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Prince Fiachra Valardin

I can only wish that polite society followed rules as sensible as those of the natural world.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Observant Woodsman
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Valardin
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Religion: Pantheon/Shamanism
Vocation: Huntsman
Height: 6'2"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Moss Green
Skintone: Bronzed

Titles: Warden of the West

Description: Rugged features and a tousled silhouette make it readily apparent, even upon first glance, that Fiachra isn't the typical immaculate type of noble. His crowning glory is the black hair usually left falling heavily past his shoulders in loose waves which, along with the ever-present shadow of a beard, only manage to slightly soften the sharper angles of his cheeks, aquiline nose, and jawline. Said sharp features tend to draw attention to the moss green eyes standing out in bright contrast to his bronzed skin. His tall, athletic frame and the way he moves is often reminiscent of a prowling forest cat. When he smiles, though, it does a great deal to lessen the predatory mien into something approaching a more expected civility. Occasionally, a glimpse of the swirling, dark blue tattoos common among the Abandoned tribes can be seen above the neckline of his shirt, evidence of his cultural roots.

Personality: While there's usually a slightly feline edge to the man, Fiachra is someone who comes across as being entirely comfortable within his own skin and his place in the world. Generally at ease, his temper seems to be slow to kindle, and his sense of humour runs to a decided sharpness of wit. He notably prefers to be outdoors when possible, regardless of the weather.

Background: With a father crippled in battle prior to his birth, and a mother who fell to illness when he was but five, Fiachra grew up with the kind of fierce independence expected from those who had self-responsibility thrust upon them from youth. He always had a strong affinity for the Greenwood, and came to know its paths and all the variety of flora and fauna that called it home. Over time, he became a skilled woodsman and aided in the defence of the lands that his clan had held for centuries against all threats.

Honestly, he probably would have been content living out his days there, but change is inevitable, especially as a nephew of the Greenmarch chief, Marcel. When the Greenmarch Abandoned bent their knee and became members of the Compact, the ability to be flexible in one's worldview became a trait necessary for survival. In truth, of all his immediate family members, it's probably his younger sister that most embodies that particular quality. She's headed now to Arx to embrace this new world of opportunity that has opened up to them, and their father has tasked Fiachra with accompanying Eirlys to keep watch over her.

Relationship Summary

Name Summary
Aiden Fiachra reached out to Aiden to help him with Archery. Aiden has been very thankful of those lessons, for they kept Aiden alive. During the archery session, he came to understand that Fiachra was a honorable man and someone he could identify with. On first impression, he wanted to know more and was quite elated for finding out that Fiachra was married and became a Prince. A title, Aiden believes, is highly suitable to the man.
Alarissa There is a certain knowledge that what one thinks they know about someone and what they come to know about someone, rarely match up. He is a man that seems to carry things close and has adopted Valardin in as much as it has adopted him. Both of them share that common thread. Though he missed just that once, she doesn't fault him and forgives him. He more than made up for it in the end and she owes her life, to a degree, to that Abandoned turned Prince. He makes her re-think her opinion on Shav's, Prodigals and Abandoned.4
Aleksei I think I first met Fiachra in the Valardin Ward when I was hiding from Valardins. (Not very bright.) He found that /super funny/ and kept calling me Mouse. Mouse!! ME!!! Fortunately I took my vows, which convinced him to stop calling me that. Clearly that was my reasoning.
Caelis I really thought he might punch me the first time we met, but he seems like fun. I look forward to getting to know him better as the months pass.
Clover A new father utterly inlove with his daughter, and adorable! But still very interested in his duty and his work.
Cristoph This is actually one of the few times that I've spoken with Prince Fiachra personally, I normally deal with his wife, Princess Alis. I like him, very warm and welcoming. He seems to have a good rapport with his subjects. Plus he has a really great cat.
Daemon An excellent bowman. The first time I'd seen him in action, he felled a poor fool named Thom while I dealt with his friend Jenkins. Malardin are so... aptly named.
Edain He is a good man, honorable, and someone that understands chivalry and gallantry even if he does not always call them by such words. He is a skilled hunter, and he is the newest addition to our family. I think he will thrive in the roll I ask of him. We are perhaps not close enough to call each other friends yet, but I hope that changes in time. What is most important though, is that he makes my sister very happy.
Eirlys Big brother, basically my father, raised me. The best person I will ever know.
Eshra Kindness though suprising at times has been found before but one with kindness with true understanding that is rare and unexpected.
Gaston A man of keen ear and wit. He didn't hesitate to throw himself in front of arrows meant for his wife, either. If he's like his sister, I imagine we'll get along fine.
Katarina Brother-in-law, and the possessor of Alis' heart. Katarina doesn't know much about him other than sparse interactions in the heat of battle where she guarded his flank, but he is impressive with his bow and his aim is true. That's good enough in her book on the battle field, but she still wishes for a better bond with him.
Marian My cousin. My brother. Normally it might be awkward but truly he is my family no matter what label he wears. I am so happy that he and Alis found each other. Their fire burns as bright as mine did for Valen. In some ways I am others fearful.
Sasha Alis's husband and very brave. I like him more each time I spend time with him.
Shae Eirlys's brother is just as wonderful as she is! I am doubly blessed that he offered to help me imporove my skill and knowledge with a bow. Becuase it also gave me a chance to met Alis. They are so adorable! I just want to hug them! They are truly a blessed family, and people I am so delighted that I got to met. Also, relaxing and comforting to be around.
Sparte Very to the point and direct. He doesn't want to play with words but get to the heart of matters. I like him! If everyone else I knew was like that, life would be a LOT easier.
Tikva A fine young man who is not yet settled into his new rank; an able learner and capable survivalist. I'm glad we met!