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Bonfire and Booze

Come to the Redrain Grounds for a rowdy celebration!

There will be liquor, Redrainers, and open flames. What could go wrong?!


June 14, 2018, 7 p.m.

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Bashira(RIP) Cirroch Signe Echo Ainsley Gwenna Paige(RIP) Helena Cullen Elgana Harlex Bliss Aksel Khanne Seax Rosalind Riagnon Morrighan Harlan Arik Clara Fredrik



Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Redrain Grounds

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Phantom, the Great Grey Owl, Bear, a war mastiff, Brigid, a handmaiden, Sir Tyrus, Redrain Knight, Seax arrive, following Darren.

Brahm, a large iridescent plumed raven, Voss, an icy-eyed Northlands Malsatian arrive, following Morrighan.

Quill, the grunty little porcupine arrives, following Paige.

Drysi, a young shaman apprentice, Shailaja, a Whitehold Mountain Dog, GusGus, the fluffy Whitehold Mountain puppy, 2 Crimson Blades Private arrive, following Khanne.

Bashira says, "receive messenger"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Bashira before departing.

2 Crimson Blades Private arrives, following Gwenna.

The deep, deep darkness of a late Autumn night holds all the city tightly in its embrace, and a brisk and bitter cold in the air makes it hard to forget the imminent embrace of winter. In the Redrain Ward, a crowd begins to gather, despite the cold. A huge towering pyramid of oil-soaked timber has been erected here, dominating the landscape. Bearing a torch in one hand, Darren strides into view from the Redrain Villa. Pausing briefly to light the torch while his retinue assembles around him, he holds the torch up high, looking out over the grounds towards the waiting fuel.

Tempest, Atila arrive, following Signe.

Who in their right mind would miss a bonfire? Never mind a /Redrain/ bonfire? Certainly not a Redrain. As such, Gwenna exits the estate, maaaybe a little later-ish, and make her way closer to where the timbers have been assembled for the much-anticipated fire. She, of course, snagged a glass of white wine on her way over. "Your Grace, everything looks amazing! Surely will be a night we shall all remember."

Tempest, Atila arrive, following Signe.

Tempest, Atila leave, following Signe.

Tempest, Atila arrive, following Signe.

Signe drops A wooden cask containing Nightgolds Stone Mountain White Whiskey.

Why let a swank treehouse go to waste? So Cullen has felt the call of his need to sit in a tree, as per usual, and made use of it by climbing into said treehouse while awaiting the beginning of the bonfire. He has left his elk at home, perhaps sensibly for once, while perched up above. "High Lord Darren, this looks magnificent. Thank you for hosting."

Cullen has joined the a comfortable wooden treehouse.

Paige is apparently numbered amongst the High Lord's retinue. She's been handed a torch by someone and gives a nod before setting it alight and holding it high. She stands perhaps a foot back and to the left of Darren, waiting patiently even as she glances around, offering nods and faint grins to those she knows and recognizes.

"It's not /that/ cold," Elgana assures Bliss as they make their way from the Villa arm-in-arm. "See?" she says as she points to that large mass of timber waiting to be set ablaze. "Soon it'll be as cozy as a Southern summer." She winks at the Whisper and leads her onward toward the gathering, letting the retinue behind them trail after. As she nears she gives a nod to those gathered - Gwenna gets a finger waggle, as does Cullen.

Gwenna has joined the courtyard benches.

Arriving on Elgana's arm is Bliss, dressed in an absolutely ridiculous gown of metallic silver with curling white feathers framing her face and coming off her matching slippers, pointing up at her shins. Her face has been painted for tonight, soft grays fading to whites around her eyes, soft pinks at the upper edges, and bright red lip paint accentuated with a vertical black bar down the center. "So, fire and drinking," she says to Elgana in her thick Lycene contralto. "Why don't you do this more often? Or if you do, why is this the first I am hearing of it?" Then she smirks and whispers, loudly, "It is that cold, I'm just tough."

Bashira had taken Princess Donella's advice and had made the journey over to the Redrain ward for the evening. She tried to get some of her fellow Thrax to join her, but they had some other engagements. So the Shaman is by herself, but it doesn't put a damper on her spirits. There's a smile given to those that she passes as she makes her way in, but the raven haired woman doesn't know many here. Not at the moment at least. Though the treehouse gets a curious look.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Bashira before departing.

Seax walks at the High Lord's shoulder, holding a torch, while his other large, calloused hand is resting on the hilt of his longsword, nestled comfortably in the confines of it's leather scabbard. The burly man's thin lips are set into a firm purse and his steely dark green eyes scan the crowd; below, his heavy swordbelt carries the sigil of House Halfshav.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Bashira before departing.

Guided by the bonfires and torchlight, of the sounds of murmuring voices from the small crowd - and growing - of people, Morrighan makes her way out of the Villa to inspect the gathering, bottle in hand and prepared. She's garbed in teals and black accented with fur here and there on her arms and legs, and Brahm of course accompanies, perched on her shoulder. A new addition pads alongside her, a massive Northlands Malsatian, reaching just about to her hip, and looks outright wolfish. She occasionally reaches down to lightly scritch atop his head, her sea-blue eyes shifting about, noting the faces, and veers off to find somewhere to park her ass, near the fire.

Morrighan has joined the benches under the oak trees.

Riagnon resists the urge to climb. At least, he does for a moment. Drink acquired, the knightling lifts it to Darren with the torch. He echoes Gwenna and Cullen's sentiment, "Indeed it does your grace!" A goofy, boyish smile cuts cross his mouth as he finds a place to settle for a time.

2 Grayson Guardsmen, Planchet, an unrelenting valet, Alejandra, a snowy white hound arrive, following Ainsley.

Riagnon has joined the courtyard benches.

Atila and Tempest trot around the grounds exhibting a deep comfort in their surroundings. The husky and, not so little, wolf-pup don't appear to be concerned by those that have gathered as there were other creatures to sniff.

Fredrik arrives at the edges of the event, his small gaggle of bodyguards keeping a respectable distance as he makes his way through the gathering crowd to pay his respects to Darren, of course. "Your Grace, a quite lovely gathering you have here! Lord Fredrik RedTyde, at your service, so nice to see so many Redrain folks around at once." A low bow to the man and then after the response, slowly moving through the crowd, Elgana getting a slight nod and a smile, as does Paige..And anyone else looking in his direction, he's an equal-opporunity-nodder.

Khanne has joined the nook between the garden trellises.

Harlex moved toward a bench near the courtyard and settled in to watch the blazing torches and the bountiful timbers that would burn. He rubbed the back of his neck, leaning forward, and studying the grounds silently.

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Harlex has joined the courtyard benches.

Gwenna wiggles her fingers cheerfully back in Elgana's direction once she's settled on one of the benches nearest the fire. When the company at them grows, she smiles wide. "My Lord Riagnon, it's so good to see you again. You are well, I hope?" Harlex, as well, gets a nod of greeting. "Princess Gwenna," is offered by way of introduction. "You are one of Violet's, yes?" There's a glance to the familiar armor.

Khanne had heard there was to be a Bonfire, and the news brings her out of her self-imposed seclusion. Though, when she arrives with her entourage, she heads over to a quiet spot to sit and look out over the festivities.

Boof! Comes to the happy bark of a silvery white hound that trots infront of Ainsley as he makes his way in. The dog trotting away from him to go find Prince Biscuit and barking at the little puppy. Daww, mother and son reunion! Meanwhile, Ainsley pauses just inside of the gates and looks around. Briefly looking somewhat lost but oh hey! There's someone he knows. His feet carry him in the direction of Khanne, "Hallo, Lady Khanne."

"It is something we usually do," Elgana murmurs to Bliss as she continues to make their way through that crowd. Fredrik gets a bright smile and dip of her chin in a nod. "Just not something we've done in a small while, I admit." She shrugs at that but seems content in her answer to the Whisper. "Hopefully all of that will change now." Once she's found the perfect spot to settle, she sits and once the Whisper has settled she tugs Bliss closer before she looks out over those others gathered, giving little smiles and waves to those she notes.

Elgana has joined the shaded garden grotto.

Giving a wave to Gwenna, Elgana, Morrighan and Bliss from his perch along with a grin, Signe gets a mock gasp of surprise when she clambers into the treehouse. "Signe, I hope you brought a bottle for the treehouse..."

Bliss has joined the shaded garden grotto.

With regal formality, Darren begins the walk towards the towering timbers. He makes his progress with a stately, regal bearing, the torch held high and his eyes set firmly on his destination. Passing between two well-appointed tables to stand before the pile, he gazes around at the people assembling in the dim, cold night. As he touches the torch to the stack, setting an immediate patch of crackling fire that begins to spread, he raises his voice to the crowd. "Citizens of Redrain, and of the wider Compact!" He begins to walk in a circle around the stack, touching the torch here and there at measured intervals. In the rising light, he seeks out eye contact with the members of the crowd. "We have suffered, and we have triumphed. We have known pain, and loss, and also salvation. We have been challenged -- but we have been found worthy! We have persevered, we have rebuilt, and our spirits have not been broken! I bring you here tonight, my friends and family, to celebrate that simple gift: life. As the seasons begin to turn to winter, let us revel in our survival! In the great things we have done! And in the promise of a better future!" He brandishes his torch in the air one final time, before drawing back and casting it onto the top of the stack.

Harlex looked to the side and replied with Gwenna with a solemn nod. "Your Highness. Name's Harlex Valtyr. And I am a Blade, that's so." He turned his sullen eyes away. "Good night for a fire." He said, then falls silent as the speech begins.

Signe, with help from folks that served house Nightgold, had pairs carrying in the large casks of the Mountain Men's white whiskey. "Just there, yes... perfect." Helping to direct and set up the wooden barrels fated to be drained. "Is six enough? Six is not nearly enough is it?" She asks aloud then when Darren makes an annoucement, the bonfire lit the short wild haired shaman shouted, "TO THE LAST!" Time to party.

Khanne smiles and looks up at Ainsley when he nears. "Prince Ainsley. Long time no speak! How are you?" She sweeps a hand out, gesturing over the grounds. "Welcome to Redrain!" She quiets then, looking towards Darren when he walks to the timbers, listening to his words. She lifts her flask up in the air after and says, "To life! To the last!"

There's a lot of people here. Bashira is the odd person out. But, she heads over towards Darren AFTER he's done lighting the stack of wood. She gives a smile and a deep bow, "Your Grace, I'm Bashira Ru-Taul. Princess Donella invited me to this gathering." she states. That would explain why she's here at least.

Riagnon finds a happy perch on the benches, folding his legs up beneath him in a very juvenile way. "And you, your highness," he says with a little bounce to his person, neck stretching upward expressively as he speaks. At Ainsley's appearance, Riagnon's bushy eyebrows tilt very pathetically, "You keep any of your destiny over there and far away from me! We choose our own, you know!" He punctuates the playful warning with a firm point. He points at Ainsley real good, he does.

Bliss returns a smile to all of those who look at her, following Elgana to the grotto and giving Fredrik a curious once-over, before she motions him toward the two. She settles down directly beside Elgana, releasing the other woman's arm now to smoothe out the skirt of her gown. She listens to Darren's announcement, grinning and letting out a whoop as the fire is lit, lifting her hands to clap them together eagerly. She then says to Elgana, "Well, I suppose I had best get used to my clothes smelling like fire once more with winter coming on," she decides.

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Walking behind the High Lord with solemnity, torch held high, Paige halts when the High Lord speaks. She continues to face forward, staring at everything and nothing, until the time has come to start setting the stack of oil-soaked wood alight. Touching flame to wood in several places, she steps back to give Darren space to make the last of his speech before Paige, too, casts her torch into the bonfire to be consumed by greedy flames. She watches Bashira's approach warily, eyeing the woman for weapons but otherwise remaining still and silent.

Ainsley smiles toward Khanne and says, "I hopw that it's already for me to come... I wasn't positive if this was an open to everyone party, but if it was I thought I should come represent Grayson..." He trails off when he hears Riagnon's words and says, "Excuse me just one moment..." And then he's casually shauntering over to slightly shorter man and attempting to swoop him up in a large bear hug. "C'mere! I'll rub some destiny off on you now." He menaces with a grin.

Great way to represent Grayson Ainsley...

Following Darren's example, Seax casts his burning torch to the top of the stack. He watches the timber ignite and begin to burn; very slowly at first, but rapidly growing as more and more torches are added to the blaze. Hard face rigid, he's silent for the most part, before slapping his liege on the shoulder, an amiable gesture shared between brothers, and drawing back a couple of steps to allow him better access to the horde of guests. His posture is alert and he keeps a hand near his belt, an old habit...

"To the last!" Is echoed out by Aksel from somehwere in the crowd. You know right over there. He raises his bottle of whiskey that's he's managed to scoop up along his way to stand - you know right over there - and takes a large drink from it.

Darren turns a warm and welcoming smile on Bashira as his formal bearing evaporates. "All are welcome to this celebration, Bashira, and any friend of the Princess-Consort's is a friend of mine. I'm pleased to make your acquaintance." He becomes distracted momentarily with rooting around in his backpack, before surfacing with what anyone here might have guessed -- a bottle of Farhaven whiskey. He pops the cork, sidearming it into the flames with an air of finality and tipping it back for a long drink that lasts several swallows. When he finally takes the bottle from his lips with a gasp for air, he empties his lungs with a riotous bellow: "Redrain! To the last!"

Espying Cullen's wave from the treehouse, Gwenna offers one in return, as well as for Signe. Next she catches sight of Khanne and Morrighan, who both get cheerful waves as well. Turning back to watch Darren, a briefly solemn expression of her own worn, until the momentum of his words build. Along with them her smile reappears, bright and proud at the High Lord's enthusiasm and strength. "To the last!" She punctuates the call while raising her glass in his direction. That done, her gaze returns to the Crimson Blade, another nod offered. "A pleasure, Master Harlex. Thank you for keeping such good care of us all." Riagnon's words to the Grayson Prince make her chuckle, as does the latter's hug of the Acheron. "I read those whites today. You all seem a cheerful and loyal group." Glancing over those assembled, her lips wrinkle briefly, like maybe something or one is missing. A shrug and then she quiets to sip at her wine.

"To the last!" Elgana echoes the call from her spot next to Bliss, some laughter following as she nudges the Whisper. "A little smoky scent never hurt anyone. At least you'll be warm." Her tone remains teasing and light. "I did sneak a bottle of rum down here though," she murmurs to Bliss with a wink before she turns to a much quieter conversation.

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"And this is why you're my favorite," Bliss teases back to Elgana with a grin as she, too, turns to the quieter conversation, not joining in any House cries and maintaining that Whisper neutrality.

Bashira gives another bow of her head to Darren, "I owe my life to the Princess-Consort, so thank you for the hospitality this evening, your Grace." she tells him. Then the raven haired woman is letting the High Lord go back to his business as being host. She then wanders off towards one of the trees, because those are good to lean against. But she does keep looking at all of the puppies that seem to be present. "I need to get a puppy." she muses.

Stepping out of the Redrain Villa, Echo wanders out into the Grounds looking just a little bit lost. Ohgodsomanypeople. It's not long before she manages to find a bottle of Farhaven import herself, just in time to join the cheer, "To the last!" Stepping over to Gwenna's side next, the Redrain chevalier murmurs into her cousin's ear, idly watching the crowd of people as she does so.

Riagnon lets out a wacky cry, flailing both arms openly as he hops down from the bench and dips on the ball of his foot to -not so gracefully- avoid Ainsley's embrace. The contents of his tankard, of course, slosh about everywhere. "Witness, then," he whines up to Cullen, flapping his empty hand to showcase the Grayson, "This Prince's betrayal!" Afterward, he gives Ainsley an affection pat on the shoulder and a look that can only be described as: pleasedon'tpickmeupandthrowmeorsomething.

Harlex retained his forward lean, arms resting on his knees with his hands together. The brightness of his eyes brighter from the flames. Good cheer was ever infectious. He nodded to the princess, Gwenna. "It’s my honor to do so," he said simply. The gloomy looking sellsword rubbed the back of his neck. He bent down and took up his tankard near his boot, nursing the warm drink.

Gwenna continues to smile brightly, her eyes crinkling in the corners when her dear cousin approaches and calls the family motto. "Princess Echo! Snowballs, I feel like I never catch you with time away with the ledgers," is quipped with humor. "You're well? Truly, we'll have to find some time to catch up. Maybe I could get a few pointers in the training center sometimes." Sipping her wine, she leans in for the quieter words before offering a reply to the royal Redrain knight.

Leaning down from the treehouse, Cullen's grey eyes scan over the people assembled to take notice of the people he doesn't know. Bashira, Riagnon, Harlex - and Aksel gets an especially long look, or rather, his axe does. "A House Sword then? That's a rather beautiful axe, and a beast of one as well!" Echo's arrival is greeted by a bow of respect for a fellow knight. "Princess Echo, an honor, truly."

Ainsley laughs a little bit at Riagnon's flailing, but doesn't menace the man too much after that. "I'll get you later, Lord Acheron." He warns but it's with a grin. He pushes away after that to make his way toward Darren, giving the man a bow when he reaces him. "Your grace, it's been a while since we last spoke. I hope you're doing well?" He also catches sight of Echo and lifts his hand to wave to her slightly.

There one minute, gone the next. That's how Aksel rolls sometimes. There might be a couple of bottles gone missing, but who's honestly going to be counting?

Darren smiles to Bashira. "A pet is a great source of joy," he concurs, his eyes searching the faces in the area. Seeing Redrainers chatting and drinking happily around the fire, he nods to himself with proud satisfaction. For good measure, he rewards himself with another overly long drink from his precious bottle. His eyes rest on Ainsley as he approaches, and Darren returns the Grayson Prince's bow with a respectful dip of his head. "Prince Ainsley, it has been far too long indeed. I am very well indeed, thank you. Fatherhood is a blessing. And yourself?"

"Snowballs!" Echo repeats before snorting out in a half-laugh. "I'm sorry, we've both been so ridiculously busy, haven't we?" Well that certainly earns a frown! She's quick to add, "That only means more fun stories to share. Drinks soon, I hope!" It wasn't long before she's back to sharing a lopsided smile with both Cullen and Ainsley. "Hey you two! Feel free to join in on the fun and drink, don't be shy."

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Riagnon puffs up his chest, filling his lungs with air and releasing it in a theatrical sigh of relief. There's a moment or two of lifting away both arms some for a thorough inspection of himself and er... all the spots he might have spilled on himself. It doesn't appear to cause him any great worry, though. On the contrary, he seems perfectly delighted.

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Harlex rose from the bench and took his drink and his sorry-self nearer to the bonfire. He took a weighty chug and wiped his beard of moisture.

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Bashira gives Darren another smile, "I'm not sure if my brother will let me have a puppy in his house, but I'm sure I can try to sweet talk him into it." she tells the High Lord. Then there's a look to the other Prince's and Princesses around. She's met one of them at least, Elgana gets a wave of greeting from her. There's a look to Harlex as he approaches the fire, a dip of her head to the man, "Good evening." she states.

A few more quiet words with her cousin and then Gwenna laughs, nodding to Echo. "We both have been, yes, though it's to be expected I suppose. I look forward to catching up on stories and drinks soon!" The words sound genuine and the princess turns to watch a few of the conversations going on around her. A glance or two to the gates brings Cirroch into sight, the Marquis offered one of her cheerful waves of greeting.

"Indeed, fatherhood is a blessing-- if a trial at times as well, yes?" Ainsley rocks on his heels briefly, shifting to give Bashira a friendly smile. A hand is held out toward her and he says, "Prince Ainsley Grayson, Voice of Bastion, it's my pleasure to meet you." Though he's distracted briefly, glancing over to Echo. "Snowballs?" He asks, in confusion.

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The movement catches her eye, turning from her conversation to see Bashira wave. Elgana smiles brightly and returns the gesture to the woman. She leans to her companions to say, "I think that's Caspian's sister. I haven't had a chance to meet her yet, but he's been so excited about her being here."

Hopping down from the treehouse for a moment to snag a large glass of Nightgold's finest, Cullen raises it to Echo afterwards. "Thank you Princess, I believe I shall do just that. I am quite pleased to see you." Smiling at Gwenna afterwards, "And you, Princess Gwenna. Too bad Dame Alexis isn't here, we could have a drunken planning committee." After a moment, he seems to reconsider and shakes his head. "No. That's not enjoyable at all, really. Let's not do that." Looking backing over to Bashira and Cirroch, "I'm sorry, I don't know either of you and I've been remiss in introducing myself. Lord Cullen Greenmarch." Elgana's words get a raise of a coppery brow and a slight sound of recognition.

"Evening," he greeted quietly. He reached out his gauntlet-clad hand in offering to Bashira. "Harlex Valtyr." Though his eyes found the flames again. "Quite a sight."

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Fredrik looks up as Elgana speaks, tipping his head to Bashira as well and watching her curiously as he remarks, "Oh yes, I think I heard mention of her. Hope she gets a duel or something of the sort soon, always good to see family follow in each other's footsteps."

Echo gave Gwenna an affectionate bump with her shoulder, very pleased with their quiet conversation. Her attention return to Ainsley and she nodded, "I have no idea what it means. Maybe it's my impromptu nickname for the evening?" She glanced at Gwenna unsurely before winking at Cullen. "Absolutely! I wish she could've been here, but there's always next time. I mean, we can still have a drunken planning committee at The Lair on our own time."

In walks the big, dark skinned northern man, clad in armor as usual, who steps through the redrain grounds and towards the bonfire. He heads over to Darren first, bowing his head to the man as he greets, "Your Grace! It has been a while. How has fatherhood been treating you? Make sure to write what you learn about it down so you can share your notes with me when it's time for me to become one!"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Echo before departing.

Bashira gives a look to the flames and even back here they can be felt, "It is and it's nice and warm. So there's no complaints from me." she admits with a smile. "I'm Bashira Ru-Taul. It's nice to meet you, Master Valtyr." she tells him.

Gwenna dips her head in greeting, her smile still in place as the festivities really get into swing. "It's lovely to see you as well, Lord Cullen. Ah, indeed! A shame Dame Alexis isn't here. Perhaps she might come by later? If so, the drunken planning committee can come to order," is quipped with decided humor. Echo's suggestion makes her eyes widen a little and she sets snaps her fingers. "You know, we really /could/ do something fun at the Lair. Maybe some sort of small event to garner a bit of attention. Princess Lark would surely be on board with such, I think."

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Harlex returned a nod to the sentiment. "Suppose so." He looked at the flame, as if to see what she saw in it. "Just Harlex is fine. I’m master to none." The sellsword took a drink. Stunted socially in some ways, the gloomy swordsman did his best. Though there was an awkward pause before he said, "Where are you from, Bashira Ru-Taul?"

Darren gives a wry grin to Ainsley. "It does have its trials, yes. I never thought to value sleep so dearly." He greets Cirroch's approach with a smile and an bottle uplifted in salutation. "Marquis Sanna, what a delight to see you again!" He ponders on the matter of fatherhood for a moment while he helps himself to yet another drink, redness beginning to creep up the High lord's collar. "Have a wife to do the mothering so you can have all the fun playing."

Paige flashes a smile towards the large man approaching Darren, "Marquis Cirroch! How nice to see you again. No Marquessa with you?" She seems almost disappointed, having enjoyed his wife's wit. She glances around again, watching everyone equally, flickering faint smiles to Gwenna, Fredrik, Signe, and.. the spot where Katarina might have been. Ah well! Paige reaches into her backpack to produce an ale. Its not whiskey, but she's still 'on duty'... so to speak.

Signe would appear quite excited, her self disappearing from the festivities for a short while before returning again with help carrying trays filled small palm sized bowls. Each one having a different color within. (look collection) "We can set those here." Holding her own tray of the tiny bowls it was placed on the ground for ease of accessibility. "Hopefully no one is too drunk to paint! Come! Grab a bowl." She chose the green bowl for herself.

Signe drops a collection of hardened clay bowls filled with colored paints.

"I think she'd love that idea," Echo directs to Gwenna with a soft smile. "Besides, I feel like there's some things that we all should talk about -- But, here we are, talking about /work/. At a fun party." Some things never change. So to rectify that, she's moving over to Signe's side and doing as instructed. "I want the red!"

"Very well, it is decided then. We shall soon have a drunken planning committee in the Lair, and Dame Alexis has to drink more than milk. We'll have fine Nightgold whiskey - or Farhaven" Cullen declares, making sure to cover both of the finest to be known to Echo and Gwenna, " it could use a little bit of an inebriated planning. Or inebriated anything, really." Noting Signe's return with a bright grin, a whistle of curiosity through his lips for the bowls she is carrying. "Oh? What are we painting, Signe?" Looking around for a canvas or the like, his coppery brows scrunch up for a moment. But he goes and picks up the grey bowl anyways. Upon noticing Khanne, he grins. "Lady Khanne, I keep meaning to speak to you and never get the chance, hopefully that will change sometime."

Ainsley smiles a little bit more and says, "Indeed, having a toddler and an infant... one doens't get quite that much sleep." When Cirroch approaches he shifts a little bit to the side, turning so he can address the other dark skinned man as well. "Marquis, I don't believe we've met though your wife is a second cousin of mine." His hand is held out, "Prince Ainsley Grayson."

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Bashira gives a nod of her head to Harlex when he tells her that, "As you wish." she tells him. Though the question of where she is from makes her look to him, "I've recently arrive from the Mourning Isles." she tells him with a bit of a smile. "And you? Where are you from?" she asks him.

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Cirroch lets out a laugh back to Darren as he gives him a few dips of his head. "Smart man! Knew there was a reason you were High Lord," he says back to him, turning his gaze to Paige as his smile wanes a bit. "Being out at The Grove last night worn her out. So she is resting."

Gwenna dips her head in a quick return greeting to Paige, giving a little raise of her glass to the Huntsman before taking another sip. The Redrain's attention returns to Echo and she chuckles again. "Ah, I'm dreadful! Always talking about work, hmm? You are so right." A few more nods, this time at Cullen's words, she says, "Something to plan soon, indeed." Much as the princess likes to paint, for now she stays on the bench and watches others gather near Signe.

Signe steps to the side to allow those that desired to participate to grab a paint color. When Echo chooses red the shaman grinned brightly, "A beautiful color Princess Echo! Perfect Lord Cullen and now you paint something on one another. The face, the hand, whatever part of the body is visble." Signe leaned forward to extend her face out further, "Whatever you wish Princess Echo and I will paint something on you." A bright smile was flashed.

Raising an eyebrow at Bashira, "From the Isles? Interesting. What brings you here, then?" Curious, his grey gaze then turns back to Signe, a quirk of his lips upwards into a grin, then those eyes turn towards Gwenna. "So, Princess. Back of the hand, cheek, or forehead? I can't promise the artwork will be any good...but it is the spirit of inspiration that counts, yes? Not so much the ability of the artist?" It sounds good, anyways. Or so Cullen hopes.

"Raised in a village near the Gray Forest, been a wanderer much longer. Never made it to the Mourning Isles." He considered, pawing through his memories with a look. Harlex shook his head. "It seems my wandering days are at their end." Looking around him, he settled his gaze on Bashira.

Cirroch turns his attention to Ainsley next, extending out a hand and a big smile as he greets, "Prince Ainsley, it's good to meet you. Second cousin of Sasha? Was not aware she had any cousins in Grayson. Then again I should not be surpised. It's good to meet you!"

It's obvious, isn't it? Echo is going to give Cullen a bear nose. In red paint. "Alright Cullen, sit still." While Cullen chatted away with the others, Echo painted a big red bear nose on his own. "This doesn't look so good..." Her own nose wrinkled as she studied the Greenmarch for a long breath before adding supplementary war markings under the eyes. "There we go, that looks far and away better." With that, she's sharing a dimpled-cheek smile with Signe. "What do you think?"

"My brother is Caspian Wild, I came to join him here in Arx, my Lord." Bashira states with a look up to Cullen and offers him a smile. "I'll be looking for some more sailing work once I get better settled. And well, it's cold here." she chuckles. Then there's a look back to Harlex, "Depends on where you go in the Isles really. Sometimes this time of year it can be lovely." she smiles. "Have you been to the Graay Forest lately?" she asks him.

Harlex took a drink before he spoke, "Not lately. What’s the saying, you can’t go home again?" His tone was quiet, but neutral. "Sailing work? Family trade?" The sellsword scratched just beneath the line of his beard, along the jaw.

"Those look so good!" Riagnon encourages Echo and Cullen from a little distance, glancing over only to lose himself in a string of quiet apologies for moving when someone else was trying to paint his face. Oops! He thinks he's getting something properly ferocious, but it's likely to be cute and... harmless.

"Oh, I am to be painted too?" Gwenna wonders of Cullen and then quiets to consider a moment. "I got lost in my thoughts and thought you were all painting Echo in return," is said with a small laugh. "If not, um. Cheek, I think?" A glance goes to Signe and she grins. "Do you paint canvas as well, Lady Signe? I admit, I'm tempted to do my next one with fingers instead of brush. How is my most favorite puppy today? Growing ever bigger?" She nudges her backpack with a booted toe. "I have snacks, of course."

"Her mother was a Grayson, actually." says Ainsley with a small smile. "Cassandra Grayson." He tilts his head toward Darren and then back toward Cirroch saying, "There's a lot of cousins in the great houses. A lot of marriages to strengthen the alliances. If you look closely enough..." A small shrug o hif shoulders is given, and then he glances over to the fire once more and then back to the two men. And Paige! He hold out his hand toward Paige as well, "Ainsley Grayson." Assuming she hasn't wandered off.

Signe laughed when the bear nose and war markings were completed on Cullen. "It's fierce." She compliments Princess echo then when quiered by Gwenna the young shaman shook her head. "Sometimes. Whenever the mood strikes and what brushes Princess Gwenna, we are to use our hands a fingers! Atila is... running around here some where. You may have to catch him." She grins while dipping an indext finger into the green paint in her palm. The coated fingertip was raised towards Gwenna, "Ready?"

Bashira gives a gentle shake of her head, "No, not a family trade." she tells him. "I became a sailor after being released from my Thralldom that I inherited from my parents. Princess Donella didn't think it was right for children to inherit their parents debts." she states in a quiet tone.

Caught by an Echo! Cullen holds still while she does her work...a red bear nose? But war markings, that works well! And then he scrunches up his eyes and peers at the Princess in return - after he's done his work upon Gwenna! "Alright Princess Gwenna...." And upon her right cheek is sketched out a grey stag. Of course. And upon the right, what it a dragon? Maybe? I guess it could be taken as one. "Perfect! I am true artist with paint. And here I thought my calling was artistry with a blade, I was wrong..." And then Echo gets a grey stag upon the forehead, and a dragon right beside it! "Ah! See! I am a genius! Or something, we'll go with that." Beaming proudly, he then gives a nod of approval at Signe. "Signe, I think I found my new path in life."

Relic arrives, following Harlan.

Khanne had left, abruptly, shortly after she arrived. But oh look! Here she is again. She smiles and looks around the place, trying to gauge what she missed.... which seems a lot! She probably walked away from people earlier who were trying to talk to her, not having heard them. Must have been important, whatever it was that called her away.

In the distraction provided as his companions fall into conversations around him, Darren seizes the opportunity to excuse himself from the group with a hastily mumbled apology. He begins to wander around in the flickering shadows cast by the enormous flames, fairly prowling like a searching wolf while his eyes scan the faces in the area for the one he seeks.

Harlan comes in after a while, definitely showing up 'fashionably late'. Or, well, just late. He's not in any hurry to go or be anywhere in particular, apparently just putting in an appearance. Why not?

Echo's a terrible artist, it's a wonder that she can even write her own missives. But both Riagnon's and Signe's encouragment brings a smile to her face regardless. Before long, she's got a stag and dragon marked on her face, and she grins over at Cullen. "Thanks Lord Cullen!" With that out of the way, she rose to her feet and wandered off elsewhere to find more people to bother. "Shaman Khanne! How are you? Have you come to get your face painted?"

"Yeah, hence why I shouldn't be surpised," Cirroch says as he gives Ainsley's hand a firm shake in greeting. "Ah, I do not know how that slipped my mind. Too much whiskey, maybe? Or not enough!" Belatedly, he offers a wave over to Gwenna, because he isn't rude and doesn't miss people he knows, before watching Darren prowl off. Back over to Anisley, he says, "You said you have a toddler? What's the little one's name?"

At some point his mug had become empty, noted in his final drink where a mere trickle of the ale caught his tongue. He set it aside with a sigh. "A sentiment I can understand," Harlex said. "In some ways, at least. It's good you found your own way."

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"Face painted?" The shaman asks, eyebrows arched as she looks to Echo. Khanne smiles to see the stag upon the other woman's cheek. "I... well, I just have been hiding for a bit too much and heard there was a bonfire." Taking her seat at the nook between trellises again. "Perhaps I will, in a little bit."

Gwenna glances at her fingertips and then smiles brightly at Signe. "For you, I will make a painting using my fingers next," she promises. Like Cullen, she remains still why the Greenmarch does his work upon her cheeks. "I have no doubt, my lord, that you must be an exceptional artist. I believe I owe you a painting as well. Ah, Echo, your forehead is lovely! The colors bring out your eyes, I think." Glancing around, probably for Atila, she then returns her attention to Signe. "I am ready! I rather like how the paint feels on my skin, actually. And then I get to paint you all in turn?" Cirroch's wave in met with a wiggle of her fingers, though she's attempting to remain still for painting deeds!

Arik and Clara walk in together, the Halfshav Lord still dressed down despite the time of year in loose linens looking quite the commoner but tonight it is not so bad as Clara likewise is dressed down in a maroon cotton dress with simple brown boots to match. While Arik's hair is actually 'done' today with a four weave braid running down to nearly his ass and Clara's own hair pulled half back. Arm in arm, what a lovely pairing for the night. Arik remarks while walking in "Well better late than never... Do you see your brother or my sister or cousin...?" he says in a rumbling voice while looking from Clara to the rest of the crowd in the area.

"Ah, my wife's son and my ward-- Lord Tiber Riven, and then we have an infant of about eight months, Asharion Grayson." Says Ainsley with a smile toward Cirroch. He's about to say more when a messenger arrives for him and he says, "Aah, if you'll excuse me? I need to go take of some things. My apologies." He's starting to edge away and head for the exit.

"Of course! It's fun to receive and give." Laughing while Signe replies to Gwenna andthen rises onto her toes in order to create thin lines along woman's jawline on both sides to represent blades of grass. Happy little blades sprouting towards the sky. Once finished the shaman lowers back down onto the heels of her feet. With a beaming smile. "All finished. My turn yes?" She holds out her face expectantly to Gwenna. Absolutely ready. "What path would that be Lord Cullen? As an artist?"

Bashira gives a look to Harlex, "Some people don't agree. I am forever grateful." she states in a somber tone. "I'm not sure where we'd be at if we were not released." she admits. "So, if you ever need help with sailing, I'm available." she tells him with a bit of a smile. "It gives me a bit more freedom, so I guess it was the perfect trade for me." she adds.

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The 'I think' that Gwenna tagged on at the end had Echo snorting out another laugh. "I'm sure it does, thank you so much." She inclined her head towards Khanne, concern coloring her expression as she asked, "Hopefully you've not been hiding because of something bad?" A smile for Bashira followed and she asked, "Did you say Caspian's sister? Has the city life been treating you well?"

"No, but I'm a bit short so seeing over all these tall people a chore. Oh wait... there is Khanne." Clara nods towards Khanne and then lifts a finger to point her out. "So many people..." She sticks with Arik for a moment and waits for him to walk forward. "I've never met yer cousin, actually. I don' think. No idea what he looks like."

"Don't let me keep you, take care of business," Cirroch says to Ainsley, giving the a nod. Then he turns to Arik and Clara, grinning thier way, "Lord Arik, Lady Clara, good to see you both. You're both even later then I was!"

Harlan makes his way....towards the whiskey. It's his duty to test whiskey, aftera ll, isn't it? Other than that, he just meanders about, going nowhere in particular.

Sighing as Darren slips away to go 'prowl' for people to socialize with, Paige slips through the crowds to find him again. She halts him briefly, murmuring a few words, then giving a short bow and leaving the HIgh Lord to his hunting. It would see the ranger is on her way out, rubbing at her scalp and moving quickly.

Grinning at Echo as she thanks Cullen for his artwork, he replies most graciously to Gwenna, "Princess, I would be quite terrible if I did not allow you the same courtesy! Please, feel free to do so." Sitting next to her and holding still, he awaits his own painting by the actual artist, and then the Sword of Greenhaven beams up at Signe. And I would love your artwork on me as well. And yes! As an artist. I clearly have the skill...or well, enthusiasm at least." Upon spotting Lady Khanne wandering back over again, he waves. "Lady Khanne, I would love to talk to you sometime, when you've the time." Drinking a long swig of whiskey, the knight leans against the bench with a laugh.

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Where Clara spots Khanne, Arik manages to spot Seax and lifts a rough hewn palm towards the man whether he sees it or not who knows. He does point out the man for Clara though, "My third cousin Lord Seax Halfshav, the High Lord's protege. We're going to Whitehold soon to work and rebuilding some of the armor, talented man." Arik explains in a clearly smug manner to Clara and then he looks towards Khanne and begins walking in that direction. The sister he nevers sees, poor Seax never had a chance. "Khanne! No husband?" he calls out in a loud voice, loud enough to cut through some of the crowd.

"Lord Cirroch, come come lets go see my sister before she rabbits away back to her Gods Damned Bedroom." Arik says with a glare cross the crowd at Khanne even while beckoning Cirroch to join Clara and himself.

Harlex considered the offer and matched her look, his head canted a bit. "Why wouldn’t they agree?" He said, almost an afterthought before adding, "Spent more time marching. So I may take you up on the offer. What’s it like on the sea?" He asked, before looking to Gwenna at her question and then toward Bashira, giving her a chance to answer as he went to grab a second drink.

Khanne's gaze looks over to Gwenna and she shakes her head. "No, well, yes, in ways, but no. Just business and traveling and all the things...." She shrugs, her answer vague, and her smile crooked. "But, I am trying to not hide so much..." She looks up to Cullen then and smiles. "I hope to ahve time for quieter conversation in the next few days. I can send a note when I am free?" Then, to her brother, she shakes her head. "No husband as of yet. He's busy working on something for me... just in case." She grins. This one is rather impish and mischievous.

"It is fun, Lady Signe," Gwenna replies, her tone sounding genuine. Remaining still as the Nightgold lines her jawline, she tries really hard not to ruin it by smiling /too/ wide. "I think I might have to try a bath in paint sometimes. It just feels so lovely on the skin. Though, I imagine, I'd need a real bath afterward lest I wished to walk around green or blue for days," is quipped with a laugh. "Please, yes," she then says and dips her fingers in the green paint. Not tall, really, she does have a few inches on Signe. "Hmm." A finger traces down the other woman's cheek and then she makes little arcs at the top of what proves to be a trunk; a tree, once down. "There!" Her next victim? Cullen, of course. "You are too kind, my lord." Studying him, the Greenmarch also gets a tree on his cheek, the top a bit fuller and smudgier than Signe's. "There. Snowballs, I love this kind of art. We should do this more."

Cirroch takes that offer and approaches Arik and Clara, giving the two a wide smile. "I don't see anyone with any fresh burns, so I don't think anyone has drunkenly stumbled into the fire - yet. The night is still young though," he says to the two. Looking over to Khanne he gives the woman a fond smile, "Lady Khanne!" He calls to her, lifting his hand in a wave. "Come over my manor some time for drinks! It's been too long!"

"Oh, I did not know he was Darren's protege. That is quite a good match up fer him, no doubt." Clara nods her head to Cirroch. "Marquis, nice ta see ya again." She follows Arik over towards his sister and cousin silently otherwise. She seems okay with the crowd but she also sticks close to Arik's side as though she is afraid not to be squished by all the other tall people. "Drinks would be wonderful at some point, Marquis."

Bashira gives a look to Gwenna and there's a smile, "Yes, he's my brother." she tells her. "The city is sometimes confusing, but it's been treating me quite well. I've been able to help out a few people already." she smiles to that. "I'm Bashira Ru-Taul I should say. I kept my parents name." she tells the woman. Then there's a look to Harlex, "It's just something people disagree with." she shrugs a bit. "As for the sea? It's wonderfully freeing. I enjoy working with ships as well. It's the best thing for me at the moment." she tells him.

Cirroch Apostate = Oh, it's fine. I like the concept. I just was a little worried of what happens if I have a totally unruly vassal. Not that I expect it to happen.

She laughed again once Gwenna had finished painting her cheek. "Thank you Princess Gwenna!" Signe grabs a bowl of red paint palmed in the left hand with the green in the right. With a fresh painted green tree in proudly on display. She's venturing over to Harlan with familiar warmth, "Cousin Harlan, it is good that you have made it!" She extends both hands, offering either color paint in hand. "Just in time too, which color would you like?"

"Well I'm glad the man has something else to occupy this time besides -you-." Arik says with a somewhat ominious rumble to his voice and a wolfish smirk to Khanne's mischievous one. "Still it is good to see you sister, you seem to be the most desired woman here. Everyone needs a shaman."

Harlex returned with two drinks and offered one to Bashira. He nodded, "Work that you enjoy is a rare thing," he said thoughtfully. "There’s no shorter of depth to the city, but its a sprawl. You’ll learn your way, if you explore. It was a feat but worth doing. Do you have a ship?"

Seax works his jaw back and forth, tapping a polished black boot against the raw earth. His dark gaze returns to the burning timbers more often than not, silent as he watches how the flames roll. He doesn't seem interested in the surrounding conversation and before long, he turns on heel, heading for the street.

Darren moves gradually further and further from the bonfire in his search until, his quarry not yet found, he finds himself standing before the low benches under a small cluster of oak trees. He settles onto one of the benches, balancing the bottle clutched in his fist on one knee while he gazes out at the happy crowd on the Redrain grounds. His lips slowly curve into a content smile, suffused with pride, while he observes the revelry.

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Clara looks to Seax as he abruptly leaves and then looks up at Arik with concern. "Is yer cousin okay? He looked either angry or bored. And he just left." She points at where he was heading off.

Harlan has his whiskey now, and takes a sip of it properly, closing his eyes to enjoy it. He blinks and raises an eyebrow as he looks down at Signe -- of course, he looks down on a lot of people, but she's definitely shorter. He shakes his head, "Well, I didn't know you were in the city. Then again, cousins seem to be arriving by the cartload lately." He seems to be in a good mood, and asks, "Color?" He wrinkles his nose faintly.

Holding still while Gwenna paints a tree upon his cheek, a pleased grin upon his lips, Cullen bows to her afterwards. "Thank you, Princess! I am sure it looks lovely, and far better than my work since...well, you actually have practice at this while I am sorely lacking. However! I shall do so more, I believe." Dipping his head to Khanne, "That would be most appreciated, Lady Khanne. Just send me a missive when you have the time and I would be quite happy to receive it." Watching Signe off to create more painting mischief elicits a soft laugh as th Sword lounges against the bench.

"That's just how he looks!" Bliss calls from the grotto toward Clara.

Having finished enough of her drink to go tipsy, Echo began moving for the Villa (to hibernate). Darren's shoulder was given a few firm pats on the way, and she leaned over to share a quick murmur with the High Lord, pausing by him to wait for a response before heading off.

Gwenna glances to Bashira and grins. "I've been in the city just a year now. I promise it will get easier, though it sounds like you are managing well so far. There are so many wonderful places to explore." She grins wide at Signe's praise, dipping her head in apparent thanks as the Nightgold moves to bring more people into the face painting fold. To Cullen, she chuckles. "Not with my fingers, nor on skin," she counters to the Sword. "That was fun. Something certainly to do again. Much as I hate to, I've a few things to attend to back inside. Newly painted and all." She finished her wine and stands. "Your Grace, a wonderful event, as always!" She gives a few waves to familiar and new faces alike before making her way back to the manse.

"Seax is even less fond of the south than I am so despite Whisper Bliss' remark it is true." Arik says with a glance in the direction of wherever Bliss' voice came from and then looks about before spotting some bowls of paint. Brief lean over and he's got a couple in hand passing one to Clara. "Well would-be shaman will you paint a face or two?" he asks in his rumbling way.

"I meant to invite Lady Khanne for drinks, but if you want to come to Sanna Manor and have drinks as well, I doubt I would refuse," Cirroch says back to Clara with a little grin. Looking to the departed man, Cirroch remarks, "I don't think I've ever really spoken to the man much, so I can't say anything about him."

"I come and go as the seasons do." Signe smiled up to Harlan, "Traveling south from the winter keeps us from suffering boredom. And your choice, paint whatever you wish. Then I will paint your face." She tilted her chin up expectantly.

"Drinks! Yes!" Khanne exclaims to Cirroch, then asks, "have you met Lord Riagnon?" She gestures to the man at the trellis with her. Looking to her brother again she says, "well, of course everyone needs a shaman. What better place to find them in other than Redrain Ward?" She smiles bright then turns to nod to Cullen. "I will do so. Promise."

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Arik leaves Khanne to her shaman-y ways and leads Clara and Cirroch who is in tow over to High Lord Daran where they claim seats and Arik says something in Northlands Shav'arvani while settling down.

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"Noted!" Clara offers back to Bliss with a chuckle before she turns to Cullen and approaches the man. "Good evenin', Cullen. How fairs yer night?" She offers the man a hug and places a kiss on his cheek. There with Arik as she is however she does take a few steps back towards Arik when she is done greeting him and talks at him from Arik's side, eyes sliding back to that conversation for a moment. "Seems like he needs a stiff drink." She shakes her head and looks to Cirroch. "If you don' mind. I don' even mind hostin' ya in return. I'd love ta get ta know you an' yer wife better."

"That's who I am!" Riagnon nod-nods helpfully to Cirroch at Khanne's question of introduction, lifting his own tankard in greeting. His face is painted like a puppy's, though judging by his confidence he thinks it a wolf.

Harlan mms and says, "I seem not to have the best luck with 'north', to be honest." His tone dips a bit more somber for he looks down at the diminutive Nightgold cousin, and hmms, "I may regret this...but there are things I likely could regret more." And he reaches for the green paint. Dabbing a thumb in, he begins to work along Signe's cheek and forehead, returning to the pot more than once. After a bit, it's a bit more obvious -- he's (naturally) working on a green tree along the side of Signe's face and forehead.

Bliss just smiles at Arik from her spot at the grotto, and gives Clara a wave. There really hadn't been cruelty in her words, but she seems pleased by some of the reactions anyway, though her focus is almost entirely on the conversation near her.

Signe is overheard praising Echo: Finger painting fun!

Bashira gives a look when talk of Khanne comes up and the Shaman gives a look over to where people are gathering, "Valla Khanne." she gives a dip of her head to her in greeting with a smile. She'd finally got to put a face with the name. Then when Harlex returns she takes the drink with a smile, "Thank you very much." she tells him.

Signe is overheard praising Cullen: Art is life!

Signe is overheard praising Gwenna: Finger painting a beautiful tree!

Signe is overheard praising Harlan: Finger painting an even bigger tree!

Khanne looks up to Bashira when she approaches. She nods and smiles. "Hi, yes. That's me. Have we met? I've been busy as of late and my memory is... a little scattered at the moment." She looks the woman over, trying to recollect her. She glances around and says, "I seem to be one of few without their face painted."

Cullen returns Clara's hug warmly with a smile, her kiss hopefully landing on the unpainted cheek, or her lips will be a bit green for the rest of the night. "Oh, my night is going well, it always is when I come to Redrain ward. I spend more time here than I do in my own, truth be told. And I always have a marvelous time." Finishing off his whiskey, the knight does let out a sigh. "Unfortunately, I do have a meeting to attend to, so I hope the rest of your night is quite fun." Turning to bow at all assembled and addressing Darren specficially, "Thank you for a lovely night, and the hospitality of Redrain is truly unmatched by any. Please, may the gods and spirits keep you all safe."

Harlex nodded and turned to study the bonfire. "It's no trouble." He took a steady drink and looked to Khanne as she approached to speak with Bashira.

"No, I haven't," Cirroch answers Khanne with a shake of his head, turning over to Riangnon as he greets the man with, "I'm Marquis Cirroch Sanna. It's good to meet you, Lord Riagnon!"

"Be well Sword Cullen." Arik calls out to the departing man from his spot on the bench nearby, his hand lifting up to him and then beckoning Clara over. "So painting!" he says with a wry rumble.

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"Aye, I can do somethin' if you'd like... not an artist though. Might not be so pretty." And yes, part of Clara's lips are green!

"You don't?" Signe inquired of Harlan while her face was being painting, feeling the cool thick liquid spreading from cheek to forehead. "You should have more kin around when you return, family is all the luck you need." Unable to see what it was on her face, she had the red palm sized bowl in her palm. "No regrets, not tonight and not tomorrow. Would you come down some? I suppose can just throw it up there." The Nightgold shaman laughed whole-heartedly.

"We've talked via messengers my lady. I'm Bashira Ru-Taul. I know you're fairly busy with things." Bashira smiles to that. "I just wanted to introduce myself while we were in the same vicinity." she admits.

Signe is overheard praising Clara: Fashionable green lips! How wild!

Harlan shakes his head in amusement and motions towards one of the benches, "Over there, I think, should be fine." And he moves to take a seat on one of the courtyard benches.

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"Oh!" Khanne exclaims, standing quickly from her seat. "Bashira! It is great to meet you. Welcome! Lovely to see you here in our ward." She smiles in a very open, friendly manner and says, "it really is great to meet you. I do hope we can talk and get to know each other soon."

Bashira gives a laugh, "Thank you for the warm welcome. I'm very glad that there is a group for us here in the city." she tells her with a smile. "Everyone has been very welcoming so I feel like this is a good place to stay." she admits. "I hope to get to know everyone soon. But I will let you get back to your evening now. I have left my new friend and he brought me a drink." she chuckles.

Khanne speaks softly to Riagnon for a moment, then turns back to Bashira. "I am glad you feel so welcomed. If that changes, let me know. I know people who know people." She winks, grinning slyly, clearly joking. "We'll talk soon. Enjoy your night!"

Sparks shoot into the air in a shower of orange light as a charred piece of timber breaks loose and tumbles into the flames of the bonfire, briefly setting up a flare of brightness and heat.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Arik before departing.

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Signe called out from the benches, "Mistress Bashira Ru-taul! Glad you came! Come let me put some green on your face!"

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Bashira gives a dip of her head to Khanne, "My lady, it was good to meet you." she tells her. Then there's a look around when she hears her name called and there's a wave to Signe, "One moment, Lady Nightgold!" she smiles to her. Then she heads over to Harlex, "Do you want to go get your face painted?" she asks him with a smile.

Arik seems to victoriously motion towards Darren while saying something to Clara in Northlands Shav, somewhat loudly.

Arik says in Northlands shav, "See!"

Harlex stared into the fire. The cup risen, steadily drank, and lowered. He sighs, smoke and embers flirt up along the dancing waves of light. His sullen face is no less gloomy, despite the favors and the mood. But in some strange way, it appears that he enjoys himself. When Bashira returns, the sellsword turned his head. He hesitated a moment. "Who do they paint on the face?"

Khanne says in Northlands shav, "See what, brother?"

Clara says in Northlands shav, "They are teamin' up on me. That's all."

Arik says in Northlands shav, "A Shaman is a Shaman is a Shaman and I'll name a Shaman a Shaman to a Shaman's face!"

Arik says in Northlands shav, "Except you, Sister."

Riagnon says in Northlands shav, "A shaman IS a shaman." He nods a few times in quick succession, glancing towards Khanne, "He's got you there."

"Take your time! We have other colors there!" Signe calls out after finishing up painting on Harlan's face. Four solid red lines that run from the crown of his forehead to under the chin and down the neck.

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Bashira gives a look to the gloomy sellsword, "You will have to come and find out." she tells him with a soft smile. "I actually don't know why Lady Nightgold has chosen green. But don't worry, it's nothing about random marriages." she teases the man gently. "Just think of it like war paint?" she offers to him.

Khanne chuckles at the exchange of Northlands Shav teasing, shaking her head. "And a Sister is a Sister, it seems."

Helena wanders outside of the villa and freezes at the sight of a lot of people. "Oh uhm.." Then she spots the bonfire, food and drinks and her face lights up. "Hello everyone! Are we burning someone or just celebrating something?" She asks, beaming at the faces of strangers and family alike.

Fredrik has left the shaded garden grotto.

Harlex wrinkled his nose at the idea of war paint. Some memory passed over his eyes. He shook it off and lifted his shoulders in a helpless way, "Very well. Lead on. I suppose it won't kill me." He paused. "Right?"

Darren has joined the benches under the oak trees.

Clara checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Connal, a Northern Wolfhound arrives, following Rosalind.

Signe has left the courtyard benches.

"Or don't..." Bashira offers quickly as she sees the look on Harlex's face. But she doesn't press for an explanation on what the look is for. "And no, it won't kill you. If it tries to attack you I'll give it a good stab." she nods sternly at that as she leads them over to Signe and company.

Harlex resigned to this course and followed Bashira. "Fair enough."

Arik checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Arik checked willpower at difficulty 30, rolling 7 higher.

Clara is a magnificant painter! Even when Arick turns and smudges his own face a bit Clara manages the most beautiful rainbow! With little puffy clouds.

Signe is overheard praising Arik: A hands on artist!

Arik checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Helena watches the warpaint with an avid look and then drifts towards the first seat she can find to observe. She tucks her dress away from the fire and signals to someone to bring her a drink. No surprise, it's whiskey.

Arik checked strength at difficulty 25, rolling 14 lower.

Helena has joined the courtyard benches.

Harlen arrives, following Duarte.

Something about 'you' 'have' 'dog' is said over at the bench with Arik, Clara and Darren and the Halfshav Lord actually gets up and while Darren jumps to his feet and smacks the High Lord on the back ineffectually while saying, "You can't -choke- to death." he says with some alarm, evidently concerned for Darren's coughing fit. The slap to the back doesn't help but he tried anyway. He does have a really lovely rainbow.

As the sun begins to rise, painting the sky in lurid pink and orange, the party on the Redrain grounds continues into the morning. The first feeble rays of the sun begin to add their warmth and light to that of the slowly-waning flames of the bonfire.

Clara stands up with Arik, nearly spilling paint... which she clearly had to go get more colors of and calmly places the bowl in her hand aside. She looks at Darren with the critical eye of a physician and checks to make sure he is okay.

Clara checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

"I'm the whiskey-bone prince," Darren wheezes weakly as he regains some composure. Whatever the hell that means. He gives a wry grin towards Arik. "Well I'm not a rug, man, you needn't thump the dirt out of me." He considers the bottle in his hand dubiously for a second but, not to be deterred, clears his throat with a hearty swig. This one makes it down his throat safely, at least.

Signe smiles broadly as Bashira and Harlex approaches. "Wonderful!" She tries to coat her entire hand in green paint then it is held up towards Bashira. "Ready?"

Rosalind has been here. Somewhere's. Maybe. With the sun's first rays, the red headed ranger makes a full appearance as she comes out of the darkness near a tree to fetch herself a drink from the table. At her side is Connal, the large dog quietly following after her. A glance is given over to the groups here and there, taking them all in quietly.

Arik actually glowers mildly at Darren and shakes out his hand while saying, "Whiskey-bone... High Lord you can't joke about giving a man your dog. That's Arvani for, I'm dying." he says in a seemingly serious rumble before retaking his seat and then looking up at Clara, "Wait... Did you finish?" and then he tries the impossible task of seeing his own face before giving up thirty seconds later and ask, "What is it?"

Satisfied that Darren is not dying, Clara sits back down and starts laughing as Arik asks her what she drew. "I think I have a mirror in me bag." She reaches into her bag and from a box grabs a small mirror and hands it to Arik. "You should know... I have come ta adore ya Arik."

Harlex was more than willing to let Bashira be the first. He looked aside, spotting Helena, and lifted a hand to wave her toward them. He looked to the sailor as she prepared to get her face painted.

Bashira gives a look to Harlex and a smile, "You'll be alright." she tells him. Then she gives a look to Signe and there's a nod, "Sure. Hopefully I won't have to run away during this." she chuckles.

She laughs, wiggling her the green coated fingers. "No... well. Maybe!" Signe teased then stretched her hand out, placing a green handprint right in the center of Bashira's face. When withdrawn her smile reappears, "Perfect! And who is your friend here?"

Art is mostly about symbolism or is it simplism. Arik goes for both when he dips his hand into the red paint his entire palm covered in it and then it's three fingers against his lips leaving them with red paint. Whether it looks like lipstick or blood, probably depends on the light. Three. Two. One and Clara gets a red handprint on the side of her neck and a red pair of lips on her cheek. Quick and mostly clean, it might be a little smudged leaving the Crovane woman with green lips, and red imprints. The Halfhsav wipes his forearm against his lips smearing the paint away his hand is a lost cause and he gets a rag to begin wiping it clean, "There, what do you think High Lord?"

Harlex stepped forward, it was his turn. He looked toward Bashira's hand-print and nodded then looked to Signe. "Harlex Valtyr. Suppose I'm up next."

The shaman turned around to acquire two palm sized bowls of paints, one white and the other black. Both were held out in offering to Bashira and Harlex, "Welcome to the Redrain Ward Master Harlex Valtyr. Perhaps you'd both like to paint each other? Anything you want. Doesn't matter what, choose a color! Maybe you'd like green though or red?"

Signe gives a bit of a laugh and then closes her eyes as Signe handprints her face. Then there's a smile, "That wasn't so bad." she tells Harlex. Though there's a look to the paints when Signe offers them, "I'm a fan of black. Though I have a feeling so is my friend here." she looks to the man. "So I'll let him pick. If he's up for it." she adds.

Darren glances approvingly at Arik's handiwork. "I think it makes a bold statement, my friend. Powerful, but not too loud." He ponders the bowl of red paint for an instant only before dipping his own right hand into it, then smears it carelessly in a broad line from his left temple down his face diagonally to the right side of his chin. The irregular, splotchy smear crossing the High lord's face looks like blood in the waxing light of day. He lets the hand fall to his side, dripping paint, while he raises his bottle to the dwindling crowd once more in salutation. He looks every bit the barbarian warlord of the Northlands as he bellows once more, "Redrain! To the last!"

Rosalind gathers that drink, holding the glass of whiskey in her hand after a quick sip is taken. Slowly, she drifts closer to the others, the large canine following at her heels. Watching as people paint other's faces, she watches with some amusement as she takes in the various decorations given. A nod is offered here and there, though the ranger seems to keep to herself, at least for the moment.

Harlex removed his gauntlets. It made it easier to paint. He studied the black shade. Without much thought he dipped his fingers in it and felt it against his callous pads. "Alright," he said. Thoughtful for a moment as he looked at Bashira. "Shall we?"

Signe is overheard praising Darren: Nice war paint!

Elgana is overheard praising Darren.

Bashira is overheard praising Darren: For not minding Thrax invading!

Harlex is overheard praising Darren: A fine burning and a fine evening.

Clara playfully cringes away from Arik when he kisses her cheek. "Oh Spirits! Lips! Eww!" She lets him finish what he's doing though before she playfully gives Arik a gentle push away from her as if it were the most horrific thing he could have done to her. When Darren speaks she shakes her head, smile in place, and watches him smear paint onto his own face. She looks around and finds the nearest bottle of whiskey, that isn't Darren's,... this is Redrain it should be everywhere! And grabs it before she lets out a loud sound of approval in response to his words.

Bliss is overheard praising Darren.

Clara is overheard praising Darren: Darren throws the best parties!

"To the Last!" Arik calls out not with his own bottle of whiskey but he does snake Clara's own bottle as soon as she gets a swig in and takes one of his own. It gets a patchy red handprint on the bottle.

With a goofy, lopsided smile, Riagnon lifts his drink to Darren's bellow. He lets out an unintelligible spirited little roar of his own from where he sits with Khanne.

Khanne looks up from her conversation and smiles across the way to Darren. "To the Last!" she exclaims loudly.

"To the Last!" Helena calls out, cheering as she stays close to the bonfire for warmth.

Signe also gave her name, "I am Lady Signe Nightgold and sure, which ever color. You can choose another if you'd like... as long as the faces are painted by another." The shaman laughs again and wanders off to find another face to paint and she's heading towards the High Lord Darren. Smirking when she witnessed him paint his own face. With green palmed in her hand Signe accompanied the bellow, "To the last!" Then impisly commenting to Darren, "It is your turn." Her palm swayed the paint in hand.

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