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Iron Pentathlon - Horse Riding (Show Jumping)

The Iron Pentathlon is a contest featuring five events, with athletes from each fealty participating in the competitions over the span of a week.

It will start with the Foot Race and end with the Duel tournament. The skills demonstrated in each of the five events in the Iron Pentathlon are thought to be useful in war or battle, making them invaluable to a warrior. The first, second, and third-place finishers in each event receive medals: gold, silver, and bronze, respectively. The fealty with the most amount 'medal points' is declared the overall winner and receives the Iron Cup.

The registration fee is 15 economic resources per event. You can register for every event if you can afford it. Others can pay the registration fee for a competitor. All resources should be given to Silas along with a note of the competitor's intent to compete. The resources will go to the Iron Guard, essentially making this a fundraiser event. You have until the start of the event to register.

There is a limit of three competitors from each fealty for each event. This is to prevent the contest from being inundated by competitors from one fealty. It is first come first serve, though you can sign up as a substitute if the slots are already filled in case someone doesn't make it. Please check the sign up sheet ahead of time: if all slots are filled, Silas will not be accepting your resources, but he will put you on the list as a substitute. He will only accept the registration fee if it is a certainty that you will compete. If you do end up competing after registering as a sub, he will accept the registration fee after the event.

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July 27, 2017, 8 p.m.

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Aodhan Reese Lou Estaban(RIP) Calandra Cristoph Skye Aksel Kael Reigna Alarissa Aiden Rymarr(RIP) Edain Jael Katarina Tristan Alis



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Tournament Grounds

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Comments and Log

The Prince of Grayson rides in on a sturdy looking mount. From a distance away, one could tell she was not built for sprinting, but the endurance of a long stride and steady legs capable for jumping. She's walking with an upbeat pace, ears twitching and turning toward the other horses. Aiden is in his seat very comfortably, giving Lightfoot a pat on her neck, "I think you can take them." He notes with a sharp-eyed look toward the other horses, "As long as we finish, that'll be worthy of Master Tristan's training." With a tail swish and a blow through her nostrils, followed a shake of her head, it seems Lightfoot has remarkably answered him, maybe, really, or it could be coincidence. Aiden squares his shoulders and looks around, turning a look to Edain upon seeing the man in the field, "Ah, Prince Edain. Yes, I decided this was more a contest up my alley than some of the other's." He notes with a curious look to the course, "Have you ever competed in anything like this?"

    A five-piece obstacle course has been set up for the competition today. Each obstacle contains a certain amount of wooden 'bars' for the horses and their riders to jump over: the first has one bar, the second has two, the third has three, and so on. They are of simple wooden make and easily broken through if landed upon so the horses incur little injury for failing: the riders may be in more danger of getting hurt by being thrown off! As a precaution, thick leather helmets are provided to the riders for their own safety by the attendants.

    The Lord Commander and officiant of the competition resides in the Judge's Booth, quietly observing.

Kit, the grey fox, Brigid the Genet arrive, following Monique.

"Oh yes.. My father was fond of such courses to teach us how to properly handle a war horse and navigate it in battle when you have to be ready for anything." Edain explains. "If you've been taught by Sir Tristan then I think you will do just fine at this course Prince Aiden."

Patches, a three-legged mutt, Flame, a chestnut stallion arrive, following Tristan.

"Of course," Lou smiles, perfectly pleased at Katarina's returned disaffection with titles. She looks out over at the contestants, inclining her head. "I should think so, indeed. And, if something happens, I'll have something else interesting to talk about at dinner, other than the wolves I encountered with others on a patrol. Er... and how I accidentally shot my brother-in-law rather than the rather large wolf I was aiming at." She flushes faintly when she makes her admission, though her eyes sparkle lightly in mischief. "Of course, he's told me he'll never forgive me, or let me forget it ever happened." Just then she sees Jael and brightens a touch. She raises a hand in greeting to the slightly younger women she met last night at the swimming competition. "I wonder if that's one of the horses that keeps biting and kicking her brother," she muses aloud about Jael's mount.

Alis beams at Jael, and holds up her a horse plushie too. Plushie Friends 4Ever. And as others arrive on the field, a polite smile is offered. "Good luck in the race." Ever polite, as she swings herself up into Draco's sadle. And it takes some good effort, given her height. Hnph.

Jael sighs as the safety helmets are brought forth and reaches up to unpin her dashing little top hat, which is waved in the direction of Cristoph. "Brother dear, can you hold this for me?" She lifts a gloved hand in greeting to Lou and tosses a smile her way, then reaches for the plushie and waves it cheerfully at Alis in solidarity.

Cristoph strolls onto the scene, refraining from any loud pre-emptive hooting or hollering while all the horses are still nearby. He spots his sister and weaves through the crowd until he can get to her. "Good luck, you're going to do great." It sounds sincere and lacks the typical BS that he usually puts her through. Horses are serious business

Kael travels toward the grounds with Reigna on his arm, as is typical of the pair. He is leaning in toward his wife, murmuring a quiet and low, "I do not believe that we are too late." How does one define too late for an event that you are doing no more than observing? It is clear that the Keaton pair come with no steed, and they are veering over toward the sidelines. Now, Kael should be observing the event itself, but he's got his eyes on his wife for the moment. At least he isn't running into anyone, right?

Aiden looks toward the course and then back to Edain, "I was very fortunate to have Tristan give me on going lessons." He lifts a brow at the title but shifts on his saddle with a polite smile, Lightfoot casually letting her head drop enough that maybe, just maybe she can get some of the sweet grass below. "Good luck to you, Prince Edain," his eyes flick back to the course.

Cristoph is totally not a step behind everyone else and happily takes his sister's stuffed horse.

Katarina arches her brows faintly toward Lou, genuinely surprised at her admission. "I hope he told you he'd never let you live it down in jest?" she asks, a hint of laughter quelled as more and more people show up on the field. "Good luck, Princess Alis! Lady Jael!" she calls toward Alis and Jael, after belatedly noticing them out on the field. Kael and Reigna are soon flagged down, as well as Cristoph, seeing how she saved them a seat to her right. "My lords, Lady Reigna! Would you like to sit with us? I am crossing fingers to make sure His Grace's horse doesn't throw him over into the mud, and they win."

Serious business, that doesn't preclude waving stuffed animals at people. "Thank you. Aster's been behaving today." She offers Cristoph an oddly soldierly arm clasp, then sighs and takes back the horse. "No, hold /this/." The hat. "Put the Beeara over it." She turns and mounts up easily, adding more waves, and starts pacing the bay over to the other riders. The plushie is somehow secured to her pommel.

That was Jael.

Tristan arrives more or less right on time, but seems unbothered by any prospect of lateness, letting his chestnut stallion stroll in on a loose rein, Patches trotting along beside them. "You stay there, Patches," he informs his dog, and rides toward the course. Patches looks around at the crowd, tongue lolling, but obeys, sitting neatly on his haunches.

Edain smiles as Jael joins the field, "Lady Jael! I am looking forward to seeing you ride! I am hoping it is as swift and precise as how your brother runs!" Edain says with a smile. He is still stroking, Sir Arugula's neck as the big horse chews loudly on a whole apple. As Tristan joins the field, Edain bows his head towars the man, "Good to see you Sir Tristan, I am glad to see you will be riding to day."

There is an air of hurry about the Countess Keaton, her cheeks bright, from the chill or the quickness of her step as she hurries along to keep up with her tall husband. "Oh, I think there are still seats, what about there?" She is soon distracted by the sight of Jael and Cristoph and she taps Kael's arm, "Look, it is Duke Laurent and Lady Jael -- Oh! That's Aster!" She beams in clear excitement as she walks with Kael to join the other watchers.

For all the frill she's got on today, Jael sits her mount with the ease of a practiced horsewoman. "I hope so too," she calls to Edain, letting the bay fidget away some nerves.

Aiden's gaze moves over toward Tristan, grinning, "Good to see you made it Tristan!" His eyes flicker to the other competition, worrying a little, thought not too much really. He starts Lightfoot in a slow walk to keep her mind off of nibbling on the grass.

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Cristoph has the BEEara on, don't let what he's carrying on his person suggest otherwise! When she hands him the hat, he pulls it over his head instead of the plushie. As the riders move off, he jogs in the direction of the waving Katarina and the Keatons as they head towards her as well. "Princess Katarina! Keatons." He's fond when addressing the count and his wife. "I hope you won't mind that I'll likely get very loud. Also I've brought a whistle." Lucky them!

1 Saik Guard have been dismissed.

Gunther, a Rottweiler have been dismissed.

Maxene, Camille, Elegance arrive, following Alarissa.

"Aster?" asks Kael, seeming confused for a moment before he is focusing in on Lady Jael and her faithful steed. With his free hand, he lifts it up, though is focusing in on Duke Laurent when he is coming near. "My Lord," offers forth Kael with a merry tone. "A whistle? Is that the noise that I must beat with my bellowing?" His brows lift in unison and, one might dare say, he smiled. Just that as he veers toward Katarina and offers, "Good day, your highness! Thank you for the invitation." A tip of his head is offered toward Lou, as well.

Lou chuckles in response to Katarina, nodding her head. "He was. Though - that doesn't mean he won't bring it up every now and again." She glances curiously over at Alis as the Princess is mentioned, taking a moment to take in her measure, then turns her attention to the newcomers approaching the general seating area, offering each a small smile. She folds her hands upon her lap, her eyes going back to the field to see who else she knows. "Oh! Aiden is competing too," she exclaims, though not too excitedly. "I bet he'll do well. He acquitted himself nicely on that patrol and has excellent horse skills."

"I'm no sir," Tristan replies to Edain, "but I'l take it as a compliment. Likewise," he adds with a nod of his head. "And good luck." He nods in greeting to Aiden as well. He lets his nervous young stallion take in the crowd, giving him a pat before he shifts his leg to check his girth.

    "Welcome to the Iron Pentathlon's Horse Riding Competition!" Silas stands and announces from the Judge's Booth. The attendants are directed to start passing out ribbon favors to the competitors who do not possess them yet, so show their fealty spirit! "This is a competition meant to test one's bond with their steed, and their skill in commanding them and maneuvering their friend through the obstacle course. The competitors accumulate points based on how efficiently they clear the hurdles and how well their horse seems to respond to their commands. The competitor with the most points by the end of the competition, wins the competition. If you are bucked from your horse and cannot recover, you are eliminated from the competition and you cannot accumulate more points."

    "As this is not a race, the competitors will be running the course one by one and in alphabetical order. We have Prince Aiden and Master Tristan representing House Grayson, Lord Aodhan Crovane and Master Aksel Nygard representing House Redrain, and Prince Edain Valardin, Princess Alis Valardin, and Lady Jael Laurent representing House Valardin. I wish you all luck!"

    "The first one to run the obstacle course will be Prince Aiden Grayson!" The crowd cheers, eager to see the event get started.

Aodhan looks around at everyone with a light smile, chuckling at the conversation between Tristan and Edain "Good luck to the both of you, and let's hope we all put on a good show, yes?" he smiles.

Aiden has rolled a critical success!
Aiden checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

"Yes, husband, the horse I rode the time I went riding with Lady Jael," This, from Reigna to Kael with a smile before she looks to Cristoph with a bright smile. "I can be loud when I wish to be!" Reigna replies back to Cristoph with wide and thoroughly innocent dark eyes. She then looks to Katarina, bobbing her head, "Princess Katarina, lovely to see you again." She looks then to Lou, a little flicker of her brow and then a friendly smile takes over as she nods.

Aiden checked command at difficulty 7, rolling 23 higher.

Alis can feel Draco becoming restless, and she pats the side of his neck with affection. For now, keeping she and the destrier close to Edain and Sir Arugula so they can speak while some of the others begin the obstacle course. "I suggest telling him how handsome and brave he is after each jump. I think he'll respond well to that." Sisterly advice.

"I suppose all that means is you'll have to find something equally juicy to guilt him with in return," Katarina quips to Lou aside, before she hears Silas' announcing her siblings as competiors. "Go Edain! Go Alis! Valardins going to take this win!" Yep. Kat's a cheerleader. Not a very good one, though. It's the spunk that counts. "Oh, I don't think I have the vocal power to compete with a whistle," she confesses toward Kael when he mentions Cristoph's whistle, to which she eyes a touch dubiously. "... You'll be the loudest, for sure, my lord." She scoots aside, gently motioning for Reigna to take the seat next to her. "Would you like to sit with me, my lady? I brought tea and whisky, warmed a bit by a fire."

Jael glances up from attaching her favor to the lapel of her riding habit to fistpump when the opening announcement is made, particularly when Silas gets to the Valardins. No she is not going to whoop in Aster's ear, or any other horse's ear.

"Right, of course we go first," Aiden mutters to Lightfoot, who is a nice red dun, "No more eating the grass. Let's go get this done." The Grayson gives an arm wave to the audience at least, as they're allowed onto the course. Aiden warms up Lightfoot, starting her around the arena, looking fairly comfortable as he adjusts his rein and his seat to approach the first obstacle. It's a low one, but there was some fancy showing going on. Aiden looks particularly seasoned and at least moves expertly over that first jump, with a flick of his wrist and more subtle movements made to line up for the larger one ahead.

Aiden checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 20, rolling 29 higher.

Aiden checked command at difficulty 15, rolling 21 higher.

"Yes! I admit that I'll be doing a fair amount of bellowing myself when it's our fealty's turn." Cristoph grins broadly, a faint hint of pink to his cheeks from the cool weather. That same good humored smile is turned on Reigna. "I look forward to hearing it!" At Katarina's comment, he pulls the whistle from his pocket and tries to give it to her. "It's clean, I promise! Laurent honor. Then you can compete with our loudness." He peers curiously over in Lou's direction just then. His eyebrows lifting questioningly. "I don't think we've met? I'm Duke Cristoph Laurent."

Alarissa has been moving around, socializing with others and now that the riding is actually starting, the Princess is making her way to Katarina and in turn, the others gathered there. Elegance at her side on that leash, she's smiling, warm in her jacket and that matching fur hat. "Count and Countess Keaton!" Glad to see the two there, the slack of Elegance's leash held bunuched in her gloved hand. Katarina cheers of Valardin before looking to the others gathered. "Valardin shall sweep" She declares.

Aksel has managed to actually get on his horse. It took him a while, but he's finally able to with the assistance. He sits astride the horse, looking out of place but he's up there and there is no turning back. The horse, is an older spotted mare and she dances a bit, showing there is still life yet in those bones. "Don't kill me until after the first jump, m'kay?" Aksel says softly touching the side of the horse's neck. His grip is firm on the reins as he watches the first competitor go through the course. "Spirits guide me," he mutters as he watches the skill of which Aiden goes through the first two.

Lightfoot easily handles the second jump, she's a pretty able looking mare. Aiden is focused on the course and is relatively glad that he can focus as people are still shuffling in. He seems to whisper something into the mare's ear after they coast over the second jump, patting her appreciatively as they line up for the third.

Aiden checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 25, rolling 21 higher.

Aiden has rolled a critical success!
Aiden checked command at difficulty 15, rolling 21 higher.

Kit, the grey fox, Brigid the Genet leave, following Monique.

The third jump is cleared, without difficulty. Aiden keeps the red dun fairly poised and relaxed, the two working together as if they've had years together, which, they don't. Aiden isn't looking anywhere but the course. The higher obstacle is approached and requires a bit more speed.

Aiden checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 21 higher.

Aiden checked command at difficulty 20, rolling 4 lower.

Lou looks between Katarina and Cristoph and notes, "He's got quite a set of lungs too, if I recall correctly. He was offering encouragement last evening to the swimmers in the competition." She grins at him. "Lou Grayson," she leaves off with the title. "Come to see if I could watch a bit of something exciting before going off to family dinner a bit later this evening."

Aiden checked command at difficulty 20, rolling 2 higher.

Reigna offers another smile to Katarina and bobs her head, "Why thank you, Princess, the tea would be amazing." She beams as Alarissa arrives and offers her a bright smile, "A-- Princess Alarissa! So lovely to see you!" She grins at Cristoph, her own cheeks still rosy. She's looking around making sure she hasn't missed anyone and then looks to see she's missed most of Aiden's performance. A face is made and a wince even as she's moving in to sit next to Katarina.

Katarina cups her palms around the whistle Cristoph gives her, cheeks pinkening in mild surprise -- or the onslaught of cold air against them. "Oh, thank you," she gushes, nobly offering him her warmed flask of whisky. "Would you like some, my lord? I was told it helps keep the vocals ready, when you need them most in the winter."
    "My lady, and lord," the Eurusi tentatively says toward the Keaton couples. "Have you had the pleasure of meeting Lou Grayson?" A dimpled smile aimed at Lou in turn. "Lou, this is Count Kael and Countessa Reigna Keaton." Alarissa is welcomed into the fold just as warmly as all the others, with Kat even giving up her butt-warmed seat so the brunette might not have to suffer it. She sits on the other side of Reigna, instead.

"Lou Grayson..." Cristoph holds a closed fist up to his forehead as if he's trying to remember soemthing. Which involves quite a bit of muttering her name several times over before the lightbulb goes off. "Mason Grayon's wife? I had him for dinner several months ago. I've seen him mention you in the white journals. I promise that I am /not/ stalking your family." His smile is bright and eager and he doesn't /seem/ like a creepy weirdo. But he is wearing a woman's derby hat with tiara of a bee on top. So the jury is really out.

There might have been a short term disagreement on the field between Lightfoot and Prince Aiden. It looks as if the additional speed asked for was initially given a refusal by the red dun tossing her head and shaking it, as if the reins were too tight. Realizing this Aiden gives her more as he turns them toward the taller obstacle, anticipating the jump with a give of the reins. He might have squinted his eyes, just a bit as he stands with a poised lean over his mount when she clears it. Her effortless tuck of legs prevents a rubbing of the posts and she lands it with her rider still aboard. Aiden leans down and pats her, looking back over his shoulder as he wheels the red dun toward the last and most difficult obstacle. "Alright Lightfoot, this is the last one. We've got this... None Greater than Grayson."

"Excellent. We shall be bellowing fellows, my lord," responds Kael to Cristoph, lowering his voice but nonetheless still quite audible, even as he adds -- for Katarina's benefit -- "As her highness attempts to get my wife to safety from said bellowing." Spying Alarissa as she comes forth, he is rising up to greet her with a small 'whoop' in style of the horse races. "Your highness! Valardin shall!" He turns then just in time for introductions before bowing his head low, in a most noble pose toward Lou. "A pleasure to meet you on such a fine occasion, your highness." He offers a lift of his chin thereafter to Katarina, thanking her for the introduction.

Aiden has rolled a critical success!
Aiden checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 23 higher.

Aiden checked command at difficulty 25, rolling 6 higher.

Serenade, a lovely nightingale arrives, following Calandra.

"you know my mind Princess Katarina." Alarissa grins, taking that warmed seat as the Eurusi moves and Alarissa comes into the stands to take her own seat. There's kisses to the cheek for Reigna and a dip of her head to Kael before she takes a spot and settles into watch. "This shall be interesting. I have coin laid that Prince Edain will take second and Princess Alis first."

Alarissa has joined the General Seating.

"Indeed, the very same," Lou affirms Cristoph's epiphany, then flushes lightly when he mentions the journals. "Ah. Yes. Right. Well, I have been away for a bit, so I'm certain there's some musings there. I went out hunting for a time, to get back to nature and just enjoy what the woods have to offer," she gives a small shrug by way of explanation. "It allows for time to obtain clarity on other things as well," she nods to herself on the last, then glances over at Kael and Regina when she's introduced. "A pleasure to meet you both, though I insist - please, just Lou," she says, trying her best not to look pained over the honorific of highness.

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Reigna looks to Lou again and offers a sweet smile to the woman, "It is a pleasure to meet you, your highness!" There is a glance from Kael to Cristoph and then back to Lou, her lips curving up even higher, "You and your husband should come to Keaton Hall for dinner sometime! We are newly arrived in Arx and we are so excited to meet everyone. We would certainly love to have you." Ahh, and then there are kisses and hugs to be delivered to Alarissa, "Come, cuddle for warmth!"

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Lightfoot responds to Aiden's ask, ears flicked back and legs picking up to thunder across the arena toward the highest and most difficult jump. Aiden doesn't make the same mistake twice with the reins and they look perfectly adjusted to one another. While the red dun is not the fastest of horses, the point is proven on the stage when she sails over the last obstacle, sometimes it wasn't the most showy of horses to get the job done. Aiden holds his stance, feet keeping secure in the stirrups as he moves his weight forward with Lightfoot to help her weight distrubtion as they SOAR over the last jump. The landing is as steady as the take off, with Aiden immediately looking back with wonder and WHOOTing, "HAH! We did it!" With a few more excitable cheers made, Aiden and Lightfoot make their way to the opened gate, to allow the next competitor to the stage, giving a light hearted wave to the crowd, grin on his face.

    Silas applauds the prince quite wholeheartedly once he completes the course in a flourishing finish. The crowd seems to be quite impressed with the Grayson's performance, as well! "Excellently done, Your Highness! Next up, Master Aksel!" There's more curious noises from the crowd now.

Aksel checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Aksel checked command at difficulty 7, rolling 10 higher.

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Into the tourney grounds comes Calandra, draped in a cloak drawn closely around her. She crosses her way towards the general seating and moving to settle herself down as she looks out at the competition underway.

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Aksel draws in a deep breath when it's his time to go. "No guts, no glory," he says driving his heals into the side of his horse. It does nothing and she turns to look back at her rider and gives him a considering look. "Apples? Lots and lots of apples?" he says to the mare, which seems to complacate her and off she goes. He's not riding, so much as he is holding on for his dear life. The first jump for a novice is a scary thing and Aksel is probably more shocked by the fact that he cleared it then any one else.

Lou nods delicately in Regina's direction. "I will extend the invitation to my husband. Thank you. I'm sure he'd love the opportunity to talk to others and get to know them. I believe Jael also invited us to dinner some time as well." She takes a moment to applaud for Aiden's bout once she notices he's completed his turn. "FINE RIDING AIDEN!"

Aksel checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 20, rolling 9 higher.

With Cristoph's honor-bound assurances, Katarina tentatively seals her lips around the whistle and gives it a good blow. The shrill sound is sharp, startling the poor girl more than she'd dare to admit. She quickly pulls it back, bringing her hands up in raucous applies for Aiden. "Go, Prince Aiden!" She smiles down at Alarissa and Reigna huddling in for warmth, cheeks dimpling with her light laughter. "Now, that is a good idea. I am glad I at least brought a heavy enough cloak."

Aksel checked command at difficulty 15, rolling 9 lower.

Edain is overheard praising Aiden.

Aksel checked command at difficulty 15, rolling 11 lower.

Aksel checked command at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Aodhan takes in a deep breath as he tries to work through his nerves...he wasn't the best rider in the world, but fortune favors the brave! He brushes the mane of his black mare, Aginold and takes a few deep breathes in sequence "We've got this boy...let's give them a good show." the horse neighs back.

Jael applauds at Aiden's run, then watches with some curiousity as the man she last saw trying to not drown gives riding a shot. There's a definite wince of sympathy doesn't end well.

Alarissa's far from huddling, she's warm in the jacket, but she does sit close to Reigna, smiling. 'When one goes, be sure to bring something of yours to leave at their home, upon the shelves." She warns those who that the Keatons are inviting. "And an appetite. For they lay a feast and even I admit that I could not restrain myself." her cousin rides and she smiles at his success though there is a wince for Aksel.

Lou is just then distracted by the goings on in the ring as a new rider comes in. She winces slightly, speaking as an side to the others she's seated with. "I do hope the poor man far's better than la-...." and then her words are cut off as she sees indeed there is some trouble with his mount. "Oh my."

When Sir Aksel is thrown from his horse, the Prince of Sanctum moves forward with some of the aids and attendants to offer the Redrain warrior a hand up, "Worry not Sir Aksel, A spirited ill tempered horse perform the best in combat. I speak from experience on this."

Cristoph laughs brightly when Katarina is startled by the whistle. He doesn't move to sit with the others but instead sort of lingers behind their chairs, a little too wound up from the idea of competition to sit and relax. He waves at Alarissa when she arrives, "Princess." Before returning his attentions to Lou once more. "I'm sure your husband is glad to have you back in the city. And I'd like to also extend an invition to you both to come by sometime. We enjoy entertaining and have recently developed a rather large collection of spirits from around the city." He looks to the field and winces as one of the horses is decidedly uncooperative.

Aiden hears some of the calls (and distinctly that whistle blow) from the stands. Cheerful, he grins to Tristan, "Did I make you proud, teach? You were right about Lightfoot, she's amazing." He lifts his arm again to the cheers of the crowd, before he goes to dismount her, moving quickly enough to undo her synch. "There we go girl. You did amazingly. I will certainly call on you again," the Prince pats the mare and awards her with allowing her to graze. The reaction from the crowd not too long after, turns his head toward the ring, "What's happened?" He bobs his head around to look.

Kael shoots Reigna a peculiar little look when she is mentioning cuddling for warmth. It is met with a quirk of his brow and then, after giving a once over of the gathering of ladies, he looks toward Cristoph, even if he's a little distance away. One brow up, head tilted to the side -- Kael is contemplating something. It is clear. Luckily said contemplation is cast to the wayside in favor of dinner invitations. He tips his head toward Lou, acknowledging the sincerity of the invitation before grinning to Alarissa. Thereafter, he focuses in on the event.

Katarina watches with wide eyes as Aksel's mount proves to be far more difficult to control than he thought. "Oh, no," she sets her mouth into a concerned moue, leaning forward into her seat to ensure the Sword is alright. "Is he alright?" she asks those around her, before trying and failing miserably to shout her assurances out at Aksel. "You gave it an excellent try!" That gets lost in the crowd, so hit that whistle girl!

Reigna cheers for Aiden's run and nods her head to Lou, "Most excellent --" Her words are cut off by that whistle, and the look on Katarina's face when she blows the whistle has her hiding a grin. She turns to watch Aksel's run, wincing as the horse decides not to listen to his rider.

Once through the first jump, Aksel is seen holding so tightly to the reigns, which might have worked with another horse, but this one, though isn't used to an inexperience rider. She short hops the second obstacle, clearing it, but when she lands, Aksel is totally unprepared for it. He slides one way, then slides another way, finally dropping the reigns and opting for bailing out. This cause him to go sliding along the ground in impressive fashion. He lays there for a long moment before raising his hand up, thumb pointing skyward in the universal symbol of 'All good.' The offer of help up is well received, "Next time just tie me to the horse," he grunts out.

Tristan is warming Flame up near the course, but paused to watch Aiden's round. "Well done," he says to the prince. "How's the footing?" He glances over to see Aksel fall and winces in something approaching sympathy.

Lou looks to Alarissa, and grins. "I shall make note of that as well. Thank you." She glances back to Cristoph. "Indeed, he is. I'm sure our toddler has been keeping him quite busy, as well as his duties with the Society of Explorers. I will let him know of your invitation as well," she assures Cristoph. "Would that collection include whiskey?" she asks hopefully.

    The attendants scurry forward to help Aksel up, but when Edain steps forward with clear intent to help the fallen Redrain vassal, they back away to allow him to do so. There's an audible wince from many in the crowd, but Silas remains smiling and clapping. "A great effort, Master Aksel! There is wisdom in Prince Edain's words. My own steed is tempermental and likes to make me work to gain his trust, too." He glances back to the remaining competitors. "Princess Alis of House Valardin is next!"

Alis starts readying Draco when Aksel has his turn at the obstacles; and her expression is full of empathy when things just do not go well. Obviously a stubborn horsey. And so she gives her own a stern look. "Please do not choose today to be willful." She may be cursing herself there, but she cannot quite help it. Sitting straight and tall (shut up, she looks tall on the horse!), her hold on the reins adjusts just enough that they begin the approach to the first obstacle of the circle.

Alis checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 33 higher.

Alis checked command at difficulty 7, rolling 5 higher.

Cristoph catches Kael looking in his direction and one eyebrow is arched questioningly. Maybe it's possible they can communicate telepathically. Think hard! "Oh, absolutely. It would be a poor collection if there were no whiskey." When Princess Alis is called to go up he turns around and begins to clap loud, bellow and make plenty of noise.

"Her footing is solid!" Aiden appreciates the animal he rode once again, "The course is firm when I went, though I was lucky to go first." He looks over toward the rider's fall and exhales a breath when it's clear from the audience's reaction that the rider isn't injured. "For a minute there I thought I wasn't going to get on the same page for the fourth jump. You sweep around quite fast after the third."

Jael looks genuinely relieved when Aksel gives a thumbs-up, then fidgets with the ribbons in her horse plushie's mane as she watches Alis begin the course.

When a rider for House Valardin is announced, Kael is rising up from his seat and stepping a series of steps away from his little grouping. He squares up his shoulders and takes a few deep breaths as though considering how far he can expand his chest. He's stretching for the mighty cheering, you see. Cristoph's look has him offering, as an aside, "Cuddling for warmth, my lord. I may require more whiskey for that." This? Absolutely deadpan in delivery.

Perhaps Alis and Draco are feeling a bit squirrely as the horse's tail twitches a little like he's going to give her trouble. But, they sail clear over that first hurdle with little difficulty. Eyes narrow, as they focus on the next target. And she murmurs something quiet enough to the horse. Something motivational, obviously.

Alis checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 20, rolling 26 higher.

Aodhan cheers for the Valardin, as he has the other competitors, when she first rolls out of the gate. "You can do it!" he smiles, just having fun to probably try to cool his nerves. He looks his black mare right in the eyes "Let's have fun, either way." he smiles, getting ready for his heat when Alis is doing her thing.

Alis checked command at difficulty 15, rolling 21 higher.

Lou remarks as an askance to Katarina, "That poor man nearly drowned in the swimming competition last night," she nods in Aksel's direction. "He hasn't been having the best of luck, but at least he's brave enough to keep trying."

Aksel says to Edain after getting helped up, "Thank you," his gaze falls to the attendants who have managed to get the horse. He looks back to the Prince, "Maybe one of these I'll actually take a lesson in how to ride one of these things properly." He rubs his chin in thought, "Maybe after I learn how to swim a little better."

It worked! Maybe Alis suggested to her faithful steed that the obstacle was really a dastardly trap laid by a cunning foe. Regardless, she definitely looks pleased when they clear it without clipping, and then pick up some speed in advance of the third one.

Katarina rises as well when Alis and Draco take off down the tracks. "Go, Princess Alis! Go!" She fumbles for the whistle, as she's already going a touch horse. Get it? Horse! Whistle, whistle! "Isn't she amazing and Draco amazing?" she gently grasps upon Kael's arm on her left to give it a gentle shake, teeming with Cristoph's infectious excitement. At Lou's remark aside, she lifts her brows and flings a glance out toward Aksel. "No, it does not seem so. But he is valiant for trying, and that is more than enough to earn my respects. Especially since he walked away without breaking anything!"

Aiden moves to the fence of the show ring, leaning against it after he climbs up a rung. He's watching the Princess Alis' performance and claps his hands for her ride thus far. "Come on Princess Alis!" Yes, he's cheering for Valardin! Turning a look back to Tristan, he notes, "She's going to give us a run for our money."

Katarina is overheard praising Aksel.

When it is Princess Alis' turn Reigna is getting to her feet, and cheering for Alis -- standing up and making noise generates warmth, right? She cups her hands to either side of her mouth and makes some noise for Valardin. She does catch her husband's words and snorts with laughter, looking his way and shaking her head.

Cristoph pauses in his cheering long enough to listen to Kael. His face twitches as he processes that comment and then Kael's deadpan. Then he starts to giggle. More like a man-chortle, really. But it's obviously that he's been deeply amused by something, enough that he eventually needs to breathe again.

Alis checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 25, rolling 11 higher.

"Hrm," Tristan replies, studying the course. "Flame's legs are a little shorter than some of his competitors," he notes to Aiden. "Perhaps that'll be of help. Although he's a little young and nervous for such a large crowd. In any case, you did well for only have rudimentary jumping lessons. It's an entire art onto itself."

Alis checked command at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

Lou is overheard praising Aksel for: For being brave enough to keep trying his hand at competitions even when luck does not seem to be on his side!

Katarina is overheard praising Cristoph for: Cool man-giggle, Cris.

Aiden glances back toward Tristan, tilting his head to get a view of Flame's legs, "Thanks. I mean, your teaching helped a lot. I think you also finding the right mount for me for this competition aided considerably. You knew which one could handle it." He glances back to the show ring, to watch Alis, while he notes back, "I'm eager to see you ride."

While not clearing it quite as high as the last two, Alis is full of smiles when Draco clears that third hurdle regardless. "Good job, buddy!" she encourages, giving that spot behind the horse's ear a nice scritch in congratulations. "Let's do that again, eh?"

Alis checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 6 higher.

Alis checked command at difficulty 20, rolling 1 higher.

Alarissa stands, but she's not hollering out like the others, opting to instead clap for Alis as it's the woman turn. Though there's concern for the natural Valardin Princess, she still watches with a great deal of pride.

Kael breaks into a wide grin at Cristoph's reaction, and lifts his hands to cup his mouth so that he can offer forth his bellow. Ah, and there is Katarina grasping his arm. "Yes," he agrees before, with one hand cupping his mouth, he attempts to bellow. There are no words, this is just a ridiculously loud, booming cheer.

Lou looks back to Cristoph and says, "Then, we'll certainly be there to try that whiskey," she grins affably. A messenger approaches and she furrows her brow. "Ah, alas. It seems I must away. Dinner is nigh and if I'm not on time I'm sure to get a stern look." This last is said with a straight face, but there is mirth in her eyes. She rises from her bench, and nods to all she's met this evening as she does. "Thank you for the conversation, and the invitations."

Too close. Draco balks as they get closer to the hurdle, but it's just too late to back out and they barely make it over. With one more left to go, she simply urges speed and strength on the approach. Whether they make it over or not, getting this far has her feeling quite proud of their showing. Her lips are obviously moving for a second there, so maybe she's telling the horse that they're approaching a lump of a Bringer. This could backfire.

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Serenade, a lovely nightingale have been dismissed.

Alis checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 5 higher.

Alis checked command at difficulty 25, rolling 5 higher.

Reigna glances over seeing Kael and Katarina cheering, her eyes glancing at the Princess' hand on Kael's arm. She looks away, back to Alarissa and slides a bit closer to the Princess. She returns her attention back to the jumping, though her cheering has paused for now -- possibly due to not wanting to deafen Alarissa.

Edain cheers for his sister as she finishes the course and calls out, "Well ridden Sister!"

Aiden throws his hands together to applaud his fellow competitors, looking over toward Edain as he cheers on his sister, grinning, "She did great Prince Edain." And to prove his point, Aiden puts his fingers to his mouth and breathes out a whistle of appreciation for the Valardin! It's not easy, show jumping!

Elegance arrives, delivering a message to Aksel before departing.

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It's terribly undignified for a Valardin Knight, but Alis squees out loud when they clear that last hurdle. "We did it! Good job, Draco! Sugar cubes forever!" she promises, beaming over at her brother when he compliments her riding. She will, of course, swing by on their way to brush down the horse so she can give him a high-five. And thank the others for their congrats or applause. Or that they held back giggles when they almost stumbled.

The crowd cheers and hollers when Alis bests the obstacle course. The concept may sound simple, but it was no small feat in actuality! Especially the last obstacle. The horsey deserves the sugar cubes. "Well done, Your Highness! Not one bar touched." As far as he could tell, anyway. "Lord Aodhan Crovane, representing House Redrain, is up next."

Aodhan nods a little to his mighty steed "Ready for this bud?" he speaks in his strong accent, taking a few breaths as he mounts the large black mare. "Let's give it our best." it's probably the 5th or 6th time he's said that, but he takes the reigns of his horse and trots on down to the starting line, patting the horse on the neck as he holds on tight. He claps a little as Alis finishes strong, being a good sport as he prepares himself, and at Silas's call, he and his horse go onward to face the first obstacle head on!

"NICE JOB PRINCESS ALIS!" Cristoph calls from way back there in the seating. He adjusts his sister's derby hat and once more returns to watching.

Dauntless arrives, following Rymarr.

Aodhan checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Aodhan checked command at difficulty 7, rolling 14 higher.

Jael does a softer version of her usual two-fingered whistle when Alis completes the run, reining Aster in when he tries to dance a little. "Shh, soon."

Aksel has moved to the side and out of the way of things before a messanger dog comes up and delivers a message. Aksel reads the parchment before tucking it away and going back to watch the competition. "Ahh, so that's how it's done," he comments to no one in particular.

with a soft jump from Aginold that easily hops over the first obstacle, Aodhan smiles to himself, his confidence in his riding or simply his horse's ability growing with each passing second "Good boy! one more, we can do it!" he encourages his horse quietly as the duo makes way for the second obstacle. A hand raises to the crowd by the Crovane Lord just to be a good sport for the crowd, though it's not done in complete confidence as other riders. Emerald eyes of Aodhan focused on the task at hand.

Alarissa murmurs quietly to Reigna, watching the riding, patting Reigna's arm as the two of them huddle close.

Alis lets the attendants lead Draco away, and gives them instructions to laud him and praise his prowess of course. They obviously roll their eyes as soon as her back is turned, but she calls over her shoulder, "I saw that!" as she nears the others who have finished up and are waiting. A big wave and cheerful smile are given to the knot of Valardin' that are in the stands, too. The princess is paying attention again just in time to see Aodhan clear the first jump and she claps in ecouragement for him.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Alis before departing.

Aodhan checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 20, rolling 5 higher.

Aodhan has rolled a critical success!
Aodhan checked command at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Reigna shakes her head to Alarissa, her expression briefly forlorn. There is a shift in her attention, a slight turn of her head as if picking up on something, though that too only lasts a moment. She looks back to Alarissa and there is a touch to the other woman's arm in return.

Aodhan apparently encouraged Aginold enough to make the bigger jump at the second obstacle with some pretty apparent ease! Aodhan makes a light 'yes!' gesture with his fist and offers another wave to the crowd that had gathered. The Crovane seems to be smiling now, instead of being nervous he was just having fun. "Well done Aginold! let's give them a good show! one more!" he encourages quietly to his horse once more as they gallop to the next obstacle!

There is a brief look of askance touched upon the close huddle of Alarissa and Reigna for a moment, but Katarina's gaze doesn't linger long before she's looking back out on the fields. She starts to cheer again as Aodhan and his steed clear the second obstacle with even more air time, genuinely impressed.

Henrik arrives, delivering a message to Katarina before departing.

Aodhan checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 25, rolling 23 higher.

Aodhan has rolled a critical success!
Aodhan checked command at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

Rymarr has joined the General Seating.

Rymarr, armored as per usual, makes his way into the general seating of the Pentathlon event. Better late than never it would seem. The Marquis settles into a seat while one gauntlet comes to rest atop his armored knee, while the other finds its way to rest atop the unadorned pommel of the sword worn high on his left side.

Gangly Orphan arrives, delivering a message to Aiden before departing.

Aodhan with an intense look in Aodhan's eyes at the next obstacle as well as possibly the exerted encouragement to his mare, the large horse, answering the call of duty, leaps over the third obstacle in impressive fashion! "That's it boy! let's try to get one more!" he encourages, lifting a hand once more to the crowd at the success before focusing once again to the next obstacle..which is a tad more intimidating then the last. Aodhan breathes a little and pats the steed "Let's give it our best shot." he smiles, barreling towards the fourth obstacle!

Briefly distracted by a messenger, a gangly orphan to be exact - and going through pocket checks to get out some silver to press into the orphan's hands, Aiden barely catches the spectacular jump that Aodhan makes on the third obstacle with his mount. "Well done Lord Crovan!" He claps with his hands extended upward to show his praise for the successful jump.

Aodhan checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 13 higher.

Aodhan checked command at difficulty 20, rolling 8 lower.

Aodhan has rolled a critical success!
Aodhan checked command at difficulty 20, rolling 7 higher.

Kael is back to clapping rather than attempting to shout, though he makes certain that it is of spectacular volume. There are however deep breathing exercises done, just keeping himself warmed up in the chill for the next round of shouts.

The whispered conversation continues between Alarissa and Reigna, though the later is smiling and her eyes keep shifting, albeit briefly to the Lord Crovane and his run.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Alis before departing.

Aodhan seems to be focused, but a brief fear from the horse is made apparent in Aodhan, who offers apparently fantastic encouragement at the last second for Aginold to pull through! the large horse leaping with apparent expertise and a little on the easy side over the fourth obstacle, with Aodhan laughing that they pulled it off! He raises a hand to the crowd for possibly the final time, speeding towards the final obstacle and Aodhan looks quite intimidated at this one, but pats his horse "Either way boy, we did good. Let's show 'em what we've got!" he encourages, perhaps a tad louder than he would have liked it. He blames adrenaline. The horse simply neighs, "Run boy run!" he laughs, looking on with an intensity and focus, but above all, hope that they can finish strong.

Cristoph is one loud- well, look. He's loud the entire time. It's called being /boisterous/. Some people like it! In any event, he spots Rymarr's arrival and gives a little nod to his seating companions before moving down through the stands to find a spot nxt to the Marquis. "It's been a long time." He states by way of greeting, giving the familiar man a lopsided grin.

It's with a brief survey of the crowd that Katarina takes notice of Marquis Deepwood down in the stands. She calls out to him, "Lord Rymarr!" and issues a short wave, cheeks dimpling with a hint of fondness for the former King's Own commander. "It is good to see you were able to make it out to the event." She doesn't approach though, as Cristoph beats her to it.

Aodhan checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 14 lower.

Aodhan checked command at difficulty 25, rolling 20 lower.

Aodhan checked command at difficulty 25, rolling 12 lower.

Aodhan checked command at difficulty 25, rolling 17 lower.

Estaban has been here the entire time! Yup he is yelling for Aiden cheering him on and Gunther is barking as well for their friend.

a huge spotted dog named Fury have been dismissed.

Rymarr glances aside at the call of his name, though his gaze lands on Cristoph first. He offers a nod toward the Duke of House Laurent before he comments toward him, "It really has been. It feels like a lifetime, Duke Laurent. Things go well at home, I assume? The honey still delicious as I remember?" The question lingers for a moment, time enough to answer, before Rymarr's attention drifts back to the original source of his name being called. He lifts a hand to wave an awkward gauntlet-clad wave before he the faintest twitch of a smile threatens at the far reaches of his mouth before it is suppressed once more, "Princess Katarina, wonderful to see you as always. Enjoying the festivities?", he asks with a nod in the direction of the horsework taking place. Amid all the sounds of hoof beats, Rymarr's attention seems to drift hang on Cristoph and Katarina in turn.

and it was all going so well! As the horse makes it's leap, they bump the top bar and it all goes down hill from there. The landing causes the horse to lose control of it's footing, and Aodhan falls off the side, but one of the stirrups catches his foot, making him go for a bit of a ride. He goes airborne for a moment and hits the ground HARD, rolling for a bit before he stops and lays there on his back. The horse manages to regain it's footing before it falls, but Aodhan doesn't move for a small bit. Crovanes are tough though, and Aodhan sits up slooowwwly, gasping a little as the wind was knocked out of him...and he likely hurt himself a good deal. He lifts up a hand as to say he was alright as his horse lowers it's head to him.

Aiden pushes up onto the railing and heaves himself over, quick to rush the grounds with the other mercies. He approaches the man, taking a knee in front of him, hand steadying the Crovane, " Take a moment." And at the hand gesture he nods and rises back up to help Aodhan up, "How're you feeling? Dizzy? Let's get you to walk that one off."

Skye arrives late to the tournament grounds, quietly making her way in to find a seat in the stands. She gasps when she sees the rider fall out of his saddle, but when he appears to be fine, she moves quickly so she's not blocking anyone's view.

Skye has joined the General Seating.

Alas, it can't all go smoothly at the obstacle course as much as everyone wishes it would... for there are obstacles. There are alarmed shouts and gasps as Aodhan and his horse bite the dirt. The attendants watching the competition are prompt in their response and quickly move to pacify the horse and help the Crovane lordling to his feet so he may be carried off to the healers. "Excellent performance, Lord Crovane -- please let them fix you up entirely before you get back to your feet." Silas looks mildly concerned after witnessing that tumble, but the show much go on. "Prince Edain, High Lord of House Valardin, is up next!"

Edain takes a deep breath as it is his turn to ride. He puts a foot in the stirrup and grabs the horn of Sir Arugula's saddle. With a smooth motion he pulls him up into the saddle and rubs the neck of the powerful destrier, "Ok, now remember Sir Arugula, Throwing me into the mud is fun, but finishing the course is more fun." The warhorse just snorts loudly. Which is either means, 'I agree' or 'Prepare to eat mud!'

There's nothing for it though, and Edain spurs Sir Arugula forward an heads for the first obstacle.

Edain checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

Edain checked command at difficulty 7, rolling 16 higher.

When Aodhan is falling off to the side, Kael winces sympathetically. He is cringing, really, and then a step forward is taken as he peers at the tournament grounds, attempting to make certain that the man is all right. When that hand is coming up from the Lord, he is once more cupping his mouth and offering forth a cheer. His lungs don't really have time to rest though, for when Edain takes the field he is back to shouting his support.

Edain checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 20, rolling 30 higher.

Edain checked command at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Edain checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 25, rolling 21 higher.

Edain checked command at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Edain checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 15 higher.

Edain checked command at difficulty 20, rolling 14 higher.

Edain checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 12 higher.

Aodhan seems to be chuckling a little, but it might hurt to laugh. He accepts the help of Aiden, rising with his help and the help of the mercies, being carried off to the healers and off the field. "Not dizzy...hard time breathing, but I'll happily walk this one off." he coughs quite a bit as he rises, and thankfully makes it off the field. He offers to Silas a thumbs up at his words as he is escorted.

Edain has rolled a critical success!
Edain checked command at difficulty 25, rolling 18 higher.

Katarina slips out of her seat, raising her hands to give her loudest applause when the Prince of Sanctum is called forward with Sir Arugula. She moves aside, knees dipping to allow herself a hushed word with Reigna after some brief hesitation. All the while, she's watching her liege perform. She can't miss this!

*hurt a lot* <--- Aodhan

"They're going well. We had an excellent harvest season." He mentions the honey and Cristoph laughs, shaking his head. "Yes, it is. You and your wife should come down to the manse sometime and have dinner with me and my sister. It'd be nice to have a familiar face around. There are so many new ones." He glances back over his shoulder to where Katarina is calling down to the man and grins. When Prince Edain is called up, he puts two fingers in his mouth and makes a loud whistling noise. Turns out he didn't need the mechanical one.

It's Edain's turn and now, Alarissa rises, leaving Reigna to Katarina sos she can take a place at the rails but with no yelling or cheering. Just quietly watching, smiling.

Aiden walks with the Lord Crovane, allowing him the dignity of making it off the field without too much worrying, the Grayson giving him a fair enough grin, "You'll be alright then. A bit of whiskey will help too." He nods to the mercies and asks to Aodhan, "Nothing hurts overly much? Can you move your fingers? Your wrists? Your elbows, shoulders?" He's asking after the Crovane to make sure nothing was seriously injured. He does glance over his shoulder to catch some of Edain's ride, but mostly he's preoccupied with Aodhan's state.

Jynx, a falcon arrives, delivering a message to Rymarr before departing.

Reigna is watching the end of Aodhan's run and the beginning of Edain's when Katarina approaches. She leans in to listen to Katarina's words and her cheek's go so brightly pink. There is a shake of her head and a hand is lifted in a gesture of denial. She murmurs something back to Katarina offering a small smile to the Princess.

Rymarr watches as Aodhan takes his fall and then the Prince of Sanctum in the form of Edain makes his presence known. Gauntlets are well suited to clapped, so Rymarr makes do with what he has; a gauntlet and a breastplate. Steel bangs against rubicund for a moment in cheer for both parties; fallen rider and newly arrived rider, both. Then Rymarr's cold blue stare turns back to regard Cristoph.

Aodhan smiles to Aiden a little bit and sits down when he can, hurting all over and accepting the whiskey when it was offered, shaking his head after with a smile "wow, good morning!" he grins, nodding in thanks to the mercies before his attention shifts back to Aiden "Not too badly. I can move my fingers and my wrists, my elbow hurts a bit (which is his speak for a ton) but nothing that shouldn't die down in a few. I can move my shoulders fine as well." he cheers for Edain, being a good sport. "It's good I got out and about. been too preoccupied with my House lately."

And the Prince of Sanctum navigates Sir Arugula through the obstacles. The big horse is not swift, but it's hooves thunder into the earth while echoing throughout the field. Together they clear the first Obstacle, and the second. But on the third it is clear that the Warhorse is getting restless as he bucks, but Edain manages to keep him under control. When all is said and done they have cleared all obstacles and Edain says, "Well Done Sir Arugula! See how much fun that was!?"

As if un cue, with t he course completed, the massive warhorse bucks forward and sends, Edain flying forward, ass over tea kettle and sending the Prince splashing into a muddy puddle. If one didn't know better one would thing the chuffing noise Sir Arugula makes is laughter. Edain just sighs and looks up at the sky, "I hate you so much right now."

Sir Arugula meanwhile just walks over and start chewing on Edain's hair.

1 Saik Guard, Gunther, a Rottweiler leave, following Estaban.

Oh shit. It was all going so good but then over goes Edain and Alarissa stiffens against the rails, fingers tightening but doesn't move as she waits to see if the head of Valardin is safe. There's lips moving though and she looks to others on the field to see if anyone else is moving to help him up.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Edain before departing.

Aiden settles down to take a seat beside Aodhan as the whiskey is offered, probably run from one of the mercies or some such thing. In any case, it lands in Aodhan's hands. "Good, finger movement is good." He looks to the man when the other suggests moving the elbows hurts, "On a scale of one to ten, how much do you think the pain in your elbow is? Ten being the worst pain in your life." He also cheers to Edain, looking to see the man's grand finale, "That man knows how to ride." He then turns back to Aodhan, "Yes... Your house. I've been trying to get a hold of the Duchess. There are matters we spoke of and I'm afraid I'm not sure where it stands between us." He drops his voice and speaks in tones that do not carry.

It seems Reigna and Katarina are a pair of regular ol' blushing beauties in their quiet exchange. There is a relieved breath lost, fingers gently lifting in gesture between them to accompany her own quiet words in turn. "Does anyone else believe my brother has won?" she asks aloud, looking down onto the grounds as Edain, well, just ends up in the mud anyway. "Oh, Sir Arugula," she sighs. The princess rises, quick to offer her present company an apologetic smile, before she's trotting down to offer her aid to Edain. "Are you alright, Your Grace?" she asks, tentatively bending down to check his head.

Alis claps politely for Lord Crovane, and as he nears the sidelines is sure to give him an encouraging word or two. And continued glances to make sure he's alright. Though her attention turns towards Edain then and she claps her hands together when he and Sir Arugula start their turn around the course. Each hurdle that he clears her cheer gets louder until the final one when she just -beams- with pride. That's her brother. He did aweso... whups. There goes Arugula's temper. "No more sugar cubes for you, Arugula! That was mean!" Yep, she yells at the horse, all the way from a distance, with hands on her hips, looking -so- disappointed in him right now. Bad Arugula.

Sir Arugula mercifully gets the Valardin High Lord through the obstacle course! Even if at some points he seemed to be debating whether or not he should. The noble beast actually bests the last obstacle with some splendor... then proceeds to buck Edain off -afterwards-. Then noms on his hair. The crowd initially cheers, then it tapers off into laughter and confusion. "You have quite the steed, Prince Edain, but he got you through! Good job, both of you!" Silas shouts out, projecting his voice in their direction. "Next, Lady Jael Laurent -- representing House Valardin!"

"No no.. I am fine.. this is quite comfortable really..." He stage whispers, "I figure if I pretend to like this, Sir Arugula will do it less." he explains. Alis' scolding actually does make Sir Arugula stop chewing his hair and look down, as if doing his best to avoid eye contact. He knows whne he is trouble.

Aodhan nods a little to Aiden, a calm smile on his face despite the pain. Some north training apparently, either that or much of him is numb. Likely the former than the latter. "Oh it's about a four. I've had much worse falls than this, I promise." he smiles a little, and nods to Aiden and speaks quietly with him on the subject of agreements so that they don't garner attention to themselves.

Jael buckles the leather helmet with a wistful sigh as the ribbons in her dark hair are squashed. She pets the horse plushie tied to her pommel once for luck, takes up the reins, and wheels Aster towards the course. With a deep breath and a pat on the bay's shoulder, Jael directs the horse towards the first jump, jaw set in determination. "Don't be like that guy," she murmurs to her horse, indicating Sir Arugula. She waits until everyone is off the field, then begins her run.

Jael checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 51 higher.

Jael checked command at difficulty 7, rolling 14 higher.

Cristoph cups his hands to either side of his mouth and calls out to the tournament grounds. "NICE SHOWING!" Calls, shouts, really. Then he settles back to his seat and winces as he watches Edain's horse throw him. "Well, that's completely unfortunate. It was a good showing up until then." There's an 'oh well' note to his voice. His sister is called to go up next and so he begins to clap loudly and do more of the whistling. As an aside to Rymarr, "Edain made me the Team Captain. It's been enjoyable."

Jael checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 20, rolling 25 higher.

Jael checked command at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Jael checked command at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

Aodhan nods a little to Aiden, a calm smile on his face despite the pain. Some north training apparently, either that or much of him is numb. Likely the former than the latter. "Oh it's about a four. I've had much worse falls than this, I promise." he smiles a little, and nods to Aiden and speaks quietly with him on the subject of agreements so that they don't garner attention to themselves. He also catches one of Alis's glances, offering her a warm smile to let her know he's alright.**

Jael checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 25, rolling 20 higher.

Skye sits straighter from her seat, looking to see if this High Lord of Valardin is fine. Once she's assured that the man is fine, "Oh this is a tough course." She glances over at Cristoph who seems to be Team Valardin's captain and asks him, "Will Lord Gawain be riding today?" She assumed so since he's good with horses.

"I don't know if that will work on Sir Arugula," Katarina laughs, offering Edain her hand and a friendly brush of her palm down Sir Arugula's snout while he stops chewing and has the grace to look reproachful. "Don't worry, Sir Arugula, I'll sneak you sugar cubes for waiting until -after- the course, this time," she stage-whispers. Innocent looks to Alis!

Jael checked command at difficulty 15, rolling 32 higher.

Jael checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 18 higher.

Jael has rolled a critical success!
Jael checked command at difficulty 20, rolling 27 higher.

Jael checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 16 higher.

Reigna nods to Katarina offering that small little smile again before she catches Edain's tumble and is on her feet, looking concerned until it is clear he is not hurt. She giggles, holding hands over her mouth. Then it is Jael's turn and she begins cheering loudly for her liege lady. "GO LADY JAEL!" She's small, but she's got lungs on her and the cheer carries well.

Jael checked command at difficulty 25, rolling 6 lower.

Jael checked command at difficulty 25, rolling 11 lower.

Jael checked command at difficulty 25, rolling 4 lower.

Katarina is overheard praising Jael for: You looked AWESOME, at first.

Aster is sweet and well-behaved, striding out strongly and clearing the first obstacle with ease. Then there's a little fumble, though with some murmured words the pair recover and take the rest of the jumps well. Then finally...Aster is That Guy and stops short. Jael tumbles off his side and into more mud, wind knocked out of her. She lays on her back for a long moment...then a bright chiming laugh emerges from her and she sits up, shaking her head. "I /told/ you not to do that, you giant brat!"

Alarissa is overheard praising Aksel.

Alarissa is overheard praising Edain.

Alarissa is overheard praising Silas.

Alarissa is overheard praising Jael.

Alarissa is overheard praising Alis.

Cristoph looks over his shoulder at Skye, where'd she come from? He shakes his head. "I don't believe so!" Then his sister is up and doing really great! Until she's suddenly not. "Do NOT break your neck you're still my heir!" He cups his hands to his mouth again. "And my sister!"

Alarissa is overheard praising Aodhan.

Reigna is overheard praising Jael for: Such a good sport!

Cristoph is overheard praising Jael for: Good job sister!

Alarissa is overheard praising Tristan.

Reigna is overheard praising Edain for: Bringing it home for Valardin!

Aodhan is overheard praising Jael for: Well done!

Jael does beautifully, but it suddenly comes to a literal crashing end at the last obstacle. The cheers of the crowd are interrupted with startled gasps and murmurs of concern, though this is alleviated when it becomes apparent that Jael can stand and berate her horse! The attendants rush forward to help her off the course and tend to whatever wounds she may have. "Excellent work, m'lady! Though please get your injuries tended to." Silas clears his throat. "Last but not least, Master Tristan, representing House Grayson!"

Tristan strokes Flame's neck and moves toward the course. He does not begin immediately, riding around it first to take a long look at the course, gauging the distances between the obstacles, and checking for any patches to avoid. At the same time, he lets his young stallion get used to the crowd, Flame raising his delicate head, nostrils flared. Tristan pats him one more time on the neck, gathering up his reins and turning him with a slightest shift of weight, picking up the canter on the circle as he heads toward the first jump.

Rymarr winces as Jael's tossed to the mud and then Rymarr shifts in his seat in order to speak a little more directly toward Cristoph, "Team Captain of...the Pentathlon, I assume?" The Marquis again leans back to his usual rigid posture and grim stoicism. Though a moment later Rymarr comments aside to Cristoph once more, "You should pay a visit to Deepwood Manor sometime soon. I'd like to invite you and a guest over for dinner with my wife and I. Perhaps we could catch up? As you said, it's been a long time."

Tristan checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 37 higher.

Alis is still giving Arugula the stink eye, which turns on Katarina with a raised eyebrow. But holy maple syrup balls, Jael! Alis watches her and her steed just sail over every hurdle like it's effortless. Right up until the last one. Which, well, doesn't go quite as well. Still, she's pretty wow'd.

Tristan checked command at difficulty 7, rolling 20 higher.

Tristan checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 20, rolling 46 higher.

"AND YOUR VOICE," Jael yells to her brother from the course, gingerly getting to her feet and loping after Aster, who has decided to mosey off a few. "You fucker. Next time I'm riding Waldorf, I don't care /how/ pretty you think you are." She accepts the assistance off the course genially, though waves off further attention. "Just muddy. Dirt never hurt!" She waves to the stands.

Skye looks a little disappointed when she hears that Lord Gawain isn't riding but then gives her attention to current Valardin rider. She winces as Jael is tossed and murmurs to herself, "Oh wow...that's horrible. Horse wouldn't take the jump."

Tristan checked command at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Tristan checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 25, rolling 33 higher.

Tristan checked command at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

Tristan checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 25, rolling 37 higher.

Tristan checked command at difficulty 20, rolling 7 higher.

Tristan checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 19 higher.

Tristan checked command at difficulty 25, rolling 6 lower.

Tristan checked command at difficulty 25, rolling 10 lower.

Tristan checked command at difficulty 25, rolling 5 higher.

This? This is the moment that Kael has been waiting for. He is letting out the BOOM. Or rather, he is squaring up his shoulders, inflating his massive chest, and shouting triumphantly. Words are thrown in, encouragingly, and then she is thrown. His eyes widen and he shuts up. Pronto. When all it cleared, back to cheering.

Kael, a little slow.

Aiden continues his conversation with Aodhan. Turning back to the competition, he misses a lot of the action but at least when he sees Tristan hit the arena, he hollars for him, "Come on Tristan!"

Aiden is overheard praising Tristan for: Best rider of Arx!

Skye is overheard praising Tristan for: For winning the riding event.

"Yeah, yeah, that too." Cristoph mutters with a crooked tilt to his smile. He watches anxiously to make sure she hasn't actually broken anything down there, but she seems to be walking it off. "Yes! I actually was in the first competition. I won the footrace, beat out Princess Reese." Even he's surprised by that. "That would be lovely. I'd probably bring along Countess Nicia Pravus. Have you met her before? She's very good company."

Reese arrives while adorned in her common cloth clothing and toting her weapons. She glances over the area, giving a smile of greeting to those gathered here. She then peeks over to the race, trying to catch the end of it.

What on earth was that /noise/? Was that...Kael? Jael picks the count out of the crowd and grins, then goes back to brushing mud off of her (ex) riding habit. She glances up occasionally at Tristan's run, curious as to the result. The result? He doesn't fall on his ass.

Reigna claps hands over her mouth when Jael is thrown and she is moving forward, though she stops herself, joining Cristoph with the anxious looks, "BAD ASTER!" She shakes her head and looks relieved when Jael seems to be alright. She looks over to Kael, holding her gaze on him for a long moment before looking away. She watches Tristan's run, though she does keep an eye on Jael.

Katarina smiles innocently toward Alis as she moves up to her side, raising her hand in welcoming wave toward Reese when she sees Pinky Princess's arriaval. "What is the stink eye for, Your Highness?" she asks her sister, cheekily, gently nudging her while she watches Tristan go.

Tristan and Flame canter smoothly toward the jumps, the small chestnut's ears flickering nervously. He's paying constant attention to the crowd, but his rider murmurs to him, trying to reassure him, keep listening. Flame leaps like running water, over the first two smoothly. Tristan is a quiet rider, sitting the horse as if he were part of him, his movements small, barely noticeable except when he leans forward to give the stallion his head over the jump. At landing, his head flicks up, his eyes already on the next jump. As they clear the third jump, with the fourth coming up quick, Tristan wastes no time, signaling Flame to turn in the air, saving time. However, it leaves Flame a little unsettled; he snorts and tosses his head. "Sssh," murmurs Tristan. "Quiet, boy." Flame leaps the final fence a touch unbalanced, but clear, and tries to duck out from under his rider on landing. Tristan follows him, through one duck, and then another. The stallion settles, and canters free, flaxen mane blowing in the wind. Tristan lets him run and then has him come to a slow step. "Good boy," he murmurs, leaning forward to pet him. "Good boy!"

Alis cheers and whistles for Tristan and his exemplary display of horsemanship. "Well done!" she calls out, duly impressed at the skill he and his horse display during the obstacle course. "I know you promised him more sigar cubes." she mutters toward Katarina, with a playful nudge.

Skye claps as Tristan and Flame make all their jumps and he doesn't get thrown from the horse like everyone else. She shakes her head in wonder, never being able to ride like that.

Jynx, a falcon arrives, delivering a message to Reese before departing.

Aodhan claps loudly for Tristan and Jael when they make their runs, a loud whistle in cheer is given "Wonderful performance and ride Jael!" and when Tristan finishes his run "Spectacular performance Tristan!" he claps loudly, before returning his attention to Aiden.

Aiden makes a shrill whistle for Tristan's success! "None Greater! Well done Tristan!"

Celerity the Tortoise arrives, delivering a message to Reese before departing.

Offering forth one final cheer for the competitor, Kael is finally noticing his wife's little look. He tilts his head to the side and quirks a brow toward her, his cheeks rosy from exertion and the cool weather. He is on the move at this point, weaving through the chairs so that he can come to Reigna's other side and place a hand on her shoulder.

Edain has gotten up out of the mud and dusts himself off. In time to see Tristan's inspired run. He gives the Stable Master a cheer, "Brilliant run Sir Tristram!"

Alarissa has left the General Seating.

Tristan's attention is focussing on lavishing affection on his young horse; when he finally looks up, it's to cheering, and he blinks. For a moment, the Royal Stablemaster looks almost embarrassed. He clears his throat, and nods to the stands. Approaching where his fellow competitors wait, he says gruffly, "Well ridden, everyone."

The crowd ooo's and aah's as they watch an apparent master horseman at work. It doesn't go without a stumble or two, but there's a good chance the majority of those watching aren't observant enough to notice! "Marvelous job, Master Tristan!" There's a pause. "Marvelous job, -everyone-! This was a treat to watch."

    Silas then stands and glances down at the piece of paper - presumably the record sheet. "The gold medal for the Iron Pentathlon's Horse Riding competition goes to Master Tristan of House Grayson. The silver medal goes to Lady Jael Laurent of House Valardin. The bronze goes to Prince Aiden Grayson of House Grayson. Congratulations, winners! You do your Houses proud. Medals will be awarded at a ceremony at the conclusion of the Pentathlon, and if you can't make it, they will be delivered to you."

Reese cheers when Tristan is announced as the winner. She gets a few messages and sends one of. She was writing for a few moments. It might be a verbose message.

Justice, an elegant hunting falcon arrives, delivering a message to Rymarr before departing.

Skye watches till they make the announcement of who won. Then she gives a polite nod to the other nobles in the stand before taking her leave. The little Thraxian noblewoman heads off, making her way carefully out of the tournament grounds.

Free of her treasonous horse buddy, Jael whoops loudly when the winners are announced. Then, freeing herself from the tender mercies of the...well, Mercies, she picks up her muddied skirts and flounces into the stands, heading right for her brother. "GIVE ME A HUG, CRIS!" She's muddy. So muddy.

Skye has left the General Seating.

One of Reese's message is sent to Rymarr! Her bird flies a fifty fee over or something to the Marquis. It is kind of silly really.

Alis gives the winners a bright smile of congratulations, and then leans over toward her brother to murmur something quiet and give him a kiss on the cheek. Then to Katarina a quick squeeze of her hand before she starts walking with a growingly obviously waddle towards the exit.

Edain has left the Field.

Alis has left the Field.

Tortoise trundles off. Bird arrives. Tortoise returns. Bird departs. Rymarr takes the time to read through the long scraps of parchment, unfolding it a number of times while he reads with his usual stern grimace. He nods once, more to himself, than any other as he crumples up the note and puts it away for safe keeping - inside his breastplate. He pulls back the high collar of his rubicund breastplate and drops the crumpled note within. No doubt it's like the underside of a sofa's cushion in there.

"NO THESE CLOTHES ARE NEW!" Cristoph shouts as Jael comes towards him and he can't get away quickly enough. "I was having a nice normal conversation!"

Reigna smiles up at Kael as he approaches, before her attention is caught by Cristoph and Jael's antics, pulling a laugh from her. She shakes her head and says, "We have adorable leige lords. Prince Edain's horse seems to be a bit of a bully though."

Jael wraps her arms around her brother and squeeeeezes. "There were new too," she says, blithe as all getout. "But now look." She releases the poor man and beams. "Lost to the palace stablemaster, that's not too shabby. I need a bath."

Kael's head tilts to the side and he is studying Reigna a moment, his eyes flicking to the victors before he applauds -- or at this point, he is just likely applauding in general. After this is done, he murmurs a few quiet words to his wife, offering her his arm.

Rymarr offers only a faint nod of his head in return to Cristoph's comments, though with Duke Laurent growing distracted by celebrations, Rymarr simply calls out to him, "I'll write to you and we'll make arrangements. We'll be... pen pals. Or something," Rymarr pauses as he shakes his head and seems to correct himself, "...I'll just write to you. Also, yes, now I recall hearing mention that you're rather fleet of foot. Fast like rabbit, springy like deer." After that short exchange, Rymarr's attention turns to regard the rest of those in attendance at the event. He takes all in for a moment before he pushes himself up to his full height, checks his armament and his armor, before he gives a satisfied nod of his head and begins to make his way from the general seating once more.

Rymarr has left the General Seating.

Katarina has left the General Seating.

Silas has left the Judges Booth.

"Arghhh!" Cristoph makes a strangled noise as his sister hugs him and covers him in horse mud. "Yes, Rymarr! I will write you too! After I /drown/ this woman." Hopefully Jael is fast, because he's going to chase her down and throw her in a fountain! Sure, got sweat on her the other day. But it's sibling rivalry! And celebrations!

Reigna looks up at Kael as he approaches offering him that same small smile. Her attention drifts away, her focus appears to be on a random grouping of people off to her left before she murmurs something back to Kael.

Aiden nods to Lord Crovane, "It was good to compete against you. I'll see you around. I'm going to retire early tonight." He adds in parting, "Enjoy the whiskey. It's on me." And then with a wave, he goes to collect Lightfoot, ruffling her mane and then untying her lead, so he can start walking her back to the stable, "Third's not bad is it Lightfoot? I'll have to train harder to be like Tristan, hm?" He smiles and heads out.

Aiden has left the Field.

1 Grayson Guardsmen leaves, following Aiden.

Jael is /related/ to the fastest man on Arx! At any rate, she's off. Sibling wars are serious business and there's still plenty of mud to put on plenty of her brother's possessions.

Aodhan smiles to Aiden "I think I shall too...a goodnight to you, Aiden. I'll see you around." he smiles, rising with a light wince "Thank you all for the great competition. Can't wait for next time." he smiles cheerfully! He bows to all present and congratulates the winners circle.

Cristoph has left the General Seating.

Silas finally departs from his roost in the judge's booth, handing off the score sheet to a passing attendant. He looks mildly disappointed to see Aiden has already departed the grounds, but turns and smiles to Tristan. "That was an exceptional nailbiter. Thank you, Master Tristan -- House Grayson now has a notable lead in the medal count. For now. House Valardin will compete until the very end."

Reigna looks to Kael long enough to notice the arm he's been offering her and she takes it gingerly, nodding to him as it appears that they are preparing to depart.

As soon as Reigna is taking his arm, that seems to be it. Kael is nodding toward those that are still gathered about, amiable enough despite the concern visible in his gaze. This is perhaps explained by the frequent little looks he casts to his wife.

Reese smiles at the talk of House of Grayson having a lead in the medal count. She seems to like that. She smiles to those who are leaving even as her bird returns and perches on her shoulder.

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