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Vassal of Acheron

Words: To each their due.
Sigil: A pink-headed buzzard holding a metallic silver coin against a matte gray sky.
Nickname: Vultures, Buzzards

Description: House Charon originated as a branch of House Threerivers, another vassal of Aviaron's Peak. During the Threerivers-Bellerive conflict of 1011 AR, the founding members of House Charon were instrumental in leveraging an end to the war and found themselves rewarded with lands accordingly.

Some rumors circulate suggesting that House Charon was actually granted their domain to squash the beginnings of a succession crisis that might have destabilized the region between House Threerivers and House Bellerive once more. It would certainly help to explain why the Charons, widely characterized as devout followers of the Faith, would be chosen to rule a plateau which serves as the pedestal for an ancient shamanistic religious site.


Name Rank Title Description
Magaen 1 Countess Countess of Glacial Grove
Teague 2 Voice Master of War
Charlemagne 3 Advisor Sword of Glacial Grove
Fidel 4 Noble Family Lord of Glacial Grove
Alecto 10 Busy/Away (Inactive) Lord of Glacial Grove
Clarisse 10 Busy/Away (Inactive) Master of Population
Tigarus 10 Busy/Away (Inactive) Master of Coin
Einarr 10 Busy/Away (Inactive)
Saito 10 Busy/Away (Inactive)

Ruler: Magaen

Minister Category Title
Tigarus Income Master of the Coin
Teague Warfare Lord of War
Clarisse Population Minister of Public Health

Land Holdings

Glacial Grove

Description: A plateau that extends out from the outer eastern-most approach of the Crimson Peaks, Glacial Grove commands the high ground over the Gray Forest and the nearby riverway. It served as a Shav'arvani military installation prior to the territory's acquisition by House Acheron, some say with a view all the way to Bastion.

The actual structures inherited by House Charon are nearly inhospitable, suffering from long term neglect at the hands of the previous Shav occupants. The curtain wall of the old bailey is much in need of tending, as is the ominously overgrown grove itself which the tower castle takes advantage of as a kind of fortification, not unlike a brambly, densely thicketed moat. Any infrastructure that once existed to utilize nearby waters for trade, travel, or for use in mills crumbled away generations ago.