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Caspian's Birthday Joust

It's 8/11, you know what that means? Twenty four years ago, on the island that now hoasts Whitefrost, a duelest named Caspian Ru-Taul was born! And now he is a man, and he wants to see people run at each other on horses!

So he's hosting a tournament! Come down, bring your horse, bring you lance, or just bring your well wishes, and have some fun with him!


Sept. 15, 2018, 10 p.m.

Hosted By



Brogan Fecundo Helia Felicia Sorina Bashira(RIP) Kace Nijah Alarissa Lisebet Waldemai Lydia Isidora



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Tournament Grounds

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Comments and Log

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"I am not ancient!" Brogan loudly protests towards Caspian and Felicia. "I would prefer to be called-" There is a pause as he thinks this over. "Venerable." Brogan winks towards Bashira though. "Bashira, well met. He's right. I /am/ a lot of fun!" Lisebet gets her own grin. "Ha! Just avoid the paperwork, it works for me!" Someday he is likely to be murdered by his niece too. Thenhe looks back to Felicia. "Aha! So you do not deny looking!" Folding his arms acros his chest, he looks like the cat that ate the canary. Annoyingly so. Then his left hand shoots out palm upright to gestures at Kace and her defense of him, or at least his age. "See? See? She is hardly what one could call old!" Then Caspian announces actual jousting. "So people with pointy sticks are going to hit other people with pointy sticks? Ha! This might be fun after all!" He glances back over at Felicia. "You know. Going topless worked for Thorley. I bet he'd have done better without a shirt on. So, you should do that." Then she mentions dying and rolls his eyes. "No daring at all in you! But I suppose I could give you some luck." Brogan actually does approach Felicia and bends as if to kiss her cheek. Instead she gets a sloppy lick. "It works for puppies and critters!" This said as the man attempts to not run away no, but to tactically withdraw from potential ire.

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Fecundo steps up to offer Caspian a small package, "Happy Birsthday Caspian. I was going to do another joust, but not sure."

From the direction of the general seating, a bawdy yell. "Do you have more underwear, Sir Thorley?"

Felicia swats another smack at Brogan's way with a snort, wiping at her face before she elects to head down to the field with the other competitors again. Armor kept decided /on/.

Sorina makes her way in, curtsying with a florish for those nobles that notice her, and up to the general seating. Those already there are given a polite smile and respectful dip of her head.

Caspian offers a smile to Fecundo as he accepts the bottle, nodding to him, "Thank you. I'll make sure to break it out when I have company over." Then the banner over the entrance is hung up, spelling out Birfday Josut with two crudely drawn birthday cakes jousting. Caspian rises, turning to the crowd as he calls out, "Greetings everyone! Welcome to my Birthday Joust! If you are competiting, take to the field! The prize will be, I just decided, one favor you can ask of me! Within reason!" He calls out to them. "There are food and drinks in the nearby tent, and afterwards feel free to mingle amongst yourselves or with me! Now, if there is no last signups, we will begin in a moment!"

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"You look like you're fun, Lord Brogan. I'll have to take their words for it." Bashira calls to the Nightgold Lord as she heads up into the judges booth with her brother. There she settles in to see how things from here look. There's a bit of a laugh at something he says. "Oh my spirits...we taught him to spell..." she whispers.

"If I could ride at all, I would jump on a horse and give it a go, but I'm purely a 'boots on the ground' kinda woman," Kace offers towards Caspian with a grin. Nodding to Brogan, she sticks up for her fellow Northerner with a grin, "Damned right! Prime of our lives we are! These young scamps don't know what they're missing!" Letting out a laugh, she settles back against a post, folding her arms over her chest to watch the jousting.

Awash in Eurusi silks and loose curls of dark hair, Nijah comes curiously to the tournament grounds. She waves to Caspian, the only person here she seems to recognize, a small smile on her lips. "You did not tell me it was your birthday," Nijah says. "Many happy celebrations," she says as she looks to find herself a seat among the crowds.

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There's a glance to the banner, a raise of her brown and shaking her head, Alarissa calmly watches.

Lisebet smiles at Brogan, shrugging delicately. "I suppose that's why my brother asked me to help out," she murmurs. She smiles then to Nijah, her head canting a touch. "Good day, I don't think we've met? Or if so, my apologies."

Caspian offers a wave over to Nijah, telling her, "It wasn't my birthday when we met, now it is! Good to see you though." He looks to the field, waiting for everyone to get ready.

Completely unable to contain his laughter at the bawdy yell towards Thorley, Brogan managed to escape Felicia relatively unscathed with just another bruise for his troubles. So it is time to take a seat to catch his breath. He really is snickering like some wayward schoolboy at this point. He manages to get some breath back to call out. "Happy Birthday to Caspian! Lets get him drunk!" A sage-style nod at this yelled suggestion. "You should!" Yelled after Bashira as she makes for the Judges booth. Then Kace gets a thumbs up. "You tell 'em! Besides, you're only as old as you feel. Except during hangover mornings, because that would be terrible. I'd be somewhere near, oh, three thousand years old."

After a moment, Caspian decides, "Okay then! Lord Thorley had to drop out, so we're gonna do this! We're gonna hold this one joust, and then we're gonna have a wrestling tournament next! So lets begin the joust! Lord Fecundo, Dame Felicia, take the field and start when you are ready!"

Stopping her her way to the seating, Nijah regards Lisebet. "No, we have not," she says in those soft thickly accented words. "I only just be arriving in the city. I am called Nijah," she offers to Lisabet, pleasantly, dipping her head to the rest of those around her in the seating areas.

Somewhat belatedly, after Brogan's suggestion of inebriating the heck out of Caspian, Helia yells, "Happy Birthday Grandmaster! Drink all the booze!" Then, in a stage whisper, she comments to the others at the bench, "I'm guessing Sir Thorley had other /matters/ to attend to." A sage nod, a smile to Sorina, then it's eyes forward and gaze attentive. Jousting!

"/That/ I'll take my armor off for!" Felicia has no qualms calling out. No barbute for the knight, in breaking with... well, common sense and King's Own standard, sliding up on to Wrecking Ball to take her place with a grin at Fecundo,"You beat me last time! Let's see how we go this time. For Gloria... and Caspian." she offers with a laugh.

Felicia checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 26 higher.

Felicia checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

"Lisebet Farshaw," is the reply from the lady. "Nice to meet you, Mistress Nijah, and welcome to Arx." She turns her attention with a gesture to the jousting field, to watch the combatants. "Good luck!"

Fecundo mounts his own horse and chuckles a little, "Different when it's against one another, Dame Harrow." He smiles good naturedly as he starts his ride.

Fecundo checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 27 higher.

Fecundo checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 47 higher.

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Nijah nods to Lisebet. "Nice to be meeting you," Nijah says. "And thank you. So far everybody I have met here has been good," she smiles, settling her hands in her lap and looking out to watch the competition, speaking in quiet tones to those seated around her then.

On the first pass, Fecundo seems to get a good seat on his horse, helping him settle well for the charge toward Felicia. This probably helped him this time, while both get strikes, it's Fecundo's that is more solid and Dame Harrow's that glances as they both circle for another run.

Fecundo checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Fecundo checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 29 higher.

Felicia checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

Felicia checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 12 higher.

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Waldemai cheer the winner and the loser indiscriminantly. Yep, he's been in the ale.

Felicia's not at her peak performance today, the first powerful blow from Fecundo is followed by another on the second pass and the redheaded knight is left having to discard her lance to maintain her seat, rubbing her armored chest as she wheels Wrecking Ball about at the end of the list with a shake of her head,"No question the victor!" she calls, gesturing Fecundo's way like 'right there' before giving her own applause for him,"That first one caught me good."

2 Nightgold guards arrives, following Lydia.

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Lydia arrives with a spring in her step.

Fecundo smiles and sticks his lance in the ground and applauds Felica for his part, smiling a little, "Thought I was going to lose my seat on that second pass. Good contest. Both times."

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When the horses have come to a halt, Helia yells out her approval of the jousters, raising her voice so that they can hear the very REAL enthusiasm of it all. "Nice going! Good riding! Whoo!" She, unlike Waldemai, hasn't been at the ale.

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"Well, Dame Felicia has conceeded, Lord Fecundo wins!" Caspain calls out, rising to applause for the two, grinning wide as he vaults over to the booth and into the field. "A round of applause for both of them! And while we're at it, since that was way too quick, how about that wrestling tournament? Come down here if you want to wrestle! Rules will be simple, force your opponent to conceed or pin them for a ten count!"

"See! I told you going topless would have made you win!" Brogan is cheering out towards Felicia, who alas, has lost the joust to Fecundo. Brogan tips a drink back from his spot by the beverage tent. "Well done both combatants!" He is laughing and then notes someone in the crowd. "Ohh! Lydia! Lydia!" brogan waves about a bottle in greeting towards his Niece.

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"Same prize as before! One favor, within reason, from me!" Caspian calls out. "That's a favor from The Grandmaster of The Champions!"

Waldemai is willing to have a go at that. He's built low to the ground and has those balcksmith's muscles.

Lydia grins wide, "Hey Brogan, figured I'd find you in here. Have you had your go at the tiltyards yet?"

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"Well done to both," Lisebet calls out at the end, still enjoying watching the marvellous combatants. "Oh, a wrestling match? I wasn't expecting that." She pauses, glancing around and then there is a messenger, all unexpected and she sighs. "My apologies. I should go take care of this. Nice to meet you, Mistress Nijah. Everyone." A smile to those near her in the seats, before she gets to her feet. As she passes the field she calls out, "Well jousted. Good luck with the further events!"

Helia jumps out of her seat, standing to her full and glorious five-feet-and-six of slender athleticism. "Yes!" She flexes a slim arm and growls menacingly (like a kitten) before she skips down to the field. Wheee!

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making a face of horror at Lydia, Brogan shakes his head. "No, good gods girl. No. They won't let me punch the horses. Or throw the sharp sticks at others." Brogan shrugs clearly not seeing why not. "I will be right back to you though, they are calling out for wrestling, and well. Ah. You may need to avert some eyes." Broga strides out for the field, in the process the man is shedding all of his upper body coverings. Of course this means Johnny Bravo Flex-Posing on the way out to meet the challengers.

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"We'll test that theory. Or well... sort of." there's a flush of Felicia's pale cheeks, but, well, apparently she's not going to quit the field, in favor of turning out her horse to eat some grass while she goes about stripping off bits of armor like they were housing an ants nest, at least aiming for a semi-organized pile. Discarding her metal carapace until she's in her undershirt and pants.

Waldemai watches Helia join the fray. "Grrrr," he fake growls. "This'll be a short one." He goes to tear his tunic open but remembers in time that he's wearing his only good suit.

Lydia hoots and hollers in encouragement after Brogan, and like the northern "hick" she is doesn't bother averting any eyes so as not to miss the drubbing her uncle is about to hand out. She rushes to the rail and cheers loudly from the front of the front row!

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From somewhere in the crowd, a flash of silver coins rain down on Brogan as he disrobes from his upper vestments. And Bashira is decidedly not to be seen from the judges booth. Because she was...judging. Hard at work. Yes.

Felicia eyes Brogan and his pecs, and the other competitors, before electing to add her shirt to the pile and leaving herself standing there in a boob binding and her scars. The prim look given the northman not at all matching the broad-shouldered knight's 'strike a pose' flex of her own.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Felicia before departing.

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Fecundo is overheard praising Caspian: Entertaining, even on his own birthday.

Waldemai flexes and tries to fire up the crowd. "Gatso posu!"

Fecundo has gotten off his horse and handed it over to attendants, rubbing his chest a little as he looks to the wrestling competition. He chuckles as people start discarding clothing, but seems he's had enough, headin for the stands.

If there is one thing the alleged Bear-Man can do. It is put on a show while warming up. Brogan has stripped as far as he can and indeed works to flex his form in all sorts of ways. Some simply functional. Others clearly provocative. Theres silver coins put on him, both as bets and literally! "Yes!! Witness the hell-raisers!!" He struts his way onto the field, giving his opponants a cheeky grin, and a saucy wink to each and every one male and female alike.

Caspian rises form his feet, calling out, "The matches will be like this! Lord Borgan verses DAme Felicia, Waldemai verses Helia, with the winners facing off in the finals! Lord Borgan, Dame Felicia, get out there and start grappling!"

Lydia shouts, "Kick her copper-bottomed ass, Brogan!"

"You're going DOWN, my friend. Say your prayers." Helia gives Waldemai some serious stink-eye, but she can't keep up the act, laughing with mischief glinting in her eyes. The clinking of silver on the ground has her turning her head, however, upon which her gaze alights on the quality slab of Nothern bearsteak that is one Lord Borgan Nightgold. With a a wide-eyed look-up-and-down she pauses before she yells (again, no volume control) "By the Gods, look at that majestic beast!" And then back to Waldemai after a bounce on her toes, assuming a wrestling stance, "Let go go go!"

Helia checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Waldemai fake growls again. "Grr-ARRRR. This'll be short and pAAAAAINful." He fails to mention for whom.

Felicia winds up her hair and pins it in place with her hairpins with a toothsome grin at Brogan. In her armor it might be easy to think that her bulk is all metal, but out of it? There's no real hiding that the redhead is hardly any kind of delicate flower, with the old wounds on her torso and the smattering of burns across her shoulders. She'll let him get his flex on, and indeed offers with a broad grin afterwards,"There will be no mercy." by way of warning before she elects to launch herself low at him.

Felicia checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Waldemai checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Brogan checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

Goes over to where Fecundo heads for the stands. "How are you doing?" She asks as she nears him.

Caspian doesn't stop them when Helia and Waldemai go out there to wrestle, just means we'll be getting done sooner! He sits back down and looks as the two wrestling matches go on, giving a bright laugh at the antics of everyone. "Come on! Body slam someone!" He calls out to someone, anyone really!

"For you." Brogan puts such a dark inflection into his tone. Yet his face is all sorts of amused, and his eyes dance. Though for her, he puts on his best infuriating grin, and dares to mime a mocking kiss at her before murmuring something. He flashes into Felicia at this very moment, clearly intent on showing NO mercy to the woman. Laughing as he simply man-handles her for the moment.

Lydia screams loudly, bouncing against the rail, half-leaning over it as if about to flip herself heels-over-head! "Oh yeah! That's the stuff, Uncle Bro!"

Bashira collects herself from the floor of the Judges Booth where she had disappeared from embarrassing her brother and there's a smile to Caspian as she leans in to kiss his cheek, "Happy birthday. I need to head out. You don't have too much fun." she teases him.

Whatever Brogan said must have been effective given the noise Felicia makes, and the five shades of red she turns, because yep, he completely manhandles her despite all the flailing on the first round, completely with an,"AAHH! That's cheating!" thrown into the mix as they scuffle.

Sad to say, its painful for Helia, not Waldemai. For all her gusto, she can't escape the fact that she's not the pugilist she thinks she is. She's a slim woman better suited to feats of nimbility and general swashbuckly sword-spinniness. And so it's easy work for the broader-shouldered smith to send her crashing to the ground despite the fact he's a couple of inches shorter than her. Even as she hits the dirt, though, she laughing away, "Ouch, haha, damn it... ahahaha!"

Felicia checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

Helia checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Brogan checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 35 higher.

Waldemai takes advantage of his height deficiency. "LEEE-verage!" he shouts, tossing he aside like so much damp kindling. "Are you okay?" he whispers.

Waldemai checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Caspian gives a smile and a wave over to Bashira as he leaves, and then a big one over to Alarissa, calling out, "Thank you!" And then turns bakc as he sees Waldemai throw Helia. "I think we know who our finalist are going to be! Lord Borgan and Waldemai are just dominating the women folk!"

Fecundo smiles as Isidora comes over to him and takes off his gloves to reach a hand to touch her face, "You favor brought me luck...second place in the Vlardin joust and I won this one."

"Ha! All is fair in warfare, Fel!" Whatever Brogan did, he decidedly looks very unrepentant. "Awww. What a lovely shade on you!" He keeps Felicia engaged, and makes a show of making his pecs pop for everyone. Finally there is a faint grunt of effort from the man. Flexing he shifts to tosses about Felicia like a kitten does to a ball of yarn. "Come on, girl you can do better!" A new sport might occur here The Felicia-Toss.

Smiles at him, "You won?" She presses her hand against his. "I am glad my favor brought you luck, Lord Raven."

Helia nods a few times to Waldemai between giggles, then lifts one hand in a thumbs up gesture. She whispers back, "Yeah. Think I'm going to head back to the seats now, though." More sniggers as she climbs to her feet. Then a gesture off both arms in Waldemai's directions like she's a magician's assistant, "Master Waldemai! Yay!" And then? Skipping back up the seats, only a little winded.

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Must be the pec-pops, Felicia's just no match for Brogan today, probably not helped by the promise of no mercy. And then he's tossing her about like a kitten and he gets an outraged yowl. Not that it helps her win in the slightest. No matter how hard she tries, Mount Nightgold is an immovable rock today.

Waldemai stomps around as though he hasn't just whipped a skinny youngster. "Rar! I'm ready for the final." He looks at Brogan and decides he needs another mug of ale before the last match starts.

Waldemai maybe one more mug of ale...

Waldemai and one for the road...

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Waldemai checks. "Is there any more ale in my bucket?" If he's good and loose, maybe this won't hurt so much...

Kace gets a small wooden statuette of a brave bear from a simple cloth pouch adorned with flowers.

Lydia jumps up and down as Brogan's manhandling of Felicia comes to its foregone, clearly in her opinion, conclusion!

"Yessss!" Brogan intones for the crowd as he makes Felicia yowl for them. This means he simply must strut for the crowd and put on another flexing display. Then its the main event and then he is faicing the smith. "Oho! A challenger for the bear!" So it is his turn to put on a display involving growling. He even thumps his chest towards the stocky man. At the ingestion of liquid courage, Brogan barks a laugh and gestures. Seems he will not interfere with the booze drinking, but he isn't standing there waiting to get socked either. His arms hang down, his feet have shifted apart in a stance. He's ready when the smith is. "My friend, there may never be enough ale." There's a wink. "Bring it!" He could possibly mean the fight, or the ale, both would fit for Brogan.

"Alright, Lord Borgan The Knights Own Hurler has wone against Dame Felicia, The Tossed One! And now the final match! May the best grappler win!" Caspian calls out, pointing to the two men. "Put on a good show!"

Helia peers into Waldemai's bucket, raises her eyebrows and pauses for a second. Her gaze goes back to Waldemai afterwards, her brow still lightly raised, then yells encouragingly, "Good luck, Master Waldemai!" Then she makes tiger-clawing gestures in the air, and growls again. "Grrrr!" Then air-punch!

Skiftfeather - an Elegant Snowy Owl, Lystra Voss - The Quiet Assistant, Morigan Bradshaw - Nurse and Doctor in Training, Fayre Wyrmfang - Excitable Champion, 1 Valardin House Guards, Fecundo leave, following Isidora.

Sir Celeritous Karl Shellsworth III the Tortoise arrives, delivering a message to Kace before departing.

Nijah speaks quietly with the people at her seating area, looking around then to resume watching the spectacle, looking over and around the rest of those gathered.

Waldemai checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Felicia has to concede, with perhaps less grace than she usually displays given the squint she gives Brogan before going in search of her own drink, and somewhere to sit, with an upnod Helia's way in sympathetic solidarity before dropping into a spot near Caspian.

Helia nods sagely at Felicia, but it's paired with a grin.

Kace gets a clay jug of Northern Shav blackberry honey mead from a waterproof brown canvas pouch.

Brogan checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

Sir Celeritous Karl Shellsworth III the Tortoise arrives, delivering a message to Kace before departing.

Waldemai lands hard on the ground, about as everyone expected. Fortunately, the ale dulls a certain amount of the pain. "Urrrrgh," he groans, playing for the crowd's sympathy. "Gimme a minute and then I'll get up and whup you, you whippersnapper."

Nijah stands up from her seat, stretching her arms over her head, making a lazy path over to the drinks, to pour herself a glass of wine while she curiously continues to watch the match.

"Ha! I'm likely older than you!" Brogan chuckles but, does indeed give Waldemai time to compose himself. In fact, Brogan starts putting on a flexing show for the crowd once more. Clearly, he believes that they must be entertained. His hands riase palm upwards in a gesture to indicate their noiselevel should be higher, even for nobles. "Let me hear you all the way from the back! Yes! Especially the ladies!" Brogan clearly cannot help himself.

At Brogan's demand for attention, Caspian wolfwhistles to the man, calling out, "Flex those pecs like we pay you for it!"

Brogan must answer the request, so indeed does perform feats of Pec-tacular flexing!

Waldemai waits until Brogan's back is turned and then blows a raspberry. "Pttttttt."

"At least if he joined the Champions he'd be getting paid for this grandstanding." Felicia offers wryly to Caspian betweeen swallows, laughing and pointing Waldemai's way for the raspberry.

"Yeah Lord Brogan! Whoooo!" That's Helia again, obviously. Punching the air repeatedly. Then after a pause, "And Master Waldemai too! Yay!"

Lydia checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 51 higher.

Lydia does her best to raise the roof with those in attendance, "You know Brogan's bringing the pain tonight!"

Waldemai makes shushing gestures toward Lydia. "No, no, don't provoke him!"

Alas, there is a sound from behind Brogan. He looks over a shoulder at the man. "Oh. Is this how it is going to go? All right! As you wish!" Brogan turns to rush Waldemai like a pain-train for a little dwarf-tossing wrestling action! The question remains. Will Waldemai stay on the tracks?

Brogan checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

Waldemai checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

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Waldemai isn't going to run away, Waldemai isn't going to run away, Waldemai isn't going to run away...and so CAH-runch! He kicks his legs in the air twice and lies back, tongue hanging out.

Chuga-Chuga Chuga-WHAM!! Brogan's diving into poor unprepared and probably not drunk enough Waldemai. The contact is solid and harder than intended, in fact Brogan makes two quick air grabbing motions before looking at empty arms in confusion. "Wh-" Then Waldemai lands with his tongue out. "Oops. Do we have a physician in the house? No. Wait. Mead! Bring forth this man some mead!!" A pause of consideration. "Mead for me too, come to think of it." Brogan does look concerned and checks to make sure he has not killed the smith. Once assured, well he of course has to go in one motion of bending down to double first in the air champion posing. "Yessssss! Victory! Look upon me and know a true man!!" In fact he even throws in a little beard finger-combing for effect. Hamming-It-Up, thy name truly is Brogan Nightgold.

Waldemai was about to get up, but there is mention of mead. "Uhhhhh...." he groans piteously.

Lydia is overheard praising Brogan: Brogan the Mountain!

"And Borgan wins!" Caspian cries, rising to his feet and thrusts a fist into the air! Good job Borgan!" He climbs out of the booth and heads to the benches, calling out, "Give a round of applause for that wonderful show!" He calls out to the crowd, "Also, feel free to hang out here and party! Parties don't stop until only the ones too drunk to walk home are left!"

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Cheering and applauding loudly for both of the brave fighters, Helia shouts, "Majestic, I tell you!" And then she gasps and clasps her hands over her mouth, before pointing frantically at Waldemai, "Look at this poor man! Get him a whole barrel of mead! He surely needs it!" A beat, "All the mead!"

Waldemai moans, "Ohhhh..." His tongue hangs out.

"Everyone raise a drink!" Brogan shouts as he grabs a bottle of something. "But not to me!!" He hoists the bottle and points at Caspian. "Drink to Caspian! Happy Birthday my friend!! Were you not entertained?" Of course, Brogan must give Caspian a half naked Bro-Hug. He drinks from his bottle at his toast.

Felicia raises her glass for the cheer, that's a sentiment she can get behind, apparently,"Let's hear it for Caspian!"

Waldemai may be on his back but he knows what's important. He claps his hands and shouts, "Happy birthday, Caspian Wild! Cpme on, let's hear it! Also, throw ale!"

Bro-Hugs from the Bro-gain are always welcomed! He gives Brogan a bearhug right back, squeezing the man with a laugh. "Thank you everyone! Thank you!"

From somewhere, Helia has produced a mug of ale. Lifting it, she raises her voice, "Yeah! Happy Birthday, Caspian!"

Lydia cheers, "Happy birthday, Caspian, and waves, before falling back into the refreshment tent."

Lydia has left the the Beverage Tent.

Breaking away from the epic Bro-Hug that Brogan is giving him, Caspian reveals, "And I think it is time for me to get some shut eye. It was fun while it lasted, everyone! I hope to see y'all next year!"

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