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Ya know, sometimes I think to myself "Gilbert you'd be more free if ya'd just turn back to the old life" but then the duke is there with a bottle of his mead and I think "Maybe tomorrow, today's not so bad"

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Reformed Brigand
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Unnknown
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 5'11"
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: azure blue
Skintone: swarthy with a tanned tone

Description: With dark good looks and a roguish smile, this lithely-built, athletic man stands just under six-feet tall. Jet-black hair cut short in the latest fashion and parted the right, frames dark eyebrows and piecing azure-blue eyes flecked with sliver grey. His lightly tanned olive skin is smooth and a closely trimmed beard accentuates chiseled features and a strong jaw.

Personality: Gilbert is a man of simple pleasures, he enjoys good drink, pretty women and a comfortable spot to rest at night. His wry, often sarcastic humor and pessimistic outlook which combined with the man's expertise in the art of sloth can lend to a rather negative perception of the man to those who only know him at a glance. At his core though he is dedicated and unendingly loyal to those who manage to earn it.

Background: Gilbert has not lead an easy life, only recalling his mother's touch in his deepest of dreams, the lyceum beauty having passed due to illness when the boy was but four. How this single mother and her child ended up in a sleepy village just inside the oathlands would never be known to the child with the miller and his wife who raised him only referring to his mother as 'that woman'. It was a discontent for his lot in life that lead this youth to rebel and start down a wayward path that would ultimately see him running off and joining up with a group of bandits who preyed on the country roads in his late teens. It was this newfound occupation that he truly excelled in, taking to the spear and banditry like a fish takes to waters and eventually usurping control of the little band by his early twenties. However it was at age twenty five when fortune truly shined on the man when it seemed as if she had totally turned her back. When it looked as if his band had been encircled by Duke Cristoph Laurent's men, the band of knights themselves were in turn ambushed by a war party of shav who sought to wipe out both groups in one fell sweep. Faced by this greater enemy, bandit and knight turned aside their differences and fought back against the greater force side by side, with Gilbert even managing to save Duke Laurent by fighting to drag him to safety after the man had decided he best play pin cushion for shav arrows. With this act Gilbert after a little negotiation managed to find his way into the Duke's men at arms and now had a comfy existence and a meal ticket on the opposite side of the law he'd been running from for years.

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