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Redrain Fealty Meeting 1019

A gathering in the Redrain Great Hall for the Northlands Houses to discuss current goings-on. This is a closed meeting for the Redrain fealty and possibly a few invited guests.


May 6, 2023, 3 p.m.

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Ann Magaen Cillian


Acheron Blackwood Charon Clearlake Crovane Halfshav Nightgold Ravenseye Redrain Sanna Stahlben


Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Redrain Villa - Great Hall

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Comments and Log

The Great Hall of the Redrain Villa is an impressive room and one in which any manner of meeting might occur. Sometimes there are fine, bordering on stuffy affairs. Other times they are filled with a boisterousness that can be heard all the way to the gates leading to the city. Thankfully summer has faded into autumn and the crispness of the air outside filters into the hall. There is an offering of various food and drink, which is seems Gwenna has already taken advantage of. She sits at the map table with a glass of white wine and also has a small book before her.

Ann came into the Great Hall earlier because food and drink of course. Filling up her plate and likely getting a glass of whiskey. A smile and a nod for her cousin Gwenna as she moves to find a seat before the meeting is to begin.

Magaen Charon comes in representing one of the newer houses in Redrain's vassalage. She looks around, engages in the nods of greeting, then helps herself to a drink and some of the food on offer before choosing a seat the offers a choice view of the map table.

Gwenna stands from her seat, a small book open on the table before her. She offers a respective dip of her head and warm smile to those gathered before speaking. "There is an abomination threatening the North. More than threatening, really, but it is as good a term as any. It is an old enemy who was banished from his home after murderous deeds in an attempt to grow more powerful. Despite being cast out his lands, that have had great troubles to face themselves, he has quietly gained power from his place in or around the Everwinter," is remarked as she leans to point to that area of the map. "It was thought that he took to his punishment quietly, and /was/ quiet for a long time. Recent events suggest he has gained a powerful ally and is now a problem that no one can ignore. A problem that could cause a small war, as he has followers, which is why we have gathered today."

The Redrain pauses a moment to glance over what surely are notes in the small book. "We are all aware, I suspect, of the threats the Compact has been facing these last several months, if not years. We have all put better defenses in place recently, for which I am grateful to the Northland houses and their leadership for doing. Now, we are asking everyone to be prepared in case these self-called disciples make their own moves to attempt to weaken us. We will likely have smaller meetings in the weeks to come, as possible plans to handle the situation come together, and allies who may help. For now, we wanted you all to be aware of these possibilities so that you can do what you can to keep the Northlands prepared and safe." That said, she retakes her seat. "The floor is open for and questions or other concerns about the Northlands."

Cillian is a little behind and just a tad slow as he walks into the hall, at his back are two of his house guards that he shoos away. But at his feet as he looks down is a small puppy, there is this child like look in his eyes with a smirk on his lips. The Blackwood lord though smiling looks extremely tired, like maybe the man has not been sleeping. His beard is trimmed short and his hair is as well. "Come on." he says in a thick accent, but the puppy looks at the great hall's floor like it might eat it. He shakes his head, when he does there is no sounds of soft bells that come from it, he is dressed in his leather with his bow on his back and sword at his hip. He moves to pick the pup up in his arms and move in. He moves to grab a drink and plate of food and find a seat looking to Gwenna as she speaks.

Ann also chose a spot so she can watch Gwenna and whatever it is she presents from the map table. She actually gets up to take a better look as she leaves her plate and drink behind to study the map as Gwenna talks. A small frown to her features and nodding a little bit when Gwenna talks about him. Likely herself having heard about this since being an Inquisitor. Nodding again at the talk of smaller meetings for weeks to come. She asks, "Are you able to gives us a name of this him you speak of or would that give him too much power?" Blue eyes look to Gwenna when she asks that. "Has there been more protection around Everwinter or are people just avoiding the area?" She does offer subtle nods to Magaen and Cillian when they make their entries.

Gwenna offers Cillian a nod of greeting when he arrives and her smile reappears as she watches the puppy a moment. Ann's remarks draw her attention back to the matter at hand. "They call themselves The Disciples of the Maw, so you can glean what you might from that," she tells the other Redrain. "I'm not sure it gives him too much power, but I like to err on the side of caution. We may have other allies in this as well, though perhaps not popular ones. As for more protection around the Everwinter, no more than what we recently put in place. The unseasonable chill, I suspect, is his doing," is noted while glancing between Ann and Magaen.

Magaen sets her refreshments aside and stands. "Countess Magaen Charon, your highness. This is the first I have heard of the threat," she pauses here and says in an undertone, "though the name puts me in mind of something," next in a more confident, fuller tone, "but hearing of it here did not change my foremost concern. It sounds, now, that the two are not unlinked. Though Glacial Grove has been in Charon's hands for but a few years now, the cold we have felt there in recent months has our people - people who have been there far longer than we - talking. Worried. The concern, your highness, is food. And while I am certain the threat of which you speak is formidable, the certainty of stores to see us through the year to come can provide us with the hope to face the formidable."

Ann goes for quiet as she listens to Gwenna first and the information she shares and then she is looking to Magaen when she shares her concerns. "Thank you, Highness." She is likely going to go do her own research of these disciples once this meeting is done with. "If they are not popular ones does that not matter? We do have the reputation of being barbarians even if we embrace our southern cousins." Anyone that is Redrain knows of the reputation they all hold supposedly but that is what the North, Redrain is all about. Different than what the rumors speak them as. Nodding at the talk of the chill having remembered when the chill hit the villa, where they all are now. Looking to Gwenna when the Countess speaks of food stores.

"Which is exactly why I arranged a meeting," Gwenna offers to Magaen and manages a brief smile. "News sometimes takes longer to travel from Arx to the Northlands, especially with so much else going on around the Compact. There are options that have been discussed for dealing with this formidable threat, but nothing put all in place yet. If and when we decide to move, if our hand is not forced before then, it could cause troubles. That's our main concern - that people are aware and know such may come." The Redrain closes her small book and lets out a sigh. "We should have stores enough to get us through winter, but another season like the one we just went through may stretch us thin. Please reassure your people that for now, they will not have to be concerned about food." Ann's words bring a quick grin. "I am certainly more concerned about protecting the Northlands than being popular, but it is another thing that needs to be considered in all of this and worthy of mention. The people are far less forgiving than we are to each other about these sorts of things," is said with a quick shrug of her shoulders.

Cillian holds the pup in his lap and lets the little guy gnaw on his leather gloved fingers as he looks to Magaen then to Gwenna, "Yours highness, I had heard of these followers before but was not aware that they have returned with power." there is a frown that comes to his lips, "I fear, that hearing this we may have a bigger issue on our hands." he looks to those who are here. "With the cold returning and spreading once again and the followers of the Maw coming back into their own. I believe we can all guess who is helping them." he looks to Ann for a long moment then to the others, "We are going to have to be careful, with us being up North already and it being as quiet as it was? We had no resistance, it left me felling there is something going on." he looks to Magaen, "Plus." he nods his head looking back to Gwenna, "We at Blackwood will do what we can to help."

Gwenna's assurances are met with a slight bow before Magaen reclaims her seat. She looks to Cillian, hearing him out. On the heels of his offer, she speaks up from her seat. "As will Charon."

Ann herself finds her seat and tells Gwenna, "You know I will help wherever I can." Such as she did when the call was made when trouble was first heard of. Inclining her head in respect to the Voice of Redrain. There is a flicker of a smile when Gwenna shows her own. When Cillian looks to her she inclines her head in his direction and gives a small brow upraise. Offering a smile of reassurance to Magaen when Gwenna solidifies there is enough food stores for now. She now says, "Is there anything in particular you would like for us to do? Anything I can do for you as Inquisitor?"

Gwenna nods her head a few times to Cillian's words. "There are solid suspicions that they are being helped, yes. Ones I have no reason to doubt, which adds another layer of concern. That the Traitor is likely involved makes things more difficult, of course, and the need to be even more aware." There's a flicker of worry in her wrinkled brows, but it does not last. "Thank you, My Lord, Countess. Keep your people safe and make sure they are careful. Surely the unseasonable weather has made them wonder about trouble, but at least now there's a bit more information as to the possibly why." Pausing to take a few more sips from her wine glass, she considers Ann's inquiry. "Not yet, that I can think of. Knowing there is a threat is a big part of moving forward for everyone. There may be war, but hopefully that can be avoided. Keeping our ears open for possible happenings that might be related will also help. I know it's not much to work with, for now. There will be more meetings when there is, though. I don't want anyone caught unawares. Are there any more questions? Concerns?"

"Mine have been addressed, Highness, so I may now look to the preparations you have recommended without distraction," Magaen says. "Thank you."

"I have no other questions or concerns at this time." Ann says. "But are we allowed to reach out if and when we do?" Looking to Gwenna as she speaks.

Cillian looks to to the others then to Gwenna, "These others who wish to aid us? Are we allowed to know who they are? Though I may have a feeling I may know already." he looks to the pup and pulls his now wet leather clad fingers from its tiny jaws.

Gwenna manages a smile again for Magaen. "I am beyond grateful for your and House Charon's support, well beyond everything that has gone on recently. Please reassure your people about food and if you need anything, do not hesitate to reach out," she says and dips her head respectfully to the Countess. Turning to Ann, she nods and her smile broadens. "Of course! Communication is absolutely key. Things like this can't be covered in one get-together and the gods and spirits know information is always developing." Her focus shifts next to Cillian. "The possible other allies will be something discussed at another meeting. Possibly with them in attendance. Today was mostly about making everyone aware and hopefully putting some concerns at ease."

Magaen smiles to Gwenna as she bows her head, yet again. Hearing the conclusion of the gathering, Magaen lingers just long enough to finish her refreshment over small conversation before saying her goodbyes.

"Thank you for informing us and letting us know of recent things, Your Highness." It seems the meeting has come to a close and Ann for her part does finish her food and drink before departing the hall.

Willen arrives, following Lou.

Cillian nods his head, "Thank you, your highness." he looks to Magaen, "We should meet and speak sometime." his eyes look to Ann then back to Gwenna, "I will be sending a message back to the Storm March to strengthen patrols and to take count of storage of supplies, if Blackwood can we will help with what we can."

Willen leaves, following Lou.

Ann is overheard praising Gwenna.

Ann is overheard praising Cillian.

Ann is overheard praising Magaen.

Cillian is overheard praising Ann.

Cillian is overheard praising Gwenna.

"Thank you all very much," Gwenna says and then stands from the map table. "As more information comes out, or plans tentatively decided on, we will keep everyone up to date. Until then, be safe and my gratitude again." And with that, it seems the meeting is concluded.

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