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Whitehawk Anniversary Party

Three years ago, to reward his loyalty, Silas Mercier was elevated to the peerage and became Baron Silas Whitehawk. The Barony turns three and to celebrate, the barony is throwing a party! Everyone is welcome to an evening of enjoyment to mark the event.


Sept. 9, 2018, 7 p.m.

Hosted By

Kenna Silas Tabitha


Bedivere Evonleigh Harper Delilah Thesarin Sparte Alessandro Alistair




Arx - Lower Boroughs - Dockyard - The Argonaut - Deck

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Dot, the war-wiener, Judy, an investigative assistant arrive, following Harper.

Whitehawks represent! Blue, gold, and white paper streamers hang about the rigging and rails of The Argonaut. They give it a happy and festive flair that is designed to make one quite happy. Canvas chairs and hammocks dot the area, interspersed with the more fancy wicker and silk places. There's alcohol over there, Mercier Wine and more hardy drinks are there, along with cheeses and finger foods for the taking. In the middle of the deck a single solid wooden chair sits with the sign 'SILAS HAD A BIRTHDAY' pinned to the back.

Silas is seated at the main sitting area on the deck, a baby cradled in one arm and a glass of Mercier wine in the other. Because that's how he rolls as a parent. Cyril, thankfully, is a relatively quiet baby as long as he's being held. The sign announcing his missed birthday -might- have had 'and Kenna!' scribbled on it somewhere sometime.

Bedivere shows up and shoulder pats his dear nephew, Silas, before moving on to pick up a full glass of Mercier wine into his left hand, doing so with a quiet thanks to those who are currently serving such.

Kenna's dressed up in bright sunlight and silver, absolutely in her element, though she IS being careful to stay away from the rails of the ship. Center or nothing for her! Moving among the smaller gathering she ends up by Bedivere's side, moving to loop an arm about his shoulder and give him a side-squeeze. "How ARE you uncle? Better sleep?"

Evonleigh gives the birthday note a glance and frowns. "I'm the worst at remembering dates... I don't know why. Lines, sure. Entire monologues of words upon words and where to stand and sit and what hand to gesture with, whatever a director asks. But my family's birthdays..." she says with a laugh, pouring herself a glass of wine and looking out at the deck leading to their little party, watching for signs of visitors. She smiles at Kenna when she moves to Bedivere's side, worry for the man in her eyes as well.

white-tailed eagle, 2 House Riven Soldiers arrive, following Thesarin.

Harper makes her way on board, with a curious look around the Argonaut. She tosses a friendly wave over to the gathered Whitehawks with a big grin, saying cheerfully, "Heya! I didn't know you -actually- had this! I thought Kenna was just joking!" Looking over at Bedivere and Evonleigh, she bobs her head politely and says, "Don't think we've met. I'm Harper!" Of course she says it as if that explained it all.

Whitehawks, Whitehawks, everywhere, and not a Mourning Islander in sight. Delilah sits on the deck of the Argonaut, rather than a seat, partly because she has a book in front of her. Several varieties of ink pen, each a decidedly different colour, adorn the travel case in front of her. She kicks her foot idly like a fourteen year old girl in a wild meadow rather than an adult senior scholar, because that's just how the day rolls in front of her. Her pen sweeps and swishes across her page, also indicating the reason she has not taken to the pirate hammock -- though her shoes claim that one place while she works with breathtaking diligence. "Next year, I'm going to begin this sooner," she murmurs, looking over her shoulder as Bedivere slouches into being.

Cabbit, a nub-tailed tabby kitten, Laudine, a stern middle-aged maidservant arrive, following Tabitha.

Bedivere has his wine in his only hand, so his other arm slides around Kenna, somewhat holding her yet not really at the same time since it is too short! "Feeling better, thank you. Slept okay. How are you?" Looking up, a tiny dip from his hawk-nosed face is briefly sent to Evonleigh, Delilah, and Harper. "Greetings. Lord Bedivere Whitehawk." says he to the last one.

Silas lights up and grins at Bedivere, though he currently can't hug or pat with his arms full. "Glad you made it, uncle! I think this is your first time on the family barge..." He sips at his wine and looks over the top of his glass, at his assembled cousins. "Kenna and I have the same birthday. And yours is right before Farrah's, Evonleigh, if I remember correctly." Unfortunately, in the winter, which makes outdoor gatherings a little problematic. When Harper boards, his grin widens. "Welcome, Harper. It does indeed exist, though I'm afraid only Delilah knows how to actually sail it...?"

"Our //favorite// uncle." Kenna says that with a wink to Harper as she squeezes Bedivere once. "He keeps all of us younglings from spinning about in circles thankfully. This is Officer Haper Ashford," the introduction to any Whitehawks who haven't met her yet, "The most amazing person to patrol with."

Thesarin steps up on to the deck, at his usual slow, purposeful stride. Thesarin looks... like a grumpy shav warlord someone's dressed up like a Grayson nobleman, more or less per usual. Tattoos and scars, partially covered by someone's vallient attempt at making him look respectable. He offers nods of greeting as he goes, making his way toward Silas.

Silas has joined the sitting area with wicker and silk furniture.

a tiny man with a BIG unpronounceable name arrives, delivering a message to Silas before departing.

Delilah has joined the sitting area with wicker and silk furniture.

"Hello!" Evonleigh says warmly to Harper, moving forward to clasp her hand in both of hers. "Evonleigh, Kenna's 'other' sister," she says, a self-deprecating smirk curving the corner of her lip upward; everyone knows who Delilah is, after all. "Thank you so much for joining our celebration. Can I get you something to drink?" she asks, before turning to see Thesarin coming up. "Count Riven, thank you for coming!" she says, a small dip of greeting for him as well. To Silas, she nods. "I like to make things difficult," she says with a grin.

Harper gives Delilah an impressed look and says in surprise, "You can sail, Delilah? I'd have never guessed it!" She grins wide and adds, "I'm learning from Magpie, but I got a loooong way to go, yet." She chuckles at Kenna and shakes her head, "Nah, Kenna's the best. She always makes me look good! But it's real nice meeting you Lord Uncle Whitehawk and you too, Evonleigh!" She looks over as Thesarin comes up on deck and tosses him a friendly wave and a cheerful hello, as she steps out of his way and meanders over to start cooing at the baby that Silas is holding.

Bedivere does not have enough arms and hands to go around, either, so Silas should not feel bad. He nods over to his nephew, "Yes, it is! I like it, though." Although he rarely smiles, Kenna's words bring out Bedi's smile. "Thank you." He lets her go then moves to meet with the others, but then there is a tattooed shav her. Bedi unreadably glances over at Thesarin.


Tabitha is totally here! She may be fussing over everyone and everything during the course of the party. Even if she doesn't get a pose in (wait, what) then she'll be pestering the servants or whatever to see if she can help them! Right now, though? She's off in a corner, furtively eating a honey cake from the plate of these treats that she brought with her. They're lying around somewhere, free to be eaten.

With Bedivere stepping away Kenna can quick-step to that loney chair and call out, "Oh Silllassss~ We need you for our first game!" She's a //little// cheeky at the moment.

The sketched of ink upon the parchment barely settles before Delilah pours over a little setting powder on the spiralling loops of her particularly elegant handwriting. In that brief pause, she inclines her head up to those assembling around her, through her, and part of it. "Hello, my lord. Just Delilah, please, in case anyone has ideas. Say Lady Whitehawk and nearly everyone here is going to turn and look at you. Except Harper." Her fingertips, stained a lovely shade of violet and now opalescent, dabble excitedly in a greeting. "If the rest of you are expecting me to sail this lovely thing, you are all utterly doomed. I have managed to get oak-gall ink on me. Perishing." She salutes Thesarin back there, too, flashing him the warmest of smiles. "See, she's being the finest of them. And I can, though I rarely do. You probably outmatch me."

Tiny Tom, Wilhelm the Iron Messenger arrive, following Sparte.

Silas spots the approaching warchief, and gestures for Thesarin to join him at the wicker sofas. "Good afternoon, Count Riven. Glad you've dropped by!" He hefts the baby in his arm. "Lord Cyril, meet Count Thesarin Riven and Guardswoman Harper." The infant looks alarmed at the sudden movement and stares owlishly at the two presented to him, but thankfully doesn't cry... -yet-. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE. When Kenna calls out for assistance, he puts the wine down on the nearby wicker endtable. "Alright! Who wants to momentarily babysit?" Silas glances in Tabitha's direction, almost hopefully.

Daintily nomming down the last of her cake, Tabitha is already reaching out with both arms for a Cyril-cuddle. "Me! I'll babysit!"

Uncle Bedivere might have just been momentarily distracted with Cabbit who is gonna get pet by that stumpy nub on the very end of his mangled arm!

Rodrigo, 1 Greenmarch Guard arrive, following Alessandro.

Cabbit loves his Uncle Bedivere and will cling to the big guy for as long as possible. Pur purr purr, headbutts galore.

Alessandro gets tiny painted Whitehawk paperweight from a bag with party tokens.

"Baron Silas; Lady Kenna; Lady Delilah. Lady Evonleigh." Thesarin gives a set of short nods toward the assembled Whitehawks, looking... well, sowling, but not unhappy. He seems ready to take the baby, but Tabitha seems intent to take the baby. He nods to that with a faint smile, looking back toward Silas. "Ain't care to miss it. Might not be able to stay so long, but I'm glad to be here." Bedivere's look is met, ant matched, by a very impassive look from the tattooed Count, but for now he keeps his silence.

"Perfect! Tabby, you're a gem!" Kenna pats the back of the wooden chair mid deck for Silas to sit upon. Then she turns so she's facing MOST of the rest of the people. "We're going to play 'Silas, do you love me?" Basically, Silas is going to sit here and attempt to be oh-so-stoic. //We//," a general gesture about the gathering, "Are going to try to make him smile. Or snort. Really, do anything. IF you can do that, then you get to take his place. No winners, no losers, just a lot of laughter."

Delilah gets tiny painted Whitehawk paperweight from a bag with party tokens.

Delilah puts tiny painted Whitehawk paperweight in a willow basket with a white ribbon tied to the handle - Delilah.

Peeps! Welcome! My intenet is a piece of poop atm and I'm typing on a rboken keyboard. Poses may be few and infrequent <3

Bedivere cannot keep staring at Thesarin when there is a Cabbit here to help get snugged up on his chest armor. Cabbit has to do most the 'holding' work, though, since the one-handed man has a wine glass in his only hand.

Harper grins at the baby and says, "Awww, Bosshawk, he's cute!" She hold out her finger to the baby, but then Silas is handing him over to Tabitha. Looking over at Kenna curiously, she moves out of the way again. She raises her eyebrows as Kenna explains the rules and looks at Silas, saying with a grin, "No paybacks later, right?"

Bedivere has joined the line.

Delilah has joined the line.

Evonleigh has joined the line.

Tabitha and her lovely cat are part of the happiest exchange. Notably one gets a baby and the other gets idly pounced by Delilah, who rolls to her hip and runs her hand over those pointed ears and silky fur of the cat. As, likely, Bedivere does not have those ears. If he does, problems are involved. "I saw your lady wife today," she tells Thesarin, "and now I round out the set. Consider me utterly satisfied to see you both." Her blithe smile fastens upon the dreamy expression. Pens and book shall be set to the side, though the mercurial flood of ink there is /significant/. As in someone is not just writing a lazy letter, which she is fully capable of doing. Oh no, not at all. There will be animated waving for all who may choose to subject themselves to a merry, bright Lilah. Like, Evo. "You must tell me where you got that dress."

Silas gladly hands off the baby to Tabitha, who had a natural knack for keeping him happy and quiet. It may be because of her natural empathy... or it could be her supply of honey cakes. Maybe both. He does spare Thesarin a sympathic glance, though, appreciating his willingness to volunteer. "Next time!" He promises, and he gets up to join Kenna and the presented chair. "Oho. You want to test my composure. This ought to be good." He scoffs. "I've been through much, both horrific and hilarious."

Sparte comes in with a very, very, VERY energetic stoat climbing on him. Not content to settle in her pouch today, Tiny Tom is running along Sparte and quietly chittering at people like some dire warning need be relayed. This couldn't possibly be due to the fact they stepped on a boat, not at all. Sparte attempts to ignore the stoatly behavior, giving an embarassed smile to those he passes. Towards Silas he gives a salute, before going to find a spot out of the way to try soothing his chittery companion.

Thesarin gets tiny painted Whitehawk paperweight from a bag with party tokens.

"Eeee! Tiny Tom!" Kenna can't help but squeal when the stoat comes aboard, but that's mostly because she has to be the one GUIDING THE GAME. "Looks like Dear uncle Bedivere is first! Do your WORST uncle!"

Turn in line: Bedivere

Bedivere arms off Cabbit toward Delilah to hold if she would like to, since he must go to the game! "Just Delilah and not Lady Delilah, then?" he asks.

Bedivere checked charm + seduction at difficulty 15, rolling 9 lower.

With his the nub where his missing hand would be (which is not sexy at all), Bedivere motions over toward Cabbit. Regarding Silas, Bedivere then says, "Well, would you like to pet the pussy, too?" His baritone voice cracks, and keeping a straight face, he CATnot do!

A little bit after Sparte, Alessandro arrives! Better late than never, right? Or at least some people might think it was better late than never. Some people might not, but hopefully none of those people are here at the moment. In any case, he is here, and he arrives just in time to play the game! Maybe he heard the rules, maybe he didn't, but if he didn't it might be funnier anyway. He starts making the rounds first, though, to say hello to all those he knows, which is most people.

Tabitha, bribing Cyril honey-cakes? The very thought... is entirely correct, because she's feeding the little cutie just a nibble or three of cake as she holds him in her arms. Meanwhile Cabbit is at FULL PURR as he happily latches himself to Bedivere's armour and enjoys pets. So much attention! Joy! Then Delilah gets gentle headbutts under the chin when he's handed over to her.

3 Armed Confessors arrives, following Alistair.

Delilah's arms wrap around Cabbit as she kisses the fuzzy top of the feline's head with far too much adoration. Cheek rubs ensue between Tabitha's favourite friend. Hand supporting the underside of the charming cat's paws, she melts into the adorableness that is meowmeow-head. Sparte's generally energetic stoat receives a brightly delighted expression, and her smile ticks up to the point of burning out damn near everything else in the vicinity. "Oh, that is lovely. Hello, Sparte! Welcoem to the party. And everyone else coming to the party." Her wave includes Alessandro BECAUSE.

Silas might have laughed in any other situation, but right now he was making an effort to maintain his composure... so he simply -stares- back at his uncle. "I... wow. Good thing Jaufrey isn't here. Valiant effort, uncle." He looks expectantly at his next challenger. Sparte is given a salute in return!

Kenna doesn't even bother to try to keep her composure, bending over quite in half as Bedivere attempts some kind of seduction on Silas. It's just //too funny//.

Turn in line: Delilah

Delilah checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 27 higher.

Silas has rolled a critical success!
Silas checked composure at difficulty 14, rolling 16 higher.

Harper grins and waves over to Alessandro, giving him a respectful bob of her head in greeting and saying, "Heya, Lord Al!" Her attention is snagged by the cat though and she asks Delilah curiously, "Have you seen Kenna's new cat that we rescued? I dunno if she's even named it yet." Catching sight of Sparte, she tosses him a wave in greeting too, with a cheerful, "Heya, Sparte and Tiny Tom!" As she catches part of Bedivere's joke though she snorts in laughter.

Bedivere covers for his own laugh via a cough off sideways into his own sleeve after Silas's reply but then steps out of line after a brief bow to Silas. "Well, maybe next time." he dryly states. He then turns to see this Tiny Tom, and he steps closer to Sparte. "Lovely stoat!"

"That's disturbing on so many levels," Evonleigh says, looking over to smirk at Tabitha as she plays with the baby. When Alessandro and Sparte join the party barge, she smiles at each. "Welcome. Thank you for coming to celebrate with us tonight!" she says merrily, tipping a glass of wine in their direction. "Come join the game -- we could explain it, or it'll be more amusing to watch you figure it out on your own. For the rest of us."

Tabitha has baby Cyril in her arms, hugging him with full-power aunty pride and joy as the games continue. She gives appropriate greetings to every guest, though she seems somewhat distracted. Sparte gets a nod and a warm smile as he arrives, though, before she goes back to silent watching.

A small cadre of Confessors arrive, the High Inquisitor stepping onto the former cargo barge and looking to crash this little celebration. He surveys those present with sharp eyes, perhaps looking for some kind of petty infraction or crime he can then pin on the Lord Commander of the Iron Guard to cause some sort of political trouble. Thats what the Inquisition is all about, is it not? Sparte's stoat gets a particular glare, before the High Inquisitor's eyes settle upon Delilah.

Kenna has joined the line.

Tiny Tom is not easy to settle. Sparte gets little paws in his face as she climbs over his head and down to hide in the back of his shirt. There is some awkward wiggling, then Tiny Tom hops back out. This time Sparte manages to catch her, holding her carefully in his hands while waiting for her to calm down. "I'm really sorry, I don't know what got into her. I'm sure it'll pass."

Bedivere does not bother the fiesty stoat, then, mostly watching her without actually touching. He nods to Sparte then looks back to the game at large.

Silas moves to wave to Alessandro and Alistair from his seat, too, once he spots them... all the while looking stoic like Thesarin. When Delilah steps forward to challenge him, however, the glint of curiosity in his eye is obvious.

Kenna bounces in place, waving to those who arrive as they come. "It's okay Sparte. I'm sorry Sally isn't here, but she's... nesting. In some of my nicest scarves." ALAS, Kenna's room is such a maternity ward at the moment. "Anyone else want to come try to challenge Silas' composure?"

Alessandro lifts a hand to Delilah to return the wave with a wide smile, and Silas as well, before he turns toward his name and a little chuckle escapes him. "Good evening, Officer," he says, his tone very serious, though he can't really hide the humor in his expression, nor does he attempt to do so. "How are you?" He nods to Kenna, though doesn't interrupt her explaining of the game.

Did someone call for the next in line? That's Delilah then, who hands off the fuzzy joy of Cabbit into Evonleigh's arms. "You are responsible for seeing to our guest while I figure out how to make our cheerful cousin blush. Or at least throw me into the drink." She stalks across the deck of the Argonaut with an ease that turns almost fluid, and near to drops into Silas' lap atop that chair, her skirt a shattered torrent of stars that slips across her knees and down to the ground. "How ever am I to make the most upstanding man uncomfortable? This does present an issue. He's made of iron and yet I have to forge and melt him down. Without the benefit of the wit beaten into the Hundred Cities' many denizens. But perhaps... perhaps."

A beat and she speaks in a soft murmur, a purr of sorts, and Alistair gets a wave only to the end:

"My heart's desire

Looks for him as the first shadow unfurl'd

While the rapt heart bends to offer prayer,

Before he emerges bright and fair,

And sends a tremor through the world.

My heart's passion

When the sunset is o'er

My lonely way about Granato I walk,

Aflame and aching, and still longing more,

And the joys still I sought.

My heart's devotion

Then comes the appointed hour,

Quickening breath and stifling thought,

Blessed by love's blood-stirr'd flower,

I beseeched him for more of what we wrought."

Thesarin looks toward Alistair, watching the other Prodigal intently for a long moment before inclining his head just slightly.

Silas blinks when Delilah drops onto his lap, but his expression remains schooled tight. When she begins to seductively murmur poetry at him, though, his eyebrows sweep up his forehead in reply... but his lips remain in a grim line. He pokes at her side. "That is good, but unfortunately I win this round, cousin."

The cat in her arms, Evonleigh looks startled, glancing down at the cat, and then over at the inquisitors, a bit curiously. "Welcome to our celebration," she offers, though she follows the gaze over to Delilah and lifts a brow, then smirks a little at Delilah trying to undo Silas' composure. "Stay strong, Cousin!" she calls from her spot in line.

Turn in line: Evonleigh

Silas gets a special stare from the High Inquisitor, and a slight nod and return, though then Delilah is giving her song and putting on her show for the party. Alistair grunts, seeming amused and waits to see what Silas's reaction is. A rumble of approval as he remains stoic and composed!

Evonleigh checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Harper makes her way over to the honey cakes and picks a small one up to try with a curious look. As she bites into it, she gets a very happy look and looks back over just in time to see Delilah sit on Silas' lap. She clamps a hand over her mouth, doing her best to swallow the bite without laughing. She bobs her head respectfully over to Alistair as she notices him. Quickly finishing off the honey cake she dusts her hands off and wanders back over to Alessandro, saying curiously, "So, Lord Al, you planning to sit in Bosshawk's lap too?"

Cabbit, a nub-tailed tabby kitten have been dismissed.

Laudine, a stern middle-aged maidservant have been dismissed.

"You do! And there's a pile of people on our boat who were not before." Delilah, the archly inquisitive, springs up to her feet from Silas' chair and grins. "Happy birthday, cousin." She steps back and executes a tidy curtsey without fault for the general public, and then pivots around in a whirlwind of stars. The cadre of confessors lead by their high master receive her blithe regard before she raises her gaze higher for Alistair, whom she bestows a measured nod upon. "We celebrate the foundation of our house, your highness. My sisters, Lady Kenna and Lady Evonleigh playing there. My cousin Silas' uncle is Lord Bedivere, Lady Tabitha is the mistress of the cat and finest paintings. Of course, Count Thesarin of Riven, Guardswoman Harper the best, and Lord Alessandro Greenmarch, dearest of friends. And Master Sparte, a good friend of the family." She asides back over her shoulder lightly to Harper, "Shrimphawk may take us all, have a care." Then to Alistair, all blithe regard again. "Should you not wish to try your wiles against Silas' obdurate composure, shall we?" He is dour, but he may like fun. He married a Velenosa.

"PLEASE come sit on his lap, PLEASE. Prince Alister. Lord Alessandro. Count Thesarin. //Sparte//." Kenna calls out the names because it would be awesome.

Bedivere says, "I should have thought about sitting in his lap."

Bedivere says, "Next time!"

Oh. Well, her turn already? The cat is passed off to whoever's behind Evonleigh, no doubt to its dismay. She was distracted by inquisitors and confessors and the fact her sister might be burnt for being a witch or something, who knows what the poetess has been up to. Muttering a minor swear under her breath she moves forward and with a little curtsy, goes to perch on Silas' knee and wraps her arms around his neck.

She looks square into his face and tips her head, before murmuring, "Well, this is *hawkward,* isn't it."

Sparte yelps a bit when his name is said, and not just because Tiny Tom nips him and scurries out of his grip to put /herself/ in her pouch on his belt. He looks between Kenna and Silas several times. "I... What?"

Delilah will be sorely disappointed if Silas doesn't look a bit hawkish.

"Aww, Tiny Tom." So much empathy for the little creature. "Sparte, come try to make Silas' laugh. He didn't get enough of them on his birthday."

On any other day, that terrible pun would have prompted laughter. Instead he birdishly tilts his head at her, too, and reaches up to pat her head. "So, so close cousin." The calls for the others to sit on his lap also almost causes him to drop his guard. "None are courageous enough!"

Turn in line: Bedivere

Bedivere checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

"Sit on his lap?" Alessandro's eyebrows raise as he looks back to Silas, tipping his head to the side to study the man in question. "Perhaps if I were a little bit drunker." He grins at Harper, waving at Evonleigh with a chuckle for the pun -- or halfway between a chuckle and a groan, anyway.

Evonleigh's appeased with that compliment, and leans to kiss Silas' cheek very chastely before hopping off his lap and moving back into the line. "Lord Greenmarch, good to see you," she says as she passes him. "Did you bring trouble?" she turns to look at Delilah as she introduces Alistair to the family. "The more the merrier."

Bedivere walks up to Silas as if he intended to sit on his lap, but then he chickens out at the last moment, "I can't do it!"

Thesarin has joined the line.

Alistair peers at Dleilah as she makes introductions, the prodigal High Inquisitor, his dark woody skin giving him a rougher look then most, gives a nod to each as etiquette demands. "Indeed. I do remember the day the Lord Commander was elevated." Alistair gives another nod to Silas in recognition. Obviously, Alistair is not to impressed, as he gained his station the right way. He stole a Princess. "Duty calls, Apprentice Inquisitor." he remarks to Delilah nodding to the way off the ship.

Offering her grin over her shoulder to the others, Delilah raises her hands in gracious effort. "You cannot say I did not try. Woo him yourself to crack Silas' composure, for I shall not try to trouble him." Her wink carries starlight and crackling mirth. "Lord Alessandro, you have a gift for you waiting with Raffaele, if you can manage to find him. He should be wrangling bottles of Gemecittan Amaranthine -- my specific vintage, in this case. And Harper, I owe you one of those or a harder liquor."

Sparte has joined the line.

Bedivere does this thing where he waves his stump not far from Silas's noggin, probably like he would have ruffled his hair if a hand had been there. Then, suddenly the olde man flees to move away for the next contestant to try.

Silas eyes Bedivere when he approaches... then blinks when he skitters away! "I don't bite, but alas."

Delilah has left the sitting area with wicker and silk furniture.

Scribble, a Delicate Social Butterfly leaves, following Delilah.

3 Armed Confessors, Delilah leave, following Alistair.

Sparte chews on his thumbnail as he makes his way over, nodding to Kenna. "Make him laugh, alright. I was worried you wanted me to... Well, I guess that would've made somebody laugh. But with a joke, right. I think I have one."

Turn in line: Kenna

Kenna checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 42 higher.

Silas checked composure at difficulty 21, rolling 2 higher.

Kenna claps her hands gleefully when it becomes her turn and she drops down to the deck of the ship in front of Silas. One hand is raised to brus lightly against his cheek. It's a motherly voice she puts on. "Oh dearest Silas. I come before you today with a dual purpose. To bring joy to your life, and deliver a //much// belated gift." From out of a pouch she produces a silk robe and holds it up like she's making an offering to a king or god. "Please, take this with our love, and use it to love Aiden even more."

The mask almost cracks when Kenna hands him her gift, and the request she makes while sounding as maternal as possible. "Oh, wow, thank you Kenna! We're -both- going to love this." Silas winks, and even places it over his shoulders, making him look ridiculous - as if he was sailing in his pajamas in the middle of the day. "But I am the victor once more!"

[Fashion] When Silas models 'sky blue robe with Whitehawk signet' on behalf of Whitehawk, it gains modest attention from admiring onlookers.

Turn in line: Evonleigh

Tabitha giggles, then grins at Cyril. "Look at your Daddy. Isn't he silly?"

Harper chuckles at Alessandro and says, "Hard to look at him with a straight face in our next guard meeting if I go sit on his lap. Don't think I can get drunk enough to cause me to forget that." She looks over at Delilah with raised eyebrows and says in a confused voice, "You owe me liquor?" But Silas in those robes snags her attention, causing her to chuckle and say, "Very err... stylish, Bosshawk."

Kenna snaps as she bounces up to her feed, blond hair continuing up for a second bounce of its own. "I could have SWORN I had you. Well, Evon. It's all you." A stately bow to her sister to see if she can do it!

Evonleigh checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 40 higher.

Silas checked composure at difficulty 40, rolling 30 lower.

"So close," Evonleigh says, but looks fondly on as Silas models the robe. When it's her turn again, she comes up and perches on his knee again, moving as if to do the same ploy as last time, before she stops. Her gray-blue eyes widen as she places one hand on Silas' arm as she pretends to listen. "Wait...what is that?" she asks the others, tipping her head one way and then the other, hamming up the action as if there's something very seriously wrong.

"Oh, never mind. It's just the sound of Silas."

She waits a beat, before adding in a stage whisper, "Hawkwarrrrd."

Tabitha checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

Evonleigh picks up a bag with party tokens.

Evonleigh drops a bag with party tokens.

Harper gets tiny painted Whitehawk paperweight from a bag with party tokens.

Bedivere gets tiny painted Whitehawk paperweight from a bag with party tokens.

Evonleigh gets tiny painted Whitehawk paperweight from a bag with party tokens.

Tabitha keeps giggling, a most ladylike and youthful silvery sound, but makes herself jump when it fades off into a delicate piggy snort. With wide eyes she looks around, hoping nobody heard her reaction to Evonleigh's antics. In any case she rests her chin atop Cyril's head and looks like a nervous Tabitha.

"Indeed," Alessandro agrees with Harper, schooling his face into something more serious, though he has a hard time with it when Evonleigh takes another turn. He looks away, letting out a little snort that he really can't turn into a cough very well at all.

Silas looks back at Evonleigh in wonderment when she appears to be doing the same routine as before... but when the punchline hits, there's abrupt, chuffing laughter from him. "Evonleigh wins and is the worst. Congratulations, cousin!" He happily disposes of the metaphoric mask and leans in to hug her.

Tabitha gets tiny painted Whitehawk paperweight from a bag with party tokens.

Silas gets tiny painted Whitehawk paperweight from a bag with party tokens.

Turn in line: Thesarin

Harper busts out laughing at Evonleigh's joke, regardless of what Silas does. But when Silas cracks a smile she laughs even harder, and calls over, "Good job, Evonleigh! I'm bringing you to the next Guard meeting!"

Kenna claps her hands together as Evonleigh WINS, giggling helplessly. It takes her a few second for her to be able to get out, "Evon wins! Silas, you are RELEASED from your chair, and Evon, you are now in the hot spot! Lord Thesarin," Kenna's beaming at the tattooed lord.

Evonleigh's smirk becomes a real smile when Silas laughs and calls her the worst, and she ruffles his hair. "You are a rock. But even a rock wears away with time, cousin," she says warmly, letting him get up before taking his seat, flouncing her skirt and smoothing it out as if she's a queen upon a throne.

Thesarin moves up toward the chair, big, slow, ponderous steps. He looks at Evonleigh, green eyes at hers, a scowl of a slap on his face, and... he stares.

And stares.

And keeps staring.

Until someone cracks.

Thesarin has rolled a critical success!
Thesarin checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Evonleigh checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

Silas has joined the line.

Turn in line: Sparte

Silas moves towards Tabitha to give his son's fuzzy blonde hair a playful ruffle. "I shall reclaim my title," he declares with a wry smile and moves to the end of the line.

Evonleigh looks a bit nervous as Thesarin approaches and her eyes widen a little when he stops and stares at her. She's okay for a moment, but eventually it's too much, and she looks away, laughing with a touch of nervousness, cheeks flushing a rosy hue. She jumps up to let him have the chair. "Count Riven cheats," she declares with a smirk, tossing her golden hair over her shoulder as she moves out of his way.

Sparte salutes Silas, a goofy grin on his face. "I'm glad I won't be trying to compete with you." He turns his attention to Thesarin with a bow of his head. "Count Thesarin. Being on this boat, it reminded me of some of the work I've been doing with the Order of East Light. We're trying to grow, but we've got more knights than ships. Just last week we had a man named Plus try to join and turned him away." Sparte parts his hands. "We decided to avoid a Sir Plus."

Sparte checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

Thesarin shakes his head toward Evonleigh as he sets down in the chair. He looks up toward Sparte as the young man approaches, and... gives a pun.

Thesarin checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Bedivere has joined the line.

Kenna pats Evonleigh on the shoulder when she fails to the stoic Count. "That's awesome. And... oh my gosh." She's GROANING when Sparte waltzes up to deliver the pun, bending over to laugh helplessly at it. Puns are amazing.

...and he just stares. Mostly the same silently flat expression, but perhaps tinged with... weary resignation? Deep disappointment? It's hard to tell.

Turn in line: Evonleigh

Turn in line: Thesarin

Turn in line: Silas

Silas checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Thesarin checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Sparte shrugs when it has no effect. Or at least, no positive effect. He heads over to Kenna, giving her a friendly pat on the back. "I was saving that one, but figured the event called for it."

Silas steps forward to challenge the famously stoic warchief, looking far too confident. "I am tempted to start a staring contest, since I may win... I have this theory, you see, that those who are willing to express themselves freely are more capable of controlling them." He sighs. "But rules are rules..." He clears his throat and takes in a deep breath... and begins to yodel. Hoarsely. Terribly.

Tabitha is overheard praising Evonleigh.

Harper scrunches up one side of her face in a wince as Silas yodels. She says wryly, "Well, I reckon I've heard it all now. Uncle Cal's never gonna believe me when I say I heard Bosshawk yodel.

Silas is overheard praising Evonleigh.

Silas is overheard praising Thesarin.

The friendly pat from Sparte to Kenna gets returned with a firm HUG. No random pats here. "I loved it //so much//. Oh my gosh. How is Tiny Tom doing?" Hopefully it isn't //too// awkward the way that she looks down at the pouch.

Thesarin doesn't respond. There might, MIGHT, be a hint of a twich at his jaw, but he just keeps staring straight ahead, stoic and... he can't be looming, really, from his seat at the chair. But he seems to passively loom from wherever he stands or, apparently, even sits.

Turn in line: Sparte

"Aw. That usually has people screaming for me to stop..." Silas looks marginally crestfallen at his failure, but there is still a bounce in his step as he retreats back to his wicker seat.

"Hawks aren't known for their song, I suppose," Evonleigh murmurs lightly, picking up a glass of wine from wherever she set it down and taking a hearty swallow. She glances at Alessandro. "I know you have jokes in that lawyerly mind of yours, Alessandro. They might not work on the count, but they'll amuse the rest of us," she says with a smile.

Reedy, a King's Own aide arrives, delivering a message to Silas before departing.

Alessandro has been observing for a little while, a laugh escaping him here or there, but when Evonleigh speaks to him, he turns that way, shaking his head. "I cannot hope to match the puns I've heard thus far tonight, Lady Evonleigh," he says, as though lamenting, though there's still amusement in his expression. "Though I may have to find a use for 'hawkward,' when no one here is present and I can pass it off as my own."

Cabbit, a nub-tailed tabby kitten, Laudine, a stern middle-aged maidservant leave, following Tabitha.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Harper before departing.

Turn in line: Bedivere

Bedivere checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 5 lower.

Sparte gives a more hawkward pat of the back to Kenna at the hug. "Good, I think. I don't know, maybe sulky? Probably expected to see her squirrel pal and feels betrayed. I'm sure she'll get over it." Sparte chuckles. "It was good that you organized this. The Lord Commander deserves more events like this in his life, as does all of Whitehawk. Celebrations, I mean."

"That's what //I// thought. With everything heating up... you know? Plus Silas missed his birthday and so I wanted to MAKE SURE he got it regardless." She smiles at the pouch again before saying apologetically, "I'm sorry she isn't here. I don't know WHERE or WHEN she managed to get knocked up, but Jyri confirmed it."

Bedivere simply cannot perform for Thesarin. He just stands there so hawkwardly before just throwing up both his arms. "I can't do this, either!" says he, the olde gent having to pass on to the next person.

Turn in line: Evonleigh

Evonleigh checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 68 higher.

Thesarin checked composure at difficulty 68, rolling 30 lower.

Kenna has joined the line.

Harper grins over at Sparte, saying, "Wonder what Tiny Tom will think when she sees all the baby squirrels." She chuckles and moves toward the gangplank, giving the others a wave and saying cheerfully, "Sorry, but I gotta head out. Happy Birthday to Bosshaw and Kenna and Whitehawk! Thanks for letting me join you!"

"I doubt that," says Evonleigh to Alessandro. "But another time. You can steal it, for sure," she says, before making a pout and "awwing" with sympathetic amusement sparkling in her gray eyes when Bedivere nopes out.

"I had a pun prepared, but..." she murmurs to Silas...

Instead she sets down the wine and takes on an altogether different stance -- as if she were suddenly possessed by the count, Evonleigh takes slow, ponderous steps toward the chair, stopping just where Thesarin had stopped when he stared at her in his place.

And stares.

It's much easier when she's pretending to be someone else.

Silas waves back to Harper. "Thanks for coming, Harper! I'll see you soon."

Sparte wrinkles his nose at the news. "Congratulations to her, but better your scarves than your bedsheets. When Tiny Tom had a litter I thought she'd just gotten fat, until I woke up one day to find out I'd been an unwitting midwife."

Alessandro has joined the line.

Dot, the war-wiener, Judy, an investigative assistant leave, following Harper.

"Love you harper!" It's tossed out after the woman leaving. "You're wonderful!" Sparte's comment about being an unwitting midwife makes KEnna choke abruptly, LAUGHING. "Oh my gosh. That would be SO HARD."

Thesarin looks at Evonleigh a moment. He matches the look, but not for long. First it's a twitch, and then it's a smile, and then it's a big, throaty, brassy laugh from the belly. The Count stands up, still laughing and shaking his head, and moves over toward the drinks table.

Alessandro waves after Harper, before turning back to Evonleigh with a wider smile. "Thank you," he says. "Now all I have to do is figure out an appropriate place to use it." However, he watches as she takes her turn, and he has to laugh, too, with another shake of his head, though he does move to join the line now. It's too fun to be left out of anymore!

Turn in line: Thesarin

Turn in line: Evonleigh

Turn in line: Kenna

Kenna checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 34 higher.

Evonleigh checked composure at difficulty 34, rolling 22 lower.

Silas reacquires his wine and lifts his glass for an impromptu toast. "To the Count, for an impressive run... and to Evonleigh for defeating the both of us."

Evonleigh sits again, grinning at Thesarin as he belly laughs, and picks up her wine once more. "To describe anyone in this household, I think, Lord Greenmarch. We all have our foibles." She takes another sip when Silas makes the toast. "It'll be a short reign."

"THAT is why Evonleigh will be the richest of ALL of us!" Kenna crows as Evon manages to dethrone BOTH of the warrior stoics on the ship. She's already giggling as she approaches the woman, and has to take many many many deep breaths to try to control her own giggles. "Evon." Beat. "You //know// you want to smile for me. Remember when I was aiming for you and instead hit Gaius //right// upside the head?" A very good memory.

Thesarin is overheard praising Whitehawk.

"To The Whitehawks. For their good service, and fine company." Thesarin lifts a drink, and downs it at a go. He nods to Silas, and reaches over to clap a hand on the other man's shoulder.

Silas has joined the line.

It's unfair to bring poor Gaius into it, and impossible not to smile when Kenna is giggling. Unfair advantage. Her laugh is contagious. She tries not to smile but her mouth pulls upward despite herself. "Damn it, little sister," she says as she gets up again, tossing, "Kenna cheats," over her shoulder with a grin.

Turn in line: Alessandro

"Win's a win," Thesarin announces. He moves over toward Bevidere, moving to say something quietly to the other man.

"I do not!" Kenna chirps, before sitting her bump down on the chair and doing her best to not keep smiling. It's hard. IT IS SO HARD. "BRING IT." Expectantly she looks at Alessandro.

Alessandro checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

Kenna checked composure at difficulty 28, rolling 18 lower.

It seems to be Alessandro's turn! He comes toward Kenna, one eyebrow raised with a little smile playing on his lips. "Oh, I will," he promises, meeting her eyes as he sits down in her lap, putting an arm around her back. He leans in close to her then, murmuring something into her ear that is too low for anyone else to hear. Well, he is a Velenosa, right? Or at least, he was. You can't really blame him. Those Velenosas, they just can't help themselves.

Silas gets A Black Cat Mask from a sleek carmine leather sword belt with attached wooden scabbard.

The whisper? It has Kenna clapping her hands to her mouth and keeps them there. It's all for nothing though because Kenna cracks as Alessandro keeps whispering at her until she snorts and then collapses laughing. She pushes at Alessandro, "Now //that// was cheating!" Good humor as she jumps up to go stand next to Evonleigh.

Turn in line: Evonleigh

Evonleigh checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 47 higher.

Alessandro checked composure at difficulty 47, rolling 36 lower.

"Scandalous!" says Evonleigh, though she has no idea what was whispered. "He probably told her a squirrel joke. That's always her undoing," she says, before moving forward to Alessandro.

She circles him, eyes narrowed appraisingly as she seems to check out his hair, reaching out to touch a lock before looking over her shoulder to address the rest. "It's normal for the noble men to worry about their receding *heir* lines," she says. "At least you don't have to worry about having a gray heir... I hear they're the worst." The Valardin should find that funny, she hopes!

Kenna gets tiny painted Whitehawk paperweight from a bag with party tokens.

Tiny Tom, Wilhelm the Iron Messenger leave, following Sparte.

Alessandro laughs, too, when Kenna does, and shifts off easily so that she can get up. That he laughs so easily does not necessarily bode well for his own turn in the chair, either -- and yes indeed, he's not there for more than a moment or two of Evonleigh's before he's already laughing. He barely even tries, it seems. "They certainly are," he concedes with a wink in her direction, before he's getting up again and moving to get something to drink instead. "I should get a designated sitter for me, the next time I play this game." See what he did there?

Turn in line: Silas

Someone wearing A Black Cat Mask checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 8 lower.

Rodrigo have been dismissed.

1 Greenmarch Guard have been dismissed.

Kenna laughs as Alessandro gives up his seat to Evonleigh, clapping her hands. When Sparte makes his way off Kenna waves after him, "Bring Tiny Tom over any time! Sally and her can talk as mothers soon!" Last time, as people begin filtering off Kenna turns her attention Silas, the game having come full circle. "GO SILAS!" Cheering him on!

Kenna gets tiny painted Whitehawk paperweight from a bag with party tokens.

Someone wearing A Black Cat Mask finishes his wine, and returns to the dwindling line. He unveils his cat mask, which he apparently stashed somewhere in his belt, and dons it. When it is only he left to challenge his cousin, he steps forth... and rolls on the floor at Evonleigh. "Meow," he says in a far too human manner for it to be convincing. He attempts to bat a 'paw' up at her.

[Fashion] Despite efforts made by Silas, modeling 'A Black Cat Mask' on behalf of Whitehawk attracts little notice.

The line has been dismissed by Kenna.

Someone wearing A Black Cat Mask is overheard praising Whitehawk.

Scribble, a Delicate Social Butterfly arrives, following Delilah.

Someone wearing A Black Cat Mask is overheard praising Alessandro.

Someone wearing A Black Cat Mask is overheard praising Sparte.

Evonleigh's laughing at Alessandro as he retreats, before turning to look at Silas in the cat mask. She'd laugh any other time, for sure, because it's ridiculous, really, but she's got to prove herself capable of not breaking form. She nods at him, and lifts her glass instead. "Meow, Baron Blackcat," she says very solemnly, before taking a sip, all regality and pose. Once she deems it's long enough to have "won" she jumps up and claps. "Well done, all."

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