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Melee Tournament for Charity

Princess Zara Valardin and Archlector Porter Kennex pair up to host a melee tournament for charity! The goal is to raise post-war funds for injured soldiers across the Compact. Please look here for additional information:


Aug. 29, 2021, noon

Hosted By

Porter Zara


Tanith Audgrim Bree Lyra Bhandn Cesare Kastelon Cassiopeia Raymesin Valerian



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Training Center

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Comments and Log

Dolente, a mourning dove, Dolce, a collared dove arrive, following Cesare.

The overall atmosphere of the city has been somber since the events at Bastion, but still there is this melee tournament to run that's to benefit injured soldiers. Which makes this whole thing somehow even more relevant than it was to begin with or just as relevant! Depending on your point of view. Archlector Porter Kennex doesn't look like he's going to be fighting today, but that's entirely because he's wandering around getting things together. As the fighters arrive, he checks over his lists and considers the distribution. "If everyone that's fighting can make it down to the grounds, we'll start! It's cold out, even I'd like to get my blood warmed up." And Porter is almost never cold!

Tanith has joined the fighting grounds.

Bhandn has joined the fighting grounds.

Tanith moves from the stands to the sands, binding up her hair and spearing it with a pair of hairpins as she does so. She gives Bree a wink, the baker garbed in black leather, a staff strapped to her back.

Audgrim was here early and has been warming up to the side, studying the other fighters, chit-chatting amicably enough. He's wearing a set of high quality leathers, and those that know his work would recognize the style as one of his own - it's a fine set of fully covering armor, but not a hint of metal. Favoring litheness over extra protection, clearly.

Bree has joined the fighting grounds.

Fighting /and/ charity? Was this event made especially for Dame Bree Harthall, Knight Commander of Solace?! No. Not it wasn't, but she is here because those are two of her most favorite things. Wearing her high quality steel, she lingers near the fighting grounds, her gaze darting over the many arriving with a bright smile. Occasionally (often) she looks up at Porter, clear adoration in her expression. When he gives instructions, she heads to the center, spying Bhandn and calling out, "Sir Bhandn! My greatest foe!" Tanith's wink is met with a grin and a wave.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Tanith wields handsome cupridium staff boasting pale gold leather grips.

Bhandn wields Vigil.

Events at Cedar Vale have kept Lyra very much away from Arx in recent weeks, but the fall of Bastion has pulled her away from duty there, and back to the city. It's no surprise therefore that she's come along to the Training Centre to support the charity melee tournament that's being held to raise funds. Quiet words smiles greet those that she knows, and she passes some silver to one of the helpers beforemaking her way to one of the benches.

On the other hand, Bhandn came wearing his exceptionally well crafted suit of plain steel. Not the good steel, but the quality of its make makes up for that. One could even say it's divine. He too was warming up, lazily swinging Vigil from one motion to the next. Bree's callout has him halt, Bhandn turning his head to regard her with a hint of a smirk on his lips. "I suppose this means you'll be targetting me the entire time," he replies dryly with a little wiggle of his fingers in a wave to the Knight Commander.

Painbow, a militant pygmy goat arrives, delivering a message to Tanith before departing.

Tanith wields washes of meadow and welkin regal horse longblade.

Tanith stares at her staff and then runs back to the edge of the arena. There's a flurry of excitement as she dispatches a messenger, and soon messenger returns with a weapon. "Sorry, sorry ... staff had a bur." She takes the longsword and trots back to Bree, looking embarassed. "Don't tell Austen. None of you."

Cesare is just here to watch people beat each other up. It's a very relaxing pastime, especially when there are people you want to beat up personally but have no ability to do so and could cause a big time professional incident by doing so. He takes a seat on a bench. If nothing else, he'll lend his considerable vocal talents to screaming encouragement and/or insults at everyone present.

Audgrim swings his weapon a few times and rolls his head to soften some more muscles before he joins in with Bhandn there in the pit. He is a bit tense and excited. "NEver done this before," he notes to Bhandn. "But - all for charity, eh?" He nods respectfully at the two other fighters, Bree and Tanith.

Tanith gives Audgrim and Bhandn the same courtesy.

"Maybe!" Bree laughs when Bhandn suggests he will be her target, but her blue eyes dart to Audgrim as he nods, and she puts a fist to chest and bows to him. "Fight well!" she calls to them both, and then moves to confer with Tanith for a moment, quickly and quietly sharing in secrets. Whisper whisper whisper. There's plenty of hand motions. A bunch of stab stab, some grab grab, very intense. "And your secret is safe with me. Maybe. I might send Sir Austen word of our splendid victory or devastating defeat!"

From the elevation of the spot from which she's chosen to spectate, Lyra notes Audgrim preparing to fight in the melee. "Good luck, Sir Audgrim!" she calls with her hands cupped around the edges of her mouth to project her voice in his direction.

Tanith snickers at Bree. "I told him he has to kiss my bruises, so let's give him some to kiss, yeah?"

There's an exchange of courtesy from Bhandn to the ladies, and he'll lean over to Audgrim to murmur a word or two as well. But aside from that, he has Vigil at the ready for when the bout begins.

Audgrim looks up in some surprise as he is being cheered at specifically, seeking out the one in the audience and seeing Lyra there. He raises his sword in a greeting to her and straightens up some - maybe being cheered at makes him feel good. Then he starts slowly and stalkingly shift sideways in a semicircle to engage the other team, looking for an opening, assessing the opponents. He murmurs something to Bhandn as he walks behind him.

"We are ready!" Bree shouts after the quick whispers, and she draws Sunshine from her sheath, a bright smile to Porter as she waves it about for him to see. "Look!" Just in case he missed it.

Bree's strategy becomes clear almost immediately. She takes the defensive, standing to protect Tanith if anyone comes for her! This comes at great sacrifice to her ability to land a hit that leaves anything more than a ringing of armor, but that's okay! "You okay?" she calls to her partner with a wide grin, clearly enjoying this.

The game is on! Audgrim goes in fast against Tanith and manages to land a hit initially, coming up behind her for it - but after that it gets much harder, as Bree protects her team mate; his attacks are met with blocks of sword. He switches targets and targets Bree directly for the next attack, only to chaotically switch again. He has a dirty fighting style - he might be a knight now, but he wasn't trained as one, that's for certain.

There's a curse from behind Bree as Audgrim scores a strike on Tanith right after she lands one on Bhandn. Then a cackle of laughter. "YES! I'm great! SonuvaBI- OW." A check on the baker would see she's grinning, learning her lesson and weaving to dodge, using Bree as the shield she's impersonating right now.

As the fighting begins, Porter moves over to the benches where he stands on them! An act that is entirely unnecessary because he's tall enough to see. "You've got this, Dame Harthall!" he calls out over the grounds, cheering and clapping his hands. He's very good for moral support. "Do the Harlequins proud, Tanith!"

Audgrim tells Bhandn something quietly out of the corner of his mouth as the two regroup before the next bout, warily eyeing the other two. His amber eyes glitter with pure joy, however - he does like this.

"I see what you mean," Bhandn says after taking a hit from Tanith. That one smarted, and even his fine steel can't protect him from the clanging repurcussions of the Grayhope's strike. Whether the knight is enjoying himself or not is unclear; his expression is pure concentration on Bree and Tanith as both of them aim for him now, and it's all he can do to fend them off. Armor absorbs most of the impact, but it's clear that Bhandn is trying to land blows as much as he takes them... and failing. "Whose side are you on?" he calls out to Porter at the man's cheering, sounding a little amused, a little irritated. The response to Audgrim is one word.

From the benches, Cesare cheers at the sound of weapons landing blows on armor, riveted to the scene as the competitors circle around each other and attempt to land hits. He's only slightly disappointed that nobody manages to score a good whack after the first round. "C'mon!" he shouts. "More hitting!"

"Also Bhandn and this man whom the paper refers to as..." And Porter stops to check his sheets. "Sir Audgrim! Nice fighting! I AM ON EVERYONE'S SIDE!"

"Oh I do love a good melee!" Lyra laughs to her benchmates from where she's seated, though seated might not be /exactly/ the right word to describe her. She's already leaning forward, her fists pressed to her knees.

2 Keaton Huntsmen, Resolute, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Dart, a Kite of the Cloudspine arrive, following Kastelon.

Oh this is exciting, isn't it! A bunch of armored people dancing around one another, exchanging blows, but making little progress in the actual taking the lead. Until Bhandn lands a strike against the 'shield,' and Bree exclaims a loud, "Nice hit!" She's clearly impressed, even if she has to shake out her arm to brush off the small jolt of pain. She, of course, heard Porter's cheering from the stands, and she even risks shooting him a look and a grin, and then refocuses on trying to make sure Tanith has all the room to play here with little of the danger of taking any attacks. "I make a good bodyguard, don't I?"

Tanith manages to stay on her feet and out of the way, but a few times she loses her temper, seeing Bree hit more times than before. "Fu-! Yes, you make a great- ..." She ducks, lashes out at Audgrim to swat at him. "...bodyguard!" She almost looks apologetic, dancing out of the way again, laughing. Dammit, this is -fun-.

Taking a queue from the opponents here, Audgrim starts really moving - he has a forcefully athletic way of dodging and weaving and jumping in the way. He is protecting Bhandn, and the two go after Bree in as much force as they can. He gets a few strikes - but he doesn't seem bothered by them, cracking a feral grin at Bree and Tanith as they do hit him, but do no damage. He bats weapons aside or dodges timely. BUt - so far, this match could go any which way. However, it seems Audgrim is starting to become a bit more aggressive - and he suddenly takes a powerful swing at Tanith after not having tried to for quite awhile, a surprise attack. Not that it helps - Bree stops it. "Niiiice," he calls out.

3 Proscipi veteran guards arrives, following Cassiopeia.

3 Proscipi veteran guards have been dismissed.

Cesare has joined the Benches.

Scarf, the violet serpent arrives, following Raymesin.

Though he's late, Kastelon still seems no rush to move to seats - the sound of the combat attracts him, but he's easing in and to the side, still close to the door as if perhaps there's no real want to be much further into the building, but at least where he can see what's afoot on the training sands.

Cesare could be a cheering section all on his own, for all the hooting and howling he's doing. Despite the lack of real damage being done, the prowess of the combatants as they duck and weave around each other has totally drawn him in, and he's clapping and cheering loudly, with no apparent side he's chosen or particular fighter he's rooting for.

Lyra clap-clap-claps for the fighters, and ooo's and ahh's with the rest of the crowd when any particular telling blows are landed. She glances over to Porter when she spots that he's within hailing distance despite the noise in the arena. "Had I worked a little harder with my sword on the lessons you gave me, perhaps /I/ may have been out there today as well. Mind you, if I was, I'd probably be on the floor by now." Her smile is quick, but only because her attention is almost immeditely pulled back to the fighters with another clang of steel on steel. "Good strike. You have them now!" Who has who? That part's unclear.

Tanith manages to squeak, "Sorry!" at Bree. "I normally ...HRK... use an -axe-!"

Bhandn's continued assault on Bree finally bears a little fruit when he gets that minor blow in. He gives a short nod to Audgrim, but no words, when the man bobs and weaves in defensive tactics. Bhandn himself is completely immersed in the fight, paying little attention now to goings-on inside the Center. With both the women focusing on Audgrim there's a moment where the knight deliberates, and then just keeps trying to beat through Bree's defenses. Bhandn clearly favors an aggressive style of combat when it concerns this fight.

Cassiopeia's clearly on island time as she slips into the charity fight a little late. Bundled up, she off puts her cloak with a guard as she enters, greeting the room with winter flushed cheeks and a warm smile. Catching sight of the current fight, her eyes flicker with interest. The tall woman's attire marks her clearly as a spectator and she seeks out a spot to sit, moving quietly in the background. Attention split between assessing what's going on and finding a good spot, "oh this should be good fun," she murmurs quietly to one of her guards as they scope out a good vantage point.

Cassiopeia has joined the Benches.

"I've been on the floor of this training center more times than I can count!" Porter remarks to Lyra with a short huff of very amused laughter. As the combatants continue to circle one another in this fight, he cheers and calls out again. But he's very carefully to cheer equally! Except for the occasional extra cheer for Bree. But who's counting?

Raymesin slips into the training centre quietly - although with the amount of noise from the combatants and the Cesare, going unnoticed is perhaps rather easier than usual. He pauses near the back of the seating to watch thoughtfully, then makes his way down towards the front row in silence.

Tanith manages to score a few hits this time, hissing 'yes' only to curse as she dodges another expertly thrown strike. She's sweating now but still in good spirits, energetic, the baker ready to go again.

This rumble in the Training Center continues to press on, and while Bree's enthusiasm for the fight never wanes, the gusto with which she protected Tanith begins to! The armor is heavy, and having to dance and take blow after blow, trusting the steel to keep her protected, is enough to put a lag to anyone's step. She counters this by switching her footing, by advancing quickly on Audgrim in an attempt to see him fall. It works! A little. Until Bhandn decides to step in, taking a blow meant for his partner. She laughs, spinning back to protect Tanith again, "You're onto me, Sir Bhandn! As always."

Audgrim is getting worn down. He's been protecting Bhandn and trying to attack, switching up and going all out aggressive - but he has to take that back a notch and be more defensive for awhile, and there's a change in tactics where it's clear Bhandn steps up as tank for a little bit. He's breathing hard but he's still enjoying himself immensely. "Bloody ab- I mean, damn. You are good," he tells Tanith and Bree both, now smarting in several places after well placed attacks.

Cesare spots Cassiopeia easily and waves to her with excitement as if to say, isn't this amazing?! And also, come sit by me! obviously. All the while, his mouth is saying things like "BEAT HIM TO A PULP, LADIES!" And "TAKE IT LIKE A MAN, AUDGRIM!" And other less rude things.

The fighting has begun taking a tool on Bhandn as well. He doesn't join in the conversation, still maintaining a somewhat stoic expression. There's another grunt as Bree strikes true once again, while other noises emerge from the knight as he makes blow after blow without gaining purchase on Dame Harthall. Bhandn seems to have it out for her, because he never wavers from targeting her, except once, suddenly charging for Tanith out of nowhere only to be intercepted by her partner. Then he's back to attacking Bree as though he had been doing it all this time.

Cassiopeia's smile grows as she catches Cesare's wave and she scoots over to sit next to him. Hands pat down her flouncy skirts as she settles in and diverts her attention to the fighters. Neither seem to be familiar, which means her own hollering can be equally divided amongst contestants. The young woman seems keen to watch a fight unfold, though seems a bit confused by something. The young woman leans into whisper something to Cesare, perhaps as a result of that brief look of uncertainty. Otherwise, she is engaged as any other spectator might be. Enjoying the energy of the room and the martial prowess of the contestants.

"Go on, Tanith, show 'em what you can do!" It's a pretty specific cheer, but then again Raymesin /is/ Tanith's husband. The tall man finds himself a place to lean and watch, his pale eyes focused on the action.

Bhandn checks 'unconsciousness save' at hard. Bhandn fails.

Bhandn is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Vern arrives, delivering a message to Kastelon before departing.

Audgrim checks 'unconsciousness save' at hard. Audgrim is successful.

Audgrim remains capable of fighting.

Audgrim checks 'unconsciousness save' at hard. Audgrim is successful.

Audgrim remains capable of fighting.

Audgrim checks 'unconsciousness save' at hard. Audgrim is successful.

Audgrim remains capable of fighting.

Audgrim checks 'unconsciousness save' at daunting. Audgrim is successful.

Audgrim remains capable of fighting.

Audgrim checks 'unconsciousness save' at daunting. Audgrim is successful.

Audgrim remains capable of fighting.

Audgrim checks 'unconsciousness save' at daunting. Audgrim marginally fails.

Audgrim is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Cesare howls with delight as the combat becomes more serious now that the fighters are becoming fatigued, clutching the Marquessa's hand in excitement. He murmurs something back to her, and then adds another aside in a very brief lull in the fighting, with a small smile, before returning his attention to the arena.

Audgrim is fighting as chaotically till the very end - crazy attack with no regards to his own safety one second, then hunkering down and being impossible to touch the next. But - in the end, when he is fighting alone, he can't withstand the constant onslaught and he is sent backwards against the fence around the pit and slumps, holding his hand up. "I yield," he groans, tearing his helmet off with an exhausted laugh.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Audgrim before departing.

Bree began very defensive. She had this plan, see? But as the fight progresses, her love of combat makes staying back and guarding Tanith all the more difficult. She still doesn't let anyone get near her (not realizing later how Tanith will turn on her), but she opens herself up more, swings with more precision, more deadliness. This causes their blows to land, but it also gives her the perfect opportunity to take advantage of an old friend. She sees a weakness in Bhandn's stance, and she strikes. She spins forward, the blade striking true against the man's chest, her shoulder following quickly after to send him to his back with a loud cry. She shuffles back quickly, turning on Audgrim with Tanith, blue eyes wide. He suffers the consequences of a two-on-one match, and the pair of women do not relent, not until he speaks those words! Bree immediately stops, her knight training demanding it, and her honor as well. "Well fought!" she huffs out, sweating and pink in the face and completely delighted. "Many bruises to tend to tonight, for all of -" And then Tanith does, whatever Tanith does.

2 Kennex corsairs, Lady Lily, A young silver sea otter, Brooks, An opinionated assistant, Ava, An exasperated Guardswoman in Kennex Livery arrive, following Valerian.

And so it carries on, Tanith and Bree working against Bhandn and dodging Audgrim's blows as he steps between strikes. Several hits are made but it's Bree that brings Bhandn down, and Tanith immediately sets eyes on Audgrim, dancing forward with blade in hand, working in tandem with Bree until he falls as well.

But Tanith is a little too reckless with her swinging, her focus honed and yet she misses the 'yield' request until the last minute, changing the force of her swing to - a blow on Bree instead. The barkeep yelps in alarm, jumping backward with a bleated apology. ...only to truly realize what she's accidentally done and bolts across the sands to put some distance between her and the knight, a long trailing,

"-sssssoooorrRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyy.....!" over her shoulder. Truly regretful. "Igotexcitedsorrysorry-!"

From the stands comes an "OOOOOOH" of deeply shadiness and intrigue. It's Cesare, of course.

And the reason Bhandn focused on Bree Harthall becomes abundantly clear when the Knight Commander finds that weakness. Down he goes with a loud clatter of metal, and a weakly raised hand later signifies that he yields his participation in this bout. He's winded, a fact revealed by how he turns on his side and curls up there on the sands, a potential tripping hazard for any of the remaining three fighters. It takes him a moment to regain his breath, and when he does it's to pant loudly while slowly inching himself away from the trio of Audgrim, Tanith and Bree, Bhandn dragging himself along the sands to try and get out of the way. He missed the part where Tanith struck Bree, choosing instead to convalesce from that spectacular blow he suffered at Bree's hand.

When the fighting reaches a fevered pitch and the eventual conclusion, Porter claps and cheers with far too much excitement. He likes a good fight! He won't deny it! But then there comes the moment when Tanith turns on Bree and hits her by accident and he laughs. Like, laugh-chokes. Because he's surprised by what just happened. "Good gods. I think we can call it there! Unless Dame Bree intends on returning the favor!" he calls across the grounds.

A late arrival peeks into the training center timid and shy. The lamb of Kennex, Lord Valerian makes himself known with a small entourage of servants and guards. Peering around and looking a bit lost he first tries to find whoever is in charge of taking donations for the charity. Making a discreet note of whoevere that is. Then he sneaks quietly inot the stands.

Cassiopeia is leaning into the fight, her eyes wide as she watches the exchange. It's easy to get caught up in the excitement, she clutches Cesare's hand in response. She is cheering now, regardless of who hits who, but rather seems to encourage the pummelling that unfolds on the floor. A skeptic brow lifts at something Cesare whispers her as she looks at the combatants curiously. Leaning in she murmurs something else before she is clapping, "well done!," she exclaims her voice raised.

Bree was totally unprepared for that SURPRISE ATTACK, and she doesn't move, never thinking her own partner would be her downfall. The blade strikes, and she exhales a loud 'OOF!' of surprise, and also a little pain because OW. She turns to see a cloud of dust rising as Tanith runs away, and she blinkingly watches the woman retreat. "Did she just..." she blinks. "Did I just..." she blinks again. And then she barks out a laugh, loud and surprised, shaking her head to Porter's call, "I yield to Tanith Grayhope, the baker! She plays far too dirty for me." A pause, a thought, "But I will accept many loaves of bread as apology," she cups her mouth and calls out to the woman, before she turns to see Bhandn recovering from her strike. She heads to him, crouching low and offering a hand, "Well fought, Sir Bhandn. This was payback for the last... five times you've beaten me?"

Raymesin applauds and cheers himself, when Tanith and Bree remain standing while their opponents fall - and at the sight of Tanith getting carried away he just laughs. It's an approving sound, brief, but for once in life Raymesin Ulbran laughed.

Tanith drops her sword and holds her hands up palm out. "It's a -draw-!" she insists of her partner. "And I'll do bread or cake or both- ... really, seriously. TERRIBLY sorry-!" And then she hears a very particular laugh, so startled she stops speaking, eyes scanning the crowd to fall on the unbelievable sight of her husband, Raymesin Ulbran, laughing. -In public-. Her cheeks quickly go dark and she moves to scoop up her sword, biting her lip, trying not to grin as she sheepishly approaches Bree.

Audgrim lets out a chortled laughter too, then pushes himself off, holding his hand out to Bree to shake - and to Tanith, if she returns. And then, he bends down to help Bhandn up if he needs it. "Sir Bhandn, it was an honor. Dame Bree, Harlequin Tanith - thank you, that was amazing and very fun."

Valerian takes a seat in the stands and watches what seems to be the ends of the combat. Blinking and tilting his head, a bit sad to have arrived so late it would seem. He watches the interactions with interest, eyes wide and curious.

"Tanith Grayhope!" Cesare cheers from the stands, rising to his feet and cheering, glancing over at Raymesin with a small smile. He inclines his head to catch Cassiopeia's aside and offers another cheeky murmur in return, shrugging and opening his hands to gesture around the arena.

Valerian has joined the Benches.

Bhandn will take the hand that Bree offers, but it's an unsteady climb to his feet, one that involves the man staggering before he can catch himself from falling over again. He's tired and wincing, a hand going to his left side. "Bloody thing is flaring up again," he manages to get out in a grating tone. "Well fought, each of you," he also manages to say, wincing again. Bhandn will stand there in the sands, breathing in and out, eyes seeking out where he dropped Vigil in his trip to the ground. "It was bound to happen eventually, you know," he finally says to Bree, after a few more breaths. "We're roughly even in skill I would say."

With Bree yielding to Tanith, Porter waves for his assistant to bring over a wrapped bundle of materials to give to the baker. Nara practically FOISTS them onto the woman as if they're not anything important at all. "Nara," he says with a tone of exasperation. "Well done, everyone! Thank you for joining us today!"

2 Keaton Huntsmen, Resolute, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Dart, a Kite of the Cloudspine leave, following Kastelon.

Cesare is overheard praising Tanith: A baker of illustrious reputation AND a fighter of great mettle!

Cesare is overheard praising Bree: She hit large men very hard. I approve.

Tanith oofs as she's dumped with a pile of velvet. "-wait there's a prize-?" she mumbles, startled. "I-..." What is happening?! "Thanks! I-... this was for -charity-!" Confusion, all over her face.

Cesare is overheard praising Audgrim: He took his beating with honor, if not dignity. I'm kidding, he took it with dignity too.

Tanith is overheard praising Audgrim: Fast!

Tanith is overheard praising Bhandn: Hard hitter!

Tanith is overheard praising Bree: A FORGIVING PARTNER.

Tanith is overheard praising Porter: Great host!

Cesare is overheard praising Bhandn: I like the sound that weapons make going "clonk clonk" on his armor! I want to hear his weapon going CLONK CLONK more.

"Even in skill, and in honor, I should think," Bree responds, clapping Bhandn on the shoulder once, and then turning to bow to Audgrim. Finally she searches for Porter in the crowds, easy to find as he's so TALL and also the host, so. She trots over to him, quickly murmuring, "I need to get out of this armor. Home?" She'll retrieve all of her stuff, laughing at the calls of praise from the crowds and giving a little wave.

Lyra cheers as prizes are handed out. "Congratulations. Well done!" she calls as she pushes to her feet. "A wonderful afternoon. Thank you," she notes to Porter. "I hope much has been raised for our soldiers and their families. " She edges out of the benches, pats down her skirts and heads off. Work, it's always waiting.

Cassiopeia stands offering a final round of applause to the fighters and the winner, before she glances around. As Porter makes an announcement closing off the fight, Cassiopeia raises the question. "Is there a preferred method for the observants to donate?," she asks either of him or anyone nearby that might be able to provide the information. The young woman offers a smile, generally.

Lyra has left the Benches.

"You won the tournament, of course you should get a prize," Audgrim says. He whistles appreciatively seeing the heap of velvet there. "Fancy." He looks up as people are cheering them all and then looks away, not used to that sort of attention. So he shuffles a bit to the side so they can focus on Tanith and Bree, and he can catch his breath and drink some water.

Cesare is overheard praising Porter: A delightful event and I hope there will be many more opportunities for me to observe honorable combatants beating each other up.

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