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Deepwood Harvest Festival

The Deepwood Harvest Festival is a tradition of the March of Old Oak. Come celebrate the bounty of autumn in an outdoor festival with the following activities in addition to music and feasting:

Apple Bobbing
Pie Eating
Hand axe throwing

Also: a special contest! A Chef's challenge, to anyone who cares to enter: create a dish, savory or sweet, using one of Deepwood's most well known ingredients: APPLES.  The Marquessa will taste each dish and award a prize to the winner!


June 10, 2018, 8 p.m.

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Kalani Kenna Lumen Korka Jeffeth Bethany Ingrid Grady Cullen Rymarr Esoka Waldemai Aiden Thesarin Ingvar



Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Deepwood Manor - Manor Grounds

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Comments and Log


The Deepwood Harvest Festival was the first party I went to in Arx when I came to this city almost three years ago. I was unsure about being around so many strangers, so many highborn at that, after so long among just my tribe and fellow Riven-sworn in the Twainfort. Marquessa Samantha was warm and gracious and had many games that involved hitting and throwing things, though, which I always enjoy. I had fun and it helped me find my feet in this place more than I think I appreciated back then.

This is the third Harvest Festival I’ve been to. I was victorious at apple-bobbing! And my Count Thesarin was victorious at throwing axes, so Riven was well represented. I had many friends at the party this time and felt not out-of-place at all, even if this city remains odd to me in many ways. The Marquessa remains lovely, as does her good consort, even if Lord Rymarr’s pie was very fearsome and daunting. It was a good night. I look forward to next year and many more to come.

2 House Deepwood Guards arrives, following Grady.

Waldemai calls out, "Happy harvest everybody!"

Grady ambles onto the Manor Grounds solo, looking pleased with the general world at the moment. "Happy harvest," he calls in response to Waldemai and he makes his way over to where the tables are, as well as the milling guests. "This is a good spread," he says. Looking at Waldemai he frowns and then says, "We played poker together once I think, when I was very new to the city. Waldemai, yes? As I remember you did quite well."

Waldemai vaguely remembers playing poker. "Yes, of course. I was playing someone who needed the rules explained, if I remember right." That kind of behavior should demand a charitable contribution somewhere to appease the gods.

"Happy Harvest!" Samantha makes her way through the doors with Nara on her help. "Welcome everyone, and thank you for coming! Hopefully we'll see more competitors for the apple dishes, and in the meantime, there is food and music. We'll start the first contest in a few minutes."

Samantha drops Simplicity -- A Dish of Apples.

To the festival comes Esoka. Exchanging loud, boisterous greetings with a handful of guards and others she knows, as she makes her way in to mingle and party. "Hello, Deepwoods!" she calls out. Hollering merrily to Samantha, "Happy Harvest!"

Returning to familiar grounds of Grayson, a prince by blood but former in title, arrives to the festival. His mouth is a set on an infuriating slant, his sterling silver eyes a little hard against the merry calls of celebration. After the calls continue, Aiden takes a moment to collect himself and add his own cheer, "Happy harvest." Aiden looks to catch the Marquessa's attention at least, "I pray Petrichor has ensured your bounty successful."

Zoraida, a dead-eyed Apprentice Whisper arrives, following Lumen.

Rymarr's arrival is a somber arrival. Held aloft by cupped gauntlets, the Marquis-Consort of House Deepwood departs from the manor and onto the rear grounds of the estate. The jubilant calls of 'happy harvest' are met by a frown from Rymarr. Upon his arrival at the table featuring the potential contest entries, Rymarr carefully places his dish down with the others. He sighs heavily down at it, then with a shake of his head he begins to step away to greet a few of the guests.

Rymarr drops a charred and blackened pie of indiscernible variety.

Waldemai eyeballs the charred pie. "It'' I think."

Wandering into the festival in the wake of the Marquis-Consort of House Deepwood, and those that hurry about in his wake, Kalani doesn't bring an entry with her, but carries a small box that holds a small shaker of cinnamon sugar to go in the apple cider that is certain to be on hand at some point. The happy calls of happy harvest makes the Seliki smile and call out the same in return, wandering along the terrace and shading her eyes with her free hand.

"Your Hi - " Samantha pauses, cocks her head, and corrects with wry humor, "My lord Duke. Thank you so much for coming, and for your blessing. Please enjoy, it's a very casual atmosphere. If you'd care to apple bob, we'll be starting that contest shortly."

Lumen prepare a dish? That's funny. She IS the dish. The Whisper arrives empty handed but for her own person, but she does have an easy smile for all those she passes. "Bountiful harvest all," she greets melodiously, reaching a hand out fondly in Esoka's direction. "I see being a young Duke suits you very well," she expresses to Aiden with a playful tilt of her head, "I had no doubts."

Esoka flashes Rymarr a smile, though it falters at his somber appearance. Her brow crinkles in puzzlement. Then, she sees his pie. And looks slightly less puzzled. She tries not to stare at it, and makes to get herself a cider. Aiden and Lumen are noted, and offered a bow of shoulders and quick smile, for their parts. "Duke Aiden. Congratulations on your wedding. Whisper Lumen." Her hand reaches for the woman in kind. "You look very beautiful, as ever."

Korka arrives, following Jeffeth.

Grady is overheard praising Rymarr: For a better pie than I've ever made myself!

Aiden didn't bring a dish either, though the man would have likely brought something with seeds in it if he did. Sadly he did not. He's wandering further into the grounds when he catches Lumen's words, silver eyes flashing to her and mouth quirking up, "How could you ever doubt me?" He makes a mock hurt finger steeple over his chest, before he moves to greet her with a kiss to the cheek if she'll allow it, "It isn't so bad. How're you, dearest Lumen?" Once he departs from the immediate greeting of Lumen, he bobs his head to Esoka, "I appreciate that. How're you?" Ooop and there's a Rubino messenger flagging him down.

Gia the peregrine falcon arrives, delivering a message to Aiden before departing.

Rymarr steps further away from the monstrosity that one may assume that he had a hand in making. He offers a solemn nod of his head to some of those who likewise offer him greeting. A comment is cast toward Esoka, "Dame Esoka, good to see you, as always. You're well, I hope?" Rymarr offers both Aiden a nod in greeting, then onward his attention goes to Grady. Grady earns a grimace from the Marquis of House Deepwood before his armored shoulders rise and fall in a heavy shrug, "I tried. This is why I rely on others to bake the pies for the troops..", and then onward Rymarr goes to join at Samantha and his offspring's side.

"If you would like to participate in the apple bobbing," Samantha, still with her child on her hip, walks toward a large cider barrel filled with water and...bobbing apples gently floating on the surface.

Waldemai has arrived with a deli platter that looks like it was left over from some previous feast event. He lays it out. Well, the olives and the cheese look okay, even if the meat has seen better days.

Waldemai drops a round platter piled with olives, meat and cheese.

The hulking form of Jeffeth Bayweather enters, with Korka Glynn on his arm. The pair arrive, just a touch late. The big man lumbers in, looking around at the gathered apple things! Festivals! So exciting. He looks down at Korka with a broad smile. "Should we bob apples?" Games!

Bundled up with a heavy cloak over her dress, Korka follows Jeffeth in, holding his arm lightly. "You can bob for apples and I will watch," she tells him with a laugh, shaking her head. "We will both be enjoying ourselves that way."

Adjutant General Theodora, Alces the War Elk arrive, following Cullen.

Aiden politely steps aside, "Please excuse me while I..." he shrugs as another one comes in, "Birds."

Gia the peregrine falcon arrives, delivering a message to Aiden before departing.

Samantha is in the meantime, standing near the barrel, her almost two year old on her hip. "Dame Esoka!" she calls out gaily, "Are you going to defend your pie eating title?" Now that more people are arriving, she's begun to cheer up.

"Dame Esoka," Lumen swivels her head on her neck flirtatiously, "I trust your sense of humor is right were we left it. I do hope you and I get a moment to speak at some point, I've been making a study of a few Crownland dialects and I would very much benefit from a tutor with a firm hand." She winks, moving to procure herself some of Deepwood's famed cider. "Aiden, I never doubted you for a moment. You're much too handsome to fail at anything, and you're really only our fourth or fifth silliest cousin." Drink acquired, the Whisper prowls her way through the party to pay homage to the hostess. She opens both arms, bending in a dainty vertical dip for Samantha's benefit. "I see you have a protector this evening," she crinkles her nose cutely, wiggling it to get a rise out of Nara.

Nope. That's not his wife's falcon. Nope. Aiden sighs and scrawls a few responses... Nope nope, not arguing here. Just love letters. Maybe he pressed a little too hard on the parchment to be love letters. Or he was drawing big glowing hearts. He mutters something to Gia before he sends her off. Bright eyes turn back to the events, walking over to Rymarr, "What sort of events does your fabulous wife have for us tonight, Marquis?" He looks after Lumen, following her with his eyes, "I'm honored to be the fourth or fifth!" He side glances at Rymarr, "Have anything hard to drink?"

2 Grimhall House Guards arrives, following Ingrid.

Esoka sips on her cider while Aiden deals with his messenger. To he and Rymarr she answers, "I'm well, thanks. My husband and many of my friends returned safely from the voyage of the Carlotta. There's a party for them tomorrow! And I've taken a position of leadership among Gloria's disciples. It's going to make dedicating myself to Blessed Cassandra's projects a bit easier, I think." Another cider gulp. An arm is raised to wave at Jeffeth, and Korka along with him. Hullo! To Lumen, she nods her curly head firmly, "I should have time for it this coming week, Whisper. I'll focus on the diplomatic words. I know lots of undiplomatic ones, too, which are sometimes fun, but maybe not quite what you're looking for."

"As you say." Jeffeth rumbles down to Korka. "I'll make sure to save an apple for you once I fish it out." A solemn nod is given, one large hand brought up to pat-pat Korka's shoulder. "You will not be forgotten." At Esoka's greeting Jeffeth beams brightly in her direction. "Dame Esoka!" He pipes happily, waving an arm in return. He looks back down to Esoka, "Do you know Dame Esoka and Lumen Whisper? Whisper Lumen?" He shrugs. "They're both very nice." And with that, Jeffeth is happily leading her along to meet said individuals without waiting for an answer.

"Congratulations, Dame!" Grady's cheer for Esoka is instant and heartfelt. "It's good to see them recognizing you're strong in more than swordwork." His attention drifts to Lumen and Aiden and he moves over to introduce himself. "I don't think I've met either of you yet," he says to them happily. "I'm Lord Gardy Deepwood. Happy Harvest to you both."

Wandering into as yet foreign territory with his war elk in tow and Lady Ingrid next to him as they chat, looking for this place which never have ever been, the scent of apples is a clear trail to where they are headed. Following his nose, Cullen enters the grounds and beams a smile. Most here are unfamiliar, so a formal bow is made with an introduction. "It smells lovely here...if I may, this is Lady Ingrid Grimhall. Lord Cullen Greenmarch, for those I haven't met before. It is a pleasure."

She is led along, though she does let go of his arm when he reaches up to pat her shoulder. Still, she follows him. Korka puts on an easy smile for Esoka and Lumen, lifting her chin in greeting. "Hello," she offers, as they clsoe the last of the distance. "I don't know either of them, no. At least, I don't think I do." She looks between the two women, lifting her eyebrows with a sort of a prompt to her expression. Just in case she's forgetting something.

Rymarr nods along with Esoka's words, though his expression remains as neutral as ever, "That is certainly happy news, on both accounts. Gloria needs one such as yourself in her service and well, it's good that Cauldron's returned safely". He offers a shallow bow at the shoulders toward Esoka before Rymarr steps away in order to confer with Duke Aiden, "I believe she'll be having volunteers attempt to drown themselves for apples. After that, I think she plans to host my personal favorite, the pie eating contest. After that? I'm not sure...a couple years ago there was bear riding. Given that I'd just as see a bear speared, I'm not sure what she'll showcase this year. A headbutting competition, maybe."

"Last call, if anyone would like to apple bob!" Samantha says, using one hand to beckon people over to the barrels. "The Old Oak Harvest Festival is an annual celebration of the March's bounty. The contests we're having today, excepting the chef's challenge, are ones that have become tradition over time, from the various farming communities. They're simple pleasures, but I hope you'll enjoy them. Now, if you plan to apple bob, please step up to the barrel!"

"Strictly speaking, it's a surname as much as it is a title. So either way will suffice, Sir Jeffeth," Lumen doesn't pass up an attempt to make the big knight blush. "Well met, Mistress Korka. Lord Grady." She dips in a subtle, ladylike bow for each in turn. "Mistress Lumen, of Whisper House. Happy Harvest." She throws in the 'Whisper' in third variation, just to be deliberately confusing.

Can falcons fly that fast? Maybe she was over the rosebushes making faces at him? Aiden actually turns when he sees another messenger. He straightens up his spine and ignores it for now, sterling silver eyes set to meeting Gardy. His chin lifts, "A pleasure Lord Grady. I'm Aiden G... Aiden Rubino, Duke-Consort of Gemecitta. I was born a Grayson though," he notes, "The Marquessa was one of the first to help me host a proper party." He looks over toward the woman, offering, "Happy Harvest. Were you going to apple bob?" He inquires. Then Rymarr answers him and he is prone to let out a laugh, encouraged by the nettling need to release some stress. "If there is headbutting, I'm sure you'll stand as victor." He extends his hand to Rymarr to shake, "Good to see you again of course, Marquis." He hears the last call and considers the bird up above trying to wing down on him, his arm lifting up, "I'll do it!"

"Most of the time I'm nice," Esoka says with a chuckle to Jeffeth. "Tonight, surely. Hello!" It's said loudly to Korka specific this time. "As he said, I'm Dame Esoka Greenblood. Sword of the Twainfort, sworn knight to Riven, and all of that. Any friend of Sir Jeffeth's is good people, so far as I'm concerned." That smile's flashed Grady's direction, at his congrats. "Thank you, my lord! I hope I can dedicate myself to it in the way it deserves. The Faith has been a guiding star in my life in the Compact, and I want to bring it to others as I can." She considers the apple bobbing with a thoughtful grunt, then steps up for it. "I will play this game!"

Sometimes it's good to breathe in the fresh air and especially now, when the air is filled with the sweet scent of apples. "I've been buried in so many books lately, I tend to forget little pleasures such as this." Ingrid speaks to Cullen as she takes in the festive scenery, observing all of the cheery faces. At the introduction being made for them both by her traveling companion, Ingrid curtsies politely, but looks prepared to watch the event unfold, "Do you think that you will be entering any of these events, Lord Greenmarch?"

"Dame Esoka, Lumen Whisper. Meet Korka Glynn." Jeffeth introduces with a bright smile to the small group, gesturing to Korka. "Dame Esoka is nice." He assures her despite Esoka's comment, the Dame in question gets a broad grin, as she steps forward. "So will I!" The big man glances over his shoulder at Korka and Lumen as if to make sure his companion is in safe hands, before he is moving off to the barrel.

"Mistress Lumen, Duke Aiden, welcome!" He looks up at Jeffeth. Way up at Jeffeth, as it happens. "And I'm not sure if we've met either, but welcome!" And then he too is moving to go apple-bobbing, which should be -hilariously awful-.

There's a brief kerfluffle so another barrel, and then a third are added - servants were on standby to do so if necessary. And then, Samantha calls out, "Bobbers! Take your places!"

Quirking a grin to Ingrid with a slight nod, "Indeed. I was out in the forest earlier, but this is quite beautiful, and the smell of apples fragrant." Delegating war elk care and entertainment to his adjutant, Cullen wanders around slowly with the Lady Grimhall. "Axe throwing, likely. Sounds like something I'd be decent at. Apple bobbing...likely I'd drown in the attempt," he murmurs with a not so subtle wink at the very idea.

Waldemai stands well back, out of splashing distance.

"It's nice to meet you both," Korka says, giving a solid nod first to Esoka, then to Lumen. "Happy Harvest." She sends an encouraging smile after Jeffeth as he moves to head for the barrel, turning to position herself so she can keep an eye on the proceedings.

Claiming a cup of the apple cider, Kal uses the shaker of cinnamon sugar to dust into her cup before setting the shaker on the table for others to use. The sight of an Elk makes the Seliki healer blink, just a little startled, though the startled turns to quietly amused as she ambles over to watch the sorting out at the apple bobbing contest.

Rymarr offers a firm nod of his head back to Aiden and the assurances of Rymarr's own headbutting win, "My was rather fond of saying: if you're going to be dumb, you'd better be tough. Besides, this is Arx, a place where you should never be surprised by just how hard the head of someone can be". Rymarr clears his throat as he straightens up a touch and then glances back to Aiden, "And it's good to see you again as well, my lord. Now... I have some apples to bob". That excuse delivered and Rymarr steps off to take his place at his bucket of water and apples, "This is going to be cold," he announces more to himself than any other.

Esoka checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 57 higher.

Aiden checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

Jeffeth checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 37 higher.

Rymarr checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 39 higher.

Lumen leans in to murmur --for all to hear-- to Korka conspiratorially as Jeffeth takes his place, "Shall we heckle him mercilessly?"

Grady checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Korka glances sidelong over at Lumen, her smile turning sugary sweet. "I'll pass, but you go on ahead." She's prompt to look back to the proceedings.

Grady goes for an apple and he and Aiden - oh dear. They seem to be going for the same apple. Grady overextends, reaches for the apple, only to have it pushed out of his reach by the other man. But then he's off balance. Of course. And so in he falls with a splash. He comes up sputtering. And laughing.

Nara, at rest on Samantha's hip, seems to find all of these antics delightful. Watching people bob for apples has her clapping her hands together and shrieking with laughter. So much so, that Samantha has to hand her off to her nurse nearby.

3 Iron Guard Trainees, Princess Sally Acorn, an acorn toting red squirrel, Princess Muffin, the fluffiest white puppy arrive, following Kenna.

"Nice to meet you, Korka Glynn!" Esoka yells, before running off to go stick her head in a barrel of apples. Which she does with abandon. Her lungs are big things, so she's able to hold her breath long through all the necessary snapping and bearing up out of water of apples. She comes up holding one between her teeth in triumph. Reaching over to clap sputtering Grady on the back. Good show!

Rymarr settles into position and when the call to begin is made, he begins to furiously snap at the apples. At one point he ever submerges his head in the cool water in pursuit of one of the bright red pieces of fruit. He gives it his all, but alas he's no competition for more able-bodied competitors such as Dame Esoka.

Aiden smirks back to Rymarr at the comment of hard headedness, laughing lightly as he approaches the barrels of apples - apparently right up alongside Grady. "Lord Grady! Well it's been a long time hasn't it? Those apples, have my name on it." He playfully taunts as he puts his arms behind his back and gets set and ready to bob. When the competition begins, it doesn't go so well in their corner does it! Corner, curve, whatever it was. They go for the same apple. The over extension made by Grady has Aiden trying to catch him or... something happens and he gets tangled up in the fall, arms clawing at Grady to keep him up right but not really helping the scenario! He also gets a good head dunking with a very noble squawk to befall him before he goes under, with a bunch of bubbles and no apple in his mouth for it. Drenched, he comes up with his curly hair now... a ragged mop limp and dripping over his face. He sweeps a hand across his face and looks at Grady, before he barks out his own laugh.

Standing off to the side, Ingrid watches in amusement as the apple bobbing contest gets underway. While this is not an event that she, herself, would ever enter, it is rather enjoyable to see the happy, wet faces of those who do participate. Looking to Cullen, she asks, "Oh, so there is an axe throwing event? I wonder how many others will be competing." Looking at a variety of refreshments and treats that are to offer, she asks, "Do you wish for some cider? It would definitely help to further get into the spirit of things."

"Hello there." Jeffeth murmurs down to Grady with a warm smile. "A pleasure to meet you my Lord, I am Sir Jeffeth Bayweather. Knight of Solace. At your service." He is starting to bow to the man, but then the signal to go is called, so Jeffth remains in his bow, but pivots to dunk his head into the water. The big man has his head tucked in the barrel for a while, searching for these damnable apples. Until something is happening with his new friend Grady. He spits out a couple apples he had retrieved, but just stares at Esoka as her teeth just seem to have some sort of magnetic connection to the apples. He blinks, partly in awe. And before you know it, the competition is over. Now completely wet down to the tops of his shoulders, the Knight of Solace straightens up with a bright smile, clapping for Esoka and bellowing his congratulations.

Waldemai cheers for Esoka, and all the valiant competitors. "Go get them apples!" he calls. "They sure look good!"

"Well," says Grady philosophically to Aiden, "now I guess we have to be friends." He grins and stumbles up, away from the water and the bobbing apples. "Well done, Dame Esoka! And well met, Sir Jeffeth!"

Grady is overheard praising Esoka: For an excellent game of bobbed apples! Such grace! Such balance!

Recognizing Kal's voice when she makes a comment on his elk, Cullen smiles at her wearily. "Ah! If it isn't the champion! How do you fare, Lady Kal?" Looking over at Korka for a moment, his brows furrow, as if he remembers her for some reason, but cannot remember why or from where, then turns to Lumen to give a respectful not of the head. "Lumen Whisper, a pleasure to see you again." Then he grins openly at Ingrid, "Yes, axe throwing! I will definitely do that. We didn't throw axes in the Greenwood, but spears, usually. And I would love a cup of cider, thank you Lady Ingrid."

Kenna arrives fashionable late to this party so she can avoid bleeding this time. Stepping up to the edge she applauds widlly when Aiden comes up looking less-pretty than normal. "Go Aiden! Dame Esoka!" As she seems to be the winner in this business!

"And our winner is Dame Esoka!" Samantha calls out, noting, "She's also last year's pie eating champion. So perhaps she will try to defend it again this year! But first..." and with that, Samantha presents Esoka with her prize - a palm sized apple made of gold, the date and event carved on the surface.

Grady is overheard praising Aiden: My new friend doesn't take himself too seriously, which is just what a party needs!

"Rather well, thank you, and yourself?" Kal replies with a grin at Cullen, glancing toward the Elk and back to Cullen. "Is this yours?" she wonders, because she just can't seem to resist asking.

Lumen doesn't REALLY heckle anybody. She claps laughs, swaying enough out of the way so none of the water gets on her. Finding herself addressed, her dark eyes tighten pleasantly. "And you, my lord," Lumen greets Cullen's nod with one of her own, "Very popular this evening, kudos."

"Easily accomplished, Lord Grady. As long as we never bob for apples in the same barrel again," he chortles, trying to squeeze some water out of his hair. It's so ruined now! It'll eventually dry, in a poof, probably. He looks over toward Jeffeth and Esoka, grinning with a shake of his head, "I'll leave the apple bobbing to the experts." Kenna's cheering has him flash his eyes over to her and lift his hand to greet her.


Korka flashes a quick smile over at Cullen, no immediate recognition on her face. She does dip her head to him, but soon enough she is distracted by clapping and cheering for the apple bobbers as they come up with their prizes. Jeffeth's antics in particular make her laugh, and she moves to grab a towel and bring it over his way.

Listening to all the cheers of congratulations that suddenly erupt once the winner of the contest is named, Ingrid looks over her shoulder to view the remainder of the event, picking up two glasses of cider in the process. Only on returning to where Cullen stands and handing him one of the glasses does she clap politely (and carefully) for the winner. "Everyone looks like they are having a wonderful time." She comments, though notices the attention the handsome Elk is gaining.

Esoka starts eating the last apple she came up with. In celebration. She does not try to eat her gold apple, though. It's taken with thanks. There's a chuckle to Samantha, and a shake of her head. "I'm going to rest on my victory, Marquessa. I want to watch, though. And I hope there's pie left-over. I want to try a piece of Marquis Rymarr's!" She even sounds like she means it. Maybe she's trying to be nice. Maybe it's a formidable challenge. There's a bright wave to Kenna, once her head's out of the water. "Lady Kenna! Hello! You should do the pie eating!

"I think everyone can reliably called an expert from our perspective," says Grady to Aiden with a chuckle. "I think I'll leave the pie eating alaso to the experts, and this time I'll watch. I don't think I need to be soaking wet and covered in pie, but somehow I would manage. This is why Jessa's the swordwoman and I'm the one who does the talking." He grins cheerfully and then looks around. "Oh! More people showed up while we were demonstrating our lack of balance. Welcome!"

Samantha grins over at Esoka, even as the servants set up rows of pies at the trestle tables. A few house servants also approach Grady and Aiden with towels and offers of hot mulled cider.

3 Rough and tumble sailors arrives, following Ingvar.

"Glutton for punishment. She must have the brain fever. A pity, she was so young. I barely knew thee, Dame Esoka," Rymarr speaks aloud to no one in particular following Esoka's insistence that she try the blackened husk of a pie. The Marquis-Consort towels off his head and ruffles at his hair in a bid to try himself against the chill of Autumn.

Aiden does move to find a towel, scrubbing at his ringlets of curls, water soaking pretty well down to his shoulders and chestline. He went right into the barrel. He offers a towel to Grady, agreeing, "I have to ensure I can fit into my armor next season." An impish look in his face for that remark, apparently going to walk along and greet people with Grady, because why not? An extra one from Samantha is taken, easily. He has a lot of hair that soaks up a lot of water!

Jeffeth is turning when Korka is bringing him a towel. Instead of taking it he immediately lashes out to pull the woman into a big ol' hug. Pressing his soaking wet head against hers as he does with a brilliant smile. He's straightening up from his hug, and pulling up one arm to defend himself from any reprimand he might get while calling out to Esoka. "Come now Dame Esoka. Don't give up your title! Eat the pies!"

There's a yelp as she's pulled into the hug and Korka does her best to at least protect the silk of her fancy dress from the wet, pulling her cloak between as Jeffeth leans down towrds her. She does laugh though, swatting at him as he lets her go, wiping herself off with the towel before she throws it at him, reaching up to try and piece back what's left of her hairdo, a number of the curls having now escaped their confinement.

Grady just shakes off like a dog and then grins, running his hands back and forth to muss his hair. It's artistic, right? Totally fine. So then he's moving, with Aiden at his side now and going back to greet Jeffeth. "You did well, Sir Jeffeth. And it's very nice to meet you indeed. Also welcome," he says to Korka now. "I haven't met you yet either and that seems a shame."

Kenna laughs when she is invited to the pie eating contest. Calling out to Esoka, "And ruin my pretty figure? However will I attract men then?!" Absolutely in jest as she grins then goes to step up next to Aiden, glancing up and down. "Tisk tis, your pretty face. Whatever are we going to do with you Prince Aiden?"

Into the festival grounds comes Ingvar, a little grunt escaping his lips as he looks out across the area, his gaze searching out any familiar faces as he starts making his way in.

Chuckling at Kal, Cullen's ginger head dips at the Seliki. "Indeed, that's Alces. I went home to Greenhaven and went through a very wonderful spiritual experience to find a war elk with which to bond. I am trying to be good and not charge him through the streets, my sister would heavily disapprove." A sigh is given to Lumen before he remarks, "I keep meaning to go to the Whisper House to improve my social graces, as my sister...kind of demanded...but time is never on my side. I do apologize for that." Tapping his chin with a long finger, he finally asks Korka, "Do you mind if I ask your name? I've seen you around the ward, but I don't think I stopped as I'm usually rushing off somewhere or another." Taking a glass from Ingrid, he snickers and murmurs in agreement, "I know...but I don't blame them, he is rather magnificent." Spotting Kenna, the Greenmarcher makes a 'tsking' sound. "Lady Kenna! When I was new to the city, you promised to show me around town, and I never saw nor heard from you again. Granted, I probably should have wrote. Probably."

"My brain is not fevered! Your pie is a fete of bravery, Lord Rymarr!" Esoka yells at the Marquis-Consort. Snorting to Jeffeth, and regaining a spot where she can spectate. She finds a towel and dries her dark curls. Holding that apple in her teeth as she pads them. Then munching it some more, once she's ready to just let the towel rest around her neck. A snort, to Kenna. "Men like pie! And also curves. So, it all goes together."

white-tailed eagle, 2 House Riven Soldiers arrive, following Thesarin.

Aiden side glances at Kenna, leaning down to kiss her nose - because cheeks are so yesterday. "While my blood still screams Grayson, we shouldn't confuse people, hmm? It's confusing enough that I almost sign my letters with Prince still. Duke now, Lady Kenna. And you can paint my face if you think it's so horrible. Plum shade on my lips looks quite dashing, in a dark emotional sort of way." He looks to Grady, "Lord Grady. May I introduce Lady Kenna Whitehawk? She's an absolute must-know." His eyes settle to Jeffeth and Korka, watching their interplay with quiet amusement. His eyes flash to Cullen, looking to Kenna with an arched brow, like, introduce me please!

"Wonderful spiritual experience to find a war elk with which to bond," Kalani reiterates Cullen's words, a hint of a smile still upon her face even as she aims that same smile at Kenna and Lumen, at those nearest. She lifts the mug of cider slightly by way of salute to those standing near, "Happy Harvest, everyone."

"Well, your Elk is a magnificent creature if one needed to bond with an animal." Ingrid comments to Cullen in regards to his familiar, though when she speaks, her eyes do notice a face in the crowd. Raising a hand to get his attention, she politely calls out to her brother, "Ingvar. I didn't expect to see you here, but come. And enjoy the festivities. Have you met Lord Cullen Greenmarch yet?" Taking a sip of her cider now, she looks to the crowd as they begin to gather around the next contest.

Once Korka swats him and throws the towel at him, Jeffeth lets out a booming laugh. Taking the towel he goes to dab it at the water over his head and neck. When Grady approaches, the big man beams brightly. "A pleasure, my Lord. This is my dear friend, or was my dear friend, Korka Glynn. We'll see if she can save her hair if I'm still her friend." Jeffeth gives a sheepish smile, going to offer the towel back to Korka.

Thesarin makes his way into the Manor grounds, looking... well, fairly somber, but perhaps less than his usual, and as much like a well-dressed shav from the woods as he always does. He raises his chin toward Samantha, and gives a nod toward Esoka, hanging toward the edge of the gathering for now.

"Oh, I'm not anybody particularly noteworthy," Korka assures Grady with a smile, laughing for Jeffeth's introduction of her. "Yes, I'm not going to hate you forever yet, you're safe," she assures the man, reaching up to pull the hair pins out and twisting her curls as best she can manage to try and get them all at least stuck in place. "It's nice to meet you." Cullen gets an encouraging smile. "You caught that, right? Korka Glynn."

"Just be greatful I didn't give you a completely different name." Kenna returns that kiss on the nose by tapping his firmly with a finger before turning about to see all of thsoe that she's being introduced to. "My lord Grady, it's a pleasure. As for Lord Cullen - ALL you need to do is write," She winks at the man before Thesarin is joining the party. Raising a hand she waves brightly at him, "In //fact//," this still to Cullen, "I //just// got done showing Lord Nigel Riven about to some of the galleries, you could have joined us!"

Ingvar makes his way over towards Ingrid and Cullen, "Ingrid. I figured I'd come out and be sociable." He says with a chuckle, then shakes his head, "I haven't yet, Lord Cullen, nice to meet you, I am Ingvar Grimhall."

"Well thankfully we've no intention of relocating in the near future. I can't say the same for you if you don't keep that sister of yours content," Lumen crinkles up her nose sweetly in Cullen's direction, extending the expression to Kalani. "Now, are elk just deer all grown up?" She asks mischievously.

Esoka is holding a golden apple. And finishing eating a regular apple. Her hair's wet and she looks generally glowing with triumph. An arm is raised, to wave at Thesarin. "Chief. There is a contest of eating! You should join!" She's just watching, though.

Grady laughs. "Well met, Lady Kenna, Mistress Korka. Welcome, and I'm glad you've come to our Harvest celebration. He raises his voice. "Do better than I did, Marquis Rymarr!" He doesn't seem too upset about it at all. "As for hair, it generally dries, every time you wash it. I imagine it'll dry this time as well. Duke Aiden, it seems you know all the best people. I've chosen a new friend well! Happy accident indeed."

Aiden does give an over exaggerated roll of his eyes and adds in for the sake of those around Kenna he doesn't know, "I'm Aiden Rubino." He looks around and nods to Korka and Cullen, "Good to meet you. No one eating pies?" He notes to Grady, "Kenna actually knows all the people. I'm better around books and birds, and avoiding getting renamed too."

Nara and he nurse have taken up one of the side tables, so the toddler can have her own little pie. She seems to be a viable future contestant, as she balls up a a fist and sends it smashing down into the pie, grabbing a fistful of cinnamon apples and shoving them into her mouth with a visible aura of accomplishment.

Samantha, fighting the urge to burst into hysterical laughter, claps her hands and calls out, "Pie eating contestants, please line up! You must eat the pie in front of you without using your hands. Once you finish, you will be given another. And of course, if you can't keep it down, or tag out, you're no longer in the running."

Waldemai steps up to face down his pie. "Good think I have my smithing apron on already," he cracks, clasping his hands behind his back.

"Nonsense, nonsense," Kenna waves away Aiden's words with a wink at him. "I count a full... //three// people in this crowd I haven't met fully yet." Which is absolutely a challenge to do so sooner rather than later! "With PIE... I suppose I should go and at least try it."

Pie eating contest. Jeffeth looks over towards Samantha. The big man glances back to Korka with a smile. "Hang on to that towel." The big smiles broadly before making his way over to sit down for his first pie.

Kenna checked stamina + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Jeffeth checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 56 higher.

Waldemai checked stamina + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Rymarr checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 39 higher.

Thesarin nods toward Kenna in response to the wave, and looks toward Esoka with just a hint of a smile, looking toward Samantha as she lays out the rules. He snorts a short noise that might be something like a laugh, and gives a slow shake of his head. "Reckon it'd be a shame to undo all the work the Countess speant learning me forks. What earned you that apple, Dame Esoka?"

"Lord Ingvar, good to meet you. Your sister has been a very wonderful new acquaintance of mine, so I am glad that we've had the chance to be introduced as well." Noticing Count Thesarin, Cullen gives his fellow Prodigal a friendly wave in greeting, and a respectful nod is dipped towards Aiden. "A pleasure to meet you then, Aiden Rubino." Sighing with a guilty look at Kenna, the Greenmarcher acknowledges, "Yes, I should have written. I shall correct this mistake in the future, and take you up on your initial offer..." But then she has a faceful of pie, so! Smiling at Korka, "Goodwoman Korka, I am glad to know your name now, as opposed to simply 'that person I see in Sleepless Knights from time to time'." Ingrid gets a clink of cider glass against her own, "Now this is quite delicious. I should have had it before."

Laughing, Korka does indeed curl the towel against her chest as Jeffeth heads over towards the pie. She can't help but grin, shaking her head and following along, staying at a safe distance but certainly watching with curiosity and interest. "Nice to meet you, too," she tells Aiden, smiling at him briefly before looking back to the contest.

"Apples," Esoka replies to Thesarin. "I bobbed for them. The barrels were hard on many, but I triumphed over them." She reclaims her cider, now that her non-gold apple is eaten. Gulping it as she watches other people eat pie. She yells at them encouragingly in a way she probably considers cheering. It's unclear who she's cheering for, but it's very loud.

Waldemai eats slowly, but in pie eating there are no losers. "Ah," he says. "Strawberry rhubarb. That hits the spot...A but of brandy to wash it down..." He steps away from the table, to let the champions face off.

Aiden is caught whispering with Kenna, his eyes glittering as he looks over the new faces he's meeting, before he cheers her on, "Good luck Kenna!" And then he pivots back around, arms crossed over his chest, a stubborn look cast upward. "Lady Kenna is truly a treasure," he side glances at Grady, then Cullen. Cullen gets an friendly, "That's a fine amulet you're wearing. Lord Cullen yes? Sword of Greenmarch?" He presents his hand formally, "Aiden Rubino, Duke of Gemecitta. How is Lady Monique these days?" He looks to Korka again, catching on the tidbid that Cullen provides, "It's been a while since I was at the Sleepless."

Oo. Delicious. Jeffeth leans down, testing the pie with his tongue first. He glances to either side of him. Over at Rymar. Over at Kenna and Waldemai. And then back down at his pie. And just desceneds upon the thing. Who knows what tragedy happened to that poor pie. But the big man soon pulls his head up with some crumbs here and there. The pie is gone. Next, please.

PIE! Kenna does her eating very very slowly, but she's doing her best! There simply isn't enough room for much in there. Trucking on somehow though!

"Brother, you missed the apple bobbing contest earlier. I'm sure that you would have done wonderfully in it." Ingrid says in jest to Ingvar when he does come and join them. Listening to the various conversations around her, her attention is quickly drawn to what should be a messy pie eating contest. "Apple pie does seem delightful right about now, but I would never be comfortable eating too much of it so quickly." She then nods to Cullen just as he clinks her glass, "All of this is amazing. This truly would be one of my favorite times of year."

Rymarr settles into position for the pie eating contest. He offers a firm nod of his head to the other competitors, but ultimately ignores their presence. As an apple pie is placed before him, Rymarr doesn't haphazardly bury his face in it. Instead he takes his time, nibbling at it gingerly and generally making his efforts. Progressively his efforts increase in their haste and overall gusto. When he finishes with his first pie, he moves onto his second, and so on. This wasn't a competition for the Marquis-Consort. This was a passion and a way of life.

Turning to watch the pie eating contest, Kal cradles her mug of mulled cider in one hand while laughing. "Elk and deer, while similar, don't turn from one to the other, to my understanding," she remarks this while shaking her head, to amused to tear her eyes away from the pie eating.

"Ever victorious," Thesarin rumbles out with a sharp nod toward Esoka, still grinning. He looks over to the table of competitors, crossing his arms, and then back away, to give Aiden and Kenna a short nod. The smile on his face is faint, but definitively present.

Aiden's attention drifts, avoiding the messages only for so long. He sighs, excuses himself, and receives them.

Gia the peregrine falcon arrives, delivering a message to Aiden before departing.

Amethyst - A Clever Raccoon arrives, delivering a message to Aiden before departing.

Samantha totally forgot about Rymarr's penchant for pie eating, and for some reason makes a point of looking anywhere but at him. Focusing on the context, she claps along with everyone else as the pies get consumed.

"I'm staying in Telmar tower, so I end up drinking there somewhat regularly," Korka answers Aiden's comment, sending over a friendly enough smile. "When I'm feeling somewhat social but also feeling particularly lazy."

Jeffeth checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 102 higher.

Kenna checked stamina + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 38 higher.

Lumen mischievously conceals her smile behind her glass of cider. "How interesting," she comments of elk and deer, blissfully taking in the festivities.

Jeffeth's next pie is put in front of him. And it's gone. Did.. Did he even put his head down? Hard to tell. But the pie is gone and Jeffeth is smiling brightly with just a bit of apple pie debris in his teeth.

Kenna stops eating midway through the next pie because she is //completely// distracted by Jeffeth. Staring. Staring. "//where are you putting it//?!" Someone has to ask the question. Kenna's absolutely going to cede this contest.

"Wow, he's really good at eating pie," Lumen says, from the peanut gallery.

These messages are quick, so Aiden doesn't miss too much. Korka's explanation is met with a nod, "I always liked the Sleep--" he stops when he notices the action going on with the pies and blantantly stares. "Someone get that man a meal, he looks starved-" he laughs, before he notes Thesarin, whom he approaches almost immediately. "Count Thesarin," he offers his arm, "Good to see you again. I had hoped to speak with you, to check in and see how things were after." He doesn't need to explain which 'after' to a man who survived it with him. "How're you holding up? How is Countess Mia?"

Grady nods and then starts watching the pie-eating contest and... his eyes widen as Jeffeth just demolishes the pie. "Do they not /feed/ you at the Temple, Sir Jeffeth? Goodness."

Waldemai applauds the mastery that is Sir Jeffeth. "Never shall I offer to pick up the dinner tab for that man. I only have a salary, not a fief and domain! Well done!"

Esoka offers a bow, in the direction of Jeffeth and his pie-eating. "I think he's blessed by Gild, Mistress Lumen. For eating." Brow furrows. "I'm sure it's useful against the Abyss in ways we haven't really figured out yet."

Korka also stares, because staring is a thing that is done when one makes a pie disappear like that. It's just gone. Where did the pie go? She stares. Then laughs, bright and amused, and she begins to applaud. "Good job, Sir Bayweather!"

Ingrid blinks as Jeffeth continues to take this contest with utter seriousness by quickly downing the next pie in what very well could be record time. She cannot help but clap for the large man, "Good show, Sir Jeffeth..."

Samantha is staring, herself. until finally blinks. I....believe that makes Sir Jeffeth the winner. Congratulations!" Another golden apple is produced, and presented to the man. Along with napkins.

As there are a number of horrified faces looking to him, Jeffeth looks slightly confused. Glancing around and realizing he's the only one demolishing pies, the big man slowly sits up with a bashful smile. Um. "Sorry everyone?" He offers but then smiles brightly, going to stand up. "Thank you for the contest, my Lady!" The big man pipes brightly, bowing deeply to Samantha. Then bowing over to his competitors, "My Lady." Jeffeth murmurs to Kenna with a warm smile. The napkins and the golden apple are accepted happily.

Extending a scarred hand to Aiden, "Duke Aiden, a pleasure. And yes, I am the Sword of Greenhaven, you're quite right. Lady Monique is well, she's always up to something. Planning some large gala now, I think. And the amulet is quite beautiful, I had it commissioned by Guildmistress Joscelin...her work is spectacular," Cullen says in response with a friendly note in his voice. Lumen's comment on elk and deer gets a light chuckle before he takes a sip of cider, then Kal receives a wide grin and a shake of his head. And then...the pie eating. Coppery brows furrow at the very sight of pie devouring and the attendant mess and horror that goes with it. "Well then...that was...impressive?" Not a big eater himself, the Sword of Greenmarch seems a little pale at the display, a fleeting smile greeting Ingrid's applause. "Yes, yes...that was...something..."

"Don't eat the golden apple by accident JEffeth!" Kenna calls out as she bounces herself to her feet and heads over to Kalani's side. "Lady Kalani Seliki - right? I think we meet in the Plaza briefly before you rushed off to spectate at a duel?"

"Absolute murder to a whole pie shop, that's for certain," Kalani chimes in with a laugh even as she's turning with a smile to Kenna and nods, extending her free hand. "We did. Mostly. Sort of. Kaldur was doing the honors but there was a duel I promised to attend, just in case. Something about sharp edges leading to the need for a healer," mild eye roll of amusement, "more often than not."

"Our next event will be the hand axe throws." Samantha calls out. "The targets will be brought out shortly, and in the meantime, please enjoy Old Oak's bounty of good food and drink."

"Duke Aiden," Thesarin rumbles out with a nod, reaching out to clasp the other man at the forearm and give a single solid shake. "The Countess is as recovered as can be hoped, after... all what happened." There's a bit of an edge to that, but only a bit. He gives another short nod. "For me? War's my business. Ain't been much like that, it's sure, but..." He trails off, and just gives another slow shrug of his broad shoulders. "Never is. How fare you? Should give my congradulations."

Jeffeth rubs at his face, making sure to get all of the excess pie off as he leaves the pie eating contest table. Moving back to the small group he left. The large man moves over to Korka with a radiant smile. "I think I scared everyone." Jeffeth murmurs lightly, before pausing to listen to Samantha's announcement. He looks in Esoka's direction. "Dame Esoka! You throwing axes?"

Ingrid continues to watch the Bayweather in case he looked to be ill after such a display, but he does not. "It seems that he truly does have a stomach of iron." She comments lightly. Only after the spectacle does she notice Cullen's chatting with another unfamiliar face. To Aiden, she says with a quiet smile, "Duke Aiden, was it? I am Lady Ingrid Grimhall and this is my brother, Ingvar. We haven't been in the city long and happening upon events such as this makes the move from Grihem's Point all the more pleasurable."

"You much pie disappear," Korka informs Jeffeth when he observes that he might have scared everyone. She offers him over the towel for his face, rolling her eyes at him. "I don't think I've ever seen anything like that."

Kenna takes the hand but then it turns into a hug - because that's what Kenna Whitehawk does, no matter how well she actually knows a person. "Then I am glad you were able to be there Lady Kalani. Kaldur is //such// a dear, even if sometimes a bit distractable."

Esoka considers the axe throwing. But finally grunts, and shakes her head to Jeffeth. "One victory's enough for me tonight, I think. I want to watch, though! I enjoy flying sharp objects. Are you all right, Sir Jeffeth? That was a /lot/ of pie." Her eyes are wide, as if she cannot quite fathom the sheer amount of it. She turns to Thesarin. "Chief you should throw axes!"

Mindful of the mug she's holding, Kalani hugs Kenna back and is laughing as she steps back. "He is, yes, and it's not so much that he's distractable as that he gets many ideas in quick succession and tends to try to act upon all of them at once. We almost set the house on fire when we were kids while acting out one of his brilliant ideas," she confides with a grins and a glance back at the end of the pie eating contest. "Were you going to enter the axe throwing contest?" is wondered in an aside to Kenna.

Aiden notes to Cullen, "Pass on my best wishes to Lady Monique. I'm certain to invite her and perhaps yourself to brunch sometime, yes?" He does have a moment to gush at least, "Oh the Guildmaster Joscelin never ceases to outdo herself. Good choice in your commission. It looks very handsome on you." And then the Duke is off, wandering and mingling - like a good boy. BUT it IS exhausting work.

Aiden glances up to the stage, before he pauses at Ingrid's introduction. "Lady Grimhall, Lord Grimhall-" he bobs his head, "I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. You should stop by the Menagerie. It's my personal favorite, but a good spot in the city nevertheless. Welcome to Arx. If you excuse me, I need a word with the Count."

But then yes, Aiden's off to Thesarin! So many people. There he clasps the other man's arm back, looking solemn over the recovery of Mia, "That is fortunate and good news." The edge is noticed, maybe. "War will soon be mine," he admits, "though not a topic for today." He nods his head, "Thank you, it was a good match. A fair one for both houses. I'm well otherwise, on a steep learning curve. It's all theory when you read it, another thing in practice."

Grady steps smartly over to Samantha then, in that moment between contests, and he says something quietly to her with a smile on his face.

Adele, a graceful greyhound arrives, following Bethany.

"Alright, everyone!" Samantha calls out. "The final contest of our evening, after which you may feel free to continue to enjoy the food and drink and music, is a hand axe throw. Each throw will eliminate one person, unless we have a lot of participants, in which case, two will be eliminated. The target will then be moved further back. Please head to the cleared throwing area at your leisure!" She tilts her head toward Grady inquiringly.

"If I throw an axe, I'm //absolutely// sure I'm going to hurt myself - or someone else. But what is a Deepwood party if there isn't a little Whitehawk blood?" And with THAT Kenna's going to go do the Axe Throwing and it's only MOSTLY A BAD IDEA.

"I'm fine." Jeffeth chirps to Esoka. Just a normal day. He then looks down to Korka and a towel is thrown in his face. He grins broadly, continuing to wipe his face before he leans in to murmur quietly to the woman.

2 House Deepwood Guards leaves, following Grady.

Waldemai steps up for an axe. "Throw a hammer, throw an axe," the smith says. "But then again, I don't much throw my hammers around, either."

With Adele the greyhound leashed, heeled. and walking close to and just behind her, Bethany strolls onto the grounds.

Oh, here's a contest that draws Cullen's interest. "I will definitely hurl axes, Marquessa," the Greenmarcher informs Samantha with a pleasant smile, but he's looking really excited about chucking axes around, no doubt. As Duke Aiden moves away, he reassures him, "I shall definitely pass on your best wishes to her." And then he starts laughing without restraint at Kenna's declaration, making his way to the cleared area with a mild admonishment. "Please don't hit me in the head with an axe. I'm not wearing a helmet." Dipping his head to Ingrid, "Lady Ingrid, I'm going to go toss some heavy, sharp objects. I'll be back shortly!" Here, hold my cider! Naturally.

Lumen lingers, mingling throughout until popping out to respond to a messenger.

Zoraida, a dead-eyed Apprentice Whisper leaves, following Lumen.

Kenna heads towards that cleared area and along the way sticks her tongue out at Cullen. "You had best just be very quick about ducking, shouldn't you?" A glance backwards and if it's possible the Whitehawk brightens even further. "BETHANY!" With a whole pile of waves going on!

Korka laughs for whatever Jeffeth says to her quietly, and she gives a quick shrug of her shoulders. She does send a curious look towrds where the setup is for the throwing contest, and then she turns to lean up on her toes so she can offer a quiet reply of her own.

"An ugly business, all told." Thesarin gives Aiden another nod, and looks over toward Ingrid and Ingvar. The pair of them get a short nod apiece, and he looks back toward Aiden with a grunt. "Might be you should talk to the Count and Countess Keaton, on their Academy. But." Esoka gets another nod, and just a hint of a smile. "My Sword has me convinced. I'll be trying my hand, if you want to speak more."

"Thank you for that suggestion. The Menagerie sounds like it would be fascinating." Ingrid speaks out to Aiden, her interest possibly piqued. "But of course, enjoy the rest of your evening." Lowering herself into a curtsey once the Rubino Duke politely departs. Her eyes then follow Cullen, suddenly being handed his glass of cider. "Of course, Lord Cullen." She then curiously looks about to see how many entrants there will be for this particular contest. "Good luck, though I'm sure that you will be very well, My Lord." From her distance, she does catch the nod which Thesarin gives her and her brother and she returns the same.

The big man considers thoughtfully, looking to Korka, then the range being set up. He gives a nod and bends over so he can murmur something to her once more.

Esoka checked strength + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Esoka sets her golden apple down to clap her hands together and yell at Thesarin. Encouragingly! Mostly, though, it's just very, very loud and ear-splitting.

"I.. will stay here, back here, nicely out of the way of the direction in which things are going to be thrown," Kalani decides as she walks over to fetch a refill for the mug she's holding. She carries it back to stand with the others who are NOT at the moment throwing weapons at targets.

Samantha hears mention of the menagerie - one of her favorite places! - but she's running the final competition, so perhaps she'll catch up later. "We have five participants, so we'll eliminate one per round. There's a collection of axes in a box next to each position to pull from. On three!"

Thesarin checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 35 higher.

Cullen gasps at Kenna in response. "How can I duck it if it comes from behind? Maybe...yell? We'll see. Should have worn my helmet." Looking a bit remorseful, he calls over to Ingrid, "If Lady Kenna cleaves my head, please find a very good healer, like Kal. Maybe she can stitch it back together." And then he picks up an axe, squints, and hurls!

Waldemai checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 35 higher.

Cullen checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 47 higher.

Kenna checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Jeffeth checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 47 higher.

Kenna is JUST ABOUT to throw when the axe absolutely slips out of her hand at the wrong time, "DUCK!" Just... you know. In case.

Bethany is a little (a lot) more reserved when she waves to Kenna. She has to urge Adele, who it turns out is a little bit neurotic, through the crowd, but the dog comes along. They both go way around the flying axes. Bethany's dress is quite nice, and she probably doesn't want to get her blood all over it.

Thesarin picks up one of the axes, feeling the weight; no flourishes, no spins, just leans the weapon one way, and then the other, and then whips it to go flying end over end at the target, embedding itself solidly in the wood.

Waldemai concentrates hard on getting everything just right, since, you know. Axe. Sharp. Owie owie. He does manage to hit something and that makes him smile.

Axe in hand, Cullen gives it a few swings to test the heft, being unused to hurling axes as opposed to spears, then focuses and brings both arms forward in a powerful motion, the axe arcing through the air and hitting the target solidly. And then all of a sudden he hears Kenna's shout, the Greenmarch knight hitting the ground right before the bladed object whistles over where his head had been seconds earlier. "Lady Kenna! I think you did that on purpose for my forgetfulness!"

Giving a luminous smile to Korka, Jeffeth heads over to the axe range. His axe is picked up as the big man looks to his competitors. Smiling down at Kenna. "Best of luck My--" She yells duck and Jeffeth definitely backs up. Blinking, he looks down range and throws his axe powerfully at the target. Thunk.

Ingrid nods slowly at Cullen's request, her azure eyes watching Kenna with a mild curiosity, that grows into a great curiosity when she sees the axe slip out of the young woman's hands! Oh no, is it heading towards the back of Cullen's head? Yes...? The Grimhall lady calls out to Kenna, "Careful there, My Lady." Though by the looks of things, Cullen was not injured, even though it seemed terribly close!

Aiden considers the offer of the academy, nodding back with a faint grin, "Go have fun." He side steps to the Count Riven can participate, not necessarily having further comments for the man to delay him. Of course that leaves him to turn back to Ingrid and her brother, wandering back there, "I do apologize. I hadn't seen the Count for a good time and had to say hello." He cants his head, sipping on a glass of cider. "Have you been enjoying yourselves in Arx? These events can be exhausting - the mingling I mean." He's polite with a curve of his lips at Ingrid.

Ack! "Sorry, Lady Kenna! You are eliminated." And thankfully, no one gets killed. Samantha calls for the targets to be moved back. "Your next throw, gentlemen!"

Waldemai checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 43 higher.

Thesarin checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 35 higher.

Cullen does flash a quick grin at Kenna though to show he doesn't mean it, then stands up to throw again.

Cullen checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 21 higher.

She doesn't really follow to the axe throwing. Korka keeps a safe distance to watch from, huddling into her cloak a bit as the chill sets in to her damp hair. There is applause for the various axes that hit their targets.

Jeffeth checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 31 higher.

"Hey, no one's bleeding?" Kenna says a bit sheepish as she makes her way to Xllen's side and reaches down to help him out. "I //wish// I could say that was an unusual occurrence but, ah," Throat clearing and Kenna is just going to go talk to someone else. Ingrid in fact! "I wish I could say that I hadn't called something of the sort happening..."

Waldemai concentrates hard as he steps back to the new throwing mark. He squints his left eye, winds up a couple times, shouts, "Stand back," and lets fly. The axe hits ear the center of the target. "That was lucky," he observes.

Perhaps rattled by an axe having just been over his head and hitting the deck, Cullen's next throw isn't nearly as good, the handaxe thunking into the target more near the edge than the center. "Well. Back to drinking my cider," he decides, wandering back to Ingrid with a smile and reclaiming his drink and letting out a hoarse laugh at Kenna. "Lady Kenna, thank you for the help up and that you tried, even if that is an all too frequent occurrence! I am glad you warned me ahead of time."

Thesarin sends another axe downrange, without more fanfare or flourish than the first. Just puts another axehead into another target, and the blade has barely hit home before he's reaching for another. Slow, measured movements, right until it's time for the throw, when he whips his arm like a striking snake.

Taking his next axe, Jeffeth leans slightly on one foot, and then slightly on the other. Then leans back on his heels. There is a single step and leaning into his next throw, Jeffeth sends it down range. /Thunk/. The big man cants his head, giving a light nod at the landed axe. He looks down over at Thesarin, and then over at Waldemai. He gives both men bright smiles and big thumbs ups. Good luck guys!

"Lord Cullen, regretfully, you are eliminated. Targets moved, please!" Samantha calls out, and then once ready, with a clap of her hands, she calls out, "Throw!"

When Aiden returns, Ingrid graces him with a polite smile once more. "There is no need to apologize, My Lord. These events are filled with faces, familiar or otherwise. Though I am very pleased to be people to make your acquaintance as I try to familiarize myself with the city and the people within it." Sipping at her own glass of cider and not Cullen's glass, she then responds, "I have been, but I'm afraid I've fallen into the bad habit of spending most of my days researching various topics rather than enjoying myself in Arx. This is quite the exception and so far, it's been delightful." She says of the festival. When Kenna approaches, the Grimhall lady looks converned, "Are you alright, My Lady. Lady Kenna, correct? I was a little worried there that you may be hurt." Or had hurt someone else! "I'm Lady Ingrid Grimhall, I noticed you speaking to Lord Cullen, but I had not had the chance to introduce myself then. Now it is Cullen who returns and here she gives him his drink back, "You did as fine as you could, My Lord."

Waldemai checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 9 higher.

Jeffeth checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 25 higher.

Bethany eventually gets as close as Adele is going to let her get to the group of people throwing bladed weapons around. She looks back when the dog whines, and sighs. Kneeling delicately, without getting her skirts in the dirt, she scratches the dog's ears and murmurs something soft to her.

Thesarin checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 21 higher.

At Ingrid's introduction Kenna smiles wryly, "I'm afraid that I am the worst Iron Guard when it comes to feats of strength but no, at least this time I am uninjured." When Cullen joins it's her turn to look worried and she reaches outward to press a hand lightly on Cullen's shoulder. "Are //you// okay my lord?"

Waldemai steps further back with the others. He aims just as carefully as before...axes are still sharp...and manages to hit something that isn't a fellow feaster...but he's still out on points. "Good luck," he wishes the others.

Thesarin sends another axe downrange, with only a faint grunt as he sends the axe at the farther-off target. He nods when it finds his mark, and reaches for another, glancing over at Jeffeth. Waldemai gets a nod as the blacksmith starts off, and then Jeffeth gets a second, a hint of a grin as he has to look up toward the bigger man's face.

Aiden side glances to Ingrid's brother, Ingvar, offering to the latter a smile, before the former, "Researching is a fond habit of mine as well. Not so much stimuli..." he expresses with a gesture toward the activity, "What sort of sub--" he clips his words so she can show concern for the action on the field, "--jects do you prefer to dive into?" He looks suddenly over extended, he has that look of flight in his eyes.

Jeffeth smiles and bows his head to Waldemai. "Very well thrown Master Waldemai." Turning to Thesarin when the other man grins, Jeffeth grins broadly. His axe is sent down range once more, another /thunk/. Rolling his shoulder, Jeffeth tilts his head back. He turns to look back over all the crowd, picking up another axe. Looking back to everyone spectating he looks back down at the ever further targets.

Thesarin checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 30 higher.

Jeffeth checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 29 higher.

Am unconcerned shrug is given to Ingrid with a bright smile, "I don't mind losing. If I was concerned with winning all the time, I'd give myself a stomachache, and I have no wish for that." Sipping his cider, a friendly greeting is waved towards Bethany, clearly pleased at seeing her, and then his grin widens at Kenna's words and hand resting upon his shoulder, no doubt in concern for his health. "Lady Kenna, I am quite alright, but thank you for the concern! I am glad you warned me, all is well. And it was amusing, too, which is always something to find happiness in."

The axe is thrown. Thesarin's axe is thrown! Jeffeth looks from his axe to Thesarin's, they look the same! They will need the chain gang to come out and inspect the yard marker. Jeffeth watches intently until it is revealed that Thesarin indeed did take the victory. The big man booms into a laugh, clapping his hands together for Thesarin. "Well thrown My Lord, well thrown!"

"It's fine that no one was hurt and that is all that matters." Ingrid says in response to Kenna, looking Cullen over for the time being, but it seems that he is fine. "That axe striking you was not meant to be, it would seem, My Lord." A tone of amusement in her voice now, but a very subtle one. Returning the conversation to Aiden, her face brightens up somewhat, "I'm always happy to meet with other scholars and researchers, myself." Though when speaking about her subjects of interest, she starts with, "Initially, I was trained for Economy and law, but lately I've branched out into other things, wishing to learn the geography and culture of foreign lands, well, there really is too much to list." In fact, the basket on her arm is filled with book. "And yourself, My Lord?" She asks Aiden, "What do you enjoy researching?"

Waldemai applauds both throws. "That was a display of skill, all right! Well done! Well done!"

Samantha calls out, "Marvelous!" as her vassal wins the contest. "Well thown, my lord!" she echoes Jeffeth, and as the space gets cleared once more, she makes her way over to present Thesarin with the third and final victor's apple.

Bethany arranges her features into a warm smile for Cullen, albeit one that never lights up her eyes, while she brushes the (nonexistent) dirt off her dress. She leads Adele towards the group that contains Kenna and Cullen.

Once the last axe has been thrown, Korka starts down in Jeffeth's direction. She cheers when a winner is announced, applauding for both of them. "That was very nicely done," she does note for Jeffeth as she approaches his side.

"Our //Duke//," watch Kenna be oh-so-careful with Aiden's title this time, winking at him, "Is versed in more things than anyone can count." Her hand lingers on Cullen's shoulder for just a moment, but when she sees Bethany coming it is withdrawn so that Kenna can clap, "Have you all met my most //amazing// cousin, Bethany Mercier?" Unless Bethany makes it clear she doesn't want it, Kenna's absolutely going to try to loop an arm in hers so that Bethany is firmly drawn into their little group.

Thesarin sends his axe downrange, with one last soid 'thunk' into the wood. He doesn't seem to celebrate, just crosses his big arms and gives a single, satisfied nod at its placement on the target. He looks over toward Jeffeth and offers his hand to the man, giving another nod, and taking the apple from Samantha. "My thanks, Marquessa. Has to be said I've had some practice at it." A look back over at Jeffeth, with a low grunt at the back of his throat. "Damned fine throwing from you, as well."

Esoka puts her drink down so she can throw both fists into the air and scream at the top-most of her lungs as Thesarin edges the axe contest. "VICTORY FOR THE GREENWOOD, CHIEF!" Then she downs the whole of her cider in one long glug. Because it seems the thing to do.

Ohohoh, and CHEERING (sorry Bethany) when Thesarin is declared the winner. "CONGRATULATIONS LORD THESARIN!"

Bethany is happy to be drawn in. "Lady Kenna is going to -- Adele!" Bethany looks down. Adele is trying to crawl under her skirts. As if, if she's reeeeeeally slow about it, Bethany won't notice. As if there's room for her down there. Caught, she looks up and thumps her tail twice against the ground.

Clapping for Thesarin, Jeffeth grins broadly before turning around to face the approaching Korka. He gives a light shrug before returning to her with that everpresent grin on his face.

Thank goodness for drinking, an art for escape of the wallflower prince turned duke! Aiden was very much consuming his cider, cheeks flushed and trying to catch up with all the action and...he may have taken a subconscious step backward, toward the escape?! But when Ingrid tags him with conversation again, he stops himself short of a further step to his eventual escape. Her response does fascinate him, before he answers in a non-chalant sort of way, "History and well, things that don't exist but really do." His brows shoot wide at Kenna's exclamation, feeling the heat ride up on his cheeks finally. There it is.

"Ah yes! I do my own studying of history as well, however mostly about the Greenwood and Greenmarch family history. And some other...things," Cullen leaves off vaguely to Aiden and Ingrid with a swig of cider afterwards, then gives Kenna a bright smile as she leaves to go drag Bethany into the group. "I have met Bethany, more so as of late. I've been in the tea shop a good deal, and at the Empyrean's grand opening. Quite interesting for someone who enjoys figures a great deal."

When the cheering starts from the sidelines, it might be that Thesarin's dour affect finally breaks. He holds up one tattooed arm, holding the golden apple in his hound, and gives a booming shout of "VICTORY!" that can probably be heard in Triumph Plaza. The man can do volume. He gives a short laugh, and steps over toward Kenna and Esoka with another nod, and then winces a little, rotating the shoulder of his throwing arm.

Korka laughs and rolls her eyes, giving a shrug of her shoulders as she leans in to offer him a few quiet words. Her expression is amused and cheerful, the bit of shivering having passed for the moment. "We need to find something warm to drink," she points out. "Somewhere to sit, maybe."

So involved in conversation, Ingrid lost track of the remainder of the contest and only realizes that it is over when a roar of applause is given the winner. So in turn, she feels obligated to clap as well. "Things that do not exist?" She repeats Aidens words with a nod, "I do realize that the world is filled with many mysteries and things we do not understand, including what is going on or learning who is out there in the lands outside of our own." With Cullen's interjection, she nods once more, "I do love the fact that there will never be a point where there is nothing for you to learn."

Bethany laughs, her voice musical and light. "People who enjoy figures are normally such a dry lot, my lord," she teases Cullen gently.

Princess Muffin, the fluffiest white puppy have been dismissed.

"//Bethany//!" It's exclaimed as Kenna notices the puppy. Kenna winks at Thesarin as KEnna drops down to the ground to see if she can tempt the grayhound out. Looking upwards, "Princess Muffin really isn't up to this kind of party, so I left her at home. Hey, come on out sweetie." Kenna <3s her some puppies.

Grinning down at her, Jeffeth gives a light nod before. Just for a moment. Just for a moment mind you, he makes a slight wince while bringing his hand up to his stomach. Just for a split second! And then he's quickly laughing it off and nodding to Korka. "Let's go get a place." He's then making his way to go sit down at one of the tables.

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"Oh the world is quite fascinating," Aiden leaves off with Ingrid's curiosity unfulfilled, for now, "It was good speaking with you. Perhaps we'll run into eachother again, somwhere, less rowdy." He suggests and then means to break off with a nod of his head, and a finger waggle to anyone else.

"I agree, which is why it is a bit of a surprise," Cullen responds to Bethany with a chuckle, a drink of his cider helping the hoarseness in his voice. Applauding for Thesarin after Ingrid does and it reminds him to as well, he nods to her with a smile. "Yes, I am glad that there's a never ending amount to discover, to know. Even if sometimes it can be a bit odd." Kenna's playing with a puppy brings a warm grin to the knight's face, cider drained quickly afterwards.

Esoka goes to get a piece of pie. Rymarr's blackened pie. She wasn't kidding about intending to try it. As fearsome as it looks. Another mug of cider is acquired to go with it. It looks like it requires something to wash it down. "Well-thrown, well-thrown," she says, as she rejoins Thesarin. "The Harvest Festival was one of the first parties I went to, when I came to this city well more than two years ago. It never fails to be fun."

"You are going to feel it so bad later," Korka opines when Jeffeth gives that tiny little wince. She grins at him for his laugh, nodding her agreement and following him over to the table, getting herself settled in and smoothing her dress down just so. Dark curls promptly fall into her lap, and she shoves them back out of the way again. "Did you get your need for playing games tonight out of your system?"

There is no in (or under). Adele's a young adult greyhound, and Bethany's not wearing a giant hoop skirt. There was no way she was going to be able to crawl under her mistress' skirts to safety. As it is, she's somewhere between crouched and laying down. The cheering is over, so she's a lot more willing to have attention lavished on her, though, and she starts wagging her tail when Kenna kneels down to see her. "She's a little bit jumpy," Bethany explains, stating the obvious. "I bought her man who had her as a racing dog. I don't think she was treated very well."

"Of course, My Lord. I'm sure that we will. There are only so many libraries in the city." Ingrid states, once more gracing the man with a curtsey as he prepares to depart. When there are new faces that join the group, the tall Grimhall looks towards the newcomer and her greyhound. "What a delicate and lovely creature." She comments on the dog, then looks to Bethany, "What is her name?" A comment from Cullen, draws her attention to him. "So very true. But it is all still fascinating to learn."

"Another winter coming on, since the Siege," Thesarin says toward Esoka, giving her another slow nod. "Been to the last one, and aye..." He's quiet another moment, looking out over the people at the party, giving another nod in return to Kenna's wink. "'s a fine thing, to have some laughter. Keeping warm against the cold." He gives another short shrug, and another snort. "Never been my strongest point, but I can respect them who do." A bit quieter, and he gives nods toward Ingred and Cullen as well, with just a hint of a grin to both.

Esoka checked stamina + survival at difficulty 40, rolling 15 higher.

"Give me his name and I'll beat him." Which is probably a thing that'll never ever EVER happen because Kenna's terrible at that kind of thing. She sounds super serious though as she coaxes the puppy so that Kenna can love on her. Glancing upwards at the group, "Di someone say that people who enjoy numbers tend to be dry? Because I will dispute that to my final breath."

"It's fun!" Esoka declares simply. "And I'm glad I could represent Riven once more tonight." Is there a touch of wistfulness in her voice? Maybe. It's buried in cider and pie, though. She eats the burnt Marquis-Consort's pie with grim determination, but manages to get through it without gagging or spitting it back onto her plate. It is a victory. Though it's unclear if it was worth the price.

After taking a few minutes to see Nara off to bed, Samantha returns to the party, taking a moment to take in her guests. She lets out a little squeak and heads over to a familiar face. "Beth!" she calls out. Hug incoming, unless Bethany belays her.

"Her name is Adele, my lady." Bethany dips a respectful curtsy to Ingrid. "Or that's the name I gave her, and I think she's started to learn it." To Kenna, she says in a firm tone of voice: "I don't want to have to explain to my brother why you were wandering around the Lowers getting in fights. I'm supposed to be the one in the family with sense." And then... surprise Samantha hug! She returns it readily with a small, fond smile.

Sitting at the tables with Korka, Jeffeth waves a hand to Samantha as she returns. "Thank you for the lovely festival, My Lady. It has been wonderful!" He calls out as she goes to hug Bethany. The large man waves to her as well, eagerly with a bright smile, before returning his attention to his table mate, leaning lazily against the table as he speaks.

Thesarin looks to Esoka, curiously, watching her eat what's left of the pie with a snort and a shake of his head. He crosses his arms, again, and looks back over the party, watching the people at their talk, giving Samantha a short nod as she makes her way back toward the festivities. "Aye. It is fun."

"Bethany," Kenna chides at Bethany, this time not looking up as she caresses the dog's short fur. "A part of //being// an Iron Guard is wandering the lowers and getting in fights. I'm sure if I watched this person long enough to find good reason." Totally serious tone from Kenna.

Samantha lets out a little laugh as she straightens to look at Ingrid and acknowledge Lady Ingrid. "My lady. A pleasure. I've not had occasion to host Grimhall before, and it's been a peasure." There's a beaming smile for Jeffeth. "You are always welcome, Sir Jeffeth."

Esoka chokes down the remainder of her pie bravely and chases it with some cider, for actual enjoyment. "I should be getting back to Heron Hall soon enough." She approaches Samantha before leaving, though. "Marquessa! Thank you for the party! It was grand, as always."

Kenna's statement gets a lift of his brows, but Cullen can't seem to find an issue with it. "Yes, I suppose that is part of being an Iron Guard. I imagine it must be a fairly interesting life. Do you get in scuffles often?" Glancing over at Bethany, he remarks, "See? Not dry at all. Or at least the people I know who like numbers." Looking back at Korka, "Goodwoman Korka, do you work for someone in the Valardin Ward, or live there? Or do I just see you around there?" The knight smiles at Ingrid again with an offer. "Need another glass of cider? I do. I'll get you one, should you wish it."

"I'm not in the Iron Guard," Bethany points out to Kenna, in her I'm The One With Sense, Really! tone. "Besides, I doubt he gave me his real name."

Korka moves to rise from where she's been sitting, shaking her head and offering a smile up to Jeffeth when he offers her his arm. "You don't have to leave," she tells him. "You're having a good time, I'll be fine." Cullen saying her name has her attention jumping over his way, and she stares for just a moment before she lifts her voice to call her answer back, "I'm a scout for House Telmar."

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"Adele is such a sweet name." Ingrid says, leaning forward just a touch so that she can get a better look at the graceful greyhound, though she does not reach out towards it. Instead, her posture straightens when she hears her name mentioned and she turns to smile towards Samantha, "Oh, is that true? That is unfortunate, Marquessa Deepwood, for my brother and I both enjoyed our evening here. It's been a splendid way to spend a cold autumn day before winter comes. But yes, it is a pleasure to meet with you as well. The world truly has opened up upon my leaving Grihem's Point, it seems." When Cullen asks if she wishes for more cider, she nods quickly, politely finishing the glass still in hand, "Yes, please, I could definitely use another. Thank you."

Standing up straight, Jeffeth is insistent with offering his arm to Korka. "Come on. Let's get going." The big man rummbles before turning to smile brightly over to Kenna, "Good to see you My Lady!"

"It is true, and now I can no longer say that! And I'm glad." Samantha says warmly, before looking Jeffeth's way. "Before you leave, Sir Jeffeth, could you introduce me to the lady you're escorting?"

"It's interesting enough Lord Cullen - and has been my dream for quite some time to be in the Guard - enough that it's worth the change ." The puppy gets one last pat before the woman stands up. "//I// generally manage to avoid getting into fights," See that smile? Kenna absolutely uses her charm. "If I find this man though Bethany... I'll rethink it." When Jeffeth calls out Kenna lifts a hand and wiggles it brightly at him. "Best of luck Sir Champion!"

"Have a care, Esoka." Thesarin nods to her as she starts off, and wanders out to find himself some cider and approach Samantha with her, giving a low grunt. "Marquessa. I'm always glad when you're hosting these."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Samantha before departing.

"Ah! For House Telmar! Well, good to meet you then, given our close relationship with them. That explains a lot, then," Cullen comments, pleased, to Korka. Taking Ingrid's glass, he goes to refill both and then returns, handing one back over to the Lady Grimhall. "It's excellent...I need to get a cask of this or something...." Kenna's reply brings a beaming smile over to her in return. "It sounds like you found your calling then! And that you can resolve things in a rather ingenious fashion."

Expression turning uncomfortable, Korka slides her arms in around her midsection as she looks up at Jeffeth, then over towards Samantha. It takes her a moment to get the agitation under control, but she does, summoning up her smile and reaching to take Jeffeth's offered arm. She's quiet though, letting Jeffeth introduce her. Cullen's words have her nodding his way, flashing a smile to go along with it as well.

Adele is already laying down, though, and when Kenna gets up... she sees no need to do so. She might be considering going to sleep. Bethany, for her part, gives Kenna a bland smile that takes no side one way or another on the issue of whether or not Kenna will beat up the dog racing man.

"Korka Glynn, My Lady." Jeffeth calls out happily, "A scout for House Telmar." The big man gives a warm smile down to Korka, though his features flash from confused, to concerned, and then finally back to that ever-present warm smile. Once the introduction is made, the big man starts the slow journey out of the Deepwood grounds. "Thank you once more for the wonderful festival!"

Rymarr is overheard praising Samantha: Another successful harvest festival.

Rymarr is overheard praising Esoka: She ate the pie. I suspect she'd eat tree bark if she were hungry enough.

"Mistress Korka, a pleasure. Hopefully we'll speak another time." Samantha doesn't seem to want to stress the woman out, and has quite a few people to bid farewell. "Dame Esoka! It's always a pleasure to have you, and your liege." A grin is granted to Thesarin.

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Rymarr noisily sneaks off to attend to matters, as only someone in plate can.

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