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Emergency Grayson Military Meeting

Emergency Meeting to discuss Grayson Military plans in the coming days and with the in coming fleets. All are welcome who are part of faction Grayson or who are military allies to Grayson. Feel free to ask Reese if one qualifies.


Jan. 12, 2018, 8 p.m.

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Samantha Ainsley Astraea Agnarr Marian Lucita Michael Thesarin Esoka Tobias Rymarr Sabella Tristan Sparte Mia Olivia Tikva Shard Fairen Harlan Samael Titania(RIP)



Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Grayson Mansion - Great Gray Hall

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Samael turns toward Marian and bows his head to Marian. "Of course, Your Highness. I'm sure we will be able to support you," he says.

"I've halved the retinue that came with me from Pridehall. I don't exactly need a platoon mixed infantry and archers to defend my person." Michael calms himself as more and more people begin arriving for the meeting. "I've readied them, but I haven't issued orders. They're written and upon my desk. With the rest of the scouting reports and such."

Wilhelm the Iron Messenger, 3 Iron Guardsmen arrive, following Sparte.

Titania comes walking into the meeting she is wrapped in a cloak her ocean blue eyes looking at who is here, a soft breath taken in and then let out as she moves to find a seat.

Harlan smiles and nods towards Lucia, "Lady Lucita. How are you doing this evening?" His voice is pitched rather low, not wanting to interrupt anything else going on right now. To this end, he moves to stand near her.

Reese is on the gryphon couch and sipping her tea as she waits for the meeting to officially start. She has a smile of greeting for those who are arriving that is sincere and yet still holding a somberness. "Welcome and thank you for attending." She says to the room at large, now lifting her voice to carry. "Please feel free to help yourself to drinks, food and seat. We will get started in just a few moments."

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Ainsley is off to the side, sitting with a notebook in hand.

Sabella is seated with Reese, and she has a cup of tea in hand. She watches as people arrive, a pleasant smile on her face.

Marquis Fairen Leary enters the Greathall with a poised posture of confidence, his head held high and his hands folded behind him. As he enters the place, he sees Harlan and turns to make his way towards his liege. "My Lord, good to see you again so soon."

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Thesarin makes his way into the Hall. He looks grim as ever, sword at his hip, frown on his face. Reese gets a sharp nod, Rymarr and Samantha another, and he settles onto the map table without a word.

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Lucita's smile warms as she looks up toward Harlan, her voice also low pitched, listening to Reese enough to follow the meeting has not yet begun. "Very well, M'Lord, and you?" She is dressed in silks despite the cool evening though a cloak is hanging over her arm so not overly in danger of being chilled.

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Rymarr with his customary quick-march steps proceeds into the Great Hall of House Grayson's home, nodding politely to some. Gradually he makes his way to a seat, pulls out a seat for Marquessa Samantha, and then helps himself to his own seat. Plates rattle as the Marquis of House Deepwood eases himself into position and his helm is set before himself on the tabletop while his cold blue-eyed stare turns to regard the various faces in attendance.

Harlan smiles and says, "Well, for the most part, although I believe things are going to get more serious soon." He shifts to move towards the map table, stopping to get a glass of something beforehand.

Samantha smiles across the way to Thesarin, murmurs a thank you to Rymarr, and takes her seat accordingly.

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Shard stalks wordlessly into the hall. She looks about as she always does, and she offers no real greetings to anyone, beyond a few glances, before she moves directly to a seat of her own.

Marian is more than willing to have a drink to nurse but for now avoids taking any food. As a guest to House Grayson's meeting, she is there to observe and has brought quite a bit of data if the commanders have any questions about Crovane.

Samael nods his head to Michael as Anya returns with his red wine. He thanks Anya and takes a sip of his wine. He is about to reply to Michael when Reese begins to speak.

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Lucita finds a drink then moves to take a seat at the table also. "Serious indeed." She nods to the others entering the area.

Astraea quietly joins the gathering with polite smiles and friendly waves to the people she recognizes on the way to stand near the couches before offering words of greeting and taking her seat nearby Reese and Marian.

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Titania moves to find a drink and heads over to find a seat at the Emerald couch.

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Reese looks over those gathered here once again. "We will get started now. We have a lot to cover and it will take me a few moments to get to everything important." She warns. "I also hate to assume what is known and not known, so we will start with the basics. As I think most of you know there are three fleets right now that belong to the sea beast enemy. I request that we avoid saying his name at this meeting. One fleet is heading toward Crovane, One toward Setarco and one to Darkwater Watch. We have more detailed information about the situation, coming from a few different sources." She says, but pauses for a moment.

other white-tailed eagle, 1 Greenwood Tribe Blood Warriors, 3 House Riven Soldiers arrive, following Mia.

Sparte enters and immediately goes to find an out of the way spot to stand. He hates to get caught in the middle of these things if he can help it, especially when he shows up late. Reese is offered a sheepish smile as he tries to catch the tail end of what she is saying.

Marian pauses in her conversation to give her full attention to Reese as she speaks. She takes a sip of her whiskey, giving polite nods to the other nobles as they arrive.

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Reese continues after the pause. "Right now the most important thing we can be doing is rallying our troops. The numbers are showing that our success is likely to largely depend upon how well we are able to encourage and inspire the people of compact to fight with us. I have great faith in the ability of us to come through in this way. I do not presume to be the commander of the armies of our vassals." Reese says, giving a respectful smile over toward those at the map table. "And so I would like each house to take agency in the matter of rallying and prepping their people. As to wear exactly we will be fighting, that is still in question, but I would like to share the military information that I do have with you and to share the ideas that I know of being on the table." She adds.

Olivia arrives quietly amidst various others, and merely seeks out a place near her brother to listen attentively.

Mia arrived as she so often did -- at a brisk pace. At a flurry, really, given that she was several minutes late this time. It tended to have a humorous effect on the hems of her skirts, and even moreso on her guards, of which she's seems to have amassed an entire cluster -- including one rather grim-faced shav warrior who is heaving an enormous sigh at the pace which she maintains right until she's in the doorway.

Esoka enters a step behind Mia, offering a general inclination of her head around, then looking for a place to settle and listen.

Astraea waves to Esoka and Mia, gesturing to the seats on the couch with a smile.

Wilhelm the Iron Messenger arrives, delivering a message to Reese before departing.

Thesarin looks up from the map table, lifting his chin toward Esoka and Mia as they enter the Hall, before returning his attention toward Reese.

Marian goes motions an invite to Esoka if she wishes to join her on the couch. Then she smiles as Astraea beats her to the invitation. She sits back and listens to Reese as she speaks, thoughtful at her words.

Mia offered a general curtsy to the room, then a nod towards Thesarin. When she assumed a seat, it was the one which Astraea had indicated -- and as soon as she sat, she reflexively smoothed her skirt.

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Harlan smiles towards Olivia, and shifts to make room for her at the table with him. Otherweise, his attention is on Reese.

Reese continues onwards. "If anyone feels it will be a struggle to rally the troops for their house, let me know and I will see if I can find someone to help." She says softly. "I will be rallying for Grayson over all and I hope to have the Graysons help me with such." She says, looking over to Sabella and then to Ainsley as if hoping for their help. She then pauses for a moment. "Now we have a few different sources of information about the attacks and they are not fully in agreement with each other. The first is a vision from Magnanta." She says, looking over to Lucita at that. "The vision suggests that if we divide the fleet of combat we will be doomed. Grayson does have a fleet, just not anything near to what the Thrax has. We do lacking in those trained at sailing, but I will get to that more in a little further into the meeting."

Sabella inclines her head towards her sister and offers her a bracing smile. She settles onto the couch and takes another sip of tea, staying quiet so Reese can continue to speak.

Shard's eyes narrow faintly as she listens.

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Marian before departing.

Astraea listened to Reese and nodded every now and then. "Forgive me your highness but when you say we, in reference to dividing the fleet, are you referring to the Compact or to House Grayson? I apologize if the question is a poor one." She says meekly before sliding down in her seat a little bit.

Ainsley catches Reese's eyes and stands long enough to say, "Indeed. We'll be helping to rally the forces. And if as Reese says you feel like you may have difficulty, you can come to us and we'll help but-- you also have the options of contacting the Whispers to help."

Titania looks to Lucita then to Reese when Mangata is mentioned she sips her drink but remains silent for the moment.

6 Crimson Blades Sergeant arrives, following Tobias.

Lucita keeps her expression neutral. She nods to Reese "Lady Sorrel's vision. She should be the one to explain it if clarification is needed."

Sparte murmurs something to Wilhelm, sharing a concerned look with the other man as they listen to what is being said.

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Reese looks over to Astraea. "The vision, means the fleet of Compact as a whole, Princess Astraea." She says in her direction. She then pauses for a moment. "It is Lady's Sorrel's vision. I do trust her. But Visions are not always the only possible truth and further information has been coming in. Princess Marian." Reese says, looking in her direction and giving her a gentle smile. "Has been hard at work looking into the situation and has a report herself. Also the overall study of the situation, shows that it is very complicated and there are pros and cons. I have paper work on the study I would like to share with all who need such." She adds. "But it looks like defending two places is possible, but does risk a we a lose during the sea battle and not defending two places risks the lose of many lives and gives the sea beast a chance to get a foothold in our land. Crovane is likely to withstand a siege of the three. Setarco is going to be a situation if we leave it. The choice is not black and white and the choice is not up to me."

Late to the party is still better than a no show, and Tobias and his half dozen bodyguards walk into the hall. Adjusting his tunic, Tobias takes an unoccupied seat, immediately starting to sort out the conversations. His bodyguards take up positions with the rest of the retainers.

"Would it be possible, Your Highness," Mia asked gently, "to force one prong of the Gyre's attack into a land battle, allowing us to both defend two locales and follow the Goddess' vision?"

Marian makes a point of standing at that point and offering to disclose how she went about pulling the data together, "I gathered these number off of what has been reported by the Ministry of Defense. I used a recent engagement in Setarco as a base to understand how our fleet might do against our enemy." She gives a careful look around, "This data is only as accurate as those reporting their numbers. Please understand if there are discrepancies, it's on the data collection." She turns to Mia and answers the question since it's her study, "Using the fleet at two locations is a risk. If we underestimate their strength or they have a means we are not aware of, we run the risk of crippling our entire navy."

Rymarr's lips purse and twist while he chews at the inside of his cheek, albeit briefly. He watches as the conversations unfold, while one armored hand moves to perch atop the pommel of his sheathed blade. Armored fingers tap lightly against the unadorned hilt, while the opposite hand reaches out to secure his helm, which is soon brought from atop the table to rest upon his armored thigh.

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A bunch of papers are being passed around the meeting and likely slowing things down while the information is gone over and shared. Reese is silent for a few moments, maybe wanting to give people time to process things. "So as you can see this is quite complicated. It won't be me making the choices of what Compact does or what Grayson does. That being said. I can go over the ideas that have been suggested and I would be happy to listen to ideas that any of you have as well." Reese says softly.

Sunrise, lilac breasted roller arrives, delivering a message to Reese before departing.

Sparte steps over to Reese, offering her a few notebooks. They're labeled STOAT - Battling the Deep One. Sparte glances around, speaking quietly. "Not an idea exactly, but... In case anyone doesn't have this information yet. Thought it might help people know what we're facing."

Reese looks over to Sparte, giving a smile. "Thank you, Sparte." She says and then pauses. "We can share this around too. I wiould like people to be as informed as possible."

"Your Highness." Fairen says, perking up slightly as he has finished reading the notes handed around quickly. "If I may, it is a shame this meeting did not occur a few days in the future. The small team of researchers I have collected on the issue we discussed during our last meeting is close to a resolution. We are on the precipice of time alone to reveal to inform us more about our enemies Malaise abilities." He says, then pauses for a moment and looks around again. "You will be informed, of course, the moment I have the conclusion of my research."

Patches, a three-legged mutt arrives, following Tristan.

Esoka frowns deep, her hands clenching tight in her lap at mention of Setarco. She takes the report as it's passed around, frowning deep at it. When she looks up, her eyes go first to Mia, then to Thesarin. There's a resolve to her, wherever she ends up getting called to.

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Tristan slips in quiet-like and takes up a stance at the back of the room.

Titania looks to Reese her blue eyes look to the princesses a small frown coming to her lips when she hears Fairens report.

Tikva arrives, without fanfare. It's not clear where she's been or what she's been doing, but she looks a little on the tired side and there's some slushy mud she's tracking in on her boots.

Reese looks over to Fairen, giving him a nod. "I will be quite eager to hear what your research comes up with, Marquis Fairen." She says. "So there are a few factors. One is that we don't want to leave Compact completely undefended and open to the Slaver if he decides to act while this is going on. The other issue is that we are stronger in ground troops than seafaring ones. Again, I am not authorized to make the choice about what we do, but I would still like to get everyone's thoughts and I will make sure to pass such on. Also.." She says, looking to Ainsley and Tikva. "We have two voices here to hear your words."

Ainsley lifts a hand from where he's sitting and waves her over, before glancing toward Reese. Looking briefly like a rabbit caught before a fox. He blinks it away a moment later and clears his throat, "Uh, how can I help?"

"Do keep in mind, all the scenarios that Crovane is reviewing has our fleet joining whatever point that the Compact decides on," Marian offers so that the group understands that Crovane is going to stand on a land defense so they don't need to consider it for the navy, "Different groups will have different needs. For example, most of the scenarios we're looking at, we're asking the other Great Houses to provide skilled archers. Preferrably ones that have worked with Thraxian fire before."

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"Scoot over," Tikva orders Ainsley as she arrives, walking a little stiffly and folding herself down on the couch. Some kind of oil glistens from fresh burn marks on her jaw and throat. "I apologize for my tardiness. Were you needing something, Reesie?"

"Pardon me, but from all indications, the current thinking is to leave Darkwater Watch to be overwhelmed in siege. Is that a fair assessment?" Tobias inquires.

Sparte glances around as people start taking time to look over the papers he shared. "I might be wrong on some of the things in there, but it is the best guess I've been able to put together with the information I have access to. Please be careful."

Olivia is, naturally, no voice of military strategy so she largely keeps quiet, though she does read the reports with curiousity. However, hers is maybe the obvious reply when it is made, taking on one of Reese's later points: "Not abandonning our own local defense is important. The danger still lurks, after all. Do we even have the ships to... send all our troops?"

Reese looks over to Marian, giving her a nod. "Thank you Princess Marian. We do have a unit of archers, maybe then going to Crovane is possible." She says. "One idea that has been suggested is defending both Darkwater and Setarco with fleets. The vision suggests this would be a bad idea, but if rally enough troops it might work and it would safe many lives. It is a risk though. In that case Grayson land troops would likely join ground forces at Setarco and the Grayson fleet would likely join join Compact's fleet and go where decided. We would likely go to Darkwater Watch, but that is all up in the air. It is likely that I would lead the fleets and the ground troops would be lead by Duke Gabriel and Prince Ainsley. We would want a few of our vassals, I believe, to stay in Compact to defend our lands and watch for movement from the slaver coming through the forest. That being said, please remember, I am under the command of my voices and nothing I say is in stone." She says, before looking over to Tobias. "I woudl stay is not a fair assessment, Lord Tobias."

Lucita looks up, smiling at Tikva as she comes into the meeting but quietly goes back to reviewing her notes.

Rymarr slowly leans forward and plants his chin into an upturned palm. Armored fingertips curl inward to clasp over the lower half of his face while he continues to watch and listen.

Shard remains silent for the moment, though she studies the papers being passed around intently, and the narrow look to her eyes has yet to fade. They only get narrower when Tobias speaks up, and if anything she looks even more sour.

Michael gets Medal of the Star from a small rosewood keepsake box - MB.

Harlan just listens, frowning faintly but not offering any information. He's not a military commander, after all. Grayson needs troops? He'll send his. That's really about all of it. Honestly, if not for Killian's passing, that's who Harlan'd send to this.

Michael puts Medal of the Star in a small rosewood keepsake box - MB.

"The current thinking is to permit His Majesty to make hard but necessary choices based upon all available information," Tikva states crisply. "I certainly do not intend to make any final decisions about where to send or not send our troops at an open meeting that any enemy agent could readily infiltrate. That said," Tikva lets her eyebrows climb high over the slight widening of her eyes, "I believe that we ignore a divine warning at our peril and that to advocate such a solution is pure hubris. Anyone so foolish deserves a good sock in the nose, if you ask me. We all saw what happened when we ignored divine warnings at the Siege of Silence. Hundreds of Oathlands horsemen were demolished in an instant."

"But as the Countess said," Thesarin rumbles out, "we could march north, fight on the land at Crovane without splitting the fleet. Hold to the vision and defend against our enemy." Thesarin glances over the lords and ladies assembled, and then back toward Reese, making a small shrug of his shoulders.

Harlan frowns. "So we shouldn't split the fleet. That makes sense -- but we could send the fleet to one place, and the other forces to another, correct?" He nods towards Thesarin, "That, exactly. Or something similar."

Lucita's expression shows pure relief at Tikva's words but she remains silent, still working at her notes one by one looking over the bits of information.

Olivia seems to agree on both these points, the vision - nodding vervently along with Tikva - but the notion of defending Crovane as well. "If we are not strong at sea, we should not pretend to be so. Let them come ashore and meet them, while our fewer ships join the larger whole."

Ainsley gestures a little bit toward Tikva and says, "As Princess Tikva has said. At this moment we can't tell you what the final plan will be. His Majesty has to make a hard decision on what we are going to do, with all available information. /Including/ divine warnings from Mangata herself."

"A small warning," Shard says, speaking up for the first time. "If you march north, you risk encountering the Horned One. It's...unlikely, but we still don't know where he is. He'll have his armies wintering somewhere, though, and he might think it's a good opportunity to pincer the Compact between his forces and the Pirate's, if he sees the chance."

"Enemies are going to hear things," Samael says flatly. "We need to share our information if you expect any of us to rally our vassals. They aren't going to just come because we ask nicely."

Mia nodded once to Astaea before she added, "I have no head for battle myself, but it seems to me that if the goddess herself wishes to see a single fleet in the water, the most effect way to manage that would be to fight two of the battles by land." Her brows furrowed at Reese's reply. She thumbed through the pages slowly. "Would Darkwater Watch be any more defensible? If I'm reading these reports correctly, it seems the most effective place to position the fleet to protect all of the Compact is Setarco, but... would we be able to send troops to defend the Watch if it were under siege, as well? Or is it remotely possible that our enemy attacks the Watch as the first outpost against it and, if unmet, it may sail past them, concentrating into two larger contingents and making our positions at Crovane lands and Setarco worse?"

Sparte nods to what Shard says, seeming to see the wisdom in it.

Titania seems thankful at Tikvas words and Ainsleys and leans back in the couch she is sat in, she breaths deeply taking a sip of her drink and continues to listen.

"We need to be careful how many troops we send to the North," Marian offers, trying to impress upon what they are trying to do, "Because depending on the scenario, we might get trapped up there in the Winter. While I'm more than happy to let the Marinites freeze on the shore while the armies sent up there stay in the siege and wait them out if they're unable to take them out, I don't want a large army that might not be substainable. Send me archers, let us fight in the passes and paths, swift and smart, picking them off because we know the terrain." She then turns to Shard and is blunt, "If we have multiple enemies converging against one of the three, the success become less."

Reese rises to her feet. "I am not giving orders and I said that." She says and sighs a, long suffering sigh. "I am giving information. I am sharing what was shared with me. I didn't say ignore the vision." She says. "I am doing my best to keep you informed. I am sharing what was shared with me, including what was told to me by voices." She says, looking over to Tikva.

"I am not withholding information that exists, Lord Samael," Tikva says. She leans back in her seat on the couch, shifting until her hip is in contact with her husband. "I am refraining from making a public determination. We do not need to have a final destination in order to muster our troops. There are three clear targets of the pirate king that we can ask our vassals for help to defend. I know I will be."

Harlan says towards Reese, "I apologize, Your Highness. I think myself, and perhaps others, are getting a bit overly-worried about things, and are trying to interject useless chatter, honestly." He smiles disarmingly to the room, just trying to lighten things slightly. "I don't want to hear any orders, and I doubt anyone else does. Tell us when and where to send our troops, and it'll be done. We appreciate the information, as well."

There's a nod to both answers from Tobias, who sifts through the reports, "I appreciate this." Tobias taps said reports, "Giving the thing from the deeps all the initiative is a bad idea, but from the little I've been told, the Cobalt weapons are one of the only effective means of counteracting their tricks. From the last scouting commission from General Grayson for us," Tobias gives a nod of acknowledgement over to Reese, "The wasp guy is very quiet now."

Thesarin snorts, still looking at Reese as he does. "Don't say that as if it's a good thing, Lord Telmar."

"Just because you don't hear or see him," Shard says, voice quiet, but thin, "doesn't mean he's not active. You didn't hear or see him for decades before now, and he was damned busy."

"I am asking when you look at your resources that you consider not just land or sea but the skill sets of your people. Because some of the scenarios that will be present to the king will be dependent on things like...archers." She looks at all of them, "I am happy to share what I know of the North, vulnerabilities, capacities, so in the end, those making decisions have as much information as they need." She turns to Tobias and then tells him, "We've seen some of the Marinites beasts killed by Thraxian fire. So Cobalt weapons are not the only things that will kill them."

"Well, Princess Reese is the first person to pass any of this information onto me," Samael says. "Gabriel simply doesn't have the time to brief me on all of this and I can't trickle this information onto the Marches without it."

There was a faint huff aimed at Shard. Perhaps Mia meant it as some sort of agreement, nigh-mute though it was.

Rymarr lifts his chin from his palm in order to knock an armored finger in Shard's directed, as if to silently agree with her. Once that's completed, Rymarr settles back into observation and silence.

"No decisions are being made here. I am doing my best to share information and listen to people's ideas." Reese then turns to Harlan. "I understand the concern. Maybe I have increased anxiety by going into the ideas being suggested, since nothing is known for sure." Reese says, sounding troubled herself. She then looks over to Tobias. "He is quiet, but that doesn't mean he will stay quiet and I fear us all just leaving would be a bad thing. Reese then turns to Marian, giving her a nod. "Thank you, Princess Marian."

"With all of this going on, what of our Nox'alfar 'allies'?" Fairen asks, perking up some and looking around the room a bit. "They must at least be aware of our impending war. Can their aid be requested in this situation?"

Harlan nods towards Reese, offering a faint smile before he looks over towards Shard, "And I should have those available. I'm sure others do as well. It's good to hear what's going on, though."

Astraea offers a supportive look to both Marian and Reese before nodding in agreement with their assertions. After the man speaks, her gaze settles on Fairen albeit only briefly before she leans towards Mia to murmur something quietly.

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Rather out of place among those of higher status, Agnarr nonetheless has secured entry. He seats his lightly armored self by the piano.

Reese seems troubled as she looks over the meeting. "I don't know what the Nox are up to Marquis Fairen. The King likely does though." She says, being way behind on the conversation at hand. "I am going to call this meeting to a close soon. I will try to speak with each vassal house seperately and in messenger if need be. I would like some to consider staying to defend home base. I don't know if my house will decide on keeping some at home, but I think its something to consider. Is there anyone who can sail or wants to learn to sail?"

Thesarin looks back over the assembled, and sets one arm on the table, resting his elbow somewhere in the middle of the Mourning Isles. He makes a low noise toward the back of his throat, and shakes his head slowly. "Until word comes down, then," he says slowly, "there anything useful to do, 'sides gather troops and wait to hear where they're needed?"

"For those forces that are planning to come to the North, I am urging that those who are knowledgeable in living off the land work with myself and members of the Northlands Development Council to provide a survival training course. I want to make sure that any men or women volunteering to come to the North know what they're getting into." She looks at Reese, Ainsley and Tikva, "All of you have assisted with training exercises before, I would love your help."

Ainsley lifts his attention from some report that has been handed to him and he smiles toward Marian, "Of course."

"I would be glad to loan my experience as a scout to you, Princess Marian," Tikva says with a slight tilt of her head. Just ignore the ... burns all over her.

"Pray the doom fleets turn around and go back into the Deeps?" Tobias quips to Thesarin, "I haven't received any contracts myself, but the Crimson Blades are definitely ready for when someone decides to hire us." Tobias informs Thesarin. Then, he looks over to Reese, "Thanks for this. This is the sort of thing that let's me make informed decisions on taking contracts, and not many people care to do that."

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"I will be on hand after the meeting for those that want to approach me with questions about Crovane," Marian offers to everyone in the room, "Agnarr and Princess Astarea are also in the room and can speak to the conditions of the North. Fighting in Winter is difficult. Make sure you're aware of what your people could face. I would recommend getting similar briefing from those managing the strategy of the other two points."

Reese looks over to Thesarin. "Rally your troops. Study the information that I provided. Give me your thoughts later on where you would like your troops to go and what you think would be a smart idea in this all. I really want to give our vassals a voice in what we do and I would really like the King to hear any good ideas they come up with. If you are willing, support the Grayson Military as I try to raise writs." She says and then turns to Tobias. "I would be interested in speaking later and privately about hiring the Crimson Blades."

Agnarr checked intellect + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

Instead of paying attention and hearing Marian, though, Agnarr has taken to pressing on some keys of the piano. No discernible beat or rhythm to it, really.

Shard crosses her arms lightly over her chest, and leans back just slightly in her chair. She's gone quiet again.

Sparte lifts an eyebrow at Agnarr. He parts his hands, not seeming to believe the man is pulling this.

Rymarr rises up to his feet, offers a nod toward Reese, and then collects his helmet between his hands. "I've heard what I've needed to hear, thank you," he advises in the direction of Princess Reese. Afterward, Rymarr turns away and makes his way.

Marian looks across the room and bluntly tells him without bothering to mince words, "We are guests in House Grayson. It's a priviledge for us to be here Agnar. Leave if this meeting is not to your interest or if you have no interest assisting."

Tikva checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

When Marian speaks up, Tobias looks in her direction, "I'm familiar with winter fighting, but more information is always good. When would be a good time to discuss the current situation with you, Your Highness?" A glance is given over to Agnarr, but Tobias just ignores him.

Astraea gives a slightly incredulous look to Marian when she hears her name but she quickly smiles and waves. Then the piano starts up and the white haired knight peeks to see who the culprit is. Soon enough she is on her feet and "accidentally" bumping the piano''s fall board closed on his hands and slightly narrowing her eyes at him.

Tikva widens her gaze at her husband and very plainly does not laugh at something that he says. Look at her. She is composed. She is polite. She's probably a pod person.

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Ainsley tilts his head toward his wife, considering her for a moment or two. His eyebrows pinching together before he gives a little shake of his head. A glance is given toward Astraea and Agnarr, before he shrugs and murmurs something to his wife

Collecting the notes provided, Fairen rises to his feet as the meeting is coming to a close. "Thank you for the information provided, your Highness." He says to Princess Reese, smiling faintly at her as he nods his head. "This has been highly informative." Then he steps back, preparing to leave if nothing else presents itself.

Agnarr checked dexterity at difficulty 7, rolling 14 higher.

Reese looks over to Agnarr. She doesn't seem surprised, but she does look disappointed. "Leave and don't come to another meeting." She says to him, despite the meeting being almost over anyways.

Harlan's lip twitches at ... nothing in particular. Maybe the piano. Maybe not. He looks over towards Olivia and pats her arm lightly, "I think I'm about to head back to Ashford."

Reese looks towward those still gathered. "I apologize for this meeting. This is now how I wanted it to go." She says.

"Ow," mutters Agnarr, but he does react quick enough to catch the fallboard before his fingers get banged. He grunts, closing the thing more gently. "Never seen one before. Funny instrument." He looks over towards Reese, but answers only with silence.

Sparte clears his throat, looking to Reese. "May I tell a small story, Princess? For those who'd stay and listen?"

Sabella lets out a soft sigh and gets to her feet along with several other people. She pulls her cloak around her shoulders and ties the leather at her throat. "You are doing your best, Reese, and if others do not understand that? It is to thier detriment." She murmurs quietly, placing a hand on her sister's shoulder.

Eyebrows drawing down, Tikva looks puzzled. "You have shared information with everyone," she says, "as much as could be shared. In a situation that is still highly in flux. What is there to apologize for?"

Shard's eyebrows lift.

Samael is overheard praising Reese for: Thank you for doing what you do for House Bisland.

Ainsley glances between Agnarr and Reese, lifting a hand up and saying, "Reese. It's fine. Princess Peregrine used to do that every meeting as well. A little interest and awe in the piano can be forgiven."

Facepalming and shaking her head with a sigh Astraea Redrain walks away from the piano to stand by Reese. She offers the other princess a smile and nods in agreement to Tikva. "What she said your highness, it's true. You did well despite the circumstances. Forgive /us/ for being distracting." She says with another look toward Agnarr before taking a bow. "Let me know if you need anything princess."

Fairen is overheard praising Reese for: For taking a significant leaders role in such a dire time.

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Titania is sat on the Emerald couch talking in a soft tone to Sparte.

Marian turns to Reese and gives her a smile, "Thank you for giving me an opportunity to present my findings and assisting with the meeting. I'll make sure to notify the proper channels of what occurred at the meeting. Will make myself available later to answer anything that comes up later." She gives a smile to Astraea for assisting.

Reese looks over to Agnarr and just sighs. She then turns to Sparte. "Sure Spare." She says gently. Reese then turns her attention to Saella. "Thank you, sister." She says in her direction. She has a smile for Astraeae. "Its alright. I wish I had better answers. I don't right now. There is conflicting information and hard choices in front of us. Thank you all for coming."

Michael managed to pay attention to the whole thing, yes he did. Once people start filing out, he stands up from the couch and adjusts his tunic, pulling it down from under his belt. He glances about to see where people are going, and moves towards his uncle Samael for the moment. "House Bisland seems like it will be pulled in many directions. I'm glad I came out here wwen I did."

Alba, a curt courier arrives, delivering a message to Titania before departing.

Thesarin continues to sit silent at the map table, still as if he was carved from stone, as those assembled start to file out.

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Eventually, though, Agnarr gets up from the piano bench, pulling his gloves on, but he seems to want to listen to Sparte, peering that way

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Esoka rises as the meeting concludes though she lingers in the room itself, shifting another look between Mia and Thesarin. "My thanks for the forum to share these reports, Princess," she says to Reese. "Naval battle is not my area of expertise and I'm still wrapping my mind around this threat, but this will be of aid as we prepare."

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Samael nods slowly to Michael as he stands up from the couch. "I'm glad you're here, too. This is all still up in the air and it feels like we have to scramble," he says. He then looks toward Astraea and bows his head to her. "Thank you, Your Highness. Your light is a beckon we can all look to in these trying times," he says to the Redrain snow princess with a warm Samael smile.

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Sparte glances around, licking his lips before speaking. "For those that would spare me your ear... This is the tale of the Fifth Man. There was a harvest festival that was to have a contest. People from four different farms came together and each offered up a prize of a share of their harvest, and each prepared a unique challenge. Only one who bested all four challenges would win the prize. Of course each farm prepared their challenge in secret, so that they might be the one to be the victor." Sparte rises up from his seat. "They sent out their best sons, each seeking to win the contests and take home the prize. Yet none knew what the challenges would be besides their own. But they sought to win, to prove themselves more capable than any of the rest. That is when they met the fifth man."

Sparte continues the tale, "The fifth man was not from any of their farms, but he walked amongst them. He offered to help, but learned more than he gave. Each son felt prepared when the day of the challenge came, but then besides them, competing against them, was that fifth man. In the end none of them took home the prize." Sparte pauses a moment to let that sink in before continuing. "People disagree on the moral of the story. Some people want to be the fifth man. It is nice to fancy ourselves so clever, so capable. But he only succeeded because of the pride of those he faced." Sparte retakes his seat. "Thank you for listening."

Harlan stands and gives a slight bow towards Reese, and .. well, the other Princesses, "Your Highnesses." Okay, and the Princes too. He then turns to listen to Sparte.

Astraea offers another bow of respect to everyone present, snagging a hug from Samael and uttering something in thanks. Sparte's words were given due consideration before she grinned. "Well said my lord. The moral is ambiguous but your message was quite clear." Another nod given as she walks towards the door and utters,"Well said." Once more.

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Lucita thinks the story over then just nods, still remaining quiet, listening.

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Once the story's done, Agnarr strokes his beard absently. He shrugs, and then moves on to make his way out.

Shard pushes up from her seat. Much as she was when she entered, she's wordless as she starts to make her way toward the exit.

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