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Princess Cerys Velenosa

Never understimate what a single smile can hide.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Intense Royal Knight
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Velenosa
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Married
Age: 25
Birthday: 05/05
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: 5'11"
Hair Color: Burnished Steel
Eye Color: Alaricite
Skintone: Gilded Cream

Description: Its strange to see that steel shade of hair on one still in their twenties; falling in long, straight and thick waves around a sculpted dichotomy of a face. Delicate and angular in shape, with long lines and a pointed chin, strong features make up for the feminine build of the shape. A wide forehead rests over thick black brows angling cleanly up and over upturned eyes of an unusual shade nearly alaricite in color. Nose a bit large for her face, it is straight with a snubbed tip, over a wide mouth. A thin upper lip with a sharp cupid's bow tops a thicker lower lip, one corner perpetually turned slightly up; the result of a small but nasty-looking scar that tugs on the mouth, giving her a perpetual smirk. On the tall side, perhaps five foot ten or eleven, her build is strong and athletic, leaning more towards the build of a swimmer or runner and the ready stance of a born fighter.

Personality: Intensity is the name of the game. Its not that she's incapable of laughter or cheer, more that anything she does she does 110%. She doesn't seem to possess an 'off' switch, even her times of quiet seem intently focused. Whether drinking, fighting, carousing, or studying, she throws all of herself into the activity.

Background: Born of a union between Blackram and Velenosa, Cerys is a strange marriage of Oathlands honor and martial strength and Lycene sensibility and and morality. Raised in Velenosa through childhood, she was sent to foster at Blackram through her teen years, taking to the martial training with an ease of natural aptitude. By the time she was returned, the training had gotten under her skin and she insisted on continuing with it alongside the more traditional social graces and tutoring of a Velenosan Princess.

She took part in each of the major battles over the years, veteran of both the SIlent War and again for the Gyre, the latter earning her a Knighthood in the Lyceum that she is inordinately proud of. After that accomplishment, she started to turn her eye towards explanding her knowledge of 'knightly skills', once more visiting family in the Oathlands to tutor under some of the more well-known knights.

It was on the return from one such trip that Cerys was introduced to Dimitri Pravus during an event being held. It was fascination at first sight for the both of them. After a bit of a whirlwind courtship, and with the blessing of both Houses, she married the man she had deemed worthy (and who was able to put up with her intensity). Travelling to Arx with her new husband seems the perfect end to their honeymoon and start to their new life together.

Name Summary
Alecstazi Quite the opinionated Princess. I am curious as to how or why she has such firm views, but I suppose we all have our things that make us tick.
Alessia A Velenosan princess with whom I enjoyed conversing. She's amicable, shares my love for polearms and takes setbacks in stride.
Alexis Dame Princess Cerys Velenosa - a Lycene with an appreciation for Oathlands values. I've overcome a lot of prejudice against the Lyceum in my time in Arx, but that kind of thing still surprises me. Still, she does seem to be a woman of admirable principle. May Gloria ever fill her heart with courage, in all her endeavours.
Apollo I don't think it's ever going to be old hat, someone of her station recognizing my name. She's uncommonly engaging.
Dimitri There are times when I think that she is a wolf amongst foxes and then I remember that is exactly what drew me to her. Those subtle differences that make her so very different then I and yet, I can't help but find myself being drawn closer to her with each passing day.
Dio A Lenosian princess skilled in the sword arts, with exquisite taste in scotch.
Domonico She holds herself like a fighter. I'm curious as to how good she is.
Emlyn A lovely thing but scary. I hope she doesn't expect much of me because I won't be able to say no.
Gaston Family is always family and I am glad that this has never changed, despite how long Cerys has been away. She has matured visibly and well, her intensity still no doubt brimming underneath the surface of her knighthood. As for her being knighted, there was never any doubt in my mind that it was something should be able to attain. Not many can match her drive that she shown when she grew up here with us, so for her to attain such honors was not if but when, just a matter of time.
Korka A princess that was not only approachable but also had a sense of humor. I look forward to shared drinks and stories in the future.
Mabelle An easy going Velenosan Princess who appreciates laughter and Scotch. Now I'm curious.
Marzio She seems to be a nice one. Relatable and easy to carry on typical bar room conversation with. I imagine that I would know more after I see her fight. I'll have to keep an eye out for her around the training rings.
Mirk Blackram turned Velenosan princess. There's an interesting shift in status, but kin of the Blackrams is a friend of mine...or at least an ally.
Nina A drinker of pete whiskey of the Oathlands variety, and a swordswoman, yet, she is a Princess of Velenosa! Such an interesting combination of traits.
Petal A warrior princess of the south who got robbed. I look forward to seeing her in action and I wish her good fortunate in gathering gear. She seems like the sort who will succeed, confident.
Sydney A woman who seems to have her priorities in order, and who isn't hung up on etiquette for the sake of it. She has excellent taste in legates, and that rather endears her to me.
Tatienne Prince Dimitri's wife, as fiercesome as he is foppish.
Teagan Cerys spent some of her youth in the Cloudspine. She's a rare Lycene that I would say has a true grit about her, but then: her father is a Blackram. It's in her blood. I am happy to see her in Arx, though I wish it were in better times.