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Lord Ansgar Blackram

So there I was leading 500 pikeman against the Shav tribe attacking travelers... Did I tell you about leading 500 pikeman?

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Senile Knight
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Blackram
Gender: male
Marital Status: widowed
Age: 60
Birthday: 10/23
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: average height
Hair Color: midnight with silver
Eye Color: green
Skintone: hardworn

Description: A bear, that best describes this massive man. Looking at Ansgar, he appears to be a man on the softening side of a strong body. He is still straight-backed and has heavy powerful arms and shoulders, but a thick waist and slow moving joints show his prime is good and gone. Thick black hair covers Ansgar from head to heel, the hair atop his head has gone more silver than black in the last 10 years, his mustache is still as black as it ever was, but his beard is as white as the driven snow. Hair pops out from the neckline of his shirt and around his wrist if he's not wearing gauntlets. Ansgar's gold-specked green eyes look more youthful than what his body shows, as if his mind feels like it were still 20, even if his body screams 60.

Personality: Pride has carried him far in life, what he may lack in other facets of life, Ansgar makes up for in his pride. Whether it is pride in his own achievements, pride in the history of his family or the pride of his fealty, Ansgar finds strength there. Despite his pride, he is not necessarily a man who is unable to bend and enjoy life, he can joke about his weaknesses and his mistakes. If he is reminded of the fact he's gotten to be more than just forgetful, he just smiles and plays it off as having known he was asking the same thing all over again. He may not recollect that he is well past his prime, and his own pride makes it hard for him to accept that despite being a big strong Blackram, he's getting older and slower in a fight.

Background: The Bear Shepherd, that is what Ansgar was often fondly or not so fondly called in his prime. When Ansgar was young and was the military commander in charge of the Blackram Pikesman, he was loudest, largest and fiercest man on the field. He was a trusted commander, and not only for Blackram forces, more than once in his life Ansgar found himself leading Telmar forces in assistance to the Valardin house. This was his prime, the time he was at his best, but sadly that was short-lived.

When Ansgar was 45 he was leading 500 pikesman in a fight against a shav raiding party who had been attacking Valardin and Redrain parties and in his moment of glory, as his 500 pikeman attacked the group of 1000 shav fighters, Ansgar was unable to clearly lead the attack, he could not remember critical planned timeframes to send groups into the attack, and because of this, his pikeman were pushed back, losing 100 men, with Ansgar's own giant horse killed from under him. It was rumored that after a long recuperation from a broken leg he might have been not of a stable mindset to be leading the attack. Despite this, as time went on, it became quite obvious that Ansgar was becoming of less fit mind as years went by and could not be trusted to lead troops into battle.

When he was 50, his family managed to talk Ansgar into joining the Knights of Solace, feeling the old Knight could serve the Faith and protect those who needed protecting. Where his mind has weakened, and his speed in battle may not be as great as it once was, Ansgar is still strong of body. As the years progress, the move to the Knights of Solace seems to be a perfect fit for the knight. He seems to more often feel he is 20 years old again, heading into battle to save the damsel in distress or the men who ride alongside him are those he is leading to fight shav forces once more. He is often heard shouting orders on whatever he deems to be his battlefield, even if it were the training yard with a blunted weapon.

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