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Bashira's Ru-Taul's Funeral

Bashira's body will be buried at sea. Those who wish to come and pay their respects are welcome.


Nov. 25, 2018, 6 p.m.

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Lore Reese Valencia Victus Alarissa Sorrel Yasmine Cesare Khanne Michael Sparte



Arx - Lower Boroughs - Dockyard

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Lizette, a pretty buxom barmaid, 1 Ulbran Thug arrive, following Valencia.

Lore arrives, looking both somber and faintly uneasy. She smiles towards Caspian, then glances around and moves to stand near Sparte, giving him a quick nod. Facing forward once more, she waits for the funeral to begin.

Reese has recently arrived on the docks. She has a warm winter cloak over her pink. The girl looks to Caspian, having a somber smile of greeting for the GrandMaser. She looks to Sparte, giving him a somber smile as well.

1 Silvershields arrives, following Yasmine.

The little vixen is not often seen in the Lowers, but today she is, quietly escorted by one of Ulbran's men. Valencia stands soberly at the edge of the crowd, a gentle nod offered to those she knows, her heart looking as it might break as she finds Caspian's face. Pressing her lips together, she remains silent as she comes to stand beside Sparte, offering him a little nod.

Maxene, the steadfast ladies maid, Pellinor, Elegance, a Velenosian Greyhound, 4 Thrax Guards, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat arrive, following Alarissa.

When the time arrives for the sending off to begin, Caspian lifts his voice over the wind as he speaks to the group. "I thank you are for coming, whether for the sake of Bashira, my own sake, or just to honor someone who has fallen in the defense of Then Lodge," he says to the group, folding his hands together in front of himself. "When our parents died years ago, we were both still children, I the oldest by a few years. I would never have imagined that crying, lonely girl would grow up to be an expert sailor, a knight in the making, and someone who would lay her life down for others." He says to them, giving a proud little smile to the body upon the little ship, wrapped up in a blue and green seasilk shroud.

It's not unusual for Victus' guards to be trailing especially close, especially down here in the Lowers of all places. Thus when he arrives, it's walled in by several wizened looking reavers. The Thrax steps out from his core, greatcoat blowing out in the chilling wind as snow billows about. He wears a grim expression.

Alarissa moves quietly, buffeted by furs and seasilk to stay warm beside the High Lord and those guards and reavers, expression somber.

Sorrel arrives quietly and somberly with her cloak drawn close around her and draped over the small human in her arms who is sucking on his finger as seriously as he possibly can, his eyes wide and concerned. She is awkwardly, visibly pregnant, with her armor adjusted to handle her swelling midsection. Her retinue sticks close to her and guides her over in the direction of the High Lord so that there's a veritable wall of Thrax guards.

When the time arrives for the sending off to begin, Caspian lifts his voice over the wind as he speaks to the group. "I thank you are for coming, whether for the sake of Bashira, my own sake, or just to honor someone who has fallen in the defense of Then Lodge," he says to the group, folding his hands together in front of himself. "Let us start a moment of silence for Bashira, and in this moment, let us contemplate what it means to be returned to the wheel, whether to be reborn or to move on to the shining lands...for some day, we will share a similar fate to her."

Yasmine arrives without much to announce it. There is no fancy outfit. No wide grin on her face. Instead, she's dressed in rather drab, ordinary clothing with a thick, heavy cloak covering her to protect from the cold. She stands near the back of the gathering, her usually expressive face quite solemn as she stares toward the ships, lips pressed into a thin line.

Drysi, a young shaman apprentice, Serenity arrive, following Khanne.

Reese has a polite and somber nob for the high lord and lady of Thrax as they arrive. When Caspian speaks she looks in his direction with somber focused, the girl nodding in response. She seeps silent, likely trying to honor this moment.

Cesare arrives, somber and respectful, in order to observe the funeral. He has - had - no personal ties to the departed, but, all life is precious and wonderful. He remains in the back, as unobtrusive as he can be.

Quiet steps take Khanne into the dockyard where those gather to say farewell to Bashira. The shaman makes eye contact with those she knows, giving them a small nod, her expression solemn as she finds a place to stand, to observe, and to pay her respects.

An arm snakes out from beneath Victus' coat to wrap around Alarissa's shoulder, pulling her in a bit closer between the rough leather and himself to protect from the cold. Reese and Sorrel are given nods of acknowledgement, but the man's attention is on the moment's reverence. His chin tilted up respectfully and his eyes closed, silent for the departed.

Caspian breaks the silence by speaking up now, saying to them, "Thank you. When we were children, I knew Bashira strong. Even after our parents died, she never complained, never only cried the night the night that each of them died, and even though we were barely ready for it, she worked hard so that we'd both survived. Which is why I wasn't surpised when she said she wanted to be a knight of The Order of The Eastern Light, or even surpised that she would go so far as to risk her life for others. Because that was just the kind of person she was. She's strong, stronger then me, not in body, but in heart." After taking a deep breath, he turns to the boat where Bashira lays, smiling to her, then turns back to the crowd.

"I will give everyone a moment to speak, ether to the crowd, or to Bashira herself. If you speak to the crowd, please be mindful if there are others who wish to speak and don't be too long winded. You are welcome to speak about all those who have died if you did not know her personally, for many families lost a brother, sister, son, or daughter."

Sorrel has joined the line.

Valenciakeeps her large dark eyes ahead now, her face unreadable as newly fallen snow, unmarked and cool. Not even sadness seems to pierce her composure this day. She nod quietly as Caspian speaks and then turns to listen to what others have to say.

Yasmine has joined the line.

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Reese listens as Caspian's speaks, her blue eyes still somber. She quietly gets into the line.

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Turn in line: Sorrel

Sorrel's rosy cheeked small human reaches up to pull the hood of a cloak further over his face, but he's being very well-behaved and somber at the funeral. His mother looks tired and sad, probably because she's cold and at a funeral. She steps forward to speak. "Bashira," she says seriously, looking towards the bier. "It is my solemn wish that I could have knighted you at the completion of your training with the Order of Eastern Light. You would have made an excellent knight, and I know that Duke Dagon was proud to have served as your knight during your squiring. You were brave and honorable to the end. Thank you for your sacrifice. You will be dearly missed."

Michael has joined the line.

Turn in line: Yasmine

Yasmine clears her throat and then raises that stage-trained voice, lifting it to be heard above the slap of waves against the docks, "I did not know Bashira very well. We met a time or two while she was renting a cottage from me. She seemed kind and excited about her life. I think she was very brave to fight against... against the gods know what. She fought for people like me, like my partner, like my daughter who do not have the strength or the skills to fight off the darkness like she could. I wish her much happiness on her next turn of the Wheel. She deserves it for the sacrifice she made on this one. Thank you, Bashira Ru-Taul." She then bows her head, falling silent.

Turn in line: Reese

Reese steps up when it is her turn in line. "I was not very close to the Mistress Bashira." She says softly. "I remember her the most from when she first arrived in the city. I was at first impressed to learn she was GrandMaster's sister and once a Thrall and a prodigal. She came from a great bloodline and had clearly overcome much. But then I learned more about her. She had spirit and passion. It was laced through her words and in her movements. She had confidence, grace and a powerful will. She had the kindness of one who is sure of herself, the welcoming presence of one who does not fear and the heart of someone who puts others before herself. She was part of the East Light with me and we were deeply honored and blessed to have her among us. She had the kind of beauty that is from within. That not everyone has. She gave her life at the Lodge, protecting us all and she will be remembered. She had my gratitude for her sacrifice and I am blessed to have known her." Reese says, before slipping out of the way so the next can speak.

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Turn in line: Khanne

Michael arrives late, probably from problems navigating the Lower Boroughs on a day such as today. Its take a few moments before he sidles up beside Princess Valencia and stands with her.

Swallowing the lump in his throat as one after another speak eulogies, Cesare lowers his gaze, threading his hands behind his back. It's moving.

Valencialooks up and smiles in gratitude to Michael, a slight show of emotion marring an otherwise empty expression.

Silently, Khanne walks down the pier a bit, approaching the boats moored there. She looks upon the shrouded form atop the smaller craft and takes a deep breath. After a moment, she begins to speak, her voice quiet and touched with emotion. "I wanted to know you better, Bashira," she says. "You showed so much promise, so much energy and excitement about the Spirits and your work with them." She has to pause, to swallow some emotion before she continues. "I wasn't there..." she says, the sound of fighting back tears making her voice thicker. "Part of me blames myself... part of me wonders, if I had... but I was called to another task to protect The Lodge, the Compact... and I wasn't there." Another pause, a shake of her head. "You held, Bashira... you held with all your might and I will always be proud to have known you. Thank you... thank you for your kindness, your determination, your sacrifice." She tosses a small wooden token onto the small boat. "May we meet again, Bashira Ru'taul..." She bows her head then and turns to walk back towards the others.

Turn in line: Lore

Stepping forward and glancing around, she fidgets slightly and begins, "I didn't know Bashira, she passed before we got the chance to meet." Lore glances towards the smaller ship and the seasilk sheet before looking back to the gathered. "When I left, things were getting bad in Arvum. The King had been struck into a coma, nobody knew if he was going to come out again. There were whispers of things starting, bad things. And then I ended up somewhere that was even worse. And as bad as it had been getting when I left, I wanted to get back." Clearing her throat, she looks faintly uneasy and hurries on, "When I made it back to Arx, to Arvum... I heard about the Lodge, I learned a lot of what had happened while I was away. But. It was better. It was better because of people like Bashira. People willing to sacrifice themselves for others. So thank you, Bashira, for manking Arvum a better place than it was." Stepping back, Lore clears the way for the next speaker.

Sparte has joined the line.

Turn in line: Sparte

Cesare checked command + animal ken at difficulty 7, rolling 27 higher.

Sparte gives a small smile to Lore as she finishes, looking around. Seeing no one else looking like they're going to speak still, he steps forward. "I... I had only met Bashira a few times. Which is something I regret, she was someone worth having known. I will always remember what she gave herself doing. Soldiers fall in war every day, fighting and dying by the sword. I... I have seen the battles to know." Sparte gestures towards the funeral pyre laden boat. "Her sacrifice was something different. Bashira gave deeply, all of who she was, to save others. Not with a blade, but with compassion." I don't know that I could have done what she did." Sparte looks down to the ground briefly, then looks up to Caspian. "But I know that because of her others won't have to." Sparte takes a step back, signaling he is done.

Cesare very quietly withdraws.

With the last words form Sparte, Caspian steps forward, speaking to everyone, "Thank you all for your kind words. And now, it's time to send Bashira's body to the place she loved the most, the sea." He unties the boat that Bashira's body is on as a crew words to prepare the larger longboat that will be tugging Bashira's body out to the bay. Once they are ready, they row out, dragging her shit a good ways out. After they cut the rope that drags the ship, the signal with a red flag they are cleared.

Caspian nods to a nearby archer he's hired, who alights a burning arrow and shoots it to the ship with Bashira on it, setting the ship ablaze in the bay. Caspian watches as the fire quickly spreads on the ship, burning bright against the morning sun. "Again, thank you all for coming. It's good to know that so many people care."

Alarissa has remained quiet by Victus side, listening to the farewells from others, still somber.

Reese is overheard praising Caspian: Lovely funeral for his beloved sister.

Lore watches the archer take his shot, the boat alighting with flame, then looks back to Caspian. After he speaks, she approaches, quietly, offering him a small smile.

Valenciawatches the arc of the arrows as the fly through the snowfilled sky, a trail of oily smoke following them. The land true and the little vixen seems to let her breath go as Bashira's boat catches fire and blazes as beautifully as she did in life. "A fitting sending off," she whispers.

Valencia is overheard praising Caspian: The sweetest and most loving brother a girl could have. Remarkable and honoured. A beautiful send off for a striking woman.

Yasmine flinches a little as the arrows hit the boat. She shudders, yet forces herself to watch, blinking back moisture in her gold-flecked eyes.

Caspian grabs a box that he's set off to the side and brings it out to the crowd, saying, "Here a peace knots made from her clothing and bedsheets. Feel free to tie your weapons with these when the need arrises," he says back to the crowd.

Victus' grip on Alarissa's shoulder tightens as that arrow soars through the sky. As the smoke raises on the burning ship, he keeps his eyes locked firmly upon the embers that drift. "No lives wasted." He says under his breath. "Just as many as were needed."

As the fire spreads, Khanne's grey eyes reflect the flames as she watches. She closes her eyes, the motion causing one tear to spill from her lashes. She reaches up to touch her fingertips to the wetness, then lifts that hand to the cold wind that blows. Bowing her head, she starts to walk away, leaving the docks behind, though she stops to accept one of the peace knots from Caspian with a silent nod and a touch to his shoulder before she goes.

Michael eases a heave of a sigh once the arrow lofts and sets the boat aloft. His shoulders hunch and he leans sideways into Valencia and murmurs softly to her.

Reese accepts one of the knots. She murmurs something softly to Caspian.

Drysi, a young shaman apprentice, Serenity leave, following Khanne.

Yasmine doesn't take one of the peace knots. She has no weapons to tie. Instead, she gives that boat one last lingering glance, raises a hand up as if waving farewell, and then turns to leave the docks and head home.

Valencialooks to Michael and smiles softly, her answer whispered gently into his ear.

Sorrel encourages her small person to wave goodbye to the ship as it burns and floats away, and he shyly does so, continuing to be unsure of what's going on here. He fidgets with his hood, his mother adjusts her own cloak, and without any ado, they are off, back into the city.

Teonia Redreef, Aryka Wyrmfang, 3 Thrax Guards, Marquessa Pudding, a pudgy pup, 2 Thrax Elite Guards leave, following Sorrel.

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