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Midnight Tea and Masquerade

It's a midnight tea party in the Laurent gardens, complete with masquerade. The tea will certainly not be spiked with anything stronger than honey, that would be simply scandalous(!!!). The pool will be open, the fire roaring and plenty of seating for people to linger about.


Feb. 11, 2019, 8:30 p.m.

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Kincade Kaia Norwood Vittorio Adelphie Teagan Elise Merek Joscelin Gianna Kedehern Shae Alaric Beatrice Gretchen Kael Reigna



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Laurent Manse - Gardens and Pool

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Comments and Log

The masquerade is set up to kick off at just around midnight and it's pretty much what it says on the tin, there are numerous small tables spread around the patio area with all the right place settings arranged. The fire is going, even if heat is not strictly necessary but it adds a nice touch of light to the gardens. The pool is open, given it's /summer/. And while /much/ of the tea is perfectly normal tea, there is a pot circulating that seems to have something stronger added to it. The servants delicately clear their throats when anyone asks for that to be poured.

Bayberry, an Oakhaven juvenile bloodhound, Steadfast, a dunskin stallion courser arrive, following Norwood.

Kincade walks in and immediately regrets his decision seeing everyone's faces covered in masks, but it doesn't show on his face. He then strides further in admiring the flowers scattered about the gardens like that what was exactly why he came here. Bending to smell this one, comparing the colors of others and politely greeting anyone that approaches.

Someone wearing a gorgeous monarch butterfly mask stylishly sways her way into the Laurent's estate, and eventually towards the gardens and pool, wearing a stunning umbra dress ornamented with tinted fiery glass shards, and matching shoes. So far, it's unclear who is under this mask, although she has already managed to spot a familiar face, currently not wearing a mask.

Norwood is very proud of the fact that he isn't wearing a mask gdi. He's standing straight as a pole in a nice corner with her arms settled behind his back like a statue. He's totally in his armor because parties arew meh.

It's probably rather evident who this masked mystery person is. Ducal ring? Stuff with bees all over it? Tall? Dark haired? The duke isn't fooling anyone and he doesn't bother to try, wearing the same mask he's worn to the last three masquerades. However it does make it easier for Cristoph to greet the desk. And then there's the moment where he lifts it up and scowls at Norwood, "Where is your mask?! This is a party." He shakes a finger at him in mock outrage before accepting a cup of perfectly-not-spiked tea.

Someone wearing a bird mask with a long, sharp beak slowly makes his way into the Laurent Gardens, his companion someone with a feline silk mask made in gold and azure. As he slowly makes his way to where the crowd begins to gather, he glances around the gardens, taking in the various sights. At one point, he catches sight of those not wearing masks and sighs. "You know, that really is the best way to ensure one can fill themselves with drink without worrying about making a mess of things." He sounds slightly wistful.

Someone wearing A Mask of Hart's Desire arrives without pageantry, the shape beneath her attire making her for a woman despite the rather masculine horns rising up from the temples of her mask. She's in no rush to migrate further into the estate. She takes it in slowly, suggesting this might be her first time here.

"I see no reason to hide my face Cristoph." Norwood says oh-so-primly from his statuesque pose. His eyes move out and beyond the others, and Kincade gets a tiny nod of solidarity. Because really.

Mongoose arrives, following Someone wearing a half-domino lapis-blue mask.

Someone wearing a feline silk mask made in gold and azure seems content to be guided upon the arm of the man in the bird mask, taking in the garden and the other masked (and unmasked) occupants as they mill about. There's a slight curl of her lips in answer to his complaint. "I admit," she says in a quiet answer, "that your mask does lend a bit of difficulty to the task." She looks him over, considering. "Perhaps next time we can switch roles."

Someone wearing A Mask of Hart's Desire has joined the a garden of red orchids.

"It's a /party/. A masquerade party. Where you wear a mask!" Cristoph sighs at Norwood and moves along, sipping his little tea cup and saying hello to the guests. He passes by the woman in A Mask of Hart's Desire and takes a cup off of a passing tray to offer it to her. "Welcome to the Laurent Gardens, have you been here before?" he asks conversationally.

Elise enters in silently, she looks around to all the people in masks and looks maybe a bit worried she forgot to get one, she heard Tea and that was all it took for her to come. She finds a nice quiet place to stand out of the way.

The fox has come to visit with his gaze looking from the mask to many of the others about as he does.

"I am very glad you know what kind of party you're hosting!" Norwood calls helpfully after the departing Cristoph. His eyes then turn to the drinks and eyes it warily before lifting it up to sniff it. It's totally spiked, isn't it?

Kincade returns Norwoods nod from one knight to another and proceeds to walk deep paths admiring the flowers and ponds before wander closer to the festivities.

Someone wearing a half-domino lapis-blue mask enters the gardens, her backless, ornately beaded blue gown perfect for the sudden return of humid summer to the city. She grins at the many faces, winking at someone she -might- recognize, murmuring softly, politely, to them she doesn't as she moves through the gentle, swelling crowd. Libations. Where-...? Ah! Tea. The dangerous kind of tea.

Someone wearing countenance of the Midnight Lady sweeps into the gardens, pausing for a moment by the statue of Duke Jonathan and examining it from behind her dark mask. Then she turns to regard those gathered, gaze roaming over the finery and masks. She flicks her dark hair over her shoulder and turns toward the woman in the lapis-blue mask. There's a flicker of a smile for the woman.

Someone wearing A Mask of Hart's Desire accepts the offered cup with a gracious nod to totally not Cristoph, though not SO gracious that she risks IMPALING anybody! "My thanks," the Hart smiles... er, well, it sure sounds like she is! "It is, and what a wonderful first impression it's making. Kudos." With a sway of her hip, she sidesteps so as not to hog the host.

Someone wearing an impish midnight ebon fox mask looks around a bit, and walks to where the drinks are, so that he can take a drink also.

"I'm glad you're enjoying yourself, if you're needing anything, let me know?" Cristoph moves just off of the path so that he doesn't get in the way of a servant passing by with a tray. The people who work at the manor are clearly a little ?? at this party in the middle of the night, but they're going to go with 'nobles' on this one. "You're especially grouchy tonight, Baron Norwood!" he calls back over to the house sword.

Someone wearing a bird mask with a long, sharp beak smirks, glancing over at the woman wearing a feline mask. "Would you, though? Your people seem far too serious for wear something with so much many feathers." He says, referring to his outfit. Which has a lot of feathers. "This is just another day in the Lyceum to me." He pauses, glancing to the unmasked partygoers before adding, "Well that might not be entirely true. Anyway, shall we see how difficult it is to drink with a beak then?" He continues his slow pace, gaze moving from masked face to masked face. "It is nice to see so many different masks, quite the variety on display tonight."

13 King's Own Guardsmen, Zelda, the royal messenger arrive, following Alaric.

A taller man in a golden stag's mask enters the gardens, arm in arm with a curvy woman on the short side. He pauses, and scans over the crowd a bit, before his dark bearded face gives a smile and approaches Norwood. "Why, I have to say, that mask has the best likeness of Baron Norwood I have ever seen, good fellow!"

"The bees are agitated." Norwood calls back to Norwood. Are they really agitated? Maybe Norwood is just joking with everyone about that. When someone else comes up and stares their beedy stag eyes at him Norwood eyes the man with an unamused upraised eyebrow. "Very funny."

Someone wearing a half-domino lapis-blue mask has joined the a cozy sofa nook.

"The bees are asleep, Baron Norwood," Cristoph calls out across the party, sipping his tea and watching the house sword intently from the other side of the gardens. When someone mentions that someone has a GREAT Norwood mask, the duke absolutely loses it and starts laughing. "I don't know who that is, but bring them the good pot of tea."

The forest Nymph accompnaing the Golden Stag, let's out a bright giggle at the comment to Norwood. "It is true, it is very well done." The Nymph adds. A bright smile to Baron Norwood, amber eyes dancing with mischief.

Someone wearing A Mask of Hart's Desire tilts her antler'd head, making to attempt to conceal the scrutinizing second-glance she gives Nordwood's face. There's a murmur of admiration for the craftsmanship but it's quickly muffled by the drink in her hand.

Mongoose have been dismissed.

The lady wearing a monarch butterfly mask would be wandering around the garden casually, finally getting close to Kincade and tapping him playfully on the shoulder. "Lord Blanchard, lovely to find you here.~" she'd say, the melodic tone of her voice may have sounded familiar to someone he met by the botanical gardens a few days ago.

After a bit of walking about, the fox seems to make his way on for the time being!

Someone wearing a feline silk mask made in gold and azure gives a squeeze to the arm of her feathered companion, unable to help but smirk a touch. "You underestimate us and our ability for..." she looks the man and his outfit over. "flamboyance. Though I do admit, you wear it better." She does look for a good option for tea, however, at mention of it. "Mmm, there are. It's quite the display. I will have to compliment the Duke on how clever it is to host a midnight masquerade. Masquerades happen often enough, but rarely so late."

Kincade bows deeply to the lady wearing the monarch butterfly mask kissing her hand in an otherwise polite and formal manner. "So lovely to find you again amongst the flowers!"

Norwood eyes the Stag and Nymph masked people. "Be careful of that tea." Norwood says mildly, "You might loose more of your good sense drinking it." As if to set a good example Norwood holds out his glass to the Nymph to take and drink if she dares.

Someone wearing countenance of the Midnight Lady collects herself a beverage; she makes her way toward Cristoph in his golden filigree half-mask and says, "Duke Cristoph, good evening. I like the statue." Her voice is low but familiar. "I've certainly heard enough about the man's difficulties. Lovely party." That said, she tilts her chin up and looks toward the sofa nook.

The Golden Stag's eyes dance a bit, and he smiles back at Norwood. "It's all in good fun, my lord. I have nothing but respect for you, I assure you," with a nod. He looks over at the pot of tea, as it makes his way towards him, and he takes a cup for himself, and another for the Nymph. "...Spiked?" to the Baron.

Someone wearing a half-domino lapis-blue mask leans back on one hand in little sofa nook, watching the masquerade as she sips from her drink, people-watching and definitely amused by what she sees. Quiet for now and enjoying herself.

Someone wearing countenance of the Midnight Lady has joined the a cozy sofa nook.

Someone wearing limited edition Marin'Alfar goldfish mask strolls in, dispensing greetings to the various masked personages he passes before securing himself a drink of mead (of course) and dressing down to some swimming shorts (and a mask), after which the psuedo-sea elf promptly begins lounging at poolside from -within- the pool. "I say," he calls up to the Golden Stag, "might you direct me to which fabulous creature is our host the good Duke?"

Someone wearing a gorgeous monarch butterfly mask chuckles at Kincade's remark , "and you, my lord.~" she says, and then proceeds to whisper something.

Someone wearing limited edition Marin'Alfar goldfish mask has joined the an elegant pool designed from natural resources.

Cristoph pauses exchanging words with Norwood from across the party in order to speak with the Midnight Lady, lifting his teacup to his lips briefly to get a quick sip. "Thank you very much, lady. Have you now? It's a subject I'm always willing to speak on. Though perhaps you've heard all our tales already." There's a smile for her and he glances about the party briefly.

Mask unhelpfully in hand rather than worn, Beatrice takes in the grounds and elegant attendees with muted delight. The crimson of her dress shimmers under the firelight as she finds a servant to request a cup of tea, voice muted. Their exchange amuses her; her dark eyes flash with humor when she tips her head in agreement and waits for a steaming cup to be delivered to her.

"Thirteen at the very least," the Midnight Lady tells Cristoph. Then she's off to the sofa, raising her glass in greeting to the woman there and settling in.

The Stag gestures to the good Duke, in his mask of golden filigree as the Goldfish calls out to him. "Right over there, if my senses are not deceived."

Shouting over the party is just something that Cristoph and Norwood do. All pauses now as Norwood nods at Stag-mask and nods. "It usually is. I suspect..... Laurent Mead. But it's possible it is something else."

h The Nymph's smile while bright, is absolutely mischievious. Adding to her costume. Leaning forward to sniff at the drink Norwood offers her. Taking the glass to have a sip of it, and handing it back to the good baron. "Thank you, Baron Norwood." And then takes the drink of tea that the Golden Stag has secured for her.

Elise notices the king's guards and she looks around at the masked crowd, unable to figure out who is who she just stands a bit out of the way, tea cup in hand.

There's a smile, a hint of curiosity crossing what can be caught of Cristoph's expression through that half-mask. He seems to be attuned to the word 'duke' and twists, looking back across the party until he spots someone gesturing to him. He strolls along that way, finishing one cup of tea and exchanging it for another before he finds himself at the pool. There's a glance over at the person looking for him, "Good evening. Welcome to the Laurent Gardens." His smile is lopsided, "Is it your first time here?"

A nod to Norwood then, and "Two drinks it is," the Stag seemingly imposing a limit on himself. A look to the Nymph, and "Well darling, shall we mingle about and see who might be able to deduce aside from the obvious?"

Someone wearing limited edition Marin'Alfar goldfish mask gives the Stag a jaunty salute. "Much obliged," he declares appreciatively and quickly downs his mead before swimming over to the filigree's end of the pool. Evidently his leather mask is waterproofed. "Oh, not at all, my dear maternal cousin," he tells Cristoph regally. "First time I've had the pleasure of taking a swim, though. Thank you for hosting!"

Someone wearing a bird mask with a long, sharp beak snorts, glancing over to the woman in the feline silk mask. "Of course I do. Only a Lycene could pull off such a look so fabulously." He says it in a serious tone, but there's the faintest hint of a smile in his eyes. Halting his steps, he strikes up a pose, saying, "You may as well behold it in all of it's glory. The man, Vincenzo, did quite a remarkable job. I've already sung his praises somewhat, but I don't mind saying his name a dozen more times." He laughs and takes her arm again, "Lead us on to the tea, dear lady."

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Blowing across her tea before taking a tentative sip, Beatrice gives a twitch of a smile. Then she meanders easily toward the two indigo-hued woman sitting on a sofa. "Will you accept a third, messeres?" she asks of them, a dark mask hanging from her free hand forgotten or neglected. "It is a beautiful evening, and I am heartbroken to be alone."

Beatrice has joined the a cozy sofa nook.

Someone wearing a half-domino lapis-blue mask looks up at Beatrice, and pats the sofa with a bright, sunny smile, gold eyes warm and amused. "Please."

With the Nymph and Stag leave, Norwood bows and stands up straight again. Then he fades off in the general direction of over there by the flowers were someone is PICKING A FLOWER. Excuse him.

Someone wearing a gorgeous monarch butterfly mask laughs, "Although I'm wearing a mask, I think I understand the feeling." She admits, "Had you been to the Laurent's estate before, Lord Blanchard?"

"Yes, lets. Enjoy the party, Baron Norwood." A bit of a giggle there and she then looks to the Golden Stag, ready to explore more of the party and it's attendee's. Glancing the way of the hart. Nudging the Goldend Stag, "Oh look, someone else had a similar idea." The Nymph says brightly.

At the pool, Cristoph (who is barefoot, because this is his party damnit), rolls his pantlegs up and sits at the edge with his feet in the water. "Ah ha! I was wondering if you'd turn up tonight. We do enjoy your company here, family is always welcome. I have a little to tale you, another time though. When it's quieter." His attention shifts to Norwood across the way who's chasing down people picking the flowers and frowns, shakes his head.

On hearing that the Goldfish is the Duke's cousin, the Stag turns to look over at the man again, to see perhaps he can recognize the man's stance and demeanor. Well, what portions of stance can be seen of someone in a pool. A nod then, and he murmurs to the Nymph, and then "Lead on, Wood Nymph."

"I admit I have not! It is a supremely lovely garden I would like to spend some time here in study." Kincade remarks while holding the hand of the lady with the gorgeous monarch butterfly mask while walking through the party. As they approach an outdoor hearth.

Kincade says, "would you care to have a seat?"

Someone wearing A Golden Stag Mask mutters, "... believe the Goldfish ... my cousin, ... ... I ... everyone needs a chance ... ... now ... then."

Someone wearing a feline silk mask made in gold and azure cannot help but roll her eyes behind her mask, reaching out to grab at the arm of her escort before he makes too much a fool of himself. "I told you that Vincenzo does great work. But you needn't be ridiculous about it." There's an undertone of laughter to her voice before she's looking about at the tea offerings, considering. Unlike her companion, she's in a black gown with sapphire beadwork. Still, something so dark can be just as eye-catching when paired with something so bright. "It's like a game, I think," she says in a quieter voice to the golden bird mask, "trying to find which tea is spiked. Choose incorrectly and you might fall asleep in a cozy corner." A brief pause as she finally selects two cups from a passing tray: "Or is that if you choose correctly?"

Someone wearing limited edition Marin'Alfar goldfish mask beckons a passing servant to bring that there tray down closer to sea level as he regards Cristoph with a cheerful grin. "Ah, well I'd love to hear it, another time. You know what they say, wait to hear a tale until an hour after you swim," he quips. "I'd ask where the rafts and three-person games were, but I suppose that's a little active for this time of night. Anyone here that I ought to say hello to before the night is over?" he inquires.

Someone wearing a bird mask with a long, sharp beak glances over at the woman in the feline mask and says, "Listen, I will be ridiculous about it, the man's name deserves to be on the lips of everyone in this city." He gives a short nod, then looks down at the tea offerings. "Hrm. Well, going to sleep isn't the worst thing in the world. Even if you wake up naked and have to run through the streets bare-assed, at least the weather's pleasant enough for it." Watching her select the two cups, he looks up at her and laughs, "Alright, you decide which one I drink. If I conk out, it's completely your fault."

Someone wearing A Mask of Hart's Desire drifts nearby the garden, nursing her beverage and briefly holding it out to give it a skeptical look. It's very possible this was one of the strong ones! Taking it in stride, she continues to nurse the drink and admire what the estate has to offer.

Someone wearing a gorgeous monarch butterfly mask says, "Of course, Lord Blanchard." she replies, before gathering her long umbra skirt with tinted fiery glass shards so she could proceed to sit comfortably wherever he led her."

Kincade has joined the an outdoor hearth with couch seating.

Someone wearing a gorgeous monarch butterfly mask has joined the an outdoor hearth with couch seating.

Someone wearing a fancy teapot mask steps over to the refreshment table where she fits right in with all the tea, "Running through the streets bare-assed? Did I accidentally end up at a Velenosan party?" She asks the man with the bird mask.

The Nymph gives a nod of her head as the Golden Stag murmurs to her. Head turning as she looks toward Crisoph and the man in the Goldfish mask. Amber eyes brightly watching the two, and then turning back to the Golden Stag. "Would you like to go say hello?" The forest nymph asks brightly with a matching smile.

Someone wearing a bird mask with a long, sharp beak glances over at the woman in the teapot mask and laughs. "One can always hope!"

"Why not?" asks the Stag, with a nod. "Then we can travel by, and speak to the Hart a moment, perhaps," the Golden Stag offers to the Nymph, as he heads over to the Duke and the Goldfish.

Someone wearing a feline silk mask made in gold and azure just gives the man in the bird mask a long look. It's an attempt to be droll, but she breaks out in a smile despite herself. "You will be the death of me." But she gives him a cup nonetheless. "I do believe they are the same tea unless it's all been mixed up, so if one of us is to end up in our cups," ha ha, "we both will." She looks over to the living, breathing, walking teapot and offers a gesture to the feathered man, "Every party is a Velenosan party where he's concerned."

"Yes, that's very solid advice, goldfish." Cristoph replies with a life to the man in the pool. He cranes his neck around to view the other guests. There's a gesture to a Stag and Nymph, who are approaching even as they speak. "One of my uncles is here, Duke Edmund's brother. So a closer cousin to you than myself, even." He makes a show of trying to count family branches with his fingers before giving up with a rueful smile.

Bayberry, an Oakhaven juvenile bloodhound, Steadfast, a dunskin stallion courser leave, following Norwood.

"We should be so lucky," the woman wearing the fancy teapot mask says, raising her cup of tea towards the man in the bird mask, "I don't supposed someone's already spiked the tea? Not that I'd encourage such a thing. But I just might have a vial or two that may nudge us towards that type of situation.

Someone wearing limited edition Marin'Alfar goldfish mask scoffs brightly. "I'd be mildly impressed to find a cousin who was even farther out, to be honest," he notes as he takes a new mead from the lowered tray and turns to look in the direction of the gesture. "Ah, yes, he gave me the directions to find you, actually. A quite helpful fellow, I'd be delighted to have a proper introduction with him and his companion," he declares pleasantly.

Someone wearing a bird mask with a long, sharp beak laughs. "The death of you? I hardly think that's true." Shaking his head, the man reaches out and accepts the cup the woman in the feline silk mask offers, taking a step back so he can put both her and the lady wearing the teapot mask in easy view, though at the teapot's words, he blinks and stares at her. "An interesting thing to be aware of, my lady. Do these vials help one randomly wake up in someone else's bed, I wonder? No matter." He lifts his cup up, saluting both ladies, then he slides his mask up just a bit and takes a long sip of the tea. Blinking a few times, he glances around and then shakes his head. "Seems you choose correctly."

Someone wearing countenance of the Midnight Lady has left the a cozy sofa nook.

"Yes, let's," the forst nymph declares happily. Following along with the Golden Stag to where Cristoph and the Goldfish are. Sipping her tea as they do so. Amber eyes moving over the other guests, curious as to who some of the masked one's could be. Those they pass are greeted with a bright friendly smile.

There's a curious look at the lady in the teapot mask at the mention of vials before the feline gives a laugh. "I am not sure such dire measures will be required. She, thankfully, has no difficulties taking a sip of her own drink. It would seem her choice of mask was well-made. Or at least serendipitous. The woman turns slightly to glance at the wearer of the bird mask and though there's an arch of brow, it's only notable in how it shifts the mask against her cheekbones. "Randomly? I think I might take umbrage at that potential outcome." Still, she seems content with her cup: be it spiked or not. Surely one small cup of spiked tea won't cause any dire outcomes.

It seems as though the Huntswoman has already captured the Highwayman on this eve, for their arms are entwined with one another as they stroll into the gardens. This does not even appear to bother the Highwayman one bit, for other than occasionally making a display of attempting to flee from her (it is very dramatic and never even breaks their hold) he seems to be quite content in his imprisonment.

He waves over to A Golden Stag and the Forest Nymph as they travel the path of the party and come closer, "Please, come join us." Cristoph doesn't miss the entrance of another pair in green and he says quietly to the man in the pool, "The Sword of House Valardin is here as well. I think you'll find him and his wife easily enough." To the goldfish, he speaks a little quieter.

Kincade smiles warmly as Kaia reveals her face, it shows in his eyes he's happy to see her. "Both being new to the city almost seems to band us together as fledgling soldiers on the front line."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Beatrice before departing.

"It seems I've been found out," the Golden Stag rumbles as he and the Nymph join the Duke and the Goldfish, giving a bow to the pair. "Your Goldfish, My Lord," a nod to each. "I hope you're both enjoying the party?" Looking to Cristoph, "The tea is a bit... Stiffer than I'd anticipated," he remarks, good naturedly. A glance to the Highwayman and his pursuer, as Cristoph mentions the Sword of Valardin.

And it is good indeed that she has, for said Huntswoman seems less than agile at the moment, what with the round protrusion of her belly leading the way. She moves with a slow, swaying grace, and when the Highwayman mimes his attempts to flee, she throws her dark head back and laughs delightedly. She seems game to let her prisoner lead the way, though they do seem to be on an ambling course towards the host.

"That's Your Goldfishty, technically," the Goldfish quips as the poolside gathering starts to become a proper school. "I'm having a delightful time, thank you," he declares sociably. "I hope that you are all as well. I do have to ask, is there any significance to your mask choices? I'm always more than a little curious at these events about that."

Kaia chuckles, having finally removed her mask to take a better look around. "I suppose so!" she replies, with a kind smile. "Well, I apologize for not staying longer, but I must take my leave Lord Blanchard. It was lovely, finding you here, we must surely meet up some other time more properly." she says, slowly raising from her current seat.

Elise sips her tea watching the crowd around her.

There is a small dip of a curtsy to the pair, giving both Cristoph and the Goldfish a very bright smile. "Good evening!" Her warm, bright voice greeting them both. Amber gaze shifting a little as the Highwayman and Huntswoman join the party and begin to make their way toward their group. Lifting a hand to wave to both of them, and then turning her attention back to those she was with. Looking to the water she lets go of the Golden Stag and moves to sit down at the pools edge as well. Sticking her bare feet into the water, like Cristoph. "This is lovely! And I am, your Goldfishty." A bit of a bright giggle at saying that.

Kincade stands as Kaia moves to leave, politely escorting her to the edge of the party and bidding her farewell.

Kincade says, "I look forward to the day."

Someone wearing a bird mask with a long, sharp beak looks once more between the lady in the teapot mask and the lady in the feline mask. "Well, uh, I suppose it's not entirely random. Perhaps Gild decides to be more charitable on some evenings than others." He reaches up and scratches his chin, and then decides to change the subject, "You know, maybe we should seek out the host and offer thanks for hosting this soiree."

The Golden Stag starts on removing his boots, as he speaks to the others. "Well, I believe the Nymph here does have something of an affinity for woodcraft, and the outdoors, if that's what you mean," to the Goldfish. "For my part, I have to say I simply chose something that caught my eye in the shop when I went out looking. Though I think I nearly killed myself, trying to walk out of my room with the blasted thing on. The antlers, you see."

Joscelin removes her mask in this awful, humid heat, fanning her flushed face with it.

Yes, the Highwayman is indeed traveling toward the golden masculine filigree half-mask wearing man, who he undoubtedly believes to be the host. For you see, while there is a wave cast back in turn toward the the nymph, it is the golden masked man that the Highway man is bowing toward once he's a respectable distance away. Those are his respects, it seems, for the Highwayman makes no move to actually vocally interrupt the conversation at hand. Nor does he actually try to flee his captor any longer, at least not at this point.

Someone wearing a feline silk mask made in gold and azure seems to be pleased or at least amused by the bird's flustered's response. She lifts her tea for another sip and turns marginally to look out about the garden. "Well," she answers, considering. "The Duke has made himself quite obvious to his guests. I imagine we can find our way over to say our piece." She reaches out to take his arm again after finishing her cup (there will always be more!) so that he can lead the way.

Someone wearing A Mask of Hart's Desire approaches once more at a casual pace from the garden. "They are rather unforgiving, aren't they?" The Hart says amiably, presumably of the Stag's comment regarding antlers. "I had a few minor brushes with catastrophe, myself." Extending her hand in a practiced movement, she sets her empty cup down on a passing server's tray with a ladylike clearing of her throat.

Someone wearing Bejeweled Huntswoman's Mask checked dexterity + etiquette at difficulty 25, rolling 14 higher.

Kaia being escorted by Kincade, and holding a monarch butterfly mask in her hand, makes sure to get closer to the host on her way out to give her thanks, "Duke Laurent, thank you so much for the lovely gathering. Although, I'm afraid, I must take my leave early." she says, with a courteous bow.

1 Blackram novice guards have been dismissed.

When the Highwayman bows to the man in the masculine filigree, the Huntswoman attempts and executes a lovely little curtsy despite the shift in her center of gravity. She too, demures to interrupt, and offers the Forest Nymph a friendly wave. She leans in against her prey and accepts a cup of tea from a passing server.

Someone wearing limited edition Marin'Alfar goldfish mask seems quite sympathetic. "That -does- seem like someting of a hazard. But sometimes fashion calls for one to be daring," he notes to the antlered-up pair. "Balance issues are just another type of dare, you could well argue."

The duke is super obvious, it probably doesn't help that he's worn this mask at three seperate public functions. He turns to look up at the Highwayman when he gets closer to him and there's a smirk on his face, it seems he's not alone. "Good evening, I'm glad you were able to come by." There's a polite nod of his head to the man's companion.

Kincade also politely bows and thanks the Duke while he is there beside Kaia. Taking a moment to introduce himself as well.

Vittorio accepts the feline's hand, and leads her over to where the duke has a few guests. His pace is leisurely, but he eventually arrives and gives Kaia a curious glance, and then bows his head towards the Duke. Going as far as removing his mask and making his face known, sweat showing itself on his forehead thanks to the humid summer air. "Duke Cristoph, this has been quite a masquerade you have thrown. Pardon me for unmasking already, but I find the humidity to be a bit much right now." He laughs, straightening up and brushing the front of his clothes with a practiced motion. "I should introduce myself, I am Vittorio Gilden."

As the lady in the mask of hart's desire, "While it may lead to a few minor brushes, you look very lovely," The forest nymph declares with a bright smile. "Would you like to join us?" Motioning with her arm toward the empty spot next to herself as she sat on the edge of the pool. With the Highwayman and Hunstwoman joinung the group. They are greeted with a bright friendly smile, "Good evening!" And then there is a little laugh as she nods to the Goldfish. "It was rather amusing watching him get his antlers caught earlier." The nymph says good naturedly, amusement in her voice.

Someone wearing A Golden Stag Mask has joined the an elegant pool designed from natural resources.

"Ah, Lady Kaia. I didn't realize you were in the city, let me know when you're free some other time?" Cristoph asks of the departing Bisland cousin. Cousins everywhere. When Vittorio is unmasking near him, he extends his hand to the man. "Well met, Lord Vittorio. Thank you for coming to my house. I understand, the heat is quite a lot this summer."

Someone wearing Forest Nymph Mask has joined the an elegant pool designed from natural resources.

Someone wearing Bejeweled Highwayman's Mask's rumbling a low response of, "It is ever a pleasure to be here, My Liege." No, the Highwayman isn't even really trying, is he? "Thank you very much for hosting. We were actually looking forward to the evening of fun and perhaps dance all -- was it a fortnight?" He glances there to his captor, flashing her a smile. Turning to focus back on the Forest Nymph and the Stag, a warm and approving sort of smile is offered forth. "You two make a fine pair!" he calls forth by way of compliment.

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Boots finally off, the Stag drops down and lets his own feet dangle in the pool. A nod to the Hart, and "Quite. Still, not -too- much of an issue, once one remembers to duck, really," he says in a hearty baritone. A nod to Kaia and Vittorio in greeting, and a small smile to the Highwayman. "Ah, why thank you. Might I say the same of you, and your lovely captor."

Someone wearing A Mask of Hart's Desire presses an arm to her waist as if she might bow to the compliment. She does not. Because... antlers. "Thank you. You're kind," she tells the Nymph, hesitating only a moment out of general humility - and maybe quiet laughter, "I would like that... yes." Stepping up, the Hart lifts the hemline of her gown enough to push away the slippers from her feet before taking up the recommended spot by the pool. There's only a tiny peep of discomfort when she dips her toes in.

Someone wearing A Mask of Hart's Desire has left the a garden of red orchids.

Someone wearing A Mask of Hart's Desire has joined the an elegant pool designed from natural resources.

Someone wearing Bejeweled Huntswoman's Mask glances over towards the Golden Stag and inclines her head. Her voice is soft when she speaks, heavily accented in western Oathlands style. "My thanks, great Gold Stag." She smiles to the Nymph and asks, "How is the water?" She smiles then to the filigree'd mask and offers another curtsy to the man next to him.

"One would assume that it'd be better in the night, but alas not tonight." Vittorio says with a chuckle, reaching forward and taking Cristoph's hand in a firm grip. "It's a lovely home, my lord. Some day I might ask if I can have another visit of these gardens, if only to try and convince my cousins to build something similar back home in Caith." Catching sight of the Stag's nod, he returns the nod with an accompanying smile, then nods to Kaia. "Lady Kaia, good to see you again."

Elise walks quietly to the pool seeing the crowd gathering there. She stands settles in quietly nursing her tea with little sips.

Elise has joined the an elegant pool designed from natural resources.

Someone wearing limited edition Marin'Alfar goldfish mask idly backstrokes in a half-circle around the growing amount of feet in his domain. "The water is quite excellent, I'm pleased to report. Maybe I'll build an embassy here," he declares serenely, turning about and touching the side. He squints and cranes his head back. Left his tea over there! Well, that was a tactical error. "Don't suppose I could prevail upon your collective kindness to pass that mug down," he requests.

"I had this portion of the gardens constructed for my wife," Cristoph explains for Vittorio as he too, finally just pulls his mask off. "She was a Pravus and they have an extraordinary garden and pool in their portion of the city. I wanted her to feel more at home here." There's a gesture to the general area, "I'd be happy to walk it with you sometime, when the whether cools and there are less guests." There's quiet laughter for the golfish setting up an embassay in the pool.

Kaia, smiles to the Duke and nods to those gathered around politely (altough she had not a rats arse of idea who they were), "I've only been in Arx for a month or so, much to do. Hadn't had the time to come say hi before, but surely, I'll make sure to come visit sometime soon, my lord. Be well now!~" she finalized her goobyes. Then, as she turned around to leave, she caught a glimpse of Vittorio as he unmasked and she give him a classy wave of the fingers and a nod of aknowledgement in passing, "And you, lord Vittorio. I'm afraid I'm on my way out, but I do hope to catch again soon!" she said with a smile, before finally looking back at Kincade, "See you soon, lord Blanchard!" and with that, she left (my apologies if I forgot to say my goobyes to someone else, but //you're wearing masks// xD).

The Highwayman is flashed a bright warm smile at his compliment to the Golden Stag and herself, "Thank you! As do you and your captor!" She offers, head bobbing a touch in agreement with the Golden Stag's words. The Nymph seems delighted that the Hart joins her. And then smiles up to the Huntswoman. "Mmm, it is delightful. A nice and cooling on a humid night like this. A nice feeling for weary feet." A little playful wink there at the end to the Huntswoman. And then she nudges the Golden Stag, "Will you pass the Goldfish his mugh." And then a wave to Kaia as she leaves, "Have a good evening!" She calls out warmly.

Someone wearing Bejeweled Highwayman's Mask's inclining his head toward Duke Cristoph, and thereafter lifting a hand in a wave toward those gathered around the pool. With that, he is seeking to escape the hold of his captor. What this means, however, is that he is actually just pulling the Huntswoman along, turning somewhat as he does so, so as to ensure that he is in no danger of actually causing her to stumble and fall. "I believe that there might be an issue of penance for the crimes committed," he says back toward her. What penance might that be? Why, he finds a little patch of lawn and promptly untangles their arms so that he might have the honor of spinning her about. Those two, when let off the leash, evidently will always dance to their own tune.

"Ah, I should have figured as much," the Stag remarks, gesturing to the garden of red orchids when the Duke states he built it for his wife. "Those are her prized orchids, after all," easily. He gives a wave to Kaia, and any others leaving, and finishes his own mug, and sets it down. He cranes an arm over, stretching perhaps a bit to juuuuust snag the requested beverage, and hands it over to the Goldfish. "Is that from the 'good' pot?"

Vittorio nods, glancing around once more. "Either way, it's quite beautiful and I would love to take you up on that tour some time." Sparing a smile for Cristoph, he glances to one side and notices Elise, who he nods to, and then the goldfish masked person who seems to be taking over the pool area. He laughs, nodding towards goldfish mask and says to Cristoph. "Someone seems to be enjoying your pool, Duke Cristoph. A good night for it, I think."

Lump, the long and short badgerhound arrives, delivering a message to Joscelin before departing.

"Mmmm, penance? I believe there may be some forgiveness, should the accused perform admirably in a dance or three..." There is humor heavily laden in the Huntswoman's voice and that she is rather taken with her captive is no hidden thing. She spins with as much grace as she can manage, showing complete trust in her partner to catch her if needed.

Lump, the long and short badgerhound arrives, delivering a message to Joscelin before departing.

Finding himself standing beside Vittorio after Kaia's departure, Kincade introduces himself to the man. "Ah hello sir, Lord Kincade Blanchard, Horselord of the Chevalle people and Master of coin to Count Philippe." He bows politely.

Joscelin stares at the two letters in her hands and scowls, turning the immediate air around her blue with her cussin'. But she's amused too, folding the letters and putting them in a pocket for now, shaking her head and offering her company a sigh and a helpless shrug.

Elise sees the nod given to her by Vittorio and she dips in to a polite curtsey, and smiles. She brushes some of her white hair out of her face and takes a sip of her tea.

"Oh, -definitely- the good pot," the Goldfish remarks enthusiastically, raising the mug as he eggbeater kicks to stay in place. He knows his way around a pool, evidently. "Only the best will do, when one drinks like a fish," he concludes before having a few chugs. "Which is the best kind of drinking, by the by. I'm not biased at all, of course."

Cristoph's eyes are pulled in the direction of the orchids, smiling fondly at them before he turns to the stag and nods. "Did you know that they're calling them the 'Duchess Orchids' in Artshall? The conventional name did not go over well there." When Kincade approaches, he inclines his head to the man. "Welcome to my home, Lord Blanchard. It's good to have one of Count Philippe's people in the city, he's an honorable man." Amusement touches his lips as the goldfish has people fetching his drinks for him.

The Nymph leands forward a bit, one hand resting on the edge of the pool as she does so, and smiles brightly to Elise. "Hello, and Good evening," the Nymph's voice bright and friendly. "Are you enjoying the party?"

Vittorio turns to Kicade and smiles, bowing in return. "A pleasure, Lord Kincade. Lord Vittorio Gilden." A pause. "Did you say a master of coin? Wonderful, perhaps we should talk shop sometime. I'm a man of commerce, as it were."

"Well that's... Unsurprising, perhaps," the Golden Stag concedes about the 'conventional name' not being well-taken in the Oathlands.

Elise looks to the woman in the nymph mask, "Ah. I am indeed. I seemed to have misplaced my coins, I feel bad I was unable to purchase a mask for this fine party." She takes another sip of tea and smiles at the Nymph masked woman.

Kincade bows to Cristoph, "Thank you, sir, for your words of praise on my house honor me. It is a magnificent home, I beg you to let me return to your gardens some time while I go over equations. It's so relaxing here." On hearing Vittorio talk trade Kincades eyes light up and as he talks his eyebrows creep upward. "That would be most enjoyable, I have a project I'm putting together now I'd love to make connections that might expedite things." Kincade gives Vittorio a firm handshake. Looking back to Christoph "Now if you don't mind I think I'm going to go enjoy some of the tea and hang my feet in your pool. Kincade bows formally before heading that way.

Someone wearing Bejeweled Highwayman's Mask's indeed able to step forward and catch the Huntswoman should the need arise. Otherwise he is content with the dance, and while not the most deft of dancers he is most certainly skilled enough. Eventually though the fancy footwork of twirls and leans is forsaken in favor of just a quiet embrace. The pair of them are eventually drifting off much more quietly than they arrived.

"How disappointing," the Hart offers sympathetically to Elise's plight, adding in a more optimistic turn, "There will be many other parties, masqs even, I'm sure."

Kincade has joined the an elegant pool designed from natural resources.

Having gone to fetch more tea, the woman in the feline mask is soon again at... well, Vittorio's elbow to offer him one of the cups. She looks a touch amused as she picks up on the thread of conversation. "Ever making deals, I see."

The midnight tea party goes over well and the guests all seem happy to drink little cups of tea that are certainly not spiked with anything stronger. Or are they? But it comes a time that the duke departs to some other part of the garden, speaking and talking to those visiting and eventually, at some point, things wind down naturally.

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