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Prince Jacque Valardin

I would rather have the sharpest wit, than the sharpest sword.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Scholarly Swordsman
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Valardin
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 6'3
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Skintone: Sun-Kissed

Description: As a man of tall stature and a broad-shouldered, well-defined build, Jacque cuts a warrior's figure, indeed. His hair is straight and light brown, often kept short, complementing the clear sky blue of his eyes, which are often expressive. He has been gifted with a strong, well defined jaw and handsome features - a straight nose, lips that are slightly upturned at the corners and a sunkissed countenance, the result of an emphasis on physical activity.

Personality: He is quite inquisitve by nature trying to seek out new knowledge either about people or things, but he is still kind and not cold for it still personable and with proper respect given, fiercely caring and loyal for those he cares for family or friends, he keeps up a strong work out regimine to keep them safe.

Background: Born four years before Sasha, Jacque was a boy who dreamed of being a chronicler, a writer, an explorer. He fancied himself becoming a wise man that would teach children the right ways of the Oathlands.

The young Jacque set out to try and become this sort of scholar, only to find out that he fell short of it. What he did not fall short of in his education was the physical training. He took to sword and physical exercise tirelessly, impressing his tutors in this regard, while disappointing in every other. He was adequate as a warrior but he was no genius, no smart man; average at best, he struggled with those more complex instructions, before neglecting them outright, in frustration he would opt for the path of the warrior, instead. One that he did not choose for himself, but the only one that was viable for him to walk.

This became even more so when Sasha was afflicted with her illness. Out of worry, and protective brotherly concern, he became reliable with a blade, a man of strong build and nimble agility, but also tireless endurance. When his sister went to Arx, he lingered in the Oathlands and traveled the fields, assisting the subjects of his House in a number of different undertakings, all voluntary. He would escort merchants and travelers in the roads and assist the enforcers of the High Lord's law against those that would violate it.

However, beneath that steely warrior's exterior was a growing sense of frustration with his life. And it is because of this that he traveled to Arx, in order to fulfill his life's dream without neglecting what led him down the path of martial prowess. He will be a scholar, aye, but he is a warrior, and will be one until he can no longer lift a sword on his own.

Relationship Summary

  • Edain - The liege, second cousin and High Lord of the Oathlands.

  • Friend:
  • Fatima - My most exotic and charming friend.
  • Name Summary
    Aerandir A verbose nobleman, a prince in particular, that I met in the company of Lady Lucita in one of the many shops of the tradeways. Likeable and not without a sense of humour; perhaps someone to befriend in better circumstances.
    Aiden I remember what it was like first coming to the city and being thrust into social events that left a person no time to gape for air. Frankly, Jacque had no problem handling the event and contributed what he could at the time. I only hope to be given the chance to learn more about him, when things aren't so frantic.
    Alarissa A flocking dragon. A reminder of my Valardin days. It's good to see some familiar faces.
    Amarantha A curious oathlander. Though we spoke only briefly, I admire his interest in knowledge that most nobility might dismiss.
    Arn Scholar. Even if he chronicles war, still a scholar. Ugh.
    Astraea I've always like Jacque. He's intelligent as he is gifted with a blade. There has always been a bit of admiration, on my behalf, for how loyal and considerate he is with his friends and family. In times like these seeing his face again in the city warms my heart and gives me hope.
    Calaudrin Ah, another Valardin prince. There sure are a lot of nobles in the Oathlands, at least it seems like it. He had a good fight to him and was a graceful winner.
    Caspian Here I thought those from The Oathlands were all stuffy and prudish. Not this prince. I've seen him and heard of him before I got to know him, and so far I don't see any of the stereotypical Oathlander in him. He is just a friendly man who happens to be a price.
    Cirroch A kind, honorable man who I look forward to calling a brother in law.
    Clover A Valardin Prince-- he came to my drink knight, though was somewhat quiet. I believe he was very thoughtful and curious.
    Cristoph One of these days I'm going to be meet a member of House Valardin that's not kind and courteous and good company. But apparently that day is not today! I watched him spar with Dame Emilia, an impressive show! I didn't get the chance to spar with him today, but I think we'll have to catch up at the gauntlet someday soon.
    Delilah With a /little/ bit of assistance, Prince Jacque Valardin put a wide smile on Reese's face. He also seems to know full well how she's going to destroy him, but he takes it with pride. There's always something to be learned in defeat.
    Echo How sweet. He's invited me to come visit the Valardin grounds, and I've been meaning to tour the area. His company has been most wonderful and I have a feeling that he seems to be the kind to get along with most everyone in that sense.
    Ectorion Kindred spirits and cousins, it's convenient as arrangements go. I hope to get to spend time catching up and comparing notes someday soon.
    Edain I do not know my cousin Prince Jacque as well as I would like, but now that he's come to Arx I hope that can change. I do know that he is very smart, far wiser than I, and I know that he is a dedicated older brother, to a sister he loves very much. It's a bond that I think we both understand quickly about one another.
    Eirlys Seems like a very nice person and is someone I would like to have my back in a fight.
    Emilia A brave and unyielding warrior. Though at first I thought he was inexperienced, he had proved me wrong, when he had sparred to the bitter end, standing far longer than any other I've seen. His relentlessness is inspiring.
    Ignacio By all indications, Prince Jacque seems to be a good and honorable man. It would seem he would be a man I would not mind having at my side in a battle or just carrying on a conversation the City Center.
    Joscelin Well-spoken and well-mannered, even to those not of nobility. Tall. Really tall. Actually, not uncommon for the Valardin, every one of them is good-looking and sky-scraping.
    Lou A Prince of Valardin. He invited me to dine with him, my sister Sabella, Lord Wash and Lady Catalana. Or rather, he graciously accepted Sabella's invitation for me to dine with them. He seems like a good sort of person.
    Lucita A writer of books about military and battles, interesting, taking training from the same athletics instructor as me. Charming, amusing.
    Margerie A serious and duty minded young man. My time in the city has introduced me to so many jocular sorts, it is good to see such devotion to service in our young leaders.
    Marian An aggressive fighter, not afraid to let his armor take a few hits to get his own in. Not a bad strategy as long as he's not fighting a power hitter like High Lord Victus. I wonder just how well he would fair against someone that dodges better.
    Morrighan Valardin Nobleman that was lost and found his way to the Stone Grove. Seems a personable and friendly, though I can't think of a Valardin I've met that I'd ever had issue with. Wouldn't mind chattering with this one again.
    Mydas Prince Jacque Valardin presented valid points and proved to possess a fine mind for the affairs of war. I look forward to working with him.
    Reese He is a good fighter, but more importantly he has a strong spirit, gracious and brave.
    Rinel Every bit the perfect Valardin, but for his theology.
    Sasha Sasha's dear older sister who she has always looked up to. I hope he stays longer this time and will be able to see my cure and marriage
    Skye A scholar and a swordsman. Quite a powerful combination. He still to instill that stiff Valardin demeanor but I imagine that the waters run deep. The true visage of the man lives under layers of armor.
    Sorrel Although when I met him, he was covered in pastry, this Valardin prince seems like an upright fellow. He's a bit of a scholar, interested in chronicling battles, so perhaps we can work together on ballads and the like. He could be a good asset for that sort of thing.
    Sparte Is he bottomless? He is a somewhat large man, but the way he drinks without a tremor makes me glad I didn't choose to compete. He, uh, seems like a brave person outside of drinking too.
    Thesarin An optomist, this one. Young and eager. But he listens, and it looks like he thinks. Might be he'll get his chance to prove himself, 'fore long.
    Wylla He brought the wrong kind of paint to paint pictures with, but the Shrine of Jayus will make use of it. He may not have much artistic talent, but he seems a friendly soul. Jayus knows he has creativity somewhere, of course.