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Vassal of The Crown

Words: "Steel bends, honor holds."
Sigil: White dragon on a blue field.
Nickname: White dragons.

Widely considered to be the creators of chivalric ideals and the font of the Faith of the Pantheon, House Valardin has long been seen as paragons of knightly virtue. While the proud and honorable western house eschews the political machinations favored by their rivals in the Lyceum, they nonetheless are a constant force in the Assembly of Peers and through Arx. While not every member of House Valardin meets the high bar set by their ideals, most of the house and all of its vassals strive to be remembered in honor.


Name Rank Title Description
Aurelian(RIP) 4 Royal Family Members ---
Edwyn 4 Royal Family Members ---
Ardoin 4 Royal Family Members ---
Damon 5 Noble Vassals ---
Everard(RIP) 5 Noble Vassals ---
Tobias 5 Noble Vassals ---
Niamh(RIP) 5 Noble Vassals ---
Eirlys(RIP) 5 Noble Vassals ---
Muiryn(RIP) 5 Noble Vassals ---
Lorien 5 Noble Vassals ---
Reiker 5 Noble Vassals ---
Armand(RIP) 5 Noble Vassals ---
Jacque(RIP) 5 Noble Vassals ---
Ralston(RIP) 7 Known Commoners ---
Gilbert 7 Known Commoners ---
Sable 7 Known Commoners ---
Fergus(RIP) 10 Ally ---
Paige(RIP) 10 Ally ---

Ruler: Edain

Minister Category Title
Isabeau Income None
Alis Warfare None
Katarina Population None

Land Holdings


Description: Perhaps the oldest of the home cities of the five great houses, Sanctum is the seat of House Valardin and the key port controlling the rest of the Oathlands. The White City, as it is also called, is a glistening pearl credited with the birthplace of the Faith and (if House Valardin is to believed) chivalry as well. One of the mightiest fortresses in the Realm, it supposedly has never been taken by storm and was a bastion that held against the far more numerous clans of the north in the violent times before the coming of House Redrain's stabilizing influence.

Landmarks: A new shrine to Mangata has been constructed on Valor's Point, the hill overlooking the Redrun River emptying into the Eventide Vast by Sanctum. A remarkably lovely shrine combining the open air and worship of the sky along with a remarkable vista of the crystal clear waters below, talented disciples of Jayus worked tirelessly to build the astonishingly beautiful shrine near the oldest home of the Faith of the Pantheon.

Trends: Oathlands Orthodox are still extremely uncomfortable with the recent changes to the Faith, as conservatives are wont to be, but most have a 'wait and see' approach rather than active resistance.

Founding member of the Empyrean Trade Route.