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Clearlake Winter Festival

House Clearlake is putting on a Winter Festival in the Redrain Ward, but the whole of the Compact is invited to attend and enjoy the festivities. There will be games of brawn, chance and wit. There will also be food and warm drinks of the alcoholic and non-alcoholic persuasion. Prizes will go to the victors of the games. We encourage everyone to come out and have a good time with House Clearlake for the evening.


Dec. 14, 2018, 8 p.m.

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Carmen Waldemai Arik Thorley Violet Morrighan Mirk Alarissa Vincenzo Malcolm Kritr Miranda Jeffeth Rowenova Draven Triton Quenia Lisebet Helena



Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Shaman Walk

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Comments and Log

Tonight is the night for the Clearlake Winter Festival! There's been a lot of planning put into this and Lady Acantha Clearlake has been trying to make sure that everything is in place. There are paths cleared in the snow and lined with colorful lanterns that lead to different areas of the festival. One of those areas is a place where people can procure hot chocolate and little finger foods, in that area there is also a painting that's done by Master Jyri Tersk that is set up to be viewed. There's also whiskey and other drinks.

Another area is a place that's been roped off for the challenges that will be held tonight. There is an archery grounds set up and waiting to be used, as well as what look like huge dark stones that might be used for the brawn contest.

Some other things that are going on seem to be face painting. One of the wandering artists are passing out little cups of paint for people that want to partake in the face painting shenanigans.

Wiping snow away from her face and sloppily twisted braid, Carmen Harol slows when she enters the grounds, scanning the faces and cracking a grin for Violet and Thorley when she spots them. Her first destination, however, is to the drinks table, armor clattering as she walks.

Waldemai takes a whiskey and pours it into a hot chocolate. "That'll hit the spot," he says.

Arik walks in from a courtyard to a large estate situated in the Redrain ward. Despite the lingering chill as spring no doubt approaches the Halfshav Lord retains a fur lined coat and creates a trail of fog from his breathing while beginning to explore the festival ground setup along the shaman walk.

Brenlin, Aide-de-Camp arrives, following Miranda.

Brenlin, Aide-de-Camp have been dismissed.

"My dear, I do believe you have the archery contest calling your name tonight." Thorley comments to Violet, as the pair walk, with Tala between the two of them as he gives a grin towards his wife.

Violet arrives dressed finely and warmly. Indeed she looks the picture of warmth in her fiery colored dress beneath the aeterna cloak. They offset another well. Someone else probably suggested it. Arm in arm with Thorley, Tala is here too clinging to her hand with her own gloves ones. "OH! Hot chocolate, can I have some?" Comes the child's request. Violet chuckles and nods, "Let's all get some then."

Bundled in a wool and fur cloak, the Sword of Farhaven makes her approach towards Shaman Walk where the festivities are being held, her eyes shifting from left to right to take the scene in. Voss pads along beside her, silently, whilst Brahm is cozied away in the hood of her cloak, safe from the cold. Morrighan sniffs lightly, one hand emerging to lightly rub at her face before she steps off towards where the whiskey can be found, and promptly snags a bottle for herself. Once obtained, she meanders away to some table away from the gathering crowd, and plants herself there while more people flitter in.

Eying Waldemai's mixed drink, Carmen coughs out a laugh and makes her own hot chocolate-whiskey blend. Hot chocoskey. "Or ten of them," Carmen agrees, blowing across her cup before she takes a tiny sip. "Didn't we meet at the Academy a few weeks ago?"

Mirk emerges from Halfshav Hall a step behind Arik, for once dressed in casual clothing rather than his traveling leathers, though he retains the direwolf fur to keep him insulated from the cold. He chooses an out of the way spot, nearer the gate to his House's hall, to observe as Acantha begins to get the festival rolling and the crowd trickles in, an eyebrow raised. "How many people do you think it'll get?" He asks in a low, rumbling voice aside to Arik. "Isn't there a wedding reception tonight, too?"

Alarissa was passing through, business in the ward but the idea of a festival, or the warning of one has the Princess Consort swinging by. Buried under white fur and leather, gloves and everything possibly done to stay warm, she look about. "Oh, this is lovely" To no one in particular.

"Weddings are frequent and boring. Festivals with customs from Prodigal Houses from so far north they should be known as House Everwinter is exciting and mysterious... Also the drinks are better." Arik informs Mirk with a wolfish smirk as Acantha gets things going and then claps his cousin on the shoulder while leading him off to said drinks, the alcoholic variety. "How have you been, I don't think I've seen you since the other day when I had to skip the beards and brews. I heard we won?" he seems to be using the collective we there, Halfshav men all seem beardy.

There comes some grumbling from the tall Lycene shadow that is Vincenzo trudges into the festival grounds. His hood has been pushed back, bits of white snow glittering in his dark hair. As Alarissa passes, Vincenzo observes her as she glitters and gleams in her aeterna and fur. He pauses in his forward motion and bends into the most courtly of bows. The gesture would look perfectly in place in the palace, in fact. "It does have a certain charm, that is sure. Much of this place seems to delight in showing off a new and fantastic facet of beauty each time I turn around." He turns his head and then looks back to Alarissa and gestures with his hands as he offers a wide glossy grin. "See? A new standard of loveliness stands before me. Vincenzo Villente, at your service."

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Malcolm's dealing with the cold as he usually would - with reasonable cheer, a half-smile, and humming out-of-key. Also, layers. So many layers. Hands tucked into his pockets, he takes a look around at the festival set-up, offering a greeting to everyone both new and familiar, "Good day, innit? Good weather for bein' out and about." He goes to fetch himself a spot of whiskey, taking a better look around. "Let's find a place to loiter."

Acantha drops The Gold Wolf, a large painting.

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The Baron of Clearlake is there as well, sporting his own beards beard with the tattoos on his face highlighted by blue and gold paint that looks to have been applied by a child. Nevermind the stains on the tips of his fingers. He stands off to the side to watch, a business like half smile on his face as he watches the crowd that moves to genuine when he spots Acantha and others of his house moving about the festival.

"Lord Arik," Violet's voice calls out to the wolfish Halfshav man. A hand waves and her smile is cheerful. However she quickly goes back to fetching hot cocoa for Tala. Adding a small scoop of clean snow to cool it for her. And her own cocoa? gets some whiskey of course. "Hello Carmen," She says over said whiskey as she pours.

Entering the festival grounds, furred hood up over her head, Miranda strolls about, noting the hot cocoa for sale, the face-painting, the roped off areas for the games later. She does pause in her walking to look at the Gold Wolf painting, admiring the colors and details. She then makes her way back over towards the hot chocolate vender to get herself a cup!

"Must be Lycene, that silver tongue." Alarissa states, a smile on her face. "Flattery becomes you Lord Villente?" As if unsure if he's noble or not. Then offers her arm to him. "Lead on. I've no husband to cart me about. I see some familiar faces. Will you be partaking in the contests of brawn?"

Mirk permits the lead, heading over to claim a drink. He pours out one for himself, and one for Arik, holding the latter out to his cousin. "I'm not convinced that most of Arx feels the same way, Cousin," he says with a low chuckle. "We did. And Carita secured honorable mentions, for her rabbit fur beard." He says it utterly casually, as if discussing the weather. "I've been well. Busy, but well." He glances in Violet's direction, and says, "Lady Violet." He offers her a dip of his head, in greeting. "I finally see you out and about."

Carmen blows a white cloud across her cup of chocolate-flavored whiskey, smile growing for Violet. "Commandant," Carmen greets, voice warm and nose cold, before adding, "Baron, Tala. Heard there was going to be an archery contest tonight." Carmen's tone is guileless, and she sips her drink.

Acantha is currently running around like a chicken with her head cut off, minus the blood and flopping about on the ground. She gives a wave to Kritr when she sees him and there's a smile, "There you are." she calls. "I thought we'd have a good turn out." she states. A bit proud that people actually showed up. "Master Jyri's painting seems to be getting some attention. I'm glad I brought it out for others to enjoy." she tells him. "Did you get the dress for Yvette that I had delivered?" she asks him.

Violet lowers her cup of cocoa and hands it to Erin so that she can give a little curtsy to Mirk. It might be an old habit, but she has gotten then hang of it. And it maybe shows off the dress she is wearing a bit. "I've been busy pounding nails, deterring Abandoned, and building a new home. It's good to be back in Arx though and with family and friends," She says with a smile, raising her glass towards Mirk and Arik. "Have you met my husband? Baron Thorley?" She turns to gesture to him.

The large form of Jeffeth Bayweather is meandering bout, seemingly not minding the cold too much. Glancing around with a light warm smile.

Arik simply beckons to Violet and Thorley to join himself and Mirk somewhat off to the side to observe the festival and not need to call back and forth.

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Vincenzo links Alarissa's arm in his own and laughs, "Not Lord, not Lord. But thank you. My mother would be glad to know I have not lost my manners." Vincenzo steers Alarissa gently through the festival, letting her pick the direction. "Yes, however, I am Lycene. Was it my accent that gave me away?" He man's voice is distinctly Lenosian.

While taking neither snow or whiskey, Thorley accepts a mug of cocca as well. The knight is sipping from it, when Violet points out Arik and Mirk. There's a small smirk to Violet. "Aye. I met Lord Arik when I went to the dinner the other night." he offers with a small chuckle. Pulling his cloak tighter to him, he moves with Violet to join the Halfshavs.

Violet glances at Carmen with a grin and a look that some might call challenging. "Oh, I know. I'm looking forward to it!" She says with a wink. "Better give me a good run."

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"I hang around far too many of them. But, you can be my escort." A lift of her hand in the direction of Violet, a wave of fingers. "A lovely dress. I quite like it actually!" Calling over. "Now, Master Vicenzo, where should we go?

"I did," Kritr says with an incline of his head towards Acantha, "She will be.. very surprised. Thank you for having it made and thinking of her" he glances towards the crowd. "You have done wonderfully. Should you need help your House is here for you"

Hot chocolate in hand, she blows on the surface a bit, honey-brown eyes flitting about the festival, noting the various people present. Miranda strolls through the festival, pausing to watch as faces are painted, smiling a bit curiously.

Violet beams at Alarissa and gives the skirts another swirl as she moves to join Arik. "Thank you! It's of course by the ever masterful and talented Petal," She says before sitting down with her own doctored cocoa.

Twitchy arrives, following Draven.

Sir Floppington, the soulful hound, Draven arrive, following Rowenova.

"Too many?" Vincenzo pauses and turns his stubbled face to peer at the Princess-Consort, "Clearly not enough. At least not enough by one." That whiskey smooth baritone is full of amusement and his hazel-blue eyes take in the whole picture of Alarissa. He looks over to Violet as Alarissa mentions her gown and he nods, "Very lovely. Flattering too." He sees Acantha and points, "Ahhh, there is one of mine. As to direction... may I ferry you to get a beverage? A man needs to be attentive when one has the Princess Consort of Thrax on his arm."

Although late; Scout Rowenova, Professor Draven, and Sir Floppington of the Bruvir family show up! The human beings hold together their matching rings whilst holding hands (her right with his left), also sporting matching cloaks to stay warm against the wintery weather.

Acantha gives a smile to Kritr, "I'm hoping that she will enjoy it. I think the leaves were a nice touch." she admits to that. "And thank you for being here, I think having more family here is a good thing." she smiles warmly. "I think we're going to start the Archery here in a bit. I should get that announced." she tells him. "Let me get to that." she states as she moves off. "Everyone, if you are going to be participating in the Archery contest could you please see me over in the archery ground." she calls to the crowd in a warm tone.

Waldemai clutches his spiked hot chocolate in both hands for warmth. He ambles over toward the archery ground for to watch the show.

Miranda looks over curiously at Acantha at the announcement of the archery contest. "Does one need to a bow or a real skill with archery to participate?" She asks Acantha, once close enough to do so.

Giggling brightly as he arrives with his Wife, Draven walks with her hand in hand, beaming his smile out to anyone who dares to cross his path. At least with them holding hands, he isn't bouncing around or vibrating too terribly much. He spies Arik and casts his beaming smile over at him, waving at him wildly and is clearly rather excited to see him. He giggles brightly, but stays along side his Nova.

Alarissa says, "Drink would be delightful. Something warm. Ohh I see they've the wyrmguard specialty." The archery contest is announced and there's a nod in Acantha's direction. "Then let us get drinks, then mosey toward the one of yours and see if we can't stamp our feet to keep warm and enjoy the archery." Alarissa offers."

Violet gets up as the Archery contest is announced and, apparently, she is urged from those at her table. Mainly her husband. As she does she pulls off her cloak and hands it to him, while pulling out her bow and heading towards the field. She looks around until she spots Carmen, then crooks her finger at the woman.

Arik seems to be speaking with the newly ennobled Farwatch's and a young child with them while drinking beside Mirk. The pair of Halfshav's a family resemblance is strong. When Draven wildly waves the Sword of Whitehold doesn't notice but when he giggles it seems to cut through the crowd and draw frost grey eyes and a long drink.

Violet wields DarkFell.

Acantha gives a smile to Miranda, "No, my Lady, we have extra bows and you can try your hand at it even if you don't know how to shoot." she states.

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Cup on the table and already cracking her (scraped) knuckles, Carmen flashes a wry glance up to Jeffeth and takes long strides to fall in alongside to Violet. "Snow being as it is, hasn't been much to do other than practice, Commandant. Just saying."

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Nova quickly hugs Draven then lets go. "I should go do the archery contest!" says the young scout before then quickly petting Sir Floppington. "See you!" Then, she pulls around her brand new recurve bow and dashes over toward the archery grounds, "Am I too late?"

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With a look of absolute mischief, Miranda happily sets her mug aside and hops over to the archery grounds. "Woo hoo! Then I'm all in, my Lady!" She gives a wink, "I just hope that I won't actually shoot -my- foot off. My duke would be so embarrassed!"

It's all about those giggles, man. Draven giggles even more cheerfully when Arik notices him next to his Nova, waving at the Swrod again, and then beaming his smile over at the very same Nova. She hugs him, and he presses into it, wrapping his arms around her affectionately, then he lets her go so she can go shoot some shit. Which just leaves him standing there with his wrists tapping away on his thighs and bouncing on the balls of his feet.

Sir Floppington is a berry good boy indeed, and he sits down next to Draven, peeking over toward Arik with a wag before he looks to watch the archery.

Rowenova wields steel reinforced recurve hunting bow.

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Vincenzo leads Alarissa to the location of the hot chocolate and picks up a mug for the Princess, offering it to her, once he has had a sip of it first. Lycenes gotta Lycene. Still, there is a hint of protectiveness to the act and he bows before he takes a mug for himself. "Now, let us go and say hello to Lady Acantha." Vincenzo leads Alarissa towards the Clearlake noble and he offers Acantha a courtly bow, "Lady Clearlake, fantastic festival. And that dress looks marvelous on you, if I might say so."

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When Violet gets in line, Tala starts to bounce. "Can I shoot? I want to shoot too." After watching Violet set up - Thorley nods. "Let's, I'll assist where I can." And then he bows to the others. "Pardon me, we'll be back shortly." And going to get in line, he gives a finger wave towards his wife up at the front of the line.

"And see if perhaps I won't give it a go." At archery that is. So Alarissa and her lycene companion make their way over, sips from teh mug as they go before she's passing it to her lady in waiting to hold. "Lets see if I can't bring home a story to tell my children hmmm?"

Violet checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 45 higher.

Carmen checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 34 higher.

Miranda checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Rowenova checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 24 higher.

Alarissa checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 9 lower.

Thorley checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Vincenzo checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Violet turns to look at Thorley and Tala. There is a proud smile on her face as Tala shoots. And even though she may miss, it doesn't stop her from giving an encouraging nod to her child.

Acantha gives a bow of her head to Alarissa when she sees the Princess Consort being lead her way and there is a smile, "Your Highness, it is a pleasure to see you." she tells her. Then there's a smile to Vincenzo, "Thank you, sir." she tells him. Then it's time for everyone to shoot!

Nova smiles brightly to Tala. "Good to see you again, too!" Then, sets up at the shooting line with an arrow strung through her recurve bow before then carefully aiming, drawing back the taut string, then letting go! Thus, the sailing arrow actually hits the yonder mark. It is not the best shot, but it actually sticks at a middle ring!

Turn in line: Miranda

Carmen wields A steel reinforced longbow.

Miranda borrows a bow and takes her time to aim. She let's loose her arrow and HITS the target! She lets out a delightful squeal of delight and moves aside for the next in line.

Turn in line: Carmen

Swish. Carmen notches an arrow and lets it fly. Right on target. She huffs out a breath and steps aside.

Turn in line: Rowenova

Turn in line: Violet

Violet hits with a bullseye and just gives a nod. Then she takes a step back to wait for the next cue to fire. As Tala and Thorley step back she waves and blows a kiss their way. But wait, she warms her hands again on the cocoa between shots. And takes a sip to boot.

Turn in line: Thorley

Tala manages to pull back the bow, but she is not able to put any real power into it as her shot falls short of the target. She looks briefly disappointed, but Thorley gives his daughter's hair a light ruffle and a smile. "You did well enough, my little one. I bet you'll get them next year." there's a wink towards Violet as she advances on, and the pair move towards the side to rejoin the Halfshavs to watch the competition continue.

"Okay! Let's go see him! See if he wants to hang out with us!" Draven giggles happily down at Sir Floppington, patting on his thigh to signal that the Good Boy should follow him. "But no hugs! None at all! Which probably means he doesn't want your kisses either! Which is sad! But it's okay! I'll take your kisses! Right here!" He giggles, tapping on one cheek while talking to Sir Floppington. "But not now! When we get there!" He giggles more, and then steps off towards Arik.

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Carmen has rolled a critical success!
Carmen checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 132 higher.

This is sound to be embarrassing. It's not like Alarissa wore appropriate attire. Or that in truth that there was much in the way of skill possessed by the Princess. And yet Alarissa tries and the arrow flies oh so woefully short of it's target. Thus, within the first round, Alarissa find elimination and there's a smile and laughter from the champagne blond. "At least I tried"

Rowenova has rolled a critical success!
Rowenova checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 71 higher.

Miranda checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 2 lower.

Violet checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 24 higher.

Vincenzo checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 12 lower.

"You did wonderful Tala!" Acantha calls to the little Lady from Farwatch. Apparently she's met the child before. Then the second round is up. Time to see who was staying and who was going.

When Draven speaks to him, Sir Floppington looks up with those soulful eyes. Profuse wagging totally happens! He happily moves through the snowy terrain, actually passing to sit down next to Arik and lean in against his leg because he knows who pays him.

Miranda takes her turn, once more, to shoot the target. She knocks an arrow, breaths a bit, aims and shoots! The arrow flies towards the target and... and..... misses! She grins, "At least my feet are unharmed, still." She then steps out of line and out of the archery area. "Good luck!" she calls to the others remaining.

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Violet shoots and hits the target once again. She then turns to watch as Carmen lines up and takes her shot. And then she just beams at the woman at the result.

"Go Blades!" Thorley calls out from the sitting area. The baron grins brightly at the fact there's two Blades in the finals.

Okay, this one is a little harder. Carmen takes a second to draw the bow and lets it hold, fingers brushing her cheek. Eyes narrowed in concentration, she releases the arrow. It flights straight, true - and smack into the Baroness-Commandant Violet's arrow, splitting it end to tip. Bullseye with style. Even Carmen seems surprised, frozen in time before she blinks, bow lowering mechanically. She whirls, braid flinging, to grin down to Violet and gesturing frantically, wordlessly toward the target.

Luck having run out, Vincenzo laughs and hands over his bow, excusing himself from the grounds and seeking out Alarissa once more. He bows to the Princess and offers her his arm. "Well, that was fun. You are not hurt? We can work out some details on the story for your children. Perhaps it was that you were bumped by a stray spirit goat and your arrow went awry, shooting up into the sky and knocking free a star?"

There is totally some inappropriate whooping from Violet as she reaches out to clap Carmen heartily on the back. Mercenaries.

Nova peeks back toward the Draven, Flop, and Arik situation then looks back toward the second-round targets which have been set back further away. Then, the wolf scout lines up. She peeks over to Carmen, "Nice shot!" She then lets her arrow fly free from her recurve bow and actually hits. The arrow head sticks deep in the target's center.

Shit-eating grin firmly in place, Carmen says down to Violet. "Told you so."

Rowenova checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 35, rolling 1 higher.

Carmen checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 35, rolling 24 higher.

Violet checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 35, rolling 13 higher.

Miranda remains nearby, watching the Archery and cheering the remaining archers on. She knows two-thirds of them, after all and it'd be a shame to leave Carmen out of the cheering.

Violet mights have been far too excited by that last shot of Carmen's and it shows in the next shot. It isn't quite as close to center as the others. It doesn't matter, though, she is still grinning like a fool. "Best contest in awhile," She comments to her remaining contestants.

For all of her exuberance, the moment her turn comes up, Carmen is back to business. Another target, another steadying breath, another arrow that hits its mark. The tall woman nods, mouth twitching, and says to Violet, "I'll drink to that. Later."

After a double take, Nova turns back to try aiming for a third target which ultimately seems to almost evade her flying arrow this time, but then... no! Along the outer rim, it is suddenly hit! Just barely does she make it.

Thistleton, an elderly and devoted manservant arrives, delivering a message to Vincenzo before departing.

Miranda cheers for the archers! (afk)

Acantha gives a look over each of the targets after everyone has put their bows down and there's a bit of a smile to each of them as she finally comes back. "Well, I think we have a clear winner." she tells them. "Carmen, this is yours." she tells her as she brings a small trophy with her and hands it to her.

Waldemai applauds the champion, and all the shooters.

Head bowing, smile splitting her features, Carmen gives Violet's shoulder a squeeze and whispers something to her before turning to accept Acantha's trophy. "Thank you, my Lady. I think we know where this one's going. Appreciate you setting all of this up."

Mirk claps enthusiastically for the winner, and says aside to Arik, though loud enough to carry, "Good thing I didn't place bets. I would've been wrong." He doesn't sound displeased by that.

"She's only 2, She won't comprehend. Spirit goats though?" There's a mild look of horror on Alarissa's face. But there's a winner declared and it's Carmen and Alarissa lifts her hands to clap for the woman before taking back her warm drink, burrowing a little deeper into her fluffy furs.

Jeffeth is overheard praising Carmen: Best shot!

Triton trundles his way up as the archery contest is going on, popping his head up a few times to see over some of the taller folks (read: everyone), and cant quite see who might have won, but joins in the cheering anyway. Yay! Why? Because somewhere around here, there's alcohol.

Nova slings back her recurve bow and shoulder clasps Carmen and Violet, "Excellent shooting!" She tells Carmen, "Thanks!" Then, she double pats them before heading off from the archery grounds to where her husband and the Halfshav lords are.

Arik likewise applauds for the Crimson Blade Carmen and her mastery of the bow.

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Thorley is overheard praising Carmen: Excellent Shooting from the second hottest archer in Arvum.

Mirk is overheard praising Carmen.

Alarissa is overheard praising Acantha: A lovely festival.

Violet grins at Carmen and claps her on the back. "WELL deserved and won. I couldn't be prouder, being your teacher and all," She says as she watches her claiming the prize. Then she moves, not to return to her seat but to go up to Acantha," This was wonderful. Thank you for hosting it. I love archery challengers."

Violet is overheard praising Carmen: WELL deserved and won. I couldn't be prouder.

Thorley is overheard praising Acantha: A wonderful festival.

Acantha gives a bow of her head to Carmen, "This is all impossible without people to actually come and participate and enjoy things. So thank you for coming out." she states. Then to Violet, "I'm planning on having a shoot in the Spring, so we'd love to have you all back out. And Tala was adorable shooting." she tells her. Then there's a certain Dwarf that gets her attention and she gives him a wave.

"Seemed appropriate?" Vincenzo grins at Alarissa as they continue to circle the festival, a hand gesturing to the festival around them. He pauses to applaud the winner of the contest, but his focus shifts to the others milling about, his gaze an assessing thing. After a moment, he turns back to Alarissa and shakes his head, "You are wasted in aeterna, I must say, your Highness. Or at least... do not get me wrong, it is a lovely gown. But with your hair and complextion? You should shine like a pearl, rather than be as the snow."

Leaning forward, Carmen laughs, joyfully. Then, straightening to her full height and running a hand down the lower half of her face, Carmen makes a show of walking back to the drink table and Jeffeth, during which she announces unnecessarily loud, her Lieutenant's voice helpful, "Know anyone in need of a teacher? I have the best archery instructor in the city. Commandant-Baronness Violet Farwatch. The best teacher."

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"Here here!" Thorley agrees with Carmen's assessment. "And we're going to raise a whole batch of future archers, too!" Hey - usually it's her trying to get him to blush.

Alarissa raises her brows, but lowers her voice as they keep touring.

Carmen calls back to Thorley while pouring a glass of whiskey, "I hope you don't mean to make new ones right here, right now, Baron Thorley." Usually? Always.

"Only because the snow is cold, Lieutenant!" Thorley shoots back.

Triton ahas as he locates the beverages, acquiring something for himself while attempting to duck through the crowd. A thick arm is lifted to wave in Acantha's direction when she catches sight of him, vaguely wandering that way while craning his head around to look for more familiar faces.

Violet does blush but she smiles at well, glancing at Carmen and then Thorley. But she returns her attention to Acantha and says, "I look forward to it," She says to her. "Hopefully you can join us for our first festival. Probably be in the spring, but the weather is warm by our standards all the time."

Violet turns a little more red.

Vincenzo continues to circle the festival, his voice low as he murmurs to Alarissa, occasionally pointing here or there.

Carmen meets Thorley's glance, her own challenging, laughing. "If you're trying to get me kicked out, it's not going to work. No, sir. Not again."

Clearing his throat, Thorley tries to hide a little darker blush as he nods in agreement with Violet as he moves to join the others. Tala gives a little wave to Rowenova, and then to Thorley, asks. "When I go to the north to visit Lord Arik, will I get a wolf pelt too?"

Acantha gives a soft smile to Triton as he approaches, but she looks back to Violet, "We would love to attend. I'm sure it's probably warmer there." she admits to that. "I'm looking forward to the Spring to get here and to get some other things going for Clearlake." she smiles. Then she turns to the crowd, "We'll be doing out Riddle contest in a few minutes. So sharpen your wits." she grins.

Violet leaves Acantha to playing the hostess and running the contests with another smile. Returning to the previous table again. The question is answered with, "Well, you have to hunt your own if you want one. And that takes a few years of learning about hunting first. We can start when we go visit."

Malcolm gets a miniature sculpture of a Graypeak Mountain Dog from a supple black mountainscape belt with a dazzling starry sky.

Miranda has joined the line.

Violet has left the archery grounds.

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Miranda makes her way over to the next game, because she is a joiner tonight!

When the call starts up for the riddle contest, Triton takes a sidestep to find a good spot to park his butt, waving his free hand at Rowanova's cluster of people. Apparently, at least for now, the dwarf is here to catch up on the festivities.

It is better late than never, and so Quenia arrives without escort this evening. Tonight she is wearing her fiery sleeveless seasilk gown rising into a phoenix, along with a matching set of slippers and jewelry. She just shows up that way, doesn't even bother to try and strut her stuff; wouldn't know how anyway! Plus, the fiery side effects of looking at her ensemble is more than enough to get people's attention. She takes a moment to look around, to see what's going on, and perhaps to see where she might find a seat.

Miranda huddles a bit in her cloak, pulling the hood up over her head just a bit more. She is in line for the riddle contest. She glances about, to see who else might join in on this fun. Her nose is a bit red from the cold, but she still seems pleasant enough.

Acantha looks around to see if there's anyone else that's going to be doing the Riddle contest and there's a look to Miranda, "Well, looks like we have Lady Miranda participating." she grins. "The question, I speak without a mouth and hear without ears. I have no body, but I come alive with wind. What am I?" she asks her.

Miranda looks thoughtful for a moment, repeating the question to herself over and over. She chews at her lower lip, then grins, "An echo?"

"Sounds right to me!" Arik calls from his spot with some other northerners.

Acantha claps her hands and then reaches into the little bag she's been carrying with her to pull out the Riddle trophy that's been made for the occasion, "That is correct, my Lady." she tells her. Then she hands it over to her. "Go show it off to people." she grins to that. "And thank you for participating this evening." she adds. "My co-host, Lord Mirk will be handling our Brawn Contest." she motions to Mirk who is off to the side.

Slipping two fingers into her mouth, Carmen lets out a shrill whistle for Miranda.

Miranda bows and lifts her trophy. "Woo hoo!" She laughs, shrugging that she was the only one. She looks the trophy over, then lifts it again and grins at those observing.

"Oh, my. Did she say brawn contest?" Quenia perks just right up when that's mentioned. She goes to find herself a table, and plops down at one of the the tables, her eyes twinkling a bit in mischief.

Quenia has joined the Temporary Place 5.

Mirk breaks off from a quiet conversation over in his corner of the party and proceeds to the front of the room. "Of course, Lady Acantha," he says with a short lived grin. "I'd be happy to run your third contest. Who will be our contestants? Gather up for a contest of brawn."

Miranda heads over towards the next game, a little skip in her step as she goes. "Oh, me!" She giggles a bit, skipping over to the next game.

Waldemai puts aside his mug. He's not the brawniest, but, you know, blacksmith. "Right here, m'lord," he volunteers.

Triton knocks back the rest of the whiskey he grabbed and lurches back up to his feet when Mirk asks for contestants, lifting his hand, "I'll be up for that, m'Lord."

"I'll participate, cousin." Arik calls as he begins to split away from the group of northerners, letting Rowenova walk a short distance with him as she murmurs.

Rolling his shoulders, the large form of Jeffeth goes to set his glass down next to Carmen, setting her trophy he was holding on a table over there, before heading over for the contest.

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Rowenova just waves Arik on. "We can talk about it soon. Go do your Thing."

Ramona - A Farshaw House Guard, Bigsby arrive, following Lisebet.

Rowenova says, "And win this one!"

Waldemai has joined the line.

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Rowenova sits down again.

There is a shrill whistle from the table that Arik, Mirk and Thorley come from. It's Violet encouraging them on it would seem.

"Don't you hurt yourself, Lord Triton." Acantha calls out to the man as he knocks back his drink. Then there's a bow of her head to Mirk, "Thank you. I'll be right over here with hot chocolate and watching." she smiles to that.

Late, perhaps very late, but definitely warm, there's a short person in armour showing up. Not the clangclang kind, it's really just leather, but still. It's not the sort of thing that Lisebet is seen in often, even if it is in Farshaw blue and white.

"All right," Mirk says, raising his voice as he strides out towards where heavy stones have been set out. "The contest of Brawn is simple. A race. You need to cross Shaman Walk with one of these," he nudges one of the stones with a foot. "The one who can keep going for the longest before he tires and drops the stone or has to stop, is the winner. Any questions?"

"Sounds pretty straight-forward." Thorley responds, rolling his shoulders, and preparing to carry the rock as requested.

Miranda shakes her head, eyeing the stones in question, "No questions."

Quenia seems to make polite introductions at her table, then her cheeks pink slightly. Then someone mentions hot chocolate and she perks up a moment, looking around for the location of the decadent drink - but then the brawn contest is called and there are lots of people getting up. Her eyes twinkle ever so slightly as she presently forgets about the warm tasty drink.

Arik looks over towards the hulking Sir Jeffeth and remarks, "Sir Jeffeth it's been quite awhile. I heard you were carrying entire house beams around the Lower's before winter came."

Lisebet has joined the Temporary Place 1.

Thorley has joined the line.

Her prize tucked under one arm and a full glass of amber whiskey held in the other, Carmen kicks out a chair with her heel and settles onto it to watch the fighting competition. Distractedly, she brushes her cheek onto the cloak covering her shoulder, drying it.

Triton shoots a brilliant grin at Acantha, "If I do, I hope I can enlist a Lady's help in getting home in this snow?" But then Mirk is giving directions and the Ravenseye lord turns his head back to look, and eye the stones, and grunts, nodding his understanding, "Well, alright then."

"Then get moving, and may the strongest one win," Mirk announces to the crowd, stepping aside so that the competitors have a clear path to carry their burdens down Shaman Walk.

Waldemai eyes the stone dubiously, and then looks at the walk. "Worth a try, m'lord," he says, then calls out, "Five hundred silver of Sir Jeffeth!" Betting against himself...if only it was a first...

Arik checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 33 higher.

Miranda checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 42 higher.

Thorley checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

Waldemai checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Jeffeth checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 39 higher.

Triton checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 32 higher.

Lisebet catches sight of someone she knows, and so she heads over towards one of the tables, waving as she gets near to the group that includes her friends.

Arik hefts up the stone and has his long arms wrapped around it while bracing it against his trim chest. The Halfshav Lord seems at least familiar with the activity but unlike what some might envision he is on the trimmer side and he huffs and puffs already!

Stone pulled to chest, Thorley follows Arik's example and the older knight starts to move along, carrying the stone down the path as he follows suit.

Waldemai has short, bandy legs. The good news it means he doesn't have to lift a stone far. The bad news it means he can't waddle as fast as some of the others. But he manages to hang onto the stone.

Gathering up the stone in both arms and holding it against her chest, Miranda focuses on taking her stone as far as she can, getting a little ahead of the others.

Triton finds a stone of his own, testing it out, and lugs it against his chest as they group starts out, "Mrf. Heavier'n they look, aint it?" He does seem to be able to bobble along, barely keeping up for the moment at least.

The large man hefts up his stone and puts it over his shoulder, glancing over to Arik. "From time to time, I work down in the lowers. Yes, My Lord." Jeffeth goes into a bow towards Arik, keeping the stone on his shoulder. Bowing to Arik he then straightens. Then it's moving forward.

Arik has rolled a critical success!
Arik checked strength + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 71 higher.

Miranda checked strength + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 3 higher.

Jeffeth checked strength + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 29 higher.

Thorley checked strength + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 12 higher.

Triton checked strength + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 13 higher.

Arik might be huffing and puffing but he's done this before evidently the plan is... rush ahead as quickly as his long legs can carry him until the weight drags him down or the cold air leaves him breathless. Thusly does he get a bit ahead of the group with a lot of *hewh hewh hewh* sounds coming from him and a fog trailing behind him as his breath billows into the chilled air.

Waldemai checked strength + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 10 higher.

"Everyone's going strong so far," Mirk says, surveying the contestants. "Maybe I had them bring stones that were too light," he shoots over at Acantha. "I expected someone to have keeled over straight away."

While having a good start, Miranda falls a little behind.. struggling slightly with her stone. Yet, she is still managing to carry it down the walk. Her breath is evident in the air, the effort clear on her expression as she looks both focused and determined.

Waldemai keeps waddling along. "Slow and steady wins the race," he grunts. It sounds like he's trying to talk himself into it.

Acantha heads over to Mirk and gives a chuckle, "Well, this is going quite better than expected. And Arik is looking like he's pulling ahead." she muses.

Triton huffs and shifts the grip he has on that stone, as it seems to be, well, a lot heavier than he thought. But hey, grunting and groaning is all part of being brawny, right? He slips a little further back with Miranda and scrunches his nose in effort.

Watching Arik make a break, Jeffeth keeps a good pace but lets out a laugh. "Well done, My Lord." Keeping up the pace of his little trot, Jeffeth continues forward towards the lead of the pack but a good ways behind Arik.

And Thorley tries to stay in the middle of the pack, even as Arik seems to be taking the lead. The knight huffs a little and continues on.

Arik checked strength + athletics at difficulty 35, rolling 5 higher.

Miranda checked strength + athletics at difficulty 35, rolling 1 lower.

Triton checked strength + athletics at difficulty 35, rolling 9 higher.

Jeffeth checked strength + athletics at difficulty 35, rolling 14 higher.

Waldemai checked strength + athletics at difficulty 35, rolling 1 higher.

Vincenzo continues his whispered conversation with Alarissa and this time their path takes them away from the festival.

Vincenzo has left the archery grounds.

Tala gets up suddenly and begin to clap and calls, "GO, PAPA, GO!" After Thorley Violet is clapping too and gives a hoot of encouragement.

Alarissa has left the archery grounds.

Thorley checked strength + athletics at difficulty 35, rolling 15 higher.

Carmen calls out to the competitors, hand cupped around her mouth, "Too slow! Pretend there's a bear or, uh, shark after you!"

And slowly, Thorley starts to pick up ground. Perhaps he was just saving it for the end - or perhaps it's Tala's cheering him on as he snorts at Carmen's comment.

Waldemai's fingers are beginning to slip...Just beginning...slip slip sliiiiiippppp....

*THUD* The first stone is dropped to the ground and Miranda nearly trips over it! A quick bit of footwork lets her stay upright, but she rubs at her arms and chest a bit, groaning a bit. Still, she offers a cheerful cheer to those still in it! "Good luck, gentlemen!" She gets off the walk and chuckles, moving to a spot where she can watch, shaking her arms a bit.

Triton whoopses a little when Miranda next to him seems to have trouble, and gains a little inspiration from that, or maybe a second wind, or...well, for whatever reason, he manages to pick up the pace a little, though hasnt done anything to catch up with Arik out in front.

Arik is still in the lead... but losing it. The Sword of Whitehold is sweating despite the chilly tempatures and his pale skinned features are a harsh red from exertion.

Jeffeth keeps pushing forward, getting closer to the rest of the pack, carrying on with the stone over his shoulder.

"Let's show some appreciation for a good showing from Lady Miranda," Mirk calls out encouragingly, even after the woman is out of the competition. "And let's see who is going to be next to slip. They have to be getting tired now..."

Arik checked strength + athletics at difficulty 45, rolling 5 higher.

Thorley checked strength + athletics at difficulty 45, rolling 5 lower.

Triton checked strength + athletics at difficulty 45, rolling 2 lower.

Waldemai checked strength + athletics at difficulty 45, rolling 22 lower.

Jeffeth checked strength + athletics at difficulty 45, rolling 18 higher.

And there goes Thorley's rock. Dropping it shortly after Miranda loses hers, he gives an oof, and reaches to press his hands to his lower back, stretching out as he huffs and puffs as he moves to go join his family over on the side.

Waldemai loses his grip finally, and dances away from the falling rock, since rock on foot = owie owie owie. He looks up to see Jeffeth well down the track. "Go Sir Jeffeth," he calls.

Any lead that Arik had has given way as he is trundling along now with *hewh hewh hewh* pants coming from him. The man actually as his cheek against the upper curve of the rock now only keeping one eye on where he is going, anyone watching can tell he's overly squeezing the stone against himself obviously trying to overcome the fact he very much wants to drop it.

Jeffeth is catching up now, "A very good showing, My Lord." Jeffeth lets out with a bright smile as he trots up beside Arik. The big man looks as if he's triing but still holds himself tall, focusing on controlling his breathing. Then the behemoth is pushing forward, keeping his massive arm encircling the stone on his shoulder.

Triton's got it, he's got it, he's...THUD, "Argh!" A waver and almost trip and he loses his grip and the stone hits the ground, almost landing on top of it himself, sinking to a knee with a soft, "Wooo!" He glances to the left and right at the others that fell out and laughs, "Well, first back to the whiskey, ay!" then shouts a cheer at Arik and Jeffeth as they continue on.

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"Yay! Good job Papa!" Tala's young voice can be heard. And in a blink she is running off to hug Thorley as he comes off the race field. Violet keeps an eye on her and starts to move to stop her, but apparently decides to just sit. Papa can bring her back after all.

"Only two left, after a solid performance by the rest of our competitiors. Jeffeth, our hopes are with you," Mirk says, completely disregarding the neutrality of an event runner as it comes down to Jeffeth against Arik, though he shoots his Cousin a grin along with the comments.

Arik checked strength + athletics at difficulty 55, rolling 5 lower.

Jeffeth checked strength + athletics at difficulty 55, rolling 10 lower.

Carmen claps - and flinches - at Thorley and the others drop their bone-crushing rocks, while leaning forward to focus on the competition between Arik and Jeffeth.

Picking up Tala, Thorley gives an oof, and carries the girl back over to his wife. "Hi." he offers as he settles back down on the bench with Violet and grins. "You're getting pretty heavy too!" he chitters playfully at Tala and winks.

Arik checked strength + athletics at difficulty 55, rolling 24 lower.

Miranda chuckles at Triton's response and offers, "Perhaps a massage for the sore muscles too, my Lord." She looks amused, still half shaking her arms a bit.

Jeffeth checked strength + athletics at difficulty 55, rolling 5 lower.

Arik checked strength + athletics at difficulty 55, rolling 22 lower.

Jeffeth checked strength + athletics at difficulty 55, rolling 6 higher.

Arik tenses up, tenses... Braces... Eventually he just goes *ugh* and lets the boulder go to the ground before toppling over it and ending up on his arse with his back against the stone now and his hand coming up to make a fist in front of his mouth as he begins to cough from over exertion. *blargh hrk*. The last leg of the race was challenging but in the end the burly Knight of Solace does take steps past him and he calls out in a hoarse voice, "Next time we're -throwing- em! Instead of this running."

Lisebet cheers on the competitors, win or lose. "Well done," she calls out. The dropping of rocks does get a bit of a wince, but thankfully she's got cocoa to drink to keep her from jumping too much.

Violet leans in to kiss Thorley as he rejoins them. "Well done, my love," She says fondly. Even as Erin is pouring Thorley some straight cocoa. Apparently the private brought over a caraffe of cocoa and bottle of whiskey while the others were away. As Arik and Jeffeth get to the very end to sets her own cup down to applaud.

Jeffeth checked strength + athletics at difficulty 65, rolling 0 higher.

It gets tiring towards the end. He may have a title of being legendary, but legends still get red in the face and wheeze. Jeffeth pushes forward, struggling with the pace before sucking in a deep breath and trudging forward despite the weight pushing him down, down, down. The Bayweather Knight pushes past. And then he keeps going. Maybe someone should tell him it's over.

"Next time we'll run and throw them!" Acantha laughs as Arik is beaten, poor Patron. His Protege is heckling him so. "Sir Jeffeth! The race is over! Come and get your trophy!" the woman calls to the man.

Waldemai cheers Sir Jeffeth. "There he is! I would have won my bet!"

They're in the Northlands, right? Then being in the Northlands, Thorley does as the natives does and pulls Violet into a much longer kiss than appropriate before releasing her with a smirk. "At least I know I can carry stones for the house when we build it." he teases.

A winner! Carmen's pleasure is short-lived. Brow knitting, Carmen pushes to her feet with a clatter of armor. She walks back to the beverage table and pours two drinks - one clear, one amber - before striding down to the competition. Eyes on Jeffeth, she calls out, "You can put it down now, Sir Jeffeth!"

Triton is overheard praising Jeffeth: Brawniest of the brawny!

"And that's Sir Jeffeth's victory," Mirk announces. He pauses, squints after Jeffeth, and calls out, "Sir Jeffeth, come back. I am not going to chase you down to deliver your prize to you." There's a wry smirk as he says, "I think you could outrun me, burdened or not."

Miranda cheers as there's a winner finally! She's a good sport, enthusiastic as Jeffeth surpasses them all! "Congratulations! Well done, Sir Jeffeth!"

Triton claps, then laughs when Jeffeth doesn't seem to stop, "M'Lord, you've one, come enjoy your victory!" He shakes his head and steps out of the way, heading back over to his spot where he left that cup of whiskey. Priorities, after all.

Arik doesn't applaud he's to busy coughing and slowly pushing himself back to his feet before brushing off the back of his scandalously snug trousers. He begins to make his way back to the group of northerners before squinting at Acantha and calling back, "Remind me the next time you're due a gift to give you something heavy... Like a necklace of river stones." he threatens and then rejoins the Farwatch family and those nearby.

Lisebet chuckles at Thorley and Violet, and also at Jeffeth forgetting to stop. She shakes her head, sips her cocoa and sits cool as a cucumber as she watches all the fun. As Airk returns, she nods to him, since she's joined the Farwatch folks.

"You put up a damned good fight, Lord Arik," Carmen says agreeably, coming up alongside him even as she looks over him, green eyes assessing. Then she offers him the water and the whiskey. "Need a drink?"

Jeffeth is happily continuing along. Until he's glancing over his shoulder at everyone /yelling/ at him. Slowing to a stop Jeffeth glances back, and then gladly drops the rock, taking in a deep breath. The big Knight of Solace will jog back, clapping his hand on Arik's shoulder as he passes. "Well done, My Lord!"

Arik takes the whiskey and rumbles hoarsely, "Thank you... What is your rank in the Crimson Blades again?" and then Jeffeth is clapping his hand on his shoulder and the Lord looks up at the towering fellow. "Well done Sir Jeffeth. Remind me should I ever fall in battle to wish for you to be nearby so you might spirit me to the medics."

Miranda chuckles and begins to make her way back over towards the hot chocolate stand to procure herself a taste of yummy chocolatey goodness. She sips carefully of it and sighs happily, "This will surely cure what ails me." She smirks.

In a more even tone, rather than projecting his voice for the crowd, Mirk prompts Acantha, "Lady Acantha? Do the honors, since you prepared the prize?"

"That's so when he tosses me in the river I'll sink probably." Acantha stage whispers to Mirk. Then she gives a smile to him and nods her head, "Sir Jeffeth, thank you for participating in the contest for Clearlake this evening." she tells the large Knight as she hands out the last trophy. Then she gives a look to Triton and gives the man a wink, "Is there a hot chocolate over there for a Lady?" she asks him.

"Lieutenant," is Carmen's answer to Arik. She smiles. "For now." Then, she turns that smile to Violet and Thorley. "Well raced, Baron."

Acantha picks up The Gold Wolf, a large painting.

2 Redrain Guards, Lucien, a bright-eyed pine marten arrive, following Helena.

"And my congratulations as well. Phenomenal athleticism, Sir Jeffeth," Mirk offers to the man with a dip of his head, making his way back over to the rest of the Halfshavs and the Farwatches both.

Mirk has joined the Temporary Place 1.

Triton offers a cheer for Jeffeth when the man accepts his trophy, and grins, howing his head at Acantha, "I think there's a mug with a Lady's name on it, even." Hey, what do you know, he's trained well! Because he stops to get a refill on his whiskey and acquires a mug of that same hot chocolate from next to Miranda, murmuring at her, "Good run, you had me beat for while there..." but then he's aiming for the Lady Clearlake with his extra mug.

Miranda smiles to Triton, grateful, "Thank you." And then he's moving on to return to the lady with her drink. She finishes up her delicious drink, before taking her leave of the festival, carrying her trophy with a decidedly please look as she goes.

Brenlin, Aide-de-Camp leaves, following Miranda.

The large man goes into a deep bow as he receives the trophy, smiling brightly. The big man smiles broadly to Acantha. "And thank you for providigng it my Lady. A wonderful evening." Jeffeth pipes brightly. Then Jeffeth is heading back over to where he left Carmen.

Quenia has left the Temporary Place 5.

Acantha gives a smile to those that are still gathered, "I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for coming out and we Clearlake's appreciate everyone that participated in the contests this evening. We enjoy getting to know people more and making a bit of fun out of it." she states. "Please everyone enjoy the rest of your evening and I'll be floating around the crowd should I be needed." she grins.

Better late than never, better never late -- well, Helena doesn't know about that second part. She's late, but she's here, having tromped through snow. Ungloved fingers are black with ink, and the quill has been stuck into her braided updo for safe keeping. She glances about all of those present, seeing Jeffeth presented with a trophy, and makes a little moue that looks sort of like it might be apologetic for her late arrival. She slips into one of the benches to watch whatever else is going on.

Acantha is overheard praising Jeffeth: For being our winner for Brawn!

Malcolm's moving away from the place where he has been sitting, drinking, and making conversation with Morrighan and Quenia. Clearly, he was on the hook - maybe, kinda - for something he said because he's grinning. And moving off to steal away another bottle of good whiskey. "It's penance. Here ya go, Dame."

"Thank you, my Lady!" Carmen calls over to Acantha turning to intercept Jeffeth with a friendly punch to his arm. "Told you so." Then she frowns, looking at his arm. "Wait. Sorry. Need any ice?"

Waldemai applauds Lady Acanth's speech. "Three cheers fos a fine festival! Hip hip hooray!"

"I...don't feel good," Tala says and there is a burp she gives that has Violet on her feet smoothly. "I am sorry, but I better get this minx somewhere she won't ruin good shoes and clothing," She says. Meanwhile Thorley sweeps cloaks onto his ladies. "This was a wonderful affair. Thank you for having us. We'll talk more soon about the Spring building. And yes indeed. Cocoa and coffee can both be exported. They travel well. I'll see you all soon, Arik, Lisebet, Row, Carmen," And then Tala is being ushered away by Thorley and she turns to follow after. Someone ate too many sweets.

Violet has left the Temporary Place 1.

Erin, Crimson Blades Private, Jin, Cranky Crimson Blades Sergeant, Gale, The Mighty Pupper, 2 Crimson Blades Lieutenant, Thorley leave, following Violet.

Triton approaches Acantha to hand her the mug, and grins, "A wonderful festival, M'Lady Clearlake. I think you've earned yourself some warming up, yes?" Waiting until she takes it, he glances around with a curious look, then back to her, "Was good to see how many came out despite the snow."

Waldemai finishes his spiked chocolate and heads out.

Acantha takes her mug from Triton with a smile and there's a sip taken before she speaks, "Thank you." she tells him. "And I was glad of the turn out. I think it was a great turn out and I'm happy to see that everyone was so excited." she admits. "I think we'll just need to make sure that the rest of the evening goes smoothly, but I'm thinking that the snow is going to start driving things inside." she frowns a bit.

For the duration of the festivities, Morrighan has been working hard at a bottle of whiskey to obtain that desired state of inebriation. She occasionally hefts the bottle up to the light, shaking it about to determine how much is left in it, and every now and again downs her tumbler and refills it. There was a brief exchange between herself and the Marquessa prior to her departure, and she turns in her seat, squinting at the Duke. "Much obliged, Shepherd. Tha' one will probably be more for you than I. Probably. Maybe." She doesn't sound too sure, but what she does sound is more than on her way to drunkenness.

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