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First Comes Love Pt. 2

Having determined that the missing Lord Nils Norrock was, at least at some point, at the Whale's Watch, the group ventures on to the Starboard Alehouse to try to learn more.

(OOC: There is room for others who are interested in joining the party. Low-stakes, possibly combatty prp.)


April 21, 2023, 8 p.m.

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Aethan Denica Ian Jan Neilda Tesha Titania Gaspard Filshiar Zyn Ahrsen



Outside Arx - Mourning Isles near Tyde Hall - Isles of the East Wind

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Though it has begun to get dark, now, the city around Tyde Hall is still active with merchants only just closing up their shops and plenty of people still out and about. A few members of the party have peeled off to pursue other ideas, while the bulk continues to the next destination- which might give insight into where Lord Nils Norrock has gone. The walk from The Whale's Watch to the Starboard Alehouse takes about ten minutes, winding from one dockside locale to another. Halfway there, the group sees an unlikely sight: A pair of familiar knights, one King's Own and one Templar, come to Tyde Hall to look into the disappearance of a Prodigal lord in the wake of the Mourning Isles civil war.

Having said his goodbyes to Aethan, who was urgently needed to deal with a thing on their ship, Ian continues along with everyone else, ambling, not particularly in a hurry. He seems surprised, although not unpleasantly so, to make out a familiar, gigantic silhouette coming into the view in the gathering gloom.

Towering a head OR two above almost, and likely everyone, Gaspard is wearing his usual gleaming white, diamondplate platemail armor. Posture relaxed, masculine, chiseled features set in a somber expression, his lips purse and brows furrow faintly as he spies familiar faces in the distance. A brief, ghost of a smile toys at the corner of his full, dark pink lips, embarking closer. "Well hello." He rumbles out in a gravelly baritone. "I hear there's been a bit of trouble?"

Tesha gives a quiet few words to Aethan before he's off to the ship and then she's carrying along with the rest of the Kennex party. The Telmarcher is sticking towards the back of the group and seems to be thinking about some things. Though as she makes out the King's Own and the Templar there is a quirk of one eyebrow. Then she hears Gaspard's deep baritone and almost jumps out of her skin, "Lord Gaspard." she greets him with a smile.

Fishing the flask out a hidden pocket of her skirt, Denica pops the cap as she walks with the group, she takes a sip. Walking with confidence even if she hasn't quite got a plan. She's familiar with this city, having visited these shores many times, though not so much recently. There isn't much for her to say, even if there's a lot on her mind. Denica stops when the others stop to see two varieties of knights. Saluting with her flask, she doesn't say much. Rather, she looks at the others to explain. Oh, she makes the very helpful comment of, "there's always trouble if you try hard enough."

Jan tilts her head and her lips form into an uneven grin "The man's like a damn Land-bouy. Need to get your bearings? Just look for the giant."

Even in the growing dark, the emblem across Filshiar's breastplate is clear enough to draw the attention of some of the people out and about, and the fact that he's arrived alongside Gaspard makes the pair stand out that much more. It seems the templar is more well-known, and as others gather around, he quietly bows his head and rests a hand on his sword hilt. "Evening," he says, casting a glance around the dockside street.

Titania chuckles at Jan as she walks along with her cousin, her arm around hers as they walk. Looking at the two knights she leans in to whisper to Jan with a small grin growing on her face.

Ian gives Gaspard a brief grin as they to conversational range. "Missing prodigal lord. Things in the Isles aren't friendly enough to be sure he's just off drinking somewhere and forgot to check in, so we're trying to run him down."

"..said the lay-dee to the bear!" The loud and rather bawdy song comes to a close as a certain brunette dressed in a black eelskin tricorn hat, hair braided and arm linked with a much larger, beefer man. Zyn rounds the corner with a bottle in one hand and an Ahrsen on her arm. She pauses to burp rather unladylike, and gesture to the group with a slosh of her bottle. "There they be, matey. Lookin' for that there missing .. erm .. I forget who." She barks a laugh, possibly not entirely sober and leads Ahrsen that way. "We're with you," she decides.

Azure, gold-rimmed twin jewels lingering on Tesha for a moment, Gaspard tears his attention off to fall upon Ian, and returns the brief grin, only his cheeks dimple in return to make for a rather charming, disarming half-grin for but a second. "Lord Ian." He squints past Ian, and spots Jan, and that brief half-grin ensues once more before all but vanishing in an imaginary puff of smoke to that somber, serious expression he's so well known for. "I see. Well, we'll get to the bottom of it. I don't know why I was called here, but here I am, ready to serve the peoples needs."

Jan siighs and opines "I Still say he's somewhere private playing hide the pickle. If I have turn around and there's sad pant pickle pointing at me I am going to be irate." her arms cross and her chin lifts in the unspoken promise she will punish them all with every off color dick joke she knows if they make her.

"I don't know what brought you here either, but it's blasted good to have you here," Ian says to Gaspard. "We're headed for a tavern to see if we can find some trace of the guy turning up there. Worst comes to worst, we'll make a bar crawl out of the evening."

Canting her head to the side, one braid lowers further than the other as she considers the group amassing. A brief lift of her flask acknowledges the arrival of others, but she doesn't quite focus on anyone too long. Shell-pink lips press together and she shrugs dainty shoulders, lost under massive tentacle epaulets. "It's a good way to tour the taverns," she shoots Jan a look and then she considers Ian's comment and smirks, "exactly. It's not the worst thing to do, oh darn, let's go check the bars," lips twist in a smile and she lets a breath out. "Might want to check the hospital, too. If no one's done it."

Filshiar's scan of the surroundings complete, he focuses his attention on the gathering of people around him. "Well, it is good to see so many pairs of eyes after the lord. Surely, we will make quick work of finding him." He nods, then looks between Ian and Denica. "Which tavern is this? Is it nearby?"

Titania lets Jans arm go when she crosses it over her chest, she laughs a little to hard at Jan's words her cheeks turning a pink in color as she does. Her ocean blue eyes fall to Gaspard, "Lord Gaspard." she nods her head to him, then her eyes fall onto Filshiar looking him over, "I do not know if we have meet before." her voice is soft to the ears almost sing song like.

Ahrsen has been out carousing with Zyn his partner in crime, er in sailing the high seas. He wears full sharksin armor and a pair of twin rubicund schimitars dangle from either side. Though he has had a few drinks and a sip from the bottle more than once, he seems quite sober and glowers at all around, lady or lord. It's just how he looks at people with his dark blue eyes, as if you have done something to displease him. "Lord whatever, what are we doing here again Zyn." A few figures here may seem familiar to him, as he has been sworn to Thrax for quite some time. He forces a smile that seems only half genuine then. "Well any friends of Thrax are friends of mine, if we can help you find this lord, myself and my ship are at your disposal."

Tesha gives a dip of her head to Gaspard, but for the moment the other Oathlander goes quiet as there are a lot of people in their group. She doesn't think there's going to be any trouble, just a continued search for the missing Lord. She does give a snicker at Jan's comment, "He might be doing that. Honestly I hope it's what he's doing and that he's not been hurt." she admits to that quietly.

Gaspard ticks his heroic butt-chin up towards Titania in acknowledgement, blinking his long-lashed, azure eyes. "Hello hello." He rumbles out easily in that gravelly baritone. "First we need to identify why he was at the tavern. Did he go there for trouble? Knowing damn well he wouldn't be so welcome there? What was his motive behind it, and the vanishing act, he knows his presence missing wouldn't go unnoticed, so we must ask, 'why'."

Denica checks perception and streetwise at normal. Botch! Denica fails completely.

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Gaspard checks perception and investigation at normal. Botch! Gaspard fails completely.

Jan checks perception and streetwise at normal. Jan is successful.

Tesha checks perception and streetwise at normal. Tesha is successful.

Zyn checks perception and investigation at normal. Zyn is successful.

Filshiar checks perception and investigation at normal. Botch! Filshiar fails completely.

Titania checks perception and investigation at normal. Critical Success! Titania is spectacularly successful.

Ahrsen checks perception and streetwise at normal. Ahrsen is successful.

Ian gives Gaspard a confused look. "It's a tavern. I'd assume he went there for a drink."

Pants pickles? Oh that is almost too tempting for Zyn. She grins wide at Jan, likely ready to say something stupid and get herself in trouble but she needs another swig and that's -more- tempting than taking up one Lady fo Kennex. "Bars? Who said bars? Sign me up for that." She nudges Ahrsen with her elbow, "Someone else gets my vote for hospitals. Sounds boring." She shrugs to that and turns to Ahrsen. "We're going to bars an' building good will with our betters. Sounds like somethin' you've got to work on in both cases, Ahrsen." She balks at Gaspard a moment. "Uh .. do I need to explain to you why people go to taverns?" She glances around quickly, eyes a bit wide, "Surely the nobles drink at taverns too.."

As the growing crowd of people stands in the street, others have to edge around them to pass in either direction. A couple of men are out making sure the street lanterns are lit. A pair of particularly pushy individuals make their way past, accidentally kicking up a cloud of dirt.

Gaspard points out, "I was briefed on the situation. He wasn't so welcome in that tavern, and he should have known it. That's all I'm saying. Something doesn't add up."

Gaspard goes to say something more, but begins to cough, and choke as a dust cloud hits him, hard enough his eyes water some and redden a touch!

"Sir Filshiar Shieldborne," the knight responds to Titania. "I am seeing many new faces this evening." He smiles, and then those faces disappear for a moment as the dust cloud washes over him and he joins Gaspard in the coughing. "Ugh, ok then. So, where is that tavern?"

Ian shakes his head to Gaspard. "The tavern was pretending to be something it wasn't. Curated experience for people who're getting their jollies pretending to be poor. It took us a while to realize what was going on, and we all grew up in the Compact. Lord Nils... shit, you alright?"

"Maybe he just wants to see the best in people or didn't care? Nothing wrong with showing up somewhere and thinking maybe it won't be terrible," Denica shrugs at Gaspard. "We haven't see anything that indicates, he was trying to agitate people with his mere presence. Like Ian said, he probably just wanted a drink," she says with a small roll of her shoulders. Then vivid blues blink rapidly, watering as she finds herself caught in the same dust cloud that seems to be causes Gaspard some grief. Coving her mouth with her hand she starts to cough, the breath catches in her throat. Anything else she had to contribute is muffled by the coughs and she takes a deep sip from her flask, trying to offset the dry of the dust.

Titania smiles, "A pleasure to meet you, I am Lady Titania Kennex." she is about to say something and the cloud of dust hits them and she starts to cough, she reaches out for Jan to pull her in closer to whisper to her.

Zyn just shrugs. "I go where I ain't wanted lots of times." Nothing out of place for her. However, Gaspard's sudden coughing fit does draw out the largest sigh she can manage and she offers out her bottle to him. It's a huge sacrifice on her part, and it pains her but being pushed past is more offensive. She's not talking when the cloud of dust hits, but she wrinkles her nose at it all the same. She turns to track the pair who caused it, lips tilted downwards at the corners and a growl deep in her throat. They've moved on though and she shakes the bottle at Gaspard. "What tavern? This one here? Well then, let's go on in. Ain't sure if we'll all be welcomed but .. ain't going to stop me." She grins broadly, "'sides, I need a refil. C'mon Ahrsen and .. uh .. you lot .. if'n it pleases you of course. I ain't in any position to be ordering nobles. Just me, myself and I."

Ahrsen gives a weak, forced smile again at Zyn's nudge. "We do know the bars around here fairly well, though we may only be allowed inside some of them." He adds in his usual laconic way, voice gruff and deep. "Nobles have a ready selection of drinks at home, they have no need for taverns." Not always correct but he may have been making a joke, it's really hard to say with the big guy. As the pair goes past and act pushy he snarls at them. "Hey watch it." He mutters, not wanting to make too of a commotion in front of his 'betters'. His hand goes to the hilt of his sword, quick to anger though he allows the blades to remain sheathed. "Maybe we should go check out that alehouse Zyn?"

Gaspard accepts the bottle from Zyn, and to her dismay likely, takes a MASSIVE chug, wiping his mouth with the back of a ham-sized, heavily calloused and scarred hand before offering the noticably lighter bottle back. "Thank you." He manages out, voice a touch hoarse, and uses a finger on his other ham-sized hand to wipe a tear away.

Jan notes the pair of pushy persons "Huh. Wonder what's over here." she ambles across the street and towards the boat to see if she can get a good view of the boat but she's stopped when Titania sputters something at her, "Right oh!" she turns and trots after the pushy pair "Excuse me, Turdknockers! I just need a few moments of your time!" she calls after.

Tesha's one eye tracks the pushy people, then back towards the ship that they came from as she waves the dust from her face. She then gives a look to the very large group she's with and then back towards the ship, "If you'll excuse me one moment. I'll catch back up, don't worry on me." she tells the group at large and then she's heading off.

The pushy pair has disappeared beyond the door of the Starboard Alehouse.

Titania looks to IAN as Jan trots off she breaths deeply a slight weez can be heard, she points to those men. "They know something." she states as she pulls her flask out to take a sip from it to try and help clear the dust out.

It's with a note of resignation that Ian takes in the sight of Jan taking off after the people who pushed by them and Tesha going off in another direction at the same time. He gives Gaspard a quick look. "Aethan's going to have my hide if anything happens to her while she's in our company. Can you make sure Jan doesn't burn that place to the ground?" And then he's off after Tesha.

Tesha checks perception and investigation at normal. Tesha is successful.

Filshiar is about to say something else to Titania when the group starts to move and there is talk of burning places to the ground. When Titania points out the pair of men, though, he makes his own move for them and the Alehouse.

Zyn waves away the bottle. "Pass it along. I'll get me another inside." Smilig merrily, she relinks her arm with Ahrsen and gives the big guy a nod. "Indeed. I find myself needin' a drink anyway." She turns to head into the Starboard Alehouse.

Between the dust and the dispersing people, Denica watches Jan break and run after a pair, this seems to interest her the most. Watching as the pair Jan is going after disappear into the Alehouse. "Well that settles that," and the short woman with ink-black hair decides to follow the Kennex, waging a bet this is where the excitement is. A glance is given to Tesha is she also makes her way in a different direction nodding to Ian, "help Jan burn down the tavern," she winks at him. But it's Titania's comment that has her spin her direction back to the Alehouse, "then we ought to have words.," her cheerful enough that edges on snarky.

Gaspard exhibits a long sigh. "Trying to contain Jan?" He grimaces at the thought, then resigns a small nod, "Fineeee." And so he heads off after the woman on long legs, moving with a muted confidence. It's not long before he catches up, glancing to Jan curiously as to her intentions.

Ian checks perception and sailing at normal. Critical Success! Ian is spectacularly successful.

Jan tries to push her way into the tavern and locate the rude dusty pair she saw enter.

Ahrsen follows with Zyn into the alehouse though he grabs the bottle from her and drains the last bits that the other man left behind. This leaves Zyn bottleless, which is much better than bottomless one supposese. He tosses the drink into a nearby alley and then enters the Alehouse with the short young woman.

Gaspard, likely has no issue 'pushing' his way through the tavern. In fact, people PROBABLY get OUT of his way being so massive, but a gentle nudge here or there with a massive arm never hurt anybody, path set directly after Jan as her designated 'bodyguard'.

Within the tavern, things are much more what the original group might have been expecting from The Whale's Watch. The tables are arranged haphazardly, groups are mixed between standing and sitting, in one corner there is a group singing off tune, ale spills leave sticky spots on floors and tables, and darts are flying through the air - mostly toward a dart board. The pair of pushy jerks has made a spot for themselves at the bar.

Jan stomps towards the bar and and pokes the back of the nearest of the Rude Dudes "Hey. You." poke, poke, poke.

The ship isn't quiet, but not empty. At least a handful of crew remains performing various tasks by lantern light. A pile of crates on the deck suggests that either there was a late unloading, or there will be an early morning loading.

Wether or not Jan notices, Gaspard has come to loom behind her, towering overhead her, and the two men before them, ham-sized hands clasping before himself. Azure, gold-rimmed depths harden, his jaw sets, his gaze narrows, his brow furrows, his lips purse, adopting an ugly face of a man you do not want to fuck with, half-glaring down at the men, so when they look at JAN, they see GASPARD.

Titania looks as everyone but Ian and Tesha head in, she bites her bottom lip but. "Ian, careful." she says as he walks off then turns to head into the Bar, she is a diplomat and well this could get tricky.

Ian touches Tesha's shoulder and speaks to her in a low voice. "This is a smuggling ship. They're going to be touchy about people sticking their noses into their business, especially a couple of nobles."

Filshiar makes his way into the tavern and is basically following behind Jan and Gaspard right now. He glances aside as a dart hits the rim of the dartboard and catches some of the groans and cheers from that part of the tavern. Then, he quickly turns his attention on the pair Jan is poking at, tensing in his armor for trouble.

Another tavern, they are all the same, even if they are different. Denica saunters in with a confident stride and an easy smile on her lips. There isn't a chance she's going to blend in and someone's bound to recognize her, so she shrugs it off and embraces. Not too far from Jan, she makes her way towards the bar. A bright smile given to the bartender and she puts down enough coins for a drink and a good tip, pointing to a specific bottle of whisky that catches her eyes. She doesn't approach the pushy pair quite yet, rather she shifts to lean against the bar and watch Jan approach them. Paint-stained fingers drum on the rough surface of the bar until they can busy themselves with a drink. Then when it arrives she looks at the pair and lifts her drink in a toast of warning, icy blues fixated on them to see how they react to Jan, shifting slowly in their direction should Jan need someone to run interference.

Jan checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Jan marginally fails.

Zyn releases Ahrsen's arm. She pointes towards the bar and lets him take lead so she can file in behind his massive frame and not worry about the crowd parting for her. Once she arrives at the bar, ever so unconcidentally next to the pair that pushed past the group outside, she turns towards one and puts on her most winning smile. "Buy a girl a drink, won't you?" Why pay when others might? Anyone who recognizes her migh know her for the troublemaker she is -- the typically drunken kind that frequents dockside taverns nearly every moment she's not aboard a ship.

Gaspard checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Gaspard is successful.

Tesha realizes that Ian's decided to go with her, she does listen to his words though and there is a dip of her head to him, "I was just looking to see if there were any signs of a struggle or anything." she tells him quietly. "These up there aren't the important ones in the big scheme of things. I think the two that pushed past us might be trouble though." she explains to the Kennex lord. "Let's head back. I didn't mean for anyone to follow after me." she explains to him.

The guy that Jan poked wheels around, snarling, "Oy, ye back off!" His arm comes up as quickly as he spins, hand rising to connect the back of it to Jan's face.

"I don't doubt that they're trouble," Ian agrees with Tesha, as they start back towards the bar. He raises his eyebrows at her, then. "I don't think you'd appreciate the abyss that would open up in front of me if Aethan found out I'd let you go off on your own and you'd, for example, gotten caught by a bunch of smugglers who didn't like you poking around their ship."

Ahrsen moves to sit down in some dark corner, his eyes watching the room and keeping an eye out for anything unusual. He is no investigator or carouser really, he prefers to be alone most of the time and even now the only thing he desires is a bottle of something stout to ease his mind. Zyn can chat up the other two by herself but he will be here for backup.

Denica checks perception at normal. Denica marginally fails.

Titania checks perception at normal. Titania is successful.

Filshiar checks perception at normal. Filshiar marginally fails.

Ahrsen checks perception at normal. Ahrsen marginally fails.

"Watch your hand! That's her -face-!," Denica yells helpfully at the man when she sees him going for Jan. This is when she will interject herself in the situation. Small and dainty, she doesn't quite look the threat, but she can make her voice very loud. Her eyes narrow and there's something icy about them. "I think the lady here, just wants to talk. Why don't we all have a drink together and we can have a nice conversation. What do you say fellows? I'll even buy. Otherwise," the young woman shrugs a little. "There's many ways to get to the same outcome," her voice is ever cheerful and confident, despite the ice behind it. "Your choice."

The bartender eyes the coin Denica dropped on the bartop and gives the princess a toothy grin. He grabs the bottle and a glass, giving the glass an extra wipe with a dubiously clean rag. "You aren't lost, are ya, Beauty?" He looks surprised when she suddenly jumps to Jan's defense, straightening up and watching the newly arrived crowd warily.

The second of the pair of men has turned to see what riled up his buddy, leaving Zyn looking at his back. The tavern, in general, is still loud and full of rowdy, boisterous people. There are many distractions, and most people don't pay attention at all to new commotion.

Tesha gives a look to Ian and there's a bit of a frown to him, "I'd hope that he'd not blame you for that." she admits. "Though with his moods..." she trails off. "Remind me to tell you about the time that my brother-in-law and a Wyrmguard Lord didn't realize that I'd actually been kidnapped." she muses to him as they hurry back towards the bar.

WHAP! That hand flies through the air, only Gaspard's ham-sized hand shoots out to catch it by the wrist, and -squuuuueeeezeee-, so hard, the air is cut off, so hard, a simple flick would break his wrist. Then, Gaspard's face twists suddenly. Backhanding a lady? Triggered. His face, twists into a brutally cold scowl, his eyes, mirthlessly icy, a murderously low growl exhibiting as his grip tightens, and tightens, "Sit. The. Fuck. Down." And then, a booming voice exhibits, "NOW!" In a fiercely commanding tone, and if the man struggles in any way shape or form, tries to rip his wrist free, it's getting snapped.

Ian opens the door to the bar. "He's more laid back than he was when I was growing up, but that's not saying -- fuck, she didn't waste any goddamned time, did she?"

Medeia flips a coin and it lands on tails.

Gaspard checks strength at hard. Gaspard marginally fails.

Filshiar watches as the fight threatens to break out, eyeing those who are immediately part of it as well as those who decide to intercede. He was ready for it, though, and he adds his own voice to the fray. "Let's *all* just sit down and talk this out." He hand grips the pommel of his sword.

Jan hops back and her hands come up in a move that would have been too late had Gaspard not been ready "My. In a hurry AND jumpy. Yeah, my cousin was right." She gestures between the pair "You two are definitely up to something. So, how about I buy a round and you two start with your names and what brings you into port, hrrm?" She glances towards Gaspard then Denica "Unless either of you have better ideas?"

Titania moves up to the pair at the bar, "Are we all done taking our pickles out and waggling them around?" okay so she can't be as colorful as her cousin can be but she tried. "I have a few questions." she looks to those closer to them as she makes her way over, "Look at the base of their right thumb, who do you boys belong too?" he gets a bit of a stern look on her face though her tone is still cool and smooth.

Zyn checks dexterity and small wpn at normal. Zyn is successful.

Zyn does -not- like being ignored. Never you mind that his buddy is in a 'situation', Z growls though it's likely not even heard over the din. Still, one of them is in an altercation and she's here to make sure the second realizes it. With a sigh of resigntion, she pulls her punch dagger and just rests it right at the second guy's kidney. In a growl designed to carry to him, she says, "Mind your step. I'd advise you stay -right- here for the moment."

Lips ever curled into a smile, she shoots a look at the bartender. "I'm never lost, I'm exactly where I want to be," she winks at him. "A round of drinks for all my friends," she gestures to the group that's arrived and to the two men at the bar. There's a small bag of coins placed on the tavern, it's more than enough to cover drinks and then some, no doubt payment for whatever trouble might unfold. Then she's turning her attention back to the two men. "Hello! I hope you are having a lovely evening. I know I am," she says slipping onto a stool nearby. "You know what I like to do when I'm drinking? I like to make friends. I like to chat, I like hear things and really what I like? Is the truth. So...why don't you tell us what's going on? Then we can get out of your hair," she flashes a smile using her dagger to dig out a bit of paint from under a nail.

Ahrsen groans a little, looks bored and watches the show on display. He doesn't even bother to withdraw his weapons when Zyn pulls out her dagger and Gaspard grabs the man. "Excuse me...miss, can I have a tall flagon of ale or mead?" He tries to catch someones attention, he needs a drink and this commotion only seems to have half of his attention.

Ian is absolutely not eager to dive into whatever clusterfuck is starting to develop in the bar, and after a moment he makes the executive decision that he's just fine where he is, right by the door. He leans back against the wall and crosses his arms, as though waiting patiently for something.

The guy being held by Gaspard is dangling a bit. Gaspard is TALL. The man goes from red to white, a yelp as his wrist is... Well, not /snapped/ but certainly /sprained/ in the knight's meaty hand. "Timmin," He says, apparently his name.

The second man freezes at Zyn's words - and blade. "Loome." That must be his name. The bartender gives Denica a nod, pouring a lot of drinks. He's not even really counting how many, just pouring and passing.

Tesha gives a look to Ian, "That did escalate fairly quickly, but it looks like things might be settling...for now." the woman states. She takes up a post on the other side of the door from Ian to watch for the moment. Trying to calculate what moves might be made by the patrons and the men that have been sat down for questioning.

Gaspard's lips peel back into a feral, vicious snarl, shaking visibly as his azure, golden rimmed depths, usually oh so kind, are fueled by an unfathomable, blazing firestorm of rage at what just almost happened to Jan, and he -keeps- that grip, only loosening it enough to not sprain it further, "Now. You're going to tell us, exactly what we want to fucking know, or I -promise- you, they'll be putting your bones back together in the Hospice." Growls the man, murderously low in that snarl of his, if he had barbs, he'd be bristling.

"A subtle, measured approach has never really been Jan's style," Ian chuckles to Tesha while he watches as drinks are starting to be poured and passed out. If he can catch Titania's attention, he'll motion with his head for her to come join him for a moment.

Jan nods to the pair, "Hello gents. Don't you wish you'd just taken the damn drinks? Life doesn't have to be hard. NOW-You were talking about someone-I heard you say a name. What was that name and what's your interest in this person? Please remember my companions have a sharp nose for bullshit and I think my big friend here isn't going to be the lamb he's been if you try to spin lies."

Filshiar stands there and just watches for now, unsure of whether his presence has landed. Letting go of his sword, he'll simply listen, turning down a drink should one come his way.

Jan checks command and intimidation at normal. Jan is successful.

Titania is supper watchful at the moment she was about to say something when she spots Ian, she moves to head over to Ian to join him.

Ahrsen gives Zyn a look when she glances his way then goes back to what he was doing, sipping lightly at the free drink that was just brought to him.

Denica checks charm and seduction at normal. Denica is successful.

Ian keeps his voice low enough that it's lost in the noise of the bar, loud enough only for Titania and Tesha to overhear. "That ship those two came from was set up for smuggling. Could you make sure Jan, Lord Gaspard, and Princess Denica know that? Don't shout it to the rafters, just make sure they understand there's a reason for those two to be acting shady that has nothing to do with Lord Nils. I want to stay by the door in case one of them makes a run for it."

Zyn gives Loome a wicked grin. "You heard 'em. What's your business with whats-his-name .. " And then there's drinks being poured and she'll happily help herself to one on the Princess' silver. She meets Ahrsen's eye and gives him a lopsided smile. She gives him an upnod then a head tilt to the man on the end of her dagger. Looking back to the others, she says, "Ahrsen has a table over there. We ain't all gonna fit but maybe we should put a few together. Have a seat. Talk like civilized people drinkin' in a tavern.."

Timmin and Loome look at each other, definitely more scared than tough now than they were out on the streets. Loome glances over his shoulder at Zyn. He gulps noticeably before looking back at Timmin. "Don't tell 'em." His voice shakes even as he tries to be brave. Timmin, for his part, is uh... Well, he's standing in a bit of a puddle. "J-Junia..." His voice is a hushed whisper, wanting to answer the question but not alert the whole bar.

Nose wrinkling with disgust, he releases Timmin to drop to his feet, and likely nurse that wrist. He sighs, shaking his head slowly, "Tattoos. On your thumbs. Explain."

Titania nods her her head to Ian, "When they passed us I heard them talking of Junia and they have tatts on their right thumbs that look like J's." she says in return to Ian in a soft voice, "But I will let them know." she moves back to start whispering in her friends ears.

Tesha for her part is just watching. She doesn't want to get into the mix when there are so many people already there. For now she is quiet and observing.

Ahrsen certainly knows smuggling and ships but he remains quiet for now, instead pushing out a chair opposite him with his foot. The ale seems more interesting to the glowering pirate mercenary captain. "Now your volunteering me table Zyn? Fine, come aboard if you like."

When the news makes it back to Denica she gives a quiet nod to Titania and then looks back at the pair. "Honestly-- I don't really care what you are up to unless it concerns why I'm here. I'm just looking for a friend. Name's Nils. Have you see him here? Know anything about him?," she asks them more pointedly and gives a basic description. "Whatever else you are up to," she shrugs a bit. "That's someone else's problem."

Jan nods in confirmation, "I mean if we were the port authority we'd just search your ship not interrogate you, yeah? Help us find our friend and not only do we go on our way but I'll even leave you a purse heavy enough to wash away the trauma of annoying my big friend here."

Titania checks command and diplomacy at normal. Titania is successful.

Ian eases his weight back against the wall again once he's given Titania his message. His gaze scans the bar, but comments to Tesha: "He's always expected a lot, both of Porter and of myself, and when we fall short, he makes sure we know. I don't like the idea of disappointing him."

Loome curses under his breath at Timmin and the group of do-gooders. "Gon' get us killed, you fool." If Zyn, or anyone else, pushes him toward the table, he'll go without a fight. Timmin is flushed with embarrassment. He looks down at his feet and mumbles something that sounds like, "May as well kill me." His eyes lower to glance at his tattoo then up when he hears the name Nils. "The Shav kid?"

Titania moves back over, her gloved hand moves to take one of the men's and turns it to look at the tattoo thats there, "What are these for?" she asks her voice is soft, gentle to the ears but yet it holds that ring of command in it. If you are not use to hearing her talk this way it can be a bit off putting it seems she can be a both sof spoken and commanding all at once.

Gaspard checks composure at normal. Gaspard is successful.

Gaspard simmers down, now that the men have practically submitted themselves, posture relaxing.

Lips press together, Denica isn't about to poke at that wound, but she does shift her attention to Timmin. "Yes. The Shav Kid. Have you seen him? Do you know where he is?," she asks him enunciating very clearly for him.

"Let's have a seat," Zyn suggests, pressing in her dagger just a tiny bit so Lomme knows she means business. She nods towards Ahrsen's table since he's so graciously offered to share his table. She's not so willing to let go of her hostage .. especially since he's not otherwise inclined to talk. "Nils. Where's he at." Not question but demands in her growled voice as she leads Lomme to a more secure spot between her and Ahrsen at his table. "And bring a bottle 'round!"

Jan wonders of Denica and Gaspard "Either of you know this stabby lass?" a thumb jerks to Zyn. She seems inclined to let Denica take over the interrogation from here.

A small shake of his head, "Nope." Gaspard rumbles out, "But she did give me a drink." He points out, it matters to him.

Shaking her head as Denica glances over at Zyn and then back to Jan, "no. I assumed her and her friend came with the two Knights," she looks at Gaspard, because he is one of those.

Ahrsen grunts and nods his head to Zyn as she brings her captive over. "You know anything bout what they are talking about?" He says to Timmin. "I don't like that way of speaking either..Shav. Like it's scum to you huh? Well here is another Shav to brighten your merry fucking day." His cold eyes bore into Timmin then he picks up his bottle. "Talk or you're going to be swimming with the sharks."

Timmin pulls his hand back from Titania. His eyes lock with Ahrsen's for a fleeting moment. "The /Prodigal/," He enunciates, exaggerating the syllables. "It ain't right, that kid, gettin' to be an enemy of the Crown his whole life and then given fancy privileges." Loome sits while all this happens, keeping his mouth shut.

Jan's eyes narrow and she swallows what looked like was about to be a retort "WHAT privledges? What are you talking about?"

Ahrsen chuckles at something Timmin says. "Who knows, maybe he's biding his time?" The prodigal is amused himself but seems nonplussed. "Life ain't fair, learned that a long time ago. We just want to know where he is and then no one has to die or drown. Hell, nothing worse than throwing you to my crew. They love a little sport." His ship the Sigrun's Vengeance is in the harbor and sporting a band of men who have little mercy.

"May not be right, but since when is life right for us lowborn anyway?" Zyn wonders, sheating her dagger now that her captive is between her and Ahrsen. "And don't think you shouldn't be talkin' 'cause you should. Drinks keep coming and everyone has a good ol' time. Just need to track down this Nils. Tell me where he's at and y'all don't never need to see the likes of us again. Or at the very least me. No promises on the nobles. They's their own breed. Give 'em up and then bottom's up." The brunette reaches for the bottle on the table and fills any empty glasses for those around.

Titania looks to Loome, "Look we just want to find him and get him back, I know you got to understand that." she looks to the man with her ocean blue eyes, the tone to her voice softer, gentle sounding. "Come on Loome, please." she tries to work on the friend while the other is distracted.

Ian checks perception at normal. Ian is successful.

Tesha checks perception at normal. Tesha marginally fails.

The bartender is dolig out drinks like it is his /job/, which it is, but he's just really stepped up his game since Denica made him temporarily wealthy. Meanwhile, the bar patrons are all benefiting from the princess' loose grasp on how much coin is a reasonable amount of coin to use to ply someone for information. Loome remains silent, scowling. Timmin? He hasn't moved from his puddle, and he seems disinclined to say anything else about the so-called privileges of being a massively hated Prodigal neo-noble.

Ian has been watching the bar all this time, even while making a brief explanation to Tesha about his unwillingness to disappoint Aethan. His gaze is returning more and more often to one general area of the bar, increasingly thoughtful.

Ian also steps away from the wall long enough to collect an empty bottle from an abandoned table.

Jan scowls "Someone had better say something that helps me find this kid or I'm going to get impatient and at that point we see if My big friend can literally start removing limbs with his bare hands. Where. Is. Nils?"

Tesha understandable about Ian not wanting to disappoint Aethan. The woman gives a quirk of her eyebrow to Ian as he goes to collect the empty bottle and she wonders if there is more trouble on the horizon.

Artists really have no sense for the economy and Denica is happy to depart with money if that means everyone is contently drinking. If others get in on it, it's all a goodnight and maybe folks might start remembering her for something aside the obvious. Rather, she is looking at Timmin but keeping an eye and ear on the conversation with Loome. Then she tilts her head back and lets out a dramatic sigh, "I just want to see Nils. Why is everyone so tight-lipped about where he is? Someone," she looks between the two men and then around the bar. "Someone knows where he is. People don't just disappear. My friends and are, we're just here to help. Dangerous words, I know. Does anyone know where Nils is?," she asks again, louder still. "When was he last seen? Where was he going? These are not difficult questions." Looking over at Ian, "I'm getting pretty close to plan B."

Titania checks command and diplomacy at hard. Titania is successful.

Ian motions vaguely in the direction he's been occasionally looking while saying something to Tesha. He's long since given up hope of keeping Denica from enacting any alphabet plan that she might feel like enacting.

Titania gloved hand come sup under loomes chin, her blue eyes looking to his. "Tell me where the kid is, I want to get him home. " she stairs into his eyes looking it almost like she is peering into his soul, "Tell me now! where is he or who do we go talk to to get him back!" Still soft spoken but the tone is much more commanding this time.

Denica checks luck at normal. Denica is successful.

"You hear that?" Zyn says companionably to Lomme, "Plan B. I proimse you ain't going to like that one," says she like she has any idea what that actually is. Now that there's the Lady keeping the glasses full. This is a big bar. That's a lot of glasses and she ain't blinkin' a bit at the cost. You think she'll spare any expense to get her precious Nils back? Cause I'm bettin' that when the liquor stops, this so-called fun we're havin'? It's gonna stop too. She's deep enough in pockets that she'll not even balk at payin' whatever fee they'll impose on her. Just be reasonable, man. Give her what she wants and then you can go on your merry way." She smiles merrily like the whole sitution is solved and takes a big swig from her glass.

No one seems to pay much attention to Denica's 'wailing' about Nils. At least, no one new. Timmin finally snaps, though. "He ain't here!"

Ahrsen was leaning in to whisper to Timmin when Zyn pipes up and threatens him. He gives her a dark look but then shrugs and takes another sip. "Good enough I guess, same difference to me either way. He ain't here, that's already fucking obvious right? Question is, where is he? If you don't know then just bloody say so."

Jan bellows "We can see he isn't here! If someone doesn't tell me something USEFUL about where to find Nils I will have my big friend start yanking off limbs until he runs out or I feel better. WHERE. IS. NILS?!"

Jan checks command and intimidation at normal. Jan fails.

Of course, Gaspard is still looming behind Jan.

Jan checks luck at normal. Jan fails.

Gaspard growls out, "She shouldn't have to -repeat- herself, or have you forgotten?"

Gaspard checks command and intimidation at normal. Gaspard is successful.

Jan's shouting has caused the group playing darts to very suddenly stop playing darts.

Gaspard checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Gaspard is successful.

Zyn checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Zyn is successful.

"Too late," Ian says to Tesha, in response to whatever she just said to him.

"Well no shit," Denica responds to Timmin and lifts her hands up in the air with a sigh. "How is it that everyone knows -who- we are talking about and no one knows anything else? That's bullshit," she calls it. There's a glance to Zyn and she nods, "listen to her, she's right. There's people who would be more than happy to help those that help. Otherwise, we break stuff." A shrug, she's looking a little tired of talking.

Denica checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Denica is successful.

Titania checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Titania is successful.

"Ah fuck." The Telmarcher states eloquently as she notices it is indeed too late for that.

Jan checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Jan is successful.

Ahrsen checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Ahrsen is successful.

Several darts are now on the floor or in the wall around the group, but no one got hit by one. The hail of darts has Timmin making a dash for the door, trying to slip past Gaspard and Jan. Loome dives under the table, hoping to make it past Zyn and Ahrsen.

Gaspard checks command and intimidation at daunting. Critical Success! Gaspard is spectacularly successful.

Gaspard, has had enough. Gaspard, is through the roof with his patience, and he SLAMS a fist into the table, hard enough to crack wood. He glowers, looming overhead as his presence suddenly grows ominous, bellowing at the top of his lungs, veins bulging throughout his form, "YOU WILL TELL US WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW, AND YOU WILL SIT THE FUCK DOWN! -NOW-!"

Jan bellows "Gassy! START RIPPING!"

Tesha looks around for a moment and then towards Gaspard when the man bellows. She winces, mostly because she's going to have to get that hearing back. She doesn't move a muscle given that she's afraid if she does that it will cause the display he just made to fade. So for now she just waits while holding her breath.

Still by the door, Ian still has yet to feel a need to plunge into the fray, although it might make sense, now, why he took a very throw-able bottle off the table. He's also going to become an unexpected obstacle to anyone attempting to leave who he doesn't want to see leave.

"Shit!" Zyn exclaims reaching for her dagger when darts come flying her way. She reaches for Lomme's shirt, trying to grab onto him during the distraction. She does manage to sucessfully dodge the darts headed her way, intentional or not, and a pair thunk into the wall on either side with her. She looks to Ahrsen and arches a brow. "Well.. I tried." She shrugs and reaches for her bottle, unpreturbed that her quarry got away from her. There are others here, so they share the blame in her mind. Instead, she pours both her and Ahrsen another round. "One for the road," she smirks.

Titania blinks as the darts are all around them, then loome is diving under the table, "No, no, NO!" she reaches out to grab him, then Gaspard bellows and her hands fly to her ears and her head as she winces.

Being little can sometimes have it's advantages, slipping down under the bar, Denica tries to duck from the flying darts. "What the bloody Abyss," she blinks and she reaches for her blade drawing it out as she crouches on the floor. Gaspard is yelling very loudly, so Denica is looking for either an escape route or a shield, maybe both. "We should always fight first. The questions never get answered. There's always going to be a fight. It'd be much more efficient," she mutters to anyone that might be in ear shot, which down there, is probably no one.

The entire tavern has stopped, now, with all eyes moving to take in the sight of Gaspard. A few of the bravest souls dare to look at the dart throwers, but mostly everyone is still and quiet. Timmin halts, hands up in front of the door, Zyn manages to grab ahold of Loome's shirt. It's tense. Until someone sneezes. Chaos erupts and the group manages to get outside into the street, dragging the two men as an all-out brawl starts within the tavern. Now the question is: Where do they go woth their captives?

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