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A Night of Linguistics

There's more than a few foreign languages spoken within the bounds of the compact, and in Arvum. And sometimes, it's hard to find another who speaks it so that you can better practice. Because it's pretty awkward when you go to introduce yourself as the High Lord of Thrax, but instead you say I am the Might Sea Cock.


So join those who love or have learned languages for more political purposes so you can practice, or perhaps join for the evening and start the process of learning a new tongue to better assist your house in future potential negotiations.


Feb. 27, 2019, 7 p.m.

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Merek Zeriax Olivia Ysabel Tabitha Ahriman Lisebet Mikani Miranda Lou Reese Cadern



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Ambassador Salon

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Comments and Log

The Ambassador is normally a busy place in the evening, though this evening it's perhaps a little more occupied and the languages within are flowing. Whether it's a foreign tongue from a far off land, one of the Elven languages, or perhaps there's some individuals who are wanting to learn Shav from the various lands, the Ambassador is the place to be this evening. Because how often does one get to practice them? Some of them, not very often.

Alarissa in thin silk that is most certainly not Thraxian, with a fan fluttering near constantly to keep the opressive and humid heat from bothering her too much, flits from table to table to make sure that everything is going well.

There's already been a disagreement over in the far corner about the proper noun usage with relation to Eurusi, which perhaps almost ended in fisticuffs but simmered down soon enough. Alcohol si movin freely, to loosen tongues and relax those who may be nervous as to how well they are speaking, and all of it on Thrax this night, or at least the Princess.

With a graceful thump, she drops onto one of the couches in the rear to watch the night of education happening.

1 Grayson House Guards, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting arrive, following Reese.

Merek has decided to come and listen to the talk about languages, wearing his robes that are adjusted about him in black tones of that soft brocade while he looks from under his hood to the others that are there, finding somewhere to settle in also.

1 Redoubt Buccaneers, Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, 1 Redreef Warden, 1 Thrax Guards arrive, following Mikani.

Zeriax knew more than one language, and was eager to at least hear more being spoken. How small has his world been until then? If he could learn another, all the better! He was most curious to see if there were any other speakers of the tongue he'd been taught over the course of numerous weeks, and with eyes sparkling and wide, he sauntered into the Ambassador Salon. "Hail!" He bellowed, announcing his presence with no less than the reverberation of some of the more nearby floorboards. Then he decided to whip it out right away, and greeted whoever he saw in a hauntingly musical melody of some sort. ''Definitely'' not Arvani of any kind.

Olivia wanders in and looks around in amazement at how packed the place is. She has a smile on her fafe as she scans the room. She heads over to Alarissa when she sees her. She dips in to a polite curtsey. "Princess. A lovely evening you hage put together."

Zeriax says in Marin'alfar, "Greetings you beautiful fish! I hope your spoons are well!" And more quietly, "I hope I said that right..."

Ysabel would not pass up an opportunity to learn something new so exitedly makes her way over to pick up all the information she can. Offering repectful greetings to all present.

"Lady Olivia. Come, Sit with me, I will fan us both and we can see what our little section is going to speak hmmm?" Alarissa offers to the Ashford noble, beckoning over. There's a falter to that waving though, as Zeriax speaks in the Marin'Alfar tongue and her brow rises. "No, You want people, not fish." She calls out to him, offering the corrected word.. "And you asked if our spoons are well. Gods save us, where did you learn to slaughter that language?" There's space for others and Merek recieves a tip of the Princess's head in greeting, same for others familiar, unfamiliar or just coming in.

Having been sitting here already for a while now, delicately perched on a couch that really is better suited for lounging, Tabitha has a little book of blank pages open on her lap, and a quill in one hand that occasionally scribbles some notes upon the paper. A sweet smile is given to Alarissa as the Princess-Consort flumps down so gracefully on one of the nearby sofas. When Zeriax arrives, however, the artist looks towards the door with big wide eyes and a little jump. Then she blinks a few times at the loud and songful man, before smiling radiantly to Olivia. "Oh hello, Lady Olivia! So good to see you!"

Brenlin, Aide-de-Camp, 2 Rubino and Zaffria guards arrive, following Miranda.

A cane precedes every third or fourth step of Ahriman when he enters the Ambassador Salon. It is a simple cane with a rounded head meant for practical purposes rather than fashion. The fingers that curl around the head of the cane are slender but keep a tight grip. The man himself is a bit gaunt with a paleness about him that suggests recent illness or a haggard time of things as of late. Prince Ahriman Grayson wears a turtleneck shirt with long sleeves which is an odd summer ensamble. The man's beard is freshly groomed as is his person. He seems to be well attended if not slightly frail overall. Dark eyes sample the setting and his neutral expression lingers when the gentleman looks for a place to get off his feet.

Late! But fashionably so, Lisebet makes her way to the ambassador. "I see some things never change," she murmurs, before she inclines her head politely to Alarissa, and waves at those around who she recognizes. "Good evening everyone. How lovely to see all the familiar faces, and I look forward to meeting some new friends."

Mikani enters looking around. Mikani grins at the people she knows. Heck Mikani grins at everyone. Her head nods to Alarissa. "Princess Consort." Mikani calls out before she nudges Zeriax with her shoulder. "Hullo." She greets the man before ordering herself a drink of rum.

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Zeriax turned to peer over to Alarissa when she called out the correction. "Oh! Right. I never have my tongue in the right place for some of these words. It's a bit tricky. Thank you!" He called right back to her. "Fish. Gods above. I've been calling people fish all week? I need to find Lady Redreef..." He muttered to himself, shaking his head. When she called out to him a second time, he turned to her and shrugged. "Hey, maybe I ''was'' asking about spoons. Big spoon, little spoon, missing spoon. Not that I really ''need'' to know about anyone's personal life." He ''was'' talking about the utensils, right? Zeriax continued to move into the room, making his way towards the Shadowy Table. When Mikani nudged him, he acted as if he'd just been struck by a horse, and stumbled into the table, grabbing his arm as if he were in pain. "Ack! You need to tone back your strength, Lady Redreef. ''Oooouch.''"

Willen arrives, following Lou.

Miranda enters the Salon, hesitating somewhat by the entrance as she takes in the crowd of linguistical learners. She absently smoothes her gown, the Sword of Gemecitta somewhat notorious for being a bit uncomfortable in large crowds. She smiles a little, recognizing some faces, at the least, so it must not be too terrifying for the Rubino Knight. She licks her lips and, for a moment, seems uncertain about where to go or what to do.

Olivia smiles and accepts Alarissa's offer to sit with her. "Ah what languages do you speak your highness?" She gently stops a server with a tray of wine and grabs a red that is not yet spoken for.

Yes. That's right. Lou walks into the Ambassador. Willingly even! In support of a good cause. Or, perhaps because her curiosity has been piqued. Willen's not far behind her, and he's probably the stimulating influence in prodding her to go even. Possibly. And, so, she's standing near the door, looking around for a seat where she can leave quickly if the situation calls for it. So, it is the bar that grabs her attention first. She spies Alarissa and smiles, wiggling her fingers at her cousin, and also wiggles fingers at Reese, and then she's settling herself on a stool at the bar.

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Mikani laughs warmly, "Zeriax, you're a dueler. You have enough to protect yourself." She teases the man. Mikani takes a sip of rum as she settles into the booth. "How have you been? See any caribou?"

Reese arrives in the salon while adorned in rosy tunic and ivory legging. She moves with the nimble grace of a warrior. The girl smiles warmly over to Lou, she waves to Olivia and blows Miranda a kiss. She then smiles to Zeriax as well. Reese then starts in the direction of the bar. She looks to Mikani. "Lady, Spice, hi."

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Olivia smiles brightly as Tabitha greets her. "Ah Lady Tabitha wonderful to see you as well." She gestures to Alarissa, "Do you know Princess Alarissa?" She sees Reese and waves to her as well.

As she is coming in slowly, she ends up behind Prince Ahriman, pausing to let him make his way and select his spot. "Good evening," she greets, unfamiliar with the man, but polite. "I'm Lady Lisebet Farshaw, a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

"Lady Mikani!" Alarissa lifts a hand not fanning. 'Take heart Messire. Ita ught my husband how to introduce himself in the tongue as the Great and Mighty Sea Cock. It has stuck and now that is what they call him. The Legate Ailith taught his Majesty to introduce himelf as a Dolphin. But I hgihly suggest that one does not do that now." But here's a face she's not seen in some time and Alarissa lights up. "LOU!" She calls out, a gesture with the fan to Ahriman. "Your father! Uncle Ahriman! Come, sit!" But Olivia speaks and she looks, nodding. 'Indeed, I am familiar. We have exchanged letters now and then, and she is very skilled in the arts. How are you?"

Zeriax stood from the table he was seated at, recognizing many of the faces as they began to filter in. Even still, there were some he didn't recognize. Unsurprisingly, there were a large number of his fellow Explorers there, and to each, he gave a wave and a smile. Since it was a night of linguistics, he also said hello to each of them twice, once in Arvani, and once in Marin'alfar. "Dueler?" He asked, turning back to Mikani. "I just enjoy putting on a show. I'm no Champion like yourself." There was a pause. "I've been excellent recently. Lots to do, lots to see. Was out hunting earlier this morning...well, less hunting and more talking, I suppose. No caribou this time." He leaned in and gave her a quick wink. "What did you think of the story? Never heard from you after you left the bar that night." Reese also gained another wave, "Hey, Ribb..." He looked around. "Princess Grayson."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Mikani before departing.

Ysabel as she enters, she notices Lady Olivia and offers her a friendly wave and smile.

Reese takes a perching seat at the bar. She waves happily over to Alarissa and then to Lisebet. The girl seems amused at Zeriax's almost greeting and gives him a bright smile that brings her dimples to briefly bloom. "Hi Guiding Wolf Star."

The thin figure of Ahriman completes his cursory glance around the establishment. The *tap-tap* of his cane heads in the direction of the bar. He goes to the very end of the bar and his expression can be efined as one that is very neutral if not a little unfeeling. The cane is hooked at the edge of the bar and those long slender bone-thin fingers grip the top of it and he brings himself into the stool. His attention focused solely on the bartender and the selection of drinks he orders, "Green tea please with a touch of honey. And something light.. a lobster bisque perhaps." His voice is without passion and he seems to be content to watch and get acquainted. In particular he is listening to the diversity and culture around him. When the man is about to get settled he hears three letters that draw his attention to his niece. A woman he has not seen in a long time. A glance down the bar affords him two other realities and he holds up a hand towards Alarissa, "Ah, my niece. It has been a long time since I have seen you." The voice is a bit muted, "If you will forgive me my delay. I shall join you in short order once I have my tea and bisque." The tone is flat but well-intentioned. The man turns his attention to the bar and he starts a dialogue with the other guests.

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Mikani grins at Zeriax, "I very much enjoyed the story." Mikani looked at Reese and grins. "Hello Your Highness." She smiled at the pink lady. Spotting Miranda, Mikani tried to wave Miranda over. "Lady Rubino! We have a spot over here."

"Princess Reese," Lisebet says, with a sunny smile. "How good to see you again!" Once the thin figure of Prince Ahriman is at the bar, Lisebet makes her own way to get a glass of wine, and then turns to find a spot to settle, somewhere at one of the tables randomly.

Reese's air kiss is greeted with a warm smile from Miranda who has yet to move from her spot near the entrance. Her honey-brown eyes drift over to the bar, following Reese's movement there and seeing Lou. Then to the couches where the Princess Alarissa is and then the shadowy table where Mikani is smiled at, as well. A glance about once more before Miranda's aide steps up from behind her to whisper to her. Miranda shakes her head, shrugging faintly and the pair speak softly, though Miranda's attention lingers mostly on the room itself. Her guards hover just a bit behind her, glaring as guards do. Brenlin seems to have an opinion that he shares with Miranda on whatever they're discussing before Miranda looks his way and rolls her eyes a bit at him. "Very well." She clears her throat and then heads towards the couches, "Excuse me, your Highness," she says to get Alarissa's attention - her name was on the notice for tonight's event after all. "Is there a particular table or ... " She pauses, somewhat awkward in her manner. She blinks as her name is called and she looks to Mikani, perhaps in relief. She bows her head to Alarissa, "Nevermind." She turns to head over to Mikani and Zeriax and motions her aide and guards aside. "Thank you, my Lady." She bows her head to Zeriax, "Messere."

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"Glad you did. There's a lot more where that came from." Zeriax whispered to Mikani, before switching into Marin'alfar for a quick moment. Back to Arvani, he smiled at Miranda. "Lady Rubino! A pleasure to see you again. Care to make a bet?" Oh no. Straight away into the bets.

Zeriax says in Marin'alfar, "How do you say those things Alarissa said? Great and muddy sea cucumber? Is that right?"

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"Oh, please, no Uncle, another day for me. Enjoy yourlself." Alarissa offers up from the couches, a gesture to Reese and Lou before dropping her voice to talk with Olivia and Tabitha, a wave of her fingers for Miranda.

Ysabel seeming not to know many people here The Baroness quitely slips into a private booth. She ready's a book and quil to take notes once the lessons start. Her curiousity and desire to learn is writen all over her features.

Lisebet spies Olivia there as well as Alarissa, and so she stops there, at least temporarily. "Good evening, I do hope it's okay if I join you for a bit," she says softly to the small group. "I did want to give my warmest regards to you all. She leans closer to murmur something softly to the group.

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Olivia reaches for Lisebets hand, hoping to pull her gently to the couch.

Lisebet mutters, "I ... there ... a ... ... on their own. I ... ... to ... ... in."

Tabitha looks up at Lisebet with a gentle smile. "Lady Lisebet! It's been a while! I'd love it if you'd join us."

Olivia sees Ysabel at the private booth and waves to her hoping to get her attention.

"Please, any are welcome to join us and I will happily set time aside to instruct Lady Olivia, happily. It's an odd tongue and I don't know when I'll ever use it." There's a glance to Ysbael and a gesture for the stranger to join them, the fan going a mile a minute.

Lisebet takes Olivia's hand and she squeezes it gently. "I'll be right back," she says. It seems the observant Farshaw lady has noted the same person as Olivia has. So, Lisebet meanders in a rather straight line over to where Ysabel is by herself. "My lady, come with me and join us over at the couches, do?" she offers. "I see you might already know Lady Olivia?"

Lou's attention is still on Alarissa when she first calls attention to Mikani. She offers her protege a warm smile and a wave as well, but for the moment she seems content to stay seated at the bar. Then, Alarissa is calling out Lou's name, bringing attention to her. A light flush comes to her face, so far and warm at first, but then when Alarissa points a fan in Ahriman's direction, Lou at first gives her a very puzzled look, and then turns to look at the person she's pointed out; almost as if in slow motion. She takes him in, everything about him, from the gaunt look of his features, to the scars that manage to show past his clothing. She stares at him, long and hard, a myriad of emotions flooding her face, before her face pales and drains of all color. She raises a hand, pointing at Ahriman, her mouth wide open, and starts to sway. For a moment, it looks like she just might faint, but she doesn't. "Papa?" A simple word, as simple question asked, though with total disbelief in her voice.

Zeriax stood up after muttering with the lovely M-named Ladies (Capital 'L' there), to move to the bar to order some drinks. He snapped his fingers at the barkeep, oblivious as to that gesture being rude. "Oi! OI!" He called, before placing his order. It didn't take long for a large platter to be filled with all manner of liquids, before he lifted it up and shakily brought it to the Shadowy Table. There were only three seated there, but it looks like he grabbed enough for thirteen people. Once the platter was set back down, he readjusted himself, quietly observing the rest of the room for a few moments.

A smile breaks across the otherwise often cold features of the bar-seated prince. He receives his hot tea and he takes his hands around the cup and has a taste. The drink is then set down and his gaze travels the length of the bar to where Reese and Lou sit at the end of it. Words come soft and meant for the company of the bar as the figure rises from his seat and he traverses the distance from where he was seated to the gape between him and his daughters. His hand follows the bar along for the way for support as he leaves his drink and cane behind. Ahriman pauses and a single set of fingers shift as he leans against the bar facing the woman to offer Lou support in case she might fall or stumble from her seat. The gesture is seen as a greeting to mask the nature of his intent to provide support.

Ysabel offers Lady Lisebet a warm smile and says, "I would gladly join you I am Baroness Ysabel Gilden by the way." The young Baroness is very exciteable and expressive when she speaks.

Reese is perched at the bar herself and her blue eyes are rather wide as she looks from her sister to her father. She looks a bit like she is seeing a ghost, but seems to be dealing alright with such. She also seems happy to see him and those watching her can catch a smile from the princess.

Lisebet reaches a hand for Ysabel's offering to acocmpany her back over to Tabitha, Alarissa, and Olivia. "Right this way," she says. "I'm Lady Lisebet Farshaw, a pleasure to meet you, Baroness." Once she reaches the couches, she smiles, "This is Baroness Ysabel Gilden," she introduces. "And m'Lady, this is Princess Alarissa Thrax, our hostess. Lady Olivia Ashford, my soon to be sister, and Lady Tabitha Whitehawk." She settles in, joining the group.

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Ysabel takes the hand offered and follows Lisbet. She offers a respecful curtsey and take a seat next to the other ladies seated at the couches

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Cadern slinks into the Ambassador with an intrigued look to see who is afoot as he drifts to the side searching for a spot. He meanders his way towards Reese and perches up to ask brightly, "Any new ribbons, Ribbons?" He asks as he shifts under his cloak.

Lou listens to Ahriman's quiet words as he comes around the bar, and watches him as he slowly makes his way closer to where she and Reese are seated. Then he's there, in that moment, when she wavers. Sky-pale eyes, so full of disbelief, keep track of his every move, and she tilts her head just so when she hears the sound of his voice, before closing her eyes as if to compare it against some memory far and long ago. That's when the trembling starts, first with her shoulders, and easily followed by the rest of her. When she opens her eyes, stains of water dribble down her cheek, and for the briefest of moments there's fear. That fear doesn't last, as she reaches out to touch Ahriman's cheek, as if to test if the man standing there before her, so, so very close, is actually real. In all this time, she does not speak, that single word spoken only moments ago seeming hum around her in all of her actions, both hopeful and fearful all at the same time.

Reese seems to speaking to Ahriman and Lou in an excited ramble. She looks over to Lou with a soft smile. She then turns her attention to Cadern, having a smile for him. "Greetings, Lord Cadern, The man with us is our, father Prince Ahriman." She says proudly.

Ahriman is engaged with his daughters. His words quiet. When the hand of Lou touches his cheek the man smiles. His fingers move from her back and up to her wrist. He kisses the inside of her hand. Then he attempts to thread his fingers in hers. At the introduction he turns. His face goes neutral and he studies Lord Cadern for a moment, "A pleasure to meet your acquaintance." He offers the man. He then finds himself moving to sit next to Lou and he give her his proximity with her sister (Reese) on the other side of her.

Miranda is overheard praising Mikani: For saving a lost Lady in a social situation!

Miranda is overheard praising Zeriax: For helping a lost soul in a crazy situation!

"It is lovely to meet you all as well. I am excited to learn new languages. Well I love picking up all sorts of useful knowledge." Her features are animated as she talks. She offers a warm smile to Miranda.

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Zeriax, when he finished his mutterings with Mikani and Miranda, slammed back a tankard of sweet-smelling alcohol, looking almost like he was chugging the thing. He yelled something out in Marin'alfar once more, that hauntingly beautiful elven language being put to good use. Even with his overt mannerisms, somehow he still managed to make it sound nice. Maybe not as nice as some of the other speakers, but still nice. For all anyone else knew though, he could've been calling someone's mother the daughter of a whale. Hopefully that wasn't the case. He slammed the tankard back down, noisily, before continuing quiet conversations at the Shadowy Table.

Cadern just blinks at Reese's response. He blinks several times slowly and then he looks to Ahriman. He considers for a time his head tilting to the side, "Well... pleasure to meet you Your Highness. Lord Cadern Ravenseye. I gather, a welcome back of some sort is in order?" He shifts a little and then he grins faintly, "Didn't know you were introducing me to parents already." He says brightly and then he looks to Lou for a moment watching her with curiosity and then he murmurs quieter to Reese, "And I take it you... weren't expecting him to stroll in?" He just stands nearby for once the Raven left a little awkward.

Zeriax says in Marin'alfar, "ELIXIR! Oh, sweet coral juice!"

He's real. Ahriman's real. Lou practically throws herself at him, attempting to pull him into a fierce, but gentle, hug if he'll allow it. She'll only hold it for so long, though it might seem like the hug is verging on for forever, before letting go, and allowing him to entwine his hand with her own. She settles on the edge of the seat, and looks over at the barkeep, mouthing, 'Whiskey'. She then turns to regard Cadern, nodding at him in recognition. She still has not found her voice, as yet. Rather, she's content to sit there, holding Ahriman's hand just so, for now.

Lisebet does glance over at the bar where the unexpected family reunion is ongoing. She smiles, happy to see it appears to be a joyous event. Her attention is mostly on the softly spoken words of her companions though, so she makes no comments on the returned Prince.

Miranda is somewhat a nervous wreck even with the two she's at. Ok, not a wreck, but she's VERY FOCUSED on Mikani and Zeriax. She sips from a glass of what looks like spiced rum, here and there, and speaks with them. She seems to be a bit on edge, nervous. It's likely the crowd which, now and again, she eyes as if they all might turn and shoot arrows at her or come charging after her. Strange thing to see. But she looks less nervous while interacting with the pair at her table and so her focus is mostly there.

"I have not had the pleasure of studing many languages," thr young Baroness comments.

Reese lifts her gaze to Cadern. "Unexpected, he was missing and returned to us and it is a miracle or maybe his wonderfulness that got him free, but um, this is about languages." She says, babbling happily and looking all pink cheeked.

Ahriman embraces Lou and his nostrils flare as he tugs her in return close. The bearded prince lowers his head against hers. He takes in her scent and lids his eyes a moment. By all aged accounts this was a cold man. Fifteen years of slavery absent those you love allows for some give. And he lingers in the embrace of Lou and extends it longer until she orders her whiskey. He nods to Cadern, "As she says." He makes note the comment about parent introductions and gives the man another glance. Prince Ahriman turns with his daughters. He offers Reese his fingers (Lou has the other) and once Lou tends to her whiskey he will begin with the company towards Alarissa. "My niece." He offers a nod in her directions, "I apologize I did not mean to intrude on your affair with my renunion." He pauses and shakes his head, "Although I am not sorry it happened of course. The sooner the better and I know you would not forsake us our moment of happiness." He states, "I am excited about your event and I hope this a regular affair. I have a great desire now to learn Eurusi and I hope to use this forum to forward my knowledge." A glance and a smile towards Lou is given, "I also have heard you have had quite a number of accomplishments. I have come home to a great measure of pride swelling within me from both my daughters and my extended family. I will be excited in the coming days to talk and meet those around our periphery."

"Would you mind introducing me to your companions?" He asks of his niece. Ahriman gives another polite bow of his head in all of their directions.

Once more, Zeriax hollers out ''really loudly'' in another languge...

Zeriax says in Marin'alfar, "ELIXIR!"

Merek looks to where Zeriax is and lifts his brow, then his attention is back on Ahriman while he thoughtfully listens to what the man says as he does.

Lisebet blinks, her gaze going curiously to Zeriax, before she is sideswiped by the arrival of Ahriman over at their quiet table.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Mikani before departing.

Cadern causes mischief for Reese and looks utterly lacking in repentance as he asks, "His wonderfulness? Which language is that?" He teases lightly, "Well then which language should I ask questions in? I should learn how to speak more I think. So many people know so many languages. Eurusi seems popular at the moment..." He admits wryly looking curiously at Lou and Ahriman, "I wonder if he's seen my Ma, or the Nefer'khat?" He asks perking up looking to Ahriman perhaps hoping he'll pick up the stray conversation. Zeriax gets a look and an offer, "Is that how you say beer?"

Miranda glances over to the father with his daughters and smiles at Ahriman. How sweet! Seriously, to see someone so polite and delighted... and clearly happy to be with his family. Perhaps Miranda's not seen such very often.

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Reese allows Ahriman to take ahold of her hand and she gives his fingers a gentle squeeze. The girl listens to her father's words to Alarissa, all beaming at them. She then smiles to Alarissa herself. "It is nice to see you again, cousin." She says in her direction. She turns to Cadern a moment later. "I think Wonderfulness is a proper Avani words." She says musingly. "At least I hope it is, because it is the only language that I speak. One day I will learn some others. Lou probably knows a few."

Zeriax leaned back from his chair and looked over to Cadern. "It's not 'beer' per say, but it's close. Sort of. As far as I know, there's not really a direct translation? Toss me a word in your favourite language!" He said to the man at the bar, before turning back to his table.

'Uncle Ahriman, as if I would object, at all! And yes, I try to have these sorts of evenings now and then. Sharing knowledge." Alarissa, pregnancy nothing easy to hide and still fanning to ward off no matter how fruitless, the heat of the summer. "Grayson, none greater, even when we marry out, we bring that with us. Or marry in." Alarissa stands, offering names. 'baroness Ysbael Gilden, Lady Olivia Ashford, Lady Lisebet Farshaw. Meet my uncle and Princess Lou and Reese's beloved father and my uncle Prince Ahriman Grayson."

Olivia stands and curtseys to Ahriman as she is introduced.

Miranda rises from her table, speaking hurriedly to Zeriax, waving a hand somewhat desperately as if indicating the room or maybe the exit? Yes, that's it.

Lisebet smiles, also standing when Alarissa does. "Your Highness," she greets Ahriman properly. "Welcome home to Arx." She smiles to Lou and Reese both. "it is lovely to see you all so happy."

Lou gives Alarissa an absolutely apologetic look at the disruption of her event, looking quite abashed even as she carefully wipes away the water stains with the hand that's holding her whiskey, the other firmly placed within in Ahriman's. Once she wipes her eyes, she downs the glass of whiskey - not even pausing to breathe, and sets the glass on a table somewhere nearby when they pass close enough on their way to Alarissa's table. She looks over at Cadern again, nodding about languages, but doesn't seem to trust her voice just yet. She nods and smiles to Ysabel and Lisebet, wiggling fingers, and her smile is warmer for Olivia, knowing her.

Ysabel also curtseys to Ahriman

Merek bows towards Ahriman, and nods a bit to the man, "Plasure," he says, though he doesn't add his name to the list of people that were introduced also.

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Miranda glances to the goings on near Alarissa, but doesn't stop. Just a wave and a, "Great time! Thanks!" before she hurries out, causing her aide and guards to run to keep up!

Brenlin, Aide-de-Camp, 2 Rubino and Zaffria guards leave, following Miranda.

Cadern glances to Zeriax and considers for a moment, "Mmm my favorite? Well how about the one I've learned latest." HE then glances to Reese and asks, "Which do you want to know? I'm sure she does though. Though I think she's forgotten how to word at the moment."

Cadern says in Nox'alfar, "What's the best drink? And nothing bloody."

Prince Ahriman bows his head to each of the women he is introduced to while they are introduced, "Baroness Gilden." He smiles, "I am pleased to meet your acquaintence." The man continues, "You as well Lady Ashford." And finally, "Lady Farshaw, charmed. And it is my pleasure to be here and home again, thank you." He offers. The man's fingers entwined with his escort at either side, "I will asusme that you know my daughtres?" He offers with a chuckle, "Princess Reese Grayson, General of the Crownlands." He nods towards Reese, "And pri..." He clears his throat and smiles, "Lou Grayson, Ranger of the Gray Forest and Leader of the Explorer's Guild."

"Nice to meet you as well..." Ahriman looks to Merek.. "Master...?"

Zeriax stood up, taking a few more ''light'' sips from his drinks, before standing. Those conversations over, he leaned back in his chair, pushing the front legs off the ground. His eyes travelled to the two sisters and their father, smiling warmly at watching the reunion. "Ahh. What a nice thing to witness. Really warms the heart." He said. When Cadern spoke, he recognized the ''sound'' of the language, and his attention immediately snapped back to the man. "Well hello to you too, gorgeous. Nox'alfar? That was the next one I was hoping to learn. Come, have a seat. Give the sisters some time with their father." He patted Mikani's old seat.

Reese smiles as the introductions are made. "Nice to meet you Baroness." She says softly. She then smiles over to Merek. "Sir Merek." She greets. "How are the wedding plans going?" She asks seeming of Lisebet. She then adds to Olivia. "You look lovely, but you alway do, Lady Olivia." Her attention is upon Alarissa's stomach a moment later. "Oh, wow, Princess Alarissa, congrats." She says. Her attention the turns to Cadern. "Well I think that I should learn Crownlands Shav eventually." the girl says. "It would help in the Gray Forest." She muses, before looking all proud and bright-eyed and pink-cheeked at Ahriman' introduction.

Cadern grins at Reese, "Northlands Shav is far more fun, let me know if you want to learn that." He reaches up and pats her shoulder grinning and leaves her be wandeirng to Zeriax, "I only just recently learnt it. I picked up Marin'Alfar and Nox'Alfar because the Scholars seem to find it very relevant. I'm hoping to learn Dwarvish or the language of the Nefer'khat if I can. Know anything else good?" He asks curiously.

Olivia smiles at Reese as the Princess pays her a compliment, "You are too kind your highness." She settles back in to her seat on the couch.

Lisebet glances over at Alarissa, and then she says, "My congratulations as well, Princess Alarissa." She looks wry for a moment, one hand moving a strand of dark hair back off her face. "I would say your highness, but there are too many here to keep track." And then she adds, with a bright smile, "The wedding plans are going very well, thank you, Princess Reese. Lady Olivia is the best sister-to-be I think anyone could have. Mistress Petal has finished my gown, and I am all aflutter." She glances at Cadern, arching a brow. "Funny you should say that as that is the language I want to learn without my cousin Baron Thorley knowing I know."

Reese is overheard praising Alarissa: Wonderful event!

Reese is overheard praising Ahriman: A great Father who is back, yay!

Reese is overheard praising Lou: A wonderful exploring sister!

Zeriax slowed down considerably, still working on the rum and the spiced rum the other Ladies left behind. "The Scholars seem to find anything elvish relevant. Now ''Dwarvish'', that'd be something to learn right there. I was going to ask you if you knew any of it, considering your contributions at Sir Bayweather's talk." When asked if he knew anything else, he shook his head. "Unfortunately, no. Not yet, anyway. This is quite the gathering of linguists though, I must say. Compared to everyone I've met here, I might as well be considered the baby of the group." He leaned in. "Why Nefer'khat? Novelty? Or were you hoping to solve riddles with Sphinxes?"

Cadern grins at Zeriax, "Well they've been popular but there are more people." He gets a messenger and then he sighs, "I should be going but..." He looks to Zeriax, "Sphinxes, and the secrets of the Shapeshifters are fascinating to me. I'd be happy to share what I can sometime." He offers to Zeriax and then to Lisebet as well smiling as he zips off.

Cadern's mention of the dwarvish language does seem to stir Lou a moment. "Have you found anyone that can speak it? I'm afraid it might be one of those dead languages. Though, if you find someone that can, it'd be useful on the trip I'm taking to Everwinter, to find the dwarves." She casts another apologetic look Alarissa's way, and squeezes Ahriman's hand as if to ensure that he's still real. She clears her throat a bit, then looks to him. "My husband, Mason, is Eurusi. He's been teaching me, and I can speak it fairly well, though he despairs as I mangle his name - largely on purpose - when he annoys me. Also, I tend to yell at him in Eurusi when I'm angriest at him."

Ahriman is overheard praising Alarissa: A wonderful event filled with the distribution of knowledge. I could not be prouder of my niece and where she has taken herself.

Cadern shakes his head at Lou's question and smiles, "Not yet... but if I do I'm sure you'll know."

Ysabel her intrest peeks at the word riddles and says, "I love riddles." She seems distracted in different directions and conversations.

Merek looks over to Ahriman, and nods a bit, "Ser Merek Black, Admiral of the Iron Navy and Scholar," he offers, with a smile that's polite as he shifts his robes a bit.

Zeriax shrugged when ''another'' person took off. Was the table he was sitting at cursed? He looked under it, checking to see if there was anything there that might've scared off the nobles. "Hmm...was it something I said?" He muttered to himself, moving to stand, only to bonk the back of his head loudly on the edge of the table. "Hrrnk." A hand shot up to rub where he hit himself. "I no longer trust this table." Quickly, he decided to leave, grabbing Cadern's drink, Mikani's drink, Miranda's drink, and one more from the platter he grabbed earlier. He looked around to where he could sit, and decided that for the moment, he should probably leave the Grayson sisters to speak with their father. Then he looked over to where the others were seated. "Mind another? I have to get away from that Shadowy Table."

There is mention of dwarves. And the perplexed look on Ahriman's face shows everything. Likely his daughter's cannot see it. Those before him just introduced can. The man nods to Merek, "Ah, Admiral." He greets, "I should pick your brain sometime. I was a bit of a fleet admiral back in my day as well. It is a pleasure to meet you." The man looks to Lou and then Reese, "I need to take some rest. Reese, you mentioned a tower? Would you both mind escorting me there? I fear at the mansion I'll be visted frequently and I'm not up to the task."

Merek nods a bit to Ahriman, and he settles back to his watching and listening while he shifts his robes about him. "Of course, thanks," he says.

Reese looks in Ahriman's direction, having a gentle smile for him that reaches her blue eyes and brings her dimples to briefly bloom. "Oh, I can take you there and you can stay at the tower if you want. It has lot of books." She says in the man's direction. Reese has a smile for the rest gathered here. "It was very nice seeing everyone." She says and starts off.

Merek waves!

Reese has left the Bar.

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Willen leaves, following Lou.

1 Grayson House Guards, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting, Ahriman, Lou leave, following Reese.

A messenger makes his way up to Zeriax and whispers something in his ear. Without another word, the lupine-like man slams the drinks into the messengers chest. "I'm sure they'll like that reply." He says, waiting till the messenger takes hold of the drinks before he himself departs. "Thank you for hosting this event, Princess." Zeriax calls out to Alarissa as he made egress from the premises.

Zeriax has left the Shadowy Table.

Ysabel's face brightens at the question, "Yes I love riddles!" Her features get very animated as she talks.

Lisebet grins at Ysabel, sips her wine, and then she says, "I enjoy riddles, but am not always very good at solving them. They are entertaining though." She looks to Olivia and nods her head. "I hope everyone will have a good time, certainly."

Whatever messengers Alarissa had to deal with, they're dealt with and the fan wafting Thrax Princess makes her way back in, standing off to the side and watching who is still around, talking quietly with another table before back to observing.

Alarissa has left the Far rear couches.

Ysabel eyes sparkle and she says excitedly, "Oh, A book store. How lovely. I would love a look."

Ysabel offers Lisebet a warm smile and says, "I like it so far. So many interesting people to meet and new things to learn."

Ysabel beams at olivia and says, "I would love to learn all the locations of the different libraries." Seems very excited to speak about books.

Ysabel eyes glimmer with a hint of mischief, "I will just have to meet these notable people a charm my way into their libraries."

"Oh, I do not dicount learning by interacting with other and doing things but I love books. It is more a passion really," she says as she twirls her hair with her left hand idlely.

Ysabel offers a friendly smile as says, "Well this was a lovely and educational evening. I do hope we can get to know each other better in the future." She offers enthusiatic farewells before exiting.

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