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Lady Eirlys Greenmarch

Where everyone else sees the differences that could tear all of us apart, I see all the things that can bring us together. Like a quilt carefully crafted, so many different pieces and yet it comes together to make something beautiful.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Shaman Warrioress
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Greenmarch
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Religion: Shamanism/Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: 5'10"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Ice Blue
Skintone: Fair

Obituary: Died in the Battle of Stormwall, valiantly sacrificing herself to save the lives of others.

Description: While of a height with many men and possessed of an athletic yet unmistakably feminine frame, what draws attention to Eirlys is the way she moves. Her natural grace has more in common with a prowling forest cat than with the average noblewoman. No less distinctive are her striking ice-blue eyes, framed in a heart-shaped face that is fair of skin. Her full lips are turned up in a smile more often than not, lighting up her features. She customarily wears her raven-dark hair in a long, intricate braid that is both elegant and functional for the Greenmarch prodigal.

Personality: Eirlys seems to have an instinctive sense for social cues and rarely seems to be out of place in her surroundings despite being both young and a prodigal. Rarely reserved, she's outgoing in nature and generally wears a smile on her face. Sweet and caring, she is nonetheless fiercely loyal to her family.

Background: Eirlys has been used to a life of independence and a measure of self-sufficiency for as long as she can remember. Her mother died when she was little more than a babe in arms, and with her father having suffered crippling injuries in a battle a number of years prior, she was allowed to run a little wild and largely decided for herself the path that her life should take. As befitting a resident of the Greenwood, she learned the use of a blade, and fervently defended her clan's home from those who might seek to usurp the lands they had held for centuries.

Yet, while is proud of her heritage, she saw only opportunity when the Greenmarch Abandoned bent the knee in fealty. She had always been fascinated by the idea of the city of Arx and loved any stories that she heard about what life was like there. Now, she gets to see for herself the reality of the place, fully embracing this new adventure and prepared to realize all the potential she believes she was born to - without ever forgetting who she is.

Relationship Summary

  • Fiachra - Big brother, sometimes annoying (suppose what they are for) also my best friend and my heart.
  • Alis - Sister - Our bond is not just through your marriage to my brother. It is stronger than that. I will always have your back!
  • Shae - Sister of my heart, A pure ray of sunshine with a will of iron and a way with animals that is truly impressive.

  • Family:
  • Neve - Cousin, always a breath of fresh air who wields a cast iron skillet like no other!
  • Cai - He trained me, my brother and many of the Greenmarchers, was like a father in some ways.
  • Ida - Strong, Independent and wonderful. Treated the Greenmarchers like family, she is family to me!
  • Monique - Cousin: Strong and Confident.
  • Edain - Your family so you are stuck with me now! Strong, Kind and a Great Leader. I would follow you into the abyss. You have my loyalty and my sword, always.
  • Marius - Cousin and Marquis. I feel so sorry for you that you have to deal with the lot of us. I am glad you are here though.
  • Marian - Cousin and someone I have always looked up to. I am glad to have been able to get to know you better.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Caelis - I have not gotten to know you well yet but I would like to.

  • Deceased:
  • Niamh - Cousin and co-conspirator in making my brother grind his teeth in frustration. I miss you greatly.
  • Muiryn - Uncle: Most people find very gruff but he really is a large Teddy bear underneath. I miss you so much. The lodge is not the same without you.

  • Friend:
  • Percephon - Very intelligent scholar, sweet and excited to learn. Also a good friend.
  • Gaston - A Friend, a warrior and someone I trust to fight by my side.
  • Cristoph - Rocks a BEEara like no one else!
  • Ansel - A friend and sparring partner.
  • Name Summary
    Alarissa She seems a seasoned warrior, this lady of Telmar. With that affinity for braids and her attitude when it comes to not getting osmething right the first time, impresses Alarissa and likely she will cross paths again.
    Aleksei I vaguely recall embarrassing myself being terrified of being noticed by Princess Alis in front of her.
    Alexis Recipient of the Sword of Sugan, and - if I got my Greenmarchers correct - the sister to Alis' husband. She looks nice.
    Artorius You don't really know someone until after you've fought them. Lady Eirlys possesses a certain kind of grace that is rare in a swordswoman and gave me a great run for my money. I wouldn't mind getting to know her better verbally. Nice woman!
    Cristoph She seems like an interesting woman. I'll be forever grateful that our first meeting didn't result in her pouring mead on my head. No thanks to my sister.
    Dominic Fought well for the twilight drake.
    Echo At first glance, she came across as a packrat of sorts, but it's been made clear that these things she's been collecting are for her friends - How lucky of them! I should take a page out of her book and do the same next time.
    Edain My new.... is the sister of your brother-in-law your sister-in-law? I am confused by this.. but I digress. She is a great fighter from the Greenmarch, nearly the equal of Princess Marian, which is praise I do not give lightly. She has been very dedicated to me, and has been a body guard to me, sometimes whether I want one or not. I know full well I survived the Battle of Pridehall because of her. All that said, I think it is possible she just likes me for my owl Roland, but I cannot blame her. He is a charmer.
    Fiachra Younger sister, fierce as a wolf. Passionate and caring and I hope that this life never takes those things away from her.
    Gaston A young woman who seems to have a love of violence about her, and little care for proper etiquette. There seems to be no real malice in it though, and I'm hardly one to judge someone on the finer points of manners, now am I? Besides, she showed skill and that has to count for more.
    Jacque Shamaness and warrior. She's proud of her heritage and I can respect that, as a Valardin. I also appreciate what seems to be her unshakable faith in my House. She'll prove, in a very short time, to be a good friend to have.
    Jael Full of ideas on how to torment Cris. I adore her already.
    Jeffeth A soon to be princess, the type of noble that likes to pretend not to be a noble. Seems alright to me though.
    Joslyn She says she can fight, I'd love to take her up on it someday.
    Katarina Fierce battle maiden and well-versed in many interesting 'arts', Eirlys is now technically Katarina's sister-in-law and someone who is high on her list to form stronger bonds with.
    Margerie My daughter's 'sister', in so many ways. Such strong young women - they make a mother proud.
    Marian An amazing teacher. She's been helping me actually avoid getting hit by the sword instead of running into it. I might actually avoid getting additional scars.
    Merek %bWhen Merek first met Eirlys, he did not know what to think about her. The history of the Velenosians and Valardin wasn't always the best, but he has found her to be one of the few people he trusts since then, and believes she is honourable and a skilled warrior.
    Orazio She hit him with a pig bladder! Obviously, this means war. No, he had a good time, and she seems like a pleasant person. Orazio approves.
    Reese Reese remembers Eirlys from a while ago and hasn't seen her much recently. She had fun sparring with her and Sigurd in the past and is glad to see her about again. She is pleasant to be around and always up for a spar.
    Reyna There is some spunk, fire there, determination. All things I can apprectiate in another, I hope to get a chance to spar with her, and talk even.
    Ryhalt A lively and driven lady of the Greenmarch house, and a good teacher and willing to help an amateur improve, which is deeply appreciated and won't be forgotten.
    Shae She is great! Played along with my teasing Kael and everything! And best of all, she is kind and caring, none of it is forced, it is true and sincere, and that is a gift. Especially when given so freely as she did to me. I look forward to spending more time with her and getting to know her better. Also, she rides an ELK! And she is going to teach me to ride one too!
    Shard Went on a patrol with her. We didn't exchange any real words, but she seems competent. Was protective of the other woman with us, Shae. Rode an elk, which, I'll admit, certainly got my attention.
    Turo Seems friendly enough. Odd that she prefers to not be referred to by her title... I wonder if that's the way her family behaves, or if it's just her. Nice tattoos.