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Keaton-Clement Wedding Reception

The day has come! Please join us for the wedding reception of Margerie and Norwood Clement! To celebrate Houses Keaton, Laurent and Clement are hosting a Tournament! Come prepared to enjoy a night of jousting and challenge. If you are the last standing (or mounted in this case), You will win a fabulous prize!


Sept. 8, 2018, 8 p.m.

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Col(RIP) Eddard Lisebet Tyren Ida Norwood Thorley Alarissa Tesha Alis Waldemai Thesarin Bedivere Kaldur Amari Margerie Monique Delilah Etienne Kael Hannah Khanne Isabeau Cristoph Theron Jael Shae Brogan John Skye


Keaton Laurent Clement


Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Keaton Hall - Commander's Field

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Comments and Log

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Col enters into the grounds a bit early, but better early than late, especially when one is by themselves! Col offers polite formal nods to those whom look his direction as he walks around looking for a place to sit without disturbing the revelers or those going to greet the newly weds. A small faint smile touches his expression but finds himself an out of the way place.

Eddard Clement, Lord and nephew of the man of the hour arrives early. He managed to find proper attire and is wearing clean cream-colored trousers, tucked away into well shined boots. A forest green tunic colored with dappled yellow across the pleated shoulders of it is made from silk and is quite lovely. He'll arrive and dip a bow to Norwood and Margerie. "Uncle..Baron Norwood Clement, Lady Margerie. Lady Margerie. Its so nice to finally meet you." A nice young man, without that look of having done actual hard work like someone else of his lineage. Like Norwood. "I didn't bring the lute." Aside to Norwood, as if it might make him feel better.

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white-tailed eagle, 2 House Riven Soldiers arrive, following Thesarin.

Lisebet comes along, taking a glance around. She's missing brother, cousin, and any sort of date, but that is hardly enough to stop her. She finds the end of the receiving line and joins in, giving a wave to those she recognizes.

Coming up to the Commander's Field is Tyren, the Valardin prince dressed in blue and silver silks. His hands are gloved, his right hand lying prone at his side. Tyren does not come alone this evening - by his side, is Lady Shae Keaton and her dog, Daegmund. They walk in quiet side-by-side, though Shae has /not/ taken his arm this evening. And once they've made it up to the Fields, Shae goes off to get a drink, leaving Tyren to step into the growing line to meet the newlyweds.

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This summer day is the kind dreamed about in the depths of coldest winter. The Sky is a deep Oathlands blue, the few clouds are big, puffy and bright white. The kind that form shapes in the sky that tease the mind with possibility. There are flowers EVERYWHERE, and not only that, but clouds of butterflies that are released every now and again in a flutter of glorious bright colors. There are a troupe of musicians playing music, jaunty tunes good for dancing, and background to the jousting.

The lists have been recently built, the posts festooned in the colors of Houses Keaton and Clement, flowers set along the posts.

Marie is manning the food tables, mountains of her delectable dishes, many with a special 'honey' theme, roasted boar, fowl all glazed in herbs and touched with honey. Candied vegetables are roasted and drenched in butter. And of course, there is the cake. The Massive, Enormous and sinfully decadent wedding cake, no less than seven layers frosted in a honeyed buttercream and decorated with honey drizzled berries.

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Ida is, more or less, right on time! Seeing as the smith is actually in a silk gown rather than armor, it's unlikely she's here to joust but, instead, for the festivities. Since people seem to be getting into line to approach and wish the couple congratulations, she does so rather dutifully herself.

Norwood stands next to Margerie a nice statue against her oh-so refined self. He has one arm linked in hers and nods as Eddard comes closer and greets them. "That might be the finest gift," the not bringing of lute. Heaven only knows if he is any GOOD!

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Until or if Violet shows up, Lisebet does have a date. The Sword of Westrock Reach is at her side in an escort as Thorley grins at Lisebet with a smile. "I do hope to make a good show tonight in the joust." he offers as he waits for the procession to start to greet the new couple. "I'm glad my wedding was not so.. complex." he admits with a laugh.

The player is also blond and doing way more things than he ought to. The bottle of Old Foe Spice Rum is taken with a bow to Zoey Kennex, "My thanks. I am sure this will be quite welcome on a cold night."

Alarissa is here, settled in and talking with others who have come to attend the festivities, her voice low and a smile on her face, picking like a bird at some of the delicious treats brought out for the guests.

Tesha had arrived with Atramentous, her Highhill mastiff, but otherwise she's alone as it usually goes with the Telmar woman. The redhead is quiet and there's a bit of a reserved look to her. She makes her way over to the receiving line to say her well wishes to the newly weds. She stands quietly waiting her turn.

Turn in line: Eddard

Turn in line: Kaldur

Alis and Fiachra arrive, both dressed in their finest non-combat wear. And it's obvious he's done her hair for her, since it looks all nice and elegant around the tiara. Everyone knows if she does it herself it's just a martial knot and that's it. He joins the Shae NPC line for drinks, and she gives him a kiss on the cheek before going to wait in the receiving line. Undoubtedly, they will demonstrate proper eyebanging live, for Norwood's benefit, before the evening is over.

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Waldemai can smell roast boar from his spot up in the tree. "Oh, man," he says. Time to climb down to pick up some of that sweet, sweet meat!

Thesarin makes his way to the Field, looking gruff and dour as ever. But he is here, among the crowd attending the events. Dressed in wool and silk, rather than steel and padding, he looks over the gathering to inclune his head low toward the happy couple.

Bedivere shows up with a redheaded woman who is six foot tall in a violet silk dress. They take their places among the wedding attendants.

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Lisebet grins at Thorley, pleased to have his company. "You were lucky, I suppose. Mind you - I am glad to get the chance to at least say congratulations. We should throw a party for you too, I think. One of these days."

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Kaldur shuffles along with those queued to extend their well-wishes to the newly married couple. He grins, sun, sea, and seafoam, hair, eyes, and flashing smile, the young Seliki Sword, in spit-and-polished best. Beaming at both Margerie and Norwood, he vigorously shakes Norwood's hand and warmly clasps Margeries, "Congratulations to you both. I wish you happiness and health together." He looks winding up to speak more but hears a cleared throat behind him and simply nods. "Gods be with you." With a flashed smile again, he moves along.

Amari has been here, probably trying to help, even if Marie might prefer she just not. She has her drooly, but happy bloodhound, River, with her who she has dressed up for the wedding by making her a field flower garland which looks especially fetching, and happens to match the twilight sky hues of Amari's gowns. What a coincidence. She looks up from aligning a serving dish as people begin to arrive and then moves to watch nearly everyone line up to wish the couple their best. With Alarissa appearing and asking her a question, she lifts her brows and smiles, murmuring a reply.

"Your brother is trying to take away centuries of history because of fear of what a sword could do as compared to what it has done." Thorley responds. But this isn't about to make a scene with her. "But yes, perhaps." he offers finally. "When Violet has her child."

Margerie has exchanged the fresh flowers in her hair that were at the ceremony for haircombs, but beyond that little bit of hairstyling? There have been no fabulous surprise second gowns or the like. When Eddard arrives, she smiles at the young man and leans forward to tap a polite kiss on his cheek. "Nephew, you shall have to get used to calling me Aunt like everyone else. I hope it shall not be too much of a bother for you." Norwood gets a sidelong look at the no lute declaration. It's probably too early in the marriage for him to read her thoughts, though. Don't mind her being momentarily distracted by looking for her daughter and Tyren to make sure that Shae isn't chasing any of the butterflies. And on to Kaldur. She mimes a gesture of ringing a bell after clasping hands. "Thank you. And may they also be with you."

[Fashion] When Eddard models 'brass musical note pin' on behalf of Clement, it gains modest attention from admiring onlookers.

Monique arrives with the Archlector of Gild and it's almost like they have a contest going to see who can outshine who. But Etienne, in his resplendent garb might *just* nudge the Minx out of the running. Still, she looks happy enough on his arm, tugging him away from the food and towards the happy couple, tossing waves and smiles as she goes.

Kaldur may melt a little bit at Margerie's bell ringing mime.

Unescorted by anything other than Scribble, who wishes to be Arx's Alfred to her... don't ask, Delilah is adrift in a sea of somnolent stars. Bringing the night sky wherever she goes, she has little need for the additional gems that might dapple throats and wrists and ankles. Instead she shines in and of herself, a spangled handful of beads strung throughout her piled up hair to give the impression of wearing stars there, too. Sooner than later, she falls into the line snaking up to greet the happy couple, hugging something to her chest. Well, a prettily wrapped thing in simple purple linens.

"Your well wishes are quite welcome, thank you Lord Kaldur." Norwood's handshake is firm and warm, the kind that happens with two hands, one griped about the other. As the Seliki lord moves away Norwood leans to whisper in Margerie's ear.

Turn in line: Thorley

Etienne is as-gently-as-possible persuaded away from food, he wears a warm friendly smile and greets as is appropriate and as prompted by Monique.

Naturally when his Aunt is going to get married there would be one Kael Keaton present. Of course he is not alone, for his wife is there upon his arm and the pair are moving around the fringes of the actual gathering to take stock of the people. Kael, he is looking at the happy couple from afar but rather than moving toward the receiving line he is starting to make his way toward the other Keaton, honing in on Amari. Undoubtedly he -- as well as his wife -- have already offered forth their congratulations previously and will do so again before the night is done. For now, he's murmuring a few quiet words in Reigna's ear.

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Garibaldi, the Lycene swordbearer arrives, following Theron.

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Serenity, 2 Crimson Blades Private, Drysi, a young shaman apprentice arrive, following Khanne.

Reigna is happily gliding beside her husband, her head turning, taking in all the details and making sure everything -- EVERYTHING -- is perfect for this day. When Kael murmurs to her, there is a bright laugh and a grin, as she murmurs back to him, nudging his shoulder with her own. Once they reach Amari, she releases Kael in order to hug her cousin, "Amari! My darling! You look stunning!" She spies Ida and nudges Kael, "Look! Dame Ida is wearing the gown I made for her!"

Waldemai finishes off some of that sweet, sweet roast boar and limbs back into a tree from which he can watch the jousting. "Alright, let's break some lances," he calls.

Making his way to the front of the line, Thorley has a frown. "I had hoped that Violet would be here.." he says quietly, drawing in his breath. "However.. I did want to bring you a gift. Well.. this was not the proper gift, that will come in time. However.. for now, I hope that this finds all the use you may want with it." With that, he sets down the package for Margerie and Norwood, and the old knight can't help but to grin cattily.

Thorley drops an embroidered kneeling pillow with bee and flower.

Alarissa smiles as Amari is diverted by Reigna and company and smiles at the Keatons.

Delilah gets Love and Honey Bear, a ceremonial soft cider from cooled cider chest - take one.

Tyren gets Love and Honey Bear, a ceremonial soft cider from cooled cider chest - take one.

Etienne gets Love and Honey Bear, a ceremonial soft cider from cooled cider chest - take one.

Margerie picks up an embroidered kneeling pillow with bee and flower.

Monique gets Love and Honey Bear, a ceremonial soft cider from cooled cider chest - take one.

Kaldur gets Love and Honey Bear, a ceremonial soft cider from cooled cider chest - take one.

Thorley gets Love and Honey Bear, a ceremonial soft cider from cooled cider chest - take one.

Alis gets Love and Honey Bear, a ceremonial soft cider from cooled cider chest - take one.

Thesarin gets Love and Honey Bear, a ceremonial soft cider from cooled cider chest - take one.

Khanne gets Love and Honey Bear, a ceremonial soft cider from cooled cider chest - take one.

Ida gets Love and Honey Bear, a ceremonial soft cider from cooled cider chest - take one.

Theron gets Love and Honey Bear, a ceremonial soft cider from cooled cider chest - take one.

Bedivere gets Love and Honey Bear, a ceremonial soft cider from cooled cider chest - take one.

Thorley's gift gets an eyebrow raised even as he shakes his head at the tone Thorley presents. "Thorley, thank you." It's only a bit write, the knight is in good humor, even with the strange gift having been passed over.

Tesha gets Love and Honey Bear, a ceremonial soft cider from cooled cider chest - take one.

Norwood kisses Margerie's cheek lightly before squeezing her hand and stepping a halfpace away. The reason for the moment becomes clear as he raises his voice to parade-ground level. "If you are interesting in jousting, please join us on the field so I might explain how we will be proceeding."

Turn in line: Delilah

Kaldur sidles up to Eddard, as he makes final preparations for the joust, armed and armored, "You mentioned a lute. Do you play?" Kaldur was just behind Eddard in the receiving line and may have eavesdropped a little.

Lisebet takes a moment to give Thorley a long look. "We'll have to talk about this later," is all she says on /that/ topic. She glances up and down the line, and then sighs a bit, still thinking about Thorley's comment.

Jerome, a bodyguard arrives, following Isabeau.

"Sir Thorley." Margerie looks at the 'old' Sword fondly. "We do appreciate the generosity you and your wife have shown, and your presence here adds blessings to our day. Of course now I'm curious as to this proper gift business, but! Patience is a virtue." She glances down at the pillow when it is offered. Her brows knit in confusion, though the look is quickly chased away by more diplomatic impulses. "I ... am sure we will find the perfect spot for this."

Amari returns Reigna's hug after giving Alarissa a quick smile to note she'll want to pick up their conversation again and to apologize as well. "Reigna! Kael! You've done a wonderful thing. This is all so lovely." She hears a mention of jousting, and looks off that way as if she's seriously considering it, but, perhaps seasilks aren't the best for that. "I think Princess Alarissa and I are just going to wait here a bit, until the line gets a bit shorter. You're welcome to join us if you aren't making the rounds." She offers the Keaton pair.

Kaldur is overheard praising Norwood: Well done!

Kaldur is overheard praising Margerie: Well done!

Hannah slips in quietly and finds a nice spot to sit so that she isn't in the way but can celebrate such a fine union.

Amari gets Love and Honey Bear, a ceremonial soft cider from cooled cider chest - take one.

Isabeau gets Love and Honey Bear, a ceremonial soft cider from cooled cider chest - take one.

Hannah gets Love and Honey Bear, a ceremonial soft cider from cooled cider chest - take one.

Some steps behind Thorley, Delilah suppresses an irrepressibly blithe smile with no particular success. The wispy sweep of her starry gown plays to her strengths, golden skin and dark hair. She glances behind her to see whom else might be following, and then she stands at the head of the line with Thorley making his departure. So be it; the linen-wrapped gift isn't unwieldy as she presents the suspiciously buoyant and rectangular offering to Margerie and Norwood. "I've heard it said that successful marriage requires falling in love with the same person many times. And as you fall in love with them, that gives you courage. Being so deeply loved offers profound strength and contentment. I hope you will know these things, now and forever. On behalf of House Whitehawk," she holds out the gift to them with a smile. "Blessings and congratulations."

Delilah drops The Honey Trove.

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Lisebet is overheard praising Clement.

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Reigna is overheard praising Clement.

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Amari is overheard praising Laurent.

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Khanne finally arrives. Better late than never, right? All smiles, wearing shades of a rich blue and gold, she says, looking around to anyone who may be near. "I hear there is a party happening to celebrate the wedding of my favorite Auntnotaunt! I hope I am not too horribly late."

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Amari is overheard praising Norwood.

Amari is overheard praising Margerie.

Alis is overheard praising Keaton.

Alis is overheard praising Clement.

Thorley is overheard praising Clement.

Alis is overheard praising Laurent.

Hannah is overheard praising Keaton.

Hannah is overheard praising Clement.

Hannah is overheard praising Laurent.

Thorley is overheard praising Keaton.

Monique is overheard praising Clement.

Monique is overheard praising Keaton.

Khanne is overheard praising Laurent.

Khanne is overheard praising Keaton.

Khanne is overheard praising Clement.

Kaldur trots Dumpling up to the end of the list, helm settled, lance set, eyes fixed down the lane to his opponent. Dumpling picks up the nerve and excitment, the placid warhorse whickering her verve with a single paw of the turf. THUD.

Margerie hands the gift gathering duties on the trove to Norwood, the better to offer her hands out to Delilah in greeting. "May we have the fortune of following in the path of such advice over the years. Thank you for your gift, and more importantly, your presence. We are touched by Whitehawk's sentiments and wishes." Khanne's voice and the auntNotaunt cuts through. She doesn't look away from Delilah, but her eyes get a touch brighter with a hint of mirth.

Princess Isabeau Valardin arrives a bit on the tardy side, but there's rarely ever much fuss when guests at a wedding party straggle in. She picks up her bottle of ceremonial cider and hands it off to her stoic bodyguard before seeking out the bride and her groom, whichever of the pair that she might come upon first...

Norwood stands at the field after accepting the gift from Delilah with a bowed head. "It is a pleasure to have you Lady Whitehawk, thank you for your well wishes." Then he goes back to the field to get the jousters ready. "Our opponents will be Duke Cristoph Laurent against Sir Thorley Sandreaf. Then Lady Jael Keaton, against a surprising foe, Lady Reigna Keaton and Lady Monique Greenmarch riding together, and finally Princess Alis Valardin and Lord Kaldur Seliki. May you all be well."

Etienne is overheard praising Keaton.

Etienne is overheard praising Clement.

Etienne is overheard praising Laurent.

Delilah soon enough cuts away to find a comfortable place to sit after giving a bright smile to Margerie and Norwood. "Oh, this is going to be absolutely thrilling."

Kaldur checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 31 higher.

Kaldur checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 10 higher.

Cristoph has rolled a critical success!
Cristoph checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 70 higher.

Jael checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 26 higher.

Cristoph checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 12 higher.

Khanne has joined the line.

Jael checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 17 higher.

"Hello Your Grace," Reigna offers Alarissa a curtsy and a smile before she presses a kiss to Kael's cheek as she grins, "Are you ready to laugh? Because I signed up for jousting. Get ready to laugh, because, well." Reigna starts giggling, even as she moves away from her husband's side and over to where her roan gelding is waiting for her.

Thorley checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 15 higher.

Thorley checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 6 higher.

Reigna checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 3 lower.

Waldemai cheers for the start of the jousting. "Hoorah! Ride 'em! Sock 'em in the mouth!"

Reigna checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 12 lower.

Eddard gets himself out of the way of the oncoming line and remarks to himself about how much /bigger/ Noble weddings are than others he has been to. A quick glass of wine before he tries to find himself a nice place to sit. To eatch the jousting.

Alis checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 33 higher.

Monique checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 1 lower.

Alis checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 27 higher.

Monique checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 16 higher.

Kael is flashing a grin toward Reigna after murmuring a few quiet words toward her and thereafter is stepping back a half step when she is engaging with Amari. "Princess Consort of Maelstrom," rumbles the Marquis in turn toward Alarissa, inclining his head toward her. A hand is moving out to clasp Amari on the shoulder. "Cousin," he greets her before looking sidelong toward his wife. "Are we making the rounds?" Yes, he's a little amused with that query, even as he casts a humorously longing look to the lawn blanket. Yet she's being announced to joust and there's a bit of a wince from him. "Well," he says, and joins the lawn blanket. "I am staying here where it is safe." Of course he'll keep a concerned eye on Reigna, however.

Kael has joined the a large purple pansy carpet.

Turn in line: Tyren

Just behind Delilah is Tyren, a glance cast over to the table of drinks where Shae and apparently Fiachra are hanging about. The former doesn't appear to be chasing butterflies. Yet. The prince breathes out a quiet sigh before he steps fully over to Norwood and Margerie, dipping into a bow for the newlyweds. "My heartfelt congratulations to the both of you," he says in a measured tone, a light smile twitching at the corners of his mouth. Then he looks to Margerie, "We've yet to have the pleasure of meeting, but Lady Shae speaks very highly of you. And of course, Baron Norwood seems to be a very decent sort. So I hope the two of you find many years of happiness together." He looks back over to the drinks table, before returning his attention to the two of them. "I believe Lady Shae has a gift, though I imagine she'll give it later. I hope to invite the both of you over for tea sometime," he says, "Congratulations again."

Etienne has joined the an outdoor hearth with couch seating.

Etienne is not jousting, don't be silly, he finds a comfortable place to sit while he watches the spectacle. His companion now distracted by the joust, he collects an assortment of foods and a drink before settling in.

Alis gets her drink from her husband, please and thank you, and downs it quickly before they have to hop onto horses. It's going to be her excuse if she screws it up; sorry, I had alcohol first!

Thesarin looks toward Eddard, and gives the man a nod and a short grunt. The man looks exactly like someone's dressed a tattooed shav out of the forest on a Grayson nobleman's clothes, leaving him looking entirely out of place in the capital city. He looks toward the lists as the riders go charging at one another.

"I shall cheer for you from the safety of the carpet here Marquessa" Alarissa smiles at Reigna. "And wish you luck." There is a kiss for the other womans cheek and then one for Kael before she settles back down.

Bedivere gives Thesarin the side eye then remember he is providing education for the kids and stops doing that.

Margerie does keep sneaking glances at her daughter. Never mind Shae is fully grown! It's just instinct, especially when Tyren mentions her. The new Baroness consort straightens up a bit to her full (and rather average) height to appraise the young man critically. Why yes, the Auntie Superior seems completely comfortable giving royals a skeptical once over. It ends in a friendly, and genuine, enough smile though. "Shae has many gifts, but I am sure she will have something one of a kind and surprising for us. I am so glad to know she has found someone she can speak easily with. It is lovely to meet you, and such a kindness to have you here."

Thorley has left the a cozy sofa nook.

Wulfwin, the Ambitious Squire have been dismissed.

At some point in this grand thing, Cristoph IS going to great Norwood and Margerie. But for now, he apparently throws on a suit of armor and goes launching himself onto his horse. She's very excited to begin the jousting competition, huffing and stamping her feet before they start. The Duke of Artshall readies his lance, steadies himself in his seat and hopes that THIS time he won't immediately be unhorsed. It's been a bad year or two for horsemanship for Cristoph! With a thump, the pair of them charge down the line at Sir Thorley once the signal is given and he makes contact against the others shield with a resounding crash. He does not fall off this time, hurray!

Kaldur gallops down the lane, dirt flying from Dumpling's hooves, lance striking, bending, breaking as Alis' finds a solid angle and drives him from Dumpling's saddle where he lands with a heavy thud and the clatter of armor. He sits there a moment, breath driven from his lungs, before he can wheezing, suck a complete breath. He slumps back, limp and stares up at the clouds. "Hey," he points, "That one sorta-" wheeze, "-looks like a dog." He curls onto his side and waves off help as he stands. "Well," quiet wheeze, "Ridden, General." Wheeze. Kaldur bows and exits the field to tend to Dumpling who has trotted back to stand over her rider, but finds him on his feet. "'ey, girl. Next time." There's an apple with her name on it, and a cider with his.

Norwood takes up Margerie's arm again as Tyren approaches, and returns his bow with a light one of his own. "Those who speak of you speak well, we are blessed to have you with us, especially as it gives Shae someone to speak to. It is a public service you provide." Otherwise Shae might be.... Shae. As Tyren walks away Norwood leans over to whisper at Margerie again.

Turn in line: Tesha

Alis talks nonsense to the steed she's been assigned for the competition, smiling beatifically (it's already the alcohol, y'all) before she is up and readying for the joust. There are no fancy tricks up her sleeve, apparently just not paying attention to the clouds! "Oh, crap! Are you alright??" She claps a hand over her eyes, and peeks out between two fingers to peer over at Kaldur.

Thesarin has joined the a cozy sofa nook.

Khanne gets in line behind others waiting to congratulate the newly wed couple. She came alone, but chatters on to the guests that have the misfortune to be near her. "Isn't all this just amazing? I swear they throw the best parties... And oh, Spirits... Margerie and Norwood look like such a dashing couple. Look at their outfits!" And then, she tilts her head. "Is that.... Reigna.... jousting???"

"Your daughter makes.. a very good friend," Tyren says politely to Margerie, a light chuckle escaping him from Norwood's comments. "She is a good woman, it's no real service." And then he dips his head to the two of them, letting the newlyweds take care of the growing line behind him, and he heads over to the drink table to get himiself something, too!

Tesha has been standing quietly behind Tyren and she steps up to Margerie and Norwood when it's her turn to congratulate the newlyweds. There's a smile to the two of them. "Good evening." she states. She then converses quietly with the pair. Her mastiff sitting down next to her as she speaks.

The duke doesn't fall off AND there are no monstrous hounds waiting for him if he does fall off, AND Norwood doesn't have to wade into the mess to fetch him out. This makes for a very happy bride. Well done, Cristoph!

Delilah waves the violet linen wrapper used for the gift of the pillow to wave to the crashing figures in the joust. All of them. Someone probably ought to let her understand the normal conventions of cheering. The snap and elegant finesse of the tumbling purple fabric paint the sky from her sofa.

Next up is the quixotic pairing of Reigna and Monique (Reigna in the front, holding the lance, Monique controling the horse) and Jael. The Marquessa has the lance in a death grip in one arm, but apparently she picked one that is too heavy for her. As the horse begins to pick up speed the tip of the lance is wobbling in a way that any experienced jouster can tell is dangerous. One particularly stiff bounce, and the tip of the lance falls down, buries into the dirt, the force of it lifting Reigna up and out of her seat with a squeal. There is no way that is going to end well.

Kaldur laughs at Alis peeking through her fingers, patting himself over, "I've-" mild wheeze, it's getting better, "-all my bits. Knock 'em dead and win it, Highness!"

Thesarin sees the look from Bedivere, and returns it, a moment, flat and level. He doesn't say anything to it, though, just moves toward the sofa nook. The sight of Monique and Reigna jousting gets a shake of his head, and... was that a smile? Probably a trick of the light.

While waiting, Lisebet watches the jousting from where she stands, quietly. She's not outwardly cheering for anyone, just keeping an eye on things.

Norwood lowers his voice to match Tesha's, answering quietly before letting him return to conversational tone. "It is a pleasure to have you Lady Tesha, and if I might, you //do// look as beautiful as a princess tonight. I am sure you will do well." A twinkle in the groom's eye, nodding meaningfully at the gathered young men.

After the briefest of hesitations, the silk and leather clad two-sword carrying Mazetti that is Theron finally stepped in line. He looks to be mumbling to himself, possibly practicing something in the process. He even practically paces in place.

Monique is not a rider. It's very clear in the way she struggles to remain seated. It's not helped by the fact that Reigna is also not a rider. Together, the two women fumble around trying to figure out which end goes forward. When finally their noble (and very put upon steed) charges forward... well, it's very hard to maintain that momentum and hold a very heavy lance. No one can blame Reigna. Monique tries to keep the Marquessa from flying through the air. She tries VERY HARD KAEL. And in the end, all her grabbing of Reigna's various bits (sorry, Reigna) just doesn't hold, and the Greenmarch goes flying off with a string of shav that anyone might recognize as uncomplimentary until it's stopped by a face full of dirt.

In an elegant summery gown of sunny yellow silk and aeterna, jousting. Mounted on a huge and muscular black warhorse. Wearing a helm at least! She's uncertain of her opponent though, the double-trouble represented by Monique and Reigna on the same horse. Her own mount has no such compunctions and thunders down the field at the trio. "Freddie...Freddie..." Jael's shouting, presumably at her horse, as she sees the pileup ahead. With a sort of panicked high-pitched ongoing squeal she manages to yank the horse into a turn before she makes herself a ReiMo kebab.

Bedivere clears his throat and looks to the dame who came with him this evening and tries not to look at Thesarin, but every so often... there is a peek to make sure where his location is. Only every so often!

Kael is overheard praising Monique: For trying!

Reigna is overheard praising Monique: Quick hands and a fierce effort!

Monique is overheard praising Reigna: Ride or die.

Reigna is overheard praising Jael: Thank you for not impaling me!

Jerome, a bodyguard leaves, following Isabeau.

Margerie turns her attention to Tesha and the young woman's well wishes. "Lady Telmar, we are so glad to see you and have you here to enjoy this fine day with us. And your companion," she says with a glance at the massive Mastiff. "We should have insisted all guests bring one of their hounds, if only to fit in better at the Keaton estate! Please, do enjoy, and ... and ... oh dear. I think our healer may need a healer." She's just gone a bit pale watching her neice taking a flyer from the horse.

"Oh goodness!" Khanne exclaims as she steps forward in line, watching the joust. "I hope Rei is okay... and Monique. Oh, that looked painful. Dirt doesn't taste good..." She looks around for Kael, knowing he can't be far if Reigna is here. "I have some salve I'll send you to help her with the bruises! Just rub it on nice and gentle."

Alis phews, finally lowering her hand and hopping off the horse so she can help Kaldur up if he needs it. "Having all your bits is very good. Without them, you would undoubtedly be sad." she quips, with a slight smile. "Come on, let's get you settled somewhere and I'll make sure you have a drink. I'll kick some ass on your behalf next round." The promise means she'll fall off her horse, no doubt.

Norwood turns his attention away from the line of people who greet them, raising a hand to his lips to avoid laughing at Reigna and Moique as they practice their, um, flying skills. He applauds all of those who have participated before announcing the next group. "Duke Cristoph, Lady Jael, Alis!" As well as their assorted NPC opponents are called out. "May you all do as well as you might!"

Tesha gives a laugh to Norwood and there's a moment she shakes her head, "You are far too kind, Baron." she tells her. "As for doing well. I'm not worried on that." she gives a gentle smile. "And this is a night for you two." she dips her head to them. Then she sees what Margerie look over, "Which reminds me, there is a line of people behind me. I should move." she gives a chuckle as she steps off and heads around to...find something. There's a smile given to Theron, "Lord Mazetti. It's good to see you again." she greets him as she passes him.

Turn in line: Ida

Ida, as is her habit, dips her head to the couple respectfully. When she glances back up at the pair, her smile is warm and wide. "Baron, Baroness, my most sincere congratulations to you both and House Clement. You both look very happy and beautiful this day. I can hardly wait to hear of all the great things you will do in the future," is remarked sincerely. That said, she pulls her backpack forward and pulls something out. "It was suggested that this would be a fitting gift and I was sure the seamstress embroidered it so that you would know it was from me. I figure there are only so many daggers and hairpins I can offer." There's a chuckle at that and she lifts her shoulders in a quick shrug. She briefly glances over toward the jousting grounds, a wince scrunching up her features for a moment before returning to the couple.

Waldemai cheers for the riders picking themselves out of the mud and the blood and the beer. "Good riding! Better luck next time!"

Ida gets decorative pillow with embroidered hammer from supple gray-blue leather backpack.

Ida drops decorative pillow with embroidered hammer.

Norwood picks up The Honey Trove.

Jael pulls the wicked looking beast out of the turn and returns to the starting line with a concerned look back at her opponents. But she's likely to injure them further if she tries to help so she leaves that to the professionals.

Alis checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 26 higher.

Alis checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 13 higher.

Reigna hits the ground and tumbles up in a roll with Monique, and with the momentum of her tumble she bounces up onto knees, holding up her arms in victory, "We are alive! We are alive! Monique, we are alive, right? Are you alright? I think my bosom must have cushioned your fall at least a little bit?" She looks to Jael and gives her friend a salute, "Thank you for not hitting us!"

Jael has rolled a critical success!
Jael checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 40 higher.

Jael checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 5 higher.

Delilah's caught practically on the edge of her sofa. Having done away with her gift-bearing responsibilities, she is left to watch Reigna and Monique in motion. "Oh dear. This isn't bull or horse vaulting, and those went out of fashion around the time of Mercial the Bonebreaker." Her lips press together, concern coloured in her gravely wide eyes.

Cristoph checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 29 higher.

Over near the carpet, Kael is most definitely cringing when his wife goes flying. He turns around to Amari, taps his forehead against her shoulder as though using that as a wall (no offense, Amari!) and then is springing to his feet. "It is appreciated!" he calls toward Khanne with a nod of his head even as he goes to check on Reigna. Catching her in fine form and fine spirits, he looms for a moment to give her a skeptical sort of look before seeking to help her up. Plus there's the potential she might be carried away still, after all.

Cristoph checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 18 higher.

Reigna's exceptional optimism is met with a scowl from Monique. Her glorious hair is covered in dirt and that very clearly is a pressing concern, more than being alive. "Your bosom is the only thing that stopped my head from breaking open, so at least there's that," the Minx concedes. "It's a very lovely bosom." She winces, rising and extending a hand to the Marquessa even as Kael does. "My hair is mussed," she complains plaintively to Reigna, like that's something a physician should be able to fix.

Tesha moves over to where she can watch the jousting and there's a bit of a wistful look from the woman. Then there's a look down to Atra as he settles down next to her, "We're going to see if someone gets unhorsed." she whispers to the dog.

Cristoph gets set for his next opponent, encouraging his steed to race down the line and unhorse that opponent as well. He lifts his helmet back and looks surprised, "Ha! Maybe today I'll get out of one of these contests without hurting myself."

Waldemai cheers as the riders have a go at one another. "Well fought!" he shouts down from his tree. "Oh, that's got to hurt!"

"Well lived, Marquessa." Thesarin doesn't seem to be joking, but then, it might be hard to tell. The big shav gives Reigna and Monique a nod, and another glance toward Bedivere as the man continues to look his way.

Well, she doesn't fall. But, alas. Alis does not manage to unseat her opponent! A fumble with the lance at the last minute when her husband shouts something at her does her in and she bursts out laughing rather than following through with the stabby jousty motion. Ah well. A hearty salute of congratulations is given the other and she rides off the field so she can get back to the drinking and cogratulating.

Norwood has to turn his attention from the joust just long enough to accept the gift from Ida, bowing to the Weaponsmith. "I'm sensing a bit of a theme here with these little things. I am sure we were get much enjoyment out of this." A glance sideways at the tree, "Wait, Is someone in a /tree//?"

Finally the pacing ceases. Theron looks a little committed to something. Then his head turns to one side rapidly to call out as she passe sin return. "Oh, Lady Telmar. Good to see you as well." his eyes turn towards the jousting match and he shakes his head. "That just looks. Well. Not my style, I guess."

When Kael comes over there is a beam up at him from his wife, even as she gets to her feet and tries to shake out her skirts. She offers a hand to Monique and laughs, "I have a brush, we can get you looking divine again in no time." Reigna says with a grin, "See? This is one of the reasons I wear my hair in braids."

Mal, a devious raccoon, Daegmund, an Oakhaven Shepherd arrive, following Shae.

Margerie turns from Tesha to the next in line and ... it's IDA! Between that sight and Reigna's bosomy resurrection, the universe is a bright place! Oh, never mind formalities and class and the like. "Dame, would it be entirely out of line to just claim a hug from you? I know it's not whiskey and the like, but you are a part of our story in leading to this evening, you and your brilliant craftsmanship. And really, an embrace from the bride must be good fortune, right?" Blink. Tree? Shell get to the tree shortly.

Turn in line: Alis

Jael manages to whallop her next opponent neatly out of her seat, fair and square. She trots Freddie towards her brother and final opponent, lance tucked under one arm. There's the gesture, two fingers pointed towards her own blue eyes and then to Cris', then back. WATCHING YOU.

Kael has left the a large purple pansy carpet.

Delilah has left the a cozy sofa nook.

Waldemai is sitting in a tree, from where he can see the jousting field easily.

Ida grins at Norwood's words and then laughs at Margerie, arms opening wide. "I would be /honored/, Baroness, to receive such a hug! But look at this gown from Marquessa Reigna. Glorious, isn't it? So it will be a soft hug as I've left the armor at home, for a change," she tells the woman cheerfully.

Amari is quiet until Reigna pops up claiming to be alive, which is good, because she looked very, very concerned about both her and Monique. She all but shoos Kael along to go check on her.

Norwood is about to announce the next pairing when one of the joust-referees comes to his side and whispers. A single nod to the man before, "I am afraid that Princess Alis' weapon hit was too much, and her opponent is asking to withdraw from the field. Thus it is that our FINAL TWO will be none other than Duke Cristoph Laurent and his sister Lady Jael Laurent. IF they break anything, I foresware being their teacher." Just tossing that out there in advance.

Etienne is happily chewing away at his plate of food, chatting with Eddard. The sound of the complaining Lady Greenmarch does not escape his ears, though a glance or two confirms Monique isn't dead from her encounter as the flying horsewoman so he goes back to it.

Jael has rolled a critical success!
Jael checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 52 higher.

Waldemai hoots! "Sibling rivalry! What a match!"

Cristoph checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 19 higher.

Tesha gives a smile to Theron, "I don't think I've seen you since your Rite to Gloria with Lord Ansel last year." she admits. "How have you been?" she asks the Sword. Maybe making small talk while he was in line would help the man with things.

Jael checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 40, rolling 48 higher.

Cristoph checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 40, rolling 9 lower.

Cristoph checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 7 lower.

Scribble, a Delicate Social Butterfly leaves, following Delilah.

Eddard is enjoying his discussion with Etienne a good deal, apparently. Enough for joviality to crack into song. And possibly embarass his Uncle at his own wedding. His voice lifts and he launchs into a bit of it. "The Minx of the Marches, the delight of the marches. Eyes of Viridian, soul of obsidian. Blessed of the fire, delighter of thine eyes."

Lisebet has joined the line.

There's not even a speck of dust on her when Alis steps back in line and approaches Margerie and Norwood with a bright smile and then a sheepish expression when she overhears Norwood saying she hit her opponent too hard. "It's Fia's fault." she whispers, with a bat of her eyelashes that never fails to ... fail. Beside her, the husband in question snorts. Nobody's buying that routine, are they? "Any/way/, my sincere congratulations you two. We are so happy for you both. I would hug you, but we all know I am not a huggy person."

Cristoph just had to open his big, HUGE mouth about not getting hurt. He /had/ to do it. It all was going so well at first, he was across from his sister. His steed was charging down the line, he was squaring up. Then, suddenly at the last minute? She spooked. Freddy is just too much horse for her. Jael is able to land a massively solid hit, which combined with the horse turning against him, has the duke knocked straight out of the saddle and onto the ground where he crashes onto his side. There's an audible CRUNCH and a sharp cry of pain. He's not dead though, instead of yelling for help he calls out, "THANKS JAEL."

"But how do you toss your braids with sass?" Monique asks Reigna, squinting, but following the Marquessa like a muddy redheaded duckling towards the lure of a brush. "There's so much that can be done with a well-timed hair toss-" But she hears a bit of song with her name (sort of), and her eyebrows go /way/ up.

Kael is still looking toward Reigna rather critically before being assured of her well being. He nods to her before turning to eye the Minx rather critically as well. "Are you both done here?" he asks the pair of them. He eases in a bit closer to the Marquessa and murmurs in her ear, having a quiet exchange before he nods his head and then withdraws a half step before offering his arm so that they can quietly leave the scene. After all, there's the completion of the tournament to watch. He starts to call out a cheer only to wince and start to guide Reigna (or try) to the fallen Duke.

"On the road much, since then. Likely your memory serves you correctly." Theron offers a bright smile. "I've had to do much thinking and self-reflection since then, likely I'm nearly a whole new person now." A brief nod and his head tilts to the side slightly. "How are you doing, yourself?"

"It happens, I'm sure he bears you no ill will and... oh." Norwood didn't really mean that she was going to foreswear them but that CRACK echos about the area and, "I think Duke Cristoph might have just broken something. Could you walk with us please, Princess? I am //very// glad you are here." Norwood is already edging towards Cristoph and Jael.

Jael checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 47 higher.

Lisebet winces at the sound of that crack, and she just closes her eyes for a long moment. Though eventually she does look to make sure everyone is at least not dead.

With great power comes great responsibility. Jael's pretty bad with responsibility. Years of sibling rivalry rears its ugly head and she just basically flattens her brother. "Oh /shit/." Yeah, she heard that crack. While Freddy is still moving, she leaps lightly from the horse's back and runs full tilt back to her brother in the dirt, skidding to her knees next to him. "Cris! Shit, I'm sorry, I'm really really sorry oh gods Mama is going to /kill/ me."

Let it never be said that Reigna Keaton is unprepared. She is looking to Monique and is about to head off with her when that cry comes from Cristoph. She turns to Monique and says, "Under the third table, there is a satchel with brushes and cosmetics." With that, arm looped with Kael's she's moving towards Cristoph with only a hint of a limp.

Shae has joined the line.

Amari has joined the line.

With all jousters accounted for and still breathing, Margerie can step forward fearlessly (and guiltlessly) into Ida's unarmored embrace. "It's a lovely, and very suitable, gown! Enjoy a few hours in something lighter, and some cider." When the hug is released, Alis is there to receive another of those bright smiles. "I will spare you the hugs, and also promise not to engage in any illicit eye related activities with you. But thank you so much for being here!" That's about when she hears the crunch and winces. "Oh. Please don't be the DUke. He's such a bad patient..."

Cristoph sits up without too much difficulty and uses his left arm to tug his helmet off, "She's going to /murder/ you." Then he punches Jael with the left fist, "Nice riding though. You were always better with the horses. Also Freddy is a lunatic." He squints at the horse.

Tesha's head turns towards Eddard's song and there's a soft shake of her head and an amused chuckle as he sings about Monique. Then there's a look back to Theron and she gives him a smile, "I've been doing alright Lord Mazetti. I'm glad to hear that you are back in Arx and doing well though." she tells him.

Shae makes her way from her place at Tyren's side, joining to others that greet and congratulate her ... parents? She has a gift in her hands, the be-gowned tracker looking a little out of place. She watches the antics of the siblings, lips twitching as Jael is triumphant, booted feet guiding her towards her mother even as she watches.

"You can practice illicit eye related activities with me anytime you want, Baroness. We can make a whole thing out of it. A day of practice so the spouses just won't know what hit them. Or eyed them." Alis, at once both utterly sincere and completely over the top ridiculous. Also, timed perfectly with a crunching sound that widens her eyes and has her spinning around to walk with her and Norwood over to the Duke. "Oh Duke Cristoph. We really have to work on how to fall properly. Should we hide Jael at the manor until Nicia cools off a little?" Ahem.

Turn in line: Jael

Reigna checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 35 higher.

"Thank the gods you are all right." This commentary is from Kael as he eyes his liege, glancing toward his sister thereafter and offering her a chin-up. Thereafter he's easing back a bit to fade back to the sidelines.

Khanne steps closer in the line, watching all the festivities going on around her, a smile remaining on her features. She spots some she knows, and gives wiggles of her fingers to them in greeting if she manages to catch their eye. She'll make her way to them to speak in due time, hopefully.

Freddy is just going to canter off into the sunset. No wait, he's not, there are now several Laurent grooms running after him. Jael squints as they all vanish into the night, then sits back on her heels with a hangdog look on her face. "It's broken, isn't it. OW!" His punch connects with her shoulder. Pretty solidly for the off arm.

Monique doesn't quite make it to the brush and cosmetics. Instead, the Greenmarch turns her footsteps towards the outdoor hearth, those brows still raised.

Monique has joined the an outdoor hearth with couch seating.

Norwood shakes his head when he's half-way there as Cristoph is sitting up. Oh dear. Well. Reigna is on the case so he reluctantly moves back to Margerie's side. Oh-so worried but he's going to put a good face on it. "I think he's okay." That said distractedly to Margerie.

Ida bows her head to the newlyweds once more, wide smile still on her face. "Thank you. Again, my congratulations," she offers and then makes her way off to enjoy cider and further festivities!

Reigna moves to Cristoph's side and regardless of the banter, she immediately starts looking Cristoph over. "It is a break," Reigna confirms, her gentle fingers gliding along the bones of his forearm. "The inner bone of the forearm. Not a fracture, at least. Still. It will require splinting, wrapping and potential casting for a few weeks."

Drink in hand, Tyren makes his way back over to the line that Shae's tucked herself into. He's already said the congratulations necessary, but the line is -very- long, and it looks like Shae's the almost-caboose. There's a light nod to Amari before he looks back to Shae, taking a sip of whatever kind of drink is in his cup. Some kind of cider, probably. "Are the boots holding up?" he looks down to her feet and then back up to Shae, a brow lifting.

Theron nodding once more, Theron brings up his grin. "I'm glad I ran into you, though. As for being back in Arx. Yes I can say it is good to be back! So many things needed attending to!" He waves quickly. "oop, line shifting again. I will catch up with you more later, I am certain."

Shae's gray, smiling eyes flick from Khanne to Tyren as he approaches and speaks to her, sobering a little but not drastically so, looking down at her boots, drawing up her gown just a little to show them off. "Comfortable," she says, which is quite the compliment from the tracker. "Quiet. And not unattractive."

Tesha gives a look over as she had missed her sister-in-law enter and there's a smile, "Lady Khanne." she waves to her as she makes her way closer. She leans in to give her a huge and whispers something to her. She then gives a smile to Theron, "It was good to see you again, Lord Mazetti. We'll catch up soon." she offers with a smile. Then she turns her attention back to Khanne and there's a shrug to her sister-in-law. Nothing said with it. Just a shrug.

"Ow," Cristoph mutters when Reigna is at his side and touching his arm. "Well, we can splint it up after we greet Norwood. Right? Because I still haven't said hello to him and I have some stuff somewhere..." The Laurents are stubborn family of people and he's slowly working himself to his feet, dusting off his armor with his good arm and tucking the other up against his chest.

And now it's Jael's turn in the receiving line, so she hauls Cris carefully with her, he's limping, very dignified for the Duke of Laurent and his little sister, and then they somehow manage to pile on Norwood like two leggy puppies. Cristoph is a big wimp and keeps whining about his arm though. It's a whirlwind of Laurent affection that leaves Norwood with his clothes and hair rumpled and kind of muddy, but hopefully in no doubt that he is very much loved. With a sloppy kiss to the man's cheek and an "I"m so happy for you and I'm sorry I broke Cris,", Jael finally disentangles herself to throw her arms around Margerie and bestow a much more decorous air-kiss on her cheek. "I'm so happy for you too. Here." A gift is thrust into her hands.

Jael drops a sweet orange pillow.

Also Cristoph shoves an envelope at Norwood before he's probably hauled off to get his arm at least put in a sling.

Khanne wraps her sister-in-law in a hug, murmuring to her with a chuckle and a smile that is a fair bit impish.

Cristoph is overheard praising Jael: Cheers to lifelong sibling rivalry!

Margerie chuckles at Alis' answer. "I must leave the hitting to the lot of you. I fear my skills lie in entirely different arenas." She falls into step with her husband, gesturing to the line to come along with them during the stroll. Or perhaps to meet Jael partway and begin the hiding. "Jael, dear, do you need somewhere to hide for a little while lest your Duchess consort puts bees in your, well, everything?" Oh look! Said Jael is thrust into her arms. She embraces the acorn fiercely, and cheek-kisses the little rapscallion. Forget the air kiss business. "You have made the day all the more memorable, dear."

Cristoph is overheard praising Norwood: For getting married, for real.

Reigna eyes Cristoph for a moment and says, "It does not matter if I said no. I know that look in your eye, my liege. Wait here and I will fetch some cloth for a sling." There is a shake of Reigna's head and she says, "See me before you leave." And with that, she backs away, moving towards Kael, snaking her arm through his and all but dragging him off to collect said cloth, spying Khanne on her way and ninja hugging her bestfriend and Tesha by extension, before continuing on her sling mission.

"All very good qualities for a pair of boots," Tyren agrees to Shae, his attention briefly trailing down the dress she wears, all the way down to her footwear again. "Also fairly decent qualities for a companion," he remarks, though the way he says it makes it clear he hadn't mean to say it aloud, and he abruptly clears his throat. There's a stiffness to his shoulders that returns, and he takes another long drink of his cider. "Your mother seems very pleasant," he adds a little louder, as though to forget about the other things he just said.

"Let me know if you need somewhere safe to hide for awhile, Jael!" Alis calls out, slipping over to sit somewhere and watch a little from afar for awhile.

Eddard is overheard praising Norwood: My uncle has married!

Eddard is overheard praising Norwood: My uncle has married!

Tyren is overheard praising Norwood: Congratulations!

Tyren is overheard praising Margerie: Congratulations!

"I wish you the best in explaining that to Lorraine." Norwood says evenly as the two of the Laurents come up with Cristoph all banged up. More loudly, "TO Lady JAEL! OUR JOUST WINNER!" Though the magic of RP a lance is produced and delivered to Jael in return for that pillow. "I'm sensing a bit of a theme in the gift....." It's said with amusement. "Be well Cristoph!" And then Norwood's going to HUG JAEL. Because Cristoph is too injured to hug.

Cristoph is overheard praising Margerie: Please make sure he doesn't leave loose change everywhere.

Turn in line: Cristoph

Turn in line: Monique

Cristoph is overheard praising Reigna: Hurray for hosting!

Norwood is overheard praising Cristoph: Breaking his arm!

Norwood is overheard praising Jael: Winning the joust!

Cristoph is overheard praising Kael: Nice yard!

Norwood is overheard praising Margerie: SHE MARRIED ME!

Eddard is overheard praising Monique: For being scary!

Margerie is overheard praising Everyone Here: But she is out of IC praises and loves you all tand thinks you're awesome even if she may miss some of your poses! <3

Norwood is overheard praising Reigna: For this party!

Eddard is overheard praising Margerie: Will you be my new auntie?

Lisebet is overheard praising Jael: winning the joust!

Waldemai cheers for Lady Jael, the jousting champion, and then climbs down out of the tree.

Kael is overheard praising Jael: To the champion!

Kael is overheard praising Norwood: Congratulations!

Reigna is overheard praising Jael: Champion sibling breaker

Kael is overheard praising Margerie: Congratulations!

Tesha laughs as she hugs Khanne, "Most definitely. I will do that." she tells her. "And we'll have to get together and do dinner. Without the boys." she states. "For now, I've got reports back at the tower. But I know you are just as busy." she states. She leans in to kiss her cheek, "All of my love. I'll write you soon as well." she smiles.

Alis is overheard praising Jael: I yearn to joust as she does. Hoepfully without breaking Cristoph's arm!

Alis is overheard praising Cristoph.

Alis is overheard praising Reigna.

Alis is overheard praising Kael.

Alis is overheard praising Norwood.

Shae is overheard praising Margerie: It pleases me that you have let someone in. You deserve all of his love, and of anyone that knows you. Congratulations.

Alis is overheard praising Margerie.

Reigna is overheard praising Margerie: May you bring as much joy and success to Clement as you have to Keaton

Alis has left the a cozy sofa nook.

Sir Rhys, a Valardin Knight, Laurene, a military adjutant leave, following Alis.

Thesarin mutters toward Khanne as they wait for the attention of the Baron and Baroness, glancing again toward Bedivere where he sits.

Eddard is overheard praising Margerie.

Eddard is overheard praising Margerie.

"Nicia I'm not too worried about...Mama though..." Jael really does look rather intimidated at the thought, but chortles at little at Margerie's words. "I didn't mean to. But I'm glad it was...memorable."

Tyren is overheard praising Norwood.

Tyren is overheard praising Margerie.

Eddard is overheard praising Norwood: I expect to be helping build a nursery!

Reigna is overheard praising Norwood: Welcome to the family... well, again? For real?

Khanne quickly gives Reigna a warm squeeze of a hug before her best friend rushes away on healer duty. She smiles after her fondly, speaking aside to Tesha, "she's always so busy. Dedicated woman." She smiles to Thesarin and says, "as well as can be... How are you?" Turning back to Tesha again she nods. "Busy times, but, i will make time for you." She returns the smooch to the cheek and says, "soon, Tesha. Soon."

Tesha is overheard praising Clement: They got married!!!!

"Oh, Nicia won't be mad at Jael. She'll be mad at me. If anyone needs a place to hide..." Cristoph starts looking around furtively, like his wife might show up at any moment.

Shae squints at Tyren, uncertain if this is one of those strange social cues she keeps missing or if there's more to it than that. "Or a pair of pants. Loud pants would be terrible." Her expression is quite serious, nodding.

"Fine health," Thesarin rumbles out toward Khanne with a nod. "Making... ready as can be made. For what's coming." The big man really doesn't seem to have the whole 'cheer' thing down. He looks at Christoph with a short shake of his head, and a low noise of amusement at the back of his throat.

Turn in line: Thesarin

"Loud pants -would- be terrible," Tyren agrees solemnly, leaning in subtly to catch something said softly between the pair. It's hard to tell what those words were though, as Tyren keeps his features well composed, hardly even a smile on his lips. "Indeed," he remarks aloud to her, though he says something else under his breath.

Etienne hears the instructions from Monique, plate settled in lap, glass firmly in hand he nods as if he is prepared to stop anyone from doing anything. "He was just telling me how he gained entrance to the Bard's College. I didn't say congratulations, did I?" he lifts his glass.

"All the more reason for us to work on getting a little place built here in the city, the better to hide wayward Laurents when you get yourselves in trouble, my dears." Injured or not, Cristoph is going to get a kiss on the cheek from his subject. Margerie is willing to bend etiquette fearlessly when it comes to all those she considers part of her family. She chuckles at Jael. "I'm just sorry she wasn't able to make it today, but I've had a lovely letter from her. I'll be sure to tell her about your misadenture here, but only in the most positive light." There's a pause then and she asks, "Did I just hear someone mention loud pants?" THe phrases that carry on the air...

Atramentous, The Highhill War Puppy leaves, following Tesha.

Shae lifts her voice to her mother's call. "YES, MOTHER. I WAS TALKING TO PRINCE TYREN. IT'S A FAIR POINT. LOUD PANTS WOULD BE AWFUL." Her gray eyes drop back to Tyren. "Correct?" she prompts, her eyes glittering, features still neutral.

"Loud pants?" Norwood responds to Margerie as the Laurents take themselves off. "Broken arm, a man in a tree, and loud pants. We do live in... interesting times." He shakes his head slowly as he turn shis attention to the next person in line.

Thesarin approaches Margerie and Norwood as his turn comes along, and offers both of them a low nod as he walks. "Baron. Baroness. Ain't got good or pretty words for the occasion. But I'm glad for both of you." And another sharp nod. It looks like... yeah, looks like that's it.

Jael suddenly has a really spectacular rubicund lance in her hand, which she admires for a moment before handing off to a servant for safekeeping, lest she nearly skewer her friends or break her family again.

"That is correct," Tyren says with a sage nod. "And also very true. Loud pants would be awful and awkward, how could you even dare show yourself in public if your pants did more talking than you did?"

Amari has just been quietly speaking with Alarissa this whole time, and watching. She nods in reply to Tyren, smiles at her cousin Shae, and wiggles her fingers at a few familiar folks if they happen to glance her way.

Khanne gives a nod to Thesarin and says, "aye. As many of us are and do.... but, this is a joyous occasion! No talk of business!" She smiles and she does at least seem to be enjoying herself.

Shae fixes her amused gaze on her cousin Amari, dipping her head to the woman.

Norwood gets Love and Honey Bear, a ceremonial soft cider from cooled cider chest - take one.

Shae gets Love and Honey Bear, a ceremonial soft cider from cooled cider chest - take one.

Jael is overheard praising Keaton: The best!

Eddard gets Love and Honey Bear, a ceremonial soft cider from cooled cider chest - take one.

Lisebet is overheard praising Norwood.

Lisebet is overheard praising Margerie.

Jael is overheard praising Clement: Also the best!

Cristoph gets Love and Honey Bear, a ceremonial soft cider from cooled cider chest - take one.

Jael is overheard praising Cristoph: Learn to fall better.

Khanne gets Love and Honey Bear, a ceremonial soft cider from cooled cider chest - take one.

Jael is overheard praising Norwood: Best mentor ever.

Jael is overheard praising Margerie: Best aunty ever.

Margerie extends a hand in greeting to Thesarin. "Thank you for being here. Pretty words are fine and all, but your presence is a greater gift. The example you and your family set an even finer one. Thank you for joining us."

"Lord Thesarin." Norwood returns the nod to the man, more than happy to take his few words as the blessing that they are. "I am glad to have you here." His equally short return to the quiet man.

Turn in line: Bedivere

"Lady Amari," Tyren greets the woman with a small smile, dipping his head to her. "Are you enjoying yourself so far?" he asks, before he leans to murmur something to Shae.

"Your Highness," Amari replies with a smile and a dip of her head, "I am! Have you met Princess Alarissa Thrax?" She offers the introduction. Shae is given a big grin at that point, and a look, a sort of expectant one.

Bedivere steps up to offer out his only hand, the left one, to hopefully shake with the wedding couple, even if it is a bit awkward. "Congratulations to you both. May your unity be blessed." The redheaded dame alongside him in the violet dress also offers her own hand to merrily shake, too.

Hannah hears a name she is somewhat familiar with from a woman she is definitely familiar with, "Lady Amari," she says coming over. "How have you been? It has been entirely too long."

The clearly scarred veteran gets an extra gleam of interest from Norwood. It's like instant bonding. "I am grateful to have you," though he's not sure exactly what the man's name is as he shakes Bedivere's hand, as well as the woman's.

Shae returns Amari's look and slowly shakes her head. "When it's my turn," she explains to the cousin with the pointed look.

Once her duties are done, and Cristoph's arm is in a sling, Reigna drags Kael after her and over to Khanne. "Khanne! I was *just* telling someone about your birthday party and how much fun that was!" She beams to her friend and asks, "How are you? I swear, there is SO much to tell you."

Bedivere rarely smiles, but he does so now. For them. He also taps in to this bonding sense with Norwood for the brief time they shake hands. "Lord Bedivere Whitehawk. And, Dame Belinda." After he lets go, they move on for the next in line.

Turn in line: Theron

Since the jousting is over, Waldemai is outa here. He waves and bows around, and walks off.

"Lady Hannah! It's been a while, I was sure you'd found an adventure to join. How are you?" Amari greets the Wyrmguard, before patting a spot beside her, "Join us if you like."

Hannah has joined the a large purple pansy carpet.

Khanne reaches out to grasp Reigna's arm, tugging her (and maybe Kael, inadvertently) into another hug. She releases it soon enough though. "That was my favorite birthday party ever. Granted, it was also the only one I had, but... nonetheless." She chuckles and says, "I speak of it rather often. It is one of my fondest memories... and now... well, now, I will hold that memory all the closer." She smiles at Reigna and says, "but, you always do throw the very best parties. Truly. And yes... I could sit with you for days, I feel, and still not tell you everything... We really, REALLY do need to try to catch up a bit soon though... I am well, both the best I have ever been... and... not... but well enough! How are you?" She looks aside to Kael then, not leaving him out of this. "And you? How are you?"

Margerie takes Bedivere's hand to shake, holding it in a clasp for a moment. Even the guests she does not know well are given a certain degree of closeness over the evening. "Lord Bedivere, Dame Belinda. THank you so much for joining us. It is an honor to see the community out to join us on this day."

Even if the day is starting to turn just a bit now from clear skies with puffy playful clouds to perhaps slightly more ominous ones....

Lo, and so it is that Kael is drug over with Reigns toward Khanne. When they are nearing the woman, he is offering her an amiable sort of grin and an offering of, "Lady Halfshav," by way of greeting with an inclination of his head following thereafter. He might get pulled into that hug, or at least enough for him to gingerly pat the woman on the back before he draws back a half step. "Well enough, thank you," he answers her with an easy smile.

Slipping onto the bench Hannah smiles warmly to Amari, "Why thank you, I got back from one not long ago, it was rather enjoyable, entertaining, and of course incredibly derring do. How have you been?"

"My bosom and backside are sore at the moment, but I have every confidence the ache will subside presently." Reigna replies with a cheeky grins as she revels in the tight embrace between herself and Khanne before she lets go. "Lances are *heavy!* Did you know that lances were so heavy?" Reigna shakes her head as if this plainly obvious fact were something of a revelation. "It is one of my fondest memories as well." She looks up at Kael and grins, "Even if Kael had bruises for days. And thank you! I do enjoy throwing parties, but I think that Lady Monique shall be the title holder for best parties thrown. Really, her efforts are legendary."

Bedivere and Belinda both smile to Margerie with clasping of hands respectively. "Thank you." says he. "It has been a good day." That means much considering what he went through yesterday. The two move on down and out of the line after their time with the bride.

There is a sharp exhale of breath from Theron as he realizes, it is his turn to speak. Stepping forwards he squares himself up as he should. The twin greatswords on his back probably looking out of place here at a wedding. First he inclines his head to Lady Margerie, and then to Lord Norwood. "On the behalf of my family, who find themselves delayed with cause. I offer our warmest love and deepest congratulations for the newly wedded." There is a bow from the man, since it is their wedding. His lips turn to a half smile. "May you find yourselves inundated with small children of your own soon."

"My Lord, I apologize that I do not know you so well as perhaps I should. Regardless, congratulations. I owe you both a little something, and will ensure it is delivered properly soon enough. I am afraid I must bend your wifes ear a little, as I must depart soon to make some arrangements." His head then turns towards Margerie, and it is here the monster-slayer hesitates. A sharp exhale once more. "Lady Margerie. My Cousin, the Marshal held you in high esteem. When I was assisting Acilius with, well, sorting though some of his belongings. We found a series of partially filled pages. Various drafts of a letter. A letter to you." Another pause. "It would have been inappropriate to bring such half-finished thoughts along. So I am here in his stead, poor substitute that I am. I know he would have been here himself. Yet, well. That simply was not his fate. He was so very happy for you, and wished you all the best. I wished you to know this." For them both he adds. "Again, may your days be lined with happiness."

Thesarin makes his way toward Kael and Reigna, giving both a nod, and another toward Khanne. "Marquis. Marquessa. A fine evening. Needs be making off, but reckoned needs said."

SOMEONE had to bring their sword. Really, Norwood looks almost naked without Queensguard but SOMEONE... guess who... told him that the sword could stay at home tonight. He bows to Theron as he introduces himself, "Of course, we are glad to have you." But then he falls silent, casting a puzzled look at Margerie to see if the Baroness understands what Theron is talking about.

Margerie tucks her arm through Norwood's as the line continues, hand clasping his for a moment and squeezing his hand three times. When Theron (a little bit intimidating there with those swords!) approaches, she bows her head in greeting. "His passing is a loss to all the people of Arx, Lord Mazetti, and the Keaton family feels that loss keenly. Know that he was held in the highest esteem by all of the household. To know that such respect was returned is a humbling honor. Thank you for bringing your family's regard, and for being here as part of this happy day."

Turn in line: Khanne

When Thesarin is approaching them, Kael is moving a step to the side from his wife and her friend to regard the Riven Count. He inclines his head in a most polite manner, offering in response, "I am pleased that you could join us, my lord. Please give your wife and children our regards."

"I told Kael I would send a salve he could gently rub onto your sore spots," Khanne says to Reigna, then gives her a crooked smile and a wink. "I haven't ever tried to heft a lance myself... they do look heavy though. I am glad you were not more grievously injured..." Theron's words get her attention, she is near him in line, after all. The smile she wears fades and she is distracted a moment, even though she was just speaking of a memory of that very Marshal that she holds close.

Having to blink her eyes a moment, Khanne realizes she is next in the line she had waited in so long. Perhaps she had a grand speech to say to the newly wedded couple, but now? Now, those words have flown away with a breeze. One last few flutters of her eyes as she composes herself and she gives Norwood a hug, then a longer lasting hug to Margerie. There -might- have been a small sniffle as she pulls back, taking one of each of their hands. "May the two of you enjoy... every single moment you share together in this life. Every single one... don't let them slip away. I am, so very happy for you both and... Yes. Congratulations and... I'll write soon." She smiles, and then excuses herself to walk aside and find a drink.

Norwood is wordless as Theron leaves, and takes the hug from Khanne in return. A nice fatherly love full of compassion in return before giving her up to Margerie's arms. No trite words for the woman, not with emotion so clearly raw.

Turn in line: Lisebet

Another bow from Theron to the newlyweds. "Again. Be happy and prosperous. Thank you for honoring his memory, Lady Margerie." He performs an about face, armed. Unlike certain OTHERS. He nearly crashes himself into Khanne in the process. "Oh. Lady Halfshav! Apologies!" Then he is moving to get the hell out of the way ideally not stepping on people in the process. Or bowling them over. Running into them. Any OTHER embarressing thing he can achieve in the process.

Margerie leans forward to drop a kiss on Khanne's forehead before she can retreat too far away. "Go revel for us while we see to our guests, dear. And we will endeavor to savor the good and be strong through the hard times. Thank you, dear Khanne, for being here." There is tenderness in her expression as she watches the shaman retreat. And hopefully not end up kebabed on one of those swords of Theron's

Lisebet finally makes it to the front of the line. Hey, that's what happens when she keeps getting distracted by broken limbs and such. Still, now she's here, and she waits politely to get her chance to step up. "Baron, Baroness," she greets the two with a bright smile. "I am very pleased to be here, and to be able to tell you both congratulations. I did not bring a gift with me, but rest assured, there is one. I just am not able to carry it." She smiles sweetly. "It will be delivered to your new abode." Then she looks for a moment almost a little bit shy, before she adds, "And I'd give you both a hug, but only if you would like one."

Norwood glances skywards as the clouds gather above them, keeping a literal weather eye on them as Lisebet comes forward. "You are like a ray of sunshine Lady Lisebet," Norwood greets in return, before opening his arms. "A day like today is one where hugs are always accepted."

Khanne is unsteadied by her attempt to collect herself and nearly being bowled over by Theron. She manages to stay upright and not kebabed at all and the moment seems to help bring her out of her memories and back to the present. She smiles at him and says, "quite alright, Lord Theron.. No harm at all."

Alarissa's rising from the pansy blanket, tiredness overtaking her it seems and making her way toward the exit to leave Amari and Hannah on the rug to speak.

Alarissa has left the a large purple pansy carpet.

Maxene, Pellinor, 4 Thrax Guards, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat leave, following Alarissa.

Reigna moves over towards Khanne and silently puts an arm around the Shaman, just offering silent support. She leans in to murmur softly after a few moments of that quiet.

Pausing in his retreat. Theron reaches out to gently squeeze at Khanne's shoulders with his hand, and then murmur something softly. His gaze shifts and he inclines his head towards Reigna and smiles. "Lady Keaton, well done. Excellent match." A quick rogue's wink.

Amari bows her head respectfully to Alarissa after she's risen to her feet, and once she's on her way, she sits again, murmuring something to Hannah. During the interuption, she takes a moment to look around, to see how the line is progressing and who is milling around. A little wave is offered Lisebet, and the minor Theron and Khanne altercation watched a moment or two with a neutral expression.

"Of course you may have a hug," the auntie superior exclaims to Lisebet. Margerie opens her arms to the young woman. It should be noted that the hand clasps, the hugs, they are all given with focus and genuine feeling. For that moment, each guest is the center of her universe. When she steps back from hugging Lisebet, she offers her a grin. "Well, if you can't carry it and it's a pillow like so many of the others, at least it must be an impressively huge pillow!"

Lisebet's smile lights up her whole face, and she moves to hug Norwood at his offer, and of course Margerie as well, also with verve, genuine emotion and sincerity. "I won't keep you both, there's a lot of guests," she says, and then she laughs. "I must have missed the notice about pillows," she says, with a mischievous smile. "It is not, so you may rest easy on that front."

Khanne smiles to Theron after assuring him that she is okay. She gently touches his hand upon her shoulder, then leans in to Reigna when the Physician slips her arm around her. She smiles, appreciative, and speaks softly to her dear friend.

Reigna flashes a smile to Theron as she keeps an arm arounf Khanne, "It was entirely my doing. Mmmhmm. I just knew someday that Norwood would prove his worth and they would be wed." There is a sly grin on the Marquessa's face as she speaks to the Mazetti. When her sister arrives, there is a beaming smile, "Khanne! You get to meet one of my sisters! This is Lady Hannah Wyrmguard. Hannah, this is my dear friend, Lady Khanne Halfshav. Lord Mazetti! Have you met my lovely sister Hannah?"

Turn in line: Shae

Liebet then turns, catching sight of Amari, and she smiles and returns the wave. Lisebet first moves over to get a drink, and then she drifts back over to stand by Amari. "Lady Amari, it is always good to see you," she offers with a brief smile.

Shae drops a vivid purple pillow.

Norwood mutters, "I ... help but ... if they ... us to ... ... a great dial of laying in the near future."

Norwood checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 4 lower.

Hannah curtsies to Khanneand Lord Mazetti, "It is a pleasure." She says with a warm smile. "Any friend of my favorite sister, I am pleased to meet."

Margerie checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 47 higher.

Norwood looks down at the pillow. "SHAE?!" It's a bellow. Thanks Shae. Norwood is now broken.

Khanne turns then to greet Hannah. She is smiling again and says, "how wonderful to meet someone from Rei's family. It is a pleasure indeed, Lady Hannah." She nods her head to the woman, though she is lingering close still to Reigna.

Shae approaches her mother and step-father, handingthe pillow to them both with a warm smile. A true, honest, real curving of the lips smile. No barred teeth though. "Here. For your collection. I'm sure you have more." She looks at Norwood. "Father. I am happy you are not apart of the family. Officially." She looks to Margerie. "Mother. I am happy you are happy." She wraps her arms around Margerie and embraces her, draws back. "Father-Norwood says he intends to get you pregnant. Please let me give you a puppy for every one. And let me love them as much as you have made me feel loved." Back to Norwood. "You are a good man. I love you, because Mother loves you." So, it's all genuine, heart-felt, and a little Awkward In That Shae Way, but hey.

Tyren takes a few steps away from Shae once it is her turn in line, though there is a glance cast to the pillow that she presents as a gift. Somehow, by the grace of the Gods, he keeps his own features flat and utterly neutral.

Norwood picks up a vivid purple pillow.

Norwood picks up a sweet orange pillow.

Amari drops a juicy pink pillow.

Shae approaches her mother and step-father, handingthe pillow to them both with a warm smile. A true, honest, real curving of the lips smile. No barred teeth though. "Here. For your collection. I'm sure you have more." She looks at Norwood. "Father. I am happy you are now apart of the family. Officially." She looks to Margerie. "Mother. I am happy you are happy." She wraps her arms around Margerie and embraces her, draws back. "Father-Norwood says he intends to get you pregnant. Please let me give you a puppy for every one. And let me love them as much as you have made me feel loved." Back to Norwood. "You are a good man. I love you, because Mother loves you." So, it's all genuine, heart-felt, and a little Awkward In That Shae Way, but hey. <CORRECTED)

"Still, well done My lady. Also, no. No I have not, that I recall at least, and I am certain I would recall meeting someone so, ah, graceful." Theron flashes one of his wide grins and inclines his head to Hannah. "Well met, Lady Hannah. Alas, I must go and see to some preparations. Perhaps I shall run into you again sometime soon." Then there is a sharp look towards Norwood suddenly, right before his outburst, and the muttering makes Theron release a loud guffaw. Then a clearing of his throat and a look upon his face suggesting he /hates/ it when he makes that sound.

Tyren checked composure + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 31 higher.

Lisebet checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

"Lady Lisebet, have you met Lady Hannaaaaah-" Amari begins but Shae is now at the head of the line and Norwood has been broken by the gift she's presented them. She knows what's happened. She clearly does. Her eyes are practically shining with amusement. No actual giggles escape her, but she shakes in place for a little bit before her composure returns and she lets out a soft sigh and picks up where she left off, "Wyrmguard?"

Margerie looks at the pillow her daughter presents. Looks at her new husband and whatever he whispered. Looks at her daughgter's face. Then she leans towards Norwood and speaks in a deadpan, dry voice. "I don't think that's the kind of laying they're expecting, dear." Now that said, Norwood is taking charge of the pillow and that means that Margerie can step forward and fold her daughter, her lovely, awkward, truly one of a kind daughter that none of you can have, into her arms for a second embrace. There's a good moment of stillness. Shae gifts them with an outrageous pillow, but also with her words. Margerie gifts her daughter with silence and not trying to All The Words at her. Just the instinctive mom-daughter thing.

A warm smile and a nod to Theron, "Indeed I look forward to it Lord Mazetti." Khenne gets a warm smile all her own, "Truly Rei is the best of us, but don't tell her I said so. She has no idea how incredible she is and of course being the elder sister that I am, I know these things." She winks and smirks at Reigna as if challenging her to disagree.

Norwood is wordless. His love for new-daughter will just have to go unspoken for now. Because he has... nothing. So much nothing.

Turn in line: Amari

Reigna eyeballs Hannah and looks to Khanne, "Did I say elder sister? I meant senile. Clearly she is crazy. Hannah is an adventurer. She also fought at Setarco." Reigna looks to Theron and smiles, "It was wonderful to see you, Lord Mazetti! Until next time."

Lisebet smiles and nods. "I have indeed met Lady Hannah," she says. She turns to look and is sort of bemused at the broken Norwood. "But I think it's your turn, Lady Amari, and I should make my way home, as I have work to do. It is lovely to see you all again."

Shae leans into her mother and wraps her arms around her, closing her eyes and squeezing. Shae looks grateful, her cheek pressed to her mother's shoulder. If a tear or two is shed, it's expected and because she is so at peace with her mother. One last squeeze, a kiss to Margerie's cheek, and she steps aside to also Kiss Norwood's cheek, giving him the very rare, true smile of curving lips and a whispered word or two.

Ramona - A Farshaw House Guard leaves, following Lisebet.

"Setarco? That was a hell of a fight. We'll certainly catch up another time, I promise." At the banter between ladies, Theron takes that as his cu to escape. Another incline of his head to each, and he makes his way out.

Khanne nods towards Theron and says, "be well, and.... give my love to your family, please." She smiles then to Hannah and Reigna. "I don't know your sisters, beyond brief moments such as this, but, as you are my best friend, I can't agree with your assessment to her senility. Amazing Physician or not... I am possibly biased, but, you are one of my favorite people to have feet upon this ground that we all walk."

Garibaldi, the Lycene swordbearer leaves, following Theron.

Kael stands and surveys the scene for a stretch of time, quiet and considering to the various groups, and in the end he is wandering over toward the refreshment table. It's there that he'll offer forth a brief exchange with a server and acquire himself a tumbler full of whiskey that he can sip at to pass the time.

Khanne is overheard praising Reigna: The bestest, of the bestest of best friends.

And so it is Amari's turn, so she nods to Lisebet, "It was nice to see you, as always. Pardon me, Lady Hannah." She whistles for River who has gone following her nose and once she's padded over with her fetching garland of wild flowers still around her neck, if slightly askew now, the pair head for Norwood and Margerie. Oh, and yes, Amari has a bright pink pillow to present them. It's not nearly as awesome as Shae's, but it's of a similar design. "Baron Uncle Norwood, Aunt Margerie, congratulations. Princess Alarissa also wished me to extend to you Thrax's deepest joy at the news of your marriage as well. I'm personally overjoyed, and I've made you a pillow as well."

Hannah nods to Khanne, "See! Now who is senile? And at a stunningly young age too." Hannah sticks her tongue out at Reigna, the height of maturity. Theron gets a nod and a laugh, "Indeed we must." Lisebet gets a warm smile and a wave, "Wonderful to see you again!" She nods to Amari as her friend goes to give her congrats, and Princess Alarissa's.

Tyren steps over to Shae once she's done with her parents, placing his hand momentarily on the small of her back. It is a very brief touch, everybody probably misses it, but as he does it, he leans to murmur something to her. And then his hand is right back to his side, looking back as Amari presents her own pillow.

Shae glances up at Tyren when he speaks to her softly, her gaze shifting back to her mother. Her eyes smile even as her lips are now relaxed, and she nods at what he's said. "Yes. She deserves it, too."

Margerie sets Shae free again, though she watches that particular acorn for an extra moment or two as she slips away. Don't mind the little sniffles that are shared between them. She dabs them away with a handy kerchief before pulling Amari in for another hug. "Well that is very kind of the Princess Consort, but you are being horribly formal my dear! Thank you for your gift. And for all the gifts that come every day in knowing you."

The line has been dismissed by Norwood.

Norwood is shaking his head oh-so-slowly as another pillow is handed in their direction. "Ah, Amari." When Margerie gives the younger Keaton up from hug Norwood is going to hug Amari. "I look forward to doing this at //your// wedding." Hugging her.

Reigna shakes her head and beams, "You are all ridiculous, and I love you both." Reigna replies, before looking around and finding Kael. "If you will both excuse me? I am going to find Kael and speak to the happy couple."

"I agree," Tyren remarks to Shae, before he looks over field. There is a brief glance to the sky above, before he smiles back to Shae. "Do you want to come sit with me?" He cants his head over to the benches.

Tyren has left the a cozy sofa nook.

Tyren has joined the several tables and benches.

Shae has joined the several tables and benches.

Amari is less formal when the hugs are served, she happily squishes first Margerie and then Norwood, "I love you both." She says simply, before laughing softly at the threat, "You wouldn't! Just remember all the great things I've done for you, like the time I pulled that arrow out of your side. I saved your life, Uncle Norwood." That said, she goes back for Margerie and offers another hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Ah, you two. So cute."

Potentially dissapointing some people, Brogan arrives. Specifically Brogan arrives not only wearing clothing. He is sober (for now), and has changed out of his bear-hides for his Officer's set of Nightgold armor. It even looks polished in a few spots. He predictably stops by the cider chest before making his way for the larger throng likely gathered around Norwood and Margerie.

"You //shot me//," Norwood reminds Amari shaking his head slowly. With the line about them having disperse, Norwood reaches out to take Margerie's arm again. "Shall we see your nephew and his wife before leaving the younglings to their entertainments?" What he does NOT say is 'let's go use these pillows'. But it's the same thing, right?

"Well, thank you for endangerig and saving his life, dear. And if not this, I'm sure we can find a suitable way to make your day special," Margerie informs Amari ominously. At least her dire portents come with a gleeful glint in her eye. As even more clouds gather, Margerie nods over towards Reigna and Kael (conveniently around the time they're heading that way). "That sounds like a good idea. We're old, you know. Need to get our rest."

When Reigna is finding him, Kael has his tumbler of whiskey downed and has already moved on to the second glass. His brow quirks at her approach and his head tilts momentarily to the side. Still, her purpose is clear enough and thus he offers his arm to her and is led where she guides. Even if it might seem as though he is leading her.

Amari clears the way so that Norwood and Margerie can go get some sweet, juicy... rest. She tries to look as innocent as possible, perhaps so they'll remember her that way when they're trying to decide what embarrassing thing they intend to spring on her at her wedding. She probably should have thought that through. "Congratulations!" She calls after them, very sweetly.

Reigna takes Kael's arm and moves with him towards Margerie and Norwood, approaching the newlywed couple, Reigna beaming at the two of them. "Congratulations, Baron and Baroness Clement. This is a day I have been looking forward to for so long. I am so very happy for the both of you. I could not be more pleased. This party is our gift, and I hope now that your greeting duties are done, you can enjoy it. I took the liberty of having Marie prepare your favorites. And," Reigna's eyes gleam with mischief, "There is a gift awaiting you in your bedroom. From House Keaton."

"Brogan?" Khanne says, possibly to no one, looking to the man when he enters. She doesn't approach him, more squints as if trying to determine if it is really him.

Brogan gets Love and Honey Bear, a ceremonial soft cider from cooled cider chest - take one.

Fashionably late... Poor John. Still he believes he made it, late... but better late then never? Regardless, the young Prince doesn't get in the way of the proceedings. He is just standing out of the way, with an offered smile to the, rather large, group of Oathlanders. And one can't help to notice he seems really out of place.

Stalking his way towards this crowd, he pauses noting Reigna speaking with the newly minted Clements. So he pauses at a respectful distance, muttering at himself in regards to being so late. "Ah well another time." For Khanne's sake, indeed, under the helm there can be no mistaking that glorious manly manbeard of his.

"There are no words for my gratitude Reigna, Kael." Norwood uses their given names affectionately rather than their titles. "Thank you." Simple, and to the point. Also, hugs, because this is a moment that call for hugs, though he'll PROBABLY let Margerie claim the first ones.

John gets Love and Honey Bear, a ceremonial soft cider from cooled cider chest - take one.

Norwood picks up decorative pillow with embroidered hammer.

There is actually something heavy in Kael's steps by the time that they are approaching the newlywed pair. While Reigna is offering forth her speech, Kael is actually quiet for an exceptional stretch of time, just quietly looking from one to the other in a most considering manner. "Baron and Baroness Clement," he greets them after a stretch, something quiet in his tone, considering. A pause, before he amends. "Aunt Margerie. Norwood." Just Norwood, no addition of 'uncle' though there is warm familiarity there. "May you, your lands, and your people flourish. Know that House Keaton stands with you, arms clasped, and looks forward to seeing what shall come. Always Faithful. Where you go, we shall follow."

Norwood gets the first hugs with Reigna and Kael, if for no other reason than Margerie knows full well that she's going to hang onto both of them for a good long time before stepping back. "Well then this is quite the magnificent gift, my dear, and I am a little afraid what we might find when we retire for the evening," she says lightly after the embraces are complete. "Truly - the two of you bring me so much pride and so much hope. I know that Oakhaven is in the right hands and hearts. I know that the roots I have there remain, and that they are forever tangled with yours. I love you, my dear ones." And there Kael is, making her sniffle again before she swoops in for /another/ hug and a kiss on his cheek.

1 Navegant Marines, Dahlia, a confident red and white corgi puppy, Winter, a juvenile Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Skye.

Hugs are given to them both, Reigna kissing their cheeks before she retreats a little. "May you always be happy and Limerance smile on you." Reigna watches the pair of them and after Kael speaks his peace, Reigna gives a deep curtsy to the newlyweds and as she rises, her grin returns as she looks to Margerie. "Oh, I am certain you will recognize it and know precisely how to use it." She slips her arm through Kael's and moves to depart, grinning widely.

Khanne walks up to him then and taps Brogan on the shoulder. "Long time no see. How the fuck are you?" Oops... so much for her polite-not-swearingness.

Skye arrives, very late to the reception, with a bashful look for going way past the point of fashionably late. She breathes a sigh of relief when she realizes that she didn't completely miss it. She looks around to see where there's a place to drop off her wedding gift, a small envelope that is held in her hand.

"My love?" Norwood says to Margerie, openly and without there being a HINT of impropriety around being able to say it aloud, "Shall we then?" His arm offered to sweep the pair of them away, the formal festivities, for the wedded pair, are over.

At the sight of Brogan, Thesarin heads toward the big man. The big prodigal, still wearing a faint scowl on his face, goes in for a handshake. And a clasp on the shoulder. And a head butt. But in a very affectionate sort of way.

"Yeah, they'll be alright." Amari agrees with River, the bloodhound at her side, who didn't actually say anything aloud. She sighs wistfully as she watches Norwood and Margerie get some Reigna and Kael hugs, then slowly uproots herself from where she'd been standing and starts to wander towards the refreshments. "Lady Hannah!" She beckons her over, and spotting Brogan on the way in, lifts a hand to the northman. She doesn't encourage him to take his shirt off for a change.

Skye sees the happy couple taking their leave and makes a move to intercept with a flurry of skirts and a breathless voice, "Lady Margerie, Sir...I mean Lord Norwood..." She moves over quickly and then in a state of awkward gift giving holds out her envelope without any flourish with a gloved hand, "Here...a gift. I'm sorry I couldn't make..." She motions around her, "All this. I am glad I did catch you though."

Prince John Grayson looks at the happy couple while watching silently from afar.

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