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Team Regatta

In the battle against Brand's enslaved shav navy, Navegant's fleet faced Rivenshari boats in battle. Many died. In the end, Rivenshari bent the knee and joined the Compact. A chance encounter led to a growing friendship between the two houses - once former enemies - and now they find themselves marvelling at what it means for enemies to become friends, though a simple act of reaching out.
To that end, the two houses are hosting a regatta, in which two person teams will race small sailing skiffs around a series of markers and back. The winning team will be rewarded with a prize. But, there is one small catch: Teams are to be made up of people who are not from the same fealties, with special emphasis on fealties who perhaps have had a history of antagonism and acrimony. Reach out, work together, and win a prize!


Nov. 9, 2018, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Turo Eshra


Waldemai Miranda Vanora Sheena Valdemar Alrec Domonico Kael Faelan Reigna



Outside Arx - Eastern Approach - Beaches

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Brenlin, Aide-de-Camp arrives, following Miranda.

Seryna, a charming Lycene handmaiden, 6 Grimhall House Guards arrive, following Vanora.

2 Grimhall House Guards, Gustav, a gruff Islander advisor, Vanora arrive, following Valdemar.

Brenlin, Aide-de-Camp have been dismissed.

Waldemai ambles down the beach, and if it works out that someone needs a strong back for pilling an oar or tugging on a rope, well, that would be entertaining.

Miranda makes her way onto the beach and heads for the Regatta festivities to see what all this water fun is about! She wears a cloak about her, over her head, but locks of her hair have fallen out and blow in the breeze. The Sword of Gemecitta walks with a sort of self-confidence and a playful smile on her face.

The Lord and Lady Grimhall arrive arm in arm, with Vanora leaning on her husband as she uses a free hand to tug off her boots and roll off her stockings in the most ladylike manner possible. "I'd still rather get feet full of sand then shoes full of sand. Even if its a little chilly." More than a little, but its tolerable surely. "Are you going to join the contest then? Or is it a race? I'll watch you and cheer!" Probably.

The timid mouse that is Sheena is being bold. For her. She is going to a public event /alone/. Of her own free will. She moves into the general area of where people will be gathering, though, she picks a spot as hidden as she can. She is not very stealthy so it is not hard to find her in her hiding spot.

Valdemar chuckles at his wife's assertion. "Let's see if you feel the same way after catching a fever," he suggests as they make their way down to the beach. When she asks about him joining in the competition, he lifts one shoulder in a half-shrug before answering her with some amusement, "It is a race, and I might join in, if a team is short. I'm a bit rusty, though. Its been a while since I did much on a s ship other than bark orders."

Far off into the distance, a small figure single-handly rowing a skiff can be seen approaching the beach. It takes him a moment to arrive but eventually he does, revealing the man to be none other than Alrec Magaldi. The stench of rum heavy on his person. He grounds the small wooden boat, jumping off it and walking through a couple feet of water in his leather boots. Once on land, the Admiral adjusts his coat and hat and presses forward looking for where to sign up.

Waldemai goes to look over the drinks and snack. "Ah, meat and mead. My favorite alphabetic meal," he says, picking up a mug of meat and a skewer of mead. No, wait. Reverse that.

Eshra is standing off to the side, the Rivenshari has a bottle.. not a glass, of rum in her hand as she watches nobles and others start to drift onto the beach. Dressed in traditional garb, otherwise, all the colors... layers of silk skirts and scarfs, red leather boots and bells, so many bells.. the woman's very movments sing as the chime from hanging into the braids lost in the wild dark curls and hang from her ears, her wrists even her boots.

Count Turo Navegant stands on a dais, and nods to Eshra. In a clear, bass voice, the man calls, "The purpose of this regatta is not just a test of sailing skill, but a reminder that we are better when we work together within the Compact. It was not long ago that Navegant and Rivenshari stared at each other from across the water as enemies, and now we are friends. We wanted to give others the chance to work together to accomplish something, and perhaps make a friend where you didn't think you'd find one."

OOC: Rolls will be announced. Each teammate will roll. The successes/failures will be added and then totaled per team. I'll pose a summary of what just happened, and then you can each pose as you like. After 5 rounds, the team with the highest combined score will win.

Domonico is there, bare chested as he looks over the small skiff he has brought along, checking it as he waves Miranda over.

Accompanying the Grimhalls is Greta, one of the thralls who cares for their children, and she arrives with both twins in tow. There's a boy on each hip until Vanora reaches for one of them herself, holding the child up and pointing towards the water. "Look, Arkyn. Lots of little boats. Big ones too. Not daddy's though, it's on the other end of the docs. We'll take it when we go back to Grihem's point tomorrow afternoon." The barely-one-year old can't really follow her conversation, but he /does/ like looking at the water, reaching for it and emphatically babbling a lot of nonsense.

Miranda heads over to Domonico, gown blowing about her as she does. "Cousin, have you no sense? Why in all of Arx are you bare-chested on a cold autumn day?" She eyes him, "I am not going to swoon you know. I've seen it all!" She winks at him, "Is this yours?" Indicating the skiff.

1 Navegant Marines arrives, following Faelan.

Vern, Devo, an extraordinary Oakhaven bloodhound, 2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen arrive, following Kael.

Alrec cranes his head to Eshra, watching her from afar. Where has she been? Still, the admiral, commoner or not, keeps his distance from the silk, no matter how alluring that rum bottle and bells look to him. He leans against a post, waiting for the business of corralling them to be over and the games to begin.

Domonico looks over at Miranda, "To feel the wind and sea of course. Now if you are helping, get that gown off and help me get her into the water."

Miranda gets Rubino Falcon HQ Leather Tunic, Rubino Falcon HQ Leather Helmet, Ruby, a ruby-garnet rubicund saber, Razz, a diamondplate scimitar, A hooded floor-length champagne silk cloak trimmed with soft frosted fur, Rubino Falcon HQ Leather Arms, Rubino Falcon HQ Leather Leggings, Rubino Falcon HQ Leather Cloak, Rubino Falcon HQ Leather Boots, Rubino Falcon HQ Leather Gloves from A useful wide bag with gold trim and an amethyst clasp.

Miranda puts a black woolen corset gown with ruby accents in a simple velvet bag.

Miranda puts crimson leather and wool boots in a simple velvet bag.

Miranda gets a black woolen corset gown with ruby accents from a simple velvet bag.

Miranda gets crimson leather and wool boots from a simple velvet bag.

Miranda puts a black woolen corset gown with ruby accents in A useful wide bag with gold trim and an amethyst clasp.

Miranda puts crimson leather and wool boots in a simple velvet bag.

Miranda puts A hooded floor-length champagne silk cloak trimmed with soft frosted fur in A useful wide bag with gold trim and an amethyst clasp.

Turo waits a moment for people to find their teammate and then says, "We've provided the skiffs, so no one can blame equipment for their results. The course is laid out with the bouys, so follow them and you'll be fine." He grins and adds, "We have rescue boats out there, just in case. Now, if you'll akk find your skiffs, we'll get this underway!"

There's a laugh and Miranda takes a moment to slip out of her boots, and her gown. Leathers are put in their place and her lanky aide stuffs everything neat and tidy into a large bag. He also takes Truce from her and adds it to her collection of swords for the moment. Miranda takes another moment to braid up her hair, to keep it out of her face! Miranda grabs a side of the skiff, "You mean I can't just watch you do all the heavy lifting?" She helps him move their skiff to the water. "You're so bossy, Cousin."

"It is also to remind us, that even though all of us come from different backgrounds that we are together one people.. that no matter our differences, that we stand together better than we stand at odds." Eshra's voice reaches out to the others, heavily accented and dark, like whiskey and black velvet compared to the silvery chimes that are so much a part of her.

Waldemai steps forward. He is short and bandy-legged but has the powerful arms and shoulders of a blacksmith. "I'm Waldemai Isenhu, master smith. Who wants be to pull ropes for them?"

Miranda checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 23 higher.

Domonico checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 25, rolling 12 higher.

Alrec approaches Sheena, "Ms. Sheena? I believe I will be your captain this fine..." He looks up and then back to her, "This evening." And he motions to the skiff to help her board the boat and then pushes it forward to jump in after the fact and lead it.

Alrec checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 25, rolling 38 higher.

Waldemai has rolled a critical success!
Waldemai checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 27 higher.

Faelan checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 18 higher.

Valdemar checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 25, rolling 30 higher.

Kael checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 23 higher.

While everyone is getting ready for the race, Vanora walks over to Turo and Eshera with her young son balanced on one hip, quite comfortable with carrying the squirmy child. After distance is closed she plops him down into the sand, which he promptly tries to pick up in his fists. "Count Navegant, thank you for doing this. The boys have been excited about the Regatta all day, even if they are too little to participate. Soon hmm?" She smiles at the little one at her feet. "You must be Lady Eshra. I am Vanora Grimhall." She dips her head in polite greeting.

Grinning somewhat as Vanora points out all the boats to their eldest, Valdemar leans close to briefly kiss her lips, and then tousle Arkyn's hair before setting off to find his partner for the race. Offering his hand to Waldemai, he greets the man, inclining his head as he does, "Master Isenhu, I'm Lord Valdemar Grimhall and I'd be happy to have your help. Lets get this skiff in the water and see what she can do."

Coming down from the path leading up from Arx itself is Kael, that bloodhound of his faithfully trotting at his side. The Oathlander is eyeing the setup with a bit of bemusement, though even more obvious is a keen amount of appreciation. He spies Turo yonder and he is offering a lift of his chin with a grin to go along with it. "Rescue boats, excellent!" he says in a most merry way as he goes to find a skiff.

Being volunteered for things is not an abnormal thing for the ex-thrall. It is probably normal for the timid thing even. A small nervous eep is given from her 'hiding spot' but she does inch out of it towards Alrec, "I'm Sheena, yes" she confirms then moves to where sehe needs t be for boat things. She is inexperienced at boarding and if it were not for alrec's help she probably would have fallen into the water.

Faelan wasn't expecting to be sailing today, but somehow finds himself on a boat. Armor and most of his clothes stripped and left behind on the beach, leaving him in just his pants, bare feet planted on the wood of the skiff. He checks the little ship over despite it being a family provided ship. He pauses though to introduce himself to Kael. "Faelan Navegant." He holds a hand out to the man after he finishes checking the skiff over.

Sheena checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 25, rolling 1 lower.

Waldemai acks. The lord! He snatches his simple cap off his bald head and says, "Yes, m'lord." What a break! Lords know all about boats and stuff.

At the drop of the flag, everyone gets underway from the starting line, heading for the first anchored boat. It's a straight line to the marker, then bends left and out into the open water. The team of Valdemar and Waldemai is out to a lead, with Kael-Faelan, then Sheena-Alrec, and Domonico-Mirando chasing hot on their stern.

Domonico is purely focused on the task, barking out instructions to Miranda who to her credit, excels at them.

Eshra has her hand over her eyes trying to see out at the water and the boats going out. In truth, she sort of itches to be part of them but that isn't her lot today. When Vanora slips over setting the child down, the dark eyes of the Rivenshari meet hers with a slight arch of a brow and a slow nod. "Good evening, Lady Grimhall. Thank you for coming." Looking down to the child, the woman pauses a moment then bends at the knees so that she is closer to level with the babe. Her quiet demenor watching him for a moment before out of her pocket of her skirts comes more bells, tied together in a little bundle that she holds out out the babes grabby fingers.

Alrec flashes her a warm smile, adjusting the sails for her but abandoning her to look ahead and enjoy a cherry flavored Black Mountain cigarillos. He savors the crispy air, only noticing everyone beating them when it's too late. Returning to the sail with Sheena he asks, "First time on a boat?" Not being judgemental about it, and passes her his lit cigarillo.

Miranda is totally into this racing gig. Domonico is in his element, bossing her about, and she focuses on the task at hand. She's enjoying the sea air on her face as they take up the last position. Who cares?! Not here. She smiles broadly at the exhiliration of it, muscles warming swiftly.

When Faelan is introducing himself, Kael is raising his brows and giving him a swift once-over. This is not an antagonistic thing, but rather that of consideration. "Kael Keaton, Marquis of Oakhaven," he offers, giving Faelan's arm a swift clasp. He tips his head toward Turn and remarks, "Cousin to Count Turo. Though through the Blackshore line." He however is swift enough to get on the boat and there's no doubting two things. One, Kael is most definitely not a sea-farer. Two is that he's swift on his feet, ready to take command, and maybe (probably?) not going to embarrass his teammate.

"Come on, Master Isenhu, it will be fun," Valdemar assures his racing partner, and gets into the skiff. Since it seems he knows the most about sailing of the two, he takes up steering while letting the smith know what ropes need to be pulled and when. When he sees that they manage to get a lead, he calls back over his shoulder at Waldemai with a bit of a grin, "See, you're getting the hang of it already! Now tie off that rope there before it comes loose!"

Baby Arkyn is distracted briefly by the waving of the flag, which he points at in case anyone has missed it. LOOK A FLAG. If only he could talk! Eshra's attention clearly delights him, and he opens a grubby hand to offer a bit of sand to his new friend. "Bbbbpppht!" He tells her, before giggling. Vanora watches with the doting smile worn by mothers the world over. "Oh my, he likes you. He is usually more of a taker than a giver. A snatcher, actually, we're working on it."

Waldemai knows about tying knots all right. He heaves hard on the line as directed, and wraps it around and around its peg. "There we are, m'lord," he says as he winds the rope into a Gordian knot.

Eshra's chuckle is dark as the rum she holds, hand taking the offered sand dutifully. "That is because they know world belongs to babies, we are the ones that teach them otherwise. Smiling softly stands again, leaving the bundle of bells with the child before looking again to the water. "Better turn out then I thought we would have." added to the Count beside her.

"Only big boats suitable enough for carrying passengers." says Sheena. "I came here from the Mourning Isles. I did not leave the Redreef home then the Stormbreak home much." Likely a pretty good indication Sheena was a thrall. Once one the boat her paddling is pretty much flailing wood that is constantly dropped into the water. She at least is quick enough to grab her escaping paddles before they get far. Her and alrec are likely soaked with her attempts to paddle.

Sheena checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 25, rolling 4 lower.

Alrec checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Faelan checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 25, rolling 27 higher.

Miranda checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 25, rolling 8 higher.

Valdemar checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 25, rolling 22 higher.

Kael checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 25, rolling 3 lower.

Waldemai checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 25, rolling 2 higher.

Alrec checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 25, rolling 22 higher.

Domonico checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 25, rolling 18 higher.

Vanora nods. "The world belongs to them indeed. The present and the future. Thank you, he'll love these!" She comments on the bells Eshra has handed to her little son, who abandons his grabbing at sand to grab at them instead, laughing delightedly at the tinkling sound they make on sea air. Her own eyes find the water too, picking out her husband from among the cluster of boats and cheering his name.

"Ah. Well met then Marquis Keaton." Faelan clasps the other man's arm. "Sailing a skiff can both be more challenging and less than a larger boat. It's far less forgiving but with only two of us to manage it's also easier." Then the race is starting. Faelan will call out commands to Kael as they sail. Not barked commands like he would on a full sized ship, he's careful to hold that back, but he's also not the best at teaching new folks how to sail on the spot.

As the teams leave the sheltered bay, a wind crops up, lufting the sails taut and pulling each small boat out into the open water with greater speed. The waves are higher here, and one almost capsizes a skiff piloted by a young pair - Navegant and Rivenshari - who only just barely manage to stay in control. As the boats pick up speed, the team of Valdemar-Waldemai is in the lead, followed by Kael-Faelan, Domonico-Miranda, and then Sheena=Alrec.

Turo calls out the interpretation of the signals from his spotters, and there's much cheering from the spectators.

No stranger to water, Alrec scoffs as he also struggles with her paddle, pulling it in. "Ah, us freefolk got to stick together. Just hold on to this line and pull this lever. Keep your sights ahead." He takes a moment to teach Sheena what he can as skiffs shoot farther and farther away. Puffs of smokes bellowing above them.

Focusing on the barked orders, rather than the race itself or where they are in the race, Miranda moves sails where indicated and tightens knots and all the sailor-y stuff she must. There is still that smile on her face as the hood of her cloak blows off her face and strands of hair fall loose of her braid. "This is fun!" She grins at her oh-too-serious Cousin.

The directions she is given are followed by Sheena well enouggh. However, despite her following the impromtu lessons she some how even does the simpler orders wrong. It might be hard to believe but she does an even worse job than previously. Sheena is probably not the person you want on your boat if a life depended on her paddling to safety. "It's not working." says Sheena, oblivious that she is unintentionally following the orders wrong. She's holding where she is supposing to be pushing and all that.

The higher waves only seem to make Valdemar's grin wider as their skiff speeds on. "Good work, Master Isenhu! Now pull that rope to starboard...your right! It will steady the skiff!" he encourages the smith who is helping him keep the small craft in the lead.

"Noted," says Kael with a nod of his head toward Faelan, and he is on the cusp of something more. This might be a pre-emptive apology. That being said, he takes direction fairly well and certainly there is no balking at the commands given or faces made. He's certainly a good sport about it all. There are, however, a few novice mistakes made. One particular one is where he turns the vessel unnecessarily, and wrongly, but Faelan is likely swift to correct that. Kael grunts his appreciation and remarks more seriously, "Sorry," as their fine ship is once more on course.

Domonico is actually smiling as he guides the boat along, his well muscled torso covered with spray as he directs Miranda, eyes narrowing as he looks forward with focus, "Yes. Yes it is.:

Waldemai just manages to snag the rope in question and give it a feeble heave. "There we are, m'lord," he calls, contributing a eensy teensy bit to the lead.

Alrec checked strength + sailing at difficulty 30, rolling 18 higher.

Sheena checked strength + sailing at difficulty 30, rolling 18 lower.

Waldemai checked strength + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 7 higher.

Kael checked strength + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 37 higher.

Miranda checked strength + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 14 higher.

Faelan checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 3 higher.

Domonico checked strength + sailing at difficulty 30, rolling 5 higher.

Eshra gives Vanora a smile or what passes as a smile from the Rivenshari before her attention is again on the water. Having pulled out a spy glass now, the Telmar Admiral is watching intently.. "No no.. don't.." then winces at something she sees, her glass moving quickly to spot those boats along the route that are stationed to watch for problems.

Valdemar checked strength + sailing at difficulty 30, rolling 22 higher.

A few small boats wait for the regatta teams, staggered and spaced apart, creating a sort of channel for them. These are not the usual rescue ships, however, as these are the dock's fire ships - ships used to put out fires in the bay - and are shooting water into the air though the handpumps used to spray seawater on burning vessels. The high arc of the spray creates a simulated rain storm, through which the teams will have to sail. Water stings the eyes and obscures vision, as well as renders holds less certain. Still, as they round the furthest bouy and make their way back, Valdemar-Waldemai is still in the lead, but the stormy weather seemed to play to the strengths of Kael-Faelan as they've closed a lot of distance. Domonico-Miranda and Sheena-Alrec round out the rest of the group.

A loud laugh escapes from this little skiff that could, "No, its working great!" He says, motioning ahead, "Look, we gonna pass them." And they do pass the skiff, except that it isn't one competing, "Oh nevermind." He nods his head politely to the fishermen watching the race and leads the skiff on and ahead. As they pierce through the simulated rain, Alrec's playfulness calms and off the corner of his eye, he spots a line wrapping around Sheena. With little time to spare, he abandons his command and reaches out for her, giving her a stern instruction, "Watch where you are stepping. Never step above a hoist line."

"No need to be sorry. We'll win or we won't." Faelan calls out to Kael as he's working on the ship. They correct their errors and then start to slip into an easy teamwork, moving their ship along at a good pace. "You're catching the hang of this quick." Faelan calls out to Kael, voice raised to be heard over the cheering crowds and the sound of waves and hulls cutting water.

"This is vaguely familiar," Miranda tells no one, just to herself. The spray of water, the 'rainstorm' causes her to grimace ever so slightly, but she does not lessen her efforts. They may not be in the front, but she will not give up! She's quite soaked now, no doubt grateful for her hair being pulled back now. Imagine if it were whipping about her! "Last time I was on a stormy ship, it did not go well. I think this much better!" This is to Domonico.

Domonico has nearly completely closed his eyes as the spray hits his face and body, but steers them true still, hand on the tiller and barking instructions to his cousin. "Ready? Prepare to pull on my shout cousin!"

Kael ducks his head to wipe his eyes on his fine attire in an attempt to clear them from the 'rain.' The Oathlander evidently was not prepared to participate in full this day, or he is just that naive of what it takes to sail and sail well. That being said, what he lacks in knowledge and finesse of the sea, there is the fact that there's no small amount of brute strength present. That and a great deal of steadfast determination. "Thanks," calls Kael back toward Faelan, offering him a swift lift of his chin but he's soon enough back to work.

All of the cheering and yelling and splashing is /very/ exciting for baby Arkyn, who gleefully claps his hands together and squeals. Its even more exciting because his mother is cheering too, though Arkyn can't see far enough to know what for or why. Vanora calls out encouragement to Valdemar, pointing towards him for her young son, and Arkyn screams and curls his toes into the sand.

"Ah, they found a way to make it interesting!" Valdemar calls out when the water begins to fall, obscuring vision and irritating the racers. There is a clear tone of amusment in his voice as he continues to guide the skiff through the simulated storm. Glancing back at Waldemai, he tells the master smith, "Secure that rigging right there, to your left! The force of the falling water will strain it!"

Captain Nine -- a sleek black ship's cat arrives, following Helia.

Captain Nine -- a sleek black ship's cat leaves, following Helia.

As the line snags her then starts pulling her over Sheena gives a small squeak. Sheena is a quick little thing so when she sees Alrec reacting to keep her from going over her hands are quick to clamp onto his arms until she is sturdy once more, "Thanks." she whispers, blushing fiercely at being chastened. "Alright. I'll try to remember."

Waldemai is beginning to look a bit nervous in the service as another boat starts to catch up. "Right on it, m'lord," he calls into the wind. "Or starboard on it, I mean."

Miranda checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 25, rolling 2 higher.

Alrec checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 30, rolling 26 higher.

Waldemai checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 25, rolling 6 lower.

Waldemai checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 30, rolling 11 lower.

Domonico checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 25, rolling 20 higher.

The fire boats start to spray and Eshra lowers the spy glass to look at Turo with an arched brow. "Oh a race was not enough, hmmm Turo?" there is amusement in her tone before she shakes her head and lifts the glass again. "Your husband is a good sailor, Lady Grimhall." commented to the woman standing with them.

Kael checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 30, rolling 15 lower.

Sheena checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 30, rolling 2 lower.

Valdemar checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 30, rolling 8 higher.

Vanora's focus is on the water now, but Greta hovers closely enough with his twin that Arkyn is perfectly safe without his mother's full attention. Good thing, for she's laughing and cheering along with the crowd, turning towards Eshra with a proud smile. "He is, isn't he? Far better than the alternative, for I'm not sure how one grows up a Grimhall if they cannot sail."

Faelan checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 30, rolling 13 higher.

Water is a finicky thing, and a person can be sailing along and thinking everything is going just wonderfully, only to encounter a surprise. Whether that's a surprise rock or a shoal, or an unexpected school of dolphins, the savvy sailor needs to keep her wits about her. In this case, it's a sandbar that's cropped up. The team of Domonico-Miranda seem to catch sight of it well in time and are able to adjust. The teams of Valdemar-Waldemai, Kael-Faelan, and Sheena-Alrec catch it just in time and have to rally to adjust. Unfortunately, the team of that Navegant and Rivenshari youth miss spotting it entirely, and they find themselves stuck and uttering loud curses, in a variety of languages.

Turo relays the signals: Valdemar-Waldemai still has the lead, but Kael-Faelan has narrowed the gap a little. Domonico-Miranda made huge advances with their sharp eyes and strong sailing, and even Sheena-Alrec made up ground? err? water on the leaders.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Vanora before departing.

Esrha nods at the comment. "Sounds much like Rivenshari. When you are born on a boat and are not allowed on land until you can walk there yourself, it is hard to know any other life."

Vanora is engrossed in watching the race, still cheering for Valdemar, but interrupted by a messenger who speaks to her in a quiet voice and slips a parchment into her hand. Her response is to frown and nod both, and the messenger departs. "Greta, take the boys home, they should eat." Her voice is firm, no nonsense, and she nods to Esrha with a smile that brightens her face as quickly as it was shadowed. "Not allowed on land until you can walk there yourself, goodness. I come from a navel family too, born on an island, but we don't view the sea quite the same way in Pravus. Not with this kind of passion, it's lovely."

Domonico barely even seems to register the sandbar and just guides the skiff around it with no problem and a quick call to Miranda to pull the line.

Get ready to pull on his shout? Sure! If they don't win, she can point the finger at the bossy, bare-chested fellow telling her what to do! Miranda is enjoying herself way too much. Soaked by firehoses! And then the rapid movement of avoiding the sandbar without racing about and risking tipping the skiff!

Faelan laughs at Kael's attempts to get the water out of his eyes. "You get used to the sting of salt water. Probably should have stripped down before hand though." Faelan just being in his leather pants, scars and tattoos sprawled across his upper body. "You really are picking this up quick. Something tells me you should have been a sailor Marquis. You've got the talent for it." He calls it out over the spray and wind, an exultant laugh from him. He loves to sail and loves the water. There's a reason his family pretty much has to drag him to shore. "Catching up to you Valdemar!" Faelan shouts out, though he's not sure his voice will carry across the distance and the noise of the race. "Blasted sandbar." He huffs as he strains to turn the boat, calling directions out to Kael to help them get steered to the side before they hit the sandbar. "Good job Marquis." They avoid and even pull forwards, catching up on the lead boat.

What is the absolute worst thing that Kael can do? Well, likely a group of things, but at this time when he is adjusting some of the ropes, he happens to get tangled up in them. Yes, trapped. There is a bit of pulling and tugging, only to get briefly distracted by a group of dolphin. "What *are* those?" he asks, mostly just speaking to himself but there's a little lift of his brows to go along with the question. Someone is genuinely ignorant there. At least he's out of his daze and freeing himself to work at helping a short time later. Or try to help, that is. The praise that is cast his way has Kael flashing a weak smile back. "I think, if I'm to spend some time with Navegant I need a great deal more practice!"

Adjusting for the sandbar, Alrec gives Seena and approvingly nod and says to her in between smokes, "Hey, much better!" As he takes a more leisure sail, focusing on teaching Seena a trick or two.

When he notices the sandbar, Valdemar's eyes open wide, and suddenly he is trying to turn the skiff to avoid it. At the same time, he shouts instructions to Waldemai, his words clipped and short with surprise, "Pull that rope there /hard/, Master Isenhu! We need the sails to catch a little less wind for a minute!" Gritting his teeth, he /does/ seem to hear Faelan over the wind and spray, letting out a quick laugh. "Catch up then already, Faelan!" he yells back with amusement before his focus returns to the task at hand.

Waldemai grabs the rope and pulls /hard/. Unfortunately, he slips and falls on his butt. Not much help there! "Sorry, m'lord," he calls.

"Well Timbo will be surely for days." Eshra comments as the Navegant/Rivenshari boat becomes stuck and she lowers her spyglass with a chuckle. Looking to Vanora there is a nod and slight tilt of her head. "The difference is that Pravus and Thrax, both live on land and work the boats. Rivenshari did not own land until about two years past. We have lived fully on the floatillas. That was our life, if we came to land it was to interact with others outside out people."

Alrec checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 25, rolling 42 higher.

Oaken, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Marie, chef of Keaton Hall, 4 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, Gigi, an apprentice physician's assistant arrive, following Reigna.

Sheena has rolled a critical success!
Sheena checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 25, rolling 38 higher.

Faelan checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 25, rolling 6 higher.

Faelan checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 33 higher.

Miranda has rolled a critical success!
Miranda checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 25, rolling 8 higher.

Domonico checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 25, rolling 21 higher.

Kael checked strength + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 14 higher.

THe almost going into the drink then almost hitting a sandbar must cause the seamstress to panic a little anf focus harder on what she is suppose to be doing. She isn't very strong but the nimbleness from stitching clothing sure shows as Sheena does her best to help get the boat into where it is suppose to be. If only she had shown this effort fro the start! Except, likely she was more flailing panic than determined panic. Her actions are filled with all the flaiing still but, some how, they are more constructive.

Valdemar checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 25, rolling 34 higher.

Waldemai checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 25, rolling 3 lower.

Alrec cheers as they pick up speed, "Exactly like that! Just keep doing that and you'll be a ship captain in no time." He says trying his best to not come last.

"Oh hells." Faelan reamarks as he sees Kael getting tangled. He lurches forwards to try and help him get untangled, but the Marquis seems to be taking care of it himself. "Good man. And those are dolphins. Perhaps when we're not in the middle of a race I can bring you out here again. They'll swim and play with you. They're remarkable creatures." Faelan is trying to make up their lost ground from the rope tangling issue. He looks ahead towards Valdemar's ship, laughing at the quip back. "Come on then. Can't let Valdemar show me up. I learned to sail on Grimhall ships after all." This to Kael as they resume their sailing now unentangled from ropes.

Into the home stretch, the skiffs come. The teams have worked hard together, and now they're rewarded with a straight line, into the bay and to victory! The crowds roar as the teams draw nearer, with children running back and forth along the beach, cheering wildly. The boats holding the finish line await the prow of the victor. The boats race ahead, surging on the wind. And?

Leapfrogging the whole pack is the team of Sheena-Alrec, just edging out Kael-Faelan by less than one boatlength! Valdemar-Waldemai comes in third, with Domonico-Miranda following close behind them.

Late to the party is Reigna, decked out in a pretty dress and limping quite noticeably. The trek down the hill from above is trecherous on two good legs, and the Physicians Guildmaster is not looking to be in the best shape. Still, with the help of her guard, she makes it with a minimum of stumbling. "Did we miss the whole thing?"

Fourth is still righteous for a girl with zero sailing skills teamed with the Commodore of Malvici's navy! And they do like they had way too much fun. Miranda is all smiles as they sail in, last but not least! She cheers as they come through the finish line, excited for not ending up in the water or toppling the skiff!

Vanora appears more than mildly distracted by this point, completely missing Valdemar lose his lead and then some. She smiles wanly towards the water, murmuring to Turo as an aside, "Thank you so much for having this."

Running the skiff aground, Alrec jumps out of the boat. He stands at its bow, with one knee higher than the other in a very pirate-like pose. His coat swaying with the wind. He looks to the sides across the beach and then over his shoulders to Sheena, "Very well done. Now to claim our booty!" He says, pushing himself forward and off the boat. With his feet on the sand, he walks over to the side to assist Sheena off the boat.

Domonico cares not for the race too much, just enjoying the sea, spray and wind. He gives a yell of encouragement for Alrec and Sheena as they tear past to victory. Instead of steering the skiff towards shore though, Domonico grins widely and the Scions of Francisco's skiff heads away into the bay, sail filled with wind.

Flailed and paniced sailing is totally the way to win the games. Sure, her frantic paddling gets her and Alrec even more soaked (if possible) than they probably already are. Sheena keeps trying to paddle even as they hit shore. Sheena's in the zone! She likely keeps at her flailing until someone tells her to stop.

As their skiff crosses the finish line somewhere behind Faelan and Kael, Valdemar lets out a laugh. "That was a great job for your first time, Master Isenhu. Crewing a boat, even one this size, is no easy thing," he congratulates Waldemai as they approach the shore. Hopping out of the skiff, he offers the smith a hand in exiting the boat if he needs it, and then begins to make his way toward where the others are gathering.

Apparently, kidnapping the Sword of Gemecitta!!! She turns to look at Domonico and from the shore, folks may notice her surprised, if amused look on her face. After a few moments, she sits on her ass and lets him sail them off wherever. Yup. She's not assisting in her own kidnapping!

Turo nods sharply to Vanora and replies, "It was a team effort, my Lady, but it was my pleasure. There's nothing quite like a surprise ending." He watches as the boats are secured ashore and then he says in a loud, clear voice, "Your winners of the first Navegant-Rivenshari Team Regatta! Mistress Sheena Coldrain and Alrec Magaldi. Please give them the cheers they have earned!" He lets the people cheer - and they do - and then he says, "With the prize for our winning team, I give you Lady Eshra." He motions to the Rivenshari woman, stepping to the side of the dais to let her have the stage.

"They certainly look it," grunts Kael by way of confirmation regarding the dolphins. He is snaring the oars and starting to row, definitely having his sights on the finish line and using his brute strength as an option to make their skiff propel forward. Undoubtedly there is no small amount of tunnel vision here, keen focus, and beyond all the fact that he is relatively grounded and thus not going to capsize them. When the other vessel crosses before them, Kael huffs, just once, then with a hearty laugh calls over, "Well done! Congratulations!" to the victors. He rises slowly, much more steadily than when he got on the boat, and says amiably to his teammate, Faelan. "Good run. Thank you for those tips."

Waldemai feels a complete ass after slipping and falling again. "That's kind of you to say, m'lord," he says, and the tone of his voice suggests he intends to add, "And it's a load of that stuff." He looks at the lord's hand dubiously, but takes it, his record of being able to stand publicly known.

Vanora claps for Sheena and Alrec, smiling gently at the former, and then stepping back to wait for Valdemar to make his way up from the shoreline.

Alrec raises his brows as the price is announce, Lady Eshra?! He shakes hands and waves, walking up to her to claim his prize, "Never thought I would win a Lady Rivenshari."

"Congratulations," Valdemar tells the winners as he comes closer to the gathering, inclining his head somewhat to Alrec and Sheena. He then seeks out his wife, giving her a curious look when he sees that Greta and the boys are no longer around.

The skiff with Domonico and Miranda is getting further away from shore now.

Faelan laughs as he and Kael sail the little boat in just behind Alrec and Sheena. "The God's own wind was at your backs there." Faelan calls over to the pair as he tries to steer the little boat towards wherever it's going to be stored. "Damned good show Marquis Keaton. Damned good show." He turns as Valdemar's boat comes up behind them, lifting a hand in salute before turning back to regard Kael. "We need a good drink after that." The sailor climbs down from the skiff and moves towards the shore. "Well raced everyone!" He calls out to the others. "You're most welcome Marquis. We'll have to go sail again. I promised dolphins after all."

Brenlin, Miranda's aide, is still holding her bag o' stuff (tm) and steps out closer to the water, watching the skiff get further... and further... from land. He scratches his head, frowning a little bit and looks about, then back out to watch the skiff.

Oh. Things are done. Sheena looks around in a bit of confussion as it is anounced her and Alrec won. "Uh.. what?" says the little seamstress, blinkign blankly a moment. Sheena flushes deeply and slinks behind Alrec. She is now shield because eyes focused on her is not doing it for Sheena.

Vanora meets Valdemar's quizzical look with a mild smile. "Arkyn was eating handfuls of sand...I thought perhaps sending them home for lunch was a good idea. That and he doesn't like to be by the water if he can't play in it, but it's too cold." She insists, "I got a message. My father is in town." There's only a hint of pause and she catches something and goes on. "Zacharie, staying at Pravus manor."

Eshra steps forward, her bells chimming, watching to make sure everyone made it to the beach. As they do, servants hand out warm towels and warmer drinks. Standing there, with two blades in her hand, a brow arching as she smirks at Alrec. "Admiral, I think maybe that is more than you could survive." then nods. "This was meant as fun but it was also meant to remind us. We are better together. Even when one of us isn't as strong as the other. We find friends and allies in the oddest places and times. It is my hope today, you each found one or the other. We also would like to charge our winners with this.." pausing as she holds one of each of the blades to Alrec and Sheena. "That this is a lesson that can't be forgotten.. so we ask you continue it with a repeat of this race hosted by your houses next year."

After catching up her husband, Vanora claps for Eshra and the winners again. "What a beautiful sentiment! Thank you for hosting this, the message is so important. My apologies for the little sand-eater's early departure."

Reigna hobbles her way over to Turo and then offers him a bright smile. "Hello Count Turo! It appears I have missed the race! Have you seen my husband anywhere? I was supposed to meet him here."

After sailing out wide in the bay for a good while, Domonico eventually brings the skiff back in towards shore, the losers clearly enjoying the sailing.

Returning Faelan's salute, Valdemar then nods at his wife's explanation of where the boys went. "Sounds like they might have needed to be fed, anyway. Turns out I /was/ a bit rusty," he tells her, glancing back over his shoulder at the skiff he sailed along with Waldemai. When she mentions her father, though, he raises a brow and goes on to remark, "That is...interesting. Did you need to go?"

Alrec looks down at the dagger, frowning before glancing back up to Eshra, "The same can be said for you my lady. I am a handful." He says, bowing politely to the gift before putting it away on the sheath of his boot. He steps back to let Eshra speak to the crowd, flashing Sheena a smile and a gentle pat on the back.

Turo grins and replies quietly to Reigna, "Your husband accquitted himself well, but I'm afraid you'll miss him if you're looking for anyone who's remotely dry. He's just over there," and he motions toward where Kael and Faelan are standing.

Turo is overheard praising Sheena: A great win!

Miranda is not a loser! But she does hop out of the skiff to help pull it to shore and then laughs, threatening to toss him back in. She looks delighted and Brenlin comes hurrying over to her, fretting. "Oh, I'm fine! He wasn't going to hurt me. He was just having fun." She waves off her aide.

Turo is overheard praising Eshra: A fine co-hostess!

Eshra is overheard praising Turo.

Faelan is overheard praising Turo.

Faelan is overheard praising Sheena.

"You weren't rusty. You were giving others a chance for a moment of triumph out of the kindness of your heart." Vanora jests to Valdemar, though she nods at his question. "Yes, I likely do. It's been quite some time." With that she lifts her hand that she might place it on his arm and walk back over the sand to the city path.

"I will tell Baron Edward that you would like him to host a race next year." says Sheena from behind Alrec. When the prize is given over she peers at it then looks around before back at the little sword she is given. At it she startes then asks, "Can I give it to someone else? I will probably cut my hand off if I keep it."

Domonico is overheard praising Turo.

Vanora is overheard praising Eshra: The Regatta was such fun!

Eshra stops and turns toward the crowd, raising her voice. "Please come to the gala later in the week! We will be havign it on the floatilla and there will be another races, though this time by foot!" grins a little wickedly and raises her bottle of rum to them.

There's no dropping the skiff off with Faelan for him to tend to, no, Kael is actually finishing what he started. He'll likely butcher the job of tying the knots at first in an attempt to replicate sailor's knots, but in the end he's making a snare knot work cleanly and to his satisfaction. That he can expertly do. "I concur!" Kael calls toward Faelan, though when he catches sight of Reigna yonder, there's a lift of his brows and he treads water heading that way. "Beautiful!" he greets her with a wave of his hand. Eshra's speech though, that has him pause and he applauds the sentiment mightily.

Kael is overheard praising Turo.

Kael is overheard praising Eshra.

Nodding his head at Vanora's answer, the Grimhall heir allows her to take his arm. "Thank you for hosting this, Count Navegant, Lady Rivenshari, but we must be going," Valdemar calls out to the host and hostess before leading his wife away from the beaches and back toward Arx.

2 Grimhall House Guards, Gustav, a gruff Islander advisor leave, following Valdemar.

Sheena is not told no about giving away the seax she is given so she scurries off to Reigna and hands it over to her, silently. The wordless giving over is likely not entirely abnormal to her by this point since Sheena is of the Physcians Guild.

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