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The Great Cathedral: Do You Like Scaffolding

Dame Ida Ferron and Sir Porter Kennex will be organizing the efforts to set up scaffolding inside and outside of the Cathedral in order to get repairs underway. This thing is going to be like an old fashioned jungle gym. Crafters and artisans are invited to come by and give their two cents on ways to rennovate.


Nov. 29, 2020, 3 p.m.

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Porter Ida


Bree Giada Caprice Grimgar Yuri Raymesin Rane Aelgar Tanith Deoiridh Azova Cufre Emberly Brigida Sorrel



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Great Cathedral of the Pantheon

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Comments and Log


The gathering of people that came to the Cathedral to help put up the scaffolding was both diverse and very helpful! Some dear friends, acquaintances, and new faces all came together to lend their strength and aide. Archlector Brigida offered a blessing, which was quite beautiful.

I was glad to help Sir Porter in his great drive to see the Cathedral repaired and feel like a small part in this large undertaking.

Much of the rubble has been cleared away, which means that people arriving to help with the current phase of the project are actually able to walk without worrying about tripping and dying on an errant piece of rock. This is an improvement! However the main room of the cathedral is still utterly covered in soot and smoke damage so that's a bit of a problem. Today's activities seem to be centered around erecting a significant amount of wood and metal scaffolding and getting it all the way to the ceiling where one of the most important repair jobs can begin. Porter turns up just about on time, talking with one of the smiths that's meant to help them. "So what you're saying is, to fix the *giant* hole in the ceiling, you want to make the hole *bigger*? Is that what you're telling me?" He squints up at the jagged clearing that allows them to see the nice spring sky overhead. "Right, because it's easier to install the new bits if you have clean edges. Okay." He seems to mostly accept that answer, raking his fingers through his hair as he considers that more of the ceiling needs to come down in order to put more of it up.

Bree and Yuri arrive together, the poor Tessere Lord having been recruited after she beat him up a little in the Training Center to go by the dockyards, to pick up some boxes of nails and hammers, and to make their way through the city toward the Great Cathedral. So when they arrive, she's instructing him with a laugh, "Keep your hands under it! Nails all over the ground won't do us any good." She should mind her own words, however, because her arms shift and the box of nails shakes. "Woah," she murmurs to self, correcting her stance and she nods over to where they might put the boxes down. As they move, she looks around for the man in charge, and spying Porter, she is forced only to smile wide, because she can't wave just yet.

Atli, a Whitehold Mountain Dog, 1 Harlequin jongleur arrive, following Tanith.

Giada looks down when her raccoon chirpchirrups at her. Confused, she looks around until Trouble starts waddling off to Porter. "Ah." Nudging Aelgar, the woman heads for the knight. "Sir Porter? Giada."

Ida is nothing, perhaps, if not pretty much always prepared to make things. This endeavor, though, isn't one she's done often, so the knighted smith is looking over the various poles and stacks of wood planks that have been prepared with a studious mind. At least one might hope it is a studious mind, since people will be climbing on these and likely don't want to fall off of them. She overhears Porter and one of the smiths from where she's been looking over the ruined walls, a bit of a smile coming to the corners of her mouth. "At least once we get these built, it'll be easier to take it apart," she says. "There was a house in the lowers where we actually built gardens /on top/ of one of the roofs. But we didn't have to rebuild that one, at least."

There's going to be at -least- one patch on a back wall somewhere that's more dingy than sooty - Caprice's contribution from phase one of the clean-up efforts. A little better-dressed if still underprepared, she's in a wave of earlier arrivals and looking for the chain of command to see where she'll be put to work.

Prince Grimgar Redrain arrives with Emberly on his arm. Peering around the bear prince takes in the progress that has been made and takes note of what still needs doing. Approching those who seem to be in charge he dips his head politely. "Hello. Is there anything that we can do to help?" He rumbles out the question in a warm and friendly tone.

Yuri glanced to Bree with a confused look, chuckling afterward as he was stuck hauling the nail bucket from the corner shoppe they had stopped at for additional supplies, "I've carried and done hard labor before! I know! I have it, all under control." He shifted in behind Bree, slowly losing his grip on the bucket before he set it down as close to the floor as possible that Bree had indicated, with an exhale and a nod at his handiwork, "Puh, there we are. No spills."

Raymesin arrives quietly, a tall and slender figure wearing black leathers marked with a spider-and-knife emblem. He lurks near the door, apparently waiting for someone before stepping more fully into the centre.

"Ah! It's the raccoon again!" Porter announces when Trouble starts waddling toward him. Except this time he glances left, then right, then he digs into his pocket for a bag of treats and kneels down to feed him some dried fruits and nuts. He straightens again a second later and turns his attention in Ida's direction. "A garden on the roof? Maybe we could get a tree up there! One of the ones that has really dramatic trees in the fall. Wouldn't that be something?" The sound of his name has him swiveling in that direction. "Hello! Sister Giada. We've met via raccoon before." The one he was just feeding. He looks aside to the various bits of material they'll need for the scaffolding. "Alright, some of it's assembled," he begins to Ida. "I think if we just get some strong bodies to help lift it... then we can start building from that."

The Moore baron arrived with his left hand still bound from the unlucky events that took place not a few steps away. His countenance seemed to have greatly improved since that day, however. He wore that usual tight and polite smile given to those that met his gaze. The soldier wore a hammer at his belt, but not one meant for war. How exactly he intended on putting it to use with one hand, even he was still trying to figure out.

Aelgar sends Porter a smile, following Giada's nudge, greeting him politlely "Brother Aelgar, Sir Porter. Pleasure." He manages to send off a couple nods at others whose gazes he crosses along the way as well.

Tanith is laden with a barrel strapped to her back and a large basket in her arms. Her dog also has barrels on him, little ones, and the Harlequin jongleur at her said is laden with another basket. It all smells delicious. Tanith looks relatively unphased. "At least it's a short walk from our house," she says sarcastically, grinning at her husband as she spots him near the door. "Hello, Raymesin," she adds to the knifeman cheerfully.

Standing to the sidelines, well away from others for as long as she can be, Deoiridh stands out like a sore thumb with her rugged furs and leathers, facial scarring and ink that look like something poached out of an Abandoned play, only she appears to be the real deal, wild and unruly looking - perhaps in the eyes of some begging the question of what she's doing here. A grey and white wolfhound sits beside the standing Prodigal, who thus far only gawks and barely stirs, shifting from wary, subtle observation to curious gawking.

Azova is probably here mostly so that she can be on hand in case anyone is punctured by nails or falls off of scaffolding. "I can climb up places." she offers, despite that. "And add colorful commentary. Maybe." Just arrived, and determined to jump right into the fray. "Did someone say roof garden? Ooooh, that would be lovely. So many medicinal herbs could be grown up there."

"No spills," Bree echoes with a triumphant nod of her head and a dusting of her hands, one of which now claps Yuri on the shoulder. "Thank you for the help, Lord Yuri," she smiles to him, and then hears the call for strong bodies, looking over her shoulder to Porter again. "I can help!" she volunteers readily.

"Hmmm. A tree would be amazing," Ida replies to Porter and then wrinkles her brow a little. "Though they roots might be a trouble and I'm not sure we could get enough dirt up there for it to really grow," she then muses. That said, she grins and pats her chests. "One strong body reporting for duty. I can help show the others how the pieces fit, though will need to head back to the shop to fetch more poles shortly. They're heavy and it's easier to bring them in stages, y'know? Won't take me long, though." She turns as more people arrive or appear for the endeavor and dips her head politely. "Dame Ida Ferron, for those I've yet to meet. Thank you all for coming!"

Giada smirks at her raccoon. "Good luck getting any peace now from the fatty now," she tells Porter wryly. However, her eyebrows lift. "I'm not an artist, like I mentioned, but I can help. I'm a logistician and marketeer with a network of caravans and trade points around Arvum that I can dedicate for this project. Mind if I talk with the construction crews about the more numerical details?"

Raymesin greets Tanith with a matching grin. "'Ey, Tan," he says, moving over to give her a kiss and claim the basket. "Made it up alright, then." And wherever Tanith leads, apparently he's ready to follow.

Yuri bid a nod to Bree with a smile, ensuring the sleeves on his undershirt were rolled up to a workable length before they were secured it place with the fastens at the arms of his doublet. He released the tension of his collar at his neck a few fastens before divesting himself of his rapier, off to the side. He peered about, shadowing Bree's steps as he gave a wave to the volunteers, " 'lo! Point me in a direction, idle hands makes for idle work!"

"Brother Aelgar, a pleasure to meet you," Porter relays to the man that's being introduced, thrusting his hand forward for a brisk handshake. "Oh, look, Bree is here with the extra nails!" he beams in her direction, lighting up as she appears with Yuri. The lord is given a quick wave and soon he's turning back to the conversation in front of him. His focus jumping from thing to thing to thing. "That's true. Might be nice to implement a flat space to do a garden for say-" he hears Azova! "The Mercies! Herbs need less roots, right? And dirt?" he asks the room at large, he really doesn't know. Catching Giada's remarks, he lifts his chin, thinks it over briefly and nods. "Sure! Go ahead. It always helps to have a smarter brain around." He nods quickly to Ida, "Good idea. I'll get them started on the first wave."

Tanith grins at Raymesin, before, during, and after the kiss. "Thighs burn a bit but aye, I made it." She looks about and spots the man she's here to help. "Ah, there he is-" She hefts the straps on her shoulders, the barrel sloshing.

Tanith shouts from nearby, "PORTER. Where am I putting all this mead and tapping while it's good and cold?"

Keski, a nervous disciple of Petrichor, Aletta, an even more nervous disciple of Petrichor, 1 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Brigida.

Grimgar releases Emberly as a call for strong backs goes out. "If you need strength, I've got some to spare." The giant prince looks around trying to find where he needs to be. Looking back to Emberly he grins. "See what you can do to help? I will do what i do best...handle heavy things."

Porter shouts from nearby, "There's mead???? I think we have a table over there!"

Giada nods simply and walks back towards the walls. Tanith's yelling snaps the woman's attention, however, and she chuckles. A hand lifts in a loose wave for her and Raymesin, but she's soon back at her task. Notes, in some kind of chicken scratch shorthand, congregate on the sheets of her notebook.

Deoiridh has joined the Quiet Alcove.

Bree leads Yuri around, apparently, as she's inherited her shadow from the training center, and she brings them both to the place where the strong arms are needed. "That's Sir Porter Kennex, a Knight of Solace, and the leader of this project to rebuild," she fills him in. "And," she adds more quietly, "The best man you will ever meet." She's a bit biased, true. She begins to roll up her sleeves, glancing toward the scaffolding that needs hefting. In her glancing she spies Rane, both brows lifting to see him here, but she lifts a hand to wave.

Cufre arrives, bucket of rags in hand. As she steps into the space, her gaze is not on the path she walks, as it should be under the circumstances. Instead, she looks up and around, taking in the ruin with a frown. A bobble of a step and a gasp of surprise at it brings her attention back to the work at hand. She spies a knot of workers moving some supports and heads over to join them, tucking her bucket in an out of the way (she hopes) spot.

Ida sends someone off for the first wave of back-up poles, as it seems one of the other apprentices decided to take a shower and delay things a bit. "Herbs could work, I think, with a flat enough space! Maybe a box of some sort on the roof. Though," she says and looks up. "Considering how much higher the Cathedral is than the houses in the Lowers, it might be easier to make a garden." Tanith's familiar voice rings melodic across the room and she smiles wide. "Mead! Well, I don't advise too much of it for the people building higher up, but oaths and steel, I could surely use a mug. I'll burn it off moving things around without a doubt." That said, she moves to heft up some of the poles. "Should some of us start on the east, others on the west and then build around, Sir Porter? This place is bigger than what I'm used to. The one really big project I did was a whole different shape, which we kinda worked top to bottom."

Emberly laughs a little as she looks over to the table and the mead she looks over that way and she starts to pour out a few drinks as she serves those that need a mead break. "Do you need help painting?" she asks as she looks over to her companion then back about assuring she remains on her best behavior, working to help restore when she can

Look busy everyone. Brigida is here. The Archlector of Petrichor is preceded by the clacking of her staff on the pavestones. The venerable priestess plants herself a small distance away from those working on the Cathedral. "Hmmph," she begins before she casts her eye over the yelling form of Porter.

Brigida shouts from nearby, "Porter Kennex? Over here if you please.""

After Porter is done shouting across the room to Tanith, which involves waving enthusiastically to Raymesin, he mirrors Bree and begins rolling up his sleeves. "Alright! Lets lift these things into position. There first, right where the stairs to get up to the bell tower are?" It comes as a question, because he's directing to Ida when she asks which direction to start. He's stepping over to where there's a particularly large section of scaffolding and is in the process of lifting it up when he hears Brigida shouting at him. "Right now?" he asks, with the metal and wood section partially off the floor. "With all due respect, Blessed Brigida, one moment."

The Oathlander spotted the petite knight of Solace not far away and he returned the way with a much warmer smile that was given to anyone else. He made a small gesture of lifting his left arm just a few inches away from his chest before lofting a brow in helplessness.

Azova looks up at the considerable height, and across all the ... stuff being put up so they can build. And, she just heads over to the mead to help start pouring for people. "Best to stay right here with feet on the ground. Won't do any good to be a healer if I'm way up there and someone falls splat way down here." she quips, finding smaller spaces to be useful in. "Bree, hi! Hello whoever is following Bree around."

Yuri peered off to the gentleman that Bree had pointed out, bidding him a nod if he chose to look in this direction. "Oh? Well, such a man I would have to meet when all is said in done." His eyes trekked over to spot a familiar face in the volunteers. A hand lifted to wave along to Rane, sending him a nod from across the way.

Raymesin can't really wave back to Porter with a basket in his hands, but he does wiggle his black-gloved fingers in reply. He glances around at the people already here, offering polite nods to the faces he recognises and the ones he doesn't.

Lingering away from most others, Deoiridh looks from one speaker to another with furrowed brows, keenly observing what is being done already, whilst she idly ruffles the head of the wolfhound sitting by her side. The pale Prodigal purses her lips, staring at the priestess with the staff from afar, in both curiosity and wariness.

Looking a little off-balance at all the bustle and the people, Aelgar busies himself helping with lifting and carrying, or with other small tasks that are obvious. The amount of work or weight or dirt does not seem to bother him, but he works fairly quietly, occasionally checking in with Giada and followed everywhere by his silent wolfhound.

"Lady Azova!" Bree chimes a reply to the greeting. "This is Lord Yuri Tessere. He agreed to help without me having to beat him up in the training center, I swear." To Yuri she leans, "She is the best Mercy you will ever meet. And she makes certain people don't eat medicine, which is great." At that she looks to Porter, who is preparing to move the scaffolding, and she adjusts to make sure she is there to help. "I'll have to work on the thirty seven, Porter, after we get this up."

Grimgar moves to where people are lifting things and uses his giant frame to hel out wherever he can. He lifts and totes whatever needs moving without compliant. He humms softly under his breath a deep rumbles sound as he lifts and works. As he moves a bout he keeps a protective eye on Emberly as well.

The Archlector doesn't move much from her position apart from waving a hand in a vague 'hurry up' motion. Her thumb on the staff rubs at the wood, a section smoothed by years of this. She doesn't move to help anyone at present, instead her gaze steadily moving from person toperson before resting back on Porter. Brigida's Disciples look uneasy.

Ida offers Porter a few nods of her head. "That should work perfectly, yeah," she agrees after giving the area a bit of a looking over. There's a bit of a grin at the corner of her lips after Brigida calls for Porter and his response. "The strongest of us can lift and then we could use a few hands to help secure them with ropes and such. Mostly to keep them from being too wobbly." She glances to those gathered around and says a bit louder, "Anyone with some experience with knots and stuff could help with that, if they'd like! Shouldn't be too messy, either, despite the soot and dirt and all," is added in a kind tone. "Don't need much strength for that."

Tanith finds a spot for barrels and food. "Here," she says to Raymesin, finding a table to suit. "I'll get to tapping it. Atli's got all the mugs," she adds, pointing to the burdened dog, his wagging tail and chill manner. "Unstrap him and I can empty them." She raises her arm to Ida, grinning. "Light stuff, meant to refresh," she calls back, laughing.

While folks shout, Giada is snagging a carpenter on her way past to gesture at charred but still solid beams attacked against the wall. "Let's get started." Measuring, a painstaking effort, commences.

Emberly serves out the mead and she works hard, she moves between serving drinks and helping tote things back and forth breaking a light sweat and she runs little earrends and assures things are moving along well.

"Shout if yer need someone tall," Raymesin calls over to Ida, before dropping to one knee to unload Tanith's dog. "'Ey, Atli," he murmurs, wincing but putting up with it when the dog decides his face needs a wash.

"It's okay if Dame Bree beats you up," Porter begins explaining to Yuri as he strains under the weight of lifting scaffolding and then carrying it where it needs to be (with help definitely with help). "She kicks my ass /all/ the time. But I've had some sword lessons from Princess Sorrel so she better watch out!" he warns the other knight, his smile bright. He then focuses his energy into shouldering this thing into position with the rest of the strong arms and legs of the helpers. At the end, he exhales and has to take a deep breath. "Wow, that was a lot of heavier and cumbersome than I expected. I should have expected it," he says to Ida and Bree. "I'll be happy to tie knots but just one second." He holds up a hand trots over to the Archlector that's waiting for him.

Deoiridh eventually stirs into motion, clicking her tongue and gesturing downwards at the wolfhound so it remains behind and well out of the way. Wordlessly she begins to lend a hand in the proceedings, making her way to where mentions of knots and ropes were made, where her wiry, agile figure doubtless serves best, rather than being committed to labours of strength. The pale woman likely stands out the most amidst the workers, full of ritualistic scarring and ink, and clad in rough furs and leathers, clearly marking her a Prodigal, and not one that blends in. Tannasghe, the wolfhound tucked away in a corner, watches on vigilantly, panting lightly.

"Tessere! You're kin to Lord Reve Halfshav then. I'm sure we'll see each other around at some point, Lord Yuri. Well met." Bree is offered her biggest smile ever for that endorsement, too. "Do I want to ask what the thirty seven is? Oh, knots, I can help with knots. You don't grow up around sailors and not know something about those." It could sound wrong, really wrong, but she means because of the knots used to secure things onboard ships, people.

Emberly pauses a moment as she too stops to wipe her face and then she brings a little bucket of icewater and clothes to the workers handing each of them the cool refreshing cloths though her eyes flicker over to the Halfshav as sailing is mentioned and she grins at the topic of knots.

Yuri smiled as Bree bid the introductions forward, giving a cordial bow to the Mercy as they approached, "Well met, Lady Azova! I am sure we shall afterward, too. I am simply here to help under a beating and some mild duress." He cast a glance over to Bree with a chuckle, "Dame Harthall here indulged in some sparring along with a bid to see if I could assist with some of the renovations."

Tanith lays out food, grinning as Atli decides Raymesin's face needs kissing, snickering softly at the dog. Keg is tapped, mugs stacked around. Food is simple but there's lots of it, quiches and pies and roasted vegetables good eaten hot or cold. She relieves Raymesin of duty, stands on her toes to steal another kiss. "I though to offer muscle to Porter, as needed," she says quietly. "You here to play ladder-man?"

"Hugs," Bree grunts out the answer to thirty seven. "Porter sets a hug price whenever I ask what help he needs," she explains the adorably silly aspect to their relationship. She shoulders the scaffolding into place with the rest of the members assisting. "I would say you indulged me, Lord Yuri. I sprung the spar on you when you seemed perfectly content to destroy that training dummy!" She remains against the scaffold, holding it, making certain it won't fall or hurt anyone. She's no good with knots, so this is a useful task for her.

"I need someone tall," Ida calls over to Raymesin and gives a grin of greeting. "Though whenever you have a moment. Some of these taller ones will need a bit more shove to get up straight, and while I'm on the tall side, we need like you size tall," is remarked with a chuckle. There's a nod to Porter and a wiggle of fingers to Bree nearby. To the former she says, "Right? It's the wood more than it is the metal, I think. They need to be strong enough for people to tromp on. Still, the knots are like the icing on the cake, so those are as important as all these other pieces." With help, she and a group manage to get another bit up and the smith dusts her hands while looking up at it. "I love it when a plan comes together."

Brigida waits patiently for Porter to reach her, a sour look on her face which turns into a wrinkled smile as he reaches her. "Sir Porter. How has it been going here? You seem to have many volunteers indeed. I assume the call for mead was more to blame than piety."

An argument, of sorts, breaks out over the best way to brace the scaffolds that need to reach several levels high. Qualifications and past failures that have nothing to do with building scaffolding are invoked as credible points in the argument. It seems as if it won't resolve soon, so Cufre drops her end of a beam, flashes a grin to her beam-mates, and abandons them to seek out a more productive group of helpers.

Is Porter looking nervous? No way! Definitely not. Never happens. Not once, errrr. Anyway, he smiles broadly at Brigida and wipes some grit off onto his pants. "It's going well! You know, as well as can be expected. This is a big thing today, even if it doesn't feel like it. Means we can start really fixing some of the things that are broken." When she means that it's mead rather than piety that's brought the volunteers, he shakes his head emphatically. "No, absolutely not. We've had an incredible number of volunteers anytime we've needed them. The people of this city are devoted to seeing their cathedral restored. It's incredibly humbling and awe inspiring to see them here."

"It's got to be old growth," Giada calls out of nowhere to Ida. "We'll need reinforcement for the woodcutters as the best trees will be in the middle of areas like the Grey." Not once does she look up from get work. "New lumber will snap under the masonry."

Raymesin kisses Tanith in turn - bending down to do so - then goes over to give Ida a hand. "Tell me what needs movin'," he says, "An' where to. I ain't got a clue about this stuff." And then he gets moving stuff as directed.

"Oh now that's just adorable." Azova makes with the 'awwwwwwwwww so cute' expression. "If you still have bruises, Lord Yuri, I have ointment I can give you before you leave. Dame Bree and Sir Porter both hit rather hard." Spoken with the fervency of one who has practice their dodging technique with both, and found that she is definitely not as fast as she thought she was. Still, rope is found and she sets about looking for just where she needs to do the tying of it to ensure things remain sturdy and together.

Lady Teonia Redreef, Aryka Wyrmfang, 3 Thrax Guards, Marquessa Pudding, a doughy dog, 2 Thrax Elite Guards arrive, following Sorrel.

Giada stands, moving on to the next pile of like-sized timbers. "Alright. I'm going to need the schematics, too," she mutters to the carpenter she's commandeered.

Seeing the hubbub going on around Cufre, Ida lets out a long sigh and shake of her head. "We can use some help over here, if you'd like, or you can take up some ropes," she offers to the other woman. Giada's words tug her attention and the smith makes a long, drawn-out 'aaaaah' sound. "I did not know that. I've a friend in the guild who provided most of these planks," is said with a nod toward the ones sporting such. "But I suspect we'll need to build more, depending on need and all. It was hard to really guess with something of this size."

Giada finally looks up. "Floor boards will be fine with new growth. It's the frame that needs to be old."

Tying rope to this and that, as well as checking up diligently on knots made by both herself and others, Deoiridh slips and shifts between and past various workers, brushing involuntarily against some here and there in spite of her best efforts to avoid needless touch and collision. Once or twice she's met with harsh shouldering, whether on accident or purpose is anyone's guess, though any intentional physical touch would doubtless be due to her blatant and glaring Prodigal appearance. Nonetheless she keeps at it, bobbing her head to any that might meet her eyes in passing or otherwise, thus far taciturn, focused on work rather than speaking.

Tanith seems it quite funny, overhearing Bree's remark on Porter's 'price'. "Oh dear," she laughs, giggling even into Raymesin's kiss. "Hugs. The price is 'hugs'." She's leaving the food to be attacked as needed. The keg is large and the mead refreshing. "Alright," she declares. "I'm not tall but I've a great deal of muscle." She flexes, the barkeep/midwife/bouncer looking quite capable. She peers about, ready to pick a direction unless someone more immediate directs her.

Brigida slowly allows a small smile to form on her face at Porter's answer. "I am glad of that. There seems to be a constant stream of people coming passed the Shrine of Petrichor on their way." She looks up at the Cathedral and rests a hand on Porter's arm, "This Cathedral has been here all my life as well...Which is a good deal longer than most. It broke my heart to see it burn and yet it warms with this development. You are doing so very well Porter." A pause, "Would you like me to do a blessing for you... and those working?"

Yuri blinked rather quickly between Azova and Bree, giving a double-take of his head at the sound Azova made before he found a patch on the ground to stare at, "If I take any more ointments for anything, I may simply see my skin melt off with so much I applied. Gods..." He shook his head, peering off to Bree at her quip, "The training dummy was fine, but you were -much- better. Better to speak with as well. I had an awful conversation with the thing; dry conversationalist." He let loose a wry smile before seeking out Azova again, "I'm almost a walking charity case at this point, my lady! I thrust myself into 'danger' and wrack up the bruises."

Cufre nods once, then makes her way over to join Ida's group. "I can give the ropes a try, if someone shows me what to do. It can't be too different from bending wire, I imagine."

A beautiful songbird leaves, following Emberly.

"Should probably have some Godsworn to bless the new timbers," Giada muses half out loud as she makes her notes.

Stepping inside the Cathedral, Sorrel makes an effort to stay out of the way until she knows what's going on, looking to help. She glances around with a grin.

A sudden squeak sees Trouble fast waddle up to Marquessa Pudding.

Orion, a healer's surly Assistant, 2 Redoubt Buccaneers leave, following Azova.

Ida grins and bobs her head a few times to Cufre. "I'd think it might be nearly the same. Mostly, these things can be wobbly," is noted as she looks over the next set that needs to get pushed up against another wall. "So the ropes give them that extra bit of...whatever one calls such a thing." As she glances back over the scaffolding, she catches sight of Sorrel and lifts her hand in a cheerful wave.

There's a moment where Porter glances beyond Brigida at the volunteers and his smile returns, just a little broader than before. But he's all attention onto the Archlector of Petrichor very quickly. "I don't know that we would have been able to clear the rubble as quickly without so many people here," he admits. "And even now there's still some stray stones about on the floor. He nudges one with his foot and looks up as Brigida touches his arm. "Of course, we'd be very thankful to receive your blessing, Blessed Brigida," he rumbles, nodding his head once.

Bree continues to be a lovely post for making sure the scaffolding does not crush anyone (no more hands, Rane). From her position there, muscles flexed as she presses against the bars, she continues to chat with Yuri, a laugh at his joke about the dummy. "I'm glad that I'm a better conversationalist than an inanimate object," she grins widely, dropping her cheek to her shoulder to try to scratch an itch.

Aelgar pauses a moment to say something quiet to his dog, the massive head turning majestically to prick up toward it's master before turning back to watch the chaos. The man finishes and then calmly scoops up more from the clutter and carts it off to some designated resting place.

Marquessa Pudding, who is a large fat white fluffy doggo with a cheerful attitude, promptly licks the approaching raccoon gleefully, and then starts her own survey of the Cathedral, careful not to get underfoot. Someone somewhere might have snacks, and Pudding and Trouble should be appraised of that.

Meanwhile, Sorrel heads over towards Ida with a grin, beaming at the smith. "How can I help, Dame Ida?" she wonders brightly.

Deoiridh approaches Cufre after finishing another knot, wiping beads of sweat from her temples. She seems to be sweating profusely, whether out of sheer work or simply an intolerance of even a semblance of heat. She takes a moment before nodding to him belatedly, then beckoning him along to more scaffolding in need of tying. Working her way around it, she speaks in a thick Shav'arvani accent whilst offering instruction, "'Tis called a taut line hitch knot, grips well, as long as there's tension on one side o' the loop. Ye create a loop like this, wrappin' it around the wood," She does just so, shifting in place whilst her hands work deftly, evident accustomed to this line of work, "Wi' the free end of the rope, ye wrap around the main line twice on the inside of the loop, then lay the free end o'er the two wraps, an' wrap it around the main line, then draw the tag end through the loop y'just created. Cinch the wraps until's 'tis proper tight. An'... finally, ye pull on the standin' line an' the taut line hitch oughtae grip the loaded line," though the overall process when spoken may seem complex, action proves far simpler, and so she undoes the rope and repeats the process for good measure, leaving nothing to chance.

Yuri did his best to support the Dame; not as if she needed it, but it was more for his own need to be useful for manual labor. He chuckled in tandem, "Oh, I am blessed that you were as well, else I would have to consider my own sanity if I find Archibald a better conversationalist than yourself." He hesitated, looking around to question as if he had given the dummy its own name? He did.

Ida gives Sorrel as respective dip of her head. "Do you know anything about knots, Your Highness," she wonders, and then quiets as Deoiridh comes nearby and describes a particularly awesome sounding one. The smith smiles at the woman before looking back to Sorrel. "The stronger of us are hoisting these up, and they are decently sturdy, but ropes help secure them. So once they are up, others are tying them in place," she explains and nods to one such completed section. "It's a little slow going, but will make it easier for people to make repairs. They have to take part of what's left of the roof apart in order to rebuild it, which they can't do if they can't /reach/ it," is noted with a bit of a laugh. "It's up to you what to do, though. And there's mead around here, too!"

Cufre's brows dart in in response to the thick and unfamiliar accent. She watches, though, carefully, as the knot is demonstrated for her, nodding in punctuation to each of the steps. "Ah. Okay. I see...I think..." She moves to an unclaimed intersection of beams and negotiates a boost from someone nearby. Teetering, she drapes the rope around the crossed beams and does her best to mimic Deoiridh's wrappings.

Porter is involved in conversation with Brigida still, but as they converse, he takes a moment or two to wave or nod to people coming in. He finally spots Sorrel's arrival and lifts his hand, "Princess Sorrel!" he calls. "I was just telling Dame Bree that you'd given me a lesson sword fighting." Then he takes his index and middle finger, pointing at his eyes and then at Bree. And then gesturing between them. Like he sees her but also, them together later! Presumably with swords. She probably understands. He also tosses in Ida's direction, looking up. "I'm hoping they can get to the stairs that reach the bell tower soon. That'd be great, right? Maybe repair in time for Silver Day." Which totally wasn't yesterday, what even is time? He's walking forward with Brigida now as she composes her words for the blessing.

"Archibald?" Bree asks when Yuri gives the dummy a name. "Archibald," she tests it out again, deciding it is perfect for the thing. "I will call him that from this point forward, thank you. I never thought to ask his name." Her grin of delight is genuine, and she continues to help with the hefting until the section is completed. She steps back, rolling her shoulders and looking up. "It is so high," she murmurs, and she doesn't immediately start to climb it, because her name is being tossed in with sword fighting. "Are you sure you didn't teach him how to fight with a chair, Princess Sorrel?" the Butterfly Knight asks, and then leans over to Yuri to explain, "I have seen Princess Sorrel fight with a chair." So the explanation was pretty much the question. Good job, Bree.

Deoiridh nods encouragingly to Cufre throughout the work, drifting by occasionally to see if she is in need of aid. Before long she climbs up the first foundations of scaffolding, shifting to work upon the next level alongside others, tying knots where needed, largely staying out of physical work, wiry as she is.

"Thanks! I'll be happy to help with the climbing. I'm not much of a sailor, but I can get up and down a rope as needed," Sorrel says brightly to Ida with a nod, looking up at the scaffolding and the ropes. She waves to Porter and beams, then looks in the direction of the bell tower. "Hey, I bet I could get a rope up to it, at the very least. We could scramble up to the bell like sailors! Hmm! I wonder if I can get up that wall." She winks at Bree with a waggle of brows. "I did not! Perhaps next time!" There's a pause. "I SHOULD GET LEGATE HAMISH NEW CHAIRS FOR HIS OFFICE!" She looks giddy as she goes to see about scaling her way into the bell tower.

"Oh, no. Please don't scramble up the walls!" Porter says quickly, shaking his head. "We need to make sure everything is structurally sound. That's what the smiths are for! I imagine Victus will want his donation back if you get knocked to the ground by some big piece of the building we thought was stuck in place but isn't it," he relays to Sorrel, grimacing as he looks up at the ruined ceiling.

Aelgar does here the chair shout and looks toward Sorrel, lifting a quick wave if she is looking his way when he does. Then back to toting and clearing, pitching in where he quietly can, slipping around the groups, always busy but often looking lost in thought while he works.

Giada continues to work in the background, speaking quietly with the professionals. Various piles of salvage are evaluated, quantified, and recorded while pauses are taken as numbers like dimensions and weight are dickered over.

Ida turns at hearing Porter's voice to listen, and then glances to where the stairs are. "Aaah, yeah. You know, I can get some of the better engineers to work on that now, probably. Those take some smarts that I don't particularly have, but they surely are," she notes and then makes a few chin motions toward those smart people. "The pulleys I made are off to the side of the stairs," is told to the smartypants who seem ready to go take on the challenge of scaffolding up stairs. When the Bladesong seems ready to help with the bell tower task, she smiles wide. "Perfect! They could use all the eyes and rope expertise that they can get. Thank you, Your Highness!" Porter's words make her apparently rethinkg that. "Well, only if you're /really/ careful and don't actually climb the walls. But they could surely use your insight." There's a bit of a smirk at the Princess' latter words and then Ida is back to helping with all the pushing scaffolding up. "I think we're looking pretty good so far, Sir Porter!"

Brigida smiles up at Porter and pats his arm a couple of times before she steps forward with him, her staff scattering the odd loose bit of stonework that is still littering the area.

She plants her staff and her feet and waits a few moments before the elder Archlector speaks, in a surprisingly loud and clear voice.

"Faithful, you have all gathered here, at the Great Cathedral of the Pantheon, to show your resolve, your dedication and your Faith. All of you are perfectly demonstrating what is truly embodied by the Faith. So many coming together to build something greater than the sum of our parts. I am humbled by you all and I thank you personally."

"May the Gods of the Pantheon look upon you all. May each of them grant favour on your works here and in the coming days. From the wood provided by trees from Petrichor's forests, to the creative blessings of Jaysus, may they all come together as you are all coming together here to rebuild this hallowed place once again."

She pauses and lowers her head in a solemn bow, "Thank you for this Porter..." She then smacks his backside with her staff, "Now... get back to work!"

Yuri nodded affirmatively as Bree tested the name, giving a short little bow of his head as he laughed off the name, "Ah, point for me. I shall craft him a sign made and throw it around the dummy's neck, 'Ser Archibald the Oaken Shield'. That has a nice ring to it." When Bree stepped away, Yuri as left to hold whatever support she had left behind.

Raymesin ties off what he's holding up in order to turn and listen to Brigida's prayer with bowed head. And then at the final admonishment he grins, turns, and gets back to being tall at things.

Bree looks up as Brigida speaks, a smile for the woman and a nodding as she speaks from the Faith. When Porter is given the compliment, she tilts her head to spy him, the smile only widening. Yuri's words on Archibald pulls her from her proud staring at the man she clearly has affection for, and she laughs, "Oaken Shield is perfect." She nods tot he boxes of nails, "Want to make another trip to the dockyard to pick up more boxes with me?"

Even Giada's quiet conversations cease when she hears Brigida's voice. She stands there listening, but she can't seem to help looking towards the central altar. Her expression is inscrutable.

Ida pauses when Brigida calls them all to quiet for the prayer. Eyes closed as she listened, a touch of a smile at the corner of her lips at the beauty of the prayer. The smack of the Archlector's staff on Porter's butt makes her open her eyes and a laugh is quickly on the heels of that.

"Gods! You act like I haven't fallen off a building before!" Sorrel complains with her characteristic bravado, but she goes to render aid to those who are working on setting up the structure for the stairs. She does know a smidge about ropes, and she's quite good at climbing on top of things enthusiastically.

Tanith braces a bit of scaffolding as others secure it, putting her shoulder into the work. She does pause for the prayer, however, and then gets back to it.

Aelgar spots Giada when she ceases circulating and moves quietly to her side to await the blessing, gesturing the wolfhound to the floor without speaking.

Porter is quiet through the prayer, as one is inclined towards doing and then winces because Brigida is HITTING HIM. Archlector or not, there's a look directed her way after she whacks him and he steps off to the side and out of her reach should she get the impulse again. "Thank you, Blessed Brigida." He catches Bree planning on making an escape to get more nails and he ends up moving in that direction before she can be gone completely, a hand goes to her arm and he murmurs something quickly before kissing her cheek.

Brigida is overheard praising Porter: The truest form of piety. He is a inspiration with his works.

Cufre wraps her arms around the beam before her, steadying herself as much as she can while she pauses through the prayer. Once it's done, she changes her technique a bit, taking every opportunity to use the strength of the beam to help keep her up and tighten her lashings.

Giada smirks at Aelgar, but a sudden, piercing whistle cracks through the air. Looking around, one might spot a raccoon with its paw in someone's bag as it liberates snacks for himself -and- Marquessa Pudding. The trash panda freezes. "Get over here, tubbo," the Lenosian snaps irritably.

Porter cannot dare risking getting so close without the threat of arms going about him to at least give one of the thirty seven hugs she owes him. So Bree squeezes, listening to whatever murmured words he gives her. She nods to whatever is said, whispering something in return, and then heads off with Yuri in tow!

Yuri leaves, following Bree.

Deoiridh halts amidst her tying of beams, gazing thoughtfully down toward the source of it, then resuming again once it's time, an inclination of her head given. She climbs down eventually, presumably to fetch more rope, though she takes the moment to lean against a crate, exhaling and wiping away further beads of sweat. The pale Prodigal catches her breath, her inked and scarred face crunching up with distaste as she tugs aside sodden strands of hair now clinging to her aquiline face.

It's a quiet moment where Porter just leans into Bree's hug, listening to her reply and nodding. And a few more seconds as he watches the other knight go, the ghost of a smile still on his mouth. Then he turns back to the room, heading in Deoiridh's direction. "Hello! I'm Sir Porter Kennex. We haven't had a chance to meet yet but I've noticed you doing a lot of work today. I wanted to say thank you! So, thank you," he offers to the woman when she takes a brief pause. He reaches into one of his pockets and pulls out a clean handkerchief. "Need this?"

Another scaffold up and in place, Ida stands back to look it over as people once again move in to start roping it securely in place. She backtracks along the line that have been completed then, studying to various knots and giving some of the ropes small tugs. A few more steps take her not far from Deoiridh and Porter. "Yes! Thank you for offering your help to the others about making knots. I'm Dame Ida Ferron. There's mead if you might need a drink, and I'm sure there's some water around, too." She then looks out across the room. "Probably everyone could use a little water break, hmm? I think just a few more to get roped in and we might be out of scaffolding for today," she calls out.

Raymesin ties off what he's tying off - something pretty much everyone else here would need help to get to - then relaxes and looks around. "Figure we might as well get it done," the Lowers man says, "An' then I can stop for a proper drink. What am I puttin' up next, Ida?"

Brigida finds a perch on a pile of beams that are yet to be used, getting comfy as she runs her hand along the wood and whispering a silent prayer as she does so before she waves one of her disciples to fetch her a small mead. To which she then sits, sips and observes the process.

Among the more quiet helpers, hyper-focused on seeing each assigned task to completion before moving to the next, Caprice eventually steps out for a break, likely to return.

"Aye," Deoiridh offers in a hoarse voice as she reaches out to accept the handkerchief, that Shav'arvani accent of hers flowing as thickly as ever, "Folk call me Red, or 'Tha' Shav' if ye like," she snorts faintly, banishing her sweat with greater ease now. She studies Porter's features unabashedly, eventually nodding her head in belated greeting, "'Tis naught, the husk of the cathedral's awfully akin tae a gapin' wound, an' we all ken those need swift mendin'," she says with a flash of a lopsided smile, a fleeting thing, her grey gaze then darting to Ida, "Red," she offers once more, before continuing, "'Tis harder work than ye might think think at a glance, a wee few moments wouldna go amiss..."

Looking from Raymesin to one of the last of the scaffolds, Ida nods toward it. "That's one of the last that needs to get up and then tied into place, I believe. Thank you for being our exceptionally helpful tall person! Which, more seriously, was very helpful. Even on my tiptoes, I couldn't get a few of these up without your help." Turning back to Porter and Deoiridh, she grins a bit as she listens to the woman. "A pleasure, Red, and thanks again for the help." She looks up at the remains of the cathedral and nods. "That's a good way to look at it - like a wound. Awful things, but they heal. It feels good to be part of that."

Tanith helps get a few more bases settled, then dusts off her hands. She moves on to the next task, but it should be noted if people want drinks and food, her set up is easily accessed.

Giada pauses as her feet bring her to the pile of timbers that Brigida sits upon. She opens her mouth, shuts it, and looks to the artisans with her. "Maybe we'll come back to this pile." And she keeps on waking.

"Oh, uh. I think that I'll stick with calling you Red!" Porter decides after a moment of thought, nodding decisively. "Yeah, the damage is a lot. But people working together to fix it is immensely heartening. I'm going to grab some mead before I get back to assembling new pieces." A smile is flashed to Red and then to Ida before he steps off to get to that. Meanwhile, the work around the cathedral continues on at a steady pace until as much scaffolding can be assembled and put up as possible for a day's work. It's a lot of work.

Deoiridh flashes a grin this time, as lopsided an affair as any of her facial expression. She bobs her head before freeing a waterskin from her girdle, tilting her head back to take a hefty swig of its contents, sloshing with liquid of some sort.

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