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A Farewell to Winter

A casual gathering beside a warm bonfire at the Saik Gardens. Build snowmen, skate on the little pond, invent and challenge each other to a game or contest just for the fun of it. Warm drinks of a variety and hot soup will be provided for guests.


Oct. 20, 2020, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Lucita Medeia Neilda Zoey


Oddmun Valerius(RIP) Ian Sapphira Thea Lethe Patrizio Esme Domonico Pasquale Emberly Ronan Samira Gael



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Saik Tower - Gardens

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Comments and Log

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: A cheerful bonfire warms the area around benches. A large serving cart groans under the weight of kettles of chicken soup, beef stew, pumpkin soup, and the braziers keeping them warm. Warm beverages in a wide variety are ready to enjoy. Bottles of whiskey and rum are set to the side to add a little 'kick' to coffee, tea or chocolate. Mulled wine fills the air with its spicy fragrance.

Azzurra, a proper personal assistant arrives, following Valerius.

Winter is very nearly over! Medeia may not be as averse to it as some Lycenes, but she's still excited for it to end and welcome spring. Which is why she's here tongiht, helping Lucita and Zoey make this farewell party happen. She's already in the gardens and overseeing a few things so that Lucita and Zoey can greet guests, but she makes sure to look up to see who is coming in.

Lucita is standing near the fire warming her hands, typical of her to do despite the warm gloves she wears. She smiles gently and turns to welcome guests of the Saik Family. "Please, everyone, make yourselves at home. This is very casual. We are providing food and drinks and setting, and you can choose and enjoy your own amusements be it simple huddling around the fire and talking, skating, building snowmen or ... whatever game you might create and play with others.

3 Ivory Shields arrives, following Patrizio.

Zoey gets a mug made of sturdy Saikland glass from a large serving cart with shelves.

Domonico gets a mug made of sturdy Saikland glass from a large serving cart with shelves.

Thea takes a mug made of sturdy Saikland Glass from a large serving cart with shelves.

3 Tyde Houseguard, Fireball, a fluffy cat, 2 Redwood Initiates arrive, following Lethe.

"If I start to become uncomfortable, I should find a signal to make to you?" Oddmun asks his date as he glances aside and down towards Sapphira. He ponders before adding. "Should I say a phrase? Or like pull on my right ear or something?" Glancing around, the large Sanna lord chews on his lower lip, speaking far more quietly to the Whitehawk Lady.

Patrizio gets a mug made of sturdy Saikland glass from a large serving cart with shelves.

Medeia has joined the benches beside a cheerful bonfire.

Valerius takes a mug made of sturdy Saikland glass from a large serving cart with shelves.

Esme takes a mug made of sturdy Saikland glass from a large serving cart with shelves.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Lucita before departing.

Oddmun gets a mug made of sturdy Saikland glass from a large serving cart with shelves.

Neilda is perched on a boulder near the pond, tugging the laces on her skates tight. "Last one on the ice is an ostrich egg!" she cups her hands to shout, which - given that most people are going to be -borrowing- skates for the event, well - she won't be an ostrich egg. Whatever -that- is even supposed to mean. She trundles down onto the ice, wheels arms, immediately falls on her ass... and gets back up. #Neilda

"And please, take a mug from the cart and fill it with whatever you like," Zoey adds, indicating the hot soups and beverages with a sweeping gesture. "Spring is coming, but until then have something to help you keep warm."

Valerius enters the garden looking somewhat disappointed that there is not a trebuchet or ballista setup to send fire buckets into the heavens to ward off more snow from falling. Though the bonfire looks about close enough. He resigns and heads for the bonfire. Nodding to those present with some small words for each.

Ian manages, somehow (possibly by virtue of a big metal spike affixed to the end of his cane for use in gripping the ice) to not fall on his face in the ice and snow before he's able to get to seating. It's pretty clear when he plants his butt down that said butt is going to be staying exactly where it is until he leaves.

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Winter had its charms, and while it had gone on for what seemed an interminable amount of time, there was still enjoyment to be had. Even better, if it was shared with someone near and dear. Sapphira is walking alongside Oddmun, her arm threaded through his. His mention of a signal brings a mischievous twinkle to the woman's cobalt blue eyes, and a soft giggle as silvery as little bells. "Or we could simply...." Her voice becomes quite hushed, as she raises herself up to whisper something rather saucy in her beloved's ear.

Thea makes her way a bit early. Not like she has far to go anyway. The younger Malvici is already looking for the Saik twins, calling out,"Hey, what sort of snow shite were we making,"her eyes still searching them out. Hearing Neilda first, she hurries that way. "I'm not promising this skating business.."

Lethe takes a moment once she arrives to look at the decor and the other people here.

Patrizio arrives - by no small miracle, it might seem, when he's not been perhaps many other places about the city - and lets free a breath that emerges as a silvery cloud before him. He takes a few moments to look around, recognizing more and more faces everywhere he gets to and he nods warmly to more than a few as he's taking one of the favors.

Sapphira takes a mug made of sturdy Saikland glass from a large serving cart with shelves.

Esme is not overly fond of winter and this is rather well know. So there might have been a bit of discussion over how many layers she was allowed to wear to an event. Tonight though she's seemingly arriving with Domonico. "Okay, so I don't know why you don't think I could wear 15 cloaks. I could pull it off you know. All of them. Because I'm doing this /for you/. I expect you to keep me warm. You are the official warmth bringer. So please do not shatter my heart like your sister tends to do daily." She is tucked up to the poor man's side for warmth, but the teasing causes her green eyes to glitter. That smile of hers is everbright as it falls on everyone. "Who do we greet first?"

Lucita gets 'A Promise of Spring', a song dedicated to Lagoma from a large serving cart with shelves.

Lethe has joined the benches beside amusing ice sculptures.

Zoey offers Domonico and Esme a wave and a bright smile when she catches her protege's eye, but continues greeting guests and distributing mugs as they arrive.

On seeing all who have come, Lucita welcomes them with a beguiling smile. "Lord Domonico and Lady Thea and Lord Ian, Shall we give throwing snowballs at Lord Target a try, and anyone else who wishes to give it a try?"

Whatever it was that Sapphira say causes Oddmun's cheeks to brighten and he clears his throat. "That would be effective," he decides. "But we are here to meet people. After all, we have spent nearly the entire winter indoors or with me in Giant's Step." As he looks around, he then ohs. "I recognize a couple of people. Should we start there or with someone we have yet to meet? And no, you cannot say it's my decision, I asked you."

Neilda waves her arms, face screwed up in a 'whatever' expression. "Don't promise," she says to Thea, "just get your butt on the ice. It's fun!" As if in demonstration - once she's away from the rather bumpy edge, she turns, scissors legs subtly, sending her sailing gently backward, and smiles. "Nothing to it."

Ian motions towards Zoey and shakes his head to Lucita. "Zoey's the good shot." Someone has brought him a hot chocolate and he's holding it like someone who's not totally sure what to do with this thing he's been given.

A moment or two pass while Patrizio's contemplating the skating ice - he's already been once in recent memory, and perhaps for him that once is enough, given the cold - and so it's with intent steps that he's carrying himself with a mug brimming with drink over towards the roaring fire to warm himself from without, as he's about to from within.

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Remembering a light fared snowball fight recently, Valerius feels ready for throwing snow about. "Well, last snowball I threw ended up with me buried in the snow, through let's give this a shot."

Domonico has one arm tucked around Esme, along with his fireweave cloak. "You could have maybe worn a couple. Any more and you might as well just turned up in a small tent...However... I accept the role of warmth bringer." He nods to Zoey at her wave before smiling at Esme, "Take your pick. I'm just here to keep you warm it seems." He chuckles and waves to Lucita, "Baroness Lucita. Quite an event you have all managed here."

Valerius has joined the an ice-covered pond suitable for skating.

Medeia spots Thea and gives her a hug of greeting before watching Neilda and on her ass. Ice skating is NOT on the agenda for this Saik lady tonight. She makes the rounds, mingling and saying hello as people arrive.

Pasquale steps into the garden and spends a few moments looking at the scene before him. It's probably no surprise that he heads for the bonfire although there was a moment there when it seemed he might actually be contemplating scating.

Thea hears snowballs and target and already blinks at Lucita,"Domonico volunteered to be a target? How nice of him,"her gaze shifting innocently in his direction. Seeing Sapphira and Oddmun, she waves to them as well,"Hello again,"well greeting Zoey and Ian as well. Lucita gets a slight smile. "Nel,"Thea exclaims, going to sit and starts pulling off her boots. Because why wouldn't she. "Last time I skated--it didn't end well. This is like when you had me diving off a cliff." Which---yeah.

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Medeia before departing.

Zoey hears her name and looks over at Ian. "Did I hear my name?" she asks, a playful lilt to her voice. "I will of course take any challenger where targets are concerned."

Lucita laughs softly at Thea, shaking her head. She simply points to the snowman designated 'Lord Target'. Her glance sweeps over the area and she spots Lethe. "Oh, you came, good. I'm so glad to see you. It has been far too long, Lady Lethe. Have you met Lady Medeia as yet? You have something in common, but will leave it to you two to discover what it is if you do not already know."

Sapphira giggles softly, her own cheeks brightening by several shades as she peers up at Oddmun through the wisps of honey gold that stray and hang down in front of her eyes. "If that's a complaint...?" She makes as if to step away from Oddmun, yet her arm remains threaded through his, her eyes as bright as stars. "Why don't we see who we find fir... ah, Thea! Hello!" She raises her hand in greeting, flashing a brilliant smile. The bardess seems rather animated and quite happy this evening.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Medeia before departing.

Hair whipping around her face, Neilda sticks out her tongue at Thea. "You had /fun/," she accuses Thea, which - may or may not be true. Neilda had fun; she probably just assumes any other sentiment for someone who actually -tried- it was inevitable. She grins at Valerius. "It's not a ship, but it's /almost/ being on the water." she tells him.

2 Harthall House Guards arrives, following Emberly.

"I will end you, Thea." That... threat... comes from the sweetness that is Esme. "If you so much as throw a snowball at him while I'm right here. It's going down. Snow wrestling. Bloodshe... wait. Am I /convincing/ you instead of detering you?" She does glance over to the ice skating and then nudges her hip into Domonico's to move him in that direction. As she walks past people, she will try to bring them in for a hug -- under the arm of Domonico and his fireweave.

Lethe looks up at Lucita with a smile. "It has been a while, but it is always good to see you." She glances toward Medeia. "We've met briefly."

When Sapphira makes the decision, Oddmun finds himself being pulled along. He's quite capable of handling the snow and ice; after all, he's from the mountains of Redrain. The call-out to Thea has Oddmun politely raising his hand. "Lady Malivici, hello." he greets, before noticing Medeia and he finds his cheeks darkening again, because the last time he met her, he fell on her. As they approach the group, he gestures. "May we join you?"

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Valerius checks Dexterity and Athletics at normal. Valerius is marginally successful.

Emberly gets a mug made of sturdy Saikland glass from a large serving cart with shelves.

Hearing her name, amidst a sudden influx of messnegers, Medeia looks up and sees Lucita talking to Lethe. "Lady Lethe! Hello again!" She frowns down at the notes in her hand. "Unfortunately, it seems I have an important situation that cannot wait, however." She stands as Oddmun approaches. "Lord Oddmun! Oh, you may, but I am just on my way out, perhaps we shall dance some time soon?" She winks at him with a cheery grin. She quickly goes to say something to Neilda, Lucita, and Zoey before heading out with her assistant.

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That is neither here nor there as far Thea is concerned regarding the diving. "FINE,"Thea grumbles, finishing up her skates. There's a look up to Esme however, her eyebrow lifted. "Oh? I would NEVER do such a thing..." That's a lie. Of course it's a lie as she scoots off very unsteadily on the ice. Like a long legged colt, unable to walk.

Domonico heads towards the ice covered pond, slower than his usual stride due to an Esme tucked in under his fireweave and arm. "Are you going to skate Esme?"

Emberly looks over to Medeia just as she hears that she is leaving and she looks a little sad, her eyes moves over to the ice and she laughs a bit as her eyes follow Domonico with glittering blue orbs "do you want a skating friend Count?"

Sapphira checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 72 higher.

Ian settles into a comfortable slouch, taking the occasional disinterested sip from his cup of hot chocolate.

Sapphira checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 60, rolling 6 lower.

Neilda skates on over to Valerius as he gets onto the ice, like she doesn't expect the native islander to know how to do it. When he proves not particularly wobbly, she grins, offers her hand like she's a Lord of the Realm, begging a dance from the finest Lady in the land.

Oddmun checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 8 lower.

Sapphira checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 37 higher.

Esme smiles vibrantly at Domonico. "I think I just invited Thea to pelt you with snowballs... so yeah, we should skate before she makes good on that." Her eyes slide over the pond for a moment. "Will you help me get these... shoes? On." There is inflection to if these are indeed shoes.

Thea checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 31 higher.

Oddmun checks dexterity and athletics at hard. Oddmun fails.

Domonico smiles to both Esme and then to Emberly. "Currently I am assigned as Esme's heat provider however... I should be able to assist two on the ice... I do have two arms after all."

Sapphira grins at Oddmun, gesturing towards the icy pond. "Dare we to try our hand at not falling on our backsides?" A smile and a cheery wave is given to Medeia, some measure of dignity and propriety forgotten for the moment in the midst of child-like delights such as the prospect of skating with one's beloved. "Good eve to you as well!" she calls out.

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Valerius takes Neilda's hand on the ice, smiling. "I'm sure the rules for dancing on the ice are similar to dancing on land."

Emberly checks Dexterity and athletics at hard. Emberly marginally fails.

Emberly checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Emberly is marginally successful.

After getting on his skates, Oddmun takes a tentative step onto the ice. Separating from Sapphira, he wants to make sure that he has his footing. This will prove to be a wise decision as he nods to her. "We should." he starts to say, before his first attempt at skating sends him flailing, his arms windmilling to try to keep balance. Then it fails, horrible as the large Sanna lord crashes to the ice and lands firmly on his rump with a grunt of pain.

Ian sets his mostly untouched now not-so-hot chocolate aside when Zoey comes over to join him. "Good turnout."

Domonico pauses to help Esme get on her skates before he even attempts the same. "Are you ready?"

Neilda checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Critical Success! Neilda is spectacularly successful.

Valerius checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Valerius marginally fails.

Emberly gets onto the ice, her knees wobble and her skates go every wich way.. she grips onto Domonicos arm at first before she gets her ballance "weeeeee!" she calls "Prince Patrizio! Look! I am doing it!"

Thea checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Thea is marginally successful.

Valerius checks Dexterity and Athletics at normal. Valerius marginally fails.

Late to the party, but here nonetheless comes Lord Ronan Acheron. The young lord is outfit in a cloak and somewhat road worn leathers and hardly sees something to garner much attention. Pulling his cloak a bit tighter about his shoulders, Ronan takes a moment to scan those already present before he makes his way over to retrieve a cup of something to drink.

Patrizio turns his head when he hears Emberly's call, and there's a laugh when he's watching her glide with Dominico. "Be careful out there," he calls back. "It /is/ far harder than it looks, I found, when I last did it."

"Oh, no, not at all," Neilda tells Valerius. "If that were the case, I'd be /terrible/ at it. This, though..." she ducks down as she lifts his arm, skates through. There would be grace to it, if she didn't sense the VERY THOROUGH WOBBLE in Valerius; she immediately sends her legs wide, bends her knees, reaches to steady his elbow. "Whoooooa, there," she says, and laughs. "Have you ever done this before?" She turns eyes to Oddmun and laughs. "Uh-oh," she says. "Do you need help over there?" That, shouted his way.

Esme studies Emberly when she asks Domonico to be her skating partner and etches her brows upwards to her. Then she glances towards Domonico as he assists her with her skates. "Yeah.. okay.. let's try this and see how it is goes." She looks at him and puts a hand on his arm to see how she balances. "If I fall, you are carrying me the rest of the party." Her lips curve a bit to that.

Thea pushes off on the ice and well---it's hit and miss. "I blame you,"she declares eying the Saik. Skating past Valerius, she smiles at him. "Sorry, cant stop. I may not be able to get moving again." She calls over to Esme and Dom too,"And yes I will happily throw snowballs at at you-er, I mean Dom." Thea skates off, sort of. "Hello Lady Emberly.

"Indeed it is!" Zoey says as she settles down beside Ian.

Esme checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Esme marginally fails.

"You /always/ blame me," Neilda retorts, laughing, as Thea drifts on by.

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Pasquale says, "Yes. You're no doubt right." Pasquale says to Prince Patrizio before moving to his feet with the clear intent to leave. "If you'll excuse me." He starts towards the exit, pausing just for a moment to pass a message on to one of the servers."

Valerius checks Dexterity and Athletics at normal. Valerius is marginally successful.

Emberly was just using a hand really thats all! She ballances and she pushes off Domonico so he can help Esme with her skates.. she moves her knees shaking as she glides over the ice all by herself.

Ronan gets a mug made of sturdy Saikland glass from a large serving cart with shelves.

Domonico checks dexterity and Athletics at hard. Domonico fails.

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Valerius is getting better at this skating idea. Though, also has exceptional amount of help from Neilda. "Ok, let's try this again. It's more akin to sliding around the hardwood floors, yes?"

Lucita meanders over from the spot by the warm fire to take a seat near Lethe. "Prince Sebastian did the ice sculptures back at the start of winter. They are holding up well so far. My little twins are amid the children in them but do not know who the other children are."

Sapphira barely stifles a gasp, which turns into an outright giggle as Oddmun executes the classic windmill maneuver on the ice. Skidding and sliding, she makes her way over to him on the ice, trying her best to get her footing so she might help him up....

...with disastrous results. In a very similar move, Sapphira's dignity becomes a sacrifice to the Gods as she leans over to help her intended to his feet. Her feet go one way, her face goes another, and she faceplants in epic fashion on the ice, winding up sprawled out right next to Oddmun.

Thea checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Thea is successful.

Domonico was doing okay actually on the ice, his balance sure from years on ship... However when Esme's balance seems to be wobbling he adjusts to try and brace her... to which... well... it does not go according to plan. "Damn it!'

Neilda checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Neilda is marginally successful.

Patrizio takes another long drink from his mug as he's watching the goings-ons on the ice pond, a playful smile finding his lips when he's but shaking his head at some of the antics - the successful ones, but equally the ones that are not. "Marquis," he calls out to Valerius, noticing him making his way around the frozen rink, "do not for one minute think that an injury out there gets you out of planning our first outing. The world awaits our writing!"

Oddmun checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Oddmun fails.

Ian watches the near continuous falling of bodies on the frozen pond with just enough of a hint of amusement that it it show through his generally flat expression.

Emberly has joined the an ice-covered pond suitable for skating.

Valerius shouts from nearby, "Patrizio, I'll have the assistant carry me if I do."

"Yeah, something like that," Neilda says, grinning. "Whooa!" Neildas wobble but they don't go down. "Let's... go help them," she says to Valerius, chinning at Oddmun and Sapphira. "Or add ourselves to the pile." She pushes through her legs to start moving that way.

Esme manages to get on the ice. She's up! She's up! She's... wobbling. Oh but weeble wobbles but they don't fall down. That is until Domonico attempts to assist her. "Okay I think I got... nope.." The word leaves her lips as Dom tries to brace her and she falls to the ice. What happens after that is a full laughter. "This is Thea's fault!" She does offer her hand up to see if Domonico can get her back up to her feet.

"I think I have it, my lady..." Oddmun starts to respond to Neilda when Sapphira approaches him. And then she's reaching for him. He can see the disaster in the making. Much like watching the crash unfold in slow motion, he's helpless to try to help Sapphira as she comes tumbling down and he winces. "..are you alright??" he asks her in clear concern. "I do not want to explain to Baron Silas why you are having to sit on soft pillows!"

Thea starts to get her footing, or skating, a little better now. "Gracefully and gradually, brother dear,"Thea shouts over to her brother with a laugh. Seeing Oddmun and Sapphira getting help, Thea decides to make her way to Esme and her brother. "That's a lie. If you would have stood there and let me throw balls at you, this wouldnt have been an issue!"

Domonico checks dexterity and Athletics at hard. Domonico fails.

Emberly skates across the pond her laughter light and her eyes dancing she moves to the edge.. "how... do I stop?!!!" she asks as she crashes into the snowbank.. well thats one way to stop.

Zoey looks at the statue and then turns to Lucita with a smile. "He always does do lovely work. I take it they will melt when the snow does?" She too glances at the crowd on the ice with an amused shake of her head.

Domonico getting Esme back on her feet again proves... problematic to say the least. If questioned about it later he may claim she pulled him down deliberately. Whatever the case the oh so serious Southport Admiral ends up on his backside on the ice. A pause. Then he laughs!

Domonico checks dexterity and athletics at hard. Domonico is successful.

Lucita says, "They will, but he has been good to rework them each winter, the children growing a little older each time. I think he enjoys it and has managed to get it done a little faster. Some of the guards have water they use to keep a coating on them to slow the melt."

While Oddmun seems concerned for her, Sapphira is, on the other hand, laughing merrily, as she pushes herself up upon her elbows, from where she landed face-down upon the ice. "I don't think it's sitting on pillows..." she begins. But just then, Oddmun whispers something to her, which turns her face into an artist's study in crimson and rose. Oh, my, my.

"You always throw your balls in my face! I dislike that. Why can't you be normal and aim for the chest?" Esme offers towards Thea with a large smile. When Domonico laughs and falls, she leans over to kiss his cheek. "My hero!" You know the one that fell helping her. "Try again?" She's laughing though.

Valerius is slowly figuring out the types of motion that is needed to move across the ice. Small motions here, not grand gestures. "Lady Emberly, bend at the knees and slowly turn your feet in towards each other."

After retrieving a mug from the cart, Ronan glances across at where so many are skating... or attempting to. He considers it for a mere moment before shaking his head and moving instead around and toward the bonfire. As he approaches, he offers those already there a dip of his head in greeting before he takes a drink and looks back toward the ice.

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Thea checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Thea is successful.

Sapphira checks dexterity and performance at hard. Sapphira is successful.

Esme checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Esme marginally fails.

Finally moving to get back to his feet as the others approach, Oddmun clears his throat, that uncomfortableness of being in a group starting to show. "S-sorry for being a bo-bother." he manages as he is clearly starting to make his way slowly towards the edge of the ice to get off of it. Esme and Dominico get a glance over and nod of his head in greetings, but still retreating.

Neilda slows up, turning loose of Valerius, to crouch as she slowly skates up to the Oddmun-and-Sapphira pile. One knee goes down when she gets there - she's done this, the rescue-maneuver, before, too. "Nothing to be embarrassed about," she tells Sapphira cheerfully, offering a hand.

Domonico checks dexterity and athletics at hard. Domonico is marginally successful.

Sapphira offers Neilda a smile of gratitude, accepting the hand up. She's like a colt finding its feet right after birth, a little bit wobbly for a few moments. It appears as if she might go slip-sliding again and this time take Neilda with her. But thankfully, this time finds her able to prevent disaster. "Thank you! I think Lord Oddmun has the right of it," she says, gesturing towards him making his way off the ice. "Perhaps it couldn't hurt to try some of the mulled wine...?"

Domonico accepts the kiss to the cheek from Esme before he manages to find his way to his feet and... with a little difficulty, managed to help Esme back up (despite her efforts to fall over again). "I think it's time for wine now... And hopefully avoid Thea and snowballs."

Esme laughs and offers, "I thought you were going to carry me if I fell." She gives a long suffering sigh to that as she looks past Domonico to see who's up and who's down. However, she also has a death grip on his arm until she's on solid ground. There is a lowered comment.

"I brought something..." Oddmun manages to make his way off the ice and cannot get out of the skates fast enough. "Thank you for your help, Lady Neilda." And he's waiting for Sapphira before he's leading the way towards where the bonfire is.

Emberly smiles as she sits on the edge of the pond pulling her skates off, she smiles to Valerius as she murmers to him bemused a little. "I think I need to warm up" she says as she trembles

"Oh, yeah," Neilda agrees, putting one hand down to steady her second skate's return to the ice. She keeps herself crouched low, stable, to skate Sapphira to the edge, beaming. "No problem," she tells Oddmun. Once Sapphira is turned loose, she says, "Go on, my sister chose the spices - it's /so good/." And she finger-wiggle waves, and pushes off to do a cicuit around the pond, solo. Her happy place.

"Please, get something hot from the cart and join us by the fire," Zoey calls out to those exiting the ice rink. "Does anyone here know a good word game to play by the fire?"

Lucita nods as she watches the skaters, A quick intake of breath is given at some of the skater's actions. "Oh, I hope no one gets hurt! At least we have you, Lady Lethe just in case. But really, just wanted you here to have fun.

Lucky for everyone, Thea is skating off. "I'm off to build a snowguard or something. Or Finn,"she declares. "

"I'm debating if my mind's thawed enough for word games." Patrizio smiles warmly, and closes his eyes for but seconds as he's soaking up the warmth from the fire. "But it's definitely a good idea, and I know some here are quite possessed of skilled tongues."

" about a song around the fire? With the number of performers..." Then Oddmun pauses. "Or is that a bad idea? I mean, that's asking for a free performance."

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Lethe watches the skating. "I am having fun Baroness Lucita. I'm not much of a skater, but I do like watching everyone."

Domonico assists Esme back to solid land, arm locked around her as he murmurs something back, his expression serious.

Lucita removes her gloves one by one and starts to strum her mandolin, amusing those who are near the fire and sculptures. She grins a little and then sings 'A Promise of Spring'

As the cold days slowly pass one by one
Wintery gray skies seem to lack the sun.
Snow falls deep and blankets the ground
And crackling ice is a frequent sound.

In time Lagoma's changes come to pass.
Snow is replaced by young green grass.
The pale sun starts to brighten the sky
And overhead, birds call out and fly.

Whispers of warmth drift soft in the air.
Signs of change can be seen everywhere.
Crops sprout in the new-turned fields.
A soft fur cloak to a spring coat yields.

Gray skys lighten and turn spring blue.
Sweet flowers bloom in the mornin' dew.
As seasons change, one thing holds true
Work needs to be done, plans made anew.

Watch Lagoma's steady everlasting flame
Respect lesson's value comin' with change.
Find joy and beauty wherever might be.
Accepting change can set a spirit free.

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Emberly is overheard praising Lucita: A wounderful song

Esme looks up at Domonico when he responds in a super serious manner. She schools her features to look super serious when she responds but then she smiles and attempts to reach up to push up the corners of his mouth. Then her eyes slide around the area. "We should walk around and meet those here.. while drinking mulled wine."

Oddmun is overheard praising Lucita.

Lethe is overheard praising Lucita.

Valerius fills the mug with rum, then tops it off with chocolate. "This is a much better hot chocolate in my mind." He quips to absolutely no one at all.

Sapphira smiles and is glad when she is finally off the ice with Oddmun. Reunited with him, she dips her head towards Neilda. "Thank you so much for your help!" She's only too glad to follow the tall Sanna lord to the circle of safety and warmth provided by the bonfire--after, of course, availing herself of the mulled wine!--only to hear the tail end of Patrizio's thoughts upon word games. She coughs softly, whispering something to Oddmun.

Zoey sets down her mug to applaud Lucita. "Well done!"

Esme is overheard praising Lucita.

Patrizio blinks when he can hear Lucita starting to play, as if perhaps he'd not expected such a thing, but he listens with rapt attention when she's singing. The end of the song is met with applause from him - carefully, since he's not relinquishing his drink either - and there's a low breath that ghosts from his lips. "Quite a talent she has."

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"Wow." Oddmun is taken by the song, his hand finding Sapphira's to hold onto it. "I know this will be a good spring." he manages as he closes his eyes and just relishes in the warmth and company and moment. Then he moves to take a flask from his coat. Whiskey. He's Redrain after all. "I missed out on the chance to get the whiskey that was offered from here a few days back."

Domonico hmmms and nods to Esme, his brief smile disappearing again under his serious demeanour. "I must admit, I am very fond of mulled wine."

Domonico had paused for Lucita's song however as, after all, hearing the Baroness sing is a wonderful experience every time.

Sapphira is quite taken by the song as well, struck to silence as she listens. It's a marvel to hear another at their craft, and she does so with a child-like smile of pure wonder and awe upon her face. "Bravo! Such wondrous turns of phrase are a rare and beautiful thing!" Somehow, her blush deepens still further as she is somewhat distracted by Oddmun, her eyes beginning to twinkle with mischief as she turns to glance at him.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Ian before departing.

Esme walks easily to sit with Domonico, stopping when he does. She's managed to tuck herself back under his cloak but she manages to get two mulled wines. One is handed to him as she offers, "She's glorious with music. I just cannot do that. It's ... hauntingly beautiful." She does offer a megawatt smile towards Domonico and offers a low comment.

Lethe claps as Lucita finishes. "Quite beautiful." She smiles and rise. "It is time for me to go, but I'm so glad I could come."

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A nice bit of red rises in Oddmun's cheeks that are not exactly all from the cold. Glancing around and realizing there are many unfamiliar faces, he clears his throat. "I apologize. I am usually better at this." No, he's not. "I am Lord Oddmun Sanna. And this is Lady Sapphira Whitehawk. Thank you for having us this evening. We were looking for a distraction."

Lucita sets the mandolin aside and extends her hands toward the fire. "Thank you. It is too cold still to play more than one though. My fingers get stiff and awkward when it is this cold." She stands to offer Lethe a hug before she goes. To Zoey she explains. "Lady Lethe sailed with us to Saikland, stayed there with me and Lady Eirene and the two of them delivered the twins, then stayed there till we recovered enough to return to Arx. I'm not sure Neilda met her when she was there or not. "

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Emberly murmers to Valerius, before she turns to leave

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Domonico sips his mulled wine and nods in approval, "A good drink." He keeps his cloak around Esme (as he promised to keep her warm) and takes some time to look around at the other guests of the Saiks.

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Drinking down the /chocolate/ Valerius looks ready to throw a snowball, "Right. Lucita. Where's the target for the snowballs?"

Lucita points over toward the snowman to the side. "Right over there. It is hard packed and has been sprinkled with water to freeze so it won't fall apart too quickly but you can still see where you hit, part the snowballs tend to stick to it as they fall apart, just enough to tell where it landed."

Neilda is still doing loops around the pond, and without anyone to scoop off of the ice, she seems happy and bright. Whens he sees someone enter solo - that's Gael - she waves cheerfully from the ice before turning to skate backwards, away.

Zoey nods to Lucita and smiles. "Lady Lethe helped deliver my daughter as well."

Valerius checks Strength and Athletics at normal. Valerius marginally fails.

Fashionably late or horrendously tardy? Whatever the case, Samira strides into the Saik gardens with Gael in tow. "Look at the food. I didn't realize I was hungry until now," she remarks, slowing her footsteps so that she may get a proper look of all the festivities going on around them.

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Valerius packs a snowball and throws it at the /target/ the snowball looks on target but falls apart before it hits anything.

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Sapphira checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 37 higher.

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Gael shambles on beside Samira indeed, with none the grace nor hankering behind his every consequent step. His expression hangs with a dark sort of lethargy, droopy, as though his eyes were several inches lower than their usual slotting on his face. Hidden, it seems, beneath brows shaded by a shadow of restlessness. "You know, it smells just as nice, too," he opines passingly, viewing the table's length with a cursory glance. He even waves at Neilda, too, feigning familiarity for the sake of it.

Esme settles against Domonico's side with his cloak around her. "They are tossing snowballs at not you, if you wanted to do that." She offers to the man next she's now against. "I mean, I will go with since you are my warmth bringer and all." Her lips curve upwards as she sees new people arriving. Then she curls more against his side as people are leaving as well. She does lift her finger to wave to Samira and Gael as they arrive.

Lucita checks dexterity and athletics at easy. Lucita is marginally successful.

Lucita bends over to make a snowball, mushing it together and patting it till it is a reasonably round, only a little lopsided ball shape. Once done she walks over toward Lord Target and considers the distance, then goes closer, and closer still till finally she tosses the snowball at it. She is close enough she could hardly miss the target but that does not stop her from symbolically dusting off her gloves and giving a nod of satisfaction. Her glance toward the others holds a 'beat that' challenge.

Domonico chuckles once and nods respectfully to the newcomers Samira and Gael as well. "No no. I am fine without throwing snowballs today. I prefer throwing spears when I do have to throw something..." A beat, "Although I did throw Warspite as well one time."

Sapphira smiles softly as Oddmun makes introductions, dipping her head to those nearby. Never without her own instrument, she excuses herself for a moment to retrieve it, returning a minute or so later with the gittern case in one hand, and her mug of mulled wine in the other. She finds a place next to Oddmun from which to enjoy the warmth of the flames--and a bit of lightly improvised music as well. Each string is tuned with care, her smile widening as, while dancing upon ice was not her forte, perhaps this was. Bit by bit, as she plucks the strings, a song begins to take shape.

Seasons change, winter's past
Yet true love forever lasts
Through each season, each cycle new
Time and again, I love you

A winter gone is time well spent
In your arms, with no regret
Very soon, we'll never part
One in soul, one in heart.

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Esme coughs on her mulled wine and shoots a look at Domonico. Then she laughs. She seems rather content to be under part of his cloak and against his side. She does clap for the songs. "Are we telling stories and such?" Then she looks at those by the bonfire. Her eyes lift up as Valerius leaves one for the other and then she clap for Sapphira.

Esme is overheard praising Sapphire.

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Valerius is putting the skates back on. "I have had rum. Thrown a snowball. It's time to learn how to do this skating thing properly."

Oddmun checks composure at normal. Oddmun is successful.

Eventually, Neilda comes to the side of the pond, carefully step-step-steps amid the rocks, mindful not to turn an ankle, and moves to switch out skates for boots. "Oof," she says, as she comes up to the food. "I can't feel my toes and I'm starving. That's how you know it's time to get off the ice. Ooh, thank you!" she grins, as a servant hands her a note and - "can you unfold that? Is that - yes, thank you," she says as she reads, taking a mug of mulled cider in her mittened hands. "Hmmmm." She glances back to the pond, gives Valerius a chin-up. "I'll come back and teach you if you don't get it yourself. Just let me stuff my face!"

Lucita claps for Sapphira after listening to her sing. "So lovely and romantic. Thank you."

Lucita is overheard praising Sapphira.

A breathless messenger arrives with a missive for Zoey. She reads it frowning. "Forgive me, Baroness, but it appears there is a minor emergency at home." With that she departs.

When Sapphira starts to perform, Oddmun is going to no longer need that whiskey. Because her song is causing him to warm by degrees as the large man ducks his head slightly. "It was very pretty." he manages, but yes. He might need that whiskey after all, taking a long swig from it and blowing out his breath.

"It does," Samira agrees with Gael, lacking most of her usual reserved caution thanks to the whiskeys she had not long ago. "Wanna eat something? The trouble'll be deciding exactly what. It all looks good." She reflexively lifts a hand in a return wave to Domonico and Esme before turning to watch Neilda's departure from the ice. "You make it look easy, what I saw of it anyway."

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Valerius checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 17 higher.

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Neilda smiles at Samira as she gathers some food, sips her mulled wine, catches her breath. "I skate a little almost every day, while the ice is good for it," she says. "Easier with practice."

Gael hides an arm then the other beneath the black threshold of his Inquisitorial coat. His head bevels forward alike, deepening the berth of shade his three-cornered hat provides to simulate fog over the swarthy-pale of his ungainly expression. "Sure, something with salt. I ate around a hundred pastries today back at the Panopticon," he muses, spotting out the corner of his eye both Domonico and Esme before facing them, led so by Samira's wave. A wave that, like hers, he mimics with some stiff awkwardness.

Spirit, the Sleepy Brown Fox arrives, delivering a message to Oddmun before departing.

Domonico takes another sip of mulled wine and shoots Esme an amused look before his eyes flick to give Gael, Samira and Oddmun a little closer inspections before gesturing to Esme, "Lady Esme Fidante and I am Count Domonico Magnotta. Well met to you all."

Oddmun checks composure at daunting. Oddmun is marginally successful.

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As a messenger arrives, Oddmun reads it over and he almost launches out of his seat. Instead, he grabs Sapphira's hands and kisses her firmly before he pulls back, his cheeks suddenly bright. "My apologies!" he manages. "That... It was a messenger from my Marquessa, informing myself and Lady Sapphira that our negotiation for marriage is complete and she will be joining House Sanna shortly.'

Sapphira blushes and smiles, lowering her instrument and settling it back into its case. She is about to open her mouth to thank the ones who expressed their joy in the music, when she is kissed rather soundly by Oddmun right then and there! Her expression is stunned, incredulous, as she stares at him. It takes several moments for the full import of his words to sink in, and she bursts out laughing for sheer joy. "That is... that is wonderful news!" And this time, she is the one to kiss Oddmun, rather soundly, without a care for whoever might see!

Lucita says, "Ohhh, such good news, congratulations to the two of you! ""

A darling cremello Artshall mini horse wearing a red blanket arrives, delivering a message to Sapphira before departing.

"How about chicken soup? Good for keeping warm. Especially if I ever manage to get you to frolic in the snow with me," Samira remarks to Gael with an amused look, reaching out in an attempt to snag his arm and lead him closer to the food to make a selection. She glances toward the pond, an inscrutable look upon her face until her features ease back into a smile. To Neilda, she adds, "Must be nice, having easy access to a pond like that." As introductions begin, she tosses a wild tangle of hair over her shoulder and nods politely. "I'm Samira Culler, and this is Gael."

Spirit, the Sleepy Brown Fox arrives, delivering a message to Oddmun before departing.

Neilda finishes her mulled wine in a long pull, and licks her lips, gaze slanting to Oddmun and Sapphira with a flicker of a smile. Samira gets the better one, along with, "We have plenty of skates," she says. "You're welcome to come use them until the ice is too thin."

Now, you want Esme to react? Tell her there is going to be a marriage. A squeal happens to break from her lips as she's bouncing in her seat. "You are to be married! That is most wonderful. Limerance smiles on the duty of marriage. It is a glory to witness the approval of it. Oh! I'm so happy for you. So is Domonico.." A slight prompting of the count, "Are you not just overjoyed for them?"

Valerius checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 22 higher.

Lucita says, "makes a nice casual swimming hole once it thaws and warms up. It is not huge but is enough to enjoy. When the tower was built, they built up instead of out in larger lowest floors, so that left more room on the grounds for this area."

Valerius checks Dexterity and Athletics at normal. Valerius is successful.

"Why would you want me to mess around in snow, Samira? That's for kids. Kids do that. We're grown adults, with back problems; we're not for frolicking around on the snow," grouses Gael, making all sorts of grumbly and 'complainy' sounds fitting of someone who very much enjoys making them. His arm's taken all the same, and he skews into her side to view the remainder of the table while overlooking Oddmun and Sapphira in their moment of glee. "Nice to meet you as well," he tells Domonico; "I know the Lady, however. Met her at the inn some time back." He means Ember, whom he politely smiles athwards briefly before viewing Oddmun and Sapphira once more, as though awed. By what? Well, who knows.

Valerius is getting much better at the ice skating, he is now able to stop and start again without having to fall backwards and get back up. In a pass of the ice nearer the bonfire he overhears Neilda saying that the ice might become too thin.

"Sapphira is a devotion of Limerance, so I thought about doing the wedding at the Limerance temple." Oddmun says as he takes in all the introductions. "And yes. I actually had a duel with Princess Zara about the quality of Sanna horses as compared to Valardin ones. Regardless, she is now getting a Sanna courser." he announces proudly. "But if you would pardon us, we need to speak with my... our Marquessa."

Domonico was rather quiet during Esme's introductions of everyone, and almost jumps when Esme squeals in delight at the upcoming nuptials. The prompting from her gets a response, "Yes. Overjoyed. Congratulations the both of you." The last bit at least seemed sincere

Neilda checks composure at normal. Critical Success! Neilda is spectacularly successful.

"Don't worry, Valerius!" Neilda shouts, catching perhaps a look. "You're probably not skating fast enough to cut a hole in it!" With a straight face, even. She stuffs some food in her face, pleased with her mischief.

Sapphira checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 11 lower.

Sapphira smiles broadly, seeming as if she is walking on air. "Indeed. We had not expected news so soon of the negotiations, but praise Limerance that all went well! There's so much to discuss... oh, my... we really should seek out your... our Marquessa." Giddy as a schoolgirl, it's clear the normally unflappable songstress has been knocked for quite a loop this time--albeit a pleasant one, as for once, she seems to struggle for the right things to say! Esme gets a brilliant smile, as does Domonico. Or perhaps, more of a foolish, punch-drunk grin is more like it!

"Back problems? Speak for yourself. I'm still young and spry, thankyouverymuch." Samira snorts, shaking her head at Gael with the mild exasperation of one who appears entirely accustomed to his complaints. "Life's terribly serious. Gotta enjoy the little things while you can." Neilda's offer to skate receives a grateful look. "That's really nice, thanks. I'd probably look ridiculous the first time or two." The celebratory sounds draw her attention, gaze shifting to Sapphira and Oddmun. Leaning in, she murmurs questioningly to Gael.

"Thank you for having us." Oddmun offers as he rises to his feet and bows to the group. "We shall talk again soon." That to Esme. "I always appreciate discussing horses." Probably more than people. And with that, the pair are preparing to leave.

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Oddmun is overheard praising Esme: Best introductions.

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Esme looks back towards Domonico at all the marriage talk and then she looks at him, looks at the exit, looks at him. One leg comes out and over his as she's sliding onto his perfectly stoic lap to offer a comment.

Esme is overheard praising Neilda.

As residents scatter and faces dwindle, Gael watches them depart from his tall yet diminished perch in silence. As though a buzzard in human vesture, watching the sapient and well-dressed alike leave nest while he plucks and talons at food served with a hand both lazy and disregarding. A meatwrap he finds, dipped then into some briny and green sauce of spice, to after pluck into this mouth. "What? No," he subsequently answers Samira's whisper with a mouthful still and no pretension of subtlety. Upon swallowing and wounding his visage a tad, he leans in, murmuring a raspy thing or two.

Domonico, now with an Esme in his lap, smiles and both hands come under her legs and he stands up, hefting her up in his arms as he does so. "Thank you so much for hosting such a party. I need to organise a dinner next door in Magnotta Manor before too long. Farewell for now all." With that he begins to walk carefully out, looking serious, with an Esme in his arms.

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Valerius feels that he has a good handle on this walking on ice, and is heading over to see what food might be left to pick at. Or refill his rum chocolate.

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Medeia returns from her urgent errand and gets back to mingling.

Neilda, seeing Valerius amble off the ice, grins to herself as if -she- inspired this. More food! In the face! And an upnod at Samira that suggests 'of course'.

"Lucita, Medeia, Neilda, thank you for the evening. even if there were no fire buckets being sent to the heavens to ward off more snow."

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