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Suspires Academy Opening

Curious about the Suspires of Setarco, who we are, and what we do? Please come to the grand opening of the Suspires Academy, a teaching and learning facility and the new Headquarters of the Suspires. Drinks, tea, and cakes will be served and tours will be given. Learn what sets us apart and how you can work with us!

(For those who need directions, Mother of Sighs is in the Westmost side of the Pravus Ward. Head to Guardian Square, and go se, s, MoS. From there you will see the Academy building)


Aug. 7, 2021, 8 p.m.

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Nina Tyche


Zoey Lucrezia Emberly Raven Bhandn Gianna Zakhar Cesare Sebastian Cristoph Giorgio Ilira Adalyn



Arx - Ward of House Pravus - Mother of Sighs - Suspires Academy

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Comments and Log

Welcome to the newest headquarters of the Suspires...

Where Nina, Tyche, and their other assistants are here to offer tours, answer questions, and generally provide guidance during this new open house! It's chilly outside, but coming in the air is warmed up by the placement of candles throughout the area, as well as a dazzling chandelier. The doors to classrooms are thrown open, allowing free travel for visitors to go upstairs, down, and explore as they like.

Nina is dressed to the nines as always, in a new gown of the newly created, fashion-forward, starlight silk. Standing near the round bar in the center of the foyer, she's already cheerfully greeting, and chatting with people as they come in, a glass of red wine in her hand. This event barely beat the winter, but the chill is kept at bay inside, and only a small silk shawl is over her shoulders for the time being as people enter the foyer and are encouraged to look around and chat.

Tyche has taken up residence on the eastern staircase, a few steps mounted, her hand resting lightly on the railing. There's a certain delight in having this vantage point, being able to scan the faces in the crowd, look down on others for once. Her lips curve in a smile, and she frequently lifts her free hand to wave at a familiar figure, or turns to chat with one of the visitors standing on the lower ground. She's dressed in Cainite colors this evening, the purple-dyed silk a perfect contrast to her auburn hair, which is swept up neatly.

Rupert, the Laurent Archivist, 2 Valardin Knights, 1 Laurent veteran guards arrive, following Cristoph.

Zoey arrives with her aide, looking around curiously. She had not heard much about the school yet, but what are open houses for if not to learn? She notices the brochures on the shelf and takes one to glance through as she decides where to start.

Gianna gets An Introduction to the Suspires from Shelf of informational scrolls.

This may be the first (and last?!) time Lucrezia's voluntarily gone to a place of learning that has nothing to do with combat. Wearing her typical pirate-wear, she sticks out, but that fierce grin of hers says that may be the point. She waves to Nina and Tyche before stalking over to one of the couches and flops onto a seat there, if 'a seat' can be called sprawling sideways over almost the entire couch. Watching people commence!

Zoey gets An Introduction to the Suspires from Shelf of informational scrolls.

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Emberly smiles a little as she looks about, her eyes glittering she lets her eyes move from one to the other. She moves to find herself a free seat before she gets a bit to snack upon. She smiles to those she knows and even those she dose not, she gets the informational scroll lightly

Emberly gets An Introduction to the Suspires from Shelf of informational scrolls.

Bhandn gets An Introduction to the Suspires from Shelf of informational scrolls.

Zakhar takes An Introduction to the Suspires from Shelf of informational scrolls.

Lucrezia gets An Introduction to the Suspires from Shelf of informational scrolls.

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Raven arrives with an entourage of guards, looking around curiously. She spots Nina and offers a smile but doesn't distract the woman from hostessing. Lu and Bas both get a smile shouth either catch her eye.

Raven gets An Introduction to the Suspires from Shelf of informational scrolls.

Sir Bhandn came dressed up in armor, no doubt making him stand out from the crowd. It was a curiosity, to come here and see the new academy, so he dragged his assistant with him and the two are stepping in out of the wintry chill with visible expressions of relief. In Bhandn's case, he's taking in the sights with curious grey eyes, while his aide is trying his best not to make eye contact with ANYBODY. Drinks are the first thing on their mind, and to the surprise of the knight it'll be wine for two, a nice red that'll help warm them up from the outside or so they say. They'll start to mingle, Bhandn leading the way through the crowd and taking in the sights.

Gianna strolls into the Academy, her gaze sweeping her surroundings. She parts her cloak now that she's inside. A nod to Raven, who is nearby, and she strides toward Nina. "This is lovely," she tells the other woman. Her gaze goes toward the informational scrolls, and she arches an eyebrow. "Ah. I'm to read one before asking questions, I suppose?"

Zoey history

Zakhar arrives dressed in a mixture of dark purple and red armors with silks trailing underneath, he's making heavy use of the carved femur cane tonight, while two cats follow him, one a burnt ember orange, which a few know as Pyre, the other the more frequent black and white marbled cat with yellow eyes many know as Shekies. He gives a nod to Nina, then seeks a place to sit.

Cesare drifts in along with the crowd, looking around in keen interest at the tasteful decor and familiar touches of Setarco, the white marble and tropical flora which - perhaps - bring a faint air of wistfulness to his expression. It'd only be proper for a representative of Whisper House to be here, considering the Suspires and Whisper House have worked together in the past, and Cesare is glad to do so, offering a small bow of greeting to Nina and Tyche each when he catches their eye. It's probably not difficult; he is, as he often is, dressed in a veritable riot of color, gold fading to greens and blues like the sun sinking into the sea.

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A Pravosi never likes winter, and Sebastian is no exception. Fortunately he's clad in a steelsilk coat to stave off the coming coolness, arriving after most of the crowd. He winds his way inside, collecting a glass of wine almost immediately. Seeing Nina distracted, he merely lifts his glass in toast, while Tyche gets a raised eyebrow. Raven is hard to miss with her guards, and the Sin looks pleased. He reaches to collect one of the scrolls, but he's tucking it away, instead leaning against the couch Lucrezia's chosen to sprawl on. "Thinking of joining, Lu? Bella would be ecstatic."

"Thank you! Those are just little hand-written... and replicated, missives from me, but..." Nina inclines her head downward. "Please ask me any questions that you might have, and I'll answer of course!" And then she crosses over and gives Gianna a hug. "And thank you so much for coming! You've been such a good supporter of all my other projects. This is my last major work in the Pravus Ward I feel, but... Well, I should announce to everyone, shouldn't I? Lest I repeat myself too much." She decides first to handle a few more individual greetings, and finish at least one glass of the wine. She smiles to Zakhar and to Cesare, adding to the latter, "Those pants are such a wonderful color! It is that time of year when I'll begin working with wool again!"

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Sebastian takes An Introduction to the Suspires from Shelf of informational scrolls.

And here comes one duke, hailing from the Oathlands. Others from his general area of the world might find themselves a little out of place in this particular event, but Cristoph seems to suit it just fine. He comes sweeping in, his minimal guard entourage following behind him as he takes in the sights. He pauses near the doors, stepping off to the side so that he might briefly dictate a message to Rupert. When that's complete, he cuts his way through the crowd to greet the two hosts for the evening. "Marquessa Inverno, Mistress Autumndale, a magnificent opening celebration. Congratulations." He bows his head low and then, a step closer to the stairs and he extends his hand.

Cesare takes An Introduction to the Suspires from Shelf of informational scrolls.

Gianna blinks when a hug happens, but her arm slides around Nina and she holds her for a moment to return said hug. "I am interested in what you get up to here," she tells Nina. "I might like to join, to see."

3 Proscipi veteran guards arrives, following Giorgio.

Ilira gets An Introduction to the Suspires from Shelf of informational scrolls.

Zoey finishes reading her brochure and hands it off to her aide. So absorbed was she in the reading that she entirely missed the new arrivals, and so needs a moment to glance around again and take stock. In the end she decides to find a comfortable seat until it is clear any and all opening announcements have been made.

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Tyche's fingers play at the railing, amused as Sebastian casts her a look. She lifts her brows in challenge, but there's an easy distraction from this play when a certain Laurent duke joins the crowd. She lifts the hand from the beam, placing it in Cristoph's hand as he greets. "Come to get lessons from the Suspires, my lord? I imagine you'd make a fine student." She grins down at him, not descending the steps as she enjoys her momentary height superiority. Her gaze lifts from the man as more enter, and she lifts her voice, "Welcome all! Enjoy yourselves tonight. Explore. Get lost in the hallways."

Lucrezia glances sideways at Sebastian and her grin curves to cruel amusement. "If it'd get her ass out of Setarco, I'd do it." She makes a dismissive gesture with her hand. "She'd not believe it lest she saw it with her own eyes, I wager." She sounds like she figures she's safe!

Raven moves to loiter near the bar. She looks around, noting who arrives. She spots Lucrezia and double-takes, "Lu?! Shuck my sails and call me virtuous, I hadn't thought I'd see you here!" Not that the Blackheart seems displeased, just surprised!

Late to the party, but fashionably so, comes Marquis Giorgio Proscipi. The young Marquis is outfit in a functional outfit of fine leathers and fireweave, and a pleasant smile rests upon his features as he enters into the space. His eyes scan those in attendance, offering a bow of his head to those he knows before making an approach toward the bar to fetch a drink.

Reading through the informational scroll, Bhandn passes it off to his aide, who takes considerably less time than the knight to digest the contents. That done, the two make their way towards Nina, standing at a respectable distance away but making it clear they want to engage at least one of the hostesses in conversation before this event concludes.

Grinning like a rabid shark, Lucrezia waves vigorously at Raven. "Yo, Virtuous!"

"Mistress Nina, you're too kind," Cesare replies with a smile. "I find myself adapting better than I thought I would to the weather, although being in the ward always has me longing for home. Even my trips to the Mourning Isles haven't been entirely unbearable, although I hear the worst of the weather is yet to come." He ducks his head. "Congratulations on the completion of yet another substantial project for the House. Just recently, I was speaking to Radiant Anisha about her anticipation for its opening. It's wonderful to have another resource for artists and courtiers in the city. I hope to work together in the future."

Sebastian's "/Really/," in response to Lucrezia definitely gives the impression he'll be writing and informing their liege of this particular development, if the gleam of his gaze is anything to judge by. "And that is certainly true. Knowing her, she'll ask me to paint it to capture the moment." He nods towards Emberly with a smile at her words. "My lady. It is indeed beautiful, and I'd expect no less of the Suspires."

Raven waves vigorously back to Lucrezia grinning toothily back at Lucrezia! She lifts a flask in salute-or maybe it's an invitation.

Ilira slinks in just in time to hear Tyche's announcement. She abides by the door a moment, one gloved hand on her leather-clad hip as she skims the faces and the features of the chamber. She smiles to herself, strowing forward to greet Nina and Gianna first. "Mockingbird, Nightingale," she bows her head respectfully, "I'm so happy to see you both!" She flashes her fellow bards a smile of mellow brilliance and adds to the hostess, "Another accomplishment, aye Messere? I'm excited to see all you've done here." Stepping away, she passes the stairs and wiggles her fingers at Cristoph and Tyche, inclining her head to the second hostess with a beam. Then, spotting someone over by the pillows, she lights with a joyous beam and quickens her pace that way. "Zoey!" she grins, stopping a few feet from the Kennex where she reclines amongst the cushions. "Hiii!"

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Alphonse arrives, following Adalyn.

Zoey smiles back just as brightly as Ilira comes closer, replying at a more intimate volume.

When Tyche places her hand in Cristoph's, he brings her knuckles briefly to his lips and then releases her hand back once again. "Yes, I think that I might. I'm sure there's plenty the Suspires could teach an uptight Oathlands noble, don't you agree?" he asks of her, gesturing to the room and the celebration going on. He braces his hand against the rail, one foot on the step but not ascending while he speaks with her. His smile is crooked, his mood much amused by the way she's enjoying this. There are others coming and going and when a particular Whisper wiggles her fingers at them, he lifts his hand to wave to Ilira. "Good evening," he calls to her before she disappears amongst the cushion crowd.

"We are indeed recruiting instructors," Nina says to Gianna, with a smile. "If you are interested in a part time teaching at the Academy. I really cannot thank you enough for what the Bard's College has done for me, and so of course, I will continue to be one of its biggest supporters as well. I feel collaborating with the Bards and Whispers is quite key to our success here..." Nina gestures. "Of course I also mentioned it in writing, so you can hold me to it." She clears her throat, and then turns to address all the room, lest she forget herself.

"My Lords and Ladies, everyone," Nina says, turning to address the room at large. She makes a motion to cut off the band that is quietly playing, and they do so, for the time being. "I will not take much of your time with a long speech, as this is primarily a meet and greet, but I have announcements, and then I am happy to take questions! First of all: welcome, to the Suspires Academy at the Mother of Sighs. Along with the Hydro Hall, this is the last of the great works we of the Suspires are creating in the Pravus Ward... for now, at least!"

Nina claps her hands together. "My agenda today is threefold: first of all..." One finger up. "One, to encourage everyone to make use of this new space as they see fit. Two... to announce that this will be a space for lessons and classes with the Suspires, going forward... for any who need dance lessons, art, etiquette, or other types of private personal conslutation! We have some rooms upstairs for more intimate discussions, and all the classrooms downstairs for art and dance in groups." She clears her throat, and folds her hands again. "And, lastly! We are also recruiting teachers, who will become members of the Suspires and learn our ways and how to advance in rank. If you believe you are interested, either because teaching calls you or you feel a tie to the Lycene ways of courtiers, just inquire with me or with Marquessa Tyche! Our Council of Thorn is traditionally three, so there is an opening for more instructors for certain!"

"Really." Lucrezia mimics Sebastian's tone and nods to him firmly. "Blah, blah, a painting? More a statue and you can label it 'the day half of Pravus Ward perished of shock'. Beware, I don't think even this place can teach me to sit still."

As Nina welcomes them and speaks of the evening, she pauses long enough to listen before adding to Sebastian, "Add teacher in there somewhere. That'd be more deadly, I think." Nodding to herself, she looks thoughtful, as if she would actually do that.

"I may know just the instructor for you, Duke Laurent," Tyche responds with a tilt of her head, her dark eyes scanning the man as if assessing him for the first time. "Mm. Yes, the perfect teacher." He places a foot on the step, and she laughs, glancing down to the bold move that is infringing on her regal perch. "Is this how you feel all the time, being so gloriously tall? It is intoxicating." She quiets, however, when Nina begins to speak, attention drawn to the woman who looks eerily like her, and she listens. There's a few nods as she scans the crowd, a natural desire to see everyone's reaction to her fellow Suspire. When her name is spoken, she gives an elaborate bow, but seems to be willing to let Nina have the spotlight tonight.

"I'm a terrible teacher," Gianna murmurs, but steps back when Nina speaks. And when Nina is finished, Gianna begins to applaud. A glance around her encourages others to do the same. She does look to Tyche when the woman is addressed, and bows slightly at the waist to her.

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"I'm not sure I could properly capture the essense of Lu mid-chaos in statue form," Sebastian says, regarding his cousin like he's considering it, "But I'd certainly /try/." He falls briefly silent as Nina speaks, turning his gaze towards her. He nods approvingly, seemingly delighted, turning his gaze back towards Lucrezia as she muses about being a teacher. "Oh, yes! You should," it's hard to tell whether his enthusiasm is genuine encouragement, merely a want to see what might happen, or both.

Emberly looks as if she had a question though she shakes her head before she smiles looking over to Nina "Teachers? I can.. teach a little though what level teacher are you looking for?" she asks as she finds her voice in the chaos.

There's some polite applause from Sir Bhandn, who joins in when Gianna starts clapping, and then he opens his mouth as if to call out his own question. His lips shut when Emberly speaks first, and he settles in to wait for the answer, glancing at his still-shyly-eyes-downcast aide as he does so.

Cesare lifts his hands to applaud warmly to Nina's speech, a smile flickering across his face at the mention of the Lycene school of courtiers. He snags a glass of wine from a passing tray and holds it aloft, raising his voice with very little effort indeed to call in a tone that carries easily over the din, "A toast to the Suspires!"

Adalyn's entrance is not particularly punctual, but she appears pleased to have made it just in time to catch Nina's opening remarks. She joins in the polite applause following the commentary before devoting attention to the surroundings themselves. The fabric of her gown swishes around her legs as she begins meandering through the crowd, partly to hunt for familiar faces and partly to admire the academy.

"Oh? I would be interested in hearing all about this instructor that you're considering for me," Cristoph replies easily, a glimmer of amusement in his blue eyes. As he infringes! With his one single foot on the step. But he seems to know exactly what he's doing, because he slants a crooked smile up at here. He's politely quiet when Nina speaks, except for when Tyche is introduced. For that he gives a small clap of his hands while she's elaborately bowing. His hand continues to be rested on the rail, his body twisted around just enough to witness the rest of the room and their reactions.

The old man makes a nod to the cheers for more teachers and the Suspires from the bar. He's exceptionally quiet and simply watching those in the room as if searching for something, or someone.

"Ah, well, that is all right, as your musical skill is unparalelled, and teaching itself, can be taught," Nina adds with a raise of her finger. Cesare offers a toast, and she gets a refill, enough that she can raise her glass when it is offered up. "Thank you! I will drink to that!"

"Not in statue? Then invent a moving statue." Lucrezia suggests to Sebastian as if such a thing is just trivial. She is anything but an artist. "I skimmed through the pamphlet, they want teachers who can make students feel pain." She grins as if she hasn't either just purposefully misunderstood what it said or really did not. It's Lu, so... "I'm totally qualified for that!" The other skills? Not. So. Much.

Zoey overhears Lucrezia and glances through the brochure again, her brow slightly furrowed.

"Lady Adalyn," Sebastian calls out as he recognizes the woman entering the academy, lifting a hand. "Good to see you. Join us, won't you -- do you know Princess Lucrezia?" His cousin's casual indication he should just create a moving statue gets a stillness, and then something thoughtful. "Huh. Maybe with I don't know.. water, and rails... something could be figured out. I need to find an engineer to help." He laughs, genuinely, distracted from that idea by Lucrezia's reading of the brochure. "That you can," he agrees, wholeheartedly. "Sounds like a match made in heaven."

Gianna glances to Lucrezia and remarks, "Well, my instruction absolutely causes pain." Now that she's done the applause thing, she finds herself a flute of wine and has a sip. She inclines her head to Sebastian as she passes him. Also she gets a cookie. Elegantly. Gianna drifts toward the gallery.

"First lesson, patience," Tyche quips to Cristoph at his curiosity for his teacher, casting him a grin before she descends one step, and then another. If he does not move, this brings them dangerously close, her chin having to tilt upward to maintain eye contact. She murmurs something quietly to him, hand lifting to touch his arm lightly, and then she sweeps past to grab two drinks, one for him, one for herself. "To us!" she indulges in the toast, an amused glance toward Cesare who led the charge of the celebratory drink. She takes a sip, spying Raven across the room. Her hand lifts to wave, and she mouths something that might be: "I'm glad you're here." Or, "I need a beer."

A beautiful songbird arrives, delivering a message to Nina before departing.

Cesare hears a familiar name and turns to fix Adalyn with a bright, somewhat sudden smile. "Lady Adalyn! What an unexpected pleasure to see you here!" He snags a second glass of wine to offer in her direction, tipping it briefly to Tyche with a wink before handing it off. He dips a bow to Adalyn, before leaning in close to murmur something to her and press a kiss to her cheek.

Emberly nods her head as she writes up somethings, a smile is upon her lips as she stands from her table she murmers quietly there.

"Can anyone take these classes you offer, or do you require certain, ah, zeal from your students?" The question comes from Bhandn as he calls out to Nina, sipping at his wine and again glancing at his retainer, which goes unnoticed by the target. "I was also curious what other knowledge you teach here. Your document mentioned history and etiquette and the arts. Do you teach numbers and other scholarly works?"

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Hearing the call for a toast, Adalyn makes it her first mission to locate a drink, murmuring words of gratitude as she plucks a glass from the tray of a passing server. She flashes a warm smile to Cesare, lifting her glass in answering toast. "To the Suspires!" Leaning in to intercept both the kiss to the cheek and the murmured remarks, she laughs and offers a quiet response. Sebastian's greeting has certainly captured her attention, however, and she drifts toward him with a warm smile, offering a respectful bow of her head. "Your Highness, it's good to see you. I've not had the opportunity to spend much time in the Pravus Ward, but it's a wrong I clearly ought to correct. I've not yet had the pleasure of meeting Princess Lucrezia, no."

If it's patience that Tyche is looking for, she might find it in the way that Cristoph keeps completely stock still on the steps that she's occupied. Still the foot planted firmly where he'd initially placed it. As the murmur comes, he tips his head somewhat to catch it and what she says earns a low huff of laughter. But it's not quite the laughter of someone who has a heard a funny joke, but another kind entirely. He whispers a quickly reply before he moves out of her path when she sweeps past him to grab those celebratory drinks. When he has his in hand, it's lifted to go along with the toast to the academy.

Eager to push Sebastian to artistic distraction, Lucrezia offers, "Water suits me." The comment about rails goes over her head, so she just nods. Being introduced to Adalyn, she is definitely *not* grinning in a way that is more she wants to bite someone for Sebastian jumping at the opportunity to use the accursed Princess title. "A pleasure to meet you, Lady Adalyn. If you haven't seen the water room here, you should." It probably had a better name than 'water room', but they had been invited to explore the place!

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Nina looks at Lucrezia, and looks in fact very evenly at her, at her remark. "Indeed. That is a big part of the work I personally do," she says... and sips her glass. "But I would not pretend I savor it. Only that it must be done. It is necessary." She smiles again, at Bhandn's question. "Classes are available to absolutely anyone. I, myself, am common born of course, and I would never turn anyone away just based on their birth alone. As for numbers: it is not my specialty, but if we have a proper instructor who is terrific at accounting or other endeavors then we would offer such courses as well!"

"I'm glad you elected to come," Sebastian tells Adalyn as his gaze lights on her, "And not just because I get to show off all the art in the ward," he says, with a bright laugh that suggests that might be /part/ of the reason, certainly. "Lu's our fierce Admiral, with -- even I have to admit -- the best ship in the Black Fleet." He glances at her with an open kind of envy. "Oh, a water room?" he sounds intrigued, glancing that way -- catching Gianna's nod and returning it in kind with a lift of his glass: he sips sparingly, though.

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Zoey's ears perk up at the talk of accounting and she turns her attention toward Nina and Lucrezia. "Are you seeking an instructor who knows how to properly keep books and navigate the market?" she asks in their direction.

Nina nods at Zoey, and smiles, then takes another sip from her wine glass. "I think it would certainly be useful," she says. She looks around brightly. "Although I do have another question! What should our first group classes be focused on? There are so many options!"

Cristoph's laughter and return whispered earn more words from Tyche, a glance toward the stairs and back up at the man suggesting the direction of their conversation. She takes another sip of her wine, Nina asking her question for what lessons are needed, and she arches a brow to wait for responses. "A good thought, Mistress Autumndale. What lessons indeed? The art of conversation, diplomacy, dancing?"

"Boring and painful. Two reasons I ran away from all the lessons." Lucrezia replies to Nina. "Is there a schedule for classes currently offered?" Noooot interest, surely? Probably plotting to arrange to be "busy" those times. Not being ambushed by lessons! Something Sebastian said draws her back to that conversation and she interjects, "We are the best in the -WORLD-!" She soaks up the envy with the sure awareness it's deserved. "Yeah, can soak in the pools and it makes music and stuff. I think. Or that's planned?" She rolls a shoulder in a shrug.

Cesare raises an eyebrow at the question of what lessons should be offered with a wry twist of his mouth, but doesn't offer a suggestion of his own, instead drifting over in the direction Adalyn has moved. "The Hydraulus, I believe you mean, Princess Lucrezia? It's very impressive. Mistress Nina performed for us late in the summer, tending toward autumn, when it had been completed."

"I would advise starting with Etiquette lessons, then other lessons build from a foundation of proper behavior ," Zoey suggests. "I am always happy to help others better handle silver and resources, but it can be a rather dry subject and not as universally applicable."

Gianna swans back in from the gallery, wine glass in hand, to rejoin the main group and listen in.

"Conversation... and vocal music, are on my immediate agenda," Nina says, raising her chin, "Though I will also be working with the Bard's college on the latter. The importance of singers after all cannot be understated these days." She nods at Zoey. "But I am certain those who want to work the books could benefit well from your instruction! Commerce is so important to the movement of all the Compact!"

Ilira flows smoothly to her feet from the pillows beside Zoey, her raven hair tumbling down around her after her lounge. She gives her patron a light, idle squeeze on her shoulder before stepping away toward the bar. With glimmering eyes, she peruses the collection of wines and spirits available, then carefully selects two of the reddest and sweetest. She leans against the bar a moment, a smile playing almost dreamily on her lips as she considers. Then, in answer to Nina, she calls, "Dancing! My patron might have the better idea, but I love an excuse to dance until I can't."

"A pleasure to meet you as well, Princess Lucrezia," Adalyn answers with a cheery smile that brings a hint of ease to her otherwise formal greeting. "Ah, Admiral? I admit I seem to function better with both feet firmly on land, but recent events have certainly proven the importance of naval might." She tilts her head, gaze straying across the room as though seeking the aforementioned water room. "I'm not sure quite what to envision when I make the attempt, but it sounds intriguing. I look forward to seeing it. The Hydraulus?" The last is asked of Cesare, curiosity in her tone. She grins at Sebastian's response, tipping her head into a nod. "Recent events have allowed me to see what an incredible impact art can have. I'll have to stroll through the ward to admire them, but are there any pieces in particular that you would suggest finding?"

"I may have a potential student for you, then," Bhandn replies to Nina after she answers his queries. "I'll have to talk it over with him to see how he feels about it, though." Again a glance at his introverted retainer. "Thank you for the hospitality and the wine. It was very good." The knight offers a bow to Nina as he withdraws into the crowd. They're going to take a tour of the place, it seems, moving off into other rooms to inspect the contents of the academy for themselves.

"Perfect. I might even consider expanding to cooking lessons if we find a good instructor, but it's not necessarily a thing a courtier would concern herself with. On the other hand... mixing drinks!" Nina says, and then she giggles back at the bartender, who is once again refilling her glass. "That's a sort of alchemy that would be fun to do." She raises the refilled glass to Bhandn, and others who are exploring.

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Ilira returns to Zoey and settles down gracefully beside her, proffering an elegant flute of wine in her right hand.

"I'm rather fond of the piece outside in the Garden of Silken Delights," Sebastian admits, "But it's really the depictions in the Hall of Memories that stay with me. It's not far from here, just east of the Remembrance Square, in the Academia, should you be interested, Lady Adalyn." He snaps his fingers as Cesare offers the name. "Ah, yes. The Hydraulis. It was a treat to hear the Mistress Nina play it, I confess." Lucrezia's sharp correction of him earns a fierce grin in turn. "Indeed."

Tyche is wonderful at eavesdropping, and so when she hears tell of a potential student, her gaze finds Bhandn easily. She shares a look with Nina, an arched brow in question, but makes no move to join in, instead murmuring with the Duke Laurent as they stand by the stairs.

Zoey accepts the glass with a smile, takes a sip, then nods as though to confirm that it is indeed what she wanted. She rises from her own cushion then and asks Ilira, "Shall we look around?"

"The Hydrawhat? Lucrezia asks of Cesare. "Sure, sounds like the same thing." She points over towards where it is, which is through a wall, but that isn't her problem. She starts fidgeting in her seat, sprawling one way then the other. It's not the couch is uncomfortable.

Ilira breezes an easy smile at Zoey and slips her arm comfortably through hers, her own flute balanced deftly in her left hand. "Mhmm! Come." And smiling, the two progress onto other rooms of the academy.

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"I should consider teaching the hydraulis as well," Nina says. "It can't be moved, so it's quite an undertaking, but I'm sure everyone might enjoy that!" she adds with a smile. "By the way, I'm planning a lecture at the Bard's College first, for members, but I think I'll put an open singing lesson on the schedule here too."

"It's a very large pipe organ, filled with water," Cesare explains to Adalyn, sipping from his glass. "It creates the most wonderful resonant sound, like nothing you've ever heard before. Mistress Nina says it's quite arduous to play, it requires a great deal of exertion. I should ask her for a lesson sometime, probably." He nods to Sebastian and Lucrezia. "It would be lovely to hear it in concert with a full choir."

In whatever conversation Tyche carries on with the Duke, her gaze drifts to Cesare Whisper. This time she's studying the man, curiously interested, her lips curved upward in a smile. Are they talking about him? Perhaps, because she shakes her head, lips moving to impart some shared secret on the Laurent.

From where Tyche and Cristoph are speaking, he holds up his index finger and thumb and spaces them some distance apart. He's showing the space to her and appears to be asking some kind of question. There might even be a 'please' added on at the end there. Hard to say really.

Adalyn's lips purse in thought as she appears to be filing away in her memory the names Sebastian mentions. "Thank you for the suggestions. I'll have to take care that my visit through the ward leads me past those works of art amongst all the others. She takes a sip of wine while listening to Cesare's explanation, peering curiously at him over the rim of her glass. "Sounds like an incredible experience, hearing it played. It must be a powerful feeling being able to play something so moving and that so few others have the talent to do."

Lucrezia seems to have had had enough of tonight. With the rolling ease of a sailor, she flings herself off the couch from a laying position and to her feet. She pauses only to kiss Sebastian on the cheek and wave to those who are left before she stalks out the door.

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Cesare can feel eyes burning the back of his head. A patented Whisper technique, or just something courtiers in general are very good at. He looks over his shoulder at Tyche and Cristoph, an eyebrow elegantly arched, and then turns s l o o o w l y back to face Adalyn. "Often holding an audience in thrall is a powerful feeling in itself. Not that I am ever particularly present when I play, my lady. You've seen how lost in song I get."

"I'd be happy to show some people how to operate it," Nina says. "It's one of a kind so far. Oh, thank you all so much for the wonderful ideas. I'm going to revise my class schedule and update it very soon! But I must connect with the Bard's College as well, as my next most important job will be singing instruction!" She beams happily. "Not to put you on the spot of course," she says to Tyche, "But, if you have anything you'd like to teach or see taught I'd love to learn from you too."

"Nina truly has a unique gift," Sebastian agrees with Adalyn's sentiments. "We are fortunate to have her." Another -- small -- sip, and then he pushes to his feet after beaming after Lucrezia. "I'm inclined to go and explore, I think," he says, wandering off into one of the other rooms.

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"It's a beautiful place you've created, and I imagine it'll be bustling with activity and classes in no time at all," Adalyn muses to Nina, bright eyes sliding toward the other woman. She waggles her fingers in a wave to the departing figures of Lucrezia and Sebastian before bestowing full attention upon Cesare. Her lips slant into a smile, nostalgia and fondness softening her features. "I remember it well, how you seemed to be transported. Lost within the song. Does it always leave you a bit zapped of energy afterwards? Or are there times when performances invigorate instead?"

Nina grins... and then listens to Cesare, curious about the answer to this question, herself. She leans back against the bar, which is behind her, giving her balance.

When Cristoph makes that little hand gesture, Tyche lifts her own to grasp his fingers, drawing them together. She returns his question with an answer won, clearly amused by something he spoke, but then she hears a voice directed at her. "Ahh. You can put me on the spot whenever you wish it, Nina. I do so enjoy the attention. Whatever you wish to learn, it is yours. I am currently teaching the Duke Laurent the lesson of patience." She casts him a look. "Is that a lesson you need as well?" Back to Nina, amused.

Tipping his head one way and then the other, Cesare considers. "When it's my own composition, it almost always empties me out like a fruit being hollowed out on the inside," he says eventually. "There's something about the act of making something - pulling something out of ... not nothing, precisely, but putting it all together, making it as right as I can, and then giving it everything I have, it just takes everything I've got every time. Afterwards there's often disappointment, even despair, though it doesn't last long." He takes a swallow of wine before continuing. "Sometimes, when it's a casual affair, when I'm playing lively folk songs, at a dance, something that doesn't take as much of the soul... then I'm not so transported."

Cristoph notices Cesare noticing Tyche and Cristoph noticing Cesare -- is that how it went? Something like that. In any event, he lifts the hand that's holding his wine glass in a silent 'hello' to the other man from across the room. But his attention is drawn back to the woman in question, a smile growing and then deepening at whatever her reply is. He rocks back on his heels somewhat, the glass to his lips as his focus flashes between Nina and Tyche. "Marquessa Inverno is an excellent teacher. She's tutored me in other subjects aside from patience. Though I think there is one in particular that she's promised me and we've both plainly forgotten."

"I can be very patient," Nina says... pausing. "Though it would be fun to learn what Patience Lessons you teach, just for the sake of the discpline," she says. Which may be a LITTLE weird, but she does say a strange thing from time to time. "But I will not pry about your secret topic. If it's terribly secret, the Velvet Room is the best place."

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It's not that Adalyn mistakes Cristoph's wave as a greeting meant for her, although her exuberant wave in his direction once she's spotted him may make it appear that way. The conversation with Cesare still holds the majority of her focus, though, and she purses her lips in pensive consideration of the Whisper's response. "I've heard artists are often the most critical of their own work, but have you ever felt the opposite - pride, gladness, relief - after composing a song?"

Cesare chuckles. "I often feel satisfaction and anticipation /before/ I perform the song," he replies. "And after that immediate moment "I've finished, on reflection, when I'm thinking about how it was received. But I'm not - my dissatisfaction isn't real unhappiness. It's part of my process. A necessary part. Maybe you've heard it said, my lady, that despair and joy often go hand in hand? Of any god and their reflection, Jayus and his are the most closely entwined?" He nods. "That's how I feel. It drives me on. To keep making. I can't rest in that satisfaction, lest I become complacent." He leans in to whisper something softer to her, casting a glance back to the Duke and Marquessa again for a moment with a small smile.

"You wish to know the bent of our secret topic?" Tyche picks up on that like a shark who smells blood in the water. But a very playful shark, one not so much out for the kill, but rather ready to play with her food. Who she is toying with is unclear, however. "Well first we discussed the nature of standing on stairs and the power that gives one, and then we discussed lessons that Duke Laurent might benefit from with the Suspires, and then we discussed possible teachers for such lessons..." She trails off, an arched brow look at the man beside her. "Did I miss anything, my lord?"

"I agree with you," Nina says to Cesare. "About... despair. I have thought a long time about what sorts of songs make for what sorts of emotions..." She drains her glass. "And I think some are more challenging than others to invoke." Then she looks at Tyche, and grins, trying not to laugh.

Nevermind who the greeting was meant for initially, Adalyn is waving exuberantly to him and Cristoph /would/ wave back if he wasn't holding that glass of wine. As it is, he lifts it and smiles in her direction. "Lady Adalyn!" he calls out cheerfully, then he actually goes about drinking that glass. "Is it terribly sec-" but Tyche is a shark in water and he's a man that knows not to interrupt her, even if she's a very playful shark. Another swallow of the wine, while he smiles handsomely next to her. "Linguistics. We'd scheduled linguistics instructions some time ago."

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"You explain it well, particularly for someone who has little talent or experience in such artistic endeavors," Adalyn remarks with a grin, the fingers of her free hand pressed lightly to her chest. "I do understand, though. What is joy without despair to counterbalance and remind of the depth of its meaning, and vice versa? That dissatisfaction is partly what drives inspiration to continue creating, I'd imagine." Her gaze follows Cesare's back to Cristoph and Tyche, her grin reappearing. "Duke Cristoph," she calls in answer, a musical lilt to her raised voice. Her wine glass raised for another sip, she leans toward her Whisper companion for a murmured exchange.

Tyche smiles at Adalyn, willing to take a moment from her little game for the good manners. Her hand lifts to wiggle fingers, and she turns back to Cris as he mentions another facet of their conversation. "Ah yes, but that was ages ago, and it is all part of the patience lesson," she lies, because it is possible life has denied them time for such lessons. "You're doing quite well, and will be one of the Suspires' finest students." She glances toward Nina to ask, "Does that sate your curiosity? We have no need of the Velvet room for now." Another look to Cesare is had, his discussing of art working in tandem with her own teasings.

Nina puts her hands in front of her chest. "I may be closing the back doors soon, so we don't continue to get a draft, so I will call for the last round very soon. I thank you all for coming out and for the wonderful discussion! These conversations about the nature of art are part of the reason for the Academy." She smiles brightly at Tyche. "And! Very much so!

Cesare tips his head back to let out a torrent of bright sunshine-gold laughter, finishing off his glass and depositing it smoothly on a passing tray. "Exactly so, my lady," he acknowledges to Adalyn. To Nina, he adds, "And I agree with you as well. There are many emotions that are far more challenging to draw out of a listener than either joy or despair. I was asked recently for a song that hurt - but a song about love which hurt, and it was a welcome challenge, to capture the nuance of a complex thing. It attracted a great deal more interest than I expected, too, which is a little unfortunate because I'd always intended it to be a private song. A gift for the one who requested it. You see, Lady Adalyn, there's just as much power in holding one person totally spellbound as there is in capturing the attention of an entire audience."

He grins. "Marquessa Tyche, Mistress Nina, thank you so much for the lovely evening. Lady Adalyn, not to rush you out by any means, but may I walk you home, when you're headed that way? It's quite a way back and I do know you aren't much for self-defense."

"Right, yes. Of course! It's all part of the patience lessons," Cristoph intones on the heels of Tyche's explanation. He drains the rest of his glass and hands it off to a passing servant. "I think that I'm going to get some air, it should really help me re-center myself and my ability to stay focused and pass all of Ty- Marquessa Inverno's lessons on patience." He leans over to speak something to her quickly, a flash of smile before he takes a deliberate step away to hand off his glass and go outside.

"I agree," Nina says, looking at Cesare again. "I feel like we should talk personally about some of this...." She's clearly into the cups now, her cheeks a bit flush, but she retains her grace. "The philosophy of music is something I could discuss for days." She smiles. "And thank you so much for coming!"

Whatever Cristoph whispers wins a laugh, warm and delighted. "Well played, Duke Laurent. Well played." She dips her head to bid him farewell for the time, and then moves toward Nina, a hand reaching out to squeeze hers. "A success, Nina. You're a natural hostess. I am anxious to see what student Sir Bhandn has in mind for us." To Cesare she grins, "Enjoy your evening, Cesare Whisper. Lady Adalyn."

"I could try to guess at the heart-tugging outcome that resulted from such a topic, but I'd not ask to hear it. It feels like the sort of thing aimedfor the ears of whomever requested such a piece." Adalyn's contemplative look shifts, brightened by the smile that she turns upon Cristoph, Tyche, and Nina as the event appears to wind down. "Thank you for the event. This was truly lovely." Setting her emptied wine glass aside, she offers an arm to Cesare, laughing brightly. "A kind and valiant offer that I certainly couldn't refuse. I'd be glad for your company on the stroll home."

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