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Sunday Night Sip'n Spar XXI

Join us for another fun-filled night of sparring, spirits and superb company at the Golden Hart.

All levels of fighters (and disciplines, including melee, bare knuckle and archery) are welcome. Bring your weapons and armor or use the Hart's equipment to truly test your skills, or simply come and enjoy the scene and make a wager or two on your favoured fighters.

This is a casual social fundraising event. All drinks are on the house.

Everyone is welcome!

Proceeds from this event will go to support the Golden Hart's charity fund. Thank you for your support!

(OOC: This is a casual event created just to cut loose and have some fun. The Hart is open to everyone. If you are new to the game or looking for RP, please join us. We would be very happy to have you.)

See the Winners Circle from past events here:


July 8, 2018, 9:30 p.m.

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Geralt Ian Cadern Jasper Theodoric Anabelle Merek Caspian Zoey Mirari Shae Alessia Corban Waldemai Artorius Amari Roxana Soren Lethe



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Golden Hart Social & Gaming House - The Arena

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Comments and Log

Lizette, a pretty buxom barmaid arrives, following Valencia.

Alessia Mazetti enters the Arena, accompanied by Mazetti guards and a tortie cat wandering behind. She is fully dressed in armour, from head to toe, her hair tied back in a ponytail and her beloved glaive strapped to her back in its sheathe. She holds a bottle of amaretto in her hands and resolves to remain standing for the time being.

Once seating arrangements have been figured out, Amari settles in with her small party (save Geralt who is a big party), only to rise again at Demura's approach. "Marquessa." She greets, offering her a respectful bow of her head before smiling and gesturing to the free seats, happily, "Please, join us, of course." Anabelle is given a smile as well, and a nod, "Hello. Sit, I'll introduce everyone."

Ezekiel the German Shepherd, 2 Sea Rover Bodyguards arrive, following Artorius.

Mirari gazes at Waldemai, an amused look on her face. "Did you get your ale before you climbed up here?" She takes a drink of her flask and points it in his direction. "I'm not sharing my flask tonight."

Corban clank, clank, clank. Sir Corban Telmar enters in his tell-tale armor of the King's Own, gleaming in the light of the arena. He glances this way and that to see who might be on the fight card tonight, pausing by the bar only to pick up a watered-down ale.

Demura has joined the ringside table.

Waldemai is a man who can take a hint if he is beaten over the head with it. "Ale! Bring the whole bucket of you don't want to make a bunch of trips."

She greets Amari with a smile and a little bow and proceeds to sit next to Demura. " You know you'll have to explain me everything that is going on, right?"

Anabelle has joined the ringside table.

There's a solid series of thumps as Jasper enters from the main hall. He's wearing full armor -- the source of the thumping noises -- a greatsword hanging from his side. His armor is gleaming, well-looked after, and the stern Lord Steelhart pauses to take stock of where to register for his entrance into the event.

"They serve it by the bucket? Nice." Mirari responds, leaning against one of the cross beams in the rafters. "Probably good to get it all at once." She raises her voice, calling down to the bar. "Put a tankard in the bucket, so he doesn't have to drink from it."

Count Artorius arrives at the arena with his greatsword easily held on his shoulder with a single hand. "Well, here's to a good fight!" he calls out into the arena with a big smile on his face.

"You don't think I'd win?" Geralt raises both brows in Shae's direction, his lips twitching in amusement. "Was that a joke? Because if it wasn't, I have half a mind to challenge -you- to a wrestlin' match. Bet I'd win then," he snorts, chuckling low.

Zoey grins at Mirari. "Just keep people busy while I shoot them from behind you. It's easy!" She pauses. "Oh. And, you know, jump in front of any hits coming my way. It will be fun!" And she touches Ian's elbow motioning towards a table. Suddenly, there a Valencia! Zoey smiles warmly at the princess and dips into a graceful curtsey.

Carita has joined the upper rafters.

Shae tilts her head at the man. "You couldn't throw a sandwich at me further than the height of your head," she remarks calmly. "I daresay there are brawlers here more skilled than you. You rely on your natural size and strength. What would that be like, pitted up against a brawler who practices? On purpose?"

Mirari points at Zoey as she glances towards Waldemai. "See? She's trying to get me shot. If she wasn't a good shot, I'd think she was setting me up to get railed on by blunted arrows."

Everything is casual with Soren. Never in hurry, never in a rush for anything, he moves inside a placid sense of movement that suggests he's here to see what's going on than start trouble. And that particular gait carries him towards the bar, to pull himself onto a stool. Once he gets a bartender's attention, he points out one of the more mid-tier and cheaper bottles. "That one." he states easily. "Leave some shotglasses and the bottle." Clearly, he's getting himself set up for the evening.

Lethe sits at a ringside table while she waits for the event to begin. She smiles to Demura and Anabelle as they join the small group.

The Hart's arena is rumbling and buzzing with good natured chatter and laughter as people from throughout Arx arrive to enjoy good company and some of the best matches in the realm. The little vixen moves through the large heavy double doors with a bevy of serving girls who join the others in seeing that everyone is well cared for under the watchful eye of the Hart's master Barkeep, Maggnus.

The Arena mercies receive final instructions and the little southern princess, and keeper of the Hart stand at the edge of the sands looking about the vast room as the tables and rafters fill with guests. A bright smile finds Valencia's lips as Zoey is the first to greet her, and she gracefully returns the greeting with a warm nod and a curtsy of her own.

Ian lets himself be steered by Zoey, although he pauses when Carita heads for the rafters. Still, if he has to take as much care just walking as he does, he's probably not going to be climbing up there anytime soon. Hopefully the table Zoey picks is close enough for them to keep the conversation going without having to shout halfway across the arena.

Geralt's expression remains amused, though he narrows his eyes to a squint in Shae's direction. "How do you know I don't practice brawling? On purpose?" his brow lifts into an arch with his question. "Throwin' uses different muscles than brawlin'. And you were twenty feet above my head, besides."

Cadern wanders his way into the room with open curiosity. The northern lord surveying the room and searching for a seat. He's grinning as he considers various seats and moves to the ringside tables. A small flask is opened and sipped at. "Interesting crowd." HE says to himself.

Waldemai calls down, "Who's the first fight? I've got silver to lose." Yes, some of that bucket of ale has already disappeared somewhere.

Carita has left the upper rafters.

"What he said." Mirari gestures towards Waldemai. "Except I'm going to win while he loses."

The crowd seems eager tonight and so Valencia wastes no time getting the evenings proceedings started.

Valencia moves to the center of the Ring of Valor and offers a warm incline of her head, "My lords and ladies, misseres and madames, dearest friendsÂ… welcome to my Hart. Tonight is a night to come together and enjoy excellent skills, fine company and a strong drink or two. All here are so very welcome and the bar is open for your pleasure," the little vixen says with a warm and gracious smile.

"As always, we are so deeply grateful for your ongoing support. Truly, it is your generosity and good will that allows us to make a difference and our peoples stronger. Thank you for blessing us with your kind company, inspiring spirit, and for making all our events such a success. We are so glad you are here and hope you will find yourself in our Hart often," she offers earnestly as she raises her glass in salute to one and all. "And so, here it to you, my dearest friends. To light, luck and love. May you always find as much happiness in your heart as we find in ours. And now, warriors, if you please, please take to the sands!"

Zoey has joined the corner table.

Although some of the other participants take the 'sip' part of the competition literally, the somber-looking Jasper Steelhart avoids such. When Valencia begins to speak, he listens attentively, offering her a bow at the end of her words, before he moves towards the sands, taking in any others with a casual glance of assessment.

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Merek walks into the Arena area of the building, and while he has on his black umbra-leathers, most people will much more easier notice the flamelike scarf which he has on. Fireweave shifts about his form, while it moves along with him. He looks around a it, and finds a place to take a seat and get a drink.

The glaivedancer takes a drink straight from her bottle before handing it to a guard and stepping forward to the stands.

Alessia has joined the ring of valor.

1 Grayson House Guards, Thalia, a beautiful lady-in-waiting arrive, following Roxana.

:The girl was glady exchanging smiles and little bows with everyone on the table talking, like she so much enjoyed to do "I know that, Dem... And by the way Amari, I think we should start to become acquainted fast. If I know my sister, this relationship will surely need some steering from the outside." She says in a jokingly manner, completely not showing the respect for her sister rank. After hearing the news from Lethe she then grims "My, my, ain't we just like a bunch of rabbits all over eachother? Hahaha"

Making bets would require having a decent line of credit. And Soren sorely lacks that, having just enough to buy himself drinks. Which, it should be noted, is about where his interest beings and ends. So he pours for himself, seated at the bar, watching on with a medium-level involved interest. The medic wouldn't say to watching a fight.

Waldemai shouts down from the rafters, "Hit 'em with that big stick!"

Soren has joined the bar.

Corban puts his name in for one of the fights and the makes his way over towards the seating near the ring, so that he might watch the fighting closely. So that puts him at the ringside table with the others. "Ah. Marquessa Lyonese. A good day to you," he says to Demura. "I am glad to hear a killer was brought to justice, even though it caused so much upset in the Oathlands."

Corban has joined the ringside table.

Mirari glances sideways at Waldemai, frowning slightly. "It's a glaive." She corrects with a little bit of sass. "Drink your ale!"

Carita has joined the upper rafters.

Dressed in something bright and frivolous that is mostly covered by a heavy, also bright and frivolous looking cloak, Princess Roxana Grayson enters the arena with a politely curious expression on her face. Golden eyes skim the room and take in the sights and the people. "Oh my, this looks like great fun. To watch." To watch, obviously.

Roxana has joined the upper rafters.

Zoey settles in at the corner table with Ian, leaning Dawn's Light against the nearby wall and draping her satchel over the back of her chair. Rose gold silk charmeuse gleams in the light as it shifts over her figure, and she sets her bottle of gin on the table. Whiskey is brought by a server, as well as a tray of glasses, as if Ian and Zoey have some sort of reputation around here.

Shae considers Geralt, then says, "No. I think the muscles are the same. You would lose," she decides.

Mirari beams and lets out a squeal as the proper Princess climbs up into the rafters. She reaches out to hug Roxana and passes her the silver flask. "Welcome to the good seats." She says before leaning in to add something quiet.

The little southern princess nods to Lady Alessia and Lord Jasper as the take to the sands and finds her way to the grand table to watch the proceedings, offering warm smiles to everyone as they arrive or as they settle in their seats.

Theodoric slips into the arena, finding a seat at the great able near the ring he is pre-equipped with drink in hand, and a small bowl of some sort of snack, he settles in, pulling a chair opposite of him closer on which to prop his feet, he leans back into the plush seating and prepares to watch the festivities.

With a roll of his shoulders, Jasper settles his gaze on Alessia with a respectful nod -- before it flicks towards her glaive with a lifting of brows in surprise. No welcoming smile, though -- the stern Lord rarely has one to hand, as is common with the Steelharts. He unsheathes his greatsword, resting it point-down on the sands, glancing towards the Princess for further instructions as he readies himself.

The Lycene lets out a laugh as her weapon is referred to as a stick before unsheathing it.

Alessia wields an ancient glaive with an iridescite handle.

Valencia has joined the ringside great table.

Anya, the cool as an ice cube Champion apprentice, Renn, the mousy, scholarly brunette, Morgan, a roguish looking gentleman arrive, following Caspian.

Caspian has joined the Champions' table.

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Caspian has joined the bar.

Alessia prepares for the match, giving her opponent a nod and keeping as silent as he. She twirls the glaive in her hand as she tends to do before she spars before glancing at the princess and dipping her head.

Palamon, a supercilious eagle owl arrives, delivering a message to Carita before departing.

Ian settles in with Zoey, and immediately pours himself a glass of whiskey and knocks it back. He seems pretty intent on drinking and watching the fighting, tonight.

Soren makes an idle gesture with his glass-laden hand, as if the motion would speed up time til the fight actually starts.

Caspian calls out from the bar, loud enough to be heard, "Someone fight me when there is a chance to! I haven't done much fighting in a while!"

Merek moves to the exit for a moment!

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Nallah, a buff-looking tortie cat with green eyes have been dismissed.

Reedy, a King's Own aide have been dismissed.

Stormbringer, the Highhill War Hound have been dismissed.

Anabelle has joined the ringside table.

Merek comes back and walks to his seat, as he settles to watch.

Alessia has left the ring of valor.

2 House Mazetti Aspirants wakes up.

Stormbringer, the Highhill War Hound wakes up.

Stormbringer, the Highhill War Hound have been dismissed.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Caspian's voice rings out across the room and the little vixen turns to smile warmly his way. "Good evening, Missere Champion," Valenica calls over as a pretty blond serving girl arrives with Caspian's favoured drink in hand. . "I am sure your request can be more than accommodated. It would seem there is a spark of fire in this cold winter's night and many are keen to test skills, yes? Please be so very welcome and enjoy a drink, our first match is about to begin," she nods to the sands with flash of excitement in her large dark eyes.

Merek stands up and moves towards Valencia, who he bows towards with an incline, and shifts a bit to smile at her, "Your Highness, it has been a while. Might O take a seat with you?" he asks, with a motion of his wrist.

2 House Mazetti Aspirants have been dismissed.

Anya, the cool as an ice cube Champion apprentice have been dismissed.

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A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Merek looks towards the table while he speaks to Valencia, "Book one Merek for 2,000 silver on Lady Mazetti!"

"You are so very welcome to join us, Missere Merek," Valencia nods cheerfully, offering him a delicate hand in greeting. "Please, have you meet the very charming Missere Theodoric. Missere Theodoric, this is Missere Merek" she smiles between them, pausing to admire the remarkable scarf. "What a beautiful scarf, missere. I don't suppose you'd wager that?" she teases playfully as Lizette arrives with bottles for the table.

Caspian gives a wave to Valencia as he greets her with a grin her way, calling back to her, "It's always lovely to see you, princess! It's been a while since I've been to one of these!"

Octavian, a silken spaniel arrives, delivering a message to Caspian before departing.

Alessia takes an aggressive stance as she prepares to strike, one hand under, one hand over the glaive, with both thumbs oriented towards the tip of the glaive.

"It's Sir since we met before. I am now a Knight of the Hundred Cities," Merek offers, "Though Messere does work." He inclines then towards Theodoric, "Pleasure, enjoying the sip and spar?" he asks, as he settles with the two.

Deputy Clerk Anya arrives, delivering a message to Zoey before departing.

Renn, the mousy, scholarly brunette arrives, delivering a message to Zoey before departing.

Meeka arrives, delivering a message to Merek before departing.

Jasper shifts his stance, watching his opponent closely. When Alessia strikes, he half turns his body, the strike slamming against his armor, which appears to bear the brunt of it. A moment later, he's pushing forward, greatsword swinging from the side to hopefully catch her unprepared to defend.

Theodoric nods his head at Merek's greeting. "Nice to meet you, Sir Merek. I always do enjoy these events, a fine bit of sport and a fine bit of company." he throws another small tid bit into his mouth, chewing briskly.

Ian takes a definite interest in this fight -- enough of an interest that he forgets about his drink for the time being. He leans forward a little bit, sharp eyes taking in the details of the two combatants. Or... really, he's mostly watching Alessia, if we're being honest. It's not every day you get to see a glaivedancer do her thing.

Sir Struttington, Esquire Messenger Peacock arrives, delivering a message to Zoey before departing.

After failing to deal any damage, Alessia is caught off guard by Jasper's counterstrike. His greatsword grazes the side of her arm for moderate damage causing her to reel backwards and readies herself for the next round.

Merek says, "And no, am not betting the scarf!"

"Apologies, Sir Merek. It has been forever since you have been in my Hart and I did not know, I am so pleased for you, though," Valencia blushes at her mistake and lowers her eyes apologetically. "Congratulations on your new appointment," the little vixen offers graciously as she reaches to pour Theodoric some whiskey, in typical Velenosan style. Dark eyes drift for a moment to the sands. "I think perhaps one of those in the crowd might meet your wager, Sir Merek, though you may wish to agree to it quickly," she nods with a sweet smile as she studies the fighters carefully. "I have not seen the gentleman fight before. Do you know him?"

Merek looks thoughtful a moment, "It's fine, you can call me anything. Just didn't know if you knew," he admits, as he shifts his scarf and leans back, as he looks around to any takers on his bet, as he takes a drink from some wine he had picked up.

Zoey is apparently dealing with -all- the messengers right now. She splits her time between watching the spar and writing with an immaculate copperplate.

It's a close one, this time: Jasper lets out a grunt as the glaive strikes, catching his arm and jolting it. Through a hiss of breath, he returns the strike, barely managing to graze the woman. He backs off a step, gives her a grudging, approving nod, then circles slowly, watching carefully for her next strike.

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The glaivedancer prepares her attack - her stance balanced - and catches the knight's arm while his counter strike causes very little damage. With a grin, she steps backwards, readying herself for her next strike.

Valencia offers Zoey a sweet and sympathetic smile as she catches her eye between messengers. Lord Ian is offered a warm smile, too, as she returns her attention to serving Theodoric and then Merek and the others at their table. There is a little wince as strikes are exchanged and the combatants move around the area to the delight of the cheering crowd.

Mirari gets a draping stygian and iolite handflower from a double-wrapped thick black leather sword belt.

Cadern has joined the ringside great table.

Waldemai shouts down, "Hit him with that big stick again!"

Merek asides gently to Valencia, "I can do a match next."

The battle is fierce, and most of it is Jasper bearing the brunt of the very precise strikes of Alessia's weapon. He manages to get in a couple more strikes in turn, but it's clear that he's outclassed by the woman and -- sweating -- he finally lifts his weapon in front of his face. "I yield to you, my Lady. A worthy opponent, indeed," he concedes, as his weapon is lowered.

Mirari puts a draping stygian and iolite handflower in a double-wrapped thick black leather sword belt.

Soren turns his hands over lightly. "Fighting for the stupid reasons that people think up to throw challenges at each other?" It almost sounds like amusement. "Nah, I'll pass. But you're making good coin off it, so clearly it's benefiting someone. I'd rather I just get hired as the guy who keeps people in one piece afterwards." Another shot is taken. "Like fighting with my hands. Personal. And you're never unarmed."

Jasper is overheard praising Alessia.

Roxana puts on the stygian handflower that Mirari passes to her, moving this way and that to show it off here in the cheap (but flask rich!) seats. With a toss of dark hair she removes it after a few minutes, handing the bauble back to Mirari. "That one is no charge, just because I adore you /that/ much"

Mirari plucks a pouch of silver from her belt and tosses it gently towards Waldemai. She slants a look at Roxana before she leans in to give her a kiss on the cheek. "You're far too kind, your Highness." She gestures to the bucket of ale. "If you want a drink, I'll buy you some bucket ale." She teases, an impish look on her face.

Merek stands up and applauds the two combatants. He then moves towards the queue for the matches, as he relaxes a bit and stretches, lookin around for a moment, as he considers.

After a few rounds of successful strikes (and some misses), Alessia prepares herself for the next round, determined. Her opponent yields before she can ready her stance. Surprised she sheathes her weapon and nods her assent. Approaching him to shake his arm, she smiles pleasantly. "Thank you, my lord."

Waldemai takes the pouch and tucks it away someplace safe...but perhaps not for long, with the next bout coming up.

"I would be so very happy to have you added to the lists," Valencia smiles to Merek, pausing to consult with a willowy amber haired girl with freckles and a roster and quill. There is a quiet consultation and she nods, "I believe we have the formidable Count Artorius meeting in the ring with the the rather talented Sir Corban. Would you care to cross blades with Missere Champion Caspian? I know he was very keen to step into the ring this evening."

"Truly? Bucket ale? What kind of uncouth something or other drinks ale from a bucket? I'm appalled and..." Roxana puffs about for a few seconds before flashing Miri a grin. "Bah, I'm only just now working towards model, actress may be a bit off. Give it here."

"Sure, I can do such," Merek tells Valencia, as he looks for the other two combatants matched up for the night. He stands around at the ring to watch the battle more intimately, as he brushes back his hair, letting it down.

"And to you, my Lady," proper in form and polite to a fault, Jasper shakes Alessia's hand, though without the smile to match hers, as he departs the sands to make way for the next combatants. Now, after the fight, would be the perfect time for a drink. But, instead, after he removes his gloves, Jasper finds a seat and sinks into it, settling his blade across his knees as he runs a hand through damp hair, expression just as solemn as when he started.

Cadern drops into a seat and seems content to just drink and watch in fascination. He seems be gauging the fighters laughing faintly at the fights, "I really should track the proper odds more." He admits to no one in particular biting his lip as he stretches out and he persk up as Caspian seems to be getting a competitor.

When Sir Corban hears his name called in relation to Count Artorious, and with the other fight clearing out of the arena, the knight of the King's Own rises from his table and checks his armor and weapon as he makes his way down to the arena for his match. His eyes scan for the Count, waiting for him to join.

Mirari gestures towards Waldemai. "Pass me some bucket ale for the Princess?" She asks, a slight grin on her face. She gazes down to the fighting ring from her seat, and claps as the next combatants step towards the ring.

It would appear that Jasper yields to the Lady Alessia and gallantly departs the field to an approving roar of the crowd, cheering as much for the show of talent as for the chivalry displayed by the gentleman as he moves to take a seat. The sergeant of arms stands up and calls the Count Artorius and Sir Corban to the sands next.

Waldemai peers into the bucket. "There's not enough left here for a princess," he says, and calls down, "Bring up another bucket! "

Alessia has joined the bar.

Ian sits back after the fight he was watching comes to an end and belatedly remembers his drink. He takes a couple of sizable swallows, and then reaches over to top it up again.

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Octavian, a silken spaniel leaves, following Zoey.

Octavian, a silken spaniel arrives, following Zoey.

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The girl then shouts in joy " I'll bet 2.000 silver pieces in Sir Corban, if anyone is interested in making this more interesting!"

Deputy Clerk Anya arrives, delivering a message to Zoey before departing.

Alessia takes a seat the bar, after handing her glaive to her guards and removing her barbute - as well as reclaiming her amaretto. She finishes the contents of the bottle and turns to the occupants giving them a nod. "Will you men be sparring?"

Lethe:looks to Amari and laughs. "You better bet on his opponent if we want Sir Corban to win."

Caspian gets A steel barbute with rounded spikes along the dome from a simple blackened leather backpack.

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Zoey receives a final missive and unfolds it, leaning back in her seat as she reads it. Eventually, she drops it on the table and reaches for her gin. While the next spar is setting up, she comments quietly to Ian, a faintly sardonic smile on her lips.

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Corban wields heart of The Telmarch Oathlands redsteel blade.

Soren must've said something inspirational or maybe blunt to Caspian, because the medic lifts his shotglass to the duelist before throwing the drink back. "Have fun." he says rather conversationally as the other leaves to go do his fighting thing.

Caspian checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 51 higher.

Corban steps into the arena, drawing his redsteel sparring blade from his side when the Champion Caspian takes up the place across from the man. "Well," he says simply. "I doubt I can be as entertaining as you are in the ring, but I hope I can land a few blows more." He raises the sword in a salute.

As Caspian walks to the ring to meet his next opponent, he begins to sing, "Who's the manlist man amongst men? Say it once, say it again! Corbaaaan, Cooorbaaan, CCOOORRRBAAAAN~!" He bellows out in a tuneful jest, grinning to the man as he steps before him. "I forget if those were the lyrics. It's been so long." He draws his knife, grinning to the man, "We'll see how this goes!"

a tiny man with a BIG unpronounceable name arrives, delivering a message to Ian before departing.

Caspian wields Freedom.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

a tiny man with a BIG unpronounceable name arrives, delivering a message to Jasper before departing.

a tiny man with a BIG unpronounceable name arrives, delivering a message to Merek before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Soren before departing.

Off the jump, Sir Corban is a bit behind the Champion who is managing to find the weak spots in the armor, sneaking past with his dagger while Corban tries to find purchase with his longsword. "Not bad. Like you do this for the living," remarks Sir Corban, impressed. But he does not seem inclined to yield yet.

Mirari blinks and stares at Roxana before she begins to giggle, bending nearly double as she laughs.

The fight starts and Caspian steps forward with his blunted knife, getting nice and close in the man's face as he lands carefully placed blows in the gab of Corban's armor, a stab here in one gab that barely touches him, his own armor blocking the man's counter, another stab in a different gap, and his armor still protects him as he barely fails to dodge the man. But then he gets a nice, clean stab with his blunted knife in a soft spot, and it sure as hell likely gonna hurt! And still, his leathers protect him from the retalation!

Caspian grins to Corban as he replies, "Funny enough, I do!"

Mirari lets out a yelp and rubs her arm where she's been pinched. She narrows a look at the Grayson Princess, sticking out her tongue at her after a moment.

Alessia orders a bottle of rum and a glass which she takes with her as she leaves the bar, although with slightly less grace than is usual - likely due to the empty bottle of amaretto. She takes a seat at the corner table beside Ian and Zoey, pouring her drink. "Hello again." She greets her drinking companions from earlier.

Ian has just gotten a message that seems to contain some kind of fancy invitation, and he doesn't look super excited about it. There's something wry in his expression when he looks up at Alessia. "Hey. Good fight."

Sir Corban at least manages to land a few blows on the Champion, bringing his sword down against his leathers. Nonetheless, he is quite behind in the fight and is grimacing as he keeps up even in the sparring weapons. "Light on your feet," he compliments the champion.

Zoey hooks her chin on Ian's shoulder, gin in hand, as she peers at the invitation. There's a bit of a smirk as she looks at her husband, muttering something quietly at the table before looking at Alessia. "Well fought," she comments with a smile.

Though Corban is catching his second wind, landing a couple hits on Caspian that cause him to wince, Caspian continues to pressure Corban with attack after attack, slowly widdling down the more heavily armored man with a grin on his lips. "Gotta be, and you are taking a beating! Like trying to cut down a tree with a butter knife!"

Corban checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 7, rolling 70 higher.

Corban remains capable of fighting.

Corban checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 27, rolling 47 higher.

Corban remains capable of fighting.

Corban checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 31, rolling 38 higher.

Corban remains capable of fighting.

Not the best time for Soren to get a letter. To the point where he visibly frown at reading it. Rubbing his nose with a finger, as if it itched, he goes through the process of writing a reply and sending it off. It does make him go back to drinking, like the bottle made a personal offense to him.

Corban checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 32, rolling 77 higher.

Corban remains capable of fighting.

Valencia catches her breath as Corban is struck hard by Caspian's blade. Her large dark eyes widen and she sits up a little straighter as the fight goes on.

Corban checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 50, rolling 21 higher.

Corban remains capable of fighting.

Sir Corban is reeling a bit from the blows, to be sure, but he seems intent on pressing on. Perhaps it is stubbornness. Perhaps it is because Anabelle has money on him. Regardless. He is still behind, but he is at least making Caspian feel the fight at this point.

Corban checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 60, rolling 16 higher.

Corban remains capable of fighting.

Alessia has left the bar.

Alessia has joined the corner table.

It seems like Caspian is going to have to work for this win. While he started off strong, Corban is starting to land more hits on him, each one causing a hiss of pain and a wild grin from him as he keeps up with his stragety of well placed hits in Corban's unprotected areas. "What do they feed you in the King's Own to make you so hardy?!"

Corban checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 68, rolling 21 higher.

Corban remains capable of fighting.

Corban checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 77, rolling 2 lower.

Corban checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 42, rolling 37 higher.

Corban remains alive, but close to death.

Corban is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Lady Anabelle gasps taking her hands to her open mouth, as she watch the two man trade blows bellow. At one point she actually lets a little screams when Caspian hits a blow in Corban and blood strikes the sand at their feet. " Now I see why you like this so much, Dem."

Zoey glances away from her table time and again to check on the fight. When Corban -finally- goes down, she brings her hands together in applause. "Well fought," she calls over to the ring.

"Well," says Sir Corban as he finally is knocked to the ground by Caspain's blows and he holds up his hand in a sign of defeat. "It goes to show how the Champions and duelists are different from knights in battle." He rises up to his feet, raising his sword in salute to Caspian. "Well fought."

Mirari tosses another coin pouch towards Waldemai and grins in his direction. "You're a lucky man tonight, aren't you?"

Cora, the optimistic telmarine arrives, following Tesha.

"He gonna need a healer?" Soren calls from his spot, offering his services if it turns out they're need. If not, he'll just stay in his spot at the bar and continue to drink. He's pretty good at that. Drinking. Healing too, when he's asked to.

"Well done, to both of you!" Jasper adds into the cheers and praises coming from the crowd, the stern expression of the Lord only slightly alleviated by the mood of the crowd.

The crowd rises to their feet to cheer Caspian's win and Corban's incredible stamina and refusal to tall. The little raven haired princess, caught up in the fight whole heartedly, stands with them and cheers, her attention only draw away by the arrival of a messenger and Tesha, who receives a warm smile as the audiences cheers all around them.

Cora, the optimistic telmarine leaves, following Tesha.

Waldemai is willing to admit it. "Lucky it is...And you need to thank the gods for luck." He sends half his winnings to teh Golden Hart Fund

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Soren before departing.

a tiny man with a BIG unpronounceable name arrives, delivering a message to Valencia before departing.

"Lets hear it for The People's Champion, Coooorbaaaaan~!" Caspian calls out after he deals the final blow that knocks the man down, waving his hand over to Corban. "So, who's gonna fight Merek?" Caspian asks, waving to Merek, "If not, I could go again! Haven't been getting enough fights lately."

Once the fight ends, Alessia lends her applause. Rising to clap for the combatants. "Well fought!" She shouts before returning to her seat and her rum.

Corban has left the ring of valor.

Lethe has left the ringside table.

Merek looks around a bit, as he relaxes next to the ring, watching people.

Valencia glances up and smiles her thanks to Waldemai, going so far as to even blow the Lycene smith a kiss for his generosity. "Thank you so much, missere," she calls out up to the rafters, a glass raised in Waldemai's honour.

Roxana has left the upper rafters.

Merek looks around, and he walks towards the main Arena. He shifts back his scarf and reaches for his sword with both hands, drawing it as he shifts it to the non-edged part, then he takes a Eurusi combative stance.

As Sir Corban departs, the Sergeant at arms calls for Merek to join Caspian, upon the sands.

"Oh hey, two in a row, that's great," Caspian says back to Merek with a wide grin given his way, looking to the man with a tilt of his head given his way. "Damn, you really like black, don't you?" He wonders to him with a grin his way. "You ready to fight?"

Merek wields Torian Nightsong.

Merek nods then to Caspian, "Ready," he states, as he shifts a it. "Yes, it is a nice color. Very brooding."

"You'll be brooding after I win," Boasts Caspian with a wink, sliding his feet as he holds up his knife into a ready position.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Merek moves forward to shift his blade in an arc, however it misses a few times, and another glances from that armor. Although he takes a grazing hit and shifts backwards a bit, nodding towards the man.

Rise and repeat. Don't bother swinging widely, go for those hard to hit, but rewarding areas, poking around the leather and poking right at those painful fleshy bits. He gets a glancing hit on Merek, but it's still a good one! He ducks and weaves against Merek, making wooshing noises as the man's blade misses him.

Caspian says, "Woosh!"

Merek checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 5, rolling 56 higher.

Merek remains capable of fighting.

Merek moves towards the man, and shifts his weapon around to graze the man, but both of their weapons seem to glance off their leathers a bit, though '

Merek moves towards the man, and shifts his weapon around to graze the man, but both of their weapons seem to glance off their leathers a bit, though Caspian's seems to hit more. He does manage a couple of hits, and he shifts his form a bit as he remains within combat, not standing down at the moment.

In addition to woosh noises as Merek's blade hits air, he now is making ping noises, like metal hitting metal, as he pokes and smacks with his blunted knife against Merek's skin. He seems to be amusing himself, because he even chuckles in the middle of it.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Soren before departing.

Merek checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 8, rolling 35 higher.

Merek remains capable of fighting.

Merek checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 40, rolling 31 higher.

Merek remains capable of fighting.

Merek checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 65, rolling 8 lower.

Merek checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 32, rolling 20 higher.

Merek remains alive, but close to death.

Merek is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Waldemai cheers for the fighters. "Well done! Well fought! Good show!"

Merek exchanges a few more hits, one actually striking quite well. He then shifts a bit, remaining up for a while somehow. Eventually, he does take a hit that causes him to kneel, and lift up his hand, "Yield." He's been bested completely.

Zoey looks over at the bar for some reason, and her eyes fall on Soren. There is a moment's pause and she's hailing a passing server. She gestures to Soren and talks quietly. The server nods and moves to the bar. In short order, a shot of Kennex vodka is placed before Soren along with a quiet message.

Alessia, once again claps after losing count of the rounds. "Astonishing." She comments, as she watches Caspian take another victory.

Caspian offers a grin to Merek as he goes down, rubbing at his side where Merek got him pretty good, saying to him, "Good fight. Oh man, two fights in a row, I'm going to feel this tonight." He says back to him, waving his hand to Merek as he shouts to the crowd, "Give it up for Merek!"

Again the crowd cheers loudly for the fighters and Valencia rises to cheer along with them, lifting her glass delicately to them the Hart's mercies rush in to see to Merek. At Caspain's urging the crowd cheers again, registering their approval.

Merek shifts so he can stand after a moment, then he dips a nod to Caspian as he sheaths his weapon upon his back once more. He then turns to bow towards the crowd, "Well fought, Grandmaster. I would expect little less from the leader of the Champions." He takes off one of his gloves, so that he can take the other man's, shifting his elbow to the other's.

"I'm not the leader, Beaumont is, he just shoves the work onto me," Caspian says back to Merek with a playful wink given his way, taking off his own glove and shoving his knife away so he can shake Merek's hand.

a tiny man with a BIG unpronounceable name arrives, delivering a message to Caspian before departing.

Mirari has left the upper rafters.

Jasper leans forward, adding his clapping to the noise of the Hart. "Well done, Champion," he calls, visibly impressed by Caspian's showing.

Caspian leaves the ring ith a long stretch, grunting, "I better not hog the ring." He says, mostly to himself. Looking over to Valenica, he wonders, "Who is next?" Then to the crowd, he says, "After the rest of the fights are done, I will fight any and all challengers!"

Merek moves towards the seating where Valencia is, and settles. He reaches for a drink, and takes swigs from one of the beers they have rather than wine.

Caspian has left the ring of valor.

Caspian has joined the bar.

Artorius seeems to hum for a moment as he looks on to watch Caspian leave the ring, Artorius calls out. "I'll take someone on!"

Waldemai has left the upper rafters.

Soren notices there's a vodka infront of him. And a note. He was in the midst of reading letters that have been coming like rapid fire to the medic, so he may of missed it while his focus was elsewhere. There's a look at the message, the vodka, and then to the woman that's pointed out. The nod is given to Zoey, respectful, before taking a drink.

The little southern princess gives Caspian a smile and Merek a warm nod as he returns to the table. "It was well fought, gentlemen and my lady. Thank you all, for such a great show of prowess," Valencia nods brightly as Artorius rises up to call challenge. "And the Count calls. Who will answer?" she calls out and looks to the see who might rise to meet him.

Ian finishes off his drink and heads out.

Ian has left the corner table.

Zoey watches Ian leave to deal with business before looking back at Soren. She smiles at him, inclining her head graciously before returning to her conversation with Alessia.

Zoey watches Artorius and Caspian wander into the ring, and her eyebrow lofts. "Now, now, Guildmaster Wild," she calls over, standing up. "If you're going to go for three, I'm going to make it interesting for you." She grins, picking up Dawn's Light and shouldering her satchel. "You boys warm up while I change into my leathers." And she disappears into a little room to the side, apparently just for that purpose.

Caspian has left the bar.

Caspian has joined the ring of valor.

Zoey gets Roar, a lion rampant steel and blackwood bow, a masculine silver mirror ring with beveled edges, leather coif with metal brow and noseguard, stiff leather bracers, heavy leather gauntlets, a black rose damasked steel long sword, hard leather boots, Dawn's Light, an alaricite bow, reinforced leather pants, a supple fitted sharkskin jacket with a violet sailing ship, a glossy black bear fur cloak with gold accents, Useful Knife from a monogrammed black calfskin satchel with silk lining.

"Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in," Caspian says with a laugh as he walks from the bar back to the ring again, stretching and lets out a groan. "This is gonna HURT! Two on one is so hard to win, I'm probably gonna only take out one of you before I get my ass kicked."

Artorius wields Requiem.

Artorius has joined the ring of valor.

Zoey wields Dawn's Light, an alaricite bow.

Soren pushes off the bar, sliding off his stool and taking his bottle with him. "Enjoy your fights tonight, duelist." he remarks to Caspian, giving a nod as he starts on his way out, Zoey getting another nod as he passes by. "You need a healer for anything, you let me know. Boss doesn't mind the occasional side job."

Zoey puts Night Cruise 'Limited' Gin, a silk charmeuse pair of slippers with amber and rose gold, Roar, a lion rampant steel and blackwood bow, a masculine silver mirror ring with beveled edges, a black rose damasked steel long sword, Useful Knife, a captivating rose gold silk charmeuse gown cut on the bias in a monogrammed black calfskin satchel with silk lining.

Soren has left the bar.

Artorius laughs a bit. "Heh, I guess it's two on one. While I normally wouldn't do something like this...I know Caspian's too fast for his own good." he teases the fellow as he enters a combat stance, eyes on target. "Hope your ready to go, M'lady." he says to Zoe with a small smile.

Ezekiel the German Shepherd have been dismissed.

2 Sea Rover Bodyguards have been dismissed.

Octavian, a silken spaniel have been dismissed.

Two-on-one? That must prick Jasper's knightly pride, since he frowns. Still, Caspian's demonstrated he's more than capable of holding his own, so the Steelhart remains silent.

Zoey puts a breathtaking rose gold ring with gleaming dawnstone in a monogrammed black calfskin satchel with silk lining.

"Take it easy on me, okay you two?" Caspian asks Artorius and Zoey with a smile given his way. "I'm not that good," he says, completely deadpan, stretching in the ring as he awaits for Zoey.

a tiny man with a BIG unpronounceable name arrives, delivering a message to Artorius before departing.

Zoey returns after a few minutes, wearing fairly nondescript grey leathers and a jacket made from lilac-tinged sharkskin, the Kennex ship emblazoned proudly on the left breast. She steps into the ring, stringing her alaricite bow and checking the blunted arrows in her hip-slung quiver, only to pause. She tugs an extra ring off her finger, adjusting the flex of her fingerless gauntlets, and tucks it away. "Right." She smiles at Caspian, tapping him gently on the shoulder. "You, I know. But you?" She turns to Artorius and inclines her head. "I am Lady Zoey Kennex," she introduces herself, "and I'll be your archer for tonight's event." She winks before walking behind the man. "Just try to keep him away from me, hrm?"

Zoey has left the corner table.

Zoey has joined the ring of valor.

Zoey belatedly smiles at Soren. "Thank you! I'll be sure to let you know."

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Alessia watches as the competitors prepare to fight, two against one. Her cat, Nallah, leaps on to her lap although she barely notices with her attention on the stands.

Anabelle has left the ringside table.

Zoey keeps herself behind Artorius as she fires her arrows, eyes fixed grimly on Caspian. Each arrow finds its mark, but only one manages to find the chink in Caspian's armor, the (blessedly) blunted tip crashing into that soft spot between the clavicals. Small victories aside, she seems vaguely amused as most of her arrows just bounce off the man's leathers.

As expected, as strong as Caspian is, two on one is not an easy thing to win. He's already looking like he's going to lose, with Zoey picking through Caspian's defenses, with Caspian forced to keep himself protected against Artorius and thus unable to focus on dodging Zoey well enough. But he's giving a hell of a beating to Zoey's meat shield, at least. Which one goes down first?!

Caspian checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 17, rolling 54 higher.

Caspian remains capable of fighting.

Caspian checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 21, rolling 57 higher.

Caspian remains capable of fighting.

Valencia sits quietly watching the fight below, her drink in hand, but not yet touched. "Who do you suppose will win the day?" she asks the more experienced gentlemen at the table.

At this point, with Artorius apparently pulled to the side for some doubtlessly VERREH SERIOUS BIZNIZ, Zoey is eying Caspian with a lot more wariness. There's a lot of backpedalling and the strategy seems to be to hit him enough times in the face that he keeps his distance.

Jasper's watching carefully and solemnly as ever. At Valencia's question, he murmurs, "Sir Caspian has proven himself multiple times, but -- surely -- he has to be wearying, and the Lady Zoey's aim seems quick and true." His fingers brush at his chin. "As long as she can keep her distance, I'd say the Lady has him."

Cadern considers that clealry having difficulty tracking all the fighting, "He should be wearying but it doesn't seem as the typical rules for such things apply to him."

Well, Jasper, Caspian doesn't plan on making that easy for her. He is chasing her down now, pressing forward as she presses back, aiming those attacks to hit the bow wielding Zoey. Where before he was getting good hits, now he is struggling to strike her, but she is having the same problem now.

The little vixen nods in agreement, her large dark eyes riveted to the scene. "But if he should close the distance I fear for her," Valencia nods and chews her cheek a moment. "She is agile, though, I think, yes? Perhaps the other matches have worn him down, though his stamina is rather remarkable."

Caspian checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 60, rolling 18 higher.

Caspian remains capable of fighting.

Caspian checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 84, rolling 2 lower.

Caspian checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 47, rolling 12 higher.

Caspian remains alive, but close to death.

Caspian is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Two on one is bloody hard, even after Artorius dropped out, Caspian was way too beat up to stand a chance against Zoey, even after that first hit caught her off guard. And then Zoey just had to back away and widdle him down, with Caspian becoming more and more desperate to close the match, even just charging her without any concern to land at least one decisive blow. But those blows were anything but decisive, and an arrow hits him in the gut and he doubles over, falling down. "Shit, okay, I'm done! Good one, Lady Zoey!"

Amari finishes her drink, says some quiet farewells and after some applause for the latest participants in the spar part of the sip and spar, she's off.

"She is, indeed, fast," Jasper agrees with the princess' assessment, eyes glued to the back-and-forth at play. And, when the Lady does, indeed, best him, he stands, shifting his sword off his knees to do so, applauding. "Well done, my Lady," he calls. "Well done, Sir Caspian. Your endurance is extraordinary."

Amari has left the ringside table.

2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, River, a juvenile Oakhaven bloodhound leave, following Amari.

Belatedly, Alessia rises, frightening her cat, and begins to applaud although she struggles to remain stable. "Well done, Zoey!" She calls out.

Alessia is overheard praising Zoey.

OUCH. That hurt. Just as Caspian manages to nick Zoey -again-, she unloads an arrow centre mass and staggers back. "Good -gods-, Master Wild," she gasps. "Don't ever swing anything -actually- sharp at me. Even blunted, that bloody well hurt!" She grins and reaches out to help Caspian back up.

Alessia is overheard praising Caspian.

The crowd erupts into cheers as Zoey masterfully finds way to keep the champion blade at bay, rising to their feet to applaud all three fighters, though there are a few chants of Zoey that echo through. The mercies move in to see to Caspian and Lizette meets Zoey and Artorius at the edge of the ring with fresh drinks. Valencia rises again to applaud, calling out, "Well done! Bravo!!!!" the little vixen thoroughly impressed with the showing.

Artorius returns after dealing with a small matter. "Apologies about that, but I still see you managed without me." he says to Zoey wit ha playful wink. Though he looks to Caspian, walking over to him to help him back up to his feet.

Zoey smiles at Artorius as she unstrings her bow and straps it to her back. "Thank you, Count. I wouldn't have been unscathed long enough to bring him down without your earlier protection."

Zoey dusts off Caspian's shoulder and murmurs quietly to him before departing the ring. She takes Alessia's elbow and begins to walk her out towards the main room. Somewhere in there, she can be heard asking a servant to call poor Alessia a carriage.

Alessia has left the corner table.

Caspian slowly pulls himself up just as Zoey dusts off his shoulder, leaning in to hear the whisper with a tilt of his head her way. He gives a grin to her, shaking his head, "No, you won that one fair and square. Well...not really fair, two on one, but I gave it my all!"

Valencia smiles and takes a happy breath as the event begins to simmer and the guests move to the more serious business of drinking and conversation. "I think this was another excellent evening, my sirs. Thank you so much for spending it with me. I could not ask for better company," she nods warmly to one and all at her table as she settles back with a happy sigh.

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