri, she also speaks in that strange other language - though hers has an accent that is not just influenced by the Lyceum, but likely another elven language.

Bliss says in Marin'alfar, "Your highness, allow me to extend to you Whisper House's greetings, and let me just say that it is a delight to make your acquaintance. My name is Radiant Bliss, and I have always hoped to have a chance to meet your people as well. I do not wish to distract you too much from the others, but I simply wished to say how delighted I am."

"Just the child, kicking me at an inopportune moment." Pale cheeks having turned red. Said glass is promptly passed off and clapping for the annoucentment, a raise of brows to Ouida and a smile. But Venteri draws her attention in full. Some tinge of sadness tempering the joy. "But you. I apologize, all the letters I keep sending. You are well, hale I hope." Bliss moves forward to introduce herself and Alarissa falls silent with a smile.

Victus is of course, blissfully unaware of whatever has troubled his wife. It's probably a pregnancy thing. And those are issues he does not question, lest he invoke untold wrath. The announcement of a betrothal gets his muted applause, leather gloves making a dull sound as they collide a few times. "The hydra just keeps growing, aye?" He nudges his wife, who as far as he knows is probably not choking to death. Bliss gets a curious raise of his brow when she too comes to join in their dolphin-speak. When he draws his attention back to Venteri, he continues in that tongue. Gruff and hard edges to his words and all.

Victus says in Marin'alfar, "We've not heard from you in sometime, my friends. I am glad to see that you are alive. All of you, mind, but especially yourself Venteri. You've healed well, being on death's doors the last time we met." The Prince motions to the giant statue. "A shame that we could not return in full strength."

Victus would also return Morrighan's murmuring with a look of his own. "Have you heard the tale, Red? It's very exciting. Tragic. Heroic. All the things a good story tries to be."

Cartia seems to be explaining all that's being said to Corban beside her, at times laughing softly, blue-eyed attention captivated by the Marin'alfar as they speak with her High Lord.

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Ouida returns Corban's kindness with a lift of her glass in salute, and Alarissa's smile with a gentle one of her own, and a wink cast at Bliss. But mostly she continues to watch--and listen--the others speaking in that very strange tongue, while also examining the elven trio as much as she can without seeming like she's staring too much. But she /is/ a little, as humans who are seeing them for the first time probably do!

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Morrighan ticks her head to the other side, listening to Arik's murmuring, her lips pursed and eyes drifting inquisitively between Rhaine and Venteri. Her gaze settles on the latter, studiously, but it's soon to flick over to Ayllish, who she beams a smile at, and returns the nod. "Aye, Rowboater, I know th'story, it's a good one, but tragic, as you said. Most are."

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With foreign tongues being spoken all around, Hadrian looks about with obvious uncertainty for a moment. It dissipates eventually, only to be replaced by a broad grin and green eyes alight with enthusiasm. The approach of Prince Rhaine results in a polite bow offered in return to the Marin'alfar's own bow, "We are happy to welcome a friend of my wife's uncle to the Walled City. He really was great," Hadrian says this as though he were reflecting on the man in question, Lord Valerio, "I should tell you the story about his interior decorating skills, sometime, your highness," Hadrian offers with a suddenly overjoyed grin.

Victus' comment about Hydras and growth earns a sidelong glance from Hadrian, then a quiet chuckle that accompanies a slow, thoughtful shake of Marquis Mazetti's head. "I'm sure I've met maybe a third of my cousins-by-marriage?" The laughter rings out for a moment, then promptly Hadrian's attention drifts back to Rhaine.

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Venteri nods, a look of consternation crossing his face. "Has it been so long? It seems barely a few weeks since last we spoke - we've been so busy." He shakes his head. "Time runs so oddly around humans." And then he's smiling pleasantly at Bliss. "A pleasure to meet you, Radiant Bliss. Is that a title or a description? I'm quite sure I don't know."

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Having taken it upon himself to lead the Darkwater sailors with whom he spent most of the boat ride out on a tour of the best places in the Outer Round, Gilroy arrives at the port too late for the speeches but well ahead of the game when it comes to drinking. Those Darkwater guys play for keeps. Once at the party he looks around before spotting the one what brought him and makes his way through the crowd to Carita's side. "Countess."

Carita settles with a sigh on the south docks, smoothing her skirts out as she finds a bench to perch on for just a moment, in the crush of people. Gilroy's voice calls her attention his way, her smile warm, "Ahh, there you are." She's sat with Corban at the moment, explaining what's being said by the Marin'alfar around them.

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Merek stands up and makes his way to the place on the docks where the others are, with a bow towards Cambria and to Hadrian especially, "I hope all is well? It is good to see you both," he says.

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She couldn't NOT be here, even if not dressed in her finest as some others. She wears a dress suitable though, one that fits her personality completely with muted tones and dazzling lightning bolt embellishments. It's a party, and she is here to enjoy it, and to celebrate the accomplishments of the Mazettis while again honoring the memory of her very dear friend. It takes her some time to join the crowd, preferring to linger in the quiet outer circle of people and observe. She arrived with her brother, Arik, and Morrighan, but let them go on about their way initially. She is looking around now though, to see where she should head to be social.

That being, Khanne, of course.

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Despite the tensions running high on the border between the Oathlands and the Lyceum, Lady Isabeau Telmar arrives to represent at the festivities, looking every bit the bright diplomat in her crimson gown and glittering accessories. She walks along the docks in the company of her bodyguard and marvels at the great wonder that is now Ostria's jewel until she arrives near enough the Mazetti Marquessa in order to make her warm salutations in due course.

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"I have no doubt." Alarissa intones softly. "I'll leave you be, but, it is good to see you." A dip of her head before she turns to leave the small group on the north side of the docks and sways - nope, it's waddle now, no matter how slight - toward the other side.

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Initially, Khanne heads over towards the Mazettis themselves to greet the hosts, and her friends.

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Niall RedTree, adorably awkward squire arrives, delivering a message to Bliss before departing.

Entertainers abound in the plaza overlooking the Bay and Port Valerio! The masked dancers and their glaives begin anew, putting on a show of skill for onlookers. Weaving among one another, their weapons flashing and swirling with their spinning movements. Less obvious are masked individuals which hang on the perimeter of the gathering, impressively large blades openly held before themselves. One could easily mistaken them for statues, if it wasn't for the faint shifts and movements which they make.

On the northern and southern side of the plaza a number of groups of guests have congregated; enjoying their drinks, food, entertainment, and good company.

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Arik departs from the northern side of the dock and offers a wave to Khanne and Carita as he wanders off to explore the newly dedicated port.

Lupin, a small wolf pup arrives, delivering a message to Fiora before departing.

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Doreen arrives, delivering a message to Victus before departing.

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Carita's hand lifts as she notice's Arik's departure, a glance in Khanne's direction to dip her head in her direction as well. "Vala Khanne, it's good to see you again," is said warmly, nodding along with her. "I'm doing as well as can be expected, in good health anyway." Here her smile widens, eyes sparkling a little. She rises as Rhaine does, a curtsy offered, and as they go she resettles.

Ouida curtsies to Ayllish and Rhaine as the appear to be making to leave, still a little tongue tied in their presence.

There's a wave from Alarissa to Venteri when the Marin'Alfar look ready to depart and do indeed, start to depart.

As Ayllish, Rhaine, and Venteri head towards the water, Khanen lifts her hand in a sort of wave to them, watching as they depart.

Hadrian is overheard praising Alarissa: An indispensable friend who greatly aided in the success of Port Valerio.

Hadrian is overheard praising Victus: I have seen firsthand the passionate responses of the Highlord of the Mourning Isles. Never, ever, upset him in a poker match. The aid he provided in making a dream a reality will be long remembered by House Mazetti.

Hadrian is overheard praising Carita: An unexpected addition to our efforts, but an addition that was greatly appreciated. I've little doubt that the success of Ostria's latest project was carried on the shoulders of our friend from House Darkwater.

Hadrian is overheard praising Caelis: My cousin and formerly my Admiral. I knew her expertise would a boon of incalculable worth. She's really delightful. Wonderful conversationalist, too. You should high five her when you see her!

Hadrian is overheard praising Ouida: First her aid to House Mazetti and soon after it a marriage to one of the Hydra. We look forward to the upcoming wedding that will only strengthen the foundation between House Mazetti and House Harthall.

"Arrange a meeting through Ambassador Sasha Sanna if you will," Rhaine says politely to Hadrian. And then they're moving, and Venteri givs Alarissa a smile and a wave in return as the three Marin'alfar move as one toward the docks. For a moment they turn, watching those assembled impassively, and then the water arcs up and consumes them, and just like that they are gone, washed from the docks and under the water and vanished.

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Hadrian watches as the watch reaches up to consume the elves. He blinks once, twice, and then noticeably shivers a touch before muttering, "Impressive, but..." and he trails off as he turns his attention to some Ostrian native or another, "Hey, wait, are you the one that called me a 'swell guy' once?" Hadrian seems to disappear into conversation with that apparent commoner for a moment, a bit of laughter heard from the Marquis-Consort of House Mazetti.

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"No city?" Bliss wonders to Victus with a slight turn of her head. "I have to admit that I don't know what happened to Mardomum, then. I knew there had been some difficulties, but ... my ties to the Isles and the seas are not what I wish they were." A slight frown on her face as she looks back toward the waters of the port, nodding. "If that is the case, though, then it's a wonder that they've made it here at all. This must have meant a lot to them."

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